The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 26, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 26, 1940
Page 5
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MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 19-10 BLYTnGV[LLE.(AKK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line ;or consecutive Insertions: l"ie time per line ICc Vwo times per line per day....08c rlirec ilmes per line per d«y...uGc Blx times per line per day 05c Uonth rale per lino 60c tariis ol Thanks 50c & 15c Minimum charge 500 Ads ordered for three or six- limes and slopped before expiration will be charged for the number of limes the ndd appeared and tdjuslmcnt of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy vibinllted by persons residing out- ude of Die city must be accompanied by cash. Hales may be easily computed from above lable. Advertising ordered for irregular jisertious lakes thc one lime rate. No responsibility will be Inken lor more ihun one incorrect iuser- lion of any classilled ad. Business Op'lumlies Party lo invest aboiil S1000 in local business enterprise thai should pay equal returns each year. In- vcslment practically Guaranteed. Mn5' take active part in management if desired. State age. present occupation and oilier information about self. For interview address Box "100" c/o Courier News. Busiest Used Car Lot In Town For Ilcnl i Kcom furnished w unfurnished. />,,•>/ ! Newly dccomled. IJrasonahle. 01-1 '->(.'! i Hearn. iiii-pk-'j-itj ri ,\ /> ' - ...J t'/l/C ; ;i room house and balli. Cull Dili. C, Abraham, M-ck-l / lj JOST LOOK! £<|iippfd d'lio C"' 1 ' <?ii<S ; ------ '31 t'UKV. SJ'OUT St:i)A\ nrautiful maroon finish, Complete new set Fire-stone (ires with radio and healer. Down Payment only.... '.'i!> TORD nw.uxt; TIIDOK Looks like new car. Color black. Low mileage. Motor in excellent condition. A truly clean cur from top lo bolloin. Down Pityineiil only 3 room furnished !i|)iirtmeni~[>ri- vnte IJiilli. Electric refrljjmitor. =«, ..- w. ». M ''' * l New modern 5 room rent. Vacant March Cecil Lowe. K V YOUR USI'JI) FROM THK (1KST IJSttD DEALKK IN II HALT LAKH Cl'l'V, Ulah fUr>> — Wiudi'hs ol llu- Uliih, Wyoming au.l Ni'bruBka piMittenlliirh^ huvu worked out u project of cxdinivie M >vnviet made uoods. Ulnii will •'r«'l(ilm> in supplying iln; other li: i -oils with caiiiied UOHU and 0 /, K '/' a modem furnished rooms. ...$178 Steam heal. Phone a: in, Mrs. Nolen, lek-ll i Doom, close Walnul at. 310 IvUJXK TUDOH Original gray finish like new. Equipped with custom radio, sood tires, new -seal covers. Low mileage. A cur Hint will suit you. Iloivn IMymrni otily.. •«8 PLYMOUTH DKLUXi: '2-door sedan. Beautiful beige fm- isli. Healer cquippi'd. Motor in excellent condition. Very low mileage. Interior of car like For Sale 5160 cash certificate iti Blythcville Counlry club. Good for thai amount in clues. Call B'27. 20-ck-4 10 highly bred Jersey heifers '.vilh young calves. Bought from ll'.'r- scliell Smart herd. Inquire Gaincs Market. 