The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 15, 1948 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 15, 1948
Page 3
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iv Ifgan* tippet ll Call M ..fhtefed as secdhd class fnattet at the pbslof- at Algona, Iowa, under Act of Congress of 3, 1879. Issued Weekly By OS UPPER DES M01NE9 PUBLISHING CO. j. w\ HAGGARD, &Htof R. B. WALLER, Managing Edltof C. S. BRLANBEft, Advertising Manager / D. E. DfiWfiL, Business Manager , NAT! ifAflONAt, ADVEttttStNG ftEfRESiNTATlVB National Advertising Service , 188 W. Randolph St., Chicago, 111. SUBSCRIPTION RAf £JS II* iCOSSUf H C6. Jne Year, in advance.—* __——.*...-*$3.00 Upper Des Moines and Kosstrth County Advance in combination; per,year—— $5.00 Single Copies »:.-*—'—* —*..._—_10c SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDE ROSSUTH One Year, in advance . ,—....-$4.00 tfpper Des Moines and Kossuth County /kdVanee in combination, one year-^-$6.00 No subscription less th'an 6 months. ". ADVERTISING RATES Display Advertising, per inch——. 56c OFFICIAL CITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER resulted ift more than £'/4 million dollars increase in the personal property and moneys and credits assessments ift Wtnndshiek county. this increase" in personal property and moneys and credits Weans these two kinds of property will carry more nearly a fair share of the tax. Up to now real estate has borne the mam tax burden because the other kinds 6f property are not fairiy assessed. Land owners pay for the schools and the county government while people who have large amounts of personal property keep their property out of the assessor's sight. ' the incfe'/ite in personal property valuations and moneys. Ml credits valuations can bring relief to farmer land owners. It can bring a reduction in real estate taxes. This will begin to put the farmerV !ai bill back oft a fair basis. It will protect him against the crushing; real estate ts( load that was disastrous 28 years ago. But ii will not do this unless faxing bod* ies do tight oft their side. Land owners will get a tax reduction only if school beards, and town councils, county supervisors and the state legislature keep their budgets as low as 1 possible. ' . If taxing bodies simply increase the budget so they can raise more tax on the higher Valuation, no good will have been dotte. It, is up to school boards, councils and supervisors to keep their budgets within reason, to raise them as little as possible above last year's budgets. If they do that the land owner wins. If they simply take an opportunity lo grab more money because they Can get more on the old m ilia ge, then nobody wins. Keep an eye oil your taxing bodies when they announce tneir budgets this summer. WHITE MAN CRAZY Emmetsbuirg Democrat: Daily we. read of dust . fay ih« waf — can sing For- gaftgett Nat Vor Sultne Kat with me, has also ditched his tie far the summer, and John Wood and Soup firiggs came up the street tie-iess and Al Slobe, E. M. Huber, John B'oth and Bill Heller, also tie-less, made no bones about ditching their ties until, September 1, and so the membership in the Tie-Less Club continues to mount day by day. f h* Boafcd of Review was !tt session last Week anl I dragged myself to the court room because on account of I wanted to have the assessable valuation on my jaloppe lowered. And there was John Waldron, A. A. Schipull and H. J. Braley, board members and Assessor John Bestenlehlief, and they took my request under advisement and decided that 1 wasn't being held up and so there was nothing done about lowering same on my jaloppe. I lold 'eiti 1 planned on buying a wheelbarrow and maybe then my taxes would be lowered and right away the board raised the assessable valuation on wheelbarrows and so TAXES IN IOWA •.Iowa taxes are higher than the chin whiskers on a giraffe. Even Governor