The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 15, 1948 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 15, 1948
Page 13
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) . • ' Sweo-Harrlson Homemokers Met At Thorson Home Bf M«, fimll' Lattdft ? * Eatte'-Swea and ttar- hortiemakcrs groups meet Wednesday at 2 p. m. at the home of Mrs. O. L. Thoreson. Business Was conducted by Mrs. Effiil Larson, ftoll call was "My favorite radio idea". Program, "Family Affair",: was led by Mrs! Larson, everyone taking part in discussion. Thirty ladies were present. Mrs. Vergil Jertsoh and Mrs. Cecil Thoreson assisted Mrs. 0. L* Thoreson in serving lunch. The July 14 evening meeting will be a family picnic supper at Swea City .park with the Livestock 4-H club members giving a program and entertainment. does to Fargo Job Mr. and Mrs.: Francis Torino and,children, Gheryle and Larry, visited Francis' ' parents, the Perry Torines, Bancroft, Tuesday evening, visiting at the letters' home is their daughter Ruth, who recently completed two years of studies at Simsqn college, Indianola., She served . in the war as a WAVE., Before entering service she completed a course in business college at Des Moines. Miss Torine left on Wednesday for Fargo, N. D., where she will be employed in secretarial work. Soii for Loowts Mr. v and Mrs* Allen Looft arc parents of a son born Sunda.v f June 6, at ah Algona hospital. The maternal : grandparents are. Mr. and-Mrs. Frank Isaacson.- .Mrs. .Walter OftemittiW'todM. went a tonsfHectotti.?' at Mtjfy Family hospital, EstherviHe, on Thursday morning. .„, , . Phyllis Anderson,, who .taught music at Gibson. Mittm<//schdol last vea'r, is soendine two weeks at the parental Carl-, SAnderson home. She will re Hum- ,fa; Gibson to bt; employed this! summer. Albert Edgren, his So'ft~0rtd his wifp Mr. and Mrs. Wa'lteV'VEdgrcn of Chicago, 111., were recfifil visitors at the home of Mfs.gMartin Molinder. t| Ous forifie of Lakota Ifecame ruddetily ill and was trftten to Park hospital. Mason Cijiv. la?* Monday. Mr. Torine farmed here many years before moving to Lakota. • '.-.:, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Olson and pon Dennis of near Algon& called Wednesday afternoon $ the Rmil Larson and Francis;jTorine- homes. . '/* Freda Burgcijon was at'ttewell last week to attend the wedding of a friend at Newell. q 1 Mrs. Dettmer Thompson; Flor- rnco Ericksori and .Freda' and Helen .Biirgeson were hostesses Irt.thp Baptist Ladies' Guild Friday afternoon. Mrs. Selmer Uhr was in charge of program and Janice Preston,- Shirley Ti'e'at and Marilyn Bone gave an instrumental trio. . " Mrs. Mayna'rd Jenson was surprised on her birthday *tUesday evening when several relatives came in for the evening. ?;< Karen Faugest of Easl£ Chain visited at her grandparents, the Otto Jensqns, Tuesday afternoon. • Doris Briggs recently left to attend summer school at; '.Drake university, Des Moines. She was at the Grant Consolidatpd'^schodl last year and will-return fa teach there again this fall. Wesley THE ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT BATTERY V/h«n you tfep on »h» starter and your bott«ry doesn't leim to respond with « Hi usual zip,. you will find, our quick-charge s«rvic« convenient and easy to use. Just drive your car In and we will restore your battery (provided It will take a charge) while you wgit. You will be pleaied with our efficient and expert lervice. If your battery fail» to reipond to recharging, be iuro to reploce-*vith a ' • Delco— America's foremost original-equipment battery— uied to equip more , new car« than any other, make of battery. Delco Batteries have this fine reputation because of their extra starting ability and long, dependable performance. KOSSUTH MOTOR CO a Sales - CHEVROLET - Services Phone 200 • No. Dodge Mr. and Mrs, R. C. Bauer and Martenc and Mr. and Mrs. Will Mrubes went to, St. Cloud, Minn., Wednesday to attend the wedding of a niece, Rita