The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 15, 1948 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 15, 1948
Page 11
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' Long's Studio Photo. Dale Lewis, pictured is the former Margaret ischerfeld^ daughter of Mr; and fs. Anthony Buscherford.Whit- * lore. She was married May at St. Michael's church, Mr. iid Mrs. Lewis are making their ome at Fort Dodge. fCountry Club Hostesses— ....;, Mesdames W. G. McCullough, 3ob McCullough, Dbri : Smith, raig Smith, Raymond Norton, ick Norton, and Grace Johnson were hostesses at a dinner oh (Wednesday evening at the Country club. The evening was spent at cards with the high, second high and low score • prizes in bridge going to Mrs. H. W. Pletch, Mrs. Rhoda Bonar, and Mrs. Richard Norton, Little Rock, Ark,, respectively, and at Gin Rumrriy the high, second high, and low score prizes were won fey Mrs. Walter •Jeffsen, Mrs. ,Timm, \M Mrs". Lyte MatheS, re 'fctje-cWely., The door flflzie w&s won by Mrs. A. E, Kresensky.', South Crdsco M. & D. Club—• The South Cresco Mothers and Daughters club held a guests day meeting Wednesday, June 9, at the fioWe 6f Stella Vipond. As- •Sistth'g -hoste'SBes were Kate Brahdow, Arlene Lindhbrst, arid. Pearl Dutton. Twenty-nine mem»i berg attended, v There were 11 guests and 'ten children, This was the last meeting 6f the year. The n6xt meeting will be s'6'tfie lime" in September. ! AifeWtl a WSdiJiHg-^ Mr, .and Mrs. CMris Wallukait and Betty, and Mr. and Mrs. Duane Wallukait went to Humbbldt, Sunday, to attend the wedding of Jean: Beebe, niece of Chris, to Marion Thompson, at the Methodist Church, in an afternoon cer- emohy. "75" Cltib Picnic— The "75" club of the First Lutheran church will meet this evening (Tuesday) at the Call State park for a picnic supper. Those on.committee are'Mr. and Mrs. Lorcn Thompson and Mr. and Mrs, Dean Schlick. The Rev. and Mrs. E. K. Nelson and three children of. Holdridge, will be guests. The Nelsons formerly lived here when Rev. Nelson had- this pastorate. Ai Family Reunion— Dr. and Mrs. J. B. Winkel, Dr. and Mrs. E. J. .Capesius, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Capesius, and Mr. and Mrs. James Tornabane attended a family reunion Sunday at the L. W, Hurleys, Mason City. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Capesius are parents of- . Mrs. Winkel, Mrs. Tornabane, Mrs. Hurley, and Mr. Frank Capesius are parents of Mrs. Winkel, Mrs. Tornabane, Mrs. Hurley, and Doctor Capesius. . ' At Clarion Wedding- Mrs. Luella Barker attended the wedding last week Sunday evening at Clarion of Dorothy Woodin to Bob Brookfield. Both are. students at the Iowa State; college,: Ames. Mrs. Baker had accompanied relatives from &jm- awha and returned there 'with them for a few days visit, returning home last week Tuesday,!':'; Lone Rock Fish Supper— , ^ > Mr. ,and Mrs. Otto Westljntr went, to Lone Rock, Tuesday, wherc-a fish supper was Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Anderson, -sister and brother-in-law of Mrs. Westling, for Mr. and Mrs. Arlen Peterson of Kansas City,-.Mo. Other .guests were Mr. and-Mrs. BETTER FASTER, BETTER . COOKINGI Enjoy new kitchen freedom _ with f quick, eonven- .ient.. Economical, too! MORE »««!'; SPACE HEAT1N6I V, SHipfef fiffd Mr. Mrs. Raywottd Westlihg, Birrt. Sfeht*d«f fieunlen Held— • A