The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 25, 1948 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, May 25, 1948
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- s • .. 00s Moinse, TU6S&AY, MAY 45, 1048 Dr, F, L trrlbon, 44 Years A Physician Here; Passes j. Tribon. for 44 ! years ig> f Sunday morning at Dr. P. L a practicing died early Sunday morning D his home on No. Thorlnatoii st. Dr. Tribon was 84. Despite the advancing years' ho hacf been about his home and maintained a part in the last Friday. daily routine until Funeral services have been set for 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon in the Methodist church here. Rev. O. ( W. Brand will officiate. He will be assisted by the Rev. F. Earl Burgess. Arrangements are by MeCulloughs. Burial In Family 'Lot 1 . Burial will be made in the family plot in Riverview. Pall- Frank Miles, Jr. To Speak At Services, Parade To Be Held On Monday, 31st fiy Russ Wall,* •j * * V * A fie-year-old nian in Now York became the fathbr of trip- lots, 1 a few days ago-. . . he al, ready had 32 children . . . Dick v Norton, cogitating over this un- Usual j-ecord, remarked that the > papa; evidently wants to have a boy and girl scout troop of his . 6WrY. .*•»'*. In NewaW N. J./wailresses will not have to wear transparent skirts , . . or if they do, there mil be petticoats beneath them .... this new. development in costumes for waitresses came as a surprise to the local table servers'.who hod received no advance information on this impending event , . . they also said that maybe the waitresses in Newark would go for the idea ;but in Algona it wduld'take a little heavy coaxing. '.' . * * * With Dewey edging Stassen in Oregon, and Taft still in there pitching, the approaching repubj lican national convention looks 5 fiiore and more like a perfect setup, for a "dark horse' 1 . This will probably be one of those affairs •where thel three leading candidates will keep' pitching, .hone can bet a majority, and a com• promise candidate will be selected in a smoke-filled conference room. • * * * . Well, college life seems to be / about normal . . . ihe . "kid-nap ride" of an Iowa Stale youth actually didn't harm anyone and everyone is- very sorry" about ihe whole ihing ... and as -He .aying goes, boys will be boys. ,_ • '.'•**.* -' One prospective home builder in Algona reports that since efforts began to obtain basic infor- matioij on local building and to expedite matters, if possible, for potential home builders, the price of the lot which hef had hoped to buy had risen $200 . . . that's an>, excellent, way to pre• vent building r -which .it probably' did in this case. ••••.• • " • * •'»/ ?'- •' ' -:, Last waek's baseball game between Algona high afid Kahawha ... - ..— ,_„ for the district championship ditional homage to veterans of marked the wiridup of high' P ast wars, school athletic careers for " : ~" number of local athletes . bearers, all friends of long stand ing, will be: < ' T- As^ter/'Frjid;.'Chase, Wes ley ,Dutton; and Ed Hdufth ey . Th Paddock of Phoenix e two daughters rs. Otl ahd Mrs „.*.. both arrived Monday morn ing to be with-'their mother, Mrs Paddock came by plane. Dr, Tri bon's brothers, Dr« J, C. Tribon of Sumncr and Dr. A. L. Tribon and Mrs. Tribon of Independence Frank Miles. 'Jr, Memorial Day for 1948 ' officially nlijservfid'in Algona-waxt Monday, /May' 31. ' '" ' *"•"*' A parade an'd program at' three cemeteries here will pay the tra- perhaps the best crop in a number of years . . . Clear Lake was the Bulldog downfall in reaching both a football and basketball .conference title, but the athletic records of the past year have -been very excellent, and to the! departing senior lettermen good Organizations and persons par- ticipatjng in the-parade will meet at 9:30 a.m., Monday morning, on West Nebraska at Thorinijton, '- form the line of parade. Frank will be parade Schoby will be master of ceremonies, . Line of March' The parade wiU go north on at West Bend, Miss 1 Vallic Frost, daughtei ' A -' F.A. M.