The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 8, 1948 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 8, 1948
Page 6
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Upper Bel Mafflii fuitifay, Junt §^ 1»4* Sunday Contests Close Gaps In League Standings St. Joe, Algona K. C.'s, Hurt stand tied for first place m the Kossuth League, after Sunday's baseball games. And there is also a three-way tie for second place. Sunday's games turned out as follows: Hurt 7, St. .Toe 5. Algona K. C. 17, Lolls Creek 8. Lone Rock (i. Whitlemore 5. St. Benedict 8. Fenton 14. In the Algona-Lotts Creek game, home runs by Herb Meyers and Gordy Winkel and a half dozen other extra base nils, gave the spectators their cash value. Burl at St. Joe Hatlen and Long were the Burl batteries, while St. Joe used Johnson and Barber. This was a well played game. Burl collecting 12 hits to the loser's eight. Lone Rock used Mar low and Long as the winning battery, while Whittemmv had Ruhnke and Kisch. Lone Rock polled seven hits, and Whittemore had eight. Each team made six bobbles in the field. St. Benedict used the Johnson and Johnson battery, while Fenton worked Kuecker and Krause. St. Benedict totaled ten hits and Fenlon had 12. f w,6, Hbme Runs In Ihe Lolls Creek-Algona game, L'olts Creek opened with two runs in Ihe first frame, on Iwo hits and an error, but the K C.'s soon had the contest in hand. 'Leininger of Lolls Creek banged out a Iriple and Wichlen- dahl conlribuled a double, for the losers. Herb Meyers of Al- gdha also had two doubles, as well as hiS homer, and Gordy Winkel and Zender each connected for two bases. A four-run rally in the second put the K. C.'s into the lead, which they held the rest of the way. Thirteen errors by the two teams helped to make it th.e wild scoring contest it turned out to be. Box score: Algona K. C. (17) AB H. Meyers, ss 5 White, i-f 3 Junior Legion Playoff To Open Wednesday, Bancroft D. Winter, rf 2 R. Winter,'If 4 McMurray, If 2 Froehlich. 2b 5 Zender, 2b 1 D. Winkel, Ib 5 D. Meyers, Ib 1 R. Winkel, cf .--_ 4 Bradley, rf 1 Ringsdorf. c 5 "G. Winkel, 3b ... 5 Long, p 5 Letts Creek (8) 48 AB Hackbarlh, 2b-p - 4 Baas, If 5 .ane, cf 4 Dreyer, 3b —_— 5 iVichtendahl, c __ " .eininger, c ..eudtke. p-cf litchell, SE 4 vVichtendahl. ss -- 1 Buss. Ib 5 vuecker, rf 3 Jade, rf 2 R 3 1 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 2 0 2 5 2 17 R 1 3 2 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 The K. C. 42 8 team took H 3 2 0 2 0 2 1 1 0 1 0 2 4 2 20 H 1 4 1 0 I/ 1 2 0 0 0 0 0 10 KOSSUTH COUNTY shel- Here I am fishing fell- ers .... a-cumin' at you with some more of Inai good | iwrilin.' I did over the week- iend. I wont down by the river ; to do ihis here column, so as to get sum of thai real fishin' atmosphere into it. Seems as how two of our up an' coming young sprouts in town. Bill Thomas and Gordie Schmidt, been trying this iishin'. They been buying their hooks and sinkers and stuff from me, but just the other day these two fellers cum in and start saying they've had lousy luck fishin', and saying my tackle was lousy. I know it's all becuz they ain't been bailing their hooks proper, or they don't live right. Anyhow, right after Thomas and Schmidt made me feel bad, in cums another fishin' feller Carl Morck by name—and by golly, if he jest hadn't caught hisself a big 14 Ib. catfish up at Rapidan. And he was usin' Barry quality tackle! So I hooe ihose two fellers up al the Employment Offis read this, as I know personally that Carl wouldn't stretch a fish a single pound. Here's something, fellers. You all know whut I DON'T know about fishin' would Jill a great big book. When I started out in Ihis fishin' tackle stuff. I was sure a green one. But I been learnin'.