The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 18, 1948 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 18, 1948
Page 13
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^ "„; ,,/ ' y^v> ff p;?;- ^f^^^'^^^^&w,' '^^^^^^^^2^i.^'^?^'U'^^f?' * D»i M*!n«» Honor Awards To Many Lone Rock Students , May IS, Rock— Honoi- roll students lor the 2nd semester were as follows: 1st grade — Donald Bates, David Dreyer, Rodnoy Priebe M. ar 'lyn Rath. Vcrna ' Schmidt! Wanda Wotxel, Karen Knock- 2nd grade— Mary Ann Dittmer! Carol Householder, Jerry Jon- seh, Darlenp Long Sandra Mnr- ' ow : 3 rf l grade— Gary Marlbw, Patti Person, Roper Rddiy. Sharon Gardner, Judy Nowbrouslv 4th grade— Janet Nowbrnuuh' Dons rfath. Mnrjorie Houi-k. Joe Culbertson, John Cotton; 5th grade — Leon Marlow Sixth grade— Dick Jensen. Dean Culborlson, Dennis Priebc- I \ g S Ck ', ~" G< ' ( "'g ifl Marlow. Patsy Marlow; 8th grade— Marv Johnson. Carol Thompson: nth grade— Derra Dickinson. Joanne Meyer, Shirley Mitchell, Fritz Newbrough, Alvin Rigge.rt. Bot- l,V ..Shaser; 10th grade— Verdabell Behrends. Donald Jensen. Delores Marlow. Kathryn Will^ e ,H- nth grade— Jonn Flaig, Phyllis Mitchell. Helen Sprank. Joan Zwiefel: 12th yTade— Flelen Schmidt. Perfect attendance for the semester was held by John Cotton, Janet Kruotrer. Hoseann M '"' I(1W - K;ltl "'.vn ard, Sanford Mitchell, -Qene Blanchard, Dale Schroeder, Leroy Decker, Donftld Meyer, frritz Newbrough, Donald Jensen; boys' Basketball—Roger Long V'ctor Dreyer, Kenneth Plaig, Delbert Blahchard, Sanford Mitchell, Gene Blanchard, Dale Schroeder, Leroy Decker, Donald Jensen, Kenneth Thomsen- girls basketball—Helen Schmidt, Joan Zwiefel, Joan Flaig, Delores Marlow, Marvel Schmidt, Verdabell , Behrends, Helen Sprank, Shirley Mitchell, Betty Person, Kathryn Willett. Roger ig was the student manager. Mother's Day Dinner Mother's day dinner guests a ••he J. M. Anderson home were Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Isaacson, Mr and Mrs. W. S. Isaacson fen Daylo. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Isaacson Boonc; Mr. and Mrs •John Carlstedt of Stratford: Mr and Mrs. Otto Wostling and La- Wrla, Mrs. Thomsen. Algona Mr. and Mrs. Ray Westling and sons. Burt. Mr. and Mrs. C. O Isaacson of Boone are visiting at their daughters'^, Mrs. J. M. Anderson Lone Rock, and Mrs. Otto Westling of Algona for a T° U £l C L \ f Weeks ' Mr - ancl M ''s- J. M. Anderson attended the Commandcry's Masonic supper at ^ Eminetsburg, Monday even- the Edw. Blanehard 1 * sen «. bert graduated. Miss I»we 'tease and a friend' of Ayrshire also attended the exercises. Quests al Dinner Mr. and Mrs. Dean, Jfergettson and Douglas of Algona, Mr. and Mrs, Roeber Jensen wefe Mother's Day i dinner guests at the parental Frank Flaig home. klemme, Mr, ajid MH^-W* n Durtlap of Algonfc attdj their Ss^fesr- Jkw* 14S wr., « • « » "nverna sstebritz ^ b «u5l^^fMJhe Here From Mrs. H. E. A perfect at tendance record for the whr.le school year wax held by John Cotton. Janet Krueper and Gron-in Mai-low Jhis is quite remarkable due to the. epidemic of mumps tint went through the school i ,, n)v Docker was third hmh j n - t \:, senior class. with Sanford Mi chell as Valedictorian, and Helen Schmidt as the Valedictorian. He-tiers awarded the athlete* were to the Inllowin-.-: baseball —Roger Lorn', Vie;,,,- Drever, Kenneth Mai.y. Uelbeil P,l;uvh. Hed Cross Reelects . The Lone Rock branch of the :'d Cross held a meeting Tues- "r\T PVO n IV(f ,- MHV 4 ' at th " 0 h °™e oi Mrs. Evelyn Earing. All officers were re-elected at the meeting. They are as follows: ' Mrs firing as chairman. Mrs. Rose ivratt_as_ vice chairman, Mrs. Es>an Blanchard as' ' treasurer" , sT wus servccl by Ihe host- Attend Graduation Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cronk Mrs Ju ia lerwilliger. Mrs. Cora Ter- \V! I i 1 t ''(M* *VT 1*C A n - AT i ;il of Humboldt, Mr. an^M^A iJ. Newbrough W (.