The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 15, 1948 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 15, 1948
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By fluss Wallet * * + e£ Charles City, Harley, Peters, who is manager there of the Western'.Buyers branch, af' filiatijd himself With the Charles City 'JayCees, after an active niembership 'in the'A'lgpha unit ,' r.'-Hafloy; Just couldn't resist telling" tne«b6y9 about the activity Jh Algona, what they did, anc how, they did it ... As a result. he Is now the president of the Charles City JayCees, and from what" We hear the Floyd county organization is really humming. .. ^ '._ * + * ' .Worry i« like a rocking chair: _ . it will fiivc ypU something to do ft " but'it Won't get your anywhere. 1 ' ', * « + Chasing a golf ball around the course, th<2 othdr day. we overtook Gene Hood an4 his brother Fabcr, so teamed Up for a hole . . , about that' time Gene began talking about some wonderful cheese he had in his icebox . . . the game lasted one more hole, and then everyone's appetite for cheese had been developed to the< point where the game was called off and everyone headed for the icebox ... after sampling it,, and it was good but plenty strong, we ara 1 of the opinion that 'Mrs. H. told her hubby he better get rid of that cheese and quick—or else. M * * * After standing vacant for nearly a year, a<- house m Whittemore gave up some $500 in unexpected riches, recently. Bob Higgins was iearing down the house, for' tnerly occupied by Mrs. Millie Kortum . '. . in envelopes and'cardboard boxes, found stuffed in,walls was found some $500 in' bills, small ' coins and checks, * * * i Not much talk has' developed about it, as yet, but one feature of the fall election is going^ to be a public vote "on,a bonus^-fpr. vet-. SI Graduates In Summer Jobs; lay College Plans Three Boys Join Navy; 21 Going To College, U's This year's, graduating class from Algona high school ' has shown itself not only ambitious but energetic, for 51 of thpm Have found jobs and are 'employed away from home. •. ' Others are working at h° me or on their home farms. All but two of the class had defipitfv plans, LuVerne MeHtiiilil Day Window In State Contest .j.& ',£1 , fitfSU'H. • * ,-.-,' ','.-. : a public vote "on.a bonu^.fpr. vet-. Bob Kruse, Al. er.ans of WprKKWar,!! -.,, .' ,the ' jj^ ^KucHenrfem bonus,-'if passed, would grant up Gloria'Lane 1 , 41 < .to ta* maximum.: of .SS.QQ^to,, er -' ._. •?• of fservice/ etp.^jftieHboiu; .would. come from .;sale.' of,j^owaf, which would bV secured'^ tl* levies, but the bonds-can'.be paid off'from any surplus or any other funds in the state treasury . . . it will be interesting to see how the" vote goes. •; * « * When they were little girls, the present trio of Mrs. Zelba Max welV Mrs. Verna Wellendorf and Mrs. Enid Norman, all of Algona, and Mrs. Olive Bruns .of Titonka, used to trudge along country roads on their way to school . . . now they are going to school again. They registered last week for'Courses at Mason City's junior college. They/have only afternoon classes, and commute from Algona to Mason City, daily. The group are all teachers, and have signed ,. contracts for schools next fall, but in the meantime are brushing up a little on teaching methods, Mrs, Bruns drives from Titonka to Wesley, where the Algona group pick her up. HOBBY NOTEJ Mrs. Harry Ward and Laura Mitchell, each have somewhat the same hobby , ,,, they make an interesting pastime out of collecting and raising varieties of cactus . . . Miss Mitchell- has some 120 plants at the present when questioned recently, their future outlook. T^hrec boys have signed Up for Navy enlistment. When ' the summer's work is finished 21 of the graduates plan to attend college. Those working and' the place of employment are as follows: • : Where They Work Lorraine Adams. Variety store; Lois Barnard, telephone Office; Delores Bowman, Weidenhqff Co.; Jacqueline Brown, School census. Pioneer (pollinate); Alice