- I practically know all aboul it now, except how to make my 290 Ibs. comfortable in sum leaky little old boat. Now whul I don t know aboul hunting is the same. All I know is there's plenty of walking to it, and I get more than enuf walking right here behind this counler. But anyway, here's whut happened. We are getting in a slock of hunting stuff to go along with our fishing stuff. Already got in sum shotguns. The boys here who know about hunting tell me we got sum automatics and some single shotlers both. Also sum iwenly-lwo rifles came along. And then a big box of shells. So we are in it for belter or for worse, and come next fall, I oughlla know a pheasant frum a chicken. You folks all know FATHER'S DAY is cumin/ end of next week. A lol of fathers hereabouts are planning to cut out for a day of fishin', but not me—I'm planning to be around to get those presents a father gels that day. My kids will probably have to wake me up to give them to me, but I'll be Ihere. Yes, folks, we got all kinds of stuff to give to Dads. Tobaccy, seegars, pipes, razors—all kinds of that stuff. Make your Dad happy with a Barry gift! Also, I want to lay m a good word for this Junior Chamber fly cont r ol campaign that's cumin' off. They sure ran old Mr. Fly out of town last year, and it'll be swell to have a fly- free town again this summer. Hope all you good folks get signed up for these spray boys, as they are really in there pitching to do a good job. My fellow writer. Tee Post, is in the thick of this fiy "pusiness, an he tola me he wouldn't be writing this week, S,p I m gwn you the best I have. BILL BARRY JR. acking last Thursday night at n ocahontas, 15 to 7, in a night i ^ame. Errors and walks kept he Algona nine in the hole all he way. League standings: Team 'W L Pel. It. Joe -- 3 1 .750 Algona 3 1 .750 Burt 3 1 .750 St. Benedict 2 2 .500 Lone Rock 2 2 .500 Fenton 2 2 .500 Lotts. Creek 1 3 .250 Whittemore 0 4 .000 Sunday, June, 13, the following games are scheduled - -in • the league. Fenton at. Lone .-Rqck.; Whittemore. at St.'Benedict, Lotts'Creek at Burt, and St. Joe at Algona; Kossulh county's four Jun ior American Legion baseball teams will open their round robin leurney at Bancroft, under the lighls in Memorial Park there, Wednesday evening. The winner will repre-^ sent the county in the district meet. At 8 p. m. Wednesday, Bancroft meets Titonka; at 9:15 p. m., Algona Fenton. Thursday night the losers from Wedesday will play a consolation and Ihe champ- ship game starts at 9:15 p._m. The Algona Junior Legion team dropped a double header at Bancroft, Sunday. Score of the first game -was 2 to 0, and of the second game, 8 to 6. In both games Algona oulhit Bancroft, but an epidemic of base on balls was disastrous. Algona pitchers walked nine men in each game, Sigler, Algona shortstop, was the leading batter for the losers, banging out two hits in the first tilt. Snyder and Wichtendahl hurled for Algona in the first contest, which went sevan innings, while Gangsled went Ihe roule for Bancrorl. es Lions their last Bancroft Lions Tame Austin Thursday, 1-4 Bancroft—The Bancroft won their first game on new baseball diamond, Thursday evening, defeating Austin, Minn., 7 to 4. The Lions lost their dedication game, the preceding Tuesday, to Albert Lea, 7 to 4. It was a case of making everything count against Austin. The Lions were oulslugged by the visitors, but they were able to convert hils to runs. Becker, the Bancroft outfielder, led his team's attack with three hils. Friday night of this week the St. Thomas college team of Saint Paul will meet the Lions on the' Bancroft field at 8:30 p. m. Games box Score: Bancroft (7) AB Nemmers, If _--"5 Murray, 3b 4 J. Menke, 3b 4 W. Menke, cf 2 Algonu -V, Mrs. John Origer 01 St Joe fa Have Operation By Mrs. Syl Wagnef Mr. and Mrs. John Qriger left Sunday afternoon for Rochester, Minn., where Mrs. Odger is to undergo an operation this week Mrs. John Zeimet and Mrs. Vernon Kramer of Livermore, accompanied the Origers 10 Rochester, where they plan to go through the Mayo