The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 18, 1948 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 18, 1948
Page 18
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r. ^.^^.v^Btjf* 4l , ""*' i 1 '^"C'f-' 1 ' ^'l^Mfc'JJ. " ' tertaind Sunday And-'has an , is 6beHiHg-a office in Ottoseh. will-be the manage? of that fbfe\ l l,;i& the -hdhm pf B'evotloftS will be Wafd Hoi glveri By , Hof antf the MW.'-'M, ,y Mrs, Wm. '• i»»stor th& Yvanleliealt United* ^cui^Eui church aLjLuVeftte for, «2^?S l fiv ° years, yftthisvWeek' Tot- Gilbert, Iowa f to accept a Hew pastorate., The, movers a result pf me anriual churttt, cftrlfettjlfte held- last week, wneH retisSitfrl* rno^t of pastors to ChtlrerVeB'fbOK plaee. ' 4. At his new charge^. Ml: fkfe fro* Ames, he will be ser^ini! , large rural area in which therl Is Jputpfte church, a union of ttiree forrWer churches, A survey sh6^* ed that there are some 80 fattiliieS *n the area with no chureh affiliation ahd Rev. Beckman feeW 1 he Jias^an unusual opportunity to Develop his new church. He will be succeeded at lAJ- fferrie by Rev. R. M. Baker/who epines there from Rbsj, Iowa. •Rev, Baker was to arrive Monday. Many improvements' have bee"h accomplished dudng r Rev, Beckman's pastorate, including a fUll, new church basement and a new Church kitchen, ' Picnic Ends Season » A fellowship picnic Tuesday, May 11, closed the 1047-~48, season [ Jor the Tuesday Club at trie •home of Mrs. Van Hansen with Mrs. Ella Woito assistant hostess. I A brief review' of the, year's work ensued with a discussion of ilaris and suggestions for the new year. Mrs. Paul Blumer gave a report of the county meeting held »at Titonka recently. LuVerrte clubs are among • the* hostess .group for the fall meeting in October. Courtesies were extended .and *T.J*I i~ KT~_ Tf w tii-i-4 ' ^vuicu vij uui jjiii.'ieais uj. ine,,c.iUQ, and who has served in ,a, .riumlber Lof capacities thrb'Ugh the' years: FMrs. P. H. Beckman Who will,re- I side at Gilbert, Iowa, was also ^presented with a gift and..favored "Hhe group with Improvised piano selections. II Entcttainirterit .was\ : in- charge Rof Mrs. A. A. Schipuil dhd Mrs'. l J. A. Nelson. „ »t The club is federated, arid thus affiliated with the state and .na- ,*tional groups and assists in var- \ious projects of enlarged vision |and good will. On Wednesday, May 12, at the class day exercises of the Lu- J/orno school, Mrs. Gerald Brace, in behalf of the 'club, presented -Rash citizenship awards to grad- Luates Ger.aldine Henderson ,E)rtd •Merlyn Swanson. The high school ffaculty, reported selection' diffi- ult. • ? th^ harnl bf i LBhty, assisted Bft edll;J6lHflfe. Mrs. Nels J Will I«aa 'tffe devotions ahd by Mts< Jft, Roll 'Call will iWfe-VjttfeV.Stoft' L wiiLiea the ( de> & ; >ie$s6ft jm. ft* >u¥tie <Neal. r >TA.i 4 emit, iT*i p«- ;UMUI w en u JJcllnGrt arid daUghtefs .Mrs. Jbhtt 'Petfer and D6na,,DeH^ert left Saturday rhorning for fr m^tof trip to', the west coait/THey will go first'to Raymoftd, Mihh., to visit Mr. Dehnert's sister ahd husbfind Mr. and Mrs. AUgU^t Lohse. They ^iU ne^t visit-Mr. and Mi's. '" ' NaUohal i_._ cier pdrks will be eHj'oyed. They will attend the s gradUa-' tibri exercises of