^ Frost. and: Mrs. Sunday. Mrs; Mary Lamp .~of Algeria,was with her brother the last night. Frank Lewis Tribon was a son of Mary and Joseph* Tribon, Hfc was born Oct. 1, 1863 in Lester township, Blackhawk county. His grade school education was such as was offered in the early days Graduated tn 1892 After completing Ms preliminary -schooling he attended Uppei Iowa UniV6t-slty-VtfiiV'Jg'ayettc and later attended the? •JJnjvcrs'ity of Iowa. He. • was grftdliatcd from the university's school- of medicine In 1802j" andriri March 1893 he came. to ;! Algoria and pstablish- cd his office.- ,- .• i;,--- "••-.'. .:.- . 26, 1898 -.-.,_, —,j-.tO K" Frost, daughter of Mr. ~ A. M. Ffost. -.'',', Prior ; to ^marriage; the doctor had started -buildhig ; a -house on No. Thoringtpn street arid to this home he brought; his bride- The house was finished after the couple were rnarridd. It remained their' home during the almost 50 years* of their married life. It was there the children were born,-and from it two of them were buried.-Twin daughters ,Ruth and Isabel, preceded their father in death. . ,< Isabel died 'in Infancy; Ruth (Mrs. Lewis. Bleakly) became ill in 1931 when she was residing at Milwaukee. She was brought to the parental home • where her father could treat her, but died July 5, 1931. Doctor Ti*ibon was a member of the Methodist church. He is survived by his wife,'two daughters Mrs. Otis Paddock of Phoenix, and Mrs. Herman Leeftink of Mountain, Wis..' and a son Donald of Washington, D. C. He is ajso survived by 11 grandchildren, f, <,( • Pawing Of An Era With, the daktVbf Doctor Tri- t,nly- a^feWj/doctoi's who* started 1 in the. horse anduBuggy fday*, when to answer a~sfck call in town meant walklhg over board sidewalks, and in ** the country driving over dirt roads. In his years of Service the doctor saw great advancement in his wishes for the future, and a job Thorington to State, east on State "- ™-" i: - - J " - • ' well done. , * * * And before we forget it, work of the past two years by volunteers who got behind and successfully accom: plished Ihe location of a new hospital here, and qualifying for federal funds to aid the project, should not go unnoticed ... there was much work, by many people ... it is not over yet, but il has come a long way on a i ' - major project . . . Ihere is. no, more important one for ihis'< area. • •.•»'• . ' * * * .'• "; to Phillips, and then n«rth to 1 Riverview, cemetery, where the first of three services will be held. .•From 1 Riverview the groups will be transported in cars to Calvary Catholic cemetery, and then to Eastlawn Memorial Park. ; The line of parade will' include city police, Mayor KoHlh^as as marshal, the colors, firing-squad, auxiliary firing scjuad.' Algonn band, National Guard, speaker of the day and Legion and V.F.W, post commanders, ministers, Spanish American War -veterans in cars, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary, American Legion, American profession. Passing of the.,older doctors St. Joe, Take Lead In Kossuth League St. Benedict Rallies After Trailing , r < By Nine Runs •-* St. Joe and .the .^ e>r . vv _....^-. team led the Kossuth league, this week, as a- result- oft' Sunday's loop contests, Eacn Has won two and.lost rtohe.. 