The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 1, 1948 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 1, 1948
Page 1
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By RUM Waller ... . * * * 11 lin'l often thai a picnic en* jofa 'a private fly spray during th* wiener ' roasting, but last Thursday evening, While the fire Was glowing and the assembled tfiuftltude, big ahd little, were Cavorting around the back yard, down. th« 'strict came a rumbling ... it was . not a contraption frdm Ma'rs. but a truck on which Wfifs mounted the only machine of 'its kind West of the Mississippi V . . it was a huge, motor-driven- fly sptay outfit which -could send 'a stream of- mist 100 feet into the air, . . . Dick Post, Bob LaBafre and Johh Mullin of Britt, with a few othor volunteers, were -manning, the, outfit, and they obligingly, shot 'some our 'way, . and ' we presume 'the flics and' mosquitoes went tlo their ' happy hunting ground pronto. '. ' ' »»,•*• • This is but a prevue of how the •Junior Chamber intends to de- fly ahe city if enough householders "Sign up for the Service . . . this giant machine, truck-mounted, will literally Spray- the entire city, while detachments of men with portable equipment Will at- tgck the backyards areas around ddors and "garbage pails ... if yb'U haven't prepared to sign up for , this service, better do so iNOW . . . let's make Algona the first fly-free city in the state. »••*•* FISHING STOHY: '.Fjrank Vera (you probably knew it was about him) camp- in waving a telegram from The Pas, Manitoba. It. was dated May 24, and read as follows: "Suggest you arrive May 29. "Ice moving now!" So Sunday, the H. D. Clapsad- dlc family and Frank left for the far Franjt and Horace intend to -leave' the rest of the party tat camp and take a four-day canoe trip on their own. ' i ' *..•*» ^*. f t-' t. •- Down" at,, Waterloo the C. I. O. leader* certainly must ' ALCONA, IOWA TUESDAY, JUNE 1, 1948 Inst Traffic Light ^ . ^**»*fli»<^ Meet Your NEW NEIGHBORS Bong's Studio photo. This week's new. neighbors are Mr. and Mis, Leon ..Laird, who came' to Algona April 5, from Sioux Center. Mr. • Laird is a federally-employed soir Conservation : planner, . . ;.•':., :•••..- ..' '',,., '•:.•.;-'..• • ; •• • . Mr. Laird was bbhi on a farm'near Tabor. He graduated from Iowa State', college receiving a Bachelor of Sci- . ence degree in animal husbandry. Mrs; Laird is the former Dorothy Hansell of near Glenwood. She finished high school at Tabor and attended Cedar Falls and Drake university Since completing college she. taught fittl grade until. June 1947. . Mr. and Mrs. Laird are members of the .Congregational church! They have bought Ihi residence 'of Adah And Ellen Carlson at 61$ N. Wooster and expect lo move Saturday. -•• / ' ' . . - ' .'.:'••::•: '. . K. C.'s Start Work On 1C) Acre Recreation Project *ime he belonged for slrike, 1 f prcerrtent went. howe^erv V\, • Burdette Agard of ; Sioux City, formerly of LuVerne', where he taught and-coached, and Algona, where he was an agent of an insurance! firm, visited here last- week . . . Burdette is one reason why.a good many teachers take up insurance'work; he is now district manager of his, all in the space of ten years. * * » •'Gerald Welhpusen of Titonka, was in with his 'sori John, last Thursday. John had. just collected* a' bounty of 50 -cents for catching pocket gophers . and says the gopher tribe is practic-s ally cleaned up arotmd his dad's ( place. 1 ;•.. - Mrs. «U Lichter ran a classified ad reading "trunk , wanted". And she meant TRUNK, However, she had three calls from persons who thought it was a typograph- * ical error, and inquired if she wanted to buy a TRUCK. Vprn Burns is pretty proud of the way ho scrambles eggs, and Wo must say he does a good job, * * • Hex Taylor walked* into our back plant the. other morning and says he caught a Dane—of all popple—throwing coffee in the sink. Wc/U.leU you guoss whq the Dane was. * * * H43TQRY NOTE? • Twenty years ago thpro wore on\y a few of the present business* men and business firms in the locations they .pccupy today >. , , they were the Chrischilles Store, Madsen and Hanson, Fos, ter Furniture and Bob James, of thpse, with the. same'proprietors . , , arid Doc.