The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 1, 1948 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 1, 1948
Page 9
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,.; • ',- f Bonnie Bisenius Bride At Whittemore On May -24th t.uH.««lM. 4. 4.hb,l-li i ' ' ' ' I* the late John LdHrville. Jn a fashionable weddihg of late spring on Monday, May ,24, at.8.a, m r In,St. MI- cntiera Catholic hurch before ah altar banked withs pring flowers, Hev. William Veit read the nup- I' tial, mass and performed the dollble ring wedding cererrtdrty t which united in marriage Bortni'e :* Bisfenius, daughter of Mr, aftd < MrS. James Bisehius, of Whittet more, and Joseph B. Kavanaugh, |- sort 1 of Mrs, John Kavdnaugh, and , '^ '— •••••• Kavanaugh , of Acolytes were Merle Kollasch f and Cletus Besch. tfhe bride, most attractive, was f iven in marriage by her father, arftes Bisenius. She was dressed in a white sa,tin bridal gown, with imported chantilly lace which made up the yoke and little collar, and the edges of the panier Sides and sweeping train. Her Veil was of sheer illusion net with tiara of lilies of the valley and orahge blossoms. The only jew- lery she wore was a rhinestone bracelet, a gift of the groom. She carried a colonial bouquet of wnite carnations with an orchid oenter. Serving as tnaid of'honor was Miss Martha Kavanaugh, of Fort Dodge, sister of the groom. Her dress was of whj^te satin taffeta with bustle' back, and short cap sleeves. She wore long white lace gloves and a bridesmaid hat. She • carried a colonial bouquet, of white carnations tied with yellow t . ribbons. Miss Joan Bisenius, as junior bridesmaid for her sister, was 4 dressed in a white taffeta gown identical to that of the maid of / honor. She wore lo'hg white gloves and carried a colonial -bouquet of white carnations, tied .»-. with an orchid ribbon. Clement Bisenius, brother of <j£ the bride, of Whittemore, and '.. Robert Gaffney, of .Carroll, a -t cousin of the bridegroom,iattehd- ,« ed th'e : groom. Raymond Kollasch, a cousin of' the bride, arid Cecil jf Eckerman, of Fort DOdge, were •'!? ushers. Jt- " The wedding march "NUptiale" was played by Sister M. Leo diir- u ing the processional. She is a ior- V mer music teacher of -the : bride. i She accompanied Joan Kavan)& augh, sister of the groom, who sang "Ave Maria", and ''O Lord ..* I Am Not Worthy", .Mary -Jane Uhlenhake and Joah Kelly sang ' "Mother at Your Feet Is Kneel- 4 ing" and "Little White Guest". Mrs. Bisenius, mother of . the 5. bride, wore a suit of aqua -blue, with black and white accessories ^ and her shoulder corsage 'was of ' yellow carnations. Mrs. John /j, Kavanaugh, mother of the bride- iji groom wore a black dress with white accessories and her shoulder corsage was of white carna- , tions. Following the ceremony a wed- dia i jpr-eakf ast was served " •• '•*•* f ; the .