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1 16 PAGES 81339 SALT LAKE CITY UTAH SATURDAY AUGUST 30 1913 President Goes to New Hampshire Lind Awaits Invitation from Huerta od ay Program MOVE TO INDORSE I 1) AVIATOR CHRISTOERSON AND AEROPLANE IN WHICH HE LEW ranch at the head ON NEWHOUSE PLOT IO A I I I i ob creek mas mine Mex dis the Sec I I I DEMOCRATS IN SENATE TAKE STAND AGAINST CIVIL SERVICE LAWS Day Ends With Procession of Maskers and Carnival of Dancing in the Bands Playing in Streets Lend estive Whole City Gives Itself Over to Romp During Reign of Blithe Wizard By Happy Chance Passersby See Hand Thrust Through Spokes and Rescue Jeremy for Lind to Act at His Own Discretion INDUSTRIAL PARADE SHOWS GREAT Absence of Stewart Member of Board Makes Delay Necessary machine dfiadATiAd the motors to an extent that it BUILDING CONTAINING ELEVEN STORES TO RISE SW STEWART one of the three members of the state board of cor rections and who It was learned yes terday is the witness on the plea of whose absence from Salt Lake the state procured postponement of thehearing' of rank Merrill formerprison guard accused of aiding in the escape of Convict George Parry probably will return to Salt Lake today from the Stewart ranch at the head of Provo canyon bringing1 with him his brother Stewart whose leg was broken eight days ago when his horse fell with him Air Stewart was riding bls horse in one of the canyons when it thrust its forelegs into a small crevasse falling one of the iegs of the rider being caught underneath Dr George Mid dleton was summoned and made the trip in automobile setting Mr Stew leg and returning a day or so later Stewart left for the ranch Thursday by automobile and is expect ed to return today with his brother whose condition is said to be excellent Stewart as a member of the board of corrections was one of those who were present at the secret Investigation of the escape of Parry when so It was reported Guard Mer rill made statements that tended to in criminate himself Present at the same time were the governor his secretary Attorney General A Barnes and Dr Pfoutz who with the gov ernor and Mr Stewart completes the board When the preliminary hearing of Merrill was again called before Judge II Tanner at 9 yesterday morning Morgan assistant coun ty attorney stated to the court that the state could not go ahead with the presentation of it sevidence as one of is material witnesses was out of the city Wiiereup William King at torney for Merrill asked that the case go over until Monday September 8 as he was forced to go to California The state objected to this delay Upholding his point Attorney King said that the case had 'already been postponed twice at the request that he had been ready for the hear ing to go on Thursday but that the state bad then pleaded that one of its most Important witnesses was out of the city and that now it was necessary for him to make the trip to California Then Attorney King said that the de fense was willing to proceed then and there After some discussion the 'state consented to the continuance until a week from Monday1 Salt Lake Herald Vol 165 No 13 Inter Mountain Republican Vol 32 No 13 i 'L 7 cldent near Buena Vista At 4:30 yesterday Chrlstof ferson made his second flight of the day Startlng'from across the Jordan he pointed his craft toward the city passing over the city going east after which he turned south 'going to extreme southern limits before he re traced His: course' Inlhis return trip he made his course directly oyer Lucas' field and the game between Helena and Salt 'Lake was stopped long enough to witness the flight and to give him "a1' lusty cheer 7 The festivities consisted of a parade of characters down Main street shortly before 8 which ended at the" where the masked carnival held sway until mid Three bands within the in closura furnished music for the dancers and the was such as never before seen in all the city Shows Are Popular rj The shows along the were not missed but each received a goodly patronage from the crowd So eager were the crowds to find a place jwithin various show tents that the ballyhoo men instead of haying to urgethe peo ple to attend were compelled for once in their lives to caution the merry makers to Great excitement was caused in the last night when the Wards of the Wizard opened their own show which bore a fiery' banner announcing that it was for The sign (Continued on Page 8 Col 1) MERRILL HEARING CONTINUED UNTIL RETURN A MOVEMENT to settle the? Demo cratio tangle over the United States marslialshlp by cutting the Gor don knot was started among local Democrats who claimed to be'anxldua for a united party yesterday The movement is expected to come to a bead at the meeting of the Democratic state committee which Thurihan pro poses to call about the time of the state fair and the fall conference of the Mormon church The solution of the difficul ties proposed is to have the state com mittee and the party leaders generally propose that all the backers of' Aquila Nebeker former national committee man withdraw support and like wise to have Mr Nebeker and all the other candidates already in the field such as Martineau Newton arr Tanner George A Storrs with draw from the race with the under standing that there shall be selected and endorsed for the position candidate whose name has not yet been mentioned in connection