clinic. Honor Martha Thilges A pre-nuptial miscellaneou shower was given in honor of Martha' Thilges 'in St. Joseph's hall on Sunday afternoon, June 6. The honoree was Ihe recipient of many -pretty and useful gifls. The afternoon \yas spent at cards and socially. Prizes were awarded to Mrs. John Weydert pnd Mrs. Jim Reding in bridge. Alvina Frelinger and Alice Cunningham received prizes in .500. A delicious lunch was served by the hostesses. Miss Thilgea, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nick Thilges, will be the bride of Her- bert^Kayscr, son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kayscr on Tuesday, June 15, in St. Joseph's church at 3 o'clock. , . Here's whattahy girl Wish- g, to enter Should dp. Pick up afferftry blaftk at " Froehle, c 4 Becker, rf —_ 4 R. Menke, 2b 3 Devine, ss Hill, p Case Of A Chip Off Old Block Portland — Mary Janice McWhorter, R. N., Rochester, has been taking flying lessons in her spare moments and has now taken over the controls and flown a plane and landed by herself. 'The instructor was with her, but soon Mary will be going olo. Despite the fact that the visitors were held to only four hits, the Algona V. F. W. team of the Border League dropped a baseball game here Sunday to Swea City. 4 to 13. Swea City had a well balanced team and put on some classy fielding to keep the V. F. W. nine in check. |Jox score: ', ; Swea Cily (4)' AB Roberts, cf 4 Lundquist, Ib 4 Krumm, ss 3 Murray, rf 3 Lundquist, c 4 Berg, 3b 4 Peterson, 2b —_ 1 Linde, If -- 4 Kollasch, p 4 Austin (4) To hove it-•• When you wont it... ORDER NOW! 31 Algona V. F. W. (3) AB Skilling, cf _.-- 4 J. Deikman, If 3 Volentine, Ib 3 B. Deikman. 2b 4 Hoover, ss 4 Voight, 3b Frost, rf ... Mcrriam, c Batt, e Bowman, p . Voight. p _. V. Batt x _. ... I n i o i D o 0 1 0 1 4 R 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 31 AB H 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 1 4 H 2 0 2 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 Sathre, ss 4 Nelson, rf 4 Slanek, cf 5 Reed, If 4 Austinson, 3b 3 Gunderson, Ib 3 Beekel, 2b —_ 4 Hammer, c -'-- 3 Thompson, c i__i._-— 1 Nuuman, ,p 3 Mpssor, R^ •„-- R 1 0 1 1 2 1 1 0 0 7 R • Tjj.'.J 0 0 1 1 1 . 1 0.' 0 0. H 1 2 0 0 1 3 1 0 0 8 H Home From Hospital Mrs. Paul Erpelding and infant son came home last Wednesday from Fort Dodge Mercy hospital, where the baby was born May 26. . . The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Erpelding was baptized Eldon Peter by Rev. George Theobald in St. Joseph's church Sunday afternoon. Sponsors were Mrs. Andrew Kramer and Martin Frideres. Rev. George Theobald attended Priests' Retreat at Sioux City this week. 0. 36 West Bend Junior Nine Wins, Loses West Band—West B-jnu Junior Legion opened its season with a 4-3 triumph over a last Kanuvvhu club on Us home diamond Sunday. Bell was the hi.ting star lor the locals by hitting a triple and single and driving in 3 runs. Meyer pitched 1'or tin; winners allowing ti hit.s and colk-cting 1J btrikc-outs. Maynard and Gocid- now worked for Kanawha with Goodnow charged with tne defeat. On Monday, May HI, West Bend traveled to Kanawha only to be beaten 15-il Bad fitlding by West Bend and some good hitting by Kanawhu ai-countcd for the high score. Goodnow hurled for the winners allowing 9 hit.s while Steir, Richart, and Elbort worked for the losers. Why'Soft ball I Fans Make 4 A Donation An explanation of why collections are taken up at the Algona Softball League games was made this week by league officers. Sponsors of the learns go to great expense to finance the teams and equip them. They also contribute to general operating expenses, but it isn't enough to cover all expenses. . It costs S4.50 per night to light the field. This money goes to the Park Commission. It also costs $45' for bases and $50 for a new backstop, among other things. Money donated by fans when the hat is passed" helps defray these weekly expenses. It also will help to bring the fastest class of Softball to Algona, such as the Frazier team of Fairmont, Minnsola champs and Bob Savage and his Eagle Grove stars. Help support the teams— they support you! Attention is also called to Ihe league summary and schedule, found elsewhere on this page. This feature will be sponsored each week by Roy Huizell of Cities Ser< vice, on behalf of general league interest. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bormann of here and Mrs. Peter Erneld- ing and son. Marian of Algona spent Thursday in Des Moines with Peter Erpelding, a patient in a Des Moines hospital. Mr. and Mrs. John Hilbert and family, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hilbert and family and Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hilbert and family were Sunday guests at the Tom Becker home -near Wesley. Relatives from here attended the 35th wedding anniversary observance of Mr. and Mrs. John Thill at St. Benedict. They also observed Mr. and -Mrs.' Thill's birthdays. , /. r Mr. and Mrs. Peter ^Schmidt i Sara "Donna, arid"MicKael TOOK Dorothy, also a daughter of Mr. -\nd Mrs. Peter Schmidt to her iome in Kansas City on Saturday after she had spent the past week here. On Sunday morning Cecelia Schmidt of. here and Mary Wagner, hostesses for the Northwestern Airlines of Minneapolis, wore called to Kansas to their mother's, Mrs. Peter Schmidt's bedside, who very suddenly became critically ill after their arrival in Kansas City Saturday evening. Dr. and Mrs. A. W. Arnunson, with the son Richard, will leave Saturday for a vacation at Eagle River, Wis. They will visit relatives enrotite both ways. >Ung Sftpti bat were 'invitecTto* enter tKe Hawkeye Holiday Queen contest to. be,held in Des Mbines Jufte 23,< Here's Mia"" mi ,to enter Pick up aft «....».j ~.~--- -.. the Algotfft NewspaeeW' 6t- fide, ah'd fill .it out. ft should then be mailed'to * Queen Contest, Hawkeye Holidays, 5th floor, Equitable. Bldg., Des Moines, before June 19. Along, with the entry the contestant should submit .a glossy photograph 8x10 • in size of herself. Full length photos ar ( e required, and ithe attire worn fof the picture is optional. There will be five area queens selected, and- thfese ' arlea quefehs will be guests of Visiting movie-stars at a Des Moines Cha.rnbet. of Commerce- luttcheon, June. 23.. Final.judging of. the, five area, winners will be done by the stars at the luncheon. The Queen and her f our attendants will appearon 'a C. of C. float in the Hawkeye Holidays parade in Moin. es, With all expenses paid, Leg Is Crushed Uncfer A Roller Jimmy Baughman of Titonka was seriously hurt late Saturday in , an accident on new highway 226. The road is being prepared for black-topping , and Jimmy, whose father, Harlan Baughman is gang foreman, was riding on a heavy roller used to pack and even the road surface. The lad is reported as having jumped from the big machine but failed to distance his'jump far enough and was pulled under the heavy roller. He was brought to, an Algona hospital and an x-ray showed the left leg badly crushed. From here he was sent to a Mason.City hospital. Titonka friends said this morn- ttftfoKUK Aii'nrf ft. anme Monday fbiu- wen oh th gang went to Mason City to- give blood s for,- transfusiQfts.. . ,, Mr, B&ugnfftart U at i tfie • <ho> pital with . his soft, atld t Mfs. fiatigrmYan \AiWn with/him^ much-asliioS'sible' feut id *equfted at 'hdme'for thfere ate thfee ydltflgef children. 