8-ck-3-8 Good wood and coal. A. V. Burks Chickasavvba and H. R. I'hone 067, 31-ck-2-29 Welding EXF'BRT ELECTRIC & ACETYLENE Charles l/>ng. lormerly \velder for Blythcville Machine Shop DRAGLINE and HEAVV WELDING OVK SPECIALTl* GARAGE Dell, Ark. I'iionc 8-1-'- 11 Welding EXPERT ELECTRIC AND ACETYLENE WELDIHO Drag line anil licavy welding a specially, Barksdale Mfg. Co. •so roi;i> coui-i: r Jcllerson Blue linisr. Motor com-1 (ileteiy reconditioned. New seat'_ covers. Heater equipped—a car j that will aflord many miles of carefree driving. A/- p i Down Pavmetil onlv 2)00 ! Will '39 Chevrolet Sport Sedan Only $475 '39 Plymouth Sedan Radio-Special $455 '39 Ford V-8 Tudor Trunk—Real Buy $539 '38 Dcsolo Deluxe Coupe Busi. Car $419 '38 Chev. Del. Coupe Motor Driven only SOOO miles $439 For Sale or Trade |'38 Chev. Sport Sedan Motor Overhauled $419 Store building, Huffman. Couple preferred. P. K. Klssell, Huffman. 2S-IA-28 One ucdrooui adjoininu bath. 1000 VV. Ash. Call 445-W, Mrs. M, O. Gondiviii. in-ck-ll UnfuniLslied apartmcr.t in Shane A])artment Bulldine on West Main Street. Call 571 or 197. 1-ck-tl MUIES '37 FORD "CO" TUDOK Black nnish. We\v .-,-ea:. covers. Motor and lires in A-l condition. Exceedingly low mileage. See and! drive this car lodav. trade for Mules, Cows, lines, 1 Gallic. Corn,'liny niul Lumber.' Delia Implements, Inc. See Floyd Simpson 8-ck-tl only (tAO $30, Wanted \''. TON THUCKS. L'lAI-H i VANKl.S STAKE riCK-Ur Tires and motor '38 INT. Mew painl. e.xcellcnl condition ';« cm:v. si:i>AN Color black. Tires and excellent, condition. Only in .1 permanent positions open in this territory )>y national corporation. lor industrious, encrpelic sulc.s- nirn. S'tfl.OO weekly i;unrnnlced plus <S9QQ licluls f oi' men qunliflcd. MR. l.AW- $£,3J: f(ENCE, Transporlation Building, DEI/Y motor Chicago. Illinois. Room anrl Boa IT) '3ti Ford 1 Vj Ton truck. Dual rear wheels. Color red Room nnd board. Slea tnlieal. 80'J W, Ash. Phone D93. 12-ck-3-ia 5(1 Others, all Makes, in Condition to Choose Wanted lo Ren I Excellent ] From ! Wanted to renl house in Blyllic- ville. Write Box 45, Luxoru," Ark. CO. 5th & Walnut Hardware \Vc Specialize in SWEEPING COMPOUND ShouHc-Heury Hilw. Co. i'linnc 35 | 101<Mi j Iludpel h'slimalc Hlylhcvillc Special .Si-huol No. r, \ General Control ; i Instruction I Operation . j Maintenance Capital Outlay 375] Fixed Charges 750 Debt Service 17.000 '37 Pontiac Del. Coupe Real Bargain $295 '36 Dodge Coach City Driven $225 Many cars under $10(1 Filling; time is almost here you need one. Easy G.M.A.C. Payment Plan W.-ilcli 111!* space for changes in add. It's diffciTiif KII-I, (hiy. r Open Nights & Sundays fur Our Service IS YOUK Assurance or Safe Driving! e inolorlnR [R the aim o! ev- driver. Then, why not HS- i< yourself ot (his snfi'ly ad us your automobile Is con- I'linrd. Drive In and lei our nii'dmnlcs pill your oar In .shape f'ir liny driving. The cost Is rciisminblc mid Hie work imUTd. EXPERT MECHANICS MODERN EQUIPMENT ALL WORk GUARANTEED PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. ill. & \Vallllll