The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 1, 1948 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 1, 1948
Page 7
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'I Jf . " i '- i \ j—b G.O.P.InState Battle; Go To Polls June 7 "• •" ••'• ii - .^...i..j-..i»-. ^.*..j.,,.,, ... rrl11l —... .^ m ^ - - »••» .••>, • - • r^r • , - - - T- •—•»• i ^^ _ ; ^_ ; s, Clerks Named For Primary Election!! f *•- in-- --- |.-. • i -•- - - ..* .if_.^~_,, , ' fl^r ^*«^^ «^»t ^M 4MAn j^Hfe Ik | Jk ••'«** 111 in I ffil iT. h I i ^. . , „ ^ i)r ,, ||n ^,_ __^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ . ^^" • ; AI "LV~ v"-"}* •"'"• °jf juugus ana clerks for the 'forthcoming primary alection, to be held' next Monday, June 7, was announced *~, S ..l week ,.' by - Leo Immerfall, county auditor. ', * - t'ollittg places in Algona will be. 1 as follpws: First ward—Legion hall; second . ward—high school; third w ^ d .— Btyant: school; fourth ward—city hall; • v, J^ 1 ]; 6 no special local .fights H t° J le ^ oped ' . a ^od turnout is ; expected as intensive efforts are being'made to get out the Vote for .the, primary by both parties,-. incluaing a , factional light within republican ranks. 4w!: UdB , es , and . clerks •'named' for tne^prlmary election are as follows': . • r ' •: Alerbna. 1st , ward.— ttortense Ferguson, Hazel Lusby rfnd Amy peering, judges; D.. D. Monlux BhcTLeora St. John, clerks.'•• • Algona, 2nd Ward — Stella Stokes, H B. Nolle and H D. a iVP, 8 , 1 J"dges; 'Pearl Potter and Edith Brundage, clerks. . , Alg6na B 3rd ward — Mary Streit,. Minnie' .Fuchsen .and Alma JNfilson, judges; Elizabeth Lowe and L. A. Wlnllel, clerks; . Algona, 4ih ward—yallie M. i'Bourne and nilt, L chutJel- Sat •C,.OrigBs and Mrs. ley, clerks. G -. Hub( £ fend'ciarendfe .ud«cs: E. P. Hanson' hoff, clerks. Burl iwp.-E. R. Wolt«,.l,UeUa Schenck 'and G. W. : fileich judges; ,Geo. P. Hawctltt 'and O H. Graham, clerks. Creseo Officials twp,—Harry Sabirt, El* mer Potter and Myrtle Lind• XT •'",£?,';? ; Clara Weydert ahd . N. Phillips, clerks. Eagle,iwp.—Lloyd W. Thbrson, J. P. Peterson and Richard New- .on, judges; Arne-Ostergaard. and Roy M. Pehrson; clerks. « % st t* Lone Rook < Bur t twp.)— &3A&'^Pk:?tedWdt and K. G. ibmpson, Dnnie Behrends, judges; Ewoldt and R. C. 'Ehbi clerks.. 1 fttorriwp.-G. B^ ;J 0 'hnson, — Prlebe and H. H. Orever tidges; E, C. Wcisbrbd attl *•H. Jentz. clerks, , , foe Schaller and Mejvih ' on judges; Clare Reding and Michael Heiderscheidt, clelks. ' German Iwp. — J 0 nn s Boekelman, Fred DeVries ahd ' John - ul . Je s, judges; Harry 'Ricklcfs ncl &, J. Buss, cierks. Grant Township two.— li'lu And.prsbn, w'. C. Engstro.m and W. L. 'Rey'holds • . . R - \ Anderson i clerks. M Margaret Buscherteld Weds At Whitiemore, May 24th iffl^l** _i SU 'Mtnlm^ll. ' Whlfiem«f* -*. St. Michael's Catholics church was the scene of the wedding of Misft Margaret Mary Busherfeld, daughter of Mr, and Mb. A: fi. Busherfeld Whittemorej and Dale V. Lewis son of Jesse H. Lewis of Fort Dodge, Monday morning, May 24, at 9:00. Rev. Raymond Pick ofidated at the single ring ceremony 1 . Sister Mary Leo, accom- oanied Patty Jergotis, who sang "On Your WedoTrtg Day"; Ava Maria", and "Oh Little White Juest". The bride,'who "was given in ---,, ... ... Fangman and-John A ^yman^ judges; Mrs. J., 'E.- Caf- Kollasch; Harrison iwp. — H'arrv Ti<?h eSftJ.-;.;*«*™» «4rfc ,.-' Book Encyclopedia WHEN YOUR CHILD ASKS— How? Why? Wherst CAX YOU SAY-_«jLO()K, IT IT* Buy Your WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA •I'roifi Your Local HopreseiitntHe " " FOR THE " v JUNE BRIDE •••j- .***•*+*. t w»*w. waa givtn III marriage by her father, was very attractive jn her nylon white silk ?own with satin", trimming and ittccl bodice, and 16ng sleeves and train. Her finger-tip veil was .of. 1 -net and lace ^trimmed, and beaded tiara. She carried a hower bouquet, of pink and White rOSCS'. . ,, ;.'