their son and brother Arlo .Dehnert,-v*ho .will receive his degree of sociology, frorii 1 Seattle coll?ge,> in '.Seattle; TXf&eU 'IraiilA** 1t#V>» 4D I ( B. a'-Clab-Meeis'-'; " -"^ The N. B. C. club met '^vith Mrs. Joseph Willger in-Algona,, Thursday, May 6, with Mrs. John Voss Jr. assistant .Jiostess. There fcvere seventeen members present and one guest, the mother of Mrs. Willger. Contests and games were played with Mrs. Norma McClaran deceiving the prize. Mrs. Maxine Thompson was taken as a new fnember. Mrs. John Voss Jr. and Mrs. Joseph Willger each received Tjifts in honor of their recent birthdays. ' ., k A delicious lunch was. served by the three pieces .of Mrs. Will- i'er. The next meeting will be at ihe home of Mrs. Norma McCla"r-* an with^Mrs. William Hpf assist- fcnt hostess 1 , Thursday, June 3. |W. S. C. S. Circle Meet , The three circles ,of ,'the Wo- imen's Society of Christian Service of the Methodist; church wi),l Ori S*atUrda? attend, the-rhltfriage 'df „... nert and Miss Mary Arm MkHbh- ey of Venice, Calif. The wedding will take place in Seattle. Wm. Schipulls Entertain Mr'; and Mrs. William SchipuU entertained' at .Sunday dinner Mr. and, Mr's. Harold Letts and fahlily of Woolstdck, Gene Barr of Webster City, Mr. and Mrs. Fr.ed-Lupke.s and Mai-lys of A.1- gb'ha, Mrl.ahd MrS. Lyle Schipull and sOrrMicHael pf Coi-with,-and •Mr-.-and.Mrs,-'Henry Heiti'^Iri 6f LuVe'rrie. Women Hosts To Jiubbie's , •were rhb'stsi -16 . tneir «Kusbhrids Monday evening, May 10 at the town,,«ato A"dlnner' was served 'to twenty-three guests at 6:30 p. ' After the, dinner they' went to the Vern theater and enjoyed the show, "Romance of Rosy Ridge". This is the last meeting of the club for the year. They will meet again,in September.' Cemetery * Society Met • , ' < 'The LUVerne Cemetery Society, held its regular May meeting at the town ha^l ThXirsday^ afternoon, , May, 13 with, a v^ry good attendance^, ,< J ^V? '. ,Mrs.*Elsie Steussy, prep'idenftsbi >the society,-presided at the'btKl* Much, business -Was •discussed* and*-taken 1 Icare of. Lunch was served by the hdst- '.esses sMfe^dames H. E.tPeitzke,- Johri, Ramus and Albert Schipull. The next, meeting. will be Thursday, June 'ip 'and hostesses will be Mesdames' Carl Schipull. John .HUger' and Helena Strip-"; ling. ' " ; ' Mrs. Legler. Hostess ' The Friendly Neighbor clulp met /Tuesday afternoon, May IK at the home -of * Mrs., Raymono, Legler with eight members presr ent. The social hour charge of Mrs. Charles Brown, Mr.s. Lyle. Samsori' and Mrs. El- "mer Kubly were given gifts in honor of -their recent birthday's*^ , Refreshments; were served by the hostess. The next meeting will, be with, Mrs. .Wilson Legler' •Tuesday, June 8. Birthday, ,'Hp'nors. ' „ I' ,' Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sorenson Taa to Qjiters tittehdi weje/yietblpjjphnscvrt, ,Mr» atti MPS, R«Jss,Calhoun, 1 M.r l ,a: Jlliltld J3&£Lf$ ^flfitl fdftt ' £0, Kenneth, Se'eieyj/Mrs, Emma r jgl,ar,d family, jtfrs. , Ludie ,-phttsOft ,ahd daughter, Sir. and, Mrs. t Robert Hogg, all of Algonri. find Mrs. .Chester Azuse arid sdn of Chicago, 111,, , The J. J,,clUb .enjoyed ,a- pjehic at the hdrrie of Mrs, Garl Goetsch, Tuesday afternoon. f Here 1 