>bf>id€!'s igrahd Bisenius and James M, Conors, oi; Washington, D, C.; Mr. aHd Mrs. James Lenhart and daughter 'of Storm Lake; Mr. and Mrs. James Owens of Lake City; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ooffney, Carroll^ Mn and Mrs. Edward Kavariaugh, Mr., and Mrs. C. T. Ooffney, Mr. £ind Mrs, John 'DoWling, Mr. .and Mrs.' Blakoyick, all of Lohrvllle; Mr. ahd Mrs. Harry Blood, BloUx City; Bonnie and Pauline ! HdW- ers, Cecil Eckerman, )Vliss J6- : Meller Port Dodge; Mr. and v,Mrs. Mike Lloyd, Mason City;.Mr!.and Mrs. : Albert Eisele and fa'i-nily, Blue Earth, Minn.; Mr. and; Mrs. Herman Bode, Wesley; Mr! aM Mrs. Jol|n Bisenius and family, Emmetsburg; Mr. and Mrs. Tho-: mas Oawson, Fort Dodge; Mr. .and Mrs. . Albert KlaUss, Mr. and Mrs. Gtty 'BlarkoVick, Lohrville; Roberta Hutchinson, DCS M6ines; Arlene Munseri, Vera Hudson and Mrs'. Vera Johnson and Mary •Kathleen Farrell, all of -Fort Dodge| For Wedding Those from a distance who attended the Buscherfeld and Lewis wedding and reception last Mon*day were Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Lewis and daughter Bonnie, Mr. and Mrs. W. .A. ,LcWis and Cecil, Mrs; Clara Lewi$, arid Mrs. Luella Patterson, all 6f 'Fort Dodge: Mrs; Margaret Posch, Mrs. John .Posch . and Mrs. Dale Burke, of St. James, Minn.; :Mr's. B. J, Elbert and family./ahd Mr; '.-.and Mrs. Lloy.d Jbyrit and daughter Kathleen, of Emmetsburg; Adam Elbert of Ruthven; and Lavdri and Zclda Huntress of Spencer. Mrs. Mary Pick, mother of .'Father Raymond Pick, returned do her home Friday from St.iVin- ceiit's hospital in Sioux City, af- ,ter. improvirtg from an infection/ Father Pick had visited her last week. 14 Peter 'Waldron Sr. became*,!!! with/ a heart ailment Thursday and began to show signs of im- prements on Sunday. lie is still bedfast. Mrs* Edmund O'Brien arrived home from the Kossuth hospital, Saturday. The O'Brien's son who weighed nine pounds at birth, had- bsen taken to a Mason City hospital the previous day arid is under the care of Dr. Sai'tcii'i a child specialist. He was takeri to Rochester, Minn., Tuesday. He was, named Timothy Anthony and had contracted an infection in i ;the n stomach shortly after birth.'- His 'condition is con.^idfe^9 serious; His grandmother, Mrs. Catherine , O'Brien, has been assisting in the Edmund O'Brien home. , •Mr. .and Mrs. William .Besch . . . and family attended the tenth anniversary of Mr. and . Ei'Wih ElbeYt near Hbdnian, Sunday evening. Mrs. Ernie Meyer and daughter Elaine, and son Eldon. Rae attended 'a miscellaneous shbwet held Thursday afternoon in the Lutheran thurch badeftleht 61, Lu^ Verne ih Honor of Miss Corfi RiS- tau of Nora Springs, who is a cousin of Mr. Meyer. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Struepker ahd Mr. and Mrs. Erwin ,Stru- ecker and Mr. dnd Mrs. August Roggo, West Send, and Mr. and Mrs. Clsfertce Struecker were Sunday evening .visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Herntan Behnke in Whittemore. BurtMenWin Bowling Doubles At the recent dose of the bowling season at the Barry Recreation alleys, a tournament Was held with the result that the doubles championship of the tourney went to ChUck Davis and Harold Anderson, with a score _£f 1220. The winning doubles team is from Burt. Other top scores in the doubles; J. Blanchard and A, Schult/v 1197; Ed Mittag and G. Colberg, 1193; Doc Thissen and Lawrence Winkel, 1191; Matt Amfahr and Glen Colberg, 1190. The singles, championship was won by Cliff Benschoter with a 671 total for three lines. Other top scores: A. Briggs, 665; Bud Zender, 656; Glen Col-, berg, 647; Jim Dailey, 633; W. Decker, 617; Bud Briggs, 615; and Harlart Bianchard, 610. present v/e1-o Ifcrbsl, Taylor, Rrmvn, Sprngup, Hutbhifl absent. . » . Building