The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 8, 1948 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 8, 1948
Page 16
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Das Metats Tu«iday, June 8, 1946 Ledyard Ladies Ai Farewell For Teacher,June 3 By Mrs. D. 0. Mayer Ledyard—Mrs. G. i R. Farrow, Mrs. Maynard Kroseh and Mrs. Orville Riinksmeier attended it farewell reception and te;i at the Bine Earth hiah srhou) gym for Miss Marian Drake, Wednesday evening, June 3. Tlu? teacher training doparlmont is heini^ discontinued and Miss Drake is planning on traveling in Kurope. Miss Drake ha been in the' Normal department in Blue- Flarth for 27 years. There were around 200 former pupils in attendance Marl in Runksmoier and Leon Farrow accompanies! tine above ladies and attended a show in Blue Earth, ' • , Guests Fr6rti l»ella^ Rev. and Mrs. C. O. Anderson and family of Polla were guests Tuesday -and WettHesday, at the' D. B. Mayer home. .DufjrVg these two days they visited friends In Ledynrd, Lalcota, and Swea City. The.n they went on into Minnesota to visit relatives. They stopped again Friday on their way home. Mrs. Anderson serv? ed as supply pastor in Ledyard and Lakota while they were, teg- ular pastors in the Swea ,City Gospel Tabernacle. At Burl Funeral /^ Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Barfi«,' Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Barnes and family. Mrs. Ernest Jorgenson, and Mrs. Aeilt Troff attended the funeral services for Richard Salt, at Hurt Wednesday- of last week. Baptized at Austin Mrs. Aeilt Troff and Arno, Mrs. Krnest Jorgenson and John of Elmore, Mr. .and Mrs. Jerry Sarnes and t\*o daimftteflr went to Austin,* Minn,,. Satttf dly to a jtathevi%of) the <3hUfcft<ttf l»at- fer Gay saifitsi A.MfitisHjal'ser- vice*• was • held' afrd Jehrt- Jtffgen- son and Betty Barnes were baptized. A big picnic dinner fol* lowed the services Visit in Miftn**f>6lfe Mr. and Mfsv fii Tl ntuverpuu took Mr. and Mrs. Turner Halvorson and Marvel back to Minneapolis on-Monday and planned to visit; there for several, days. At A8«es»6f»'. School ' Fred Dutton was ift; Mason City all: last! week attending', an assessors' training school. Wtemers on Trip Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Wiemer and Craig and Dianna and. Mrs, L. W. Wiemer visited'Mrs. Wiemer's parents, Mr, and Mrs. E. E. Williams in Redding on Sunday and Monday. Home From Rochester Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Welfare stopped at the Chris Gelhaus home Wednesday on their way home ,from Rochester; where Mrs. Welfare had been operated on three weeks ago. Attends Graduation Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Burrow and Melva and Ernest and Mrs, Carl Burrow and Mrs. E. S. Anderson went to West Bend, Monday, and visited the Grotto.-/From there Mrs, Anderson took the train for Davenport, where she went to attend "the graduation exercises of her granddaughter Mary Etta Chapman and where she will visit a month-, with her daughter and family. bert Lea Saturday to be for the wedding of-Mrs ' nephew in. the FlfSl; ._.._. church on Sunday. Daniel .,__ ring bearer and Joan wa'sVfl&wfr- girl.. , , Mr. Rognesa' parefitsr MT» Mrs. Rtnlte Rtgji&fe am'hid ter Mildred of* wfeSt'ttftRrff?! ned to reSurh with ttt«firn1f several dayi vls[ti. Mr. and;! Mr! and soff-,Oa;vid!of j Si6tJSKGtt£ afe spending; fid wfefek Wednesday they all dg£ to; sfe6 Mfl brother C. R; MastfnV'oi Calif., Who took ill While here and'is very ill at the theraft hospital; On Wednesday evening the Duan<*with turned the same evening, • on Thtiwday evening t Mrsi AeJUtTfoffsaftd! sdftiy Mf, W Mrs.' Wht< Batn^ * ' 1ly, Mr, and Mrs.'Jfcrry tof Blite. fiarthf- Mr. an*d! Mrs, Cecil 1 Edition* EswJrVllle,, Mrs, 'Glenn 1 Fairotild'of- Bo&fte, Bfder Woodbufy arid corrtpSftion of iWinnebagb were diftnef guests at the .fiMest! Jot geflsoft hdrtf^rjeaf Elmor'e 1 .' ' ' •• , * I ,l,'l-V.