Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 10, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 10, 1896
Page 5
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il§¥W Up=to-Date Styles - FOR • Fall and Winter. DEWENTER, The HATTER And FURNISHER UP-TO-DATE TAILORING. POPULAR PRICES. That'" He—My Fall Woolens are ready for Inspection. Can't I show you through. H. G. TUCKER, The Original Pearl Street Tailor. R'bRoy. Rob Roy, The very latest in SHOES for children, See our show windows Full ol the handsomest new st> le shoes ever shown in the city. Stevenson & Klinsicfc 403 Broadway. THE FIRS1 LOGANSPORT. . . INDIANA. CAPITAL «25O,OOO. A. 3. Murdock, Fre«, W. W. Bow, C»«h. J. T. Brookmerer. A«it. Ca«h. DLBBCTOBS: 1. a Bice, "W- a BtlnglraMt. anklTif? In ah lt» Departments promptly ."nd Stockhold.r, "strong BMOTV* Fund maintained. York. , DAILY JOURNAL Coffee fresh today at Kothcrmel's.. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Gust. Dietscho, of the'WestsIde, a nine pound daughter. ' ' School caps-for girls in every color and Btiape at Dewenter, the hatter and furnisher; If you want pure splcea for your preserves you can get them at Ben Fisher's drug store. Mrs; W. E. Patterson found half ol frog In vinegar bought for plckl'ii^ purposes. It was supposed the add had partly devoured the animal, and It would in time have disappeared entirely. An unknown man about 35 years nf age, supposed to be demented, was taken in by the police Tuesday nlgbt. The unfortunate man is a mystery. He was here a few weeks ago, but the authorities have been unable 'o learn .his name and from whence !ie came. He will probably be removed to the poor , farm. Tuesday Is children's 1 day at the . State fair, and the schools of.Iudiana: polis and the surrounding, country for many miles are.suspended for the day and.from 7:00 n, rn.,.untlUdnrk drives them .home, tne -grounds will be a seething, moving mn'ss'of happy children, nlK.tbe;guests otthe .Sta^e board. ThereJs no JwppieV day J for.,thex)rdin- ary child thai the: Q?-J.?&k3fre -.State fair. ,«.!•:. .. >v.,i.j-,' „•>• :';.'.:..>• '"'•'"-••:"•••'- • Every-.roji'd -Into' iadinnfrtpolis.; '-will make'a : nalf'rate for the.State fnlr; beginning .Monday.-the.'i4th,'and returning as.late as'.Monday.,the 21st. This gives a.»plcm3iasweekjfojija'-jj.fication, and the-State''ffir^lll;be,,ajgjx)d place to spenajt!^, Pjrovjslons. for 'storing bIcycles.'undej^S'e/^A^d.'rit«ind--at the fair groflnds^ffi^a^yt< ! convenlent for those using T ,wheel8.,to'take them, and nave' 1 " the 'benefit of- trie smooth streets which reach'almosf to the fair grounds."' FOUND THE PROPERTY. • Detective Dwyer Called to Kokomo—Discovers Stolen Goods. Some days ago the Pun-handle station at Kokoino was robbed of n trunk a telescope, and a chest belonging to n lady from Illinois. The bos contained valuable property, and the contents of the other pieces was o£ considerable worth to the owners, who had been exhibiting prize samples of needle work at county fall's. Detective. Dwyor went on the case, and made a successful search for the stolen goods. The trunk was found at a certain house on Mulberry street in Kokomo, and tiie telescope was unearthed at the Columbia hotel, where it had been left to be called for. Both these artiC'les, with the contents Intact, •have been'forwarded to Pekln, 111., to the owner, Miss Blanche Hensey. The bos tons also been found, the lid In one. place and the box several blocks distant, but the fancy work and ribbon winning- quilts and dollies and embroidered table cloths, are missing. Two parties were In the theft,, and their capture is only a question of time. A liberal reward.is offered'for the. return of the stolen goods. •; • . • ' • The following . Is from- ; the Peru