The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 8, 1948 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 8, 1948
Page 12
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De* Tuesday, June 8, T948 by CHHT3 REESE A LHlla of This, a 11111* of Thai; Nol Much of Anything. After having a haircut Saturday Hank Furst remarked a,bout what human-looking ears I had Fineo the locks were cut away from 'em and then he told mo "ow I'd have to wash my ears and neck evc-ry day until locks ngain covered 'em. and then he made a suMi-stion that I get a nice friendlv dor; ;md teach and train htm to lick my ears and neck and that way I wouldn't have to fool with soap and water every day, and he's got something there. Hank said if I'd get the dog hf-'d be glad to train the pup so after every meal T rnuld lay down on the sofa and take a nap and the pup would show his high regard for me by friendly licks on my oars and neck. I met Roy Brown, county agent, on the street the other day and ho told me how embarrassed he got at a meeting in the country the other night because on account of when he entered the room a youngster spoke up loud enough so everybody could hear., him with "Oh. look Daddy, there's that man who plays the fiddle while he's ready to fall off a chair''. And. of course, everybody looked and then everybody laughed and Roy said he felt like he'd liked to have hidden behind the door or soinewher because en account of ho doesn't play the fiddle and it was embarrassing to have folks think lie was Chris Reese. And he's right about that, and so f suggested that from now on when I do my fiddling I wear a mustache so people won't confuse me \vith Roy. But he has a right to feel embarrassed because on account of he sure is good looking compared to me and my b.ild pate and my long ;:nout and my muggy mug, and then, too, he doesn't scrape a fid- •dle to begin with. While wailing for a cup of coffee in a Mason City hotel last Sunday I picked up the telephone book and I found out what makes Mason City a pretty good city rind also what could make it a lot better, so to speak. For instance there are a lot of Scandihoovians over there and that is surrly the foundation of any good town. There are listed in the book 43 Andersons, -14 Christensens. !i Ericksons, 33 Hansons, 12, Jensens, .64 John-; sons, 72 Larsons, 8'3 Nelsons, 78 Olsons, ,(57 .Petersons, 39 Swansons. Apd .those are the .folks who make a. town a peach, so to speak. Then, too, there are a Shortage of many other names which make a good .town. F,pr instance no Chrischilles, no Kresensky, no Waldera, no Gfiossi, no Hutchisons, no Dau, no Falk- enhainer, no Erlander, no Oewel, no Waller, no Hood, no Cretzmeyer, and only one Burgess, only one. tte'rbst, only one Frank!, only one Laing, only one Misbach, only one Pool, only one Spilles, and you can easily see how come,Masqn City lacks regular guys to make it a better town. Don't misunderstand me, Mason City is a cracker-jack of a town, one of Iowa's best, but look how much better it could be, if it had more names like above, It was at> the dinner session of the Lions, the Kiwanis and the Rotarians Thursday noon that I gulped a cup of coffee while Governor Blue just across the table gulped a glass of ice tea. But the governor gulped the tea and apologized for not gulping coffee and stated that he was a confirmed gulper and proud to sit down with guipers in the home town of the Amalgamated Association of Coffee Guipers. And he said to me, "But Mr. President, you'll notice that I gulped the ice tea. and next time you are in Des Moines get in touch with me and I'll buy the Java and show you that I am a gulper member 100 per cent". Wm. Larsen, of Tilonka, was a visitor in the