The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 8, 1948 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 8, 1948
Page 3
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father B, Bauer's mother and sister from Storm Lake spent .weekend'with him. -haftes Murphy, Who had, f6f several .weeks been a patient at the University hospital at Iowa City, netitt-ned home Friday. . Mr. and Mrs. J. H, Bailey of CleBr Lake, were visitors last' week Sunday at Mrs. Laura Hopkin s, mother of Mrs. Bailey. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hansen spent last weekend at LeCenter, Minn., with their daughter and son-in- law, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Balit. Mrs. \ Katharine Mcfivoy re Mr. and , Mrs. W. E. Hawcoll left,Sunday for the Okoboji8\ani" will remain, on vacation a. e"$y$ of Weeks at a cottage' the'y.-na'fe taken there. ,•>• Mr. and,, Mrs. M. J. M went to Mbines, Satyi'tfiy r 'ld visit a fevfr days with their oau|H- ter and son-in-law Mr. and > Mrs. James Griffith. Mrs, Andrew Hansen mother Mrs. John, Cau'fchlirt, Mrs. Charles. Hfirvey, ana" Mfs. C, P, recently spent a 'day at iviis. v iiamerme flacc.voy re- gg tur'ned recently from visiting her t , ' 13,oan with Mrs. Mario Christen «MU 1 »^ *° daughter Mary <&t Cassville, Mo., artd-M". Q f F/ and her son John and family St. Louis. at Mr. and Mrs. W. E. McGrew, Mr, and Mrs. E. J. Zender, and Mr. antl Mrs. Kelley Johnson spent a day at Fairmont,. Minni, last week. t ' Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Thomas have as guest the former's mother, M.hj. Nellie Thomas, of,, Guthr.ic Gender who came Monday 7and will remain several: days. ; 'i ' Lorraine Tierney of-Dsa Moin"Cs, Mrs. Bernard Tierne'y,' .her' children Craig ,'and Marilyn, of Mason City, and J. J. Cosgrove. ;of Eldora, spent the Memorial day weekend here with Mrs, Bridget Tobin. They also visited Mrs. Jennie Breen and Stella- Mae Breen. Mr.. Cosgrove is n brother of the women, and Lorraine Tierney and Mrs.-Bernard Tierney are nieces. Mrs. Marie 'Pedersen was happily surprised Memorial day by Visits from her two sons, Roland and Richard. It was. the. first time Roland had been home sjnce 1941. He lives at, Colo., and is married, and has three boys. Richard, who lives at Zear- inrj. also married, and has two daughters. They were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Howard Snell, of Ogden. in visiting Mrs. Pedersen at the Sam Smith home. who are..spending the summeif^t. D.etroit Lakes, Minn., wece''in gona for a few days last $ arid also made a trip to Sioux City. '•;"• ' "-• . ,,.,JOBie McEvoy was at burg recently attending the wedding of, her- .niece Elizabeth Schumacher. Miss Schumacher was rnarrie,d--to Raymond OlesOn of MJnrieapolis. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Fuller and Mrs. Josephine Logan, of Spencer, sister, of Mrs. Fuller, returned:, Thursday, from Rochester, Minn.,, where they 'had gone through the clinic. Edw, Capesius, Dr. .Karl,Hoffman, T.'-H".