The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 26, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 26, 1940
Page 3
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UO-N'DAY, FKBIUIARV 20, 1010 m.YTITRVr.LLE (ARK.) COURTKR NEWS i>alli From ||, ( , Skio? Rains on ilnspiial -ompany Operating Clipper Planes Does Not Mention Mail WASHINGTON, F?b. 2fi. iW>- :f.iidonm?iu or the liermuda stop I'nii American Airways trans- itliiiitle route removed loday a oiii'oo of j'rittion between ' (lie .lulled Staiej, auu OK.-.U Jiriljin. The conti-uvcrsy uver British -i/.urc of u. S. null reiched u leh point v.-eek w!i?n it was 'OOKHl-but denied at Wnshlii3- 011, Bermuda ami I/jiulo:-. -taut nail had been taken o:l a Clipper t Hennucla by lorce oi arms, l-'ist night Pan Ajtieih-Kii Air- ays annoiniL-ed lhat nnt-r March i It '.vould omii ihe licTirm-Ja I lop in flights fro.,, ti, e united i it:ur>s to fciirci])5. 'the ii.incmnjt- j miide no mention of the du mnil inspection and said limimuitm of liie suip hud be<m Hide possible by tiie decision ol United State.-; 10 nation Iwo vest-?!.? in or weather vepo.'tmu. Stale department officials said liey hud had no previous knowledje 'f ran Aini-riL-an's ileeision, con- ending thai it had been by he company without promoting, ffowever, ofliculs here had known or weeks ttiat the company was .'OnsUlermg eliminating Bermuda. Jn Jan. la—the day following the h'st seizure ol clipper mail-Csec- ctnry ol Slate Cordell Hull told 'is prc-fs conference lhat II tiie Hrlllsh continued to .search clipper Nurse inspects instruments in elimination room oi haspilal in Kovaniomi, Finland after He,, nhnes have- , opped bombs, stiewn the iiitirmury will, wre^, ,- llis 1 , itU ,,. c ^ ' ™" * " "'^ staff Miolosrapha- », 10 is covering the Finnish wm, shows ,he other side cf the conlncl t O f ,he liululiiB lint:;. . jii'-mall, Berim.dii ml-jhi 'o; as a. stop. eiitni- nwnt.'i ago civil aeromuilics I Bi idye CMui> Osccola Sociely — I'crsonal Mrs. Hoy Cox Hostess The ne-.vly-orgn.mzcd MI:l-Wecl: uihorily officials rcveuled tjiat J an American hud filed an application to eliminate cither Bermuda of eight members were Kiie.-.t.s ol Ma;. Roy Cox for their iivst mcetiiisj iu her home on Elizabeth avenue Wednesday aft-.-r- In .-U-ores from their trans- | r.oon. Atlantic route. Neither CAA 1:01-1 Hiah score award went to Mrs lost office department officials I Joe Culloin of Wilson and second' would comment on the company's' award to Mrs. w. F. Wilson of ' ovc - I Wilson. Three guests included Mrs liie fact that the slate depurt- Tim Boies ol Osceoh. i>.n:l Mrs. w L-nt never has protested mail l-\ Wilson and Mrs John Crain ef seizures nl Beimudu, as it has on the high seas. an:l tils depjrtmont's refusal to te Drawn into any kir.d of diplomatic action over die unconfirmed, reports of armed mn- ines removing mail from n clipper n Jan. is, indicmed Hint oifijials were iiu-are of tae :>ciidir.i> deci.sion. ninines im- Some su.piise was evident, however, ilinl the company announced ts revised siheduli so soon alter the controversy. The company;;' annoimcc-meiit lhat limited ocean weiUher re- Wilson. Members of the i-ew club arc Mrs. Allen Sejiaves. Mrs. John Bin- fcrcl White, Mrs. Joe Cullam Jr.. ol \Vilson. Mrs. Roy Cox, Mrs. G. L. Waddell Jr., Mrs! Raymond Collier. Clr-mi'iitim* Enwen and Martha Jane Canwrrjht. ?