Chronicle and refers to Detective Dwyer of this city: . ' . "All of Saturday and until .lajte last' night a fine, keen-looking gentleman was seen standing about the street corners and at the-doors' of the busy dry goods houses looking for some one apparently. Mayor Durand took him for an officer of the law In quest of some criminal; and others paessed that he was a lady's man looking for a friend. It now turns out that he was a Panhandle detective looking up the theft,'of a trunk and.a taloable box stolen from the station at Kokomo last week. fThe thief • Is, deserlbefl as five feet ten.Inches tall, weight probably 160 pounds, about 88. years old, with long slim face and black eyes, hair and mustache, 'dressed in a long black cutaway coat of last' year's style, black derby hat, White shirt and staridlng collar. 1 The property stolen belonged to Miss Blanche Hensey, of Pekin, 111. Any information of a man answering this description should be given .to .MarsM O'Brlnn or Deputy .Shugh- A SUCCESS. rue." Will be the Raftroad Hen's Demon- stration'Wednesday Evening. The railroad nidi's reception to Hon. J. T. Brooks next Wednesday eve&ing promises to be a successful affair. The various committees met last evening and went at the'preparatory work in .an enthusiastic way. It was decided to invite nil sound.money organizations Jn the county, to participate, and the invitation committee will send out Invitations In the 1 city and'county. -• •••"• •• The decorating, committee to do no .decorating as a'committee, but to wait on citizens along the line ' of march and request.citizens; ;to. decorate and Illuminate. ••.•••"' :' THE KNIGHTS CELEBRATE. ,The..Knlghts of- St. John- ; ,of St. George commandery, .with their ladles, marched last evening about 8 o'clock from the hall to^the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Peters on North Sixth street, and gave over >a few pleasant .hours to the.^celebration of the recent .wedding of'the couple. A handsome rocking chair and : other useful presents .were given Mr: and Mrs. Peters by their friends. THEY ARE THIEVES. Chicago Boys Who Worked the "Sympathy Dodge." Detective .IncUsou, one o( Chief Bradley's men -from Chlcn^'o, .came down yesterday aftcruoou nud returned this morning on No. 3, .having in charge the two boys who were arrested by Detective Dwyer Monday afternoon as they nllghted from. Xo. S2, the through meat train from.Oh): cngo. The story told by the two boys wns a pitiful one, nnd gained .them much sympathy. . They. sft,ld that they. lived in Chicago, nnd that. they, had started out to husk corn In the country; near a small station a short distance south of ClAcngo, but the freight train did not stop there and fhey were.forced, to come on through to this city. They pave their names rts John and Frank Holup, and said they were, obliged,.to find work of some sort, as their father was sick nnd unable to work, and their little sisters nnd brothers' wore sfiv.v? ing. , \ ••' • '"' : -- : It wns n very pathetic story, and well told, but there wns a slight flavor p£ 'nshlacss 1 -' about it that induced. the officers 'to communicate with Chief Bradley. That officer promptly wired back to hold tiie Inds, as they were well-known 'thieves. Yesterday evening, when Detective Jackson went.tp. the Jail and saw the boys, he recognized them at once as two of a. regular gang of four expert thieves, all boys between eleven and fourteen years of age, but skilled In the business of robbery. The two who were In Jail, here nre Lewis Holup and Joseph Kadlic, and they usually work with two other lads of nbout the same ago, Jo'lm Holup, and Frank Trecedee, They nre known to all the police nnd detectives.of,GUI- cago, nnd their mimes nre to found on the slnte at Lawndale, Thirteenth