was a |6od attendance. A 'social hour was enjoyed. The picnic basket lundh was then sewed. • .This was the last nteetirig.'for the year of 'the mb. 1 f H,e gather* ihg was h^ld. .TUesSdby 'in place ,6f regular fhee'tinfeday of, Fridays, So the club members cotild attend school pichic Friday. Visit Lowensiein* Mr. and Mrs. Duane' Lowenstein, Diane and Dearywn and Mrs. D. J. Lowenstein of Kearney, Neb., visited Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Lowenstein from Tuesday liiitil Saturday. On Wednesday, they all went to Ackley to .visit" Mr. Goettel and- drove Si-bund the sou them v pact .bffllife. gtate,. Enroute home they stbp'ped ih Webster City for Pioneer; Day, On Thursday they werit on a trip to Fairmont, Mi$ip,,,and fal,!- ed ( at the John Lowensiein farm near Burt. '..«'' Presbyterian ^ociety . The Pfel&y'teriarrWomen's _^ ciety met at the, home of Mrs. Henry Kubly, Monday, May 10. There was a good' attendance. Tne meeting was held,,on Monday diie to the many school activities taking place during the week. . Emma. Krause,. president, > presided at the business meeting and 'the usual. business was., taken bare of. Mrs. Askel Nielsen had charge of the devotions. Refreshments were se^ved^by the hostess. nesday, May 26 at.,the home of Mrs. Eli Eager.' Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Me'rkie and* daughters Alice-Mae and Frances were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Geise," parents of Mrs. Merkle in S,t. Paul. Mr. and Mrs. Orville Anderson and sons are enjoyirig a new Frazer , Manhatten automobile' since Tuesday., „ . . , ,. Mrs. George NeJ and son Philip of-Chicago,'Ill.v came Friday to visit for two weeks with Mrs, Nei's parents Mr. and Mrs.. Clarence Sanderson. Harlan Johnson and friend Joan, Dunbar of Mason City were Mother Day- guests at the Sanderson homg. . , ,„ ' Mr. and.;M?s."-'Beft£Ran\usi So- , A ,«s. Joseph Curran is receiV- ihg^medical treatment in a hos» fjital' ift AjgOfta. , , Mr, and Mrs. Frank .Sanford went to Badger Wednesday everi- ih^ .wheW they were v dinrief "ue$ts v of theli- sow and daughtei-- *"iw Mn arid, Mrs. Frah6is BaA- . Trie Occasion was thfe eignlh Jidflu of -their granddaughter attlde Sanford. Mr. ahd MJ-s. Henry Kubly dpeht Thursday in Goldfield and Eagle Grove. They went to take their aufit Mr's. Lena Blattie of Gbldfleld to Eagle Grove wh?re sHe Will, be cared for, at the Nel- s'dn Cdnvfaresberit Home there. ,Mr. and Mrs Leslie Pechumef urchased Monda^. the building i main street owned by Mrs. KatKeHnei Burlis and the jate .A', p; Burtis. The k LuVerne post ,of# fi s has occupied that building fa." several^ yeats. Prior to that th .< buildirig Was formerly known as LuVerhe State bank building. Mr, and Mrs.,Phil C, Lichty, F, ~L r Cnaprrian ahd sdn Irvin, local Hardware dealers, went to Claf- iph Monday evening where they {attended -a group sales meeting lodge and served in the I. O. O. F. hall. 1 , -Mr. and Mrs.. Phil ,'C. Lichty ^ijid Mr. and'-Mrs. L, S". Pearsen w^ht to Fort Dodge Friday where they vfent out to dinner to celebrate the 35th wedding anniver- ' bf'Mn and Mrs. Lichty. e'rry Curran,« son of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Curran, attended it