Robert Blue, speaking to Algona service clubs recently, made no effort to deny that fact. His talk was'based on reasons why and. Ihe necessity for such laxes. Property owners in Iowa last year had their properly laxes increased more than 24 l /2 million dollars over what they paid in 1942. Iowa's slate income lax in Ihe first four monlhs of 1948 produced more lhan Iwice Ihe amounl it did in the same period in 1947. Slale gasoline laxes Ihe .first four months in 1948 were almost $800,QOO greater lhan for Ihe same period in 1947. A lolal of $11,082,064 in state retail sales laxes were collected in the last quarter of 1947, to set a new all-time quarterly high. • The Governor's,point that a considerable por- §•• lion of Ihe total funds thus collected is returned _. i! lo local taxing districts was well taken. But it f [-'•cannot conceal the fact that the people bearing ft the tax load are gelling il heavier than ever from 'all directions, and that the stale's own surplus j is sleadily rising. There will be another session of the legisla- slorms sweeping" Ihd couniry. Often—too often-r^ we experience-'One right here ort our'Iowa'Streets and prairies, '|^j'ood, rich Iowa soil is blown literally lo the/foiir > winds, but still we see ptitVfellow- men chopping down, the valuable trees, changing that's that. But Schipull and Mr. I noticed Mr Braley wore Over Inch Rain Breaks Drouth, Kossuth Area Kossuth county welcomed with open. arms and perhaps a few prayers of thankfulness, total rainfall of over an inch .during the past week. ' And the rain' came in the best possible manner, and not any too goofl. Both rains were slow, gentle and soothing to the parched soil, and slaked the thirst of th£ 1948 crop which had been deprived of water for some weeks. The week's weather: Rain ' High Low Juiie 8 75 .. ......... _____85 June 10 (.02R) . ......... 88 June 11 _________ . ...... 79 June 12 (.85R) -. ....... 70 fune 13 _________ ..... -.80 June 14 ______ ......... 73 55 50 61 55 53 '53 59 the course ?of Streams, arid in trying to improve dn.nature. We're beginning to "agree with a Cherokee-Indian out in Oklahoma who won first prize when an Oklahoma magazine held a conlest. In the,contest, the magazine published two pictures, one of a run-down house 1 and the other of a washed-out field. The best .essay on the two pictures won an award. , "Both piclures show Ihe white man ' crazy. Make big tepee. Plow hill. Water.wash. Wind blow soil, grass all gone.- Squaw gone; papoose, too. No chuckaway. No pig, no corn, ho hay, no cow, no pony, Indian not plow land. Keep grass. Buffalo eat. Indian eat Buffalo. Hide make tepee, moccasins, loo. Indian no make, terrace. No build dam. No give a dam. All time eat. No hunt job. No hitch-hike. No ask relief. No shoot pig. Great spirit make grass. 'Indian no waste nothing. Indian no work. White man heap crazy." * * ' * • . ' GIVE COUNTY ASSESSOR A CHANCE Indianola Record-Herald: Although there is aK ready heard a good deal of criticism of .the,hew county assess6r ; law, it is yet too early to give it a -fair appraisal. neckties and maybe had I beer wearing one they would nave fell different about my tax problems so to speak. Bu.t Mr. Waldror said he had no use for ties, especially in the summer becausr on account of he could choke easy enough without wrapping a halter around his neck. Two recent members into Ihft •Pipe Puffers and Ring Blowers Club are Jim Stebbins and G. D. Brundage, both good puffers though they didn't demonstrate as to their ring blowing ability. And G: D. always carries a spare <5vith him so that when the.pipe in his teeths gets to hot he's fixed to take on the spare. He tells me he never smokes outside because on account of at times the pipe gets so strong that were he to ,pa up the street the strength might sort of spread the buildings. That's playing safe, so to speak. Now ihat the straw hat