The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 26, 1940 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 26, 1940
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR THE BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. H. W. HAINES, Publisher J. GRAHAM SUDBURY, Editor SAMUEL P. KORRIS, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, Oklahoma City, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class nmtler at the post- office at BlyUieville, Arkansas, uncter ml of Congress, October 9, 1817. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier in the City of Blythcvllle, 15o per ' week, or 65c per month. By mull, within a radius of 60 miles, $3.00 per year. {1,50 for six niontlis, 75c for three months; by mall In postal zones two to six inclusive, $6.50 per year; In zones seven and eight, $10.00 per year, payable in advance. Maldng Americans Quickly A proposal to simplify the process of nntnraliziiling aliens lias been made by Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins. Under existing laws, she (old the Commonwealth Club of San Krancisco, tests for immigration arc too drastic. She recommended tluil requirements for "responsible aliens" bo relaxed. This would include, Miss Perkins said, literacy losls for elderly aliens. The millions of Americans out of work could not be expected to take kindly to any plan that would open the gates to a flood of aliens, polen-' tial competitors for the few jobs available. After a reasonable number of immigrants have been admitted, it should be the desire of officials everywhere to make them good Americans as soon as possible, Sufficient time must be given them, however, for re/lections on the responsibilities of citi/.ciiship and to make certain they arc fully prepared to relinquish their loyalties to any other countries. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Parliament WMtcs Blank Chech A now system of making appropriations has been devised in Knt'Iaiul. When the war leaders need money, they go to Parliament and ask for 100 pounds (about §500). Obviously, they need more than that for the functions Of government—and actually, the H)0 pounds is really considerably more. 11 may be a million pounds, or .10 million pounds. The figure, "100," is merely a token. Not even Parliament knows how much it is voting. All it knows thai it has agreed to let. the war cabinet spend another 100' pounds— plus. It is difficult to imagine the United States Congress operating under such procedure. Conjure up a picture, if you can, of the President going before Die House and saying, "I need sonic more money. Write me another blank cheek." What is oven more difficult, fry to imagine Congress doing it. Everyone Loses in War Unrlchidcd in n world of propagnmlii, tho Baptist, Congregation^, Methodist, Presbyterian churches and the Church of Christ, Salvation Army nml Society ot Friends in South Australia recently issued a message, part of which said: "No nation of today can win a war. Victory for the best that man can envisage cannot be finally W on by the usu of force: it, must rather be aii outcome J>f a constant readiness lo employ all oiJr7)uirwAY > FORM the resources of the human spirit to secure a full life of liberty and justice for all." How true this statement is has been affirmed by Die results of the last war. However the present engagements end, there will | Je no victory. That must come in the years to follow, when adjustments are made in a peaceful fasli- JnjHtn Knows the Answer The Japanese appear concerned over growing "pressure" applied by I ho United States since the abrogation of the trade treaty. Japanese-leaders pn>- Icnd now to find themselves in the position of knowing nothing about the weird reasons the United States had for calling off formal trade agreements. "What does the United States rc- iliicsl from Japan for readjustment of relations?" asked the leader of one of Japan's major parlies, recently. "The security of the lives and properly of American residents in China," replied Foreign Minister Ilachiro Arita. If Japan will only call off her ruthless aggression in China, she may have her treaty with the United Slates. It's a.s simple as that. View*, Publication In tota column <rf •dltorUii Iran other newepapcn dc*» not necasaartly menu endorsement but k u »cknowJedgaient at interest to Hie »ubject« dlscuMed. Pulling City Employment on A Scientific Basis The city of Greensboro, N. C.. (population 5.1,569) sought n personnel program designed to achieve the best possible standards of public service nt the lowest cost compatible with fair treatment of the employes. The first stop was to employ the Public Administration Service or Chicago to survey the city government, classify llic various positions ami prepare a salary slancliirrtlzalion plan based on the principle ol equal liny for equal work and degree of responsibility borne. The classification study, carried out by means of questionnaires and personal interviews to provide complete nnd detailed information, produced what, amounted to an Inventory of nil the various classes or position.