11. Sunday sbqrcs: Lotts Crceic 10, St. Benedict Algona K. C. 10, Fenton & Hurt 3, Lone Rock 4: St. Joe 11, Whittemorc 8. ', Friday night of this weeki Algona team goes against, Humboldt, there, in a non-lootf cbn- tf st, under- the Hurrtboldt'-ligh'ts. Mickey, Owens and his Hurrtb&ldt nine are one of the best teams' in his section of the-state. - f tolls Creek Upset ' Against Fcntort, Long "'staretd on the mound /for Algona,' hurled South Americans Visit Weidenhoff Co. Plant jltome* fWO SECTIONS-16 PAGES VOL, 83-NO. 20 bur- innings, "and inished the game. Don -Meyer-3 Herb'Mfcyers with a double and triple was«the eading batsmaii. The ''K, tj.'s ook a three-run-lead in'the f £tfst nd led all the way. ,y Kuecker, .Johnson and,KraQse were the Fenton batteriejs. Lotts Creek held a lead? of nine uns. in the fourth inning,!against t. Benedict, and then fost the ontest. Lcudtke, Larie and iVichtendahl were the' Lotts Creek batteries. St. Benedict onected for two homers late ip le game. Bormann, Johnson nd Johnson were the St. Berie- ict batteries. The winneSf anged out 17 hits. , '1$ Johnson 'and Barber, wor.ked or at. Joe in the victory over Vhittemore. Wichtendahl; and : raatz were Whittemorc-. batting es. St. Joe collected 11 hits, Vhittemoro nine. ".'",'" .'j^;,, Box score of the Algona-Ftft- on game follows: . ;••;.-.*. Mgona K. C. (10) ; AB White,' 2b The Jos. Weidenhoff Co., Inc., was host last Thursday and .Friday, to a group of Latin American irepresen-alives of Bows.r,:inc., parent firm of the local plant. The visitors who are pictured above came'here to inspect the plant first hand and see how the Weidenhoff products are manufactured. Left Jo right in the picture are J. Diaz, manager of the Latin American Division, Bowser International; Inc.; Hene Keyeux, Bogota,^Colombia; J. H. DeGroot, Sao Paulo, Bra- zU; Mr.'Harks, executive vice president and gtner'al man- ager of Jos. Weidenhoff, Inc.; Hugo HaVersiein, Havana, Cuba; Enrique Freyre, Lima, Peru; and Julio V. Hoffay, Buenos Aires. The group is on a tour of American factories operated by Bowser, Inc., which exports many manufactured products to Central and South America. When asked their impressions of Algona and its surrounding country,, they emphasized their interest in new and modern machinery, and the difference in farming methods between here and South America, as well as the difference in soil. (Al Missal Photo). Spray Campaign To Blanket City Is Planned marks the end of ah'era in which treatment was often given against great odds, under 'handicaps and in adverse 'conditions. N Had Doctor Trtbpn lived until tomorrow, Wednesday, May 26, he and Mrs. Tribon would have observed their, golden wedding anniversary. , '-' We asked Hank Hook, in this Legion Auxiliary, Boy Scouts, folumn recently, how he thought Girl Scouts and school children, he might. feel after reading the 1 In case of rain the program Three Bears or Peter Rabbit the wil1 be held in l he high school 99th time , .. it seems this little auditorium, comment has been causing Hank considerable reaction . . . Hank, Summer Program Of Play Stiirts The summer pl'fty ground program was scheduled for a start yesterday morning. Arlo Woods, high school principal, will be in charge-of the play and recreation activities and Coach Eugene Hprt% of the swimming pOOl, ; f/j/l" "The wading. DQpl%at Athletic park has beep cleaned and filled and children-.' enjoying it Zepder, 2b 1 Rfngsdorf, c 5- ""'.Wifll&l, cf 5 . rghiicH; s^ _^._ 4', [. Meyer, 3b." /5 3on Winkcl, lb_. 5 :. ,-Wintcr, rf —.4 •ilbride. r.C w 1 tfcMurray, If ._.. 3 ». Winter, If 2 ong, p 2 deyer, p 2 R 2 0 2 H 1 0 0 Fenton (2) 42 AB Duncan, ss ______ 3 Elmers, ss _ ______ 1 Schulte, 3b ...... 4 Krause, rf-c . ____ 4 Kuecker, p .._.._ 4 Johnson, c .. ..... 3 Muller, rf _______ 0 Greinert, If . _____ -3 Kuecker, If- ______ l Behne, 2b __ ..... 