\Jiss Iluvv.-n will e.:ieit::i;i the ',;ruu : > nest W:d- -lestlay. !'. H. 0. M.-els Mrs. Her.:c.-.t .Ship;ien wns hostess to mi-mbers of the P. E. O. chapter in her home Wednc3d..y afteniocn 01 ting due to curtailed American when Miss Catherine liurwell wa^ lag snipping, had made it ncccs- reader of the meeting. ary in ibi> intere.sts o;' safety tj M: 1 ^. R. Fred Taylor Jr.. pres. 1 include an intermediate Bermuda in eastbound nights. 'liere was no Bermuda slo;i w'lien Ihe clipper i::aiiguraiocl trails- service lust Miy. Jt was tided in the fall because of bad weather conditions and slim-ply in- creafCil pay loads, and snetciiy veather reporting uy .ships at sea ecause of ih L - war. Tne stop at icrnuida cut several lumdrc-d miles rom tne noii-sioj) tiisiatu'C lo Eu- o,':e from New YorK. thus nuiking ossible n lighter load ol g,-\5o!i::e. "With the improved weather scr- ice, the iiiltrmediale .stop nl Bcr- uuda. which has b.'en scheduled ince last a.-lobfr, will no' longer )C- reijuiied." the cumvj.u.y : ,n- icimccmeni said. -After Much 15. he trans-Atlantic clippers will cave in mid-afteiy.oon instead of iirly morniii". The five-hour sav- ng in transit time will stul per- lil arrival in Europe the next af- ernoon nt. the same hour.." Three weeks ago tiie Unitc.-l -tales crdeicd two cpjst guard liners, Uie Bibi nn:l Uuane. to tatior.s betv.-cen Bermuda and ihe A/ores lo supply weather in forma- ion. The ciiltcre, equipped bv the veather bureau with the 'latest eather leportin,; equipment, left Jorfolk. Va., Feb. C. There was every indication lhat lie state department would con- idcr the airlii-.fs' move as a satis- actm-y solution of a difficult sit- ation. ft never has denied Brit- In's right under International law o search mails aboard the clippers •hen they put into Bermuda vol- niarily. However, Hull was relia- ly reported to have tolri the larquess of Lothian, the Brilish mbassador here, that the action as "stupid" because of its effect pon American public opinion. Hull's protests with respect to tail have been centered on Bill- ill's seizure ol mall on the high ens. That, he contends, especially 1C seizure and censoring of mail cstincd for neutral countries. Is a iclntion ot international law. dent, announced thai regular elp-.- lio'.-. of officers wou'.d be heU 01: March G. . ifrs. G. Hailsii! B-.UI.'LS was a s -iiesl n.'icl rcvieived tiie novsl • M.i- CUirc" written by £;nan Ert/, a cliartictorizKliun of an Ku«- lish's life follmvi:'" the World V/.ir. Mrs. E. A. Ti-afunl Ealerlimn Dickinson Won'l Oust • - - . . tlr Governor Dickinson of Michifajj. left, refused to remove Wnyiic coitiuy t() |' (j prosecutor Uuiiean C. McCrea. indicted with Delroit police for an alleged baseball pod conspiracy. The governor, sbo'.vu In cnnlereiic? wiih Judge Homer Ferguson, the "one-man grand jury" who retnrncts Hoops, My Deer- Girl Wears Barrel Survives Kfforl To ipe Him Oul" As h-'.e :. arm! Irom bullet wounds.) "•I" <:<".- ii,e , vvu m ,,,i ,„. ,„„.,'! MM linn i,| l( | |,.f t . |,| m , OI . d( ,, u( T!l<- !,li,>i,t||,j,. the iS i ;ll( . i-tui^,../ was t.j iiu'vem Uie nemo from les- (llyin;.' lor the Mate in u laUiir w ir bOmbih;; tl.