.;;. • ' „ - ._ Evelyn. Bushcrfclci, ', sister : of he-bride, was bridesmaid,, and he was attired iti. a" net dilk ,own. She carried/,a boiiqucf 6f Dink .and' white carnations. Billy Bushor/eid ''was .ring jearer and Shirley'Simonsen was flower girl. She .Ws(s:,dfessed in blue silk drei^' trimmed in pink, and • darried 1 a' basket : of mixed' flqWer's.' • The . bride's mother wore a pale blue 'dress and wore a shoulder corsage of carnations, and the groom's mother was attired in a black dress and wore a carnation corsage. The groom's grandmother wore a black dress with a shoulder corsage of yellow roses. .Edward Busherfeld, brother of the bride, was best man, James Bushcrfeld and Cletus Elbert of Emmetsburg were ushers. Breakfast was served for the immediate bridal party at the home of the bride's parents. Ant a reception was held at high noon in the academy hall ^to about 70 relatives and friends of the bridal party. The tables Were trimmed in pink and white, with a three-tier wedding cake as the centerpiece. Table waitresses were Ellen, Adeline, and .Be'tty Elbert, Lavon and Zelda Hunt- •ess and Patty Jergcns. • • Acolytes wore Charles and Armanfl Elbert. » The bride's traveling costume was a Wclc ballerina dress.- ••• The bride was a graduateV of presentation Academy, and has been employed in Fort Dodge. son and. Mamie .Sperbeck, clerks. Hebrbn iwp.—L. W. Ehrich, Thomas Berg and Elmer Leibrand, judges; Wmi Oldenburg ahd Ray M. Ekhorn,' clerks. Irvingloii iwp; —-Matt Bormann. John F.:Weber and Edw R. Mawdslfiy, .judges; - Corwln Peer -and ;.Bernard Capcsius, clerks. ' '-•.., Le.koia .(Ledvard iwp.)—S. P. Powers, Ben Farrow and Olga Wortman, judges; Janette Mussman and Jerry Heetland, clerks. Judges at Ledyard Ledyard (Ledyard Iwp).—J. H. Mousel, Ed Halverson and Albert Barnes, judges; Aubrey Waterhouse and D.' A. Carpenter, clerks. • . Lincoln iwp 1 —Menno Risius, Alfred Melz and Orville Ruby, •udxjes; Belle M, Koppen and Walter Sachs, clerks. Lone Bock (Fenion iwp).—W i Flaig, Geo. C. Pettit and Alex ^adipr,- judges; '^rff Seegebarth and P. M.;. l Chris'tensen, clerks. 'L-oii* ore*fc*--i wpr i<;r> w; EI- . The groom attended the-Fort Jodge schools. They wilt be at jome at 1128 S. 28th St., Fort Jodge. BobRaneyOn Trip To Europe Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Raneyha^e recently received a letter from the former's brother, Bob Raney, of Lemrnon, s. D., stating that he will be leaving- Minneapolis, Minn.. May 29. on a trip to England, France, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Scottla'nd. ahd Eire, returning to Minneapolis, July 18. . .Bob will be well remembered here, and since going to Lemmon has had a Buick agency arid" garage and a-bottled gas and re- bert;," Ge'd. „ „. UtfhMe, 'JtfatfKj. and L. A, Hacky Otfb.' 'H^rtj*. V fc » u * ft/-* c iKr^*^4'-Pr in 1 TWeyei i , S-, Thomas, fidward G. vMarty and We invite you to tee our select stock of Kaynar diamond engagement and wedding §r fng «>s-lovely designs, quality workmanship,'fineiY, of jtftor- ' ' * \ ! ' ' J tals..We have sets at all prices from $50 and up. VOTE FOR Anna Murra ( v Hof, judges; 1 Fatfe.LIchty,: <U,™,. .., .. Plum Creek IwpW. E. McEnroe, Roscoe Mawdsley and Alfred Je j gC of^ n> njudge?; ' John Kain and Chff Benschoter, clerks. ™ P T rl ! aind lw P- 1 -F, E. Teeter. W. J. Stewart and Glenn H. Larson, judges; Lloyd ,H. Bartlett and Russell Shipl6r; clerks ^Prairie iwp.—Herman Studer, Nick Arndorfcr 1 * and Elmer Glawc, judges; CJeo. B. Ludwig and John N.'Ludwigj clerks Ramsey iwp. +. Florian Hellman,. John Farro\v and Leo N Gqche, judges; -F. H. Mescher and Henry Ruste^miqr, clerks. Hiverdale .Officials Riverdale ,iwp^-Geo. Bormann, Peter. Kayser and Henry' Bormann, judjres} John Bormann and Byle Steele,' clerks. W.Bollig and Verl Smith^judges; Chris paw and Thos. J. O'Jbn- nell, clerks. / SJwman iwp.J^Sim Lc'i«h, H. A. Warmbier and Fred Blumer, mlgcs; Paul Phillips and Carl fi. bwanson, clerks. • , Springfield twp. — Virgil •oucks, -Frank /Rotterman ami Jonald Jacobs, , judges; S. F. Bldme and Otto -Engclbarts, lerkg. Swea iwp^-S, A, Butcher,Wm. Krumm and A, Emanuel Anderon, judges; O, L. Thoreson and jevi Schuejer, clerks, \ j ynion twp,—^fens H. Sorensen 'r|d Plumb and Floyd Gardner,'' udges; Glen JerjHinson and Ray Scnilmieller, clerks. W««ley iwp, *- Ralph Tjaden fo-.A, Yanser-^nd .George W IM^O^ judges: A)l?in Kayse fngeration business. On the side ne has taken up the selling