-re all Thurs day evening supper guests of Mr and Mrs. Edw. Blanchard, aftei \vhich they attended the Com mencement exercises in whicl . . . Pendelbury am daughter Linda of Santa Rosa Calif., spent Wednesday visiting the L. V. Johnsons. They took her to Emmetsburg that evening where she intends to visit. She has been visiting relatives anc M ™*« around Spencer ant Servi ice. No accident policy will ever cover a slip of the fondue. Milford. At 2Sth Anniversary .. Mr - and Mrs. Walter Krause attended the 25th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. George Jentz at Fenton, Sunday. Thty attended a birthday party in honor of Alex Radig Wednesday evening. -Mrs. Krause attended the snower for Georgia Gerhart Thursday evening in Fenton. Household Guests A if'"' 3 ™ Ml>S - Ge °' Pettit an « Alton Mrs. Ethel McOhesney, Van Nuys, Calif., Mi's. Bob Han- rui, Jeanette and Gene, Mrs Evelyn Earing were Thursday evening dinner guests at the home of Mr and .Mrs. Glenn House- lolder. Mrs. Lawrence Dittmer and rls were Thursday dinner and afternoon guests at the home of ier father, R. T. Angus. Mi*, and Mrs. Merwin Marlow and family and Jim Marlow 'pent Sunday at the Fabcr Du;an home at Livermore. Janice and Lynn Bierle spen / i, v a , flerno °n helping Donna <noll celebrate her 5th birthday •t the parental Wm. Knoll Jr -.ome. Mrs Frank Dacken and Mrs uissell Daeken, the latter of Sibey, spent Tuesday afternoon a he Everett Hanna home. •N. B. Wood amended a Standard chemical meeting at Storm Lake, Monday. Mrs, Jack Sloan and Miss Lillian Gregerson arrived Tuesday morning t.o visit the parental Schuyler Bates home and the home of Lillian's sister, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Bates. They stopped lo visit another sister, Mrs. John Henciar at Detroit, Mich., their way home. John Nelson of Winnebago spent Monday afternoon at the home of his brother Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Nelson. Mr and Mrs. M. O. Richards and Ralph made a business trip to Fairmont, Minn., Thursday Verda Bell Thomsen of Fort Dodge «nd Genevieve Thomsen ol Logan came Thursday to attend the commencement and class day exercises of the class their brother Kenneth is in The Andrew Thomsons, Mrs. Herman Madsen and his mother, Mrs. Gena Thomsen, both of Ringsted, attended the commencement ex- ercises'Thursday everting Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Baas and family of Algona attended the commencement exercises Thursday evening in which her sister Alice Schmidt is a member of the graduating class. Mr. and Mrs. Galen Bunting and children of Mason City attended the graduating exercises Thursday evening in which their nephew, Lcroy Decker, was a member of Ihe graduating class Mrs. Nora Gordon of Algona came Wednesday to the Clinton Decker home after arriving home irom tne hospital in Iowa City where she went for treatment! She is Mrs!. Decker's mother She also attended the exercises Thursday evening. Mr. and Mrs Bruce Peck and family ol rtii-i!""»""'ij«ii t-H»«.i vis Clinton Becker home ft commencement exercises. Mrs: W. a. Flaig, Mrs.'AV K. fHartChard, • Mrs. Wm. Schroder Mrs. Emma Geesman, Mrs; I. A. Lee, Mrs. A. A. Kruegef spent Tuesday afternoon at the home of^rs. Ronald Christenson, i l nd Mrs - Her > r y Schrbeder spent Tuesday evening at the Jir vm .Klett home near Cylinder Mrs. Klett is Mr. Schroeder's sister. . *fr. and Mrs. ! Remhart Wetzel took then- daughter Rebekka to Iowa City Tuesday for a checkup on the polio which she had a couple of years ago. They also stopped at Waterloo to visit Mrs. Wetzel's sister, Bernice Ponipe M - and Mrs. Guy Hiighes'and of Humboldt were Friday evening supper guests at the Wm. Rath home. They broiigin the Rath's daughter Charlene home for th weeekend. Mrs. Warren Applegate of Sioux City spent Thursday afternoon at the A. L. Baker home. Mrs. Calvin Householder and Mrs. Nina Bierstedt attended a birthday party at the letter's parental C. E. Sigsbee home at 3urt in honor of Mrs. Bierstedt. 3thers attending the party were- Mrs. Henry Gettman, Mrs. Anna Reimers, Mrs. Leonard Warner and daughter, Mrs. Gordon Sigs- aee and daughter, all of Burt. Wrs. H. A/ Holmgren and Mrs. fma Bierstedt attended the Bounty Auxiliary meeting at .edyard Tuesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Warner and daughter and Mr. and Mrs. ^ay Hoppes and son of Burt v*V ted Wednesday evening at the intYifl f\f rwlI'e? i\T"i*-iri L.,.