-c. '''hi- ii'-iiro. Ixnii, i. ( .,. || ; ,k,.i, was the Mute's i-nu-i wiiiu^s iitiiln.,i l.siK.oti' l.oinle. former Michigan convh-i ,11,,1 onetime "torpedo" for ihe ow cu ( .i.. w , ,,„„(, of i!t 1,-jui.s. who wns chnri^d HID, |):i m ij!:is; n Mt'r iit:-ntlfy|ii,. l/inde us Ihe he M,iy pi,,,,. (I,,. >.,„„>., ((| ,| ]( , dociwiiy „] (I,,, si,,,,, 1!uk ,.,. wu ,. '.liken in u [ llnn , U>JU . .sik^.;(,),,, MO , (or sniek.-eiiiii" by | m |i L . ( . while circuit unirl. Under Missouri slnl death sviilenr,. since.. |( wn ' s !l»il 1 1 ic liie of one or more per- .ions w.i.s ciulniiccrrtl in the blast. Taken liv Kiisi- For nvo nunuiis naker stayed on the plantailcn. woikiiin us u •'liuiul." and snp|)os«lly ante Ijec-utisc only :i few top tiinkiiiii pollm officials knew ol Ills whcreaboms. On Hit eve of Hi.; trial Nov. Ill, itm. how- evri-, iivo men came (o the riiini ami Uild linker Ui.'y vveie delivllves who hull come to reiiirn him hi .St. Louis us 'the lieuleniint wanted to .we him." The men referred (o Detce.llve Llcul. Tluiiiiiis lllrriuie. head of Hie bombii:n scmiid. When linker asked " thi- PAGE THREE reiilled, -Hi! dldn'l come but , chief si-nt us." Bnker. ihliikliiu Ihe men were iiiitlioilwd lo tnk>' lilm buelf u, at. Louis lor further rniastlonliij( In i:iejiiiriilJiMi (or l!ie nii^runcliliig lilal ol I.nmk-. ftceompnnied them. He said liner, however, ihnl bulf way to SI. Louis be became siis- or the two a nil bvjnn |ilin- . Near Creve Cncur. Mo., only u few miles from St. Louis, Mndolling shoes mid linls Is 11 barrel ol fun (or Ihls SI. Louis miss, who wears ineonspicnons eoslnmo of silken hoojis til American rclailers slyle show. Idea is ihnl spectators will nvor- l.uile drub iiarrel and coiieenlralo nlleiillon on foouvenr mid lu.'iid- ijoar. him In Ni'w.Eiiiilnml, In California nnd burled In concrete in the Mississippi river. Alltir n yeur hud linker Idenlllled a iiholosni]ih ol IVlfred belvnsjal, mi vx r convict, „„ ^\ H , "tittle man." Helvaeni surrendered to HI. l.oul.s iiollcu with 1111 uiiiji i )u t linker, looking nl Selviisul in the police show-ui). Identified him, 'I'll" Leads to Arresl The .search for nowllnij received new vl-ior. iHeanwIille. on Hie night of Jun. M mi I'lay Al TJT/lcs Steady Hul Bijr Plungers Arc HAVANA. |.\b, :>4. ail>|...ll:ivuiM l«:il: claimant ol (ii<. (itu> of Mnnle CivJo tit the ui'ileru world, appim;; to be i-nj.jyinx Ihe ureri!- c.'l ijimiblin,. ;;i-.|. lim slu.v tiie' lush lf>M>. Tin- l.-ii .-CM tlno.-ij;'; since (lie faliuloiis "ilium, o] I),,. ,,,|]llo)n'- veins • vvliui iu:jai- wa-i hi'<h more than a iietiulr m;r, ) mv: > |,. :M .n (MKTliii; nightly Hu-nna'-i lavish Clnni CuMuo Niiflunnl. The iiirol- Ulna D| tourist travel to Iviiroj)" and the eiuiail.' iijjalii',1 uaiU'jiln'i In Alluiul ,u-e believe:! ehlefly re', snoiislble. Tile day nl 111.- real.y blx plllil- lii'i cmm tu be past T.ovcriiiiiciil luxe.'. In the llnlti-;! .st.Uf.s u;,c| ,ow priced siijjur liuve seen In (hut-but mil for years has there been so heavy u play nl ihe roulelle wlii'i-1, di-'rr and ehemln de fer tables of (he liovenmient sub.'.ldh'.ed miljlinx monopoly. N'Wil ni 1)125 Hcenllcil Atiaches ol Ihe casino Slid they never hoped to .sec mjnlu such n hluhl as in 1(135 w'hen l!ie Casino was behind $115,000 at •! a.m. and closed a| u n m $i:>,<;.(iao (o the Rood, but they snld ilje pluy, ,„. though smaller, was conslntjiH. And (he players come from uianv «>imtrk-.i In.sleiid of u vast imijiir'- ll.v of Cuban landowner.'