The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 25, 1948 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 25, 1948
Page 13
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'•»'> Ft*. j'-' , ', r , ' ' CHftt§ flfifiSfi A Lllll* oi thU, « Lliil* of that; tf6i Much et , In ihe lapel dt my c6at t flic nicest little button and ort it Is thcv dapitapletter "L" and a lot of folks in:,,Algbna just don't seem .ta-know what the letter ''L" stlanda fbr, bin 1 know what iff all-flbbut afid Fred Kentsaid rnaybe it stood for "LaVe" NOSLIP-UPS WHENYOUBUV TOOLS HERE You get the host quality at the lowest pride when you fill your lool chesi needs here. We've everything you need ' righi in. stock— from wrenches to washers. Saw».i._:x$2.25 : to $8 Yankee Push' brill Screw Drivers 3.50 Plantsj_____75c io $9 6-fl. Folding Rules ; -------^.__.._. 65C Wood Chisels -_^,-....6Sc io $2 Auger Brace _._'$3.45 Levels, l6-in. lo:48. in. Wire Brushes _30c EVERYTHING FOR THE TOOL CHEST .^..HARDWARE which means to take baths nnd fte shduld .know i*** bettei' 'fl that &nd Lloyd- R6U4ewBftted to kfiaw' toas I a 1 Lawyer 1 aftd w6fe the "L" and Marian Frank! ^told tfie that "L" could stand for La- zines and he was suW thai fits me, and Roman Waldera said "L" c6uld' stand tot Liar- and he hoped 1 Wasn't one, to advertise that, and wade Sullivan! 'stiggest- >d may the "L" stood it fo? Lousy md which he didn't think 1 was but sometimes he thought the bunk I wrote in the coliftnn Was lousy* so to speak, ., | Crlily said he ihoiightthe "L" could stand f OB, -Lily but that sure as heck didn't, fit ] me at all and ,A1 GfanzcKv s'd'id "L" might stand for tingujist and that might fit me because on account of I was always » talking and I could linguist Danfsh, and Bill Giossi said "L" cou\d stand for Literary but that wafe something which wasn't down? my alley, and "Dell Gloptoh suggested maybe the "L" was to represent Lout and which maybe' sometimes in the past 1 mriy have been, but Mel Falkehhairter sug- ?ested that maybe the "BV stood Lor Lummox but he wasn't going to cliarge me with beting one ill the time, and Joe LojWe said naybe the ''L" stood forjLoqua- •ious and Which he wasV darned sure I was at times, afid Bill Steele said maybe at one} time I was in. -the 'army, and the "L" todd for lieutenant although he thought I couldn't havcl gotten ttuch farther than corporal, so o speak. But it remained for Tohn'Thucnte to mnkcr-a' classi- 'icatidn when- he snid, he, thought 'he "L" stood for Loony and at times he. c'oukl prove to by the "oony bunk in. Ravings. So there you have It. Folks are it a loss to know whyl'V^cai an ,'L" pin .and; all the -tftnc il 4ancls for Lion a club which has l akcn me in, though that was lone when the bovs didn't know lie', so good, .And tlipse bf you who might think ~ IT, Wouldn't make .a good Lion, co'mo ou( 'ome; Tunsdav noon and Hear me •oar, so to speak * t ' r The Pipe Puffers ^and Ring Blowers Association is branching out over the county and recently a club was formed Tat , s Titonka with Dr. W. F. Hamstftct president, John A. Harms vice president. John Pannkuk secretary, Wort Aschc treasure!:, and Frank- Hauptley board Chairman And from what I hear there are some mighty clever pipe puffers and ring blowers in the/fitonka neighborhood and rvG;ibe$n asked to make a trip ' '.rat towr nnd :get a good club" 'iMed up there. ,1 • . _ • We've sure had som? funnv weather the ' past month ?and 1 was beginning- to get all het up against .the weather 'man : ibecause on account of several days last week I was looking for alcohol to put .in my jalopy radiator and the next day it rained pitchforks and I-didn't know whether I was ever going to get used to it and then qartie Thursday with - the thermometer .in ,the 90's and I had to change- back to summer undies, itust