confmunibfl' at the-St, , Catholic ,. church itt;^9l. itiHday. There were nine nd thirteen girl* taking niori. ,, ., |?and Mrs. Wilfbrd Seff^hUI Sftanied. by Mr. «hd ^ MfS, Id Constrom, all 6f Superior. '. Were. Tuesday ove* fiight !'at the home of Mts. Bef- 's-par.ertts Mri and Mrs. ,^^.i Gronbach. They,Were on ie"ir Way home from a trip to lofida. Mr. and Mrs. fiepryhill ew the, Constrom's plane , to FfdHda to return them to their ,H<3fne after a vacation in the setpi; , . Scott was one Of the, anglers, way out. in his boatt on Spirit Lake when the dlodk'; said iwo-after*twelve, last .Saturday morning when thejgame |i84 season opened,, Fred Davis, JBUKi,' went along, too. , Ends , ,THfe four schools in this town- hipuClosed last week. Mr's. Hard, B|tes, teacher at No, 1 school, _libr'the pupils held their school 'jjicnld at the school Friday. t ' t Phyllis Christiansen, , teacher, aljd pupils at No. 3 also, held their Ijast dky of school picnic at their ;scji0pl Friday. No. 5 teacher, Dorothy Von Bank, and ^pupils •Jleld'ftheir picnic on, .Thursday, ' ^Evelyn Mey.ers, teacher, and the pupils 1 at No. 6' had, a Sunday pic- riic,' May 16. Also had an art exhibit. '•'Parents and all others in each district were guests. 8lk Graders EuIHly Eighth grade pupils from here. who wrote and passed the state' eighth grade examinations re- MOTICE ot 1 HEARING ON ESTABLISHMENT OF PROPOSED SECONDARY ROAD NO.685 Notice is hereby given that there^ has been filed in the office of the County Auditor of Kossuth County,* Iowa a petition for the establishment of a district for surfacing the following described secondary road.... , Commencing at the Southwest corner of .Section 22-5)6-29 Union Township; thence running .North fo.r a distance of one mile to the Northwest corner of Section 22-96-2^ 'Said road to be surfaced with gravel. , . Said district to include the following real estate- Owner Description Sec. Twp. Rng. Metropolitan Life Ins. Co _.NE ] /4 ex. sch 21 96 29 Gfebrge Kohl W^SE»4 21 96 29 William A. Cordingley Jr., et al EMsSE»4 21 9.6 29 Earl & Julia Taylor A NW'A 22 96 29 Ralph Taylor _- :_-_W%SW% 22 96 29 Theodore R. Chrischilles et al :__:_-E%SWVa - 22 96- 29 ' Said petition will come on for hearing before--tjie Board of. Supervisors at their office in the Court House in Algona,., Iowa, at 2:30 o'clock P. M. on the 27 day of May, 1948, at which 'tihie. all persons interested therein may appear and-be heard in the matter. .Dated at Algona, Iowa this 5th day of May, 1948. U19-20 W L. J. IMMERFALL, County Auditor until Monday-, -parents Mr;, 1 an ^ arid family in Deborah. Th.ey also visited Mr. and Mrs. Vernbn Finholt, Mr. and Mrs._Clarem:e,Aak,- re, Mr. Reuel Heaaingtbn .idrid Mr. and. Mrs. Lester Seirh: 1 x • ' ( if* Merle Weiner of Dubuque' visited "at the-home of'his ,brother- inrlaw- and- sister ( . Mr.