The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 8, 1948 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 8, 1948
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^T^ff |J^*f?|pfY-'' r * / :$,."• <<V\' '4"' !<•' •' v-v •• •-'•"' .'•' ( " ; -' n ,. , 5 P^r ?/ ' By Huts Waller * * * Ai Emmeitbutg, where they are also pretty wild about softball, as we are in Algona, a small boy came up with a whizzer . , , he f nonchalantly. walked around passing the hat* pnd 'a steady stream of cash dropped; into the topper from spectators' ... the 6nly Catch w¥s that, he was do- Ing it on his own ( as the crowd found out later-', when tho official hat was passed. • • * v * * A fUthing expedition from Algona was pretty upset when a telegram arrived from Lake of tho 'Woods, last v/eck, telling the local .delegation that a brand new houseboat which they had planned to occupy and dedicate as the '••"Algonquin" on n trip north, had/^unk in the lake on its trial run v:. . however, another houseboat Was 'arranged for. and Ralph Miller, Theo Chfischiiles, Dr. M. G,( Bourne, Dr.' Karl Hoffman A. H. Borchardt and' J3d Capesius took, off for there, Friday morning i . . it was probably a good thing they made a test run of the 'boat before the crew got there. • .'•*'.•* * Speaking of fishfng trips, - Another local irlo went up norih of -Kenora. Canada, and settled down in a swanky spot recommended to them as costing $8 per day each , ... at .the end\ of the second day they picked • up. some literature in the lodge and found the S8 per was for ROOM ONLY ... the total cost per day added up to $38 ... they pulled out the next morning. * *. * June 13 is the d,ate set by the Seneca Saddle club for its- big show at. the Senpca club's grounds, north of the Seneca school, v ' * * * *. Britt has selected'August 17 as tho date for Hobo Day ... If our neighbors can now 'arrange to produce, Kature Boy in persoh --for ,the big' ev'ettfr/tiieXfWJll the* town. • • *• , '4,'' • ,'. » ,*». * ^ ,,, For those' deprt»i><J abotii jibor housing there 1 is always the cheering thought that Lincoln was ,born in a Ipg cabin only 12 feet wide. * * * WILDLIFE NOTE: Tom Akre vouches for this. He was going home, afcput 11:30 p. m., last Wednesday evenfng, and at the corner of Thorington and Call he/came face to face with a doe, about two-thirds grown . . . the animal trotted -across the hotel corner, across the courthouse lawn, and ambled ; off west on State St., not a bit frightened. • ' *• •*-'.-.*, '• '•* ; Albert Granzow really had his neighbors guessing for a time, recently. They • spotted!, a big washtub in his yard, and over it an umbrella .', . when Albert seemed to be i hanging over thefedge on occasions, they thought maybe ; he had a backyard, wading pool . . . then they investigated, and found thai Albert had planted ft fine batch of pansies and was just making sure they got }he right start in life. * * * Gen. Douglas , Mac Arthur should be commended . . . he used good judgment, better than that of his • Washingtpn inviters, to decline to return to this country from Tokyo until after the political conventions , are held ... as he said, "My. return at this time, however sincere in purpose, would be misunderstood ' and'condemned by many as politically inspired 1 " , . , good reasoning, General, » t f • Dated June 2, from The Pas, Manotoba, a postcard from' our Canadian correspondent-adventurer, Frahk Vera: "Ice still'on lake . , , quite cool,". We believ* you, Frank. * * * AUVICE TO BACHELORS: A few simple suggestions list-ed here