seethed to keep > a guy busy keeping track of Winter and summer undies all month but Joe Unrig says I'm about old enough to be getting used to that 'n this Country. Catwilh is organizing a Coffee 3u|per club and I'm told that 2has. Abrams has been elected president, RufUs C. Welter vice- president, S. J.'Qevine secretary, and E. J. Wilder treasurer. Work of organization is going on and as there are a lot of swell coffee gtilpers in and around Corwith il won't be long until there will be a swell club organized. George Gray is planning on putting -on a membership drive. The ladies over there are also interested and shortly will probably organize a coffee giilpers auxiliary, so to speak, • Met O. P. Milled 6f Tiionka the- other day and come to ffnd out he ,wa'a at One* time a resident of Albert City', Iowa, and so was I in the good ]old days of the early nineteen hundred, and though he was but'a kid then he remembered me and said he had heard me fiddle for the Swedes over there and • at thai time he thought I was a good tiddler,- loo. Albert City is largely a Swedish town 'but Mr. Miller didn't learn the language though he did learn how to gulp his coffee like the Scandihoov- ians do, and he's now a regular •gulpcr. New msmbers in tile Tie-Less club this week are "Van" Van- ^ler Waal, Lornn Courtney, Dick Johnnnson,.,..-BiH Curtis and Herb Hedlund and they propose to observe the necktie laws-through the summer months even though they have to -wash their nncks »nd throats oftener, so to speak. Herb tells me, that he puts his ties in an anti-moth dust all summer while Loren'says he just throws his ties away and he always., sets three or four new ones for Christmas. Van isn't so particular about his ties and he just goes' over 'em with a flat iron before 'Labor Day while Bill Curtis says he only has one tie to worry about hence that can hang on a nail during the summer . months and Dick Johannsen, being a Dane like myself; he tears down his ties and turns 'em and makes 'em look like ne'w when he puts ''em on again in the fall. ^Nevertheless this Tie-Less', club 'is really getting places from -now on. \ Ex-Sweet Citiart To Wed Sho City—Dr. Sftd liam H. Barton of Moifflt ant, Mich,, announce the ment of their daughter Lois 'Jban to James Edward Smith, rfotl of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph 'A,' Sttlith of San Angelo, Texas. Miss Barton is a graduate, oi Stephens college, Columbia, Mo., where she was president of Hypatia Hexagon club, 'mefflbfefc of the student activity council Mo Spanish club, and pledged to tile Epsilon Gamma sorority. She' if now a junior in Michigan Centra) college, and a member of Thete Sigma Epsilon, national sorority She is majoring in home economics. ' •-•••' Mr. Smith graduated from San Angelo high school and attended John Tarleton college before' enlisting in the navy. He was recently discharged from three years service. The wedding will take place on June 17 in the Presbyteriaf church in Mt. Pleasant, Mich,, followed by a wedding breakfast in the home of the bride's parents. The couple will live in San Angelo. ' James the oldest son •)f Ralph Smith, former Swea City business' man and is the Kandson of the late Mr. anc Mrs. JVM Srflith, Swoa City, Mis uncle, Ray" Smith, expects to fly to Mt. Pleasant, Mich,, to act as Cisher at the wedding. Plans Easts*n fjfip Esther Charlotte Smith, who completes the school year at Charles City on May 28, will .eave on Saturday for a week's trip with Charles City friends. The group will visit Canada, Ni- igara Falls, and the Great Lakes •cgion. She will return to Swea City on June 7 to spend the summer with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. Smith. Grant 4-H Girls Plan Rally Day Swea & Eagle—Grant Go-Getters 4.H girls club meet Saturday afternoon, May 15, at home of Mrs. Donald Crouse. For roll call a flower exchange was held. Plans for county rally' day was .riade. Mildred Patterson will .jive a five minute talk and Darene Engstrom and Phyllis Huskamp will give an open discussion. Fern Work and Mildred Patter;on were chosen to attend the 4H .