0 nnmtfitmtv. Tn s °"°\ YT- cdffiffliUesjn the Slate ttfftt are being- studied FRIESNER'S 8t>OfttS "I just asked her if I could play a. round with her!" Act today— so you can have more fun during the summer and week-ends too. You wiil enjoy using tha outboard motor that baa «et a new standard of Kossuth County Implement Co. LuVeme To Have A SoffbaH Team LuVerne—Walter L. Hefti is sponsoring a softball tenia this summer, which will be known as the. Hefti Lockers team. Bob and Harvev Will are the pitchers and Donald Warmbier, the catcher. Friday evening, May 28, the team went to Kanawha to play and were defeated, 14 to 12 Home runs were made by Bill Meyer, Donald Warmbier, Harvey Will and Burt DeNio. HAIL INSURAN Protect growing crops, service. Low rates. Immediate claim C, R. LaBarre East State St. Whittemore Vets Remains Returned The body of the late Pvt. Harold W. M'uller, being returned from Manila aboard the United States Army Transport Lieutenant GeorgR W. G. Bpyce, due to arrive at San Francisco on or around June 3, will be forwarded at a later date through the American Graves Registration Distribution Center at Kansas City to Whittemore, Iowa, the final destination requested by next of kin. Next of kin, Grace Muller, Whittemore, Iowa, was notified in advance of the arrival of the vessel and will receive further notice concerning forwarding to final destinations, or the time set for services at national cemeter- From two to three weeks will elapse after arrival of the transport before the distribution Cen* ter is in position to forward any of the bodies. In some cases, the elapsed time will be as much as six Weeks. A carper of action and security will be yours in the U. S. Coast Guard—the ACTIVE peacetime service. You will find worthwhile jobs on ships and cutters and at Coast Guard bases. Investigate these opportunities to4ay! PAY for enlisted personnel Increase; with qdvoncement. Since uniform), 'p9st flnd, quorten are supplied Coast Guardsmen earn at much at average civiliqni in nft pay. TRAINING opportunities. In the Coqit Guard can lit you for many careers lit eiylliqn life. Check with .yW reciting officer In Des Moines to see which technical schools art open ot this time. ACTION I» assured In the peacet!m» Coast Guard. The Coast Guard perform! a wide variety of du.ties. A r««£9.ntl|)lf. position, on land or tea, is assured, ygu.. SECURITY is youn with a cqr»»r In the Coast Guard. It will pay y?u (9 invistii gate the opportunities of q career In the ACtlVE peacetime service, thli week. Our splendid and corn- pleie stock of spoils .equipment fills the needs of golfers .fishermen, vacationers,, baseball and ^kitlenball players — in fact, any sport you pan name. Right now. these sport stocks are at their peak. Worth a trip in to look them over! FISHERMAN'S* FRIESNER'S $4.95, MASIANP FISHERMAN'S JERKINi •nr Cities SPQFITSCAST SOFTBALL IE AGUE STANDINGS W L Sargent's __ _____________ 2 0 Percivali— ____ — — ---- —2 0 International _________ ____1 ,0 Farm Bureau ___________ -1 0 Lions___ ________ - ------- 1 1 JayCees __________ - ----- Q 0 Nat'l. Guard _______________ 0 1 Weidenhoff _______________ 0 1 V.F.W. ________ _________ 0 2 Kirk Buick __—,__- ------ 0 2 Last Week Scores League Sargent 7, VYeidenhoff 6 ' Llom 16, Naf! QwarcU Internationq! 20, Kirk Buick 9 Percival 12, V.F.W. 1 Sargent 33, Lions 1 . Farm Bureaiif 10, V.F.W. 8 " 19/ Kirk &"M H Pet. 1.000 1;000 1.000 l.OOQ .500 .OdO .000 .000 .000 ,.000 Former Representative A. II. Bonnstetter, West Bend, has sold Red Polled cattle, farm machinery, and other faro, items St public sale. U.S. CO AST GUARD 109 fEQfBAL BLOC5. AND COURTS „,,„„„-' in Ke«M*h Ceiw ty and Entered in Marshall-Wells BIG FISH CONTEST fi*h,**m«nj IrinCin Yfcwr Ste far Ong cf the MAR5HAU.WEU5 * STORE Non-League nql 8, Wolllngford 7 Sargent 1 7, Bicknell F«rs (Fairmont) 7 .;M*W** V: •-W**"W,M! '' ' ' ''-"• " T"?- -• •—---—. -^ !: -.-J"ft~«':*ir—-~ ; -^-,-.-. -I—. -.-.~4™aUU*^.W4l league Schedule (Coming Week) •• '- ' w 1 •' Mon, June 7 Jqycees vs, International Weidenhoff vs, Nat'l Guard Wed. Jwne 9 Nqt'l Guqrd vs. Farm Bureau VPW vi* Jntf r Pri, 4ip«?lt Kirl^vi* Jqycees Friday June 11 Sargent vs, Bode , Thif nt w wtf jfly ft styr« i$ sponsored fey ROY HUTZELL

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