Bliss, -Iowa State bank; Donna Chamberlain,^ telephone o.ffice. Bob Christiansen, working for contractor in Chicago; Jay Colburn, Sargent's; Chuck Crapser, Cowan's; Gloria Crawford, telephone office; Roger Didriksen, Modern Dry Cleaners; Larry Douglas, Kresensky's; Helen Dutton, Post Transfer; Helen Fraser, telephone office; Don French, Percival Motors; Annabelle Gronbach, James drug; Melvin Hatjg, Sargent's; Shirley Hansen, telephone office; Sue Hutchison, school census, Pioneer,(pollinate); Delmar Kern, at Heinie Fisher's; lew LuVerne — Pictured above is a Memorial Day windoxv display, prepared, "/and arranged by the LuVerne Ern- est Merkle post 664 of the American Legion and Auxiliary, and which the post hopes will win a state prize. . , This picture was entered in ~ t the slate contest. C The setting for the display <J this year was in the De- Groote-Cody/ general store. This was part of the Memorial Day observance at Lu- Verne. Mrs. Waller Engel, chair- man of the Memorial Day poppy sale committee, also reports thai about $90 was taken in from the sale of poppies. .; City Fly Spra time her latest addition to then gave him .-a, ment bond 88> securit the group is a specimen brought to. her by Mrs, Howard^ Hocnk, from Arizona. 1 * «, »'. » • Down in the south part of town there Is • an » ordinary timber squirrel, with a bushy WHITE tail, according to Inex Wolf, who spotted the little animal playing in her yard the other morning. f * '* v.» Eira went to the bank/ and asked for a Joan of $1 and to the banker's., surprise paid' six cents for a year's interest, In advance, overn- The banker, who - 4sn,ew •> g| " E;zra.'s thrift, asked him -why in tarna- tion- he was doing* this, - "Well," replied >ra, "it's a lot cheaper than reming 9 safety posit box gt $.10. 8 year to keep. the bond in, t ' Well., their persons who m ted to the U, will give us a l talk about over in the future esting to f pu.t, whether the e§sim.ilation wJU be success , Cowari's; 3e'verly Lewis,• telephone*pffice; Dorothy Lewis, 'Security §'ate jank; Vida Mao Lindhprst, L.,A. Winkel office; Gus Lund. Cowan's; Helen McVeigh," *Kolsuth Sospital; Amos Meyer, ""farm; Darrell Mosher, Army "air corps; Betty Moore, H. J. McNortney office. Donna Mosher, Sigsbee and Sawyer Skelgas; Meta Oldaker, work in Indianola or DCS Moines; Stanley Opheim, farm; Barbara latt, Algona high school; ;v Bob Reilly, H. J. Cowan; Maxjnc Reimers, Security State bank. Kathryn Reisner, ' summer school teachers' college; Ed Rich, farm; Kathryn Richardson, telephone office; Eugene Schatts- schneider, Kossuth'Motor; Emma Lou Simpson, telephone office; Cliff Skogstrom, Sargent's; Louise Sorensen, teachers "college summer school; Virginia Strayer, Algona bakery; Alice Ann Vaughn, J^hrischilles; Richard Webster, newspaper route; Joan Wofcbtt, school census, Pioneer (pollinate). Trio .Joined Navy Boys who signed up for the Navy arc Wallace Hill. Fred Hut- zoll; and Everett Sparks, / Students planning to attend, college and their schools 'a,re; Loraine Adams and Delores Bowman, St. Elizabeth's, Washington, D. C.; Jacqueline Brown, Bethany ollegc. Mankato; Jay Polburn, loger Didriksen and Larry Doug- ast, Iowa State; Chuck Crapser, University of Iowa, Doris Ehrhardt, Arizona state ollege; Sue Hutchison, Ward- Belmont, Nashville, Tpnn.; Beverly Kain. Iowa State teachers college; Bob Kruse, University of Iowa; Gloria Lane,- Iowa State; Durwood Lashbrook, loya. Teachers college; Gus Lund, Iowa State; .;„.., Oldaker, Simpson; Bob Reily,,Iowa Teachers cqUege;_Ray ?**V*nnn1r TrtllfQ C+O Had Rabies ,T ?-!&. 