is com' ing into its own I have noted all sorts of colors, sizes and brands of straw piles being worn on the pates of the male population. And when Jimmie Thilges showed up on the street the other dav wearing a sailor straw. I asked him was he intending to join the navy and he said he wouldn 1 mind signing up but he wanted to be an admiral, didn t want to bother with being just a gob or a captain. And he's got something there. Now that the fall of rain has ,begtih, Harry Nolle, weatherman and official forecaster, said that he thought more rain might be expected in the next week. Tuesday, Juftfr IS, Af#ma Upper Babe Ruth In Person To Be At Spencer, June 21 st Union 4-H Boys To Run Meeting Union—Both the girls and boys 4-H clubs of Union Twp. will be in charge of the Farm Bureau meeting, Thursday night at the Good Hope Community Room. They have planned a program of demonstrations, songs, plays and talks. After the program ,they will serve home-mdde ice cream and cake. There will be a charge for this and Ihe money will be used to finance activities 'of the clubs. The public is invited to attend. of the American Legion.-' Theodore Murphy, Ida Gfdve,'district Legion commander, will'present Tornquist to the audienceY Sponsoring Ruth's only appearance in Iowa are the American Legion, Spencer Baseball, Inc., the Chamber of Commerce, the Junior Chamber of Commerce, and the Clay County Fair Association. Ruth is being brought to Iowa by the Ford Motor Co., by wnom ne is employed in the in- leresls of Junior Legion baseball. All youngslers in Junior Legion or other baseball uniforms will be arlmitled free. Admission prices are $1.20 for adults and 35 cents for children including 1 tax for the daytime session and the same price for evening. Reserved tickets may be obtained by writing "Babe Ruth Dav." Bf>x 911, Spencer. Iowa. Tickets are on sale at Kent Motor Co., Algona. probably be nicely taken care of in pork barrel itactics, instead of providing-taxpayers with any • - i ^ " Of . - , •• ..*•• •» "j-'V* •• • counties and cities, in rushing, em- Seven Racers In Soap Box Derby Seven local lads have definile- ly entered cars in the District s. - j ^ ew S y S tem Algona will not have i the state treasury's balance increased $18,512,569 in the first three months of 1948, making an overall total of $i!7,957i253 will give you some idea of the funds waiting to be played with. , : R.B.W. * * * ' IS CONGRESS ON WRONG PATH? That the. republican congressional majority is ueally feeling its oats is very evident. Until a monlh or two ago, congress has moved with caution in most things. But recently there has been a change in tempo. Congress proposes to cut down on many of Ihe existing reciprocal Irade Irealien, and has extended the remainder for only one more year, instead of the three years requested by the state department. The result has been one which has greatly upset many statesmen, both here and in other ploy outside appraisers to come .-in and tlo the job | a goap Box Derby as in previous -••-* 1 -!—- i- assessor and his deou'tiea'are supposed -years. Inslead,,,the-district .der-••-•• by at Fort Dodge will be the Irial leadquarters for participants 'rorri' this territory. The seven entrants and their sponsors are as follows: Gerald countries. Senator Arlhuc Vandenberg, himself a republican, has called il the most backward step taken by the present congress and one that definitely shakes confidence here and . abroad in > what may be expected from our own congress. He recalled vividly that it,was the high tariff walls of the 1920's, the exact opposite of. reciprocal trade trealies, lhat gave the nation & temporary false sense of prosperity and helped greatly in leading to the 1929-32 depression. He points out that prosperity depends on trade, 'and the exchange of goods ,and that if we make it difficult or impossible for other nations to sell goods in thje United States, we ourselves will suffer in the long pull. The forthright objection to the maneuver from Vandenberg is a ray of hope, however, for those ,. who believe we live in a shrinking world.,-R.B.W, .