should en&Wf the single male to stay single/ Jhis keap Yejr: (It stay awgy from crowds, avoid being QittSwt '»fe n ^.,' al * ways travel in paiys*>»(2) hiber« like a beeM§) refuse to any >qiieptoQp'iin the ai» without 'advice of a "eat -garlic twice a disdainfuUy snorted Jf. 4S8|WnW ^ j *•* eiif I, * f" \> v^ • vv. .' - ,r* &i ^ __ tftSft* *T I ttoifttti lewi Swimming 1 , Wading Pools Offer Escape From Summer Heat Hot weather is no prabl&TiV for those lucky enough to get near the AlgOfttf'latincipal Swimming Pool, or the Athletic PttfkvJ||Bin« pool. The Municipal Pool 6f|jFc«llty opened Wednesday atterhdon of last wlltSf under the supervision of Gene'Hertz, high Senosl athletic director. The pool will be open daily fro$ 2 to 10 p.m. ahd after June 15 lessons ih swiftlfft'nig will be given in the mornings on a schedule tp be announced. Assisting HerU at the pofil are Don Potter and Kenneth Bakkcn, lifeguards, and Charlene Clement and Mary Vender" Wirf} bathhouse attendants. ' ^ Season tickets to 11 yeaTsy^nclusive, will be $2,44. tor childreft 12 through 16 the season ticket is $3.86, afid 17 ftftd over it is $4.88. Single admissions for adults afe 36 cents and for children 15 cents.' Pictured here is also a group of youngsters at the wading pool, which is proving as popular as the big pool. Effective June ?, Betty Mcfctiroc is to supervise this pool; during the hours of 1:16 p.m. to 5 p.m. and she will also organize games and conduct a story hour for the tots. Every effort will be made to keep the pool clean, it was said. This spot is particularly A good place for children of kindergarten, first, second and third grade ages. ESTABLISHED 1865 ALGONA, IOWA TUESDAY, JUNE 8, 1948 THREE SECTIONS-20 PAGES ey By 65 *.* # -X- * Alma Pearson, H. W, Miller, ff^ 61 Kossuth 4-H Boys And Girls Off To take Camp Sixty-one 4-H boys and girls are leaving today, June 8,'for a three day 4-H camp to be held at the Methodist grounds at Clear Lake, June 8, 9 and 10, Campers will travel in school buses. Recreation facilities will be provided, and there will be morning programs of hikes and handicraft classes, and evening programs. Leaders from • Kossuth who planned on attending were Mrs. Cliff Benschoter, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Ives, C.. C. Inman, Alfred Zielske, A. L. Brown, and Alma Schultz. Campers who are registered are: Dorothy Dunmire, Bonnie Schutjer, Buffalo Boosters; Laura Jean Barr, Marjorie K/5llasch Wires; Beverly Kain, Joan McWhorter, Plum Creek Mijtej Jeanette Hall, Shirley Lickteig; Prairie gals; Luella Borm'amv Gloria Steele, Riverdale Rus Cresco Chums; Marilyn Weis- tiers; Ruth Sanders, Lois Burt, brod, Catherine Carney, Fenton' Seneca Stars; Leila Rutledge, Forwards; Fern Work, Mildred • Lavonne Riebhoff, Union Aleth- Patterson, Grant. Go-Getters; can; Lois Goetz, Shirley Goetz, Mary Celeste Bernhard, Theresa Wesley Wizards; LaBerte Ost- Heiar, Greenwood girls; Virginia wald, Whittemore Winners; Mary McKean, Lakota Luckies; Marvel |Alig, Janice Walters, Whittemore Schmidt, Carol Ann Thompson, Whizzers; Francis Culbertsori, ,L6ne Rock Lively Rockets; Mar-1 William Moore, Seneca club. . ian Fandel, Bernadette Fandel, Lotts Creek Lassies; Doris Fett, Dick Sarchet, Union club;Gary Schenck, Burt club; David Joyce Weston, .LuVerne Live Thompson, LuVerne club; Har- old Fisher, Garfield. club; James 'Preston, Gordon Jones,' Swea club; Jim Mullins, Dale Johnson, Prairie club; Donald Winter, Joseph Anderson, Lakota; Roger Moore, Ralph Wesselman, Marlyn Franzen, Titohka club; Richard Waterbury, Dean Zielske, Grant club; Donald Meyer, Lotts Creek club; Kenneht Thomson, Lone.Rock club; Victor Youngwirth, Whittemore club; Robert Lensing, William Bernhard, Greenwood club; Harry Studer, Willis Janes, Wesley club; Marilyn Trunkhill, Portland club; Robert Dodds, John Albright, Mrs. Overmyer Rites Monday; w/-f>i.'