- Chrisc>i.iiles r Dr) M/ " Boilrnp and : A^-H. Borchardt I'Viday morning for a 10 days cation'. ,and fishing trip at the Canadian Lakfc of .the- Wopds. * Mrs. A. t A.. .Bishop, .former Al- gpniain, now living, at"Mflson Ciljy, -''•Jted;'- frieneis,' here/ Thursday She'and ; her'*are leaving June 11, for Detroit, Mich., to "visit their Son Jim who is employed there with the Greyhound Bus Co. Theu;,-sqn and daughter- in-law.. Mr... arid .Mrs. John Bishop have-.recently moved from New York/to Pittsburgh,. Pa., and John is employed with the Westinghouse electric companv. His wife is the former Elaine Hilstead. \ . Ut.' and, Mr». Mllfiad Smith est -last -weekend, -ftarfy. tad, as , gu Malby, D , es Moittes, -O/ S. (i it J" Si* 1 "V>w"rt• r j" J'flT^ ***™4M? day for Cedar Rapids., for a. Vis of a week . with,, her son and daughter.-in.-law, Mr. afld Mrs. Tyrrell .Ingersbll..' Bvetyn Stack came) Ifbtn D; budue to spend'the weekend wi relatives. Sh6 h&s change^ hiSr locatibh and 'will : how oft located ij Hockford, iH-.i with.her sfster Jess Poster, and. wife of-An- ketty, returned to .Algotia Friday eVertmg followitjg, a,.sh'or,l -fishing teljUb Leech Uke, MiMh',; They fpuhd good flshihi and (got their, lihilt without diffi * and Mrs. moved last week ffbnv.the' Sam Medin residence which" , the/, ofc- cupied during the aahoOl.jyea'tt, tp a Backus apaH.meft.fc.: Mr,s, Ba<jk- Mr. and Mrs. Edward, -,,—.^ had as guest recently Mrs/'LI&Ka Priest, Tacoma, wash., w,ho wa$ Visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J,. ft. Schroeder, Burt. L ' - ^ T Mr, arid Mt«. waiter; Sfe$«| spen.t last week Saturday* aM Sunday at Waterloo with * daughter and son.-ln-laW, and Mrs. Tvan Mines. ' Mrs. S. E. McMahon had.,, as last weekend guests her'. • ?fiift Maurice and his daughter " hfeif 'Mr, us has gone to Oktehonft to spend some time with a daughter. Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Thompson and. family and David Vaughn spent from Saturday till Monday at, the Okobojis where they, had rented' 'a -cajpin at the Norman Crawford camp. The Crawfords recently started a cabin camp business there. ? , Josie McEvoy left (last... Thursday for Qmaha 'to attend Memorial services for , 'her nephew John- Fade, w.hoi dted' July, 10 r 19.43, in Tunisia., The ypung man was the son ,of ; Mr> and Mrs. Harry Parle, the ; latter 'Being a niece df Miss McEvoy. -.' Services , u were held Monday. ' •'"•*-*•-- : / 'Mrs. Sidney'. 06bur,ri", of P'flrkers- tying, 'rietujjjhe'd";. Sunday "• .night frortir India jiap.pliSj.;. Ind.} .where they, hap -;akten.ftea,jthe Mehiotial day auto races at the Indianapolis speedway. •'.-.Mrs.. LilUan White of--Manilla spent the\ weekend' in Algeria with her '• mother, Mrs. Alfred Norman, and othef' relatives. Mrs. White is postmaster at Manilla. She came here .from Des Moines where she. attended .'the graduation of her daughter, Joan,, from Drake university... • : , Mrs. Gilbert Hargreave? ; , has. Tues. - Wed. - Thurs. June 8-9-10 Friday - Saturday June 11-12 Betrayal. Bought Kiss! Exciting! by a Woman's VI IT'S RED MEAT! Added Musical "SAMBA MANIA" iviBurice ana nis aaugnier iNuuuy, of Minneapolis, Minn., arid her 1 daughter. Mrs. Richard Schmitfc and fchildren. Storm Lake.' ' < , Mr.- and Mrs. Frank Tague had as guests last weekend the." mer's parents, Mr. and Mrs. ry Tague and Mr. and Mrs. Ham Metcalfe, Clarion,. Mrs. Metcalfe is a sister of 'Fraflkv; Efliher Thuenie, of iheJO..- State bank, spent her*vacationi of a_week at Omaha, Neb.