Newspapers shop the other day and he's another Dane and is now signed up in the Guipers. Mr. Miller tr.ld me that there were quite a number of Danes in the Titonka neighborhood who should be signed up and he also agreed that "For- gangen Nat Vor Sultne Kat" was a tremendously appropriate Danish theme song but when I suggested that he and Tony pid- riksen and me sing a verse right now he said he'd like to have a bit of rehearsal first because on account of he hadn't warbled any Dane for several years. But he admitted he didn't need any practice at gulping because on account of he had probably gulped several million cups throughout his eighty years. But he's a nice Dane at that. • - • r Sweti City Group To Centennial At Rock Island, III By Mrs. Walter Smith •Swea City —The Rev. /A. M. Youngqitist, P. A. Holcorrib, and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bexell and Mrs. J. J. Anderson will attend the Centennial celebration of the Lutheran Augustana Synod at Rock Island, 111., Juno 7,13, as delegates of Immanuel Lutheran church, Swea City. More than 2000 delegates and visitors are expected to 1 attend this centennial. The celebration, held in connection with the 09th annual convention of the Lulljer- an Augustana Synod, will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Synod at New Sweden, Iowa. Baptist Ladies Circle groups from the Baptist Ladies' Guild held organization meetings last week. Group one me at the Floyd Treat home and elected Mrs. Frank Loott as leader. For group two, at the George E. Butterfield home, Mrs. Lowell Larson was elected leader, and Mrs. Mervin Kelly was named head of group three which met at the Irvin Links. The object of "the division is primarily social, but some form of Bible Study will be conducted. About 20 are enrolled in each group, which will meet once a month. The members of ihe city council are scheduled for another term in office because On account of they had a nice job of repair done on the paving on north Moore and then, too, they've arranged to put traffic lights on the^main drag-and I'm going to see to it that .the city dads all are electe.d another two years. v 'V WHAT WILL YOU DO WHEN YOU CROW UP LIKE ME. INCREASE VOUR SATISFACTION BY DEPENDING ON RUM & KY'* CHAMPLIN SERVICE AND THEIR HI6H STANPABPS OF RELIABILITY. JCHAMPLIN SERVICE h 1 ,. "<S&ttHc& unitft, A £>Mu£e, 2^. PHONE 1086 • 302 ESTATE • VACATION Colorado—Yellowsttne Zon-Bryce-Grand Canyon Nationil Park* California—Pacific Northwetl Canadian Rockies- Banff—Lake LouiM Black Hills of South Dakota North Woods of Wisconsin, Minntsola awl Upper Michigan Chicago, Washington, New Yow, Boston Atlantic City and the Eastern Seatward Just picture yourself on a vacation trip to any of the regions listed above. The scenic treasures they provide, the ever fascinating mountains and seashore, the big woods with their lakes and streams —what opportunities they spell for fun and relaxation! Go this summer. And to make your vacation 9 masterpiece —ride in comfort on a cool, clean North Western train to the region of your choice. Your trip is nil pleasure the North Western way! See your local C, & N. W. ticket agent or write for complete information. CHICAGO and NORTH WESTERN SYST BtllnMtf <K Clilcnn mid (lit WMC —<inr< 1848 I I I I I I I COUPON TODAY*! mmmmmmmmm l VP. F. Winkraau, Division Freight * Pisicnf« Afcot Chicago »nd North Western System 326 First Avenue. N.E., Ced»r Kfpids, low* J »m interested in » v»c»tion Please send me complete intoraj§tiQ41. Address City '•'- &*/«.., \mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm\ Go to Summer Camp , Pnstor and Mrs. Peter Peters, LeeOra Peters. Phyllis and Barbara Kluger left Sriday. Juno 4, for summer camp at