-; on Uie city pay roll. The compensation pliin floivect logically ami tquilably out of Ihe classification process, Brief descriptions of certain key classes of positions were sent in (lie form of mimeographed copies lo Greensboro business establishments, whose owners were asked lo indicate the going rales of l»y for comparable positions in private employment. AS a further check, similar niies- llommlrcs were sent to public employing a»cn- des In (he Greensboro region, on ihe basis ot the information lluis galhcrert, salary scales were worked out comparing favorably with prevailing salary ranges elsewhere and establishing the rule of uniformity inside the city's business organization. In (his systematic plan Ihe Greensboro Cily Council has a concrete salary policy which should serve lo protect, employes from discrimination or favoritism and protect ll,c city when employes raise questions about their pay Greensboro found a way to standardize Us personnel and the salary scales on ai. essentially scientific msls - — Arkansas Gazette. All hell is unblc to break loose In Europe Hils spriiig.-joscj))) I-. Kennedy, U. S nmoassu- dor to Great Britain, 1,01110 on leave I warn the p coplc of |hc no stone will be left unturned by tl,e internationalists and war mongers In our own country awl Uie propagandists from abroad lo case us "Ho the European war.-Kcprcsentative Hamilton Fish (Kejx, N. y.t. CORK, IMP BV KEA SIOTIM. | N C. I. M. UK {/. 5 etr. Of F. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20, SERIAL STORY $15 A WEEK 8Y LOUISE HOLMES "That will be all, Miss Brown. I wnnf „, ,, 01 , lk . |IICn ° « 1VC lllc »<al niBllcr their undivided allemion." THIS CURIOUS WORLD ISLAND, LVINS |Nj THE ATLANTIC OFF. THE COAST OF MAINE, CONTAINS . AND list THE LAKE ARES BEFORE AND AFTER. FEBRUARY 23 TH, **£•£- / NAKED) CAN BE SEEN IN THE. WESTERN SKX CO/WES POOAA WHAT I KINID OR TREE ANSWER: Mahogany tree, of tropical America. ' ': WJiaL temperature is best for drain work? Down Memory Lane 10 Years Aj;n The campaign lo pledge 75 per rent of the property in Blytlieville Special School District No. 5 lo ci .special 10 mills tax and thus insure maintenance or the local school .system until relief from tho constitutional limit on school taxes can be obtained was under way today with 14 team captains assigned to as many sub-divisions of Ilic district. Five Years Agii St. Louis—Federal Judge Paris yesterday dismissed the suit of the Arkansas-Missouri Power Co.. which .sought to have llic city of Kcrmctt. Mo., enjoined from making financial arrangements with Ihc government for the erection of a municipal power plant. One Year Ago IJ'iTLE ROCK.—Representatives Frank Williams of Osccola. L. H. Aulr.v of Buivlelte and W. A. Hill- Ion ol Manila, all of Mississippi county, joined today in introducing a bill asking for an investigation of Dyc.w Colony. YJ-:sn:in>,iy> geu-Jnir on lie art-tin at tin: (Ynlfr, k commuulti liim.v /or tlrlK. Ann ream,, | 1P "Hlitr'K milrli, jiruliaMy wm ,„ „ <••"•« ennir. Tim li>«i'rl|itl i"r ( JVUT. 'I'ruiplr," ),,,„ alway, ,„. her. Sl.t ri-mi'mlu'r. b c Ji'ltrr ri> ''Lont'lj," i/vclji;* iinl to • cuil M. "' '" CHAPTER IV A NN did not destroy the ans\\ 1 to K295's personal. The e!e incut of uncerlamly and excite mont connected with its writin liad lightened her mood, given lie a most unusual sense of elalion Dangerous or not, she had lo fol Joiv Uie liny thread of, adventure. "After all," she thought, " 'night lead somewhere. 