The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 25, 1948 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 25, 1948
Page 7
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Classified Ads CLASSIFIED ftAtESWtos ihatgd fa* iwfl taft«f Hdfii, Minimum ohatge, SOc, 13 wdtd* at less, cash, in Each additional wofd, 4 cents, cash in adyaflfiej charged! Se p6f wofd, BHrid ads 2Se exlta. "••••••••. fcaeh <*ij|s)liM,sd will ^^ tuii pflei,ifl,!$o,«t,ihft,tttesday. aad Thursday pzp6tt lot aflly one chaffle, For Sale SPRAY THISTLES BEF O R S, • small grains head out> -u21a7, FOR' SALE—MOTORCYCLE H, D.-37. James Jentz. Fentbn. ' . u21a* FOR SALE—2 LOTS, EACH. 4xfO, * rods, on 107 E. Oak St. Water' ,. and sewer, gravel street, go6d, walks, large oak, elm and Hard' maple trees. H. R; Cowan. ^ u21a28tf FOR SALE — McCORMICK Deering 221 cultivator, mechanical lift for F-20. Julius R. Matz, Wesley, phone 2201. ? u2Ia* FOR SALE—HEAVY SPRING fries. Order not later thaiKFri- day morning. Will deliver, in Algona Friday p.m. and Saturday a.m. Sam Mogler, phone '3189. Whittemore. u21a* FAMOUS NAMES—SPARTON, Spartonette, Schult, lElca.r, Mobile Sportsman, Alma, Rpycraf.t, Kit, Duo, Terra Ci'Uiser. Terms: Cash or Trade. FAIRMONT TRAILER SALES, on Blue Earth Ave., -FAIRMONT, MINN. , u21a27tf FOR SALE — HAMPSHIRE brood sows to farrow this week; also some with litters at side. Hampshire boars, serviceable age. Joseph A. Skow, \\fesley. u21a* FOR SALE — REGIS T E R E D Hereford bulls, bangs tested. Joseph A. Skow, Wesley, u21a* FOR SALE—JAY HAWK STAC- ker. F. W. Jentz, Fenton. 'u21a* SPRAY BULL THISTLES. the plants are three to eight in> high. uZlal.Z RUSSIAN KNAPWEED / be sprayed with 'Chlorates, OK Allacidc'. u21a9< FOR SALE— WHITN.EX SPRI10; type baby buggy. In excellent condition. Mrs. A. A, Sterling, phone 704-J. u21ag FOR •' SALE — WHITE FACED Bull. ; Herman Illg; Bode. . i" •• .. ' u21a* DO NOT SPRAY IN S O Y BEANS. DO NOT SPRAY OATS WHEN IN THE HEAD. DO NOT SPRAY CLO.VER OR ANY BROAD LEAF CROP. u21a23 FOR SALE — FOUR. WATER pumps -.complete; 60».feet : ^lV4 in.Spipe and pump jack, 116 h. p. motor. J. G. MiTIer, V'z miles east LuVerne. '• u21a21 . IN: SMALL grain, whefi, thfe crop is 4 to 6 inches nigh and in corn alter or before th<t milk stage. u21a25 IE.j^i,_--. •..i.ij'.j'.-. t....... _.l..-l jA: . . • .-KTiU' i - , ,.., ;.,:• . •' *FOR SALE — NEARLY . NEW Cape Cod home. 5, rooms aridf 666 N, Minn. Bestof'ma- terials throughout, automatic heat, owner moving and offers now at $11,000. See Joel M. Herbst. , a20u31 WITH' Atlacide, Ammates, or Sodium, Chlor.ide, ii2ia9; -SIZE Mp- conditibn' NMARLF 'N1W Oliver, 70" and cultivator; also manure leader. Marvin Kueck, Phone 2808, Lone Hock. u21a* JfilTft — POP 'S^-Pho. 343 uiatf FOR SALE —'2 TEAMS GOOD work horses; good work mule: 2 Shetland, ponies, 1 spotted, 1 Sorrel; stud; Rp'y McVay, Algona. a20u* F'OR SALE — McCQRlyffXGK Deering 22-36. John Deer.e 3-!l4' inch plow. J.,R, Thompson, Bu'rt. a20u* FQR SALE — RAT TEfiRIER pups. J6hn Sghallin, l'/4 miles nprtji: Lptts,,Cr.eek Stbr,e. a20u;i2 FOR SALE — FEEDING- OATS. $1.25 per bushel. Chris Jensen. phone 998rJ. Algona. a20u* SPRING FRIES—40c LB. ALIVE. No delivery. 