with this posi tion In this manner it is hoped that the dove of peace can again be in duced to resumo acquaintanceship with Democracy in Utah Chairman Thurman and National Committeeman Wallace pro fessed absolute ignorance of such a proposal with regard to the marshal ship yesterday Within the next week Mr' Thurman will issue the call for the special meet ing of the state committee One of the things to be taken up "he says will be the formulation of plans for the senatorial campaign Senator Reed present term iexplrlng next march Judge King has been mentioned as a probable candidate to bo put up by the Democrats at the elec (Gontinued on Page1 5 CoL 1) Weather Thunderstorm Sat Sun fair bright boy out of 'high' school could pass the he said men of 40 or 45 equipped from business experience to do such work probably would you think the recommendation of a congressman would be better than a civil service demanded Senator Root Attacks Civil Service Tests think the judgment of a congress man would be better in the selection of competent men than this examina tion they have been re plied Senator Smith tp men inns rd by LSHINGTON Aug 29 Republican attack on the tariff bill in the SenataXtodav cantered about the provision that would 'oennit civil service laws to bo disregarded in employing inspectors deputy collectors and Cagents to administer the new income tax laws The Democratic majoritywas chained freely with trying to break down the civil service laws and open up jobs to Republican senators of all factions united in their effort to have civil service extended over the new employees but on the closest vote of the day they were defeated 37 to 32 ou an amendment offered by Senator Lodge Senator Hoke Smith who defended the bill for the Democrats de clared it was impossible under the present civil service examinations to get men qualified to administer the income tax Jaw i Christofferson Completes Two1 Trips Safely WII Repeat Trips Today who have passed these exsnt firn as til sir irr thph recommt deputy collectors of As it was lett by the Sew Mexico City Aug 29 The failure of John Lind personal repre sentative of President Wilson to return to the capital from Vera Cruz is taken here to indicate that Washington and Mexico are agreed on ono thing namely that there is lio good to be accomplished by the trip Mr Lind is still in Vera Cruz awaiting instructions The Mexi government has made no further proposal or concession to the United States It is considered here that the next move must be made by Washington Oiiicials here today viewed the situation more ongntiy oecause of the flotation of a twelve million peso Joan which was taken by three local banks I Proposal Made to Haye State Committee Ask Al! in Race Now to Withdraw AVIATOR COMPLETES THIRD DARING TOOR IN AIR ABOVE CITY WORN CIRCULATION of HeraJd Republlcan as reported to United States government Average October March Dally A 20197 Sunday OUND PINNED UNDER AUTO IN POOL WATER SILAS 'CHRISTOERSON has taken his place among the most daring and original aviators In the game of flying by virtue of his three success ful flights over the business and resi dence districts of: Salt Lake while laboring under the handicap of light air caused by the altitude and the sharp quick1 gusts of wind from themountain canyons Promptly at 9:30 yesterday he started from the ridge several hundred feet west of the ort: Douglas reservation Adopting a westerly course he flew almost to Main street when he turnedto the southward flying over the prin cipal buildings and residences of the city At Eleventh South he started in a westerly direction alighting abouttwo miles west of the old Buena Vista race track The altitude attained was about 2500 feet Many persons did hot know the direction to be taken by the aviator and the high altitude of the machine deadened the burr of the could hardly be heard by those who were on the streets waiting for the parade to make its appearance Speaking of the morning flight Christofferson said: was the most successful I could possibly desire The was perfect and few of tne treach erous air currents that abound in high altitudes were flowing I had little or in gaining an altitude of 2500 feet which was enough to insure me plenty of time to glide to the earth should my motor fail me The air was so clear that2 1 could make out several of the floatsthat were lining up for the parade buildings were' perfectly out lined and I could in several instances distinguish the forms of persons in the windows 'The landing place was Ideal It ls 0f that soft alkali mud that is so much like the beach sands on which I am accustomed to Afternoon light The afternoon: flight was witnessed By hundreds of persons who were ap prised of the approach of the airman by the' barks of the eighty horsepower motor which turns the big propeller of the machine Starting from his landing place of the morning1 Clfristofferson held a southeastern direction till Murray was reached Turning directly north he followed the car tracks of the Murray car line till ourth South was reached Here the air gusts became too strong for safety and he was forced to turn adopting a southwesterly course till he was5 directly over the flat from where he started After circling about mak ing several exhibition dives and tilts he landed without so much as scraping the ground While en route he passed over the