4 Weisbrod, cf ____ 4 Dreyor, lb ______ 4 2 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 10 R 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 f- 2. §:< o' o i 11; H 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 3 1 '•E 'o 0 Q, ' 1 35 2 you didn't analyze it right . letter is on the way, ' » " » . •. . So, you want to adopt a babyl Well, the Iowa Children's Home, 2QWt Davidson Bldg., Des Moiries, can help you. But they warn, it isn't quick, or easy. For one thingi they say placements in homes with parents over 40 jpre.fe.w; a home th^t looks like a •museum js frownec} upon; also vthe .ghqw window home; if you already 'have - twoi adoptions are frowned upon; there are more > babies sought than babies avail' able; the placement ,for - the first 'year Is probationary, '< , * »•* ' ; I*ocsl National Guardsmen * geem. glared to go to summer camp 8 t Fort Riley, .Kans,, after ^U, '.probably Aug. 8-33, an olfU Pi8l;army news rf}es?e says . , . they> wpyld fee part pi the fifth Cemetery Program C, T, Huff, representing the V; F, W., and Warren Nelson; repre- » » If .J V4- + V* 11 MI.*V44 +lU<b>Utl, tC^JJ.U^ senting the American Legiohi are acting as general arrangements chairmen end have announced the following program, at River- selections, followed by - - - view; Band the invocation by Rev, Brand. o; w, • * , * . local father w«4 asked he pxpepted hjis son to be ., he got out of school - • • id's reply; '"- *- " * "tfwl Gettysburg Address-, by Louise Sorenson, , Decoration of .graves, G. A, R., Spanish-American veterans, and World Wars J a.nd H, • Veterans' organizations pre. sented, j . Firing squad, American' Region, Taps, ' "" - , Frank Miles, Jr., in Memorial Day -address. Benediction, Father W, 8, Ban* er. < National Anthenv At Cslyary cemetery, serylees will be m charge of Father- Bausr, Sunday. The swimming pop! will not be opened fpr ppmaps another week. i- Morning play program for intermediate and junior high boys and girls will be at Athletic park from 8:45 until 11:45 on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. There wil be basebaH, badminton, croquet and other gamus. The afternoon program will be for boys and girls from kinder* garten through the .'third grad<? at wading pool, park,.'There is a sand pile, teeter totter, slide and a story hour, by an instructor The .hours are from 1:30 o'clock until 5 p,m. . . . Next Sunday, May 30, the schedule is as follows in the KossutK" League: Lone Rock at St. Joe; Whittemore at Burt; Fenton at Lotts Creek; St. Benedict at Algona. K. C. AtGONA V. F. W. TEAM LEADS BORDER LEAGUE; Another Algona team led its league, winning its second game Sunday when the local V, F. W. nine downed the Armstrong team; 5- to 4. The box score of that game follows: Mrs. Semon, 81, Of Whittemore, Rites May 20 Whiltemore—•'Funeral services 1W«B*^,4iee(J *'.l»st Thursday fmornirtg 1 dt' St. MiCHa'arS* Catholic' church for'Mrs. Nick Semon, 81. Rev. William Veil officiated. Mrs. SeWn't died at her home Monday evening. May 17. She became ill on Monday, May 10, with uremic poisoning, which was followed by a heart attack a week later. Earlier in Septenv* ber/of last year she suffered a stroke, and had been in poor health ever since. Elizabeth Evcrhart, was born in Luxemburg, Dec. 12, 1867, and in 1893, March 15, she was married to Nick Semon, in Luxemburg. On March 16, the same year, they migrated to the United States coming to Whittemore, and have lived in this community all the time. They started farming on the farm now owned by George Winkle, and after several years they moved to the farm now;owned by Henry Ostwald. Later, they bought the farm across the- road now occupied by Eirgene Elbert, Disposing of this place they bought some lane near St. James, Minn., and in a deal with the late Louis Baas they became the owners of the Baas farm southeast of Whitte- Thcy retired from this