Sc'nmtoh, where the Doctor and Mrs. Pet t-rs are instructors. Bible School at Grant Monday morning Summer Bible school opened at the Grant church under direction of the Rev. S. H. Hdmmer. Other teachers include Miss Melba Kittelson, Miss Violet Mino and Mrs. Win. Gies. Guests Monday,, May 31 at the lome of pastor and Mrs. Yinmt;- tquist, were her bf6tri» aM" ... iiy, the Rev. Mr, arm Mrf, 1 'CMM-, son and three chjlWferf Iforft Harbors, -Minn. '" •"-•'. Pastor VotingQuiSt' .... will have an assistant.,, over the work a't the L_ Lutheran church durlptf summer. The .young rnarrlS Jonn Johnson. '•'•,/- ''.'.' ' Betty Ann, daughter, of Revv and Mrs. S. H. |Hafpffier, »wl\. leave.Monday, Jurie 7 V ta ewef a' summer course .at HamiJtoft ,c.6l- lege, Mason City. 'JSfi^ W111\B at the hotne of Mr., and Mrl. I. Weiseth. s . Class instruction, exercise u v... be conducted at ihe Methodist church on Sunday,, Jutte^ 6. Those completing the. i course ore Dennis Looft, Robert Andei 1 son, Kathryn Angle, Patty Pht- tcrson and Ronald Hohimer. Mr. and Mrs.' Sam Rystad spent Memorial Day with her father and other relatives ;at Rembrandt. Buried in the cemetery there are the small daughter of"the Rystads, Mrs. Rystad's mother, and Mr. Rystad's p6r-' cnts. On Monday the Rystads went to Orange City to visit tier brother and family, the A. -R. Heslas. Mr. and Mrs. Gail Johnson and daughters Gail-Ann and Nancy, left Saturday, May 29, to visit relatives in California. They expect to be gone until the latter part of June. * •• Arlene Peterson of the Vogue school in Chicago, came to spend Memorial day holiday 'with her mother, Mrs. Fern Peterson, and sister and family the Richard O'- Greens. Guests at the Peter Peters home over the week-end were her sister, Miss Mary Kruger, and a small niece, Sharon Kru- KCI:, St. Paul. . •••••• The Senior Luther League will meet Friday evening at Luther hall. Entertaining^ are-Mr. and Mrs. John Schueler Jr.,-rMr. and Mrs. Otto Karels and the Rev. and Mrs. Youngquist . The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. young- ciuist and family attended commencement exercise at GustaVus Adolphus college at St. Peter, Minn., last week. •Mrs. Eclla Ovens, who has been quite seriously ill at her home, is recovering satisfactorily. Mr*< Joe QUfHleri «f eetiat Sapids,, jfidwaM Mxdfirfy btv dar tf&lls,'. Mrv anfl^MfSi."" Wxdoff ttfld -fatftilyV'-Mfs, , Snyder, W.,and,Mts...>Raymbftd> Snyder and daughter of Water'-. ;oo were Memorial fday iguestS of( yir. and ,Mrs. j3eo.,>.w. ..Gutid^f,] a "jo«c'6 MaVdSrf H. '».» at irijjj Kossuth KbspTtal afecompariied a- younger sister to WaVerty the nr.stj of the we'ek to help her enroll .for summer school. Miss. H^deh's parental home is at Ruthveh. ' Mrs, Holene Traugftr returned home Satqrday from Wisconsin; where she spent two,, months' with relatives. During herVati-i sence she rented her.horfte'to Mr.' 1 and Mrs. Andy'Anderson. The Andersons moved the first of the week to the Marian Fran'kl house- on E. Elm, which they bought. Mr. and Mrs. B. O< Holcomb have had as guests recently,for ten days Mr. and'Mt-Si J* A. Griffith, Ronald, . Richard, Kenneth and Virginia, of Cheyenne, Wyo. Mr. Griffith'is a brother of Mrs. Holcomb. Mrs. Eva Griffith, mother - of. Mils. • Holcomb,-/who makes her home here, \yith the Holcqmbs, .left Wednesday ior a visit of a month with relatives at Indianapolis, Ind., and other nearby points.. ' , FUNERAL HOME "WITERF, REVERENCE AND DTGN.IT? ENSftRlNE A SACRED MEMORY" Ambulance Service Day orNight Phone 11 Algona, Iowa HOME WAV QUALITY HOUSING Own Your Own Home New Low Cost... High Value Yet—''f»-good-looking, quality constructed— "• but it's' ia a'surpris- ingly low price ranee. Provides's •pacious. comfortable .house you'll be proud to own, ; Low price made possible by mass production and standard design. Fully insulated, warm in winter, cool in summer. Easily and quickly erected of precision-built sections. Quality materials—strong, long-lasting and neat-appearing. Available now. 20 x 32 or 20 x 40 feet sizes; plans to meet your needs; 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms; wirti or without basement. Come in—gilt details.' Mr. John Van -Gejrpe'n BELMOND HATCHERY- Belmond, la. when real value means' most to»every American family, Chevrolet continues to offer the lowest'priced line of passenger ears in its field as well as the only line of cars giving BJG-CAft QUALITY AT LOWEST COST! Yes, Chevrolet gives more Vd/ue, any way you-look at it, any way you figure it. That's why more people buy Chevrons—and more people drive Chevrolets—than any other make of ear. That's why we ; believe you, too, will agree that CHEVROLET .AND ONLY CHEVROLET IS FIRST in .dollar value as it's first in registrations. SPECIAL EXTRA-LOW PRESSURE TIRES* — on W!de-R!m 1-5-Inch Whfeeli (24-lb. pressure onfy all around). Chevrolet offers you.the.tire of lirei.ior easy, restful riding. Remarkable new exffa-iow pressure lirej that 'give 'a much infer, more comfortable ride; absorb road shocks instead of transmitting Ihefh to you and your ear. 'Optional at small extra coil. S '*! KOSSUTH MOTOR IP©, ACROSS FROM POST OFFICE PHONE 200 I help farmers to farm FASTER I'll show you how to farm faster . . , and better, too ... if you'll let me demonstrate a new Ford Tractor right on your farm. I'll prove that, with a Ford Tractor, you can keep gaining on your work instead of getting behind. You have no idea how much time you save with Hydraulic Touch Control of implements, new, faster 4-speed transmission and a lot of other advantages this new Ford Tractor has. And, my ser» vice is the best. So how about teljing me. to bring out a Tractor and put on a demonstration? There's no obligation. ANOTHER NORTON HOG FEEDER ON THE WAY! Built in Our 6w,n Y^s ( by Skilled Carpen-ters-ftmd Delivered+b^¥oui ,• " -• • •-. -?\ ''>''•* HOG HOUSES-HOG! FEEDERS POULTRY & BROODER HOUSES Norton Portable Farm Buildings are designed from ihe farmer's point of view. They are.frvHll to yield MORE profits to Ihe farmer.". "'<•.?'•}<•' '," ' These buildings are constructed according io, the Lee patent (Mr. E. C. Lee himself is a Feed man who designed sound, constructive feeding ideas into his building designs). All buildings are laid < on creosoied skids, so that they may be moved to clean ground at will. They are built of sound lumber, by skilled carpenters. Generally, these buildings have 2-inch plank-floors and framework of 2x4's. Sidewalls are of drop siding, and roofs are wood shingled. A door is placed in each end, and a grainbin door is built .into the roof, if desired. The buildings are painted red or while, again as desired. Suitable windows are installed, of course. . These are sound, solid .buildyigs. They" ar,e designed and built to give years of service on the farm— years of PROFITABLE •SERVICE. Call, Write or See Us Now! F. S. NORTON & SON . ALGONA, IOWA PHONE 229. .... Hunger Implement Co. . Phillips Qn BOB MUNGER Phone 1Q?5W / ,FAR«\IN S FUN-BUT PUFFjTHIS STOVF TEKIOIN'IS RNOCKIN THIS IS THE LIFE! NOT A pNLV IS COOKING EASIER WHY OONT YOU SEE YOURUqCAL UP GAS DEALER? HE •'..2 COOK WITH ALL-GAS The Fastest Cooking Fuel Automatic Water J For better, safer, uninterrupted Hervlce we Install all Automatic ivUU » 'I'^ft'CyHjufler^ Automatic PHONE'16 Harms All-Gas Co. Algona, Iowa , f --JWti r Hour Ssrvfce— Phone 942 J Phone 878U Herman Waller ~., ..r '•.: ,:

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