applications were ajSbrHv for B. Annls, L. Nelson, A. KeiekeT, Davfd King, H, Colwcll, D. LfltHrbp, E, Miller, F, MuVey, S. Haag, 'W Sflhultz and H. W. Post. .A Clgarcttn permit was granted fft Alex .uerrnan. Appropflatlng "Drdlrt- nnce No. 715 was passed. . . Adalil CarHon, Clerk. Appfopflallng ordinance No. 7 IS An Ordinance appropriating fo to certain persons therein named. , B;> it Ordained by the Cltv Councjf of the City of Algona, Iowa: , j Section 1. That the following SUlrts arc hereby appropriated to be paid to the persons hereinafter named. ; Electric Fund L. Bollock, S.ilary ________ F. Dallby, Salnrv ....... . C. Wright, Salarv . . W. Ludv/lg, Salary ________ E. Orrtham. Salarv $ llO.lS 130.60" .61.15 . 118.0 1,9 . 121, . . .. , P. Newsome. Salary ____ - . 99.97 J. Reynolds, Salary 103.97 y ........ 103.97 85JR) 87:82 88.00 . , J. Hardgrove. Salar H. M CITY BILLS Algona, Iowa , . April 29. 1948 The Council tt\al In regular session, Maj-'or Kohlhdas presiding. Couhcil- ..'athcs, Salary A. Hill, Salary H. .Stcnhonson. Salary C. Webb, Salary _ 108.22 L. Dunn. Salarv . 108.22 H. Hedritk. Salary _.. . 75,82 C. Pollard, Salary _ . 137.87 Ira ,Kojil. Salary . 76.80 A. Carlson. Salary _ 116:17 H. Passmorn, Salary .. ... 8B.80 Iowa State Banl<, Tax ... 181.40 Social Security Fund, tax . 21.37 Diesel Service. I'uel . 6,106.98 Milwaukee IW. Co., Freight. 2,089.98 Fulton Iron Wks.. Mrjse. _ 518.27 W. D. Allen Mfg. Co., Mflsc. 19.01 Socony-Vaeuum Oil, Mdse. .. 36.9B Barton Salt Co., Mclse. 87.75 Terry-Durln, Mdse . 555.01 Northland Elor-l. Co., Mdse. . . 272.06 In. Elect. Supply, Md;:e. 37.87 Honan-Crnne. Mduo. . 8.04 Worrell Elect. Co., Mdse 476,75 Robertson Products Co., Mdse. 47.50 H. Post. Freight .... . 484 Chrome Station. Gas __ . 1.35 Dulclis Super Service. Rprs. ... 10.18 Schultz Bios., Tow .-'... . 2.00 Algona Machine Shop. Rprs. „ 31.55 Pratt Elect. Co.. Mdse." ... 145,15 Thorpe Wood Wits.. Rprs 2.50 Funk & Diem .Rprs 5.68 Laing & Muclccv, Rprs. 2.00 Botsford Lumber Co., Mdse. ... 88.88 Algona Hdwe., Mdsr\ _ 1,02 Kobllinas Hdwe., Mdse .._:.. 3.63 NW. Natl. Ins. Co., Ins 9,50 Momeyer & Sons, Abstract 7,00 Algona Newspapers. Printing 7.35 Advance Publ. Co.. Mdse. . 6.60 Algona U. D. M. Mdse 18.68 Panama Carbon Co. . 5.00 J. S. Swift Co., Mdsn 25.36 Nw. Bell Tele. Co., Service 25.64 Western Union. Service .63 K. D. James, Mdse. 1.63 Treasurer of State. Us<= Tax 23,10 Iowa State Bank. Service . 3.88 Water Fund H. Barton, Salary 123.75 Frank Ostrum. Salary 105.90 E. Gertaer, Salary 101.80 R. Barton, Salary 61.15 NOW! ANYONE CAN HAVE PLENTY OF HOT WATER IN A JIFFY! NEW 'DOCKET-SIZE" PORTABLE WATER HEATER COSTS LESS THAN'$2.25 HEATS FAST AS GAS Merely place a-FAST-WAY.Portnble'Wn- • tor tienler in a receptacle containing water. Plug in nearest socket. Presto! Heats water quick for bathing, scrubbing, washing, etc. Also cleaning milk separators, etc.