Lucas baseball The noise of the engine could be heard a mile away and the fans lost all interest in the ball game while they crowded to the field to witness the flight of the airman An average altitude of 1200 feet was maintained during the afternoon flight It was impossible to get any higher owing to the peculiar condition of the atmosphere in the afternoon lights Today Stibetlntendent A Apperson of the Denver Rio Grande has arranged to have the big siren at the (Continued on Page 8 Col7) WITH the departure for New York of Samuel Newhouse and Walker representing eastern capital ists interested in the Newhouse prop erties and the transferring yesterday from Samuel Newhouse to the New house company of Mr New property at Exchange place and State street plans for the improvement of this plot with a one story brick structure with accommodations for eleven storerooms are virtually com plete 1 The deed of transfer was filed yes terday The consideration is given as $100000 While Samuel Newhouse is understqod to be the prime factor in the Newhouse Realty company' the transfer means probably the swinging of eastern capital for the building of the business block The site Was originally set aside for a large theatre but the plans fell through before the steel work on the main floor had been completed The steel work lias been removed from the excavation and the work of removing the huge steel derrick which has stood idle in the pit for two years was com menced yesterday Gossip says that Mr Walker a New Yorker is to be the new managing di rector of the Newhouse Realty com pany Lafayette Hanchett present managing director could not be readied last night either to confirm or deny this report Mr Newhouse is said to be planning a change of residence leaving his business affairs entirely in the hands of Mr Walker Mormon Missionaries Are Leaving Mexico President Rey Pratt of Mex ico City telegraphed to President Joseph Smith yesterday that the state department had ordered all Americans to leave Mexico and therefore he and his family and the Mormon missionaries laboring in Mexico City and regions rbund about were to leave last night by way of Vera Cruz AMERICANS HASTENING TO GET DOT MEXICO: NEGOTIATIONS HALTED JOSEPH 45 years of age of SIS irst South traveling sales man for A olger Co narrowly escaped death in Parleys canyon one mile south of last night when an automobile he was driving overturned and pinned him in a pool of water It required all his strength for two hours to keep his head in a position to enable him to breathe Driving up the canyon road at 10:15 last night Weimer Evans of the Portland Cement company served the overturned car Inthe bed lie called Mcarland ter mechanic of the Daly Judge and Swgn a tool sharpener who were in an automobile immedaitely in the rear The three walked into the creek bed to make an investigation and were horrified to see a hand ex tending through the spokes of one of the wheels of the overturned machine Jerertiy was dragged from beneath the autoinobile and out of the pool of water in whlchit is believed he would have drowned soon Sheriff 'Andrew Smith Jr was telephoned Together with Chauffeur Sanford Hedges Deputy Sheriff' RileyvM Beckstead Dr Snyder county physician and Dr Tyndale the sheriff drove up Par leys canyon meeting Mcarland and Swan on their way to Salt Lake with the Injured man Jeremy was taken to the county hospital where Dr Snyder revived him It is said he was so badly chilled by lying pressed under the machine: in the water that it proved difficult to restore' his heart action Mr Jeremy was delirious and was understood to say that t'svo companions were with him when the accident occurred so1 the sheriff drove on to the scene Recovering at 'the hospital at 1 o'clock this morning Mr Jeremy de ci ared he was alone in the machine when it overturned He said lie was returning' to Salt Lake from' park City where he had passed the day He was unable to tell what caused his machine to leave the roadway and crash into the creek Mrs Jeiemv cident at an early and drove Theatre Site Is Transferred by Local Capitalist to Realty Company? Adopt Provision Opening Positions in Administering Income Tax toPolitical rblll authorizes the collector Alxuer'nal revenue and the secretary toKKteas ury to employ men outsiciJthe civil service for the first two tyears after tha income tax goes into effefit A letter from the chairman jif the civil service commission was read by Senator Sterling saying the commission could readily fill the new positions The Democratic members of the fi nance committee began sessions tonight to readjust the income tax to meet the demands of insurgent Democrats who have asked for an increase in the ditional on large Incomes 'Other contested subjects also will be disposed of It is expected that a Democratic Sen ate caucus will be held early next week to settle all questions on the tariff bill Senator Simmons chairman of the finance committee reiterated today his belief that the measure willtbe passed before the end of the next week Senator Norris of Nebraska gave no tice at the end of session that he would offer an amendment later (Continued on Page 3 Column 9 a Band concerts invstreets i 9 a m' Airship' flight' Silas Christofferson circling to Mur ray north oyer State street and over main streets oC the city' shop whistles willlblow when flight begins' 12 