and bought their homt years aeo. On Magnet Pulls Steel From Eye Of Man Injured Here LeRoy Graham, Whitlemore, employed at the Allen Motor Co, here, suffered a severe injury to his right eye Saturday, just about quitting time. , Mr. Graham was removing a rear hub and drum from a car, when a piece 6f steel flaked off a tool he was using and lodged in the eye. He was immediately brought to a local doctor who made an appointment with a Fort Dodge eye specialist, and Ihe patient was taken there immediale- remove ihe. steel with A magnet, Mr. Graham* was' laken to Mercy hospital. Following 1 x-ray there an incision was made in the eyeball so that an extension on the .magnet could penetrate far enough to reach the piece of steel and remove it. The steel flake was saucer-shaped and the size of a safety match head. Mr. Graham has a family of five small children. He will be in Ihe hospital several weeks it is thought. Doctors, Sunday, said they were unable at that lime to determine the degree of his vision impairment. more, farm here .about 15 March 15, 1043, they celebrated Algona V. F. W, (5) KB D, Shilling, cr ;_.___. 2 and at Re.v, , ill Miles, Jr., sjpeake'f of the . deliver ft brief pyayer. . Miles , 1 T w Worjd War II, and is qow a bet flif-jihe air fpree re'sgrve, served overseas with' the- ii AH- Force, seeing combat djer service m bprnfemg AArs. Lloyd Muckey Injured In Fqll ' Mrs. Lloyd y" reqe»ve4 lage; aroyn4 ihe; #«rid itHLfajU^en yMb. Hey war dkehjfied «$ a very bad cut on her/right hand, Wednesday afternoon, when ' fell at the Aiiton Djarjki... while carrying some dishes, A group of wpmen nvhQ'-have a bridge p)ub had been entertained at Mrs. William YigarV and as .-_.. w preparing to leave, Oidriksen suggested the i go hQme Witt d epffee, hf i-pie,iyc ti - arraots Te C!e*e May 31 "" J, Diekmanil, rf-, 4 Valentine, lb __ i B, Diekmann, 3b ..„ 4 Hoover, ss ___^ Voight* 2b -—-,___ Hudson, rf ._,._,___ Merriam, rf datt, c Bowman, p ... „_ 2 Frost, p ',__, i Huff, p .,_..____,„_ o 27 (4) KZ 0. Anderson, ss_-.-._ n Cronk, 3b —.„,._.. 3 iVJoyn, If ---_.__ 5 B. Erickson, lb---,T-» § Sandt, ?b _'_-,,____,_ s Yost, 2b .,„__;._:.._ I Sabin, cf _-.„______, g', calrw°?f!!.:::;::: I PJath, p .,,_____,_ 4' f rr R 1 0 2 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 R 0 0 Q I Q I 0 I Q their golden wedding anniversary. They were the parents of five children, three of them preceding Mrs.'Semon in death. Surviving are her husband, and one son Alfred Semon, of Algona, and Mrs, Marie Hogan, and six grandchildren. , Burial was Thursday morning on the family lot in the Catholic cemetery. Pallbearers were Jos, Priester, Mike Besch. J. B. Gee- Ian, Andrew S. Elbert and Thom- . 0 as Kelly. ' • ©rant toy Wtro Flax Essay Cash "Club 169" Will Open Wednesday ( 'Qlub 169", the former Lindy's Inn govith of Algona, was recently bought by Mr. and Mrs. Aaron §teUSjBj|-of LuVerne and will en for business tomorrow, esday; May 26. »s are being made fpr a for- Opening with special features , id" June, Some changes are to,<bj,'made in the interior ar- and the places will be lujc Steussy, a son of Mr, and ' 'tgussy, whg is now attend' e,- University of Iowa, will ver proprietorship of the u — he comes hpme June 3> will be managed by Start Work On ring Airport persons scheduled degrees it th,e 61th an Ten Cases For Minor Courts Over Weekend Minor court;cases for ten defendants were';- heard over the weekend in mayor and justice courts here. In mayor's court Dr. Roy Bennett of Corwith paid a fine of $25 and costs for reckless driving. Charges grew out of an accident Monday.. May 17, when the doctor was alleged to have driven through a stop sign and crashed into a car driven by Gordon Schmidt. The accident 'happened in Algona at the