The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 25, 1948 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 25, 1948
Page 16
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•'-'••'-••"-•• ""-'ff t mil Uppef De* , May 25, 1948 Lakotti Mies Pholo Contest Winners Recently Lakoia — In the baby photo contest put on by Woltz Studio of- Dns Moines, Jimmie, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Rippentrop, won first place and Marilyn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cort Rippentrop, won second place; Darrel, son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Clabaugh, third place; and fourth place went to Shirley and Janet, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Smith. A coincident in the matter is first and second place babies' mothers are twin daughters of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Telkamp and their fathers are cousins. Ill With Mrs. Harry Mussman has been quite sick for several days With a case of mumps. • At Bancroft Shower Mesdames Vernon and DeVere Smith attended a shower honoring Helen .Mescher at Bancroft last week Sunday afternoon. Miss MescHer was married Monday, May 24 to Dean Kienitz, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Kitnitz, Burt, who used to live in Lakota. Visit Albert Lea The Rev. and Mrs. F. F. Darnauer visited Mrs. V. Dorenbush and new baby at Naeve hospital in Albert Lea last week Sunday. At Grandson's Wedding Mr. and Mrs. George- Winter attended the wedding of their grandson, Robbrt Higgins of NOMINATE Louis W. Nitchals AAember Kossuth County, Iowa, and American Bar Associations LIB Drake University Veteran of nearly Five Years Service in World War II AAarried, Family of Two Children Seeking Public Office for the First Time You get satisfaction, pleasure and full value when your floors are protected with durable, beautiful "61" Floor Varnish. "61" Floors are SAFE — not slippery. They require no attention for years, other than occasional cleaning. "61" Floor Varnish has been used and recommended for many years by leading painters and architects. That is your assurance that it will give you satisfaction, too, "61" is fine for linoleum, furniture and woodwork. "61" is made in Clear Gloss, Satin, Dull and Colors. /'fir, FLOOR "V PORCH ENAMEL On exterior and interior floors of woodj cement or linoleum, wherever 3 tough, durable and water-resistant enamel finish is desired, lustrous "61" Floor & Porch Enamel gives maximum service. It is easy to apply, brushei freely, flowj out smoothly, covers thoroughly end spreads far ... . . , Ask for the helpful color card. ! This Coupon Saves You- Over Half! j Pr«i«nt coupon to dealer with 79c for choic* of I quart of Clear Gloss, Satin, Dull or Colors, "61" Floor Varnish. VOID if not used for the purchase of 1 quart j of "61" Floor Varnish, or does not bear nam» of purchaser and dualcr, OFFER LIMITED TO 2 WEEKS. ONLY ] CAN TO A FAMIIY. • Addr«» IS I <"l.l D«aj«r't Nam* , . . . Cowan Building Supply Co. PHONE 275 ALGONA, IOWA J> PRATT & LAMBERT PAINT AND VARNISH Whittemore and Idei fianwart at the Catholic church Ih Whitte- mord, recently, <3d«s Itf Mew Ybfk Mrs. Ouy Beemer accompanied by her daughter-in-law Mrs. Bob Beerher, drove to Mason City, taking her father, J. P. Booher, there to take a train to New York City, where'he will visit another daughter. Billie Beemer accompanied his mother as far as Clear Lake, whsre he spent the day with Rodney Heetland at his new home. Home From a THp Gus Torine came home last week Wednesday from a selling trip in western Iowa and he spent Saturday and Sunday with his sister Ellen and husband, Mr, and Mrs. Alfred Anderson a> Manchester, S. D., Sunday, Mafy 16, being his birthday. Making Recovery Mrs, Henry Swalve came home from Rochester, Minn., last week, where her husband underwent a major operation and she reports he is getting along well and will be home soon for a short time and then go back for another operation and treatment. Mr. and Mrs. Ahrend Swalve of Lakota and Mr. and'Mrs. George Swalve, Buffalo Center, visited him last week Sunday. Fishing is Popular Fishing seems to be the order of the day and among the many who went last week were Dr. H. H. Murray, Ray Hertzke arid son Keith to Bemidji. Minn.; Andrew Bogie, Walter Leslie, Carl C. Gerzema, George Christ and son Don and Bob Addy to Red Lake, Minn., neat the Canadian border, and all report good catches of wall-eyes. Andy Anderson, Bob Hamilton, and several others report good catches at Spirit Lake and friends had the pleasure of eating some very nice fish they brought home. ih, "Climb, Tftough^thi? Rugged". Supt, ,©*<.