- arid'- Mrs/ Arthur Maas at Galbraith Saturday. Mrs. Lillian Zink, mother of Mrs. Maas and Merle We_iner who has spent some tjme , visiting • at the Maas home,' returned • to Dubuque with her son. He teaches school there. , . ., Mrs, Martha Godfrey has ;gone to Everett, Wash., for an extended' visit at the hpm.e pf her son- 'in j law and daughter.Dr. and Mrs. Howard McMartin and family. -Douglas Doak of~ Hallsyille, -Mb., spent the past week visiting at * the home of his brother and wife Mr. and Mr,s. James Doak. James Doak,, who t is. a liyestpck f ^. EM ENT I Wi d»Wa»e for District / v , Kossufif County #^t'"'i X' ' to the decision of the Republican Voters at^ferlmiir election; . »*»!» Exceptionally Well Located Lots for Construction • of Business, Property 1 'S East of Kossuth Court House and known, as the old Call Theater Location. If interested contact DR. J. B. WINKEL for Tarticulars' Phone 277W. 511 Ensfr State .., .;,. „ .alOutf * Jari Power ."* ' V 1-*. w« ik£* \ t' Faster aW" M- 1 1* k^'$%^Sii&ii ™*"i f %fj£ &£&, J^f^ 3 ^"^'-^ >-** ^ Efy^UBJiHrHi--3BRSB ''^^A^f^fll fefhtiy Include: school tfd. 1, ftulh Phelps, Rolto Moore and Stanlej T&fnes Harms; school,,-,-. _, jne Klocke. Con|'ra.tiiStiOnsi ^0)6" ing extended tdfRQtK aftd Rolfo who ate in the fifteen.'high ih the tests. In fclusfe CSnlesl i Miss Erna Baars accompanied t}ie>Mrt high trio.J^ari JVtcWhqr*- ter,, Marlehe Dretflmel and Joyce Ryersoh, to .tiodhe Saturday if' terfiooa. . The g^rls, all juniors, ehterea the national music" cofi-* test, with k B p, tn'., MK dnd Mrs. Ray McWhorter took the group to Boohe. '• ; Phyllis Christian$en and Darlene Eftriers •Went to Ceddr Falls Saturday morning for a few days visit-with friends at Iowa State Teachers college. Franz Teeter and Marie Young are two of the latest victims of the mumps. There has been quite an epidemic of the disease in this locality this spring. Ahton' Andreason, near Burl, father of Mrs. Chas. Scott, spent Several days with Scotts the past 1 Mrs. ft ( .Ai daughter Patty $ah to d The Big Marshall-Wells Store Ad on Pages ,4 and 5 of ; the Second Section Democratic Candidate Kossuth Supervisor First District -kbssuih resident and taxpayer 25 years, -ijivirtgtbn Twp. resident, cenfrally located.' -Pledged 'lo efficient and business like handling 61 job If elected. PRIMARY ELECTION JUNE f U18-19-29-2 «;l To the Life of Your Glif - ofitsup i, — — —With—"' .' '.' ' 'f\ Regular Inspection and Service! BODY .,.,_ ' ' D Wdsh &Hy Brdke System Over- ' N y n CHASSIS D New Spark Plugs O New Distributor Pblrits n - . o-..^, n Ki c« h' u C uteh Refaced a Remove Door and, D New Fan belt D Complete Lubrica- WmdoW Ratllfe^ ' D Complete Tiine-ujs * lon , ", . _ ;, • . • (i g»«*ii ' 0 Adjust, fcepaclc ' D Ad,t,siBody^(Blt^ f . . . - , „ Cooling-System Wheel Bearings D tledri-U^Kbstl^'*>; ',^ Check Hose Connec- D Check Front Wheel , . ,, V'- ^V*'^ 4 • ,>?§ tiohs Alignment n Seat Covers,.\>H(v^' ;;Vf ; if. ' •' '^ 1 ' % tiohs D New Oil Filter H Clean Carburetor and FueF Lines Alignment Adjust and Tighten D Replace Steering . ^ Recharge Battery- Replace Cable n Replace Inspect and Rotate n Check Tires • ^r''"'< V-". "^ , (>i Tires • "^ 'T'? **< >' '"it/* >'«/" D (Srind Valves^ , n 5--^ s hock Absor . D Remove^^^F?3|i| D Change Engine Oil bers, (B'ody a'n^.?end^^/<;V||/'| . '••^.""•^ ....L; •*' ••|i r "i ; ,„, nihi..^^^-^^^ . 4,",*! t. ft^W® \* tlf 1« J ' a I'' ' M W« W^nt ^fPtif rve Xt!»rl«f|i^||ft^ftfe|^ '^ f .-•«<', v^ f '-,; l^Sif V-LfH^: -. '^^l5% ? 't f ;^;:%'|>jif^ite| .,

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