«f ** f r S ! »^X| • . Mrs. .JSdith Overmyer, a resident of Algona, since 1904, d'ed*early Friday morning at her home'here as the result of a sudden heart attack.' She was st'-i'-ken «oon after, arising, and while preparing .breakfast. She was 71 years old, , Funeral services were held at the Methodist church here, Monday afternoon at 2 ra.m. Rev. O. W. Brand was in charge of- the services, assisted by Rev.. F; Earl Burgess. • "V ' Mrs. Wesley Barllett. provided two musical numbers, singing "Beautiful Isle of Somewhere"," and "Going Home". .• Mrs. Alta Bushnell, who is erh r cloyed at the Tiggcs drug, "has 1 been staying nights \Vith Mrs. Overmyer during the absence of A n 'fr>; n ^tt-> B'rt*mstetter. who' ha'd lived .at the Overmyer home for 1 „.. a-at years. Mrs. Overmyer insisted that Mrs. Bushnell have breakfast, with her before going to work, Friday. /Mrs. Bushnell found Mrs.' Ovcrmvcr when she came downstairs, Friday morning, and called a doctor, but by the time a doctor arrived Mrs. Overmyer had passed away. Burial was in Riverview cemetery. Pall bearers were'W. A. Foster, Milton Norton, J. D, Lowe, Bert Cronan,' O. B. Laing and Ralph Miller. Arrangements were by McCulloughs.-. Mrs." Qvermyer was a member of the, Methodist church and the Eastern Star. She formerly was a member of the Home Economics club, the Library Aid and the Methodis't Ladies Aid, She served that organization as president at different times prior to the formation of the W.S.C.S, which supplanted it. A daughter of John and Mary Brown-McAlpine, Mrs. Overmyer was born on Christmas day, 1876, at Cherokee, Iowa, On Dec, 25, 1903 she wa? married to-J. F. Overmyer at the^ home of her parents at Traer. Mr, Overmyer was then superintendent of schools at Parkersburg. In 1904 the. cpuple came to Aigona, and Mr. Overmyer became super* intendent' of schools, a position he heW until retirement in 1933. Onje daughter survives. She is June Adeie (Mrs, Dale Carr) of Oskalposa, .There is one.grand' daughter, garbara Cam and a sister, Mrs, 0, E, Green Pf Pasadena, Calif., who also survive, -, Mr?, Ovtrmyer was know to have-a hgart ailment swt *!*t wjnter shf speni roost §1 t,he time, at the bflme of bfF W&W* law and daughter, Mr, grid Mrs, Qarr, at Qskalopsa, ghg improved and wa§ gplj tpjetui' her own home eaj}y thjs. ^prim, and 6 Soap Box Derby Entries There may not, be a 1948 Soap Box, Derby 'in Algona, but there, will bo" at least a dozen entries ,> from Algona in, the, district race'to be held , at Fori'Bojlg^t.tsJw^y&l?.'?^ *v ., Tom Sawytifr:Juntos Chamber of Commerce ' member .who ig,in charge of the Soap Box Derby ehir}eg from Algona, said that I any other boys wishing to enter can do so but they must 'make their application not later than Saturday, June 12, at 'the Kossuth Motor. Each entry will have a local sponsor. Those , wha.ihave already sigried. UP s io"r,tha FprtJDodge * distriefWre'etlrfe 1's^olibw^' David Yeoman, Don fifahapp^ [ M David Y e,o m a n, p/n ' "i Schaap, Kent, Peters, Doiipld, William, Richard and* Gary Richard, Terry McGuire/Nick Reding. Willie Risiau," Monty Kruse, Jack Lighter, Janfes Asa, Richard Eraser arid Jerry Schemmel. Les Kenyon to Head Legion Here Widen A Cprner. City vwtot?»