The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 8, 1948 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 8, 1948
Page 11
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%" Finish Sock Bible Unit Study Course m By Mt« t Alf«d Sehull* ' ten* B«sek—The Lone Rock dally vacation Bible school closed its week's work with a program at 10:30 Sunday morning, May 30, The teachers had fixed a fine display of the articles 'accomplished during the week for the parents and community 'to see, " The Bible school teachers and helpers Were: pre-school de»t.; Mrs. Emil Kraft, assisted by Miss" Betty Person; primaries A—Miss Joan Zwiefel, assisted by Miss Rita Hurlburt; primaries B—Mrs. Milton Madison, assisted by Miss Dolores Marlow; junior dcp't.— Mrs. A. A. Krueger, assisted by Miss Vcrdabell Behrends; intermediates—Miss Helen Jensen. The enrollment for this was higher than last year. It was 69 this year, with an average attendance of 00, Ladies' Mite Society ' ' The Ladies' Mite sooiety met Thursday afternoon with a potluck luncheon at the church parlors. The meeting was called to Order by the -president. Psalm 103 . was read by Mrs. Wm. Schrader. A letter from the Church World Service Incorporated was read by Mrs. H. A. Blanchard. A motion was made and seconded to pack a box for the Church World Service, and all used clothing anyone has to bring, should be brought to the next meeting at the home of Mrs, Fred Genrich, Bible, Study, was given by ReV. 'Klft There were 14 members aftd guest present. The flbxl meeting will be held June- 17, Thursday, at the home df ,MrSi Fred Genrleh, with Mrs. Al|k Kfue- gef assisting hostess. < This will be the Mother-Daughters day, Hostess, Wlenef ftoa»t Mrs. John Newbrovtgh. entertained five little * girls, Sandra Marlow, LeElna Schmidt, Mar- iorio HoUck, Janet Kruegef, Barbara Mueller at 1 a wicrter roast in honor 6f her daughter Janet's 10th birthday. ' Visit In Lone Rock ' Mr. and Mrs. Alex Miller of Boone ajid Mr, and Mrs, Wilbert Baas and family of Algona spent Monday at the ' home of Mrs. Lucy Schmidt. Mr. arid Mrs. Miller returned home Tuesday. Shirley and Bob and Mrs. W, J. Korlaske of Emmetsburg, and Don Conway o'f New Hampton " spent Sunday the "Everett Lockwood home. Mrs. Crose of Minneapolis, Minn., spent Wednesday night and Thursday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Heiter. Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Heiter of Livermore spent Sunday and Monday at their home. Mornihgsida Graduate Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schroederi spefit from Saturday until ''Tues;day In Sioux City attending the graduation of their son, Layerne. He was graduated from Morningside coHege and i& now home for the summer months. The Henry Schroedcrs visited the homes of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Cornelia and Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Ray, Sioux City. Mr. Cornelia and Mrs. Day are cousins of Mrs. Schroeder. While in Sioux City they attended a Western league baseball double header between the Sioux City Soos and Denver. •' home, " ~~"7"*", Marjorie 1 Nelson spent Thursday over night with Shirley Baker. The two girls spent the evening skating at Emmetsburg. Mrs. Harold Col well left Mon* day to go through the clinic at Rochester, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. A. A, Krueger and Kermit and Marieta Christenson of Pueblo, Colo., spent Friday evening visiting Mr, and Mrs. Chester Alme at Ottosert. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Neitzel of Burt, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Hawks of Spirit Lake, Mr. and Mrs, Lem Larlow attended the funeral of a brother, Rufus Marlow at Backus, Minn., leaving Tuesday mornirtg. • Mr. and Mrs. E. M, Jensen .and family spent Monday at Clear Lake visiting his sister, Mr. and Mfs. Walter Paulson. Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Christenson, Mervin and Marieta, the latter of Pueblo, Colo., Spent Saturday afternoon visiting Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Manus at Burt. They were at th» W. H. Peterson home Tuesday evening at Ringsted. Mrs. J. M. Blanchard Jr. entertained Mesdames Roger Jensen, Ronald Christenson, Jack Marlow, Merton Larson, and Alfred Schultz at a party at her home Friday afternoon, May 28, Mr. and Mrs. Murray Holmes and daughter, Riceville, .spent Wednesday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Don Houck. Mrs. Ida Tarbell of Waterloo and Marieta Christenson of Pueblo, Colo,, were Thursday din- tier guests tit the- . and Mrs. A'. A. KfU8; Mr. and Mrs. J. M Jr. and Mollie Anfte, Mrs. Alfred SehuT Mr. and Mfs. «f? M. were entertained « tHe"h\....