noon to 2 Baud concerts streets 2 The i 5 pm to7 Band concerts1 in' streets and aU the 5:30 pm Airship flight 8 Electrical Pageant In thisparade there will be twelve electrical' floats representing the natural attributes of the Wizard and his domain The line of march will be from the ''Brigham Young monument corner of South Temple and Main streets south on? Main street to ifth South street east on ifth South' street to State street north on State street to Eagle gate where the paraders will disband 9 at: the and' band 'concerts streets 1 UN AND ROLIC ON MERRY HAT UM ATS SECOND SWAY OVER UTAH CAPITAL was informed of the ac hour this morning to the county hospital rum? Silver 5958c tilv 1 Spelter $580 METALS cathodes 1555c 's' Lead $475 NEW CANDIDATE DR UTAH MARSHALSHIP WASHINGTON President Wilson left Washington late today for the summer capital at Cornish still hopeful of favorable culmination of the negotiations undertaken by this country to bring about peace in Mexico Although no affirmative action on either side had been reported up to the time of the departure encouraging dispatches were re ceived from in charge of the American embassy at Mexico City bearing on the general situation These reached the President a few hours before train time and led hint to determine upon a short rest over Labor day VERA CRUZ Aug 29 John Lind President personal representative let it be understood tonight that he will not re turn to Mexico City except on special invitation of President Huerta He probably will take passage for the United States on the next Ward 11 12 11 2 I line bieamer saiung xroiu vuw pun SALT LAKERS and their' out of town friends took on the holiday and festival spirit in true style yesterday arid turned out in great numbers to participate in the many attractions which the' Wards of: the Wizard of tha Wasa tch arranged for the day starting with? a monster parade through the downtown district in the morniijg and ending with the march of the merry maskers in tile last night and including two aeroplane fl ights over the city during the day and numerous band concerts on Main street The was (after ojiening at 2 and several thousand persons visited tlie shows on the midway in the afternoon hours 7 Mai st reet was cleared of all traffic long before the time set for theparade' to pass injevlew Thousands of people! lined either side of the (street' and Waited patiently for the pageant which did not start on timejbut was fifteen' minutes late The crowd" was good natured however and the police had little difficulty keeping the people back of the ropes which had been strung along the curb line At 10:15 the industrial mili tary and parade made its way around the Brigham Young monu ment and headed down Main street led by' a platoon of police 'Immedi ately behind came the Twentieth United States infantry commanded by Lieut red C1 Perkins The regi ment was in full dress and made a splendid appearance Division was made up of the fra ternal organizations of the city with band of Salt Lake and the Cowboy band of Idaho alls Ida Division was composed of the industrial and commercial' floats headed by the Helper band' The floats in this division were works of art and all were praised' Makes Second light During the course of the parade Silas Christofferson the birdman made his second flight over the city He started from ort Douglas shortly after 11 o'clock and after circling over the fort headed for the city flying at an alti tude of 1500 feet lie was in the air fifteen minutes and landed without ln Nothing in the advices from Mexico City gave the administration officials cause for particular anxiety and it was the general conviction that a lull in the diplomatic exchanges would be beneficial to all concerned The Presi dent it is known feels that good may come from an opportunity for the posi tion of this government as announced in' his message of( Wednesday to urther Negotiations Expected Excitement subsiding over the ex change of proposals and replies would it was believed lead to further nego tiations between the officials of Mex ico City and John Lind the personal representative of this government Mr Lind it was asserted tonight had been instructed from Washington to continue to act at his own discretion as to whether he should await develop ments at Vera Cruz or return to ico City Up to a late hour no patches hdd been received at state department from Mr Lind retary Bryan said before leaving for an overnight trip in Pennsylvania that he believed the envoy would remain in Vera Cruz tonight Early in the day Mr Bryan conferred with the President over the reply of Senor Gamboa Mexi can secretary of foreign affairs to Mr second note They also considered a message sent' by Mr Lind to Washington yesterday afternoon That these latest communications gave reason for hopeful expectations was freely admitted Mr Lind it was reported probably would make the next move in the ne gotiations which the President em phatically asserted in his message had not been closed The fact that Mexico City officials in their second note of reply had receded from the demand for an exchange of accredited ambassadors (Continued on Page 11 Column 1) nr 4 I 'N" A 5' A X'A "'iz' 1 Us 1 mimwni "sj i t' 5z A 's 7 7 oy '7 i lilllilr 77 7" 7 7 7 v' Hllh I IIMIHII I Illi HJI I 7 1 '7 Ji 4 J'.

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