1'il ju< wail and see what happens. I ca make a graceful exit any time." She mailed the teller In a ho on M'ahash. Her step was ]igh <md her eyes sparkled as she hur I'ied to Mrs. Pi-ingle's shop. Working over a brown moir hat, trying to modernize -its ob sole_(e lines, she meniioned tlv subject of newspaper personals (u Mrs. Pringle. .She mentioned it in :i general way. "!j 0 you ever reat ihe personal column in the pa per?" she asked. "I never have lime to look at a paper." "I wonder what sort of pcrsor uses (hat means of approach." The untidy woman looked al Ann shrewdly. "Matrimonial approach?" she inquired. "I don't know—just any kind Mightn't an individual be so desperately lonely that he, or she, would put a feeler in the paper?' Ann's head was bent over the steaming machine. "I think he, or she, would be pretty hard up." There was a silence while Ann smoothed the crown. Mrs. Pringle drew n long thread from a spool and snipped it off with, her discolored teeth. "Voung girls shouldn't fool nround with things like that," she said at last. "There's too much deviltry going on in a city like this, loo many racketeers on the lookout for girls who are alone and unprotected." Ann nodded. "I was just thinking aloud," she said. * t + JN snite of the sage advice, Ann ' was excited. What would Lonely say when he wrote again? If Ins answer sounded all 2'ight—if they arranged a meeting—her new dress would he just the thing The double-breasted jacket gave it the appearance of a suit—perfect lor Ihe warm spring weather. This was Wednesday—she and Lonely might meet before the end of the week. Siow did two strangers know' each other? A ilower on the lapel COPVR1GHT. 19, NEA SERVICE, was Uie accepted sign, she be Moved. Saturday—you could bu gardenias for a dime on Saturda —Saturday— That evening Ann prepared ana ale, a most sketchy suppe Adventure beckoned and advon (ure made necessary a new drcs also a matching hat. She had clever idea in mind, two pancake of dark blue taffeta, the top pan cake tilling upward at the back the finished creation to be wor over one eyebrow, held there b u shirred elastic. It would cos almost nothing. Could she afford a new pair o Bloves? She consulted her budge The budget always had the lab word. Only by strict adherence t its dictates was she able to kee 3ven, and keeping even was a obsession with Ann. Her mind had been scorch^ :mce childhood by the lack o noney at a given time and the subsequent problems. Pete had been airy on financial subjects Aim s mother uncomplaining idaplmg herself to the spending vhims of her husband. H was Ann vlio had worried nnd fretted. Shi iad become a dollar stretcher o note. Now, will: $15 a week a ier disposal, she spread it thin net cfliciently. Ten dollars a month for room ent, ten dollars for food, carfare -tins was quite an ilem—clothes osmelics—she had learned fha arge Quantities paid—insurance— hi: provided hospitalization and t icat burial if necessary. The budget was ironclad but ow and then, a few cents remained from the food fund, occa- jonally a pair of hose proved to e made of sterner stuff than its ellows. It was by hoarding these mall pittances that the silver poons were made possible. Later orks were to be added, one by lie, (hen knives. After that nens and dishes. ' Yes, she could afford a pair of loves, dark blue kid, $1 and ihe ax. Ann always sighed over the ix. It broke into so many nickels or a moment her mind dwelt ongingly on blue l;id shoes. The udget was sternly adamant and ic pigeonholed Uie longing. She lade a practice of pigeonholing er wishes, not pulling them en- rely from her mind. Some day ic would have blue kid shoes As she starlet! for the Center lat night her room was faintly Inminaled by a glow and she urned back, hand on the door lob. The young man'.threw off s suit coat and stretched." wearily, e looked strong when he retclied. Ann noted the'breadth ' his shoulders and the bigness his chesl. He stood beside his blc, absently looking over a pile THE FAMILY DOCTOR T. M. REG. u. S. fAT. OFf " ii .-.. Child Should Be Watched by Dentist To Guarantee Straight Rows of Teeth FLOPPIN AROUND OUR. KME6S BLOODHOUNDS EORM THIRTY VEAtiS TOO SCOW By J. R. WilliamsOUR BOARDING HOUSE" wilh Major Hoopfc ItV ])[!. MOTiKIS riSHBKIN Ktlitnr, .rniirnnl nf the American .1! c <1 i r ^ [ Association, nnd of Hvs™, tli« ifraltli .lliiKMinc One of t)>c "rcntrat wnlribiitions of modern scientific dentistry to niiman hapnincss is the praclice fiiiovvn ur. orlhodonlia—struightcn- ing of (lie teeth. A set. of sound, orderly tcelli suitably adapted to the inoiitli of the individual, i.s an asset not onlc for apjicnrancc but aho for spcccli Nowadays, intelligent parents begin lo think promptly nbout orthodontist when ihey otecrvc irrcgu- Inntios in Ihc child's teeth. Since children !osc their first set gel a pcrma- fl UM.'