6 week old chickens, SOc each. Lamont Wcllen- dorf, west of fairgrounds. a20u!8 RESTAURANT BUSINESS" FOR lease Or sale immediately. WelL equipped, reasonable term's. Call; 31 or. write Boic 264, Algona. alDutf pr6o£ •t\x,e?. — —C:t\urjui<i -WATERf- l-^honie.'.insulation, "blown .11. ,~ jJxp^tt,^gpe(ition,..>Btjmatr itng service^ Cpw,an BJdg., Supply :C6., Phohe 27,6, Algoria_ ulatf CARLOAD, OF ASPHALT SHIN- gles just received. We put 'em on. Ask for free estimates. Gambles. alSutf BOX PANDY i Large Assortment . BARRY'S RECREATION '• ' : ' u&atf. FOR ^ SALE — POLLED AND Horned Hereford bulls, serviceable age. P. M.-Christenson, Lone Rock, la. u4att Homes For Sale FOR S'ALEi-5-ROOM MODERN bungalow at 409 S.. Thornington, possession at. once, $7,000. See. Joel. M. Herbst. a20u!7 GOOD Bttlf-APARVMEM 1 At coiner of State and Mini!,, 4 modern apartttterits, oak floors, automatic heat, grbunds 132x1312 ft., owners plans call for SELL-' ING, ACT MOW, ptice' cut to $15,000. See Joel M. Herbst-.. Farms Per Sale FOR SALE-DAIRY FARMS IN. central Wisconsin. 40-200, acre, equipped or bare, farms priced io sell. Own a Clark County farm' in the land of cloyer, corn, gram- and pasture. ODIN E. WANG REALTY, NeillsVille, Wisconsin, ' u!5-24a* AN OUTSTANDING FARM I have one of the best farms in, Mitchell county for sale, 240 acres at $200 per acre, until June 1st. So anyone wanting to buy it will have to act quickly. 240 acres all tillable. Black soil, elec., good road. 4.14 miles N. W. from Osage. School, bus picks up children but not in high, tax district. New hip roof barH with hollow tile basement-., 2 new cattle sheds, new, machine.shed, new poultry house, garage, house re-' modeled w.ith. ne.w, water- system; and another, tenant; house-started with basement in- and water 1 , and' sewer in. These buildings' werjb, all put up last year except the house and that< was. ail remodeled. If sold befqre June'1st. owner is going into business otherwise he may not sell. Call me'collect, for appointment so I will be in my office". 'Phones 90, or 446W.' HgVe over 100 listings. Iryin J.' Ojsen, Realtor, Osage,' Iowa. ' u21al56* Used Gars dAtt FOR SALfi-1932 , let, good tires, good tunning ofder. . Theodore Johnson, W,es> ley. u2ia* If you want Transportation N WE HAVE IT!- Oheck these at Schultz Bros. 1940 Chevrolet 1 ',4 T. truck with dump box, hydraulic hoist/ 1935 Ford 2-door 1SJ29 Model A Ford truck 1928 Oakland 4-door sedan SCHULT2 BROS. South Edge Algona. u21a AUTOMOBILES 1948 Pontiac Sedanette 1948 Ford Sedan Coupe 1948 Chevrolet Fleetlihe Sedan 1947 Chevrolet Town Sedan 1947 Chevrolet Aero Sedan 1939,i Ford Deluxe Coupe 1939 Chevrolet Towti Sedan 1938 Chevrolet Town Sedan 1S38 Plymouth Sedan 1936! Chevrolet Sedan 1935 Chevrolet Standard Coach We Trade—Easy Terms. W. E. Ley Motor Co. Lakota, Iowa u21a, Household Goods FOR SALE—USED REFRIGER- "f.tor, completely reconditioned. Pi tt. Appliance. • a20u8 SEJS THE ELECTROLUX VA- cuum cleaner. Only $69.75, complete. Don H. Hutchins, phone 108,1, Algona. ol5al4tf; FOR, SA^EI-I DARK GREEN! Krohler living room 'suite, V 9xl£ wool rug, 1 buffet, 2 drop ,leaf; tables. 1 gale-leg table, 1 utility cabinet, 3-piece bedroom suite. 221 So. Ridgley. u21a* ; FOR SALE—1935 FORD, TIRES and motor good, body fair. Call 208 N. Moore, Algona. a20u* FOR SALE—1941 BUICK 6-PASr senger coupe, nice one. 1939 Buick 4-door sedan. 