* * N * •'-'* ' WATCH YOUR TAXING BODIES -•*-..(>,<"-- al mos t a confession in the Start that .the ''fcfw'is a failure. '.-.. ','•..',,•.'';,'.'.. : ;'.' S '-K'', ,'': : , ',,.'-.'. v,/,V It looks to a casual observer^ as if a mighty good bit of salesmanship is being! don^.bysoine'one interested in getting the jobs; of aj>prating.' In the smallest county in Iowa the'cdstdf appraisal is estimated at $50,000. ••••'•. ;. V ':'•' • • :v: ; • Chariton is always riled as an example.' Does Ihe fact lhal Charilon's valuations were too low and that her assessing had -been bajdly done prove .that every county and .every city in .the state needs to bring in outside high priced professional appraisers to .dig up what the county, assessor is employed to find in the regular.course of. his work? Maybe some cities and counties heed professional appraisers. Maybe even i;n,"tb.e eriii ail Will. But if the whole state rushes pell mell to employ imported appraiser, you can bet your bottom dollar there'will be such a keen demand for appraisers that a lot of incompetent job. hunters will .be doing>appraising who ought to be hauling manure. The county assessor entitled to a fair trial before, it -'is either repealed because of popular criticism orfexploitedito death by professional v ' '.. : : •. .'.'•'-".''' ,• •:.... • . • something of 'tjie working of the appraisers. Since county assessor.; law in Wyoming 2S-ye^rs ago, we have' 'been ^inclined to favor 'such a plan for ^. Ail 'that is wanted by honest, people .is. that the assessing be fairly d'orie, with' no, fayqrf The county assesspr law is at least ' $ trial step in getting away from the constant,:comi>etitipn of lo cally elected assessors to hpld down the valuation in their own townships, a fault for v#\ich the assessors individually were not When most of the. naoney/^arsp^ht by the township trustees, the locals valuation' may have Dwiaht Bannister in The Deeorah Journal--' been fair enough. But when; wosi 6{,jt,is,"sp4l»t ' • by the county, the valuations should, be ojn a county wide standard. There will bjfr soine incbftyen-- iences in re-adjusting to the ne"w system. Maybe it won't w()rkj but, we repeat, it I* at leatt eiititled to a trial. , ; > Now that the new Iowa tax assessor law is operat ing, it is up to taxing bodies to make it effective in reducing real estate taxes. The new personal property assessment rates and the care taken by the new "staff of assessors Children's Clinic Set For June 17 A clinic for crippled and disabled children is to be held here at the Kossuth hospilal, Thursday, June 17. II is sponsored by Ihe i • ' * Cily. Mary Burke, R.N., spenl several days in Ihe county lasl week contacling parenls and palienls. The clinic will check on children who are under Irealment and have been returned home, and new cases will also, be examined. The clinic is free and parents having a child they would like examined need only go lo their own ihysician and he Will fill in a r oi i rhj for them to present at the cliriii:. Common Jllnesses checked among children are infantile paralysis, rheumatism, diabetes, bone Infection etc. Examining doctors for the clinic will'come from Iowa City and theyj will be .assisted during the day.iby members of .the Kossuth medical association? "•-->• • •'- .->. From contacts already mad< some 30 or.40 children are expect Schimmel—Kent Motors, -Claire Don Schaap Jr.