oJ airplanes, and it is for the business and publicity, that this trip is being taken. His son, Bob Jr!, is a pilot and served in the late war, A passport picture was enclosed with the letter to the Raneys, remarking on the cigar he held in us mouth, he compared himself lo Churchhill who is also never without one. He hopes lo meet mm and be given one of 'his brand,' but to be on the safe side, knowing the scarcity abroad he is taking along six boxes of his own, which must be included in the 65 pounds of luggage allowed. Those who know Bob well, will so interested in learning he has twin adopted sons. His first wife died a number of years agof and fifteen years ago he married again and has two daughters from this union. Can Use DDT On Potatoes-Brown Here's-another use for DDT. It will help you reap a much bigger, crop from your potato patch this year. "Year after year in Iowa, potato insects harvest from 25 to 50 percent of the crop before the grower can do it," county exten- ^Inn rln*ontr»»* A T TD „,,..._ -i High Priced Coat A white billy goat proved to be the "top animal" at an auc at nuii jieiu recently at Jbaurens, bringing $355. What gave the goat AL80NA NEWSPAPEflS'^ ' '- his appeal, however, was the fact that all proceeds were turned over to a memorial hospital fund. The bidding over, the goat reverted to his original sion director A. L. Brown, said this week. "Experiments in all parts of the state show that potato yields can be increased by insect control." These are the insects which Brown said are most likely to damage Iowa potatoes: Colorado potato beetle—it completely destroys plants and vines before they bloom. Potato flea beetle—a small insect that makes... .tiny holes in eaves. It is often ignored, but it can reduce yield by 10 percent. Potato leaf hopper — it causes eaves to turn brown' ahd the )lant dies just when tubers need he mo:;t help from foliage. Experimental work in Wiscon- in has even given some indica- lon that DDT actually stimulates jlants, and causes them to grow letter. 6AVGA6* HE .TOOK CADDY FEES OUT OF BABY'S BANK RIGHT WHBM THERE WAS JUSTEMOUOH IT WOULD 68 MEAN NOT TO UET YOU KNOW ABOUT THE COUPTBSY AND REUABUE CORVKE «<bU CAN 067 AT SERVICE ForThi For > i «. s*' 9 . .' I . h., • Your Vote ond Support Wi x * ? J "* f V 'jf * ** ?*^- t i*i *>'»*'" k\ *f •* . _ ;> ' * _ _ << * 4ix/ i^^ir^t.* ***/ *'^ j*i^ i • - -ii-v ', v^-tw^at-^ AvAdf -'^4 & )W h,v- ,4ft,- «I1 clerks, Mergejj ( F t Sohv..^, niann, A-'P, i"g boards w§: Mike - ¥* Sr ' and judges^ Chas, ,-. clerks. empts, co }so named. r*7 *.</#>» ^wm&\ -h-6 •»*";&>» -fflfS *^ ^ * J * «" J- 14 Ralph W, Lindhorst BiMQCHATIC C^OIPATI FOR *\r- f, sV*-,*" gJ<-i.«^Xaifa, Will Ba Appreelgted at 'Eleetifln Jun« 7 <3\-1 " " t c. t '/i s^ ^"-^S, 1*f. * '1 to give your car better service Gas economy is a "must" HERE'S HOW TO GET IT: Drive at moderate speeds—fast driving consumes much extra gas. Shift into high, as soon as possible—don't idle your engine unnecessarily—avoid fast starts, suflden traffic light stops. Have your Standard Oil Dealer check your car for "gas wasters." His training helps you save gas. Standard Oil Company.' Because Standard Oil Dealers want to give you the best service possible ... even better service than ever before ... they eagerly attend our special advanced training schools. Thousands have already completed the course at 80 schools which Standard Oil operates in 74 cities. 250 dealers start the course every two weeks The-schools feature "Personalized Service"—to give your car the individual attention it needs and you the Personal service you enjoy. When your Standard Oil Dealer has met all the requirements ' he u awarded our Service Specialist emblem. When you see it displayed in his station, 'expect a -little' ' ejrtra promptness and courtesy, a little extra attention to clean rest rooms and premises, «pect your car-to be handled with real know-how and skill ' v * XPJJR FEELING REFRESHED IS PART OF CHARM .. * ,¥ "*»#^ f tf • il .j, '•C HaveaCoke i ICE C O. I'D ' •?">! i.A . , t<(, »>* Vt' >•. ^. ^ c f, '. T*.* '',^'" """—7*'^IM ' "" » * » v * »1f # _ -•fiflUuj '^fA 1^

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