—speed .depending on quantity. Heats fast as average gas burner. No fires to build or hot Water to carry—no run- iiing.up and down stiiirs. No dirt, no muss, no top-heavy fuel'bll|s. Handy I Inexpensive! Now eostH less than $2.25. Caution! Head directions before using. For sale by— PIMTMEL1CT. APPLIANCE Ziz E.'Slal'e Algona , not fiblie 4b attend the c becaUse ^of illness. / ELECfilC APP1§ANCT£S ception was the bride's paren' friends and al couple. decora'tett ding cak and groom. .,. The bride atf lie parochial sr' Present attended the-'wed- reception were Maxine AUNT HET BY ROBERT QUILLEN "Pa fcajijerf papers and a»hw. t he could be a lot worse, He know* b««tt than 40 ring in the bath tub," Our w *wmm*ri«in9 U weikiBf -it new. W» for ho} changinsr cjl« and I9|ff, and gelling cm ready for all tummer driving Why no* jeia ib «o Jh» K088UTH MOTOR y KOSSUTH - Service Behind Every Sale" Conducted by Miss Thelma Newell ; S ' ' Home Service Advisor FREE * Iron rile IRONING SCHOOL 2, 'Pollard, kohl, salary Mitchell, gal ,>wae 35.00 ™. f-Bru, wages -.-.—i^-i.*— v. J. Seller, .Wtfgf J. Jfeiter,. wag . . :. V. Black, Wneeli _^.._. -. .Johnson, Wages ^.^ . . me State Ba«R, fix BftCinl Seeull-ty iFund, Tax .1— gift* * Sons, IWdSe. .p........... Stiftalo Meter Co,, tddSe, tnbbc Machinery '& Supply, ' , Mdse. F, .Huxtable. Mdae. I.wI.II W6 Mai'hlnefy afid Supply, . ,. Mdse. --*..*» » A • "• * * Neptune Mete Co., Mdae", ..*.. H. Post, Freight .^............ Express Agency, Express .. Algoha Creamer v ( . .ana ... Ready-Mix Co., Mdse. ^. f McKessoh and RbBfam^, freight Matt Parrott & Sons, Mdse. ... Treasurer ,of •State,' 'Use Tax. E. Oenrloh, Mdiie,'..;.*-.:„-„ -. „ CottldlldiUd Fund Cecil McGlnnis, Salary ....v.. Al Bnekleman, Salary A. Weishaar, Salary .1 M. Hinders, Salary . E. 'Weishaat;, Salary, ±^..--... NW Bell Telephone, Service.'-F. Blrchle. Equip, ....i.^.._. R, L. Thorpe, Rprs. , Auto Collision Body Shop, Rprs . f L, .Ft-ankl, Gas .^. .. .. . •lirqmp Service, .flprs. ... _. Genrlch, Hbfs. Jess Lashbrook, Salary . E. Skilling, Salary ';„.. P, Helmers, Salary . John Bahr, Salary „ . Vincent 'Kellner, Salary ... Donald Skilling, Salary Carroll Lashbrook, Salary ... Iowa State Bank, Tax ..... . 649.84 63.75 J78.40 19.48 10.30 6.01 36.72 1.00 , ,2.01 17,80 18.66 110.52 105.00 103.97. 73.25: • ,85.23 7.50 100.97 14.00 1.50 '94.75 .66 2.50 118.30 89.65 85.75 80.62 HO in 76.72 HI.10 90.50 Social Security Fund, Tax... Jtawkeye Machinery Co., Mdse. Clear Lake Sand Co., M*dse. •_„ WateWoo Steel Equip. Co., „Street Sweeper :.„ C3ibbs-Cook Co., Mdse.-...,..- . Henkc Mfg. Co., npfs. E. W. Hanson, Maint. ,.:. Algona Flour .it Feed, vMdse.- Ready-Mix Company, Concrete Aleonn Hdwc., MdSe. Kohllians Htlwe., Mdse. ..... F. L. Thorpe. Repair F. S. Norton & Son. Mdae.-. Joe Greenberg, Mdse* . Cpnocp Oil Co., Gns Ill Dutch's Super Service, Gas . Kent Motor Co., Rprs. Cities Service Oil Co., Fuel H. 'Post, Freight . Ry Express Agency, Express... KTossuth Motor, Rprs. . . Spilles Hdwe.. Mdse. .^..ILV L. Ferguson, WaRes .. . H. Nolle, Wages .. S, Smith, Wages ..11.1""""" M. Jdncs. Salary E. Blanchard, Salary G. A. Sharp, Labor' .. . J. D. Lowe, Legal Services Blossom Agency, Bond Advance Pub. Co., Prtp Albona U. D. M.. Prig. """ L. Johnson. Wages C. Black, Wages """ " R. Helmers, wages ._ A. -Seller. Wages ... Glen McVnv. Wages C. Pijahn. Wages G. rielmers, Wages M. D. Baker. Wages W. Heiter, Wages ....".Ii;; L. Ross, Wages .. L. Johnson, Wages "I. . Sewer Fund C. Pollard, Salarv O. Hentges. Wages _ 7" J. Helmers, Wages M. J3. Baker. Wages '...'