street, Maxwell street, . Desplalnes street, Forty-ninth and Lake street po; lice stations in Chicago. In addition, they nre known as thieves at Milw.au-. kee, where they are slated at the .central station as such. -. - -.: Their-story of hunting work is,a sympathy dodge, nnd they tell It wifh, such a pitiful face that it almost always has the effect of getting them .off. They nre sent out from Chicago by their, parents, trained to steal whatever of value they can lay hands : on,. and they mnke a living -for the. family In this way. The two boys will .be used by the police of Chicago in an. en- deavor'to got a hold, on larger game, us it is thought thelr..connectlon with an organizeagnng of thieves and burglars cnn be traced, nud that they may be the menus of. bringing Hie lenders of (lie gang.to'-'Justice. MEXICO WANTS SANTA TERESA. El Paso, Tex., September 3.—Senor Louro AgU'lrre,' editor of "El Independ- ento," as Mexican paper published 1 In ; thls city, : hns been informed that the Mexican government, .has made requisition on this govern rociit for tiie; extradition of Snnta Teresa, the healer; hor father, Tomns Urea; .and of the. editor (Senor Agulrre) himself, on the charge that they incited the Yaqul'.In- dikins In their recent attempt to 'fob 1 the Mexican Custom House across th'e line ait. Nogales, Ariz. ' ';., s . it will be remembered 1 ttiat on'the' 12th of August last n. band of'.YKiguij Indians, claiming to be "a'dliCTents"<tt_ the Mexican maiden,•' Salita Tere£&' mode an effort to capture the Mexican Custom House at Nogalee, -but-, welrfe repulsed by 'the Mexican gua'rds, ( ''as-. : slsted by the Territorial ratiliHAV <Jn' :the American side, 'siix Indians; ana three of the 1 guards were killed I"}-'"to kglit. It was announced at : thV'time jtb&t.the'Indians were'ftllb'nsterjng rev-; : olutidnists,' but the" Mexican" pfflciijT claim that they were only robbcrp',at- Jtempttag to rob the custoni -house, 'andT they ask the. extradtloii of' Santa ¥<£' resa and her friends,. 6ri".the : g*°uni.V that'they are responsible for the'at:-" tempted robbery and '.for the\kiUin£ of-the guards. .Snnta "Teresa,-'• 'lie? .father and Ediltor Agulrre 'are nil clfr zens of Mexico,-now .residing''in v 'El Paso.. They deny any connecttdn'Vithr ttie Nogales affair: Editor Ag^uJrrc'iins recently cnitised very bitterly' In 'ht's pa.per President Diaz 'a.n'd"n'I6.admin- istration, and the Mexican Government ls.no doubt anxious to get Agulrre into its power.- • .,,', ,;.••Your correspondent called on Jud£C! F. B. .Sexton, United States .Commissioner and. Government extradition, agent at this place, and asked Win;for information .relative to. the request, .for Santa' Teresa's" extradfitfon,. but lie de^ ;cllned' to give anything out to; the .press. Mexican admirers of Santa, Teresa' openly avow .thlat she sirall n ; <rt be taken; back Into Mexico.;; .... , y ,., ; ' While the attention,1s,taken up. wltl? the other clubs i nnd : -eyents,;'the.->Ic- Kinley club .nnd its meeting*, must no,t .be-neglected., The next Cession, .F.rl; day night, will be one ,of tiie principal 'meetings,.of the club. '.. Ttio, .speaker Mr. Griffith,-.one of ..the prominent •candidates^against Mr, Mount ./orU'lw Kubernntorlnl Domination,., is ...(Mie, ;; pf 'the foremost cnmpaJBn;speaker.s ; j)n,t!:.tt West,', .He-.ls.-well known.he^,.,and,..r, big' crowd is, "being 'arranged...format, ''tnerink. ..'•'-. Extra Stroifig', Heavy Pants - - «= Extra Well Made Pants - ~ - - Made From Remnants • 25 cents for Boys' Knee Pants -Heavy and tough. Real value, 60 and 75 cents- Only 250 pair J Just the thing for school. rro KRAUS "Of Course "CLIMBED A STEP. ereWarrd Defeats St. Louis In ^ the. l=irst.of the Last Series. Jmst one.:more game won for Cleveland ,,-,an.d.