1937 ChrysV ler sedan. Kirk Auto Co., phone :80, Jones and State. a20u2l FOR SALE—1% ,TON V-8 FORD panel. Warner Johnson, Burfe phone 143. a20uj* FOR SALE—1941 OLDSMQBILE 4-door sedan, hydromatic, motor just completely overhauled. Priced for quick sale. Carl Jasperson, phone 1074>-W. a20u!9 FOR SALE—1940 FORD 5-PAS- senger coupe, all,' equipped, radio and heater. Inquire Champlin Service Station, West Bend. u21a* FOR SALE—1939 OLDSMOBILE 5-passenger coupe, good condition, very reasonable, must sell. Phone 931LJ, 430 N. Jones, Algona. .; •;;,. ,....,'.v;. < »T:' FOR SALE—1947 CHAMPION 5- passenger Studebaker, like new. Phone 995-W. u21a* 'FOR SiALE-— COLLERATOR, 75 Ib. Conrad Schmidt, phone. 152 on 15, West Bend/ u21a * FOR SALE--DINING ROOM EX- tension 'table, walnut finish, good condition. $15. 632 No. Minn. u21a* FOR. SALE—USED MAYTAG, Dexter, Coronado and Automatic washers, late models, priced to sell. We service all makes of washers, and wringers. CRILLY APPLIANCES, Phone 399, Harlan and State. u21a29 FOR SALE—VITALAIRE WH T enamel steel ice box, good as new. Oswald Lallier, 421. E. Lucas. u21a* FOR SALE — SPEED QUEEN washer, brand-new, used only- 3 months. Dick Pool, phone 385-W. u21a!4 Lost & Found RED STEER MISSING FROM George Hobscheidt pasture, weight between 500 and 600 Ibs. Alvin Hardcopf, LuVerne. ', u21a!6 Cards of Thanks , We wish to express our thanks and appreciation, for the floral offerings, the memorials and the Milk and Crea PRICES • ; - "/ ' - - • • ' ' EfFECTIVEMO N., MAY 24 Retail Wholesale 1 QiwriMilk. , .........;.. _.. _15c 13c 1 Quart Cream .>, .....60c rPiirtiCreflro,.,:....;:, 30c : .'Mtfint Cream.... .u^.. ... .15c 1 Qti Whipping Cream.,.........80c TPt. Whipping Cream r ... .4<h !/2 Pt. Whipping Cream 20c 52c 26c 13c 72c 36c 18c BuUerfat Prices The following-prises were psld by th^ Aljpnq. ative Creamery Co,, fer whole milk an a for the period May MS, Wholernilk Buttarfat vw — S wet tcreum' luttWfatw. » ,,,.,$1,08 WTHT*B?-TTrir"T^r Pistribiitors of Pasteurized B« 9, Tested Milk, Paiteuriit d B, D, Tested €r«sm Stott Bfdnd ftytter Powdered Milk " s Al'Co'fa* Go$ AUCo Gas - ,,_... , - T P.Q.B, Algona Non Texablf; Tractor Fuel Distillate a Kerosene assistance of our friends during our rcct'nt bereavement of the death of our father Machael Wegner. The Wegner Children. a20u35 CARD OF THANKS' We wish to express our thanks and appreciation for the floral offerings, the memorials and the assistance of our friends during our recent bereavement in the death of our son and brother 'Richard. Mr. and Mrs. A. P. bch,wcppe, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Gadc, and Ruth Ann Schweppe, u21a* Miscellaneous STILL TIME TO HAVE YOUR portrait taken for that special Father's Day gift. See us now. RUSSELLS STUDIO, Algona. u21a!9 SANDING AND REFIN- ishing. Heavy commercial equipment. Portable powei plant. Cowan Bldg. Supply Co. Algona, phone 275. ulatl GRANULATED ZONOLITE IN- suiation, Rock Wool Batts and granulated wool are available for your hone. You too can insulate your own home. See us! F. S. NORf ON, 6t SON phone 299 a3utf INLAID LINOLEUM — LINO- wall tile laid by experts. Custom work. Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., Algona. ulatf For All Types Concrete Work READY-MIX CONCRETE Delivered to your job Phone 166 READY-MIX CONCRETE & syppr* ep. Algona. u4atf SfiE ME FOR REAL BARGAINS in farms, loans, drainage surveying and estimates on tile. Phil J. Kohlhaas, phone 22, Algona. u\atf IMPLEMENT SALE Tuesday June 8, 1948 On Rts. Z and 66 ARCHIBOLD, OHIO At 9:30 A.M. 85 TRACTORS, new and used: Farmall, Ms; Us; I3N; As; John Deere; G; As; Bs; Hs; Oliver 70s; 60s; Allis Chalmers: VVC; C; Br Red Fords Ferg.; MM; Case; Massey Harris: some Crawlci-s. 10 BALERS: 50 T; 1J.GW John Deere; Case; N; Holland, etc. 15 COMBINES, all sixes: Int.; 12A J. Dec-re; AC: Massey, etc. Hay tools: Corn Planters, Drills; Plows; Disk;:; Corn Pickers; all kinds of horse and Tractor- drawn machinery, bring in your machinery before sale day if'pos- sible. Phones: 3R 414 or 10123 Archbold, Ohio, or write Yoder & Frey Auction Sales ARCHBOLD, OHIO Elias Frey- fe Paul Sangor, Auctioneers •u21a Tuesday, May 25> 1$48 tippet DM O£ NOTICE nesoluilon For The Doslruction Noxious Weeds. To All Prooerly Ovtneia: BE IT RESOLVED, bv Cin Bon'-rl of Supervisors of Kossuth County. Iowa: Thai pursuant to the provisions ol' Chapter 317 Code ol Jtuva. 1!)46, as amended by Cliuptcr inc.. Acts 52 G. A. it is hereby ordered: 1. That each owner and each person in the possession or control, of any lands in Kossuth County, shall cut, burn, or othorwiw d'.-si'roy all noxious weeds thereon, as defined in this chapter, at such limes; in each year and in such mariner a:: shall prevent said weeds from blooming or coming to maturity, and shall keep said lands free I torn such Bivnvlh of any other weeds as shall render the streets or highways adjoining said land unsafe for pubic travel. Noxious weeds shall be cut or otherwise destroyed on or before the following dates and as often thereafter as is necessary to prevent seed production: Group 1, June 15, 1948, for Leafy Spurge, Perennial Peppergrass, Sour Dock, Smooth Dock, Sheep Sorrel. Group 2. June 30, 1948, for Canada Thistle, Russian Knapweed. Buckhorn. Wild Mustard. Group H, July 15, 1948, for Field Bindweed, Wild Carrol. Group 4. July 30, 1048, for Horse Nettle, Perennial Sow Thistle, Quack Grass, Butter-Print, Puncture Vine, Cdcklebur, Bull thistle. 2. That each owrtei'*and 'each person in the possession or control of anv lands in Kossuth County infested with any primary noxious weeds Including quack gross, perennial sow thistle, Canada thistle, field bindweed, horse nettle,, leafy spurge, perennial pepper- grass, Russian knapweed, shall adopt a program of weed destruction, described by the Weed Commissioner, which In five years may be expected to destroy and will immediately keep under control such infestations of said primary noxious weAls. 3. That all weeds other than primarj noxious weeds on all county trunk find local county roads and between tin. fence lilies thereof shall be mowed by the adjoining property owner, to prevent seed production, on or before July 15. 1!)48. 4. That if the owners or persons in possession or control of anv land in Kossuth County fail to comply with the foregoing orders, the Weed Commissioner shall cause this to be done and the expense of said work, including costs of serving notice and othei costs, if any. to be assessed against the land and the.owners thereof. 