..'".I". C. Pijahn, Wages la. Elect. Supply, Mdse W. Pert], Wa»es . Howard R. Green Co.. Engineering _.,. Fife Maintenance Fund 14.4B 10.94 46.4.1 $.095.92 11.64 70.00 130.04 fi.SO 14.08 3.47 18.151 ,9.64 174.25 T.7G 99.50 70.32 250.B9 57.13 2.16 4.28 83.40 1.53 8B.20 11.20 6.30 69.30 fin.10 81.00 1,013.86 50.00 21.70 125.01 11.10 , B0.7P, 10B 58 40.50 ?,7.00 97.07 52.fi5 4.72 30.37 13.50 32.82 27.50 0.75 8.70 0.75 6.75 14.74 7.43 155.20 fuesefay, Juhe 1, !94§ Ira Kohl, Salary ...._.!._. ..i. Globe Machinery & Supply Co., Mdse. ... ..... . _______ „„ .. N w. Well f elephoffe, Seirotee-. Bptsford ..Lumber. .Mdse. -„.. Algona ltdwe., Mdse. _-,,;. —i.^ Auto Collision Body Shots,' Rprg. _______ i^i.ii.i. ....... Ken Frankl, Gas .... ___ ij..... Kossuth Motor, Rb 1S.OO' .654.20, 1*7 i ,9.66! . Transfers _..—,.-........:....„. Colrtfdti Slallon Fund Dr. Sawyer, Rerit ....».»„... Messenger PrlnHrtg Gti., Mdse. 12.85 •100.00 35.00 25.80 «. Post, Freight . '*^r«ftwf Culllgan Water Servli Algona II. N. . -. Botsford Lumbe: tract -__ .-.-i^ilAiipfi U Sec.-2. THf* bfdlHSncC BttSl laft! feet arid be In fore? Irsjtt and j- Its passage ^and appr*6«al, . Passed ahd approved this ti$ April 1B48. .. ,"_ Praftk KoWhflas/} For Re-election A. Sehram fel»*UBt!CAN TICKET in the i . 1 '»'*» TODAY-WEDNESDAY-THURSDAY 2:00 P.M. DAILY LET OUR DEMOHSTRftTOR SHOW YOU HOW SIMPLE IT IS TO IRON SHIRTS BEAUTIFULLY IN 4 MIMUTES!_. 0 f«e ywwlf why Ntw v /ronr/ff it i /mp/oif of all /root ri to vit f new And y^t whfle yo» de it! Jroiwog PLAN WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY 4; t! 4 ¥w*tt 4« srewM <- *.*/-?.'<' '•'"'-?• ^' , -- " I if, Isn't it funny how ideas like that get around? Just because there is always stock in our windows, lumber in our bins, paint on our shelves, and just because we mention these items from timo to time in bur ads .... you just took it for granted that We were in ihe lurn- ber business. In reality, it seems sometimes to us as if we were in « hundred other enterprises. A farmer, comes-in-from another county and says he heard dKbJf'/bur ;H«>g feeders, and wants to 'know if we 'can "deliver "him one, just as we have so many in Kossuth county. Of course we deliver a hog feeder for4iim. It appears that our hog feeders have a reputation that goes far outside Ihis county alone. Many other farmers are seeing us right along on the best and most economical wdys of making needed repairs on on their farms. We are just as interested in helping farmers solve their construction and repair problems by a helping in the planning as we are to deliver the x goods. Not a day passes but what we sit down * and help on farm repair plans. Other people come in ^interested in doing some remodeling work on their home. They are'sometimes at a loss as to what to do. We like to sit down and "chin" with these folks, and take a real interest in what they want to i do. A number of G.I. vetercins have consulted with us this past Spring, and we have tried to be helpful. * / • ' And these people all visit us more and more regularly. They are our friends we offer them any service at our coom- mand here at Norton's, Oh, you'Were right if you thoughtwe were in the lumber business, but that's not all there is to It,., we enjoy meeting new families, so call on us and come in an visit. ''And the Red trucks Can Serve You f tso" i' 1 ' •V PHONE 229 ... COAL.. , BUILDING SU'PPLI Building Materials of All Kindt

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