-;Giucinnati will not be in second- place. The race is narrowing down to the. point where it Is intensely interesting, and where the loss or win- n1ng*.o£: a game means a great deal. Following, are the scores of the games yesterday: ' .At Cleveland-St. Louis 3, Cleveland "-At Baltimore—Brooklyn S, Baltimore ITv. • ';•.•'• ' • : •At~. Washington—Philadelphia 11, Washington 12.- .At..-Plttsburg.-Chicnp;o G, Pittsburg J:-i:'-.i. ... •-. ' •• ..At.Xew : York—Boston C, Xew York '.Cincinnati did not play nnd will there fore: bo In. hotter shape to go ngninst ...B.Colonels.today for a sharp .snappy game.': The Browns play at Cleveland again today, and'tomorrow. •:,-:..«TANDING OP THE -.Clubs.' . •:• Won Baltimore <.;.;.... ..S3 Cincinnati- ;'. ........ 72 Cleveland- ••<•'.-•• •••"'Boston'"!;.. ..;..;, .'.G7 etilcrigO'.'!..;,..'.' ------- 67 CLUBS: '. Lost PerCt. Philadelphia ',,.-. ..57 N&tr'Ybrlt- ." — :..5S Brodklyn . ..'....... M Washington ...',...50 St.; KouTs .•.'..'.'.• ...... 3C Louisville ". ........ 29 34 44 45. 53 53 54 01 02 02 07 83 85 ' .709 .621 .015 ' .558 .558 .535 .483 .483 .400 .427 303 NEW LODGE FORHED. y Continental Fraternal Union En.;:'• tertains Many-Friends. / Tiie musical and dramatic entertaln r rtent.and festival under the auspices of -thfr-Logansport lodges of the Continental -Fraternal Union, given. at the Progress. ball was both a social-." triumph, and- a success In the way of securing new members for lodge Xo.'112, organized last night. The entertainment consisted of a number of selections' by, :tbo. Elite :Mandolin club;- very well rendered, a piano solo by Miss iMayme' 'Monahan, vocal solos by ! Charles Elporft-and- Thomas Regan, jbaWS'Spltt-'by-Mrs. John Hutchison, a Irecltatlon by Margaret Irwin, a vocal isoto :Wl?rof.>Mooie, trombone and bar : ' ; ltone solo bj! Joseph, Rembusch, .and Ian address 'by B'. .Mlchiner Gra'ves, of iRlclimoirti', ^Supreme Chancellor. -At (the conclusion of -the program, refresh-; imentk .wcse'^erved.to all- those.present !aBa:a*uCC€asfnl canvass for new mem: 'ade':'. Logansport now has .;. Lodge No. 11 will be paid. oitt nexttTuly."Upon the death^tR: S; ls heirs received- 1650 from t-fi* ' '^CENTER 1 SCHOOL HOUSE: Meeting-Noble invaded.:':., 1 and -.-On* iu-.sNoble .township the workers. .thu/RnuiieVpf sound money are fully Uyake.-.?iany,pj:. those silverltes have Wn ^juvenated, ,and,their atten'dance. jot- tie •uieetings,;,and their naines :oii jthe roll) of>,the. .McKInley club' that jtUriws hij that section are very encbur-. i»glng,-to Republicans of tiie nelghbor- ' one of, several suc- ln tne - interests of clean mf?ney ; .wns-held at Center school Shouse.ynnd..the crowd.that'listened to •'the sj>eeclies wns large enough to more. irtian-aUvtherpoiii. .George W. Walters nnd p!'. 3:7" Powell spoke, and at the !cios=e of the meeting, the membership ji>f, the. McjKIiiley club wns swelled by .The. :n)Mil ' REUNION. . JBndicqtt ; family of . Ervin town; county, lield its third.,an..^ ^ .recently at Kc-komo. In.attendance were.A. M. ' - of Dego; Wm> M ' Stewflrt and ; B. F. Duncan.and ; Young: , America; - Ward nnd faTnlly; of about, one hundred .., next yearly,; re-. held, : ln.. Ho.ward county, AT DRIVING PARK SEPFEMBER is» 16, i?» *&• $3,000.00 in Premiums. ARE YOLf READY? School will soon open. Start the ch'ildren out in good shape. Let us attend to their footwear. We can do itf-dcfri right too. We have a big line of school shoes that for style, fit, durability 'and price cannot be equalled. Kangaroo calf, oil grain, bright grain, Dongoia and Calf skin .school shoes.. 75c, SSc, and ?1.25. We warrant our goods. Get a ruler and writing pad free with each pair. E. M. Walden & Company. 