88> - 4sn, Schenck, Iowa State; Cliff Skog- Vim, Iowa Teachers; Gary Wal- aron, Iowa State-or Drake; Richard Webster, Drake; and Joan Wolcott, .Iowa Teachers, ' Kathryn Reisner and Louise Sorensen have both signed contracts to teach rural schools next winter, • . , i oon b§ admit . from Europe t of things te /PQffe? cups New Officers For , were installed by Mrs. P! - 'Union—Tneatch bit a father and son here was found ; to have been infected 'with rabies. The an.irnpl died at .Ames, and examination determined the disease. \ Will Broesdilr a^d his son. of Good Hop*, Wets, bitten by the animal., The animal was caught, then shipped to Ames for observation. The Broes' ders have also scarfed to take a'shot a day for' 14 days to counteract any danger. The day before the cat attacked the year-old daughter of the'Bud Nelsons, and'she. loo, will be given 'treatments. AH persons in Q4od Hope area are advised to keep their dogs and cats' lied, and to 'watch them closely.for signs of disease. ' ', - lerman Kahler tifes Saturday Bancroft—Herman''-Kohler,' 83 car old v retired farmer, died uno 9 at his home »t Bancroft. Ic was ill only fiyo days bclorc 'cath. •, ,Mr. Kahlcr was born Nov. 2a, 804, at Muscatine, Jpwa, the son jf Mr. and Mrs, John Kahlcr. Mr. Kahlcr has lived in Iowa all his ite and he came' to Kossuth ounty in 1890." '• He was married-to Anna Wcl- h'ousen April 6, 1800 at Bancroft, They have five children. They arc Ray Kahler 'of Titonka, Mrs. Leo Goche (Erma)fVof Titonka, Glen Kahler of Buffalo Center, Siva Kahler of BuRt.and Herman Sahler Jr,.of Funeral service St. John's CatholL ,,. mu Bancroft at 8i30,WJjjie 12. The Rev. Father J. " *' " ciated^ The bui croft. Out of towh J" funeral were Mpi WeJhousen,' Mr,,' Welhousen. Wil' Mrs. 1 Rawleiijh. ence Gingerich, Mr, and Mrs, H< Mr, and Mrs, Mr. and, Mrs, and Mrs. Ben Raymond Schut . Funeral services were held at . John's Catholic , .church at Jjjie 12. The "Sphultes offi- ' 1 B ^- A.H.Schule [lead Forest City Schools ; Swea City—After 16 years of service .in'the Swea City schools, Supt. A. H. Schuler has announced; his resignation' and his" election to the superintendency of the ForeS.t City: schools. 'Mr. Schuler, whose family are longtime residents of this vicinity, was graduated from. 1 Western'Union college, now • called Westmar college, at LeMars in 19.32; \, He was 1 employed • as coach by the.'Swea City board of education, and two years later was named superintendent when-' E. L. Parsons resigned to take up the practice of'law. Mr,; Schuler 'was granted the master's degree from the Stata University of Iowa several years ago and Iqst winter was named a member of the executive board of the Iowa State High School Athletic association. Basketball, the major sport in the 1 : local high school, has be'enYhi's principal field in coaching',-'and two of his teams have won .through to the state tournament. The new gym- lasium-auditorium was built under his administration. He and his wife have been ac- ,ive in the work of the Methodist church and < in the Masonic and Eastern Star orders, Mrs, Schuler has also taken part in Boy Scout leadership and in the work of.Iowa Boys' State, a youth camp. - • The Swea City .board of education is interviewing several possible successors to 'the superin- tendency.^ Call Union Vote At Weidenhoffs A vote will be conducted at the Jos, Weidenhoff,, Inc., plant here, Friday, June 18, to determine whether or not company employees wish to become affiliated With, and..have-'as a bargaining the International OO Homes Tratments Algona, the Fly-Free City! First active step toward killing the early crop of flies in the city began today and will continue until completed. Work began at 5 a, m. today. Over 300 householders in the city signed up for the fly-spray service, last week, in the campaign conducted by the Junior Chamber of Commerce, and their .homes will be given special ireatmcnt during the summer. Plans call for a series of five sprays in -,the business area during the summer, and three in the residential areas where signup is sufficient to warrant it, committee members said. At a meeting of the board of directors of the Senior Chamber of Commerce on Monday nght it was voted to donate $350 from senoir chamber funds to assist in the campaign and lo lake care of spraying civic , areas not otherwise covered, by contributions. Around homes,, spraying of