—F. S. Norton and Son, Jack Lichter — W. J. Lichter, Kenneth Peterson—Kossuth; Motors, David Yeoman— Leslie Faber, Monte-Kruse—Iowa State Bank and Bob Lampright— Friesner's Sports Center. ! ' All entry fees.which are $5 for each car,will be paid by the Kossuth Motor Co. Tom Sawyer, JfiyCee representative, is in charge of the entries. Vote To Close Schools In Eagle Swea & Eagle—Eagle township held a rural school Center School No. election at 2 Monday, May 81, to vote on whether to close school for year 1948-49. The vote carried to close the schools. The director's will meet soon to decide where the pupils will enter school this fall. It is likely most pupils will come to Swea City as most of Eagle high school students come here. edi at the 'clime.which opens a 9 o'clock Tn'ursday morning.. Wedding Licenses To Ten Couples Teh licenses to wed were issued last week by court clerk Mrs*. Alma Pearson as follow: Elaine Nelson, Tacoma, Wash., and Joyce Sterling, Algona; Walter N. Jacobs_on, Burt, and Georgia Richardson, Algona; Aloysms Dudding, Bancroft, and Norina Olthpff, Lakotar Maurice . Weisbrod, Fenton, and June Rath, Lone Rock; Peter D. Vlaeminck and' Anna Flynn both of Mahkato: • Hubert Kayser, and Martha I Thilges both of Bode; Leonard Schultz, Whittemore, and Lillian Schumacher of Algona; Herbert Govern, ' Titonka, and Margaret Hynes, Bancroft; Wm. C. Peterson,' Lakota, and. Grace Risley, Omaha; Willard John Thompson, Lone Rock and 7. Marilyn Foley, Fenton. „ &?„ f, X' ^ Babe Ruth is much the same ' .old liambino, and it's mitrhty | i nice to see him that way. . , Babe Ruth, the bf/sebaii idol of millions of youngsters and adults, will be in Spencer, Iowa, Mon,ay, June 21 and will make two ppcarances at the new bull park t the Clay county fairgrounds. However, Kuth is sharing the spotlight on . this day with the •Rids" and Junior Legion baseball. The ninth district of the Amcr- can Legion will hold a lour team :ournarnent, and the day's base- sail activity will be climaxed by ganie between the Spencer aidinals and the Storms Lake White Caps. All contests will be played on the new 180,000 v/att lighted field at the fairgrounds, and there will je seating accommodations in the huge grandstand for over 10,000 persons. . The Junior Legion team.-? competing will be Peterson, Salix, Newell and Hull. The opening tilt at 10 a. m. will pit Hull against Newell. Peterson will tangle with Salix at 1 p. m. Ruth will make his first appearance just before 1 p. m. The finals of the Legion tournament will begin at 6 p. m. with a "Babe Ruth" trophy to be presented by Mr. Baseball, himself, on behalf of the ninth dintrict of the Legion to the winning team. The Spencer Cardinals-Storm Lake White Caps baseball tilt will get,underway-at 8':45 p. ,m. ,. ,. , Rutti will fee introduced by Paul Tornquist, state commander On Long Distance Calls Go Up June 21 Long distance telephone rate There's a will bfi ^epfieed, 1, Fred TimnV local, he Northwester^! Co. friers, announced:' Calls up to a dist: miles will show a n. long distance tolls ances over 175 miles . minute basis, tolls will''' ye reduced. For example, there Will' be 'dif-' erence in calls to Wesley, West Bend, Whitlemoro, Burt, Ledyard. On calls lo Bancroft, Fentofl, akota, Lone Rock, LuVornc, Swea City and Titonka, however, there will be an. increase*o£ £ive cenls for three minutes. Distances up to 175 miles will in most cases show increases of from 5c to lOc, Tilnm said. After that, there will be a' slight reduction, in most cases amount- ng lo about 5c for three minutes, Repricing is -made necessary, Ihe manager said, because of higher costs of wages, equipment and supplies of all kinds.xbut the overall effect will be moderate on the majority of long distance calls between telephone within Iowa. Tues. - Wed. - June 14-15 Abbott and Ccsteilo in BUCK PRIVATES in your future! SEE IT FRIDAY JUNE 18 at Go. Co-Hit Rites For Boy, 5, Held At Ledyard City. funeral services Ravings CO UttV* 9? TMb B el Tl«J) Net pi A»Y>Wa«. it ptawrt TVwMf *#»*W ** •^. Wt»9fW*« t *7T" pgajn, just thmH o| it, within a week we have with us" June 01 the longest day m the ye»r, from then oft tne days