Bauer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Calix Rauer qrt Thursday morning. They expected to do a bit of fishing in Minnesota before returning. .. v ''... Sister Hermegilda of Milwaukee, the former,iMal f y"Hauptrnan, and SiSter Sdmafd Marie 1 , the former Lorraine .AfeHS of Charles City'. camo,Jast week to see their father and gf&Mfathe'r. Ed Haiiptman, .who'^siibmitted to a maior ; 'operation .W Mercy hospital, Masort City, xm Monday of last week. . Rudv ftauptjfian who travels for Midwest .Studios in Califor- riia,. came over the weekend to see his father. Mr. and Mrs* Will Martinek en'nVed A picnic at 1 the State park at Clear 'Lajcn ori Rundav. '•Tune 6th. with the Dban Woman's club and their husbands, and 100 were in attendance. Irving Alne-'speht week before last at the Silas Espe home at Sl6ry City. ' :•• Mrs,: Oscnr",' Johnson is at the home ni her daughter Mrs. Ray Carlson, near- Hurt.. She is re* cunoratin(» from 'a broken knee. Mrs. Margaret^ Benton and her two youngest children, Ellen arid Connie, left Tuesday for Washington. D. C.. for a month's visit with her sister Dpryce Dwyer. He; 1 two eldest children Evalon one) ,t)or ie i, .will «tay with their uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mst.ern in Des Moines. , Vee jVtullin spent several days week at 'the home of his son Thaver . in Minneapolis. Lester Lease substituted >for him on the rural mail route. Vacation Bible School was held at the Methodist church every mornin«, ]f>st ,.w?ok. Teachers were H,ev. J. A. Riggs, Margaret V 1om ahd Mari6 ; Ostercamp. Sun- daw morning 'the' -/children pave a 20-minute'm - b'srf)m of memory work and Bible history. Mr. and Mrs'....G, ; .TJ. Olson and father T (/ p. Olson and Mrs. fteorgc Aldrich , ^ere Friday siionpers in Mason .Citv. Mr. and Mrs. Olif Funnnr^qrk soent the June 6 weekend at Minneapolis, where thev attended the Luthffan convention. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Studer went tn Excelsior. /Minn.,', Fridav to visit his brother Ed •••'and wife. They returned Saturday accom- oanipd by thb tn'siVs sisters. Sister Myra anrl Sister Bernadette. who will visit SHiclfr relatives here before returning to the con- • •r.«f ^f T\.Til«ro.|iVr.p Thf" all vi.s- ited J,.P. Studer's daughters P.ita and' Mndclihc', who are nurfs at Mankato.. ...,•" Dr.'anrl Mi-si Aknn Bntley and three children- of Tenafly, - N. J., arrived here Friday for a visit at the parental H. J. Braley home. the weekend here also. On Friday Dr. .Braley willrgo to Chicago, where he will give two addresses to the national- convention" of Op- tomologists-. Mrs. Braley and children will visit her folks at Iowa City before , joining her husband at Chicago^ . .Mr. and Mrs.Wilto'n- Bebo and six children left Thursday for Flaridreau, S. D,,,, where Mrs. Bebo and children will spend several weeks with 'her father, Walter Parsley and with Mr. Bebo's parents. He will do trucking at the wheta fields of Kansas .and Nebraska. Guests at Mrs. Margaret Ben- NOW ON DISPLAY Console Models, Walnut , Cabinets, coiiiiilote with attachments Convert Your Old Machine to Electric Power.... JVe C«M> electrify yuur oja trcmlle? tj lie jijiifsftliw twsllj', and (illicitly, 1 »ua uiQujrt .It dp*.a nor*"*' 1 " «»«« COUNTY* WE INVITE YOU%O MAKE OUR STORE HEADQUARTERS ^for OBTAINING YOUR PARTS OR ACCEgS- ORIES FOR SEWING' NOW IN STOCKS ' e * ^hers, attachment «ets, 1»eea- E belts, Muttonhole / att»ch»i M ton's Suhday, Ju<W| Theibcn • of , Efiilfe dwdndolyft Bfericref 6f,.L -, They all enjoyfed a pieititf. at Clear Lake. Irene Ms\nig'Seeem- paniod them. Mr. and Mrs. Lester , left Saturday for Boston, - maaa ., where they Mil attend th&-National Convention of Jftfe JpWft- gelical Free church. They l?eht hy the way of Milwaukee,. Wn6re they were accompanied b^ R(§V. and Mrs. 0. M. JohnSoh, fdf'fher pastor here. Iliey Vlsited-|l8V. Johnson's mother in New York City. They returned .by, way'of Niagara Falls. Mr. and Mf9, Everett Ackerson stayed