„ presented the 'Class aft Hansen, the diplomas/ i iors. The eighth ctasr ceivcd their diplomas from Metcalf. £, A. Mr. .and Mrs. Andrew Anderson attended the funeral of an aunt, Mrs. Marie Thompson, at Ringsted, last week Tuesday. Last week visitors at the Elmer Paulsons were Mr. and Mrs. Zehl of Omaha, Neb. Mrs. Zehl is a cousin of Mr. Paulson. The seven-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Jensen was taken to the Buffalo Center hospital Sunday morning, May 16, for an appendicitis operation and was brought home last week Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Warburton and Gus Torine were supper guests at the Alrec Boeckholt home near Titonka, Thursday evening and attended the commencement exercises at the Tyke theater that evening with 24 in tho class. .Harriet Boeckholt, a cousin of the Warburtons, was jnu of the class. The speaker of he evi-nr was Lniiren K. Soth of Voivtos. using the tooir. LOCALS Mts. A. M, Lapin earns horn Minneapolis, Minn., Friday to visit her sister and bfother-in- law. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Ladendorff, and remain- several- days. Mr. and Mrs, Chris J6hhson wentt to Story City Thursday and will visit relatives there a few days. They will also attend the graduation of a niece. Mrs. Alice DiisWorih is at Ames caring for her daughter-in- law Mrs. Bob Ditsworth, who has had rheumatic fever the past several weeks but is now slowly improving. It is expected "Mrs. Ditaworth will be hdlflig for Memorial day but as yet il-'is not known whether or not ihe will return to Ames, much defending on the patient's progress. County Extension Agent A. L. BroWn and Mrs. Brown went to Cedar Falls this week Tuesday to attend the graduation of then- son Douglas from the Iowa State Teachers college. Mrs. D. J. Buss and Anna and Mrs. Minnie Auffarth spent Sunday at Charles City with Mr. and Mrs. William Deist. Mr.. Deist is a brother of Mesdames BUss and Auffarth. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Dearchs expect to have as weekend guests their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Duane Cumpston of DCS Moines. Recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. "••* ± *******Wt**J tf nlCCG W*. " c 4TA& I _, ,-jflSft, tefi FHda'y f6f hef 'tome Ib Rockwell Clt£, haVlhf 'eon-' oHMed a Visit nefe slruse • last wefck Saturday, J«aft Afc*i 6* ErnrhetibUfg 11 i new clerk 'it this LusHy & Qltfssi sHofe", where' she began w^ork last week, She previously clerked In a drug store at EmrheiSbufg. Zlia Faadti of Whittertarf began W6fk In the Algeria Hardware, last week, Mrs. Elliabeth Affldsbttfy and Miss Clara Amesbury were Sunday dinner guests Of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Budlbng at Titonka. Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Lehman spent the weekend at Ces Moines with the Don Wests. Mrs. Myrtie Hayne of Webster City returned to Algona with them to visit relatives and former neighbors until •after Memorial Day, Publicity Wayne Zahrt, Spencer high school pianist, has received na- t on-Wide publicity lately, al- though'not exactly as a piano player. While attending the state high school music contest at Em* metsburg , recently, held in tHe Congregational church, Wayne got his hand trapped in a wineglass holder while "back stage". Before he could participate in the program, it was necessary to'take him across the street and haVe the holder filed off, The story has since been "page one" news in the New York World-Telegram and the San Francisco Times. Lost Duck When Clyde Helmlck, Wright county farmer; missed a duck and went fox hunting. He located thei den and found a fox, with nine, pp dutk, Mt. Helrtiick feoff Iftt *» ' p pheasants, fc mud-Hell flrtd c hlcR» ens, . -i' .' ^ A 160 a&e fteld &§tonilri^ to ftoy Num§tri,;w hea?,. Arcestef , wa,!i VOTE FOR HENRY SCHEPPMANN Democratic Candidate For , Kossuth Supervisor First District -Kossulh residentf^nd taxpayer 2'i years. -Irvingion Twp. risidehl, centrally locaied. -Pledged io efficient and business like handling of job if elected. PRIMARY|ELECTION i JUNE 7 '' -s ;j . 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