i Shorter, and it WPn't be Jong til we'll begin to worry, irtwut what tp get^'her" for PJM And it seems only $ tew ' that we had cold, snQ\s . and we turned on the J»ght§ |t - , pn the longest day tbji year are . going .to . . ^ n * don't want s to speno: that much on me a tire lor the old bus will be appreciated. It's nice having a birthday on the 21st because on account of that gives a guy so m«ch daylight in which to celebrate. As \9 my age? We}},, I'm, old enough to vote, member of "the No"Neek~fie Club be^g on account ol he didn't, wear 1 Tuesday and he ia strong f organi?ition and said he , bring, the matter UP »t the „ meeting of th§ Chomber of Commerce and urge ail of the me.nv bers to ditch their cravats dv ' " ' Qtoit iT . Nitchali. Ted © H st|* §n4 >n the post his^fte olf and j club gnj, Paths- BSHW* J club and he **TS(!-iF 'fliaij,'*. ^*j^ up n t I met L, ,„.„„,. ia _ pj«- " «f wll* *ft|C t %'_ t '»-irwww ***** * ^«^« snST «Pt/» J8| ?»ii^ ; »P UW when I asked Wo? fwm come he said he was w«atmg it (hat day just to i " count of last week looked, ac- elub. . for 5-year-old Duane Dbocy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Art Doocy, were held Wednesday morning, June 9 at Sacred Heart church, Ledyard. Duane Joseph Doocy was born at Swea City on December. 29, 1942 and died June 7, 1948. Surviving are his parents, a small sister, and his grandparents Mr. and Mrs. George Doocy r and Mr, and Mrs. Fred Schwartz, all of this vicinity. . Pallbearers were Richard Kockler, Robert Rohlin, Matt Bauer and- Paul Sanftner, Burial was in Sacred Heart cemetery near Ledyard. that „.. he only and Ray' SenUnto*] in tie-less »sd he 1 ! the club* " J w.prking ,,tot#fn iMT 5$nu. t and August ,on the rack -^'$Uo came Fenton Auxiliary Elects Officers Fenion—The Legion Auxiliary met Friday afternoon in.the home of Mrs. Ray- Kyhl with Mrs. John Waite assisting hostess; 16 members answered roll call. Four new members were installed, Mrs. LeRoy HuSkamp, Mrs. George Jorgenson Jr., Mrs. Ray Kyhl,, and, Mrs. Charles Newel. • Election of officers was held. The .new president is Mrs. Roy Osborn, to succeed Mrs. Rex Wolfe; vice president, Mrs. John Waite to succeed Mrs. Kenneth Halverspn; Secretary, Mrs. Martin Ohm, present secretary; Treasurer, Mrs, George Jorgenson Jr., succeeding Mrs. John Waite; Historian, Mrs. LeRoy Huskamp, succeeding, Mrs, Martin Ohm; Chaplain, Mrs. Charles -Newel, sucqeedin* Mrs, George Jorjen- Thurs. - Fri. • SatV June 17-18-19 Iff Licenses For New Vehicles Go to 17 New «?ar or trwck, licenses were issued to owners of 17 new ve» week, as son Hans fea8go™»ucceeding Chart?* Newel. ' Mrs. § H . gVsj&ven.yer ten, Swe^i City- Vatteler, Fenton. Iffi^Ni'pl Bsite, ftvington; ,Fe»»» •ift „„ , :ota; j A, B, •Pweo- ckup); ft, £. fpickwp. HOSPITAIS st 't-nJeto Wilson* rti* Yon Bi w*r» 5r« Spwks, SiCTfS, 5rewch, .fcr-Tv-i i«w esrter ( ^1- gons; (frHek), !,Fniii^w^ §? " U"* ^SH^p, AJ8>P4i, **&3T T. ,.- *V» a^. ^J^ e{|(C ^ •Mr* -V. e. IWJ»/Al' •H<Mtal maot' Hen d£n f ^•f!; juniors » Rockin' tbe| range jwitb -" six : gun j ; ?v: lightniif ainc( ; two-fisted ;^; thuniderji iS ALLAH *Hm&& 'srAtuoH 4 ' 'Rot AffO BMCtf" JACK / REPUBLIC I PICTURE! :"-EDDY^WfUfBC ; ;tiNi&-06HNSpN SP? Co-Hit Richard Lane in Alcatraz bou $m &(&%;• ToifwaiV" Added Serial No. 3 , "DANGERS OF CANADIAN MOUNTED" *^*. ,X'^ *J fW HtflfH MODERN 5CRIIN R«qdy to dp tt\9 »ighls, reody to-»ip a cplffr ci little tettr.,, this ont-piece seHn plqid i» »r«n? end pQfoed whatever the occasion, 7h» fgferte . d«igo In wgjhsble Sonf<?riied* gingham, - CAROU KINO'S fllone, Jvnior siset 9 te 15, i bit »i(jn |$ , - - . Sun. • Mon, - Tues. - Wed. June 20-21-22-23 Dad's Day *» The Star of IHUNDERHEAD" "MY FRIIND FUCK "lAJSir LWll RODDY , win, '«%|^ »V ' ^ mmm-m "BW^BW w ••W"- t«a»w-i._K^,itt. 11 "-"i V, ^ ^ /&. fesfctoil Irtfil

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