-....,,.,..tfc.....'. ...- * ' Visit ai Henricksens Mr. and Mrs. Mike Henricksen and family .of Dodge Center, Minn., were over Sitnday guests at the Christy Henricksen'home. At Elmore Circle A large number 'of "ladies from town attended the -Circle meeting of the Lutheran church of Elmore on Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Chester Johnson., The lesson carried out the Father's Day theme and'roll call was answered by "What I remember best about my father". A delicious lunch'was served by the hostess. Visitors From Chicago Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dolrenry and son Jimmy df Chicago came Monday to visit at die parental Albert Barnes home and at the Wm. Stubbe home. Mrs. Dol- renry is the former Dorothy Stubbe. at the J. A. Zweifel with. . The middle of next' week- Mir and Mrs! George Thbmpson -. will take Duanft and-family horhfe to Sioux City and will Spend; a iffcw days with their three' ; sonsi and families. The Milton Thompsons' three children,. Jeanne, Caiblyft* 5 and Jerry- plan to, return. t6 Uedy'ard with them for a short'visit. On Thursday afternoon: Mrs. Fred and Mrs, Harold Darnell, Mrs.' Alvin' and: Mrs.. Kenneth Busch were hostesses to,,the/ E.& R: Woman's Guild.' .ai 1 the church. ,;',,',; The Methodist W, S, C. S. will meet at the church Thursday afternoon with Mrsi W. >E. Wiemer and Mrs. E, T. Halvorsoft as.ho'St- esses. ;•:.-••• Mrs. Aeilt- Troff accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Jerry -Barnes; to Mankato on Wednesday. Joe Aeilt; and Peter iTroff• attended the-funeral of-their uncle Peter Troff,.last-week; Friday at Big Stone City, S.' D.... Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Barnes and family of Blue Earth, Mr-, and Mrs."- Ernest JorgenSon and; family and Mr. and Mrs. of Elmore and Elder Wpodbury and ctfmpanion of Winriebago, Minn., were Memorial'day? guests at the Aeilt Troff .home. Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Water'- Fits on the inside of lower cabinet door. When door is opened, the lid pops open—closes -automatically when cabinet door Is closed. Waist high. No stooping. Quart capacity, right or left hand. 12 isttmmer: dn Alfiphai With ••'..-. mothJeifj Mjfs?, Flor6n<iiS Vender- Wilt manager of the/Kosstith-ih6s« wltftl: M&r'v is ajitrnqr; __ .., During her vaea-> ;ion sh«« will 'work at^the munici- ial swii^miftg pool, < MrHV (3*fte Whitmoffr of- Chicago was-a Weekend: guest of her brother, Alfred'Sch'enck.aft'd 'other ocal' relatives., She drpye; out Friday, with, the Liee Hatftburgs and" Freda Wasfieriburgfof* Chfca- lb who were fuesti ; atUheL. E. Lcihrian hornei Mrs, Whitmorei the former Lois Schenck, returned to Chicago Monday, but < the others left Sunday; ,» • • • • • • » » • • • •'• «'«• f *.7/ ,' * -Hi,- " > ' t:i i ' » f?JI *>', HELP YOURSILFI . . TKereJf ttlll *;v«fy real for,evtry»ounce:of uied fati w* ctn lalyagf. Tha wcrld->rid(i. ihortig? th»n <Ve»; before.. Pl«a«e ... keep. •avinjand turning in^oUruitd' kitchen-fat»,, P. S. Veil you do get paid for them..,, and you know how. ready: caih counti today* Keep Turning In Used Fat$l liirieHfit Ul«i|i Ciutttii, In , ^ . WH ! -,» -•>„••«•<•• •r •• ! !-i -•• i-^'5 NO HEAT-NO GLARE ? ;' 1 ELECTRONICALLY TAKEN C' . •; 2-MONfHS;Tbr;d Y6ARS/ NO- APPOINTMENT^ |: ;ciiiirJ^^,|^^ NECESSARY : c Ntf'PU^Mf^i^ JUST BRIN6 : ;YOUfc; ..;.: "" 7 ;^''-V;/i'j^ii : P^^ CHILD TO OUR STORE t UH ^ llt fou#*^*toM£ttto :our ex^KlDiblE V ' x 7" VIGNETTE ENLARGEMENT; tolfable for framing. THIS OFFER 111 With Mumps Mrs. Arthur Runksmeier and son Larry are ill with the mumps. Phone 256 Jim Pool Appendicitis Patient Ray Busch, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Busch, wag operated on for appendicitis at the Buffalo Center figspital.