intersection of State and Phillips streets. Other cases heard by Mayor Kohlhaas, Monday, May 24 were: Earl Henry Steinman, charged with operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, was bound to the grand jury and bond was fixed at $1,000. • Ray Cunninghan?,-Algona, fined $5 on a drunkenness charge. Russell Rentz, Algona. fined $5, for drunkenness and disturbing the peace, Jada Willie was charged with drunkenness, but his case was not completed. , In Justice J. B, Johnston's court, Clitus M. Salz of Whittemore paid a $2.50 for a stop-sign violation. HolUs R, Wilson, Algona, was fined $10 for drunkenness b.ut $5 was suspended. T, G. Brown, Algona, fined $10 for fishing without a license. In Pells Weber's justice\ourt: Wm. Gravdon, a painter livine at Bancroft, 'was, charged, with wife and child desertion and his case was continued 30 days fol- owing a hearing on ay 18. Clint Guest of Bancroft was bound to the grand jury on May 19, charged with larceny. Girl, 6, On A Solo Journey Six-year-old Janice Riddle is on the city of Los Angeles train bound for California for a month's' visit with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Riddle of Manhattan Beach, Calif. The little girl's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Riddle, took her to Ames Saturday, put her on the train early Sunday morning, and left her in the custody of a stewardess who will take care of her until the grandparents meet her at Los Angeles. Seek Signup Of 75 Percent To Complete Task A city-wide fiy control cam-"t paign will get underway'in J&JW gona ------ - Richard W. Batt Body To Arrive Students Are Drake Grads Twe. students from Algona are of,' Commerce, t fot the "jrt« set for Saturday, June 12.' This dale is.subjecl lo revis-', ion, however. Named as the committee in charge of the campaign were Bob LaBarre Don Hutchins, Harold Youngblood, Dick Johannsen, and. Complete Coverage Instead of merely going after Ihe mam business district; as 'was the case last year, the JayCees intend to spray the whole city. To do this, it is necessary that 75 percent of Algona householders agree to cooper- ale, and the JayCees have ' made plans to contact the entire city. Last year, il will be remembered, Ihe fly spray campaign eliminated flies from the business district until late August with one ap- • plication. , Every householder will be contacted through a pamphlet, to be distributed next Sunday morning. There will be a form to be. filled put, and later in the week this form will be collected by paper boys as they make their weekly collections Total cost to a householder would be $3.15 per house, and this includes three sprays during the summer. Spraying at in. • dividual homes, would hit doors, ' screens, garbage and trash receptacles and similar places. Controls Mosquitoes In the business district, contact will be made with store proprietors and managers' starting next week. The business distr.jcf would get five complete sprayings under the pl^p. Y Included in the spraying would t>e the, swimming pool area, stockyards area and city dump. . 1 Emphasis is also laid on the fact that the spraying not only k;lls flies but pontrok. mosquitoes as well, New equipment, improved from Jast year, would be used- HI the loca} cemj^ morrow, from an overseas tery, It will 8eVt"Er& mart froln the Ate«MJ» * I&Sw * there will be s, military gugrjj tu the body i§ taken "-*-•- • the Methodist phwcb! ^^ • .' .?**?*» ««**¥ P< wish that triers w| tern- 1 -" Ji -- " 2§0 SpfQltalMN. Ate Trout Dinner Between 225 'and men, most of them ., the Kossuth County _,._, tion League, turned put last/I day evening tg eat """'" trout, talk fisbjng aw, ,... and conservatwn, aBd^fe,; P» < aU8Bt¥QB5. t>w$K

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