! and Aiueilcan spoilsmen us in Lie One of the curious features of the current season, tjicy s.ud, w,i s Ihe number ol Kuro|)e,iu refugees who have appeiued nl the ginning li»btc:i. ncs])ile slorle.s of Ihe dllll- rcxotirces out ot countries, many of Uie refugws seem lo be well sup. piled with fiimls, ihey |i vc at Uie food hotels, nlloiid ihe raolna nl Oriental Park and freo.iK.-nt Ihe cnsiJio while ir.vailln; iidmlaio-i lo eiti/onshlj). AiiiriU'iin TuKlos Used Cubans ^Ive credit lor ihe mr.a- scencc of ihe ciwino. ionr.Hiisitd D/le of l,V; ;rioit Imuitlful In the world, (o mi American ,,i:;hl dob owner who was itskisd to brlii^ Noi'lh .shov,-inanship to tile casino, the nice Iratk ur.d olliei enlt.',[)ji;.e'.\ Ills llrst jc.'ilure «-.->•; tvpieally American. Ailito:iulU- Cubans liadltionully siilmte on T:iur.-.days" initl .Viuurdi.ys and arc not, joen jmieh In pnMly jilace-; on oilier nlKlHs. Kul Hi-. SIIHIC, t used li the slalev-blniio now brlnz'i ihem out on Sundays. With the myrows! of the gnv- eininenl. which drnw.s n rich rov- eime irom Uiete entcrjirlses, lin- viina ln« made eamblliiB one of liie easiest (liliiys ( 0 do. Tile layout. IIL Ihe ensino pi-oj.-f,' is inojt UCI.M-.- slblc, and at. (he ruse inu-k Ihcro are three sc|»rnle Kiunlilln^ rooms. BABY'S COLD USED BV 3 OUT OF t MOTHERS Easy lo relieve misery tlilcal— without "dosing". Rub Ibronl, chest, ami back '.s'ltli .. , Wcrt Optometrist "HK MAKES 'EM SEE Over Jrjc Isaacs' Store 1'honc r>=in j riiKiK resources out ot A~~ What Diseases 58 S S "" '•••" — ".... i... mm. i-i mi anonymous i.hoiif- slopped at Ihe abandoned club- c.Ul to Chief oi Delcclivcs loluYT ami IMkor was laid tj ,>i, Ciirroll Informed him that DuwlliiK '"'' " ' ' ' uottlisld. Inside, lie followed the "bly imin" , Into the boiLse and when he slurlecl to no out nyiiln the "111110 iniii shol liitti in Ihe head. AiliiUu-r Hbul Fln.,1 : ',1'fcll (o Uie Iloor," Baker latc sUoi| Indictments, said he will not act until nfler the Irinl on We:in:sday night'. The baby. _ i.'.v eight ami one hall pounds has tcan named Mink Wilkins Cliitwccd for his f.ither. Mrs. Chitwood is the former Uarolhy Cukl- W. W. Watson and Mrs. Frank O. Ciwyn. Mrs. Ward died about Iwo weeks ago. Missimiaiy Union Church weie ol . Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Hickman of Mltle Rock speiil Tlntrsclae in Oswe. ceola ns• quests • of AI--« u"i-'r—..- s l.c-enfers Hosi.H:,! Trainiu- brother, C. A. Davis and family Elta Mildred LDWC. -.\nn-f\\- Miss Rulh Mnssey. Miss C.craldlne . E. A. Tcaford for an ,,ll-i,,y mis- st.dy claw and hm^'oa in ™ of Mr. and Mrs. C. o! i ;vccl;s iei| . 1Htl .., th! ,, n . 0[11 com,,)';' .sbtiot I-otve. i Uston nnd Miss Jennie Ralph were Is vhitors Tfttirstlny, her hum--- on Wednesday. recent A. W esumcd of "Give v:ritlt-n bv Wort Ye Tnem to Ivil" and Idlin; oi Ihe Southern Iijp'.ist Home Mission work nnioiij the 20fl.Oti3'riu1iiU!:;. Il.030.n00 negroes. 703.0JO I'"re;!ch-ipe.iki;ig resuilini; from flu and sinus (rouble, will go to Memphis next week lo lesume her training ;it St. Joseph's Hospital. Miss Lowe is a senior ami will linish this year. COURTS Only five public drunkenness eases were docketed over the weekly Inose who havo been con- | cl]ci lo bc Mt ,| 0(1 j,, Munic j p , ,. . - . ~ «-"u ^u uu si; 11 K'tl JU iVIUUIClUiU 1 . fined to tht'ir homes wllh ,,tta:k 5 Court today which had n lighti', 1 Ot flu the lias werk nrc Mrs T li- ,,... <"' "' my back. Hit- liij mmi »».