winflows, porches, garbage cans and other spots will make cooperating homes almost totally free of flies. Sprays used this year will be an improved compound of DDT. Bob LaBarre is general chairman of : the local campaign for the JayCees, assisted by Don Akre, Don Hemmingsoh and Dick Post, representsttve Assoeiatjon of The ballot wUl by the National l^ Voting wUl e supervised bop Relations b§ conducted ro 1 .p-m,- ' mamten- including jo vote. vote SFg pffice and yeeSt - professional labpratopy lecbnjcians, watch Early Resident Dies In Nebraska LwVerne— B. H. Gardner, a former partner of E, C. Dickinson in the garage business in Algona, many years ago, died Saturday at Winside, Neb,, according to word received here Monday. He lived in L/uYerne for some 25 to 30 years, but went to Nebraska about five years ago. f S. J), wfll be buried at Beresford, <vSurviving are his widow, sons Dr. Milo G. Gardner of Tennessee, and Pave of Winside, Neb., aud \ married daughter, Edith, of Los Angers, Algona Woman's Sister Succumbs lujnerai services were held afternoon at EsthervUle, _ Buena Merron, lister Q\ M- MiUer of^gona,, -^ jail Terms In Local Courts Justice and rnayor court cases involving 11 defendants were handled over the past few days in Algona. . . Justice Delia Welter,suspended a fine of $8.15 for^Wilfred LoebiE, charged with a .trucfl overload, when lie raised his'license. Bernhart W. Sohnes, Ripley, Minn., charged with , improper passing, was fined $5 and costs by Miss Welter. Before Mayor Frank Kohlhaas, Earl Sloter and Floyd McMahon, each charged with disturbing the peace, were fined. 'McMahon was fined $25 and costs with $20 suspended, and Sloter'and. Floyd McMahon, each .charged with disturbing the peace, -Were fined, $25 and costs with ,$24 suspended." ' -..^;.'.•>:•. C. T. Huff, charged with drunkr cnnc'ss, was jEined $5 and costs. George Sehropfer,'. oh the same charge, was ^sentenced to three days in the county jail, and Gottieb Reefer, also charged with drunkenness, was sentenced to 10 days in the county jail. L. J. Klocke, Burt, was fined 12.50 and costs for not having an operator's license, . Edward G.Roepkc, Algona, was fined $2.50 and costs for a stop ;ign violation. Eugene W, Black, Burt, was fined $2,50 and costs for having aulty brakes ton his car, and ..eon M. Arerid, Algona, was fined the same amwnt on a like charge, , , Baby Wins Fight With Pneumonia " Paul Nellis came home Thursday from Mason C|ty where he had been with Mrs,' Nellis at the Park hospital during the critical illness of their SQ-months-old soi) Jimmy. The baby had pneumonia and for days his survival was a matter of toueh-and go. He is now definitely on the way to recovery and is expected to be brought home m Warning/ No £%•!. •••"*'• P""*^^.^-^,,,.-. •;-*: fcireee&cjsers County Leader, Legislator; Rites Held Tuesday Died Saturday At Age of 55; Widow, Son Survive Alex BonnStotter, one of Kossuth county's fore'most farm and civic leaders, died at 6:30'p.m., Saturday, at his home just east of West Bend, in Gflrflela township* Kossuth county/" He was 55 years of age, ' , He had been ill only a few months. Funeral services' were -set'for Tuesday afternoon, a"t the home;at 1:30 p.m., and at tho..West??BEitid D. D. Samuclson>Wa*8««(:'.^|E®atel vith burial in\thef <: West! yiR "Bcnd emetery. , • ' Sought Education Perhaps no Kossuth county farmer was better known that Mr. onnstetter, or better 'lifted and 1 espected. He was born in Garfield'-twp., lov. 20, 1892, on the Bonnstetter ome place, now farmed by 'a rother, Herman. His parents, Mr. nd Mrs. Martin Bonnstetter, were mong the earlier settlers of that rea. Educated in the Kossuth. rural chools, Alexander Herman Bonn- ;etter decided that he needed urther education, and he attend- d Highland Park college,. from 910 to 1913. Then he taught, in. ural schools for,two years. 'In 915 he entered Valparaiso Uni- ersity, at Valparaiso, Ind., from vhich he graduated in 1918. • At that time he began farming' or himself near West Bend, and >n Aug. 19, 1919, He was married o Charlotte Lydia. 