t vcBctnljlf!,; Nebraska will |;o in for ly'iivy clulliuii and mntres.svs while Wyoming will fui-nish beddiu;! oquliiinont SI'KMf VOllit OASOI.INC OOM.AH SAVE .'If lo .It- PIM- (iiillnii ON GASOLINE Valuable Coupons IVIlli l.'nrli INirvtmKn <iASOLIjVl^jiorOK Oil, KEttOSHNi: Wholfsnl,. ,t Itelail TltADi: WITH JOYNER OIL CO. Indcpi'tiilrnl JiculiT TANK OAH TO YOllIt OAK Illuliwuy (jl, N«rlli, Hlyllii'i'lllo We Hellvcr I'liunc 1,U Now i/ocaled tn Glencoe Hotel isldg ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EmVAKUS, I'roprlclor AH .Makes of Iteliulll Typewriters, Adding Machines and Cnlculalnrs—Kcpalrlng—1'ai-ts—Klbbons PROVERB MAKER IIOU17.ONTA1, 1 American of Colonial limes, licn- jnniln - . fl lie \vus a • — - or milhor. ^ Answer In Previous Pirzilc FOR SALE! Oiu> used KOCH Knfrisoriilor While Metal Meal Caw with I'Vlfitdnlre Compressor. Display from ivlth cxms sloniBC nud cold drink spiiee. Like new. OiiijUml cosl. $1)57. Cnsh price (or quick sule $:ilir>. Terms lir- rnugcd lo responsible parlies. One t;um paper Inpu inachhie, counter cniilpinent. and candy enso. Priced for (iiilck sale. Om- Fnlilmnks-Morsi- Walrr Pump without maUir. Trace Cluilus, a fc\v yood mule, col- Inr.s. cotton hoes. 30 bushels Ce- rt-san (rented UI'lj-H-A Oullnn R. E. WRIGHT II. W. r,l, One Mile So. I'hnlin IKI-.l FISTULA A Fistula Is ti false drnlungc cnnnl which iinunUy slnrls 'rom mi ulccnttlnii Uial penelrnlcs Hie rectal vvnll mid works Its way downward and outward, In the anal region where It appears as u bull or abscess. FlKlulii Is a Iraichcrous. dangerous coiidlllon that gradually and surely wastes one's vitality and health by the absorption of pus nnd toxins from It, Into Itic. Ijlnod slrenm. A rfac Is acconipllshfd without liospilallxatloit or lo.w of lime from work by our ambulant office methods. 13 Pollm/c. 15 No, 10 Torpid, IBAftc. 10100 sciuarc rods (pi.), 21 Dr.v. 2.1 Epochs. •M Go on (music). Liveliness. '.'.0 Mcnsnre. .'iO'l'o redncl. 112 llniicccnlcd jinrl of fool, 3S To revolve. 115 Itonuinces, H'l Ktctiks, 33 Attempt. 30 Neuter pronoun. 40 I'ortucuese money. •II Oiiiviud. •12 Unit. •13 Railroad. •15 Therefore. '10 Alnplc fhrul). •17 Long Jhlcl. •19 Horny plates. 51 Wnslos lime. 53 Kind ot vinegar. 58 To tamper. 07 lie was also a or dtplomiil. 5(1 Kinlnenl. 16 He was the ot a : slovo (pi.). 17nak!ng dish: 10 Since, 20 Acts of becoming surely. 22Biolocy term. 23 Sloths, 25 To embellish. 27 Mister. 28 Musical nofe. 20 He conducled experiments with ——. 31 Climbing shrub. 3<t Nominal value. 30 Family. 37 Dcfnclmv. •12 Group :0t eight. : 'M Jockey. , •10 Lnrgc room.' VERTICAI, 2 Hastened. 3 Surface in Oil sure, •1 To loll. 5 I'ound. (i r-'ury, 7 Wnlci- wheels. 8 Plural pronoun. 50 Pussy. 0 To cxibspci'iilc 52 Note In 10 Sailors. . Guide's scale. 11 Orb. 5't Like. H South 55 Hcam. America. 