_*!3PJ!!y&to£ o M*$^'2W&fl GQ : > WMs Front T 8 Les Kenyon, above, is the commander-elect of Hagg Post" No. 90 of the American Region, here. He will take office, with other new officials named last'Wednesday, the' first week ' in • August. Les will succeed Harry Greenberg as commander. , , Greenberg automatically „ becomes first vice commander, and Palmer Jensen was. elected second vice commander'and "Tony Spren- sen was picked as,' third vice commander. ' 4 . Chuck Paxson succeeds hiniself as adjutant, Fred Qiekmann is finance officer, Jo^.Li' is service officer, Rev, Earl Burgess is chap- plain, Gayle Studjer }s sergeant- at-arms, and Glen flaney and Bill Zimmerman were,-named as historians, all' succeeding themselves. '*;',, The post is especially proud of having passed the. 500 membership total, the highest tjv its history, and expects to receive a state 'trophy. . ' bounty Officers To Co A Fishing The board of, supervisors has planned its for this weels, merfall ' and §ro.r iapy Kill Thaf Fly! HI! Blank To Insure Action Nearly every householder in Algona has received- a form which, when filled in and-returned, will enroll that home in the city-wide fly spray campaign being sponsored by the Junior Chamber of Commerce. . The distribuiton of the forms took place Saturday, Also, in today's paper, there is a -direct appeal from the JayCees and a blank form which can be filled out ahd mailed to Box 41, Algona, by any householder Who was missed in Saturday's canvass. Those who have the campaign forms at home and have filled them out can give them to their daily'.newspaper carrier boys this weekend when th^ boys collect, or can mail them direct to Box 41, Until final results are known from the residential area, .no date for the city-wide fly spray can be. set. Cost for each home would be $3.15 and this includes three sprays during the summer. A canvass of the business district is nearing completion, and it is certain that the business area will be lined Up for five sprays during the summer, -with latest fly-killing apparatus. Included m the spraying, if enough househloders cooperate, will be the swimming pool area, stockyards, pity dump and other similar areas. This cost will be borne by the Junior Chamber of Commerce. Mrs,Myers,76, Auditor Jn> 5ngw/er accpnv* Five New Members Cham, of Commerce The Algona Chamber of Commerce goal of haying every business, business or professional man , a member of the organization giyes, promise of btwg reali?ed when the present gnrolJjnent campaign is finished. Since last wees Thursday when eight teamjs pf two .members each started, canvassing, jtwfnty.rftve n^W n^rofeershjps §|ye b$en signed up. Those fjoi nj-eyfeusly ref jgges. Drug m*& Sports- aro Rites Saturday Mrs. Johanna Myers died Thursday night'at her home here on Main street following a few days' illness. She had been in poor health for some time. She was 76 years old. Funeral services were held Saturday at 9:30 a.m: at St. Cecelia's church with Rev. W. B. Bauer officiating. Burial was in Calvary cemetery. Arrangements were by McCullough's. , Mrs. Myers was born in Plum Creek twp., Aug. 19, 1 : 871, only 17 years after the first settlement in Kossuth county was made. The country was still raw and hew, and the rigors of pioneer living were the lot of all. She was the daughter of Peter Paul Hegarty an Irish immigrant, and Jane Dodd-Hegarty from the Livermore vicinity. Her paternal grandparents came directly from Ireland to New York thence to Iowa. There were two other boys in the family besides