- IIIH) said, 'u-e'(l IK. n!;nin.' Ho he put his (fun up lo face and pulle;! Ihe trl'jgcr. "Then he said, 'Thai's B ol him. Let's go. 1 " '1'hc firsl bullel passed through Baker's head and came out Ills light eye. The second bullel entered the. negro's forehead and came out of his neck. After the Iwo men left. Baker recovered consciousness and felt his way out ol the building, linally reachliia a ftiiec. While lying near the fence he saw his assflllnnls rfliiriilng in Hie automobile lo Ihe building. j linker told police that when Ihc two men ic-enterecl (he madhouse I and s«w lhat be was not dead but hail escaped they ran to their niilo and drove away at hish speed, linker (hen made his way lo tne inftin highway where hu w'us foil!.* and taken lo a water (cmiplng tallon to await an aiubulun:e. He 1IOSTON IUP»—one of lour n,L .. Chief Carroll and Iwo aids were l the sicenc when Unwllr.u \valked "lit ,qf a shop where he had jjoiie lu biiy cigaielie.s, lie surrendered without resistance, endiiuj u hunt. , of 1-1 inonlhs. lie wns viewed by Do Piles Cause? Thousands of .sulicrers from such common complaints as lleadnchrs. Nervousness, ConslliniUon, Slomach mid Uver Disorders. Bladder IDIs- Ini'lJiiiifi'S, llciirt Troubles, Ucspond- fncy, nnd uciicm] -rircd Out" feel- Inii, Imvn found Ilielr eoiidltlon elcsely ciimiecled with 1'lk's orsmue other Rcctnl IrnuUli!, In nildlltoii, there Is mi'dlrnl millmrity to the cllecl Ihnl rectal disorders do not ordlnnilly correct themselves and Hint dclnj's In securing proper Ircntmcnl may rpsiill .in jlertou.s compllcul ions. . Hiker In lite police showup nnd "positively" Identified. "He's Ihe man nil rljjhl," Dalier lold Chlcl Carroll. "i|e'« Ihe one lluit fired Hint .second shot afler I was down. I'd know him anytime. liven if | was nbmit "to lie hiinged, I'll say he's the man." bowling was turned over to St. Louis county police at Cliiylon iniii was ])!ac«l In Jail In lieu ol $tiO,03l) ball. Both ]»: i, m | Sclvngyl luce n possible life sentence II convltleil. Unker, for his testimony aijalniil Loiick', wns ijlvcn Ihe 1111111111! 31. l-onls Award .-Did Jl.ftDo (.„,), [„ I'J'JD. in addition, he was flven a sinecure at Uie Homel a. Phillips hospital by the city nnd si news- pnjjer conducted a fund raisin;; campalsn which netted him s.-i' thousand rtollnra. trlfcuted lor S12.7S to answer charges of lax evasion but the cases have not! yet been tried. Jones will award seals and misiion I Okln " whicl ' ui)l I:L ' solcmnm:d nl yet been tried. ' study certificates u those taki:-,g "' e Ilo "' e °' thc fc "<le's parents, j j c hn Oiler was lln«d S100 on : cxim.inatlon. ™'- ""« M"-. C. R. RJioJe.i o: > charge of drivin-j while under UK »olOBi'a|>li ot Klmer Dawlinn, call- Sy;n the New Register at the Ritz LAST TIMES TODAY "RAFFLES" wllh Daviil Nlveri ,f()llvlii [)c llnvlland, I'iUiniuilinl News & Comedy TUESDAY —PAL 2 ii'lmitlr.l fnr prlrc of I "PAROLE FIXER" wllh tVilllidit Ifenry * Virgliiin Dale, llai-'cil in. J. liHGjJl! HOOVKH'S "I'crsuns In iriilinjr" Al.sii Amly Clyde Cnmcily & N'l.velty Short Cnmini,' Tin-sdny, March 26lh l''«r a Week's Rim ' s'K WI'I'II TIIK WIND" XY LAST TIMES TONIGHT "MONEY TO BURN" ill. JUMPS * l.iielllc Vlnson Nc»'« .y (.'n.iiiMly TUE.-WED.