'Andereggj • at. ""incinnati,, lOhifa.vwho,-. survives They a week or so, Mr- KeUis has a filling station partnership with a brother at West B^nd, and he went back Qii the, Job yesterday Monday- T,he fajnjly is m Algdna Oonft shoot or possess firecrackers, j i '' Algona city police warned Monday, that it is against the state law and. that fines of up lo $100 may be assessed for shooting or having firecrackers contrary to law. The slate law is based on protection of the individual against the burns and injury, and property against fire. New Ford Model On Display Friday Friday,' June 18, the new Fore car will be unveiled in Algona at the Kent Motor Co., here. It is the first new model Ford with entirely different body lines in a number of years, and marks the third .complete change of body style in the company's history. In addition to its new appear unce, the new Ford also has un dcrgone numerous changes in chassis construction and moto: improvements. A complete announcement o the new car will by found else where in today's'paper.' Suing To Collect Bills In Court Four new cases 'were filed [Coisuth district court in the pas week. Three of them were case at law concerning payment, accounts. Dr. R. J. Forbes, former Swe ity osteopath, was plaintiff i two actions. Named as defend ants were Evelyn Hupp, against whom a judgment for $89.4? is sought, and Mr, and Mrs. Harold Krause, where the suit involves $101.50, The Hupp case seems likely to be transferred to another county, and the defendant is no longer a Kossuth resident. •> Selma A. Carlson is plaintiff in a divorce action agaipst Herman Carlson. The couple were married in March, 1909, and have two grown childre;}. The 'plaintiff charges desertion. .Dr. Arno W. Sommer is plain* tiff in action against Mr, and Mrs.. Frank Deiro. over payment of bill for $33.50. ^ j.ajy. fl Special Dairy Mentfi Section tsiiiMrt J.Z1 i-UUIJlj- ^IJ.Cf'4'VXl * 0(/M*JD tilfjfifKff^y jeneral •intofes'tiln .^fiblic" affairs ed to'the-inevitable. He waa a director J of -*thV Kossuth Farm Bureau for 14 years; he was'a past director of the West -Bend-'scbool district; he Was a director for 'our years And chairman for one year of the Greater West Bend club. v " V , In 1930 he/successfully ran for ,he state legislature, on the democratic ticket, -and seryed,,as state representative *, for .thci fttigxt, six years- In'.1936'he did-hdt %v seek reelection. -DunPSi hjsUe.rm ,m the legislature: he^pecarrjc;' .(chairman/ of the powerfuT l houBe'app'ropria-: ;ion committee,' during', .which? time state expenses'were'rdducc'd 23.1 percent. - ',-./, In 1940 he* was persuaded to run for the state,, senate in the old senatorial District, and lost out by only 13 votes in a predominating republican area. He did not contest-the election, although urged to do so..,-' -.»'•'' > Since tbat.tinw; injmore recent years, he had been p Sought> after as a candidate fpfr lieutenant gqv- ernor, and the suggestion had been made that,he run for co'n- gress, but he was, content to con»y linuc with his; general jnterest'fo' community Ufe.T 4lid-* ioUgnt no further honors in'civic Affairs. Pedigreed cattle and Hampshire hogs were his -two interests in farming. " t ", '' ".,/^f-';. Progressive Viewpoints; During his lifetime, Mr. iBonn- settcr held progressive, liberal views. Thoser coupled '-with', high ideals, and a. belief 4nJ W oWn view-points, from wWOn he seldom retreated, made his home a a center of- youthraettvity. and 1 a meeting place for -young folks, He was a great reader, -maintain>d a fineMtbravy, ^.genuinely enjoyed discussing a.'wide range if topics of interest jr old, Recently he w ber of the fafe ucation, but He VM. 17 Farmers Sign For Sugar Beets . old friends, P. P,'~ rne§t <son are sevsn arg Seventeen sugar beet contrasts have been signed by Kossuth mers for the current season ' who beet§'thi? season^fjid tfce

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