Mrs. Myers' husband, When she was a little girl her parents homestoaded a place nine miles northeast of Algona. . As a child she had such educa- ! tion as the grade school then afforded. Her schooling was finished at tho v old Algona Normal college from which she graduated. Fifty-three years ago she was married -in Algona to William •Myers. The couple lived at Al- ;gona the first 10 years of marriage then moved to Spirit Lake, and later to Wisconsin. They returned to Algona in 1921 and had since resided here. Mr. Myers died in June, 1938. •', Mr. and Mrs. Myers were parents of 11 children. The six surviving are Eugene, Jerry and Mrs. Eugene Messerly all of Algona; Dennis of Boston, Mass.; Mrs, Morris Patton and William both of Fort Dodge. There are 10 grandchildren. ' *, She is also survived by three sisters: Mrs. Charles Redemske, Algona; Mrs. Margaret Vantreese, Conrath, Wis., and Mrs, Mary Dale pf Granada, Minn. She had six brothers, all of whom are deceased. Relatives from a distance attending the final rites were the two sisters, and the son and daughter frpm Fort Dodge, and Pennis from Boston. |?all bearers were Matt Selzer, 'Mel Griffin Hetwings, Mike Wagner, and Emmet Aug. Heg- Naval Doctor Gets Fellowship rolci A. Streit, mecU ., USN, of 3U Nprfh ,., Algona, lows, has been from a residence in pr^ :&gped> surgery at the Naval ^itai, Philadelphia, Pa-, to iwshjp in orthopedic surge] tbe Cleveland Clinic, Ciey &gt.U a.graj|v»t§ pj Balgeman Wins Over Schipull; 3 Close Races Johnson; Schram Renommated In Supervisor Races Kossuth republicans; turned their backs on Governor Robert Blue, in Monday's election, and gave a* 1424 to 1298 margin to Wm. S. Beardsley. Kossuth republicans thus-kept pace with the state trend which unseated Blue as the republican nominee in favor of Beardsley. - 1 , f This was the closest race on the republican ticket in^tho county. '•' In coutttihpfjyce 1 contests, H, W-i feat Louis NitchalsV, who' had 735 votes. » Henry H.^Meyer.of LuVerne won the republican nomination for sheriff; defeating Hugh L. McEnroe, 1336 to 667. , U. S. Senator Geb? L. Wilson ran far ahead of John N.' Calhoun for renominatioh to that office. About 2.400 G.O.P Votes There were about 2,400. republican ballots cast. Other than the contests mentioned above, there: were no county races for primary nomination. .' ^ Votes for other state offices where there Were contests were widely scattered. ..,., Congressman-James fchDolliver, State Senator D. E. Dowel, and Chas. W. Patterson, candidate for state representative on the republican ticket,, ha'd no opposition. But the cqntests.for supervisor on the republican ticket, in three districts. were • comparatively close all the way. Balgeman Wins .Frank Balgeman, Whittemore, oldtime supervisor, started a comeback campaign by defeating A. A. Schlpujl of'LuVerne, 259 to 195, Balgeman's strong fort was Whittemore, which gave him a 113 to 13 margin. Schipull's heavy vote came from his home territory of LuVernc, which gave him a margin of 108 to 27. Riverdale and Sherman gave Balgeman an edge, and Schipuli carried Irvington. Balgeman will thus oppose Henry Scheppman, democratic nominee, in the fall. In the third district, W. A. Schram of TUonHa was renomin- ated, 265 to 170, over Louis Bartlett, also of Titonka. Schram parried Wesley and Buffalo by considerable 'margins to give him the victory. He will oppose W, S. Cosgrove who won the democratic nomination, in the fall. Myron Johnson, present fifth district supervisor frpm Swea City, won his primary victory in his Harrison' twp. He polled 246 votes, L, A." Nit? of Lakota had 227, and G, V, KeUing tallied 199. Johnson .will oppose A. M. Kollasch, deit»oer;awp nominee, in the fall. ' ,'' GIVES BWIE EDGE QVER BEARD5LEV While Kogfuih as a whole gave Wm. S, SeardsJey toe nod as the G.O.P, gyb,ernatonal candidate. Algona Tmckea th,e trend, and gave Robt, BJye a margin of about 70 votes, Other thw that the vote in Alggna went' ftlppg with gen<- §ral result 'Jo gsv r&ces. * * .