at'thd'Lat- son farm home with ArVih Larson. The Rebekah Iodf?c will havfc a hobo party at their hall in* the bank basement Thursday "evening, June 17. Proceeds are to be used for their neW-hall, Mrs. Mary Bradfield attended the wedding of her niede. Elizabeth Anderson, and Will '6e't3- hardt at the Lutheran church at Clear .Lake Sunday, June' 6. Harry, son of Mr. ahd Mrs. Jbe Studer and Bill son of Mrs, Vi- ,ola Studer, are members of the Titonka Legion team. Guy M. Butts spent the June fi weekend at Mt. Vernon, where he attended the graduation of his niece, Rosemary Ehler.s, Jutte 5. W. Butts' sister, Mrs. Grace Helm, will leave next week -for her home ot Willis, Tex. She had spent two months here and' with various relatives in Iowa. Mrs. Kenneth Dwyer, Mrs. Margaret Benton, Irene HaMg. and Bernadinc; Johnson were Mason City shoppers Friday. THE CAR* THEYEAR .«'•-• •• , ••• •*.• Will , IQWA FRIDA JUNE 18 KJT Why We Must Reprice Some Long Distance Services In order tliftt we may provide good telephone service to our customers here in Iowa and improve it aj ,,we go along, prices for the service must tike into account the prevailing costs of furnishing it. i Since the war, we have spent $22,000,000 in Iowa to improve and extend local and long distance service in every essential respect. Hundreds of circuits, switchboard positions and .related equipment have , been added to make long'distance service faster for all. Keeping up this program will call for continuing large investment in the business. . Improvement and expansion have gone ahead in the face of much higher costs all along the line — wages, equipment and supplies of all kinds. But the added investment is vital to a completely adequate telephone service, in keeping with the growing needs of the State. % Taking into account these huge expenditures for added plant, and the higher operating costs of furnishing service, we find that further adjustments in. , v, ,pur prices have to be made to bring earnings on, our *v? jorig distance business within the State up to a reasonable level. We have no alternative, therefore, at this time but to reprice long distance service between telephones in Iowa. 'The rates — reduced eight timei over the last 21 years — will be brought to the approximate level in effect in other states served by the company. . _ The over-all effect of the adjustment is moderate — 17 per cent on our long distance business withirf p ',the State as compared with published increases in wholesale commodity prices of slightly more than '" 100 per cent.over prewar levels. In fact, some rates 'will remain unchanged and others will be reduced. The principal changes, effective June 21, 1948, are as follows: An increase oj 5 cents, and some oj JO cents in • the initial' \icriod stalion-to-slalion and f>erio»-tr>-fttr- son day rales \or ti/ost distances under 175 miles, for a Jew distance.!, .fierson-/o-/;erso>i day rates' art in- ., creased 15 cents or 20 cents. N'i«i>t and. Sunday rates are increased fro:n 5 cents tij> lo 20 ce'n/s, c/epetit/hig on the distance. A nn:\orm initial period oj three minutes is estab- 1'isbcd \or all classes o\- calls. If you' have; any questions or wish any additional information regarding these changes, 1 would appreciate it if you woukl get in touch with me or with our business office. • • 1 1.1J.TIMM, Manager NORTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY •'!.' Perfect Gift for _ * Tuesday, June IS, 1946 This Men's Two-Suiter v* '^,TL * yunf i)na Mill tH?fc httiitf springs with joy Jf you sju-iwg tills handsome tft« lefttl^i* two-suiter 'on liiw J'atlier's P»)"t It's pro luggage lu^ur}'—yes—but »»°t so UigU pjcea, IVo imve, sucn eases priced from $31,30 upi Isn't ttyafc Pflrt of jours, ivorttf 'something like this I At ttjus*r tr«m'p JOH will ftlsH fiud a full selection of men's fi , -K<V International GOOD BUYS IN USED COM No. 42 S.H.C. COMBINE CASE 6 FT. 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