-THUR. PAL NIGHTS Z iidinltlnl for llns price nf 1 l-'ayctteville, tliU afternoon. Miss Rhodes, who was born ami reared fit (he Golden Like pl,Mitr>.- iicn near Wilso.i. is a niece of Miss ! Neil tihodcs ami Mrs. c. M. Mrs. R. L. Maxwell accompanied ! T"', F '°'' "^ !> asl . scvcr "> V^'s i eroim ol C.sceola chilri,-,, , n ^"ce her B rad-.,aiion Irom the Uni- Mrs. M. L. Sumrcr ol Strong. Ark., and Mrs. K. -S. Shippc-n of Osccola were guests. ['ci forms nn K.-uli;) lYogram influence of Jirjuo)'. He .was ed 311 appeal with bond scl $250. Cane Marks Convict a group of Csccola ciiildresi lo Blytlievillc this morning where tliev will sing, play an:! give roitii :gs on the KLCiV Juveniie Hour program sponsored by Mrs. Cecil Lowe and Miss Clci. Garner. A. P. Barham Jr. won tli-? award last week, liaviuj received tiie most voles for his re.itling. Included in the group today are Martha Aiv.r Moore, Ror>eniiirv Keily, A. P. Barium Jr.. National Guard Appeals For Old Military Music ' " !ilia!ci1 DETROtT (UP) — The Michigan >Ialto:!al Otmrtl has made .nn ap , . and Clara UMgla.s. and Glefuia Maxwell, ^vho acromi)[in:cs for Hie entire program. * •>, « iilo Sorority have beoi received this week that Miss PKule ' . eal lo Detroit residents for a Irange type of tvaininj instru- icnl—phonojrjph records. Capt. M. s. Ktmaga. chnplaiu of . dauglitcr of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Cnrlwi-l»hl, and freslunan siudcr.t at the Uiilversily of Indiana at Blooinington, will be inillatcd into Ihc Phi Bcla Phi sorority today. Prior to her gradmtlon last • , . *.,, °" ^""i">"- «- ...wi uj nti Biaumuon Inst 1C IMnr) Field Artillery regiment, j stirltlg, Miss Cartwrlght wis 'n as asked that people, rummage in t popular member of the Osceoh their attic tor old marches and hljh school, member ol the Bon-t ether types of military music. Ex-' cr Club and Dramatic club <-h\. |.-lair:lng that Ihe change from a Is majoring In Education wiih t c four man to a three man column vlmv of leaching. In army drill has Increased tiie • Amount of practice required of the Have Baby Son 7'atlonal Guard and other units, Mr. and" Mrs. Marie uiltwood Capt. Kanjgn s.iid that the reclrds the parents of a baby son born would bc used In drilling small the home of Mrs. ChltwoocTs mr """"" ' Mils, Mr, and Mrs. Clint Cnldwell", are vcrsity of Artmisas, she has bc-en ! employed with the -Conoco Oil Company in I'ouca City. Mr. M:- Kcllar is n chemical cngir.ccr wllh Ihe company. Tiiey Ponca cit.v. John K. Miller v;as called to East Bernnul. Tex.. Tuesday O n account of the serious Illness of his father. T. J. Miller. He was accompanied by Clint Caldwell Jr.. .in ( | expects to return in about fifteen days. " E. T. Hcdjcs and son. E T Hodges Jr.. of Sweet Springs, Me... are e«"* 1 -'' °' his brother, s. M Hodges ami family Ihis week Mrs. George Doyle. Marjoric Doyle and Miss Catherine Harwell were visitors in Memphis Thursday Mr. and Mr.s. O. B. .Segravcs spent three days in Pine Bluff trij s \yf S ^ rcturnl:i? by way of Little Ro = k for a few hours with their son Geon-e Us.'ll Segravcs jr.. nnd family. \V. J. Ward of Keiuiett. Mo., Is the guest or his daughters, Mrs. athlete's Foot Sufferers Now get prompt, effective relief from the itching, burning discomforts of athletes foot with famous Black and W'hito Ointment, the cooling, soothing pnrnsltleldal dressing that is antiseptic and kills those fungi wnlcri It contncls Use with Ulack and White Skin Soap. Chase. 