(iris camp to be held at Spirit Lake some time in.June. IF IT'S NSWS. WE WANT IT! Evangelist At Burt Eyan^elist',.^ui|nes Ramsey will 'ic in charge,, ofjjrevival meetings being held every night ex'-ept Saturday, beginning Monday, May 24, at the Full ; Gospel church in Burt. The pastor, A. R. Kern, invites the public to attend. ALBERT A. SCHIPULL Republican Candidate For SUPERVISOR FIRST KO5SUTH DISTRICT Primary Election June 7 Your Vote And Support Will Be Appreciated U20-21-22A Fenton Repair Shop Theatened by Fire Fenion **. Local firemen were called at 7:30 Friday to fight a fire that threatened to destroy the warehouse and* shoe repair shop of Sylvester HainEinger. The fire is believed to have started from flying papers from a bonfire. Due to quick action of the fire department no amount of damage resulted. Within a few min- fuesday, May 25, 1048 ulesl after the fire was reported both fire trucks were • at the scene. Mark Studer Cdr Burns dt Wesley Wesley—Considerable damage by fire was done to Mark Studer's car on main street Wednesday evening. The blaze was put out by Paul Flahertv. THERE'S a big day coming sopn —the day when you ge| your diploma. -By enlisting In Ithe Army or Air Force after .grad•.' uation you can take full advantage of one of the finest , opportunities ryer offered a young man, ' CHOOSE YOUR FIELD OF SPECIAL TRAINING*/ , BEFORE YOU ENLIST I ' If, you are i* to 34 (17 with parents' consent) and a high • school graduate, you can select your course of' training in the Army or the Air Force before enlisting, « Under the Ariny Technical School Plan you can specify two different courses that appeal to you in each of,,top fluids, The Army will check to make sure'there is an opening lo'one of the four courses you have selected, and a place, wlll~b» reserved for you In that course, Then you^ enlist fP|",Jj'^pr 5 years, and after passing the physical and mental, examinations and completing Ijasio training you wiU .be guaranteed • training in yeur chosen •fleW, • ' m^wf T^la Air Force offers a similar'pippprtunity'in Its, Aviation careefr plan, giving you a pre*fejuis)men,j; choice' of'3 among the mprf than 4Q USAF Specialist ScUoaU, There, ianajistter way to getja start-in the great and growing Aeld of tyjajion; V; %her plan gives, yeu goofl p»y, escellent training and a ; ^splendid chftnee for advancement in, a reft) career-, "ge.iluU information, including lists' o{ available - ,.sp^Qfl}s. and.Tephnipal-Courses, at ypvu? nearest Army and ''' ' "the* Brand Name The ONLY BRAND W*f®WN >? '»•'!''/ r^'*" -V '*" : ' ""** APPROVED BY QUALITY CHEKD ICi CREAM ASSOCIATION ,', ,; .,, :,,. * • , FejP yf §f»:9W ffn4if»£ brand , , is? grf4pt ?o4«y if if the 6Q^. • by th»t "!iittne and the f ti«m shfek tridpmarfe«$«fl|j If you pomple __ fof ; ti'anY m * TORT OODOE ' mont Al««»« ward Wolf entertajhed Mrs, Reed i»fill Wa«h:{Mf/«M1il^_. .,_.,. •ilsen, AudUbfflh} Ut, flrtd Leo McWeeny.and family,,,l roll; and Patricia; Wfllfj Sli City; this weckQrfd. rt? hams will Visit relative tucky, also. WANT ADS 6H1NQ When You find asking like these* Why are my tires wearing unevenly? Should I have the engine torn down arid rebuilt now? Why does it "miss" when I want quick pick-up? What is noise ' when S hit 1 a bump I wonder how far those brake linings are worn? ' Do my ipark plugs need - ciecthing and replacement? It's Time to See Us for A Regardless of make, the cheapest dollar-for-dollar service you can buv for your _ A. U !_ ,».... -_— I _P I .. 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