-OR APPENDICITIS? , 4S SHALL VJE CANCEL. THE r :'^ MPCTCH RACE ? GOT A NAIL MAJOR.? THl< NEEDS A, LITTLE of teeth ncnt set. parents always want (o know u-lieti the host time has arrived for unclcuaking orthodontic work. rir. Don C. Lyons has described several groupings of crooked teeth and indicates din! u lc cor . rcclion time drpciul.s on the nature of tlii- rendition. Children who have a- narrow nrrh and hi^li jiahilc. or roof of Ihc month. IIHIM. hnvo their leeth i,,tn normal position by s which will expand (be Announcements The Courier News has been formany authorized lo announce lo-lowing- candidacies for office ccl to Die action of the Democratic pvirnary in August. Mississippi County Judge ROLAND GREEN Sheriff ami Collector HALE JACKSON I'lHinlv Treasurer R U (BILLY) OAINES 'For Second Term) JACK VIN LEY ROBINSON County a ,,d Prob.ilc Ckrk T. W. POTTER •For Second Term) arch. This procedure is .slarlcd early, while llic temporary molars <w in place, provided these teeth slill hav; fully developed roots, tf however, the roots have already started lo be absorbed, ilicn the straightening procedure must be delayed until the permanent bicuspids arc fully in pi ncc . Another group of cases j.s Uiat in which the lower jaw lags behind the upper jaw in growth so thai n receding chin results. Here the doctor must, determine by the use of Ihe X-ray nnd other studies whether the receding chin is due to a lack of development of Ihe face as a whole or simply to umlerde- vclopnienl o! the lower jaw bone. bulls have been so savage Among the worst of t hc casra Ihe"^?.?" 1 ""* welc >lse(l lc ot hooks. Apparently diangm mind, he sat down at the with his back to Ann. She him dip a pen into a bottle ot Ann closed her door and down the stairs, dunking, "f v shouldn't spy on him, hut doesn't he draw his blind?" never tarried in the hall, landlady had a pallid-faced whom she preferred not to i * t * 'T'HE dressmaking went well night. One more session the Irene Temple dress woul finished. A little of Ann's thr excitement wtnl into the dre : ihe form ol extravagantly slit pockets and a plealed bustle e in the back. Two strange talked as they made eve gowns of cheap, slazy inatp. Ann listened idly to their cha 1 "He's the cutest tella 1 seen," one of the girls said. ' can lie dance! Just like Fred taire, I'm telling you." "Yeah," the other girl nnswi 'but gimme the trumpet playc been working on that guy fot' nonlhs and lie finally gave n umble. We're gelt ing hit next month." "Gee—you're lucky." She s| enviously. "All the girls are ing married. It's the life right." In Ann's brief experience iad noticed that marriage was everlasting aim. Most of the"' n (he 10-ccnt stores and the 1 ,'ain basements wore wed ings. The girl at Ihe notion cc er had her eye on a truck dri le was her "hoy friend." In must instances the br rooms to be, and the young ', >ands, were poorly paid slock ; r delivery men, making no ji han the girls whom they ied. II simply meant that ncomfortable apartment w> ouse a man and a girl insleai wo girls. The odd thing abov vas the pride and smug satis; on with which the bri auntcd their wedding rings.. 1 Why was a wedding ring of s ast importance? Ann could gure it out. She had never ht i love and bad no infenlion of i crfmenting with the emotion, i nind ran along avenues of purr nd achievement. Listening to; inn-chatter of tho livo girls, 'as horrified at her own weaki having answered the perso 'hen it was all said and done • he not employing the same m<, ids as the girls who went to: ublic dance halls in search! ompanionship? • In spile. :o£ a guilty ,«»..„.„.-„ 10 went to sleep 'with-the ca ought of receiving a letter !•!, oncly on the morrow. T (To Be Continued) are those in which the child' difficulty In closing his lips,: there are others in which the ' We has been caused by suckiur fingers. When children lose their tcclh too soon, there is a tone toward deformity, and the oi (fontlsl applies space retain?, maintain proper space bcUveei 1 leeth until the second teeth in. The decision in everv case ' be madfi by a dentist "who m' stands Ihcsc mailers. Tile pi who is wise will take (he clil' 1 the dentist at Ihe first opport! sa that growth, of the teeth f be watched regularly from hood through adolescence. Bull Fighting si the Fr,,. v PARIS (UP)—French soldirsi- the Alsace front, are becoming perls HI tackling bulls in": Man's Land" and'in quiet man! bull lights are staged on ivhiclj bets change hand.':, it was revi by poilus on leave. Sometime,-;' HOLD EVERYTHING By Cfyda Lewis Courier News has been au j tiion/cd to announce the follow-' "•• randidacies for election nt the! I .Municipal Election, lo be hctc' ! April 2. I ' Juilpe | DOYLE HENDERSON ! (For Second Term) j GEORGE W. BARHAM ' City Clerk ' FRANK WHITWOBTH ' i"HARl,ES SHORT f •1OHN TOST.EH City Attorney liOY NELSON PERCY A. WRIGHT "Anollicr bossy Idler from llic wife—1 \\isli lo x let me fight iliis war in peace!"

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