5. That the County Auditor Lie and is hereby directed to cause notice oi the making and entering of. the foregoing order by one publication in each of the oflicial newspapers of the county. Dated at Algona, Iowa, this 3rd dav of May. 194B. BY OK1JER OF BOARD SUPERVISORS KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA. uaiil NOTICE OF AMENDMENT TO ARTICLE OF INCORPORATION OF KUNZ GRAIN, INC. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Notice is hereby given that the Kun?. Grain, Inc., has duly amended Article T of its Arliales 6t-ii___.,. states tlio nnme and prfftcifcfti and place of business of the eo'f lion. This Article 1s,amended TOfev ing out the word "Wesley 1 nnd irti ing the word "'AlgoYifl , Tttfe- i nniendcd Article,.fihnll be: "Tho nnmo of this corporation be the Kunz Grain, Inc., Algdnfl, sulh Co , Iowa". Daled this 20th dny of May, 1S481 KUNZ GRAIK, INC. B\ Arthur Manss, Vice President B.v Fi^d A. Dickmnnn, Secretary U21-24 ATTENTION FLAX Spray with Dinilro sprays ONLY. Spray when small' grains on flax are 5 io 6 inches high. There is is very little, mortality to logume seeding This kills pigweed ( mustard* young cockleburrs, and jambs' quarier. If unable to find— Write to Standard Agricultural Chem., Hoboken, New'Jet- sey for SINOX Dow Chemical Co., Midland >t Michigan for DOW SELECTION Pass this on to your, neighbor SE2-4D LUBRICARE- /ai/or-macfe lubrication forBuicks It's lubrication made Io measure for. your Buick by the engineers who built the carr-with lubricants carefully chosen for just one reason: they are best for your Buick. Men who. know Buicks Ihproughly see that, all the different point*, that need'it , are properly, supplied with exactly the, 'right kind and right am.ount of lubricant. You're away knowing your car Is protected and set to roll smoothly and dependably with lubrication that has been matched la the mileage, you have driven. YOUR BUICK DEALER REQVLARIY FOR LUBR1CARE N o wonder you grin ! There's that zoom again — that go — that flashing spirit that you know is built in Buicks. There's that split-second answer to your call for power, the feather-light response to your finger that makes your two- ton honey handle like a baby buggy. This is what happens when a Buick is cared for by men who know Buicks best — men who know the height of spirit a Buick can reach and how to bring it out. Buick men have a way with Buicks no onp else can have. That's only natural. Whatever they do, they do as the designers and builders of Buick say it should be done. They use Buick-approved checks and tools. And when time and miles finally take their toll in wear, they have right at hand a stock of Buick. engineered replacement parts. Wheel in and they'll sweeten your engine to bring out all its surge and go. They'll steady your car's easy gait and make steering limber. Tiiey'll even take out your worn engine and give you new-car zing and power with a factory- fresh Fireball. See for yourself. Bring your car in and get real, understanding Buick car care. You can't buy it anywhere else — and job for job it doesn't cost you a penny more. KIRKIAUTOXO l i,/--"fV' ^PBT* Bring Your Car to Kirlt Auto Co. 1 i ^ <,. , ^^^i? > ^ • » \ i ' '^-1 LUBRICATION WASHING MOTOR TUNE-UP ANTI-FREEZE BATTiRY SHWICl MOTOR OVERHAUL WHEEL BAUNCING Ride the LIT US SHOW YOU WHY U, S. ROYALS ARfi * . ,. j« • < -.1 • > t -1;V ,'.*

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