^with, hef sister Jacqueline who is in hu'tge's trinjng at St. Catherine's hospital there. Esther returned to wbrR" Monday. Joyce Sterling and her fiance, Blaine Nelson, came Friday from Cedar Falls and will remain at the narent.a.1 Frank Sterling home until Wednesday when they will return for tests. Blaino finishes school at the end of these, tests. Mr. and Mrs. Reed Anderson, Spencer,, visited relatives here last week and from here went to Burt for a, further visit with rel- ^tives and friends. Reed is a brother of Homer Anderson, Mrs. Mary Sands and Mrs •Raymond Irons. Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Coqgin have moved into the late Hilma O.strum, house on . North > Jones street, which was purchase^ by John Gerber. Previously the Gogpins had livrd in an,-apartment .at-Mrs. C. L. Ingersoll's, '•• Jean Thorpe, daughter, of Mr,, and'Mrs. B. A.t Thoroe, has contracted to teach English at Tnaer next fall and will also have charge of class plays. She -recently graduated from the Iowa State Teachers college, Cedai Falls. Mr. and Mrs.' Harvey Sieven had as guests from Sunday until Tupsday their daughter and son- in-law Mr. and Mrs. Everett Hodgin, Callander. Mr. and Mrs. Steven spent^Wednesday. at Sex- ' MM, J, S. Themas entertained foe. members of her sewing club iist week Tuesday. Mr. and Mts. W-. fi» Mawcott life spending two weeks at a tage at Lake, Okoboji, r Lawrence Hutzell will 90 on sJ6ux City, Wednesday; t^o-day business trip,. * Bob Richardson went id Sioux City today to attepd a Masonic Ceremony representative of the local lodge. " • ' • Mrs. Karl Hoffman and daughter Joan left Thursday, for their tottage at Liake, QkOboJi; where tney will spend -the summer. Mrs. F. A. Corey spent the Weekend in Des Moines, where she was a guest of her brother- in-law, A. R. Corey and wife. 'Mr. and Mrs, H. N. WalkJns had ; the latter's mother, ; 1 Jones of Buffalo ' Mrs. Center as ajgjuie'sl the past several days; ' '."v ' 4 ;j /'.• .•:"'• , Mr. and MM Edward Sherman etrived Suriday fr*oiri' New York C r ity for two weeks , in Algpna With the farmer's mother, Mrs. T, C. Sherman, 'Mrs. Stella Barker of Des Moines, former well known Al- gOnian, state president of the Iowa Business artd professional Women, was unable to attend, the annual convention as she. was called to California because of her father's serious illness. The Lee Seversons moved last week Into the. Mohjux apartment which was recently vacated by the E> A. Genriches, who pur- Chased the former Galbraith house apartment on State street and moved there. Mr. end Mrs. W. A. Foster and the former's brother and wife, i Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Foster of An-1 keny returned Friday from Forest View on one of the lakes near Walker, Minn., where they spent a few days fishing. They report the' wall-eye fishing so good that they came home a day ahead of lime. Mr. and Mrs. ,O. B. Witierrt, who had-lived in the Sitf Spear apartment, have moved to Little Rock and Mr. Wittern has gone into, the painting business with a cousin. The apartment they vacated is occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Wickey. Mr. Wickey is employed as truck driver for the. Kent-Wheeler company. Mrs. Ira Bonnotte and her daughter and, son-in-law, Mr. Elmer Bunkofske, returned Saturday from a week's visit With relatives. The Bunkofskes vis- Tuesday, June 8> 1948 Algona Uppftr ited the forttiefc'S parents,-, Mf. and MBS. Herman Buflkdftke at Cor.ydon k and Mf$, BQhn^tte,.Vis* iled her. brother and Sistef*inkWi Mr. and Mrs. Harfy Elmore at Lucas. Mr. and Mr«. Eugene. Huichin* returned Sunday from a vaeatjon to Long Island, N. Y., where" they visited Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hutchins, brother and sister-in-law of Eugene. They visited many points of, interest, Niagara Falls, to Canada, Washington,^ D,. C., and Virginia. The children W«re cared for, by Mrs. Hutchins' mother, and .sister, Mrs. E, W. Lusby and Marguerite Dalziel. Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Vander Waal went to low.a City last week Saturday ahd • brought home their soft Lee, who had completed his first year at the State U. Memorial day the, Vander Waals went, to Hampton and spent the day with Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Renaud, sister ahd brother-in-law of Mrs. Vander Waal. Mf. . h;aVe Ji ' Minn., who remained ~ »,i-iiv days. Mrs. Law teaches: at-Mtii*, eota and plans to attend school at Marshall, Mifih. Mr. and Mrs. William had Mrs. Minnie Morse, iSidU« City, and Mrs. Emma OlsOfl bl 'Pocahontas as weekend guests, The women are sisters of Mfs". vi- gars. Mrs. Morse joined Mf3,<Ol4 son at Pocahontas to accompany; ' her here. • Mrs. Tom VerHuel has matte Several, trtps to Mason City the' past week, accompanying E"d McNeil, to, see his grandson Jimmy tfellis, 20-months-old son of Mr. and Mrs. I>aul Nellis, who has •| been a patient at the Park hos- 4 pi.tal since May 2, suffering, wit.h pneumonia. Mr. and Mrs. Nellis ] have remained at Masoh City during the child's sickness. He is now imprpved and has begun to take nourishment. McMahon"at Dr. G. H. Gretzmey er's office w.hilg, Mrs. McMahon is on vacation at Mitchell,'S. D. She had gone there to a^end an alumni meeting • of; thg, hur>es- class .from which she was graduated and tOrVisit her^grandfather. Mr. and, Mrs., William Holdren left Thursday for Cedar .Falls where both? are*enrolled -for - summer school. ' They had -visited Mrs. Holdren's- parentsV the Rev. and Mrs. John Buthrnan.^t .Sioux City, coming from 'there ; to 'visit William's father-and Wandinoth- er>M. J. Holdi-en-ajid Mrs; Katherine Holdren.. »v? ; , HOI.., ton (With tlif-ir . Beulahlen a^d family. . son Everett Stev- .. Dr. R. A. Evans,, who has ; been a; surgical patient' a.t> Rochester ' for two weeks : ; returne'd i hi?; home Of^hei<iiSt«!$, af^ernoqn.s^!t( niysing shortage,' octOr . Eyans is " making a: good recovery. : Mr. and Mrs, Lewi^.BJ Gfendiye, : Mont!, arriyegi day evening for a short -. . f VICTOR MAIURE COLEEN^EiiAY 0!r<ct>d by "HENRY HATHAWAY Productd by FBED,KOHLMARs Added "DAFFY DUCK SLEPT HEflE" Sunday • Monday - Tuesday, June 13-14-15 Road Show Aitraclion. At Regulsr Prices TOTS N& LAW, THAT CAN TAKE THIS WOMAN FROM MEF rwith Mrs. F. L. Tribon and'her daughter, Mrs. Otis Paddock of Phoenix. They were, on •. their;way to Ames wheref,Mjr.\Bi?9}?lyCattiend- edj on Moi^payi' a,- 25th,ah'njyers&rV reunion forVtKe'i class -from which he.V was graduated,' a.t; lo^va, State co|lege,v. •' Mr. an. j, ~^,1 1 '.^. "-".'"-•-,5',,f--..BP-*^-j"'rvT r ^.-*; as. last weekend''•guests- their daughters and' sons-in : law, Mr. and Mrs. Paul iOw.en§,' and.'Jean, of 5 Iowa City,' Mr! - and >Mrs^- Harley Peters and.,'S|tr4jl,, Jane, of Charles City,' aR^dTMi'.'.and Mrs. Benny Leonard 'apd'Hatjty of Del,mar. The, Owens r&niajned. till Friday but the,other^^|t^rne4 to their homes Tuesday,';"-*' . Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Hohn of Miis'.-'' """''' •"-"""' '-'- Mrs. C. A. Creel, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. L. R. Potter, who last .several to join : her has been here the weeks, left Sunday husband at Washington, D., C.., where hp was transferred from Astoria, Ore. She remained 'here until a^home could be?, found. Mr. and Mrs. j'arnes. Cronin left Sunday for Lincoln."'"**"''" headquarters of Mr. Cronin, is with the U. S. Geological survey. Mrs. Cronin is the-; former Opal Cronan and has been with, her.; parents, Mr, and Mrs., Bert Cronan, till her husband was more permanently located, : ' • Arlene Spilles spent from last week Sunday,; iUnjHiv.Thupsday ; :,i.-. ipmer •graqlua'te.d St. ';jps;eph]s .,. ,..,.. , ,. ingy-'JCifte 1.1 -She-.algo attended the' gijadii- miOn of "friends ^--'~ ••^---- 1 "-'^ myv Tuesday eveningy'jfifte§o at'tftnded the' gijadii- Dqwling. college, Wednesday' evenirfg. Sex Taylor^ w' to,, . ^ .. ,, . Mo., Saturday to, bring! home, his wife and little son who had t>eeh . visiting her parents, Mr. an.d j Mrs. S. L. Brown, the p'as.t week, i They wera accompanied home by Mrs. D. L. Seaman and son Joy, cousin of Mrs. Tgylor. The -vis-. itors will rema.J!if..seyerar days.] ' . ha§ recteritiy,- been Minn., to see his -uncle, coysin, Mr. and Mrs. Geprge Hojin,- a.od;- Arnold. ' plsjns- • . and will -enter.*' riurslng ?*ome as . Mr, Ho^p j,s in ,ver.y pooc heall.h, •- r YOUR EYES WILL BEHOLD... IHEOHE GREAT SCREEN , EXPERIENCE OF YOUR UFI! * Thwrsdsyi 4«n§ Htnry Nnde • MwpJM Bto In - went ^ to Grinneil, Thursday, tp bring hbrnej their ' regpgotiy?,; eaaught<|rs Ann and, Margery, students at th4 college;'•''•'wej&' 'This \yeek Thursday ths- C $^flft' w4^",8R;.-• ^ Camp Hai)esf\a, ,fv§»r .Boons, : and both will-,be counujelprs; Ann of swimming: and campcraft, and Mqrggvy of^usiq. fto4 pounselor. Mr, and;Mir»* Lor«n. Thorn; returned,, where theyrh^4 R < >/r«TD^.r.ri VM Thcmpson. Tb and Mrs, Miles cPea of son, tlle^Rook, Aric. accompanied kome by M cousin of Mrs, Thomp» who wW remain . Mr. and Mi^,' yfo}/ Steele returned Saturday, from Minneapolis, Minn., where, they , had spent a few days. Mr. and Mrs. George Oelrich of. Orange City, parents of Mrs. Steele, 'came lagt week Thursday. . to be,. -vvJ.ith the Steeles' daughters Marianne arid Sally during their parents' absence. The Oelriches^ remained uptil Monday. , kids KRESENSKYS SHOE DEPARTMENT My Sincere Thanks * . toThoiftWho Primary Effction " & %• a-,- 'i IwisW, .. -. „ * ., ^^S;-t^'y^^ white ny!0ns tor nurses This fluid-but-firm Combina- lion gives you living, breathing, moving freedom. Made of fine Rayon Batiste . , . double mesh bust and top back sections, side Talon, Las- tex Batiste side sections and front gore . . . you'll love the feeling of completeness this foundation will give you. Eyery fur coat entrusted to us is handled wi f h \\\f utmost care. You can rclv on us for expert cleaning and repair— for safe storage.' Remodeling is our specialty. Rec- sooaW<Sj> rates.-, It's ComingJ • Vydjch for Kresenskv's Advance Shoeing . " of 1948-49 For Coals CONTROLLED UWLIFT? . t,hat'-Si,qtn(y the beginning, of - «ITW nn A • *UL 7 BilA AVORlTIS If you detlgns^l ypur .own bra yoy, couldn't ADJUSTABLES* tricot rayon (eney. 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