Schradet* reunion was held at the Call State, park ort Sunday, Juft6 0. Ih atwffeta'n<?6 wferfi: MrS. Mtfry 'Crees &f 6fat1dy- Wfne-, Marylafld; Mrs. Attieiia Hike, Algond; Mr. hn'd Mr*; Jbhri .Ptfrlhkuk, TltrtMca:-Mrs. NorfMaft Wwa^i'm; ,Cfty, Mfrm.; Mh flftd Mrs. t. H. Rike ahd A, L ;Rikb tend ^arri'llies ttf tttiSh City, Minrt.; Mr. and Mfs. A. f. Eosenthal ahd Ardeh RpsenMttttel afld faffifliet, lairmpti't* Mlftri,}; Mf, and Mfi Ernest Hanse'ri ^hd Stfh o^ fi- Ibhka; Mr. and Mr.1 SeVer Pa'rtft- kuk, Alice^ oM Mifffiie l^aMftkuk, Mr. tfttd Mt§. IrVJrt. Pa'hmitk and sbn, Mr. attd MfS. Raymond Pankuk., dttd faifhilyi Mr/ tfnd Mrs. Se'ft'us Isebrafidi, Mr. ahd Mi-si -Hichafd Isebfandt ahd Sdn. all of Tftottka: W, G. Rike find daughters, Wodeft; Mr%. Carl Stott .and daughter, Cedar Falls. Mr. riWd Mrs. Gco. Wolf -and family, Mr. and Mrs.- -Homer wolf -and family; Mr. 'and Mrs. Vfrgil Wolf and family, all of" Bancroft; Mr. : and Mrs. Olen Rike, Algonti; Mr. and Mrs. Ral- 'ei'feh Pannkuk, Mr. and Mrs. Se- .ver Pannkuk Jr., Dttficdrribe; Mr. aftd Mrs. Herman Panhkuk, El- ritore.;Mrs. Effie Grotehouse and daughter Doris, Minfteapolis; Mrs. Dalley Hostess— ; Mrs, Tom Dailey entertained the members of the "Laf-a-Lot" bridge club .Wednesday afternoon. Priies ^ve^e woh by Mrs. XX E. Hott, high, and Mrs. Jess Hill, low. ' f : Hbmemakers See Movies— Tuesday evening, June 8, at 'the Riverdale community room the CrescosRiverdale Homemak- ;ers Club arid Farm Bureau en- ioyed and appreciated pictures 'shown, and a talk explaining them given by Wayne Keith of Burt. The pictures were taken last fall by Mr. Keith oh a Farm ^Ireau sponsored trip, through England, Scotland, , Germany, Belgium and Holland. Following the program cofffee and doughnuts were served to around 60. Luftdh tjwmeeds will ft^ 6bf(ffl'lr* uled tp thfe Farm Bureau wftfft* &h's sfchelarship fund. / Bfifihday Surprise— •' Mrs. W. H. Combs wag gi<ren a sur'p'ffse party Saturday aftef* r(o6h, Juno 5, in horror of her birthday, those attending Wefe Mrs. Jess LaShbrOok, Mrs. Chas. Rea'p'er, Mrs. Don Craig and g ddglas, Mrs. Darrell Sparks and avid) Mrs. Ethel Jones and Eve Presnell, who brought the • refreshments and presented the Honoree with gifts. The after 1 * rioon was • spent socially. . -., Mowers Are Hosts- Mr. artd Mrs, Murray MpwerS e'ntertained their club at dinner, f unday, at the Country club. ridge was played, with Mr. ahd Mrs. Dick Cowan receiving the high score prize and Mr. and Mrs, Jerry Allen receiving the second high score prize. Doah Women Picnic- Members of the Doan Woman's club and their families held a picnic dinner at the Clear Lake State park, last week Sunday. Most of the club's personnel were present and several former members attended. The women are Sponsoring a baseball team this year composed of residents of the Doan' neighborhood. W. S. C. S. Meetings Sei— W. S. C. S. Circles of the Methodist church will meet Thursday afternoon, June 17, as follows: 1 — Mrs. Lester Johnson; 2— Mrs. D. E. Dewel; 3 — Mrs. Fred Plumb; 4— Mrs. M. L. Vander Waal; 5— Mrs. George ScufJf- ham; 6 — Picnic at Call State Park; 7— Mrs. Fred Erickson, St. Benedict; 8 — Mrs. Bessie Jones; 9— Picnic at Call State park; 10— meeting held last week. .