-, Mr. and Mrs. H. A. .Blaftcniftl; honor bf J. M. BlafichSrd birthday, Mrs. Lillian W<5fthi«gt6fl Sunday and Monday at Lei Mrs. Dean Jer gensblft'' -^ Thursday visiting ,the JSrettWl Prank Flaig home, .ffef Sbft Douglas is spending a few days visiting his grandpafehts.,, , • Mrs. Lydia Wet^el and'WllliS and Linda Mae Cooke ; spefit •Sun j day at Clear Lake attendfn| the confirmation of ftita G'elf" daughter of Mrs. Martha Bob and ffoward McChesney Jr. arrived Tuesday evening from Abilene, Tex., where' they were attending college, to visit their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. George Pettit and their mother Mrs. Ethel McChesney. Birthday Honors For lofts Creek Woman, May 30 B^'M*s, Herbert Poiraiz LottB Cteek^-A number of relatives" gathered at the home of Mr. and'Mrs. Martin Meyer on Memorial Day everting to hplp Mrs. Meyer celebrate her birthday. Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Lenz of Sac City; Mr. and Mrs. Otto Ruhnke and Edward, M|. and Mrs. Art Rusch and Franklin, Mr. and Mrs. Karl Zumach, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Radig, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Meyer and sons, Wm. Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Nick Gengler, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Zimmermann, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Leininger and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Zumach and Mr. and Mrs. Reihhard Zumach,, Whittemore. Five hundred was played for entertainment. High score prizes went to Mrs. Carl Zumach and Richard Zumach; low to Mr. and Mrs. . . Mrs. Ralph Hammersirprrt aftd Mrs. La Verne 'PrtcisiorfMitfo trtM PRATT ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING , spent Thursday -. afternoon at the Donald Nelson home,, ; : foni Angus . of ,'Burt speht Wednesday night -arid '! 'Thursday visiting the Gerald ^Ahgtifs hOrHe, Mr. and Mrs. P. 'L. Person spent Thursday evening, visiting the Sig. Orvick home at Ledyard. ; ' , '.., •.-*• •-.; ' Verdabell . fiehrends,' .daughter of Mr. and Mfs. Orriie fiehr'ends, underwent , a tonsillectomy at 'the Kossuth hospital, Mort'dSy.' : ' , Mr. and • Mrs," N. B. Wood spent Memorial Day .visiting her fath-.| er, Andfew Burt at Armstrong. Mrs. H. A. Holmgren spent Tuesday at the Wilbur Law home ; at Bfadgate. Waterloo-Guest Honored A party in honor of Mrs. Ida Tarbell of Waterloo was held on Wednesday'evening at the home of Mrs. J. M. Blanchard. Guests present were: Mesdames^W. C. Heiter, Crose of Minneapolis, Minn.. Fred Flaig, M. E. Blanchard, Alex Krueger, C. F. Schultz, Ida Tarbell of Waterloo,, Fred'k Schultz, Lillie Thompson,'W. G. Flaig, A. A. Krueger, Fred Genrich,, Frank Flaig. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Chase, formerly of Algona, spent Wednesday visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Cotton, on their way to their home at Okoboji..-..--.. Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Jensen and family attended the wedding of Bonita Jensen at West Branch this weekend. , •"• -, •• Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Jensen and Helen spent Wednesday night visiting Miss Jone Lease at Ayrshire. , "- ,* Mr. and Mrs. L. • C-j^ansen of Algoha;. were ^Wednesday ^fvening supper: guefets; af'the Wm^Tlath IF conflict MOVING OR YOUR HOUSEHOLD GOODS AH I Brady Transfer & Storage Co. Fort Dodge, Iowa ! ' "™"* Agents, Allied Van Lines, Inc., In yonr locality World's Largest Long Disiinee Mdyitog S«Wic» Excellent equipment, competent and cotitieoiU ;t«tTic». Phone or write for estimate on any moring problem. Arrived Today! Large Truckload of WOVEN WIRE FIELD FENCE • • This is a scarce item ... so if you need fencing, call and see us right I , , . ;' T *'. f *'"«rn away! • ..:C'-'.'• * ; Phonie 229 F.S. NORTON & SON BUILDING MATERIALS . . . PAINTS . . . FUELS "The Red Trucks Can Serve You Tool" Tuesday, June S, 1948 Upper D« to Herman Zumach and travel Mrs. Wm. Zimmerrnann. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Leinihger and Mr. and Mrs. Martin Meyer spent Thursday at Spirit Lake. Mr, and Mrs. Martin Dreyer, Janice and Larry spent Wednesday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John SchaHin. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Colwell went to Rochester, Minn., where Mrs. Colwell made an appointment to go through the clinic thjs week. Mr, and Mrs, are the parents ._ „. Wednesday. They rioWha^lS boys and a girl, > < Mr. and Mrs, Willard family of Fenton spefttjweHK day evening at, the htJn1§Jj£ and Mrs. Wm. Zimmerte^M USB THfi WANf AB§ " WANT ADS BRINGS ftESULtS At Your Marshall-Wells Store Manila ^^^^^ ^MU^ -jgy_i_|^ f Hay Rope Lb. 1, 4-D Special Regularly $9.60 Gallon •49 Gal. .Always' In the Fire IRON'S PLUMBING & HEATING WILL BE CLOSED ALL NEXT WEEK ; ( " , ' •'". ' ' -!-.-.• ' • ' t ' Our Whole Gang Is Going On Vacation! Can We Do Anything for You THIS WEEK* is It's the Feed You Give the Hen J that makes her give , YOU the EGGS! PL •of a sow's ear. And a hen can't manufacture eggs out of a ration, that lacks the ingredients it, takes to MAKE AN EGG, She can draw on her body for a little while. Then the body quits. The the eggs quit. ¥ It takes vitamins, proteins, and minerals—lots of them—to enable a hen to give you a big egg yield. Grain Balancer is a CONCENTRATE of Vitamin, Mineral, and Protein elements. It contains 23 different : ingredients to back up the grain ra-' tion, and to fortify the hen with >a continuous supply of these elements which are needed for HIGJ* EGG PRODUCTION, Shift your hens out of LOW gear —into HIGH gear, Just try this egg- building Cafeteria -plan, with SARGENT GRAIN BALANCER FOR POULTRY, ; bal- ' 'th^Y E°* •• ;th savg ent -o^^i^S^lS affift&ffls&sss&s They eal js an p . ' f -r p2idi^& v warmth, i „.,.. .&*&&'£»•'**?• iu ive m 016 - v . -galancer anu ^ & needsrr; ieins v;ov in O ther eii v D — .- in = u^ _ ^villCn &° >. . ,;„„(<» tnC vv *. 4V,n\ BUStWi tests n. P°^ KEEP DOWN ON FEED Bl LLS! grain. Compare the costs, and the results, and you'll 'see why so many, poul- trymen are using Sargent's Grain Balancer and whole grains under this modern Cafeteria plan. « > Sargent Grain Balancer for Poultry can <help to keep down your feed bills. Users report that from one and one-half >to two sacks of (Grain Balancer will feed ; 100 hens a month, The hens eat more * grain than brain balancer, and that .means 'less commercial feed to buy. With a straight laying .mash, under or- djnary circumstances, you.,would have to feed equal proportion's !of 'mash and : ; Cut out Bother 1 , Fuss, and Hard Work in Your Poultry Lot! A Trial Will Convince You! Get a bag today. Try it. See how your hens will go for the Cafeteria style of feeding—and will eat more grain and less supplement, SARGENT GRAIN BA LANCE R THE PRACTICAL FEED FOR j PRACTICAL POULTRYMEN BECAUSE It helps to save three ways Save Time! Save Money! Save Extra Work! o The Practical Farmer who raises poultry knows how important it is to keen down feed: costs, and to eliminate extra steps, and extra bother in raising poultry. In the face of demands for more',-poultry, and more eggs, savings in time, money, and extra,work are doubly important—especially* in view Of shortages of labor on f the farm. . ^ That's where tills Cafeteria feeding plan with Sargent Grain Balancer for Poultry offers a wonderful op- . portunity right now. , HERE'S HOW IT SAVES I HELPS-SAVE MONEY. Because it takes IQSS a than two sacks" of Sargent Grain Balancer, if ' fe'd as specified, to feed 100 hens a month. This is about half what you would figure on if you used a regular laying mash. It means that with Sargents you feed more home grown grains—and porportionately less commercial feed. 2 HELPS SAVE TIME.i Cafeteria style feeding H with Savgent Grain ,Balancer .eliminates mixing and grinding of grain" and other hard work. You just feed your whole grain in self-feeders— with Sargent Grain Balancer beside it. 3 HELPS . SAVE WORK. . Eliminates scratch i feeding morning and night—and because it . takes less work, it reduces your labor cost by that amount. INCREASED EGG PRODUCTION-A GREATER LAYING PEDfOD With the free choice method, a Cafeteria plan, , forced feeding sometimes resorted to for increased L production, is unnecessary. With Sargents Cafe- , teria plan, there is no .chance to force birds and then pay for it later with low production. Tests show that with Sargent Grain Balancer and whole grain, hens keep right on laying for long'pflriqds, of time without a slump.. ., . v ./ ;"-i A THRIFTY FEED FOR THRIFTY CHICKS Poultry men have found that starting chicks on Sargent Grain Balancer and the free choice method of feeding at 12 weeks of age, pays dividends, The chicks became accustomed to th e plan at any early age, and the poultry raiser gains 'by savings that are made right from the start, " | X" /' " , . LUBRICATION .CARWASHIN , STEAM POLISHING .POLISHING tr/vi , BATTERY CHARGE .TIRE REPAIR Phone 595 * -. ' » UNDERSEAL , TOP DRESSING , MOTOR TUNi-UR • BODYRiPAIR : » MOTOR OVERHAUL ' fc

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