-Scanlan, Drug- gusts' Mutual, Norton's, Bots- lor^'s, Naudsin's , and gender's, where locations/ ftave been changed or where 'upn succeeded father . r , we've .probftWy missed a few, but theH)9tot we w§nt tp ,mal& ig thiff the business turnover in 20 xws & greater thaji one r.eil{ze§ until you, ' > i*« ' Ji*' \* *l «-' A KoMUjh fcrjn, wornan. of, epi}ect|na,gnttques . mg such UM&'. t »she re. Probably what will prove to foot be one ol the unest ball patks ih northwest Iowa is being completed, oh the Knignts of Columbiis ten acre track on Highway .18 just,'"north of the former'govern- ment hemp plant. On Thursday of last week mere were .150 truck Ipa'ds of'gravel .hauled^., to tt»je; park." This wa#'spVead r 4n^o'a*'i0- tncn deep. 4 ' ground 'removal and black.soil;,, • * .»' H .- • >.,' '- .y.££ /T/hij!''Week* the-imield ! portlon of 'the .bail park, wiu be sodded arid'the remainder pt tne ground space seeded., ' This will provide neural drainage for the park. And, so a bascoall playing lield Will have been constituted which has no equal in this part of Iowa. It'Will "be" the co;ual of the War terloo baseball park after which i{ 'was patterned. Pat Cullen, Walter Bradley, "Shrimp" Froclich and,Bob Loss made ,a special trip to' Waterloo to line up the infield fundamentals, .of that park, one 01 the 1'orc- nios.t'inHhis state. It, is, expected that the park will be ready for play within the next thirty days. Bleachers" will be 1 -built to accommodate about 400 fans. These- will be erected in a half, circle back ot the home plate and parking space .will be provided along the 1st and 3rd base areas. Last the local Knights of Columbus council purchased the land from Ray Schilmoollcr; The land adjoins Highway 18. just east of the Schilmoeller homo. Forty rods run east along the', highway • and 38 rods run north into the field giving the K, C. members a little over 9Vj acres of space. Two gates have been provided off of No. 18. The base- bal field will constitute a 375x370 » area 'in the,northeast corner of the park., . Between the tirst ; base line and-the "highway and ;the third base line.:and.'.west will be • sufficient space ' to' : park' some •400 cars, .v: .,' \.- ; %''.',. ''•-.>' '. • ; 4 The local couricil,'' l ,knights of itp't build,.a club,-.''hpuse' v and: cpun- 'council me'etingsivsKttchensi^pow- der room, ,rp'b'm lofi^visiting-Uittle tots, etc. T.he.main ^ditbriiim will be' built tp 'kccomnipdate dancing parties, entertainfiHients, etc., -to the extent.of. providing -room for at, least a "thpusandj. people. Tnib building will'occupy space'in the west area Of.the grounds.. Back of'this space will bejprovided for the; establishment, of ^•a-'playground wrtH 'playground' equipment for the-younger set. 1 -; ^-jv, ; . f % The McGuirc Br(js.;~have completed grading -the.; en tire acreage this, \vcck. It has' been, leveled: tb an equal height'with' the paving ^6n Np: 18. •'•., ••;:"'v;;.^ ; ''^:., -,,- \ 'li should' be understood tJiat this project, the . \paseball park and., the- club House, is not only 'sponsored by !; (hc K. C, mem- •bers of Algona buti that the some *400 members of tlip Algona council, arc spread ov^VXthc different Catholic parishes';-in ^the county and ncighborhoad/rK/C. members post 'office addi-esSicsr are Bode, 'Bradgate. Bancroft, ; Burt, Corwith, Irvington, Dakota', LuVerne, Ledyard, Lono Rpqkv Livermore, Ottosen, St. BcncdM; St. Joe. Sexton, Titonka,, .West Bend. Wesley and WhittoitiPjo,. and all 'are intensely intprcsted 'and ac- J.iye in forwarding.and completing the project. . , ",v ; 6 Permits For f ' New Homes Are Also Approved To Extend Sewer ,. To South For Hospital Hookup "Slop" and ''Go" traffic - signals for the five main business intersections' of Algona were ap- orovrd and orders authorized, last Thursday evening, by the Algona city council. , • , There will be four lights , on each corner, visible fr6m all directions, and they. Will* be placed at the following corners: Slate and Th6ring- ton, State and Dodge, State and Moore, State and Harlan and Slate and Jones. Cost will be approximately $8,000 for the lights. Last