-.po /CU^stf^y* sA younger "son Leo was brought home on Monday, following .a similar operation and on- Tuesday Roy was operated on. Pastor on Visit Charles Bashara went to Fort Dodge Wednesday and brought Rev. Zeine home with him for a week's visit. On Thursday Mr. Bashara took Rev. Zeine to New Richland, Minn., to visit with friends. Poppies Brought $46 The Legion Auxiliary met last Wednesday evening at the Town Hall with Mrs. Aubrey Waterhouse and Esther Green as hostesses, plans were completed for the Memorial Day plans. The Auxiliary report $46.43 from the Tully -Automatic Washer wift All you do is put in clothes and soap, set the dial and forget it! That's really care free washing. Other features are: • Fills and empties automatically. • Washes 8 Ibs. of clothes in less than a half- hour— cleaner, whiter. • Gives 2 deep, "Live-Water" rinses* • Spins clothes damp dry, • Self-balancing — needs no bolting down. • Self-cleaning — porcelain Inside and out. • Can be hand-controlled for special jobs. ALSO SEE THE NEW- Frigidoir* fl«ctrlc IRONIR *& ClOTHH PIYII Better, fatter, eoiler Ironing. Quick, oulomollc drying ASK ABOUT OUR EASY TERMS CRILLY APPLIANCES Phpne 399 Harlan and State Willie ildawoll lire), as Illustrated available ol extra coil. R JMEMBEU that rougli patch of road up yonder where the ruts and ridges make a washboard seem smooth? Recall the tiringtensenessbrought on by the drum and hum of road noise and tremor .even pver smooth concrete highways;?^'^ Well, clock away the miles j(*ijh' s stunningly styled Buick —>^onil meet up with the sweetest answer to such matters this side of cloud cruising. 1 ' «( T" , •: It's a rideithjat's soft and sra^pth as velvet," folks tell us; And We tell them it comes from a-host of things. It comes from the ample road- weight of a two-ton car built low and wide — and so beautifully bal-. anced it handles light as a baton. It'comes from the leveling biuoy- ancy of Buick's all-coil springing which' puts a pillow of deeply coiled-steel at each wheel to soak up'the bumps and ! ripples. It comes from the softness oi bigger, lower-pressure tires that, cushion away road tremors and roughness — from the sure-footed, swerve-free steadiness of Buick's extra wide Safety-Ride rims, widest in the industry. /Vnd it comes in special measure , from a brand-new engineering gem we call Vibra-Shieldihg which banishes vibration build-up. Here for the first time, you're freed from the motoring fatigue brought on by tiny tremors piling up into bigger ones. Here your miles are made moss-smooth and quiet —long journeys become mere jaunts. So why delay buoyant answer to {a ever traveled?. G l_^' * '>*.A.' ome visit us now. KhoSv at first hand the distihctive.-styling, the- flashing action, the_jvelvety:ride over highway and byway that are Buick's and Buick's alone. Then;follow you and'get your, We'll take itun proper"s'equerice tptela Iff' rp| THI VIBRA-SHIELDID RIDI . I wf(h «»VriN'f!e f><fleMM«/ 3>fol>jcu«hioni/ of leompbt/llpn iiaaltJht'tnftrji io-a« »o control ', , ,fnj»ip« : vibration il :'• thM« ol>nr port! pi whether or not trade. '. r*tu tlsatio tf&i '*' : -<rtt *-' ;.' ''• .•-;•' • 'occuaanti'agalnst- tiring .pgliaiioni, till, road 'noltt, ' a Car tO :, mq ji^f^j;,y,^ n ia»ien.;-q»in6if.-*Jni|><fl*l>«l^«,qnd-.- ' ' • ""'' > motoring™ ! ' * ' When better automobiles art built BUICK BUICK alono has a// these features RIDS will build them * KQAtMtfTE ' JffWNG/NC TOSQUE-TUBE HtM> AMERICA PRODUCE FOR PEACE-TURN IN YOUR SCRAP (ION AND STEEL , , Tun* In TOP * OWO«ATIC'SMW< AOVAHCf * flfX-fll Oil RINGS *pooy »r fiSHfR wpf^ Mo«dgyi one/ Jones and State Algona/ low/ Your Car to Kirk Auto Co LUBRICATION WASHING MOTOR TUNE-UP ANTI-FREEZE MOTOR OVERHAUL WHEEt BALANCING Complete Line of II S. ROYAL TIRES •" , ii.^v^.* 1 .kF^; Bide the "Air IET US SHOW YOUiWHY U. S. RiOY^S. ARE BET«R «4 % ' •' "if • *&•< H -W,i '• •, ---f-'/S iwiiiiifuiii.iitijiliilily ._..--—, iTF^^fl . ^ i 1 ^ ; JONES & *•- Sf ATI (t .\ . -**••=• IT""* 1 " "^" T 'v^j^iv^'^ t,£ ' '••'*'•'•. • ^ v-'-f<{^^v>; .: " % l!> ** fe'^i"*! ''f !

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