315 Fourth Street. .NOW IN TRAINING. W. B. Lewis to rtanage the Foot Ball Team. -The L. A. C. foot ball team was.re- organized finally last, night. W. B. Lewis, who had the team last year, is the manager. Already many communications have been received from teams elsewhere, with inquiries and requests for games. It Is likely that a game will be 'played before long In the city or at some neighboring town. The new captain is R. C. Barnard; who formerly played on the Yale team, and who knows good foot ball, and can pick his players and place them to the. best 'advantage. His able lieutenant on the gridiron, is Harry Osborn, the new field captain, who played quarter ami -end with such spklt and speed last season. He is cool-headed, though young. He will make a good showing for himself, and at'the same time work the boys out. . ; .' . A. H.'Tboma'a was chosen secretary nnd treasurer. The boys have met once for-tralnlng, and willagaln get together Sunday at 9 a; m. at the park for active work. There.are about twenty- two men fry Ing. lor the team, and a game may be secured with two full practice elevens. : -•• • AS TO "COERCION." M. E. Ingalls of the Big Four Answers the Silverltes Slander. ' M. E. Ingalls, President of the Chesapeake and Ohio and Big Four railroads, addressing his employes at Clif- toii Ford, Pa., last Saturday, said he had received marked copies from time to tfme of newspapers containing the charge of coercion of employes. .For ten years the Chesapeake and Ohio'and Its employes had got along very well together without the aslst- nnce of the newspapers, and could do so still. Mr; Ingalls told his employes that the right to vote their sentiments •was the grandest right that had come 'down to them; that, it was better than alfthe gold in the world.. "What I ask you to do," said he, in conclusion, "Is to go home, read all on the snbject.you cifh get hold;of, think over:it, and. then vote.as you decide best. If, after, studying the question, you : decide to vote: for Bryan :and Sewall ngalnst what we'conslder to be the best interests of the Chesapeake and :OhIo; and 'if anyone discharges you for so vot!ng,.'come to me and I will discharge the man who discharged you and.put you back." ' This declaration' was received with tumultuous applause. Vlgus's. orchestra gave a concert on Pearl street Tuesday night. ACARNIVALOFWHOLESOMt FUN THE ORIGINAL CREATIVE -IRISH COMEDIANS- THE MEN YOU SEE SO OFTEN '! IMITATED • . ''tM THflft M-AT£ FARCE-COMEDY SUCCESS FILLED WITH ORIGINALITIES! Admission 75c, 50c, SSc and 25c. •Reserved;seats on sale at Johnston's Drug store. '"' - ;; - . '•"'j;I STATE NATIONAL BANK ' ' '• XOGANSPOKT, IND.S ' • S2OO.OOO • . , Prertdent B. W. UllWT. Vlo« Prtrtdent H. J. HeltbtJn*. Cwihtor. ,i DIKBCTORI. t.r. joHMon. •. w. rn«T- J- *• Elliott. W. M. Elliott. W. H. Snldw. ar «nd •»'> a«vernment bondf. ., nosey »n penonal »ecuriiy ud collmtw- »U Uiue nwclal certificate! of depovli* 5*»rtn« » per cent Intnwt when left on* rtor; 1 P*r cent, per annum when depo* '^oJi to°B.ftt7 DepO.lt V^ulti of thto wnltfor th» depo.lt of deed*, ••HcIeB, mort««B«« and «ther T -inted at from »6 to «B r«r year. The Logansport Humane Society . (INCORPORATED.) for the Prevention of Cruelty to Women Children and Animals E. S. Kice—Pre«. Geo. W. W»lt«r»-S«c. ,T. jr. HIIdet>rnndt-Treii«i. • , ( W. M. Binl>op-K«D»i»>e OWccr. I.V&. Wee. 3.C. HatMer, F. C. CoolbOOth s (koW Walters, J.J. BUdebraBdt, F«k«J Justice. . Isaah Adams. Mrs. W. D Frett Mm. 3. N. Kelt. : . Telephone No. 30. •;' Sityott cates ol cruelty 1o Secietaiy. CHAS. L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKFR :•: N» «IT Market « net, ' CJalli Vttended to prol iptly, d*7 •« ""'central Onion and Mutual tetaph Offlci, NO. 16; R*rtd«»c«, No. UL KROEOER& STRAIN, Undertakers 610 BEOADWAT.

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