yeaiV when the council first began in-' vestigation of such ^a purchase, the -costs presented were around ; $20,000. , Ready Next Fall f, City .Supt. C. U. Pollard wa"s authorized by the council to place the order, which was given o the Crescent Electric Supply Co. of Mason City. It is expected that it will take several months for delivery and installation, but it is hoped that the new traffic signals will be up and' ready to go by the time school opens next fall. The council also . approved a measure to decrease 'the discount on light and power bills to 10 percent. This will become effective in July, after the June readings, it was stated. Increased operating costs was given as the chief reason for this small readjustment in'local discounts. To Extend Sewer Taking up the matter of assisting in plans for the liew Sisters .Of Mercy Memorial hospital here, tU : «~'«^V;ukii *VK-« ''^M^V.niVj^'^l^.^Uupp iri--*" ; so that'it .\yillirun-to: the east^e'ij- trance of : the Kossuth fairgrounds. The connection from tpere will be done by the hospital. This takes'the sewer,connection to the city limits 'on behalf of the city, and the : balance will bf& handled privately in the hospital building program. , "• -; Building permits for six new lorries were also approved. The new home applications went te the following: A. F. Schweppe, $7,000, home in the new Cowan addition. R. W. Anderson, $3,000 /base- Geo. Hildman, Wesley Farmer, Dead From Crash Injuries George Hildman, 69, a farmer northeast of Wesley was killed at 5:30 Friday afternoon in a car accident, two miles west of Wes^ lev, Death , resulted from chest injuries. / ;• Mrs. Hildman, who was rjd-" ing 1 with him was *rit}9a]ly • hurt,' She suffered a ffacUirr . ed leg, arm, clavicle, chest injuries and a.brain concussion. Her condition Saturday after- - nopn was considered grave. 5 but Monday she was. reported ., as somewhat .better,' • ^ The accident happened at 100 feet th> intersection Q| No, 18 and »W.No. m," Mr. Hildman, was driving his car, a- 1947 taofjel GhjvroleH ea^i whsrutowent put of .control, jt ?w?rv§4 optQ the right agross the T . into, th_e nor ' •"*' , year »t NO. paHo' " |qr five brought to the ; Jtossuth hospital here, ^ :, Funeral servioes |or Mr. Hild'? man were held, Monday at 9:30 a.m. at St. Joseph's church in Wesley. Rev, Li, M. I^Jein was ofr ficiating priest arid burial was in the church cemsteryTeast of town, The pall bbtrers were six nephews; John « Hildman, Unu§ Semon, • Ambrose. ^'Kirschbaum, Fritz- Wirth, Ed.'Ricke «nd George Foertsch, f % , Mr, HiJdmaif'was «*tom- March Jk J87B at. W.t'ecookjand; III, a 125 Brownie Scouts In Summer Rally WHEN THE BROWNIE GIRt, SCOUTS held their rally, Wednesday of this week, at the Athletic Park, Algona, the photographer caught this group, including a number of leaders, in the middle of ceremonies. The Brownies received' their wings, indicating their ,' graduation from the Brownie age group into the regular i Girl Scout organization. Girl Scout leaders were in charge ;; of the event, and about 125 girls attended. (Al Missal Photo.) V Expect 250 Girls At 4-H Rally Day Annual Event To Be Held Friday At Call State Park • Kossuth county 4-H girls will Hold their annual rally day ^on Friday, June 4, at Call state park, gouth of Algona. It will be the silver anniversary of the event. The first county rally day was held July 19, 1923, at Ryerson's ^oods northeast of Burt. From "the small group of girls who at- Hended the first rally day, the organization has grown until the Inembership now totals 300. * Plans have been made to take "care of at : least 250 next Friday. The morning meeting will start 9 o'clock with registration. -Vense'n, $6,000 house on Swotting St., between Thorington and Hall. Waltbr Will, $3,550" basement house on Hall St. J. A. Hai-dgrove, $2,500 basement house on West Call St. 