50 Form of "a." MY I-'RE» HAUAIAN n Phone 10 or lies. 101Q Farm Loans Large or Small Al Low Inlercst R.ilcs. We are -equipped to handle large or small loans on any sized IraCE of farm land, at low cost, and al n lo«' interest rate. TERRY ABSTRACT & • REALTY COMPANY 213 Walnul St. fjlytheville. Ark Personal Expert gun repairing. See E Damon at thc Blytlievillc Armory on Wednesdays and Thursdays. PIV AWVTUlMr 1 I'JA AlVllHlNU We Cull For & Deliver Bicycles. Irons. Kans. Toasler.s, Hot Plates. Lamps. Upholstering. Furniture. Slip Covers or anything \cu luiulil liave. ' Tllvlhcvillc Fiirnilurc 2li East Main SI. DKS. N1ES & WES 1 LL STAKE KY UFE OW IriElR fl.£Tl3ttM, BOSS ' (OUT -<DUCAHT9"AV.P ^^i A AAt Pk UeArt* 1DVO— 1 WANT TO -SEE HOS-J TRAVIS SSCAPED FRO^\ THAT LOCKED GRAlM 8!N DELIVERED "TOTHS U.-XNCH, RED RYDER White Elephant, Can't Be Given Away FREDERICTON. N. 15. ifJPI — .There's a perfectly good $30,0001 ; dam across the NashwaHk river at j AFaryKVillc that's looking for nil ou-ner. The Na.shwa:ik P»lp anti \Vho, Wltnl, When, Whcr ing concrete structure any more. The company plnmii'd to demolish it. for dams, it appears, arc nssrs- sable for but. decided it would it n allorneyK offered il Town Council as a present, no strings of any hind attached. Thc council cau't figure out \vlial it i woul-.l (io wilh the diun. so it i liitncd do«n the. offer. DUE TO DR-WONMUGi'S '•'. IMV/EMTIOMOFA TIME-fA-XCHIME... ...ALLEVCOP AKJD OOOLA,TOGETHER WITH THE BaiLUAMT DR. BRONSOM, ELVES IW AMCIENT -tROV. FOLLOW IM6 THE FALL OF THE C IT/THEY .SET SAIL. WITH THE FABLED UL.VSSES... ...AMD AFTER. WAUY OF THE APVEt JTURES THAT BEFELL THIS GREAT GREEK HERO OF HOMERS opys5t;y... ...HERE 7HEVAKE OWCf. MOSG OJJTROJAW 50IL,BUT SEVERAL DW W\!<C!! FROM THE RU1MED CITV AMD THEIR, FDIMTOF COMTAC1 WITH THE TWEMTIETH CENTTURV BV GOSH, POC, WE'RE suqe HAVIM' OURSELVES A TIME, AIM'T WE! D'VATMIW K / HOT UM LB3S V/E GET OOODBV; ULVS-^ES-- '' Baby Chicks Custom Mariivn Hatchery Hiu-y. Cl Xrtrtl A clock iuvciiled 15 years ago is run by a liny speck of radium. 11 licks every 10 seconds and has been cstimaled to he able to rim . for 10.0GO years without n chaive WniH to buy. good used typewrit -• of "fuel." it is doubt-ftil however ' cr. Call 305, J. P. Ellis. 20-ck-Zi thai the works will last that toig. HOOTS AND HER BU 1)1)1 US HY SIERRILL BLOS8BR WE HEARD ALL ATOiir YOU FfJOW ERGeANT O/WI5 I'l SHADYSIDE SO wave SORT- op EJECTED You / jusr TURN AROUND AND CO 6ACK / WE oute TOWN WERE MO RIO7S---NO ME.VR- DRowMislGS — NO FIRES---AMD MO orr TREES 7MAF NEED MUTILATING/ SO YOU CAM Jtisr TURM THE Vfr'fEL CM JALOPPY AS FAR. AP tr WILL e r*-MC» STEP ON THE GAS ; we QUIET.' lli.i-'l*!> L "il' ' • . . s.\ir ill]:! !j| i , _ WAMTTO KEEP ThE SCORE "QUIET, Too,'/ VICE ABOUT CAPTAW EA6V, Arousr yiugplsli J> i v c r t work olf thc hile to rid yourself of constipation, gns lalns, and that sour, punk feeling. -Take one box of Kiunvs ACTIVK >.iVKU IMU.S 25c at ak Kirby Stores WASH TUBHS iELF OM KiV."- .A KEEM .JUD6E Or HU- W*N HWURg.I.P. ' TAKE f HA CAPTMW EAW, F'RIHSTA.HCE... A THUV,a-Tl'SDDLEF..' VOU ^EMT HIUOFF TO LOOV: AT SOME PROPERTV, AND WHAT R-XVE Satl HEACD FKC^V Hl>.\?

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