2<-je hunt for Do.vling was Instttuu-d by St. 'Louis, stale an:] county pu- .,!, lice. Ills anto was found abandoned ; l» a St. Louis garage and utter a (.'boil time the federal Bureau ol j investigation entered the search lirar;: Jon a warrant charging illegal Hijhl Cripple As Arsonist; ac ;Ziov Lc , IT' ""iocs trial was posl|X)necl lor two inoiillB to allow Baker to ic- Bnt he says, '"I'here's nothiiijr I like so much at breakfast us my tea. I drink II aguhi at luncheriii ;>ud when I net home for dinner »! dlghl.' C.riswold compares .samples fiom uicomlnu tea ships with a standard chosen by Hie U. S. Tea So. If you sillier from any of (lie disorders shown on nbove churl, write loday lor a copy of Inrtic, Illustrated Mee book which will en- llRhlen you on (he serious nature of I'Hes nnd other IJeclal ills. Send your lo Thornton ,v Minor Clinic. Suite (il!), DM McCiei: St.. Kansas Clty.iMo—oiieofllie world's lttrt' and oldest rectal ollmts, where over 50.000 men nnd woimn Ihnvc been treated In the pasl S2 years without general nnesthetlr.s, radical surgery or the usual hospital experience., your copy of l-Ye.:? (Book will be mailed you in plain j wrapper and wllhonl A COLUMBIA PICIU8I wiih Warren William & .loan I'crry LISTEN TO KI.CN 11:00 a.m. —12:45 p.m. —4:30 p.m. Phone Illlz 2'M Phone Rosy 333 „ nr , n _ ; '»« IHUIJKIS 10 allow Bafccr to re- l I-RED.-,RICTON N. 13. CJP. -; cover sufficiently lo testily He was Became Ins case left marks on n kepi ,, IKtcr comlanl licavv ?r;U - f*l /firntw l-na^l r-Ti^f,^,. _. -I^IILIV JlL.IV> ,. . , , . ! ils WCI:; other witnesses in the cnso. '';?'! ^!''?:."-| WI '?" V«* went »" Irfat. Baker, •• - • w '•• trutn uuiiuc v.'enc oti Lrial Il-iVrr sun a :,x months' lerm in jail. j scathed in b.indaers rovided <' Chafe was convicted of setting .sensation when he oolmed out fire to u b ? .rn early In the morn- Untie as c bomber T e B1 »l ! ing o. MOV 1 when several persons; tlcr oftocd no Suse was" oT- wcre m the structure. TcsUmotiy ; vlctcrl ami wntciiccd (o 2'i VT irsl > at the trial indicated he fired the 'prison scmclltccl lo ^5 > f ''" "'• bain in a fit of jealousy, because! Meanwhile Ihc hunl for Dmvliii't Ciown witnesses testified they saw Chase walking away from the scene ol the blszc. They said Ihey followed the marks of his cane right to the flaming barn. Although men, many thousands of years ago. hammered meteoric iron into tools and \vcapon.s, it was only a little more than 100 years ago tlisl scientists admitted there was such a thing ns a meteorite. SPECIAL! 1/3 More for the. same money Johnson's Wax and Glo-Coat SHOUSE-HBNRY HARDWARE CO. I'lionc 35 EXPERT BEAUTY \VOKK LALL 106 Appoinlmcnt Margaret's _BEAUTY SHOP RKI3UCE SRNSIBI.Y Sredlsh ntassage, Vap. Ballis Mrs. Ruth I^an-hon An Mccllcnt laxaiivc m cotds, re- lievos biliousness, sour storrudi, bilious iniligcslion, flatulence and headache, due 10 constipation. lOcand 25c at dealers NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Lntinrlry and Cleaning Service Large or Small At Low Interest Rates We are equipped 1o handle liirgre or small loans on any sized trad of farm land, al tow cost, and al n low interest rate. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 213 Walnut St. Blylhevtlle, Ark,

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