* » Nominated , or*b"bufi?y>a«prT of^Henry Meyer,* rep'uuui^>u-^cui- didate for" sheriff, \vas^ available." Sheriff Baffle | On Democratic - Tickef Narrow | 1,700 Ballot; 3 Becker Loses By • , 3-To-l Margin ,,J By a'margin of 65 votes, Ralph /Jl Lindhorst, present deputy sheriff, ',!!•*' won the democratic nomination I 1 ?! for that office from E. S. (Duke) % Kinsey, former^county,auditor. ',*& It was the closest primary race ^' for a county office in/nany years. At "times 5 there'^vas only^r—" vote difference - between* tbe -\ candidates.-- - - ,»• • Ralph W. Lindhorstj democratic nominee for sheriff. Alma Pearson, democratic nominee for clerk of district court. County Meeting Legion Auxiliary 'Bancroft — A joint county meeting of the Legion and Auxiliary will be held at the 'Legion Hall at Bancroft, Thursday, June 10. Frank Miles of Des Momes will be the principal speaker, Lunch will be served by the Lone Rock and Bancroft Auxiliary. in the Legion rooms follow ing the meeting. Monlux Sailing To Sweden, Sept. 10 D. D. Monlux has reservations on the S. S. Cfripsholm to leave New York Sept. 10 for Sweden, He wii,l jpin Mrs, Monto an3 the son/Pr. William 'Mwwux, wh,p h§_ve been in Sweden s&ce nomination" 'for tnat" 'office" By' a 1 - ,1 margin of three to-one. •'',.'•> 1700 Democratic .Votes ! There were' no t other contests- on the county democratic' ticket. About 1700 democratic votes were cast. • ' ' .. Summary of the contests: Sheriff—Ralph W. Lindhorst, 877; E. S. Kinsey, 812. , . •Clerk of Court—Alma Pearson, 1208; Wm. J.'Bepkqr,'404.. Other nomirfee.s fpr county, of- J fice, without; ppppsition, were. > Leo J. Imjnerfall,.''auditor; Jftos< % ' ella Voigt, .tfeasurer;^Claja Walk-* -' er, recorder;; and!; Hi^Jf.McNert-" ' ney, county attorney,?', ,t• - | There were>'no, supervisor* con-^ tests on t the democratic ticket.^ either. Henry Scheppman polled^ 336 votes to get the -first district nomination. Wm. Cosgrove was! • nominated frorrt the third dis> trict, getting 276 votes. A. -M? , Kollasch received 127 votes im the fifth district and won theP ' nomination 'without oppositipn. ^ Close All The Way » In Algona, Lindhorst and Kin-a scy ran a close race, Lindhorste carried the first, second and s ,' fourth wards by small margins, and Kinsey won the third by six votes, i Lindhorsfs heaviest support ,by ", a numerical margin came, from Wesley, ^herman and Irvingttfn, , Kinsey's greatest numerical support in 1 terms of margin over his opponent, came from'Whittemore and Greenwood. Guy Mf' 1 Gillette had a wide margin over Ernest J. Seeman in the race for the democratic nomination for United States senator. There were no other contests on the democratic ticket, Casey Loss was nominated without p£position as state representative, He polled 1405 votes, ^ ELECTION JUDGE DJES HAS STROKE WHILE BALLOTS work University of S4 will retwrn to the GQth,e.mb.erg in Humholdt leni, * -•"—•L- *wnf ^ ." "".BWl... wm& |*ew^9n« in Eagle twp,, a Btroke about 10 p< countlrii tcwnship .; ro» feONEvReC!r(PEHTO»

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