'Fred Will,- $7,500 house on North Harlan St. A permit was also granted-to Harold 1 -J. Cowan for .'constructing $1,400 in sidewalks at his new building addition. • A beer permit was renewed for the : White Front Tavern. Mary Ann Rustemeier, the county president, wijl preside. This year will be the first time that the day's arrangemente have been made entirely by club girls, instead of by help of the county committee. ' - ,, Each Club Participates Each club has been assigned a special duty for. which it will be responsible. The Seneca Stars will have charge of the picnic dinner £"- rangements. They will assign picnic centers, clubs that are to eat together, etc. The menu has been planned and final dinner preparations will be at open fires provided at picnic centers. In case of ram dinner will be served cafeteria style,in the shelr ter house. An hour and one-half has been. ^Registration co . ]LJnion Alethians .will bei-followed by camp'a'igning-for county offices in charge of the Whittemore Winners^ A sing will t be led by Joan McWhorter with Mrs.; A. L. .Brown accompanist; • Donpa Chamberlain of the Chums will give the country '.-girl's creed after which the yearly business meeting will ; be held. v Troyce Bryns,,. secretary, and Kathryn Kirsch, historian, Will give their reports, following which Alma Schultz, home economist, will have charge of a panel discussion in which club presidents will take part. Election Of Officers Before noon dismissal, election of officers will be hqld with two minutes allowed for "speeches by nominees. A brief model business meeting will be conducted by the Buffalo Boosters, a model nutrition talk and discussion by the. Grant Go-Cjetters; a model,.team demonstration by Lotts Creek Lassies, and a one man demonstration by the Whittemore Whizzers. After dinner Mrs. Henry Looft, county 4-H committee chairman, wjll preside. There will be a short &ing followed by recognition . *•» .M •:— . _ of home,furnishing'will b« given the Riverdafe Rustlers, Prairie Pas, and Lone Rock Lively Rockets. • Newly elected officers will be installed by the county officers, the Valley Farmeretts will .tell about seeds of friendship, and the day's program will be concluded by square dancing by the Plum Creek Elite club. The Club Presidents Presidents of girls 4-H clubs Al&ona Invention Is GaMng . spa oi Mr, wd WPS. Manias men. He wasjmar^espto M»?s. Sophie WirtlV'p W|sl^ on Oct. Si r 9, 19Q9- Lloyd and Don NeJipnf 'Wesley and Russ mann. John 'Thuente; ed fpr «ec|»nf «« the Qh^nuwr el C riMMRfjl *l»* Alp, they a the fii VWM sm '» really RSffWW^ «|MSt4€^f«| mMH.mAMwt are: , , Catherine Orthcl, Titorika; Donna Chamberlain, Irvmgton; Benona Mitchel, Fenton;•'•,. LOis Jean Angle, Swea City; Theresa Heiar, Bancroft; Doris Applegate, < Algona; Pat Murray, Lakota; Shirley Mitchell, Lone Rock; Irene Marte, Whittemore; 'Doris , Fett, LuVerne, and Dona Gardner, Algona, * -. Mar j one Bleich,, Wesley; Kathryn Kirsch, Bode; Donna M0or,e> • - Swca City; Lucille Hackbarth, •< Lone Rock; Amanda Bruns, Ti- &, tonka; Shirley Goetz, Wesley; V Marilyn Schmeling, Whittemore;'-, Norma Kollasch, Whittemore; Mary Ann .Rustemeier, «Lakota;*% Geraldine Kollasch, Whittemore; Troyce Br,unS,-Titonka.' ' In Full Swing With a goal of, haying cveiy business and business' or professional man in Algona ,a' member of the Chamber of Commerce, art enrollment campaign 'got Bunder way last Thursday. , ' 4 f ' r ,' ' Ralph Dieckmann is membership committee chairman of \ the Chamber. " Eight teams' of two members each are making a. thorough can- VRSS of the non-member business places. If you do not belong to the Chamber of Commerce and have not yet boon ^called on someone will bo seeing'you soon, Siqn 20 Now Members • By late Friday afternoon 20 nc-w members 'had signed up. They arc: P. R, Irons, 'plumping; Kent Wheeler; H. J. Cowan, wnlra'-lor; Jos, Wf'idenhoff Co,; Tice Feerl Co..; Heinie Fisher Garage; Plum Creek elevator; Sawyor Skelgas; ' Dr. ,*R,,,,C. Dewel; Ed WittKppf. * < 3 Algona Livestock and Western Buvors: ChampUn Oil Co.; Skri», Iv Oil; Hormel Livestpck;.HwtS5eU Variety store; Conoco station; Clover Leaf Hatchery and Fee^: Norman Repair Shop; George Harris station; Mitchell Chemical Co ; C. G, Ventoicher, • T ^ Before starting on, the, new jgn- rollment dvive there was a,membership of 160, Men on tho cpmmitteo contact- ins nrospeptlve, members,, Milton Norton and Joo ley;.Roy Ingham and merman; Pat Gulleh

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