-. Two Birthday Parties — , Mrs. A. J. Eason and daughter Mary Susan have the same birthdays and in order that both' might celebrate their annivers^ a'ries, two parties were held, one Saturday evening for Mrs. Eason, and one Monday for Mary Susan. Guests at the Saturday party were Messrs, and Mes- Waller felbeft, B^ft Sald, Grady Phillips, James ft. , John Altman and Chris of Irvington, Cliff Wickey, ttMBrethoMt of Sextbtt, and |ijld Elbert .of Whittemore. ames were played and lUnch Served at the close of the /Mary Susan entertained at a one o clock luncheon, Monday. QUeSts were Jacqueline Vender W|£M, Diane Schaap, Naomi SOTttf Sherrte' Spear, Barbara GHtoaith, Joyce Brand, Kathleen Guftis, Barbara Hard grove Shir* Icy Weincr, Madonna McGuiro, and/Jill ClapsaddlB. The was spent at- 'games. Colonial's , New ALL - PUSl FURNACE ___ 'A complete and economical .forced air system that can ;be easily converted .from coal to gas or oif. BURN •...COAL NOW and change to GAS. or OIL. later if : you .-wish. ,"'.•'•' : LAING&MUCKEY Phone 464 ,,, North Dodge f W6LUAT LEAST THE YOUM6 MAM BEHAVED LIKE A PERFECT GENTLEMAN. 1 FOUND HIM ' 1 OULUTOp. "/ .,_^Mrik ' AND YOU'LL FIND.PttFCCT CM AMP LIN k SERVICE Tuesday, June IS, 1$4§ 1 To Ail Car Owners that are unable td purchase dutb fhStirahde.' the office of L. S. BOHANNON cart how assist in helping you make application td procure Public Liability and Property Dtirnage insurance for your car. Bohannon Insurance Service OVER S & L STORE PHONE 103 there are a lot of advantages in carrying your atrtomfrbile irisurarfce through this office. WANT ADS BRING AESULTS. USE THE WANT ADS Tuesday, June 15, 1948 COWAN BUILDING SUPPLY CO. I !<K','t«)l'IJ Algona, lowo , . SERVICE * PHONE 1036 • 302 II.STATE • - 'All 1 f* AC if^k •• ••* ^Hr JP%i^r •7-«5TB<Pi AHer Hour Serviw: *..^n*^.StlJ^ *?ii Hf rman Waller •««• TRUTH-0* PARADE ! If MANY INVENTORSTKAVE SPENT YEARS TRYWG to FIND ' \VORTH) +PEKPETVAI MOT/ON* NXTHINGjXcLAIMED IMPOSSIBLE...BUT r? EVEN IF IT WERE POSSIBLE, * > it WOULD BE ..WORTHLESS, BECAUSE ANYTHING' ATTACHED TO IT FOR POWER .WOULD NATURALLY CAUSE IT TO STOP. '- just nifre more weeks to go until you can cash in on those Yfa'mps Vbo get wJth merchandise at our 'store. Remember,' yoti "get o'ne trading stamp for each $1,0*6' you spend with us for merchandise. The stamps are worth We a* the end '6f W weeks. Sfrimps Wfft be given .on Merehandije this week as , fallows:^ * , ' ' - ¥ . Frigidaire Electric Range, Model RJ-10 Univeirsctl Gais Range •-. TV^M^SO Stampi——— Frigidaire Home Freezer^-8-10-12 Cu. ft, 900 Stamps^—^^ Nor0e H0WI* freezer-o^z cu. ft. ^-900 f ^f^fi Pittsburgh 6as Water Heater-25 Gal. Cap. '"" H """" J <rpV StajTIpS''" 1 ' •"« 11 "" Calcinotor Horr>e Garbage Dispoial, Electric Majestic (Chairside) Combination Radio Glfldiron Ironer • »i«^750 Sttirnpj- in, Vornadofan Ped«tg| Fon —«-5Q0 Stamps * *iff-i™ j^ny^ ? ^s w*sJC •.:,-^^-\mA v r 'M-«.1HL e For RdaiyVarm Weather Comfort^ Install Peerless V ^-r- "A,' *^ ^ AIJ-Alummum Awnings i' , : i . $m«t:« t. OO^ jmart protection, tea, Jh*y lafeayard wlfldawi and doorways from "' *yp, wirtd end hell, c* well at t[vjng tht osling fhffft 'of wliVsntrotial nyoln«, '!h tWt pirtiMif 0ml in e ! - This economical fair instigation in th» CQQ| air rwrne, office, >»or»,«r _______ cntrwctlon/ crn. . *•¥ , I , .t* n t, '». * *A •• / -^^ V*SCT '«nt iii 9pir¥ti9n In « ".J J-W ? 4 V f Estimate on Fiin It's We Install a or

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