- i 11 , Schneider. iltc. Sanford. , Reea vtffrt amtsft fnflf .otimuiu, xxeea were weal dinner guggtfr m. the A. A. get' home. ' r -' Art Priebe, A. L. Cotton, Alton Pettit >dnd Art LUedtke left Pfl- day to gd on a fishlftg trip Intb Canada. the Ladles' Mite society will meet Thursday afternoon, May 20, at the home of Mrs. Will Christenson, with Mrs. Roy Jtefl* sen, assisting hostess. Mrs. P. M. Christenson and her. daughter Mariota Christenson of Pueblo, Colo., spent Thursday afternoon at the Chas. Morris home. Marieta came Tuesday from Pueblo to visit.the parental P. M. Chr.istehson home. Mrs. Frank Flaig attended a Guest day luncheon at the Methodist church parlors at Algona Wednesday of the Plum Creek Woman's club as a guest of her daughter, Mrs. Dean Jergenson. IS-Yr.-Old Girl Dies Suddenly Swea - Eagle — The many riends here were shocked by the sudden death of Deloris Opsal ast week Wednesday morning as she was preparing for school. Deloris has been ill" the greater part of her life with a throat ailment ancl has undergone numerous operations. Deloris Jean Opsal was born March 1, 1633, the daughter of Mr.- and Mrs. Theodore Opsal. Her parents sur- 'ive her, with a sister, Sharon -jouisa. Funeral services were teld Sunday afternoon at the Nazareth Lutheran church in .-_ 4 . -«•••--— j v-.v.imi s au uie Armstrong", where she was a home ot Mrs. i\ma Jbierstedt. I member and was confirmed in a* f]*fe) 'ptsfbrV ms to chltf^' t>f the ifervf«e ( iftd bOfial was in Afin* strong Qfwe cemetery, Tt ftuuu dS ft* tler <t. who -has been Suiting his parents, the Anthort QueMets amj brothers Le6 aftd panels, left last week Thursday *?*,#*"'«>• City, Mo,, to begin studfe's at the Central Radio and Television school. He is sponsored by the Mideontinent Airlines and will be employed by the company after he completes his school, which will last about three months. He will -study ra- dio.maintenanee work, which includes installation and repairs. Women's Qfoup Meejs Mrs' Morris Burknes ehtortain- i u f u w ° men 's .Wednesday club at her home list Wednesday afternoon.' Mrs. William Beck was in charge of the lesson, Women in Politics and gave a talk on the political careers of K m jwrsi . < ,..„ ... .-wi 4 efttettalflmeftt -— I» Manpld Bftsught 2! magazine pictures of prominent tyomert whicfi-wss Used fisr: a guessiHg fecofnitlen, Mrs, Alfred Theli-won fifsi.'MfsJ-Befftffess served-a tea ; td 18 JftetMberd find 'two guests -presiht at teetifig Birthday Club Meefs Members of the -Birthday club met with Mrs. Floyd Treat Mo'n- day afternoon. The afterndon Was spent 'socially and each lady brought a plant for- exeh&nje, Mrs. Treat received a pursofof money M & gift, the lunch wait bi-ought and served fay the ladles" present. Home Fi-6m Hospital '' Henry M, Irmiter recently re- :urned home from Holy Family lospital at^Estherville, where he underwent art appendix opera- ATJ.C14 IHIi JDtWgCL ) OlUU.t?i Iowa State fit AnWwss-' end visitor at' the home J. parent*, Iftewniilm .l$?ll day hfid.lltKeiior4L. M«b Lifide r r fnotfter 1 ^ husband) Mri ; afi«, siys^' ton,- and' 'thglf 'eHiid^etfl i the MaynaM Jeilsoffs, • Keftfleth Andersons', Jahlde, Jlmmie and Tommie Pfeston, and Nina Preston of Esthervlile. Mrs. Francis T6rine had as Sunday afternoon luncheon Uests her parents, Mr< and Mrs Imil Larson'and her brother and ils wife, Mr. arid ; Mrs. Lowell Lars'dh and their son Ouane. Ruby Berg, a student at fiuona Vista college, Storm Lake, is cx- jeeted home this week for a few days visit. WANT ADS BRINGS RESULTS FOR SOUP THAT'S SUPER. Just as you serve it, pop a pat of butter in each bowl of soup—and you double its appetite-appeal. You add nutrition, too, for Butter is an energy-food, rich in vitamins we all need, especially Vitamin A. Yes, the matchless flavor of butter does so much for the appetite appeal of other foods. Its natural golden color comes from rich golden cream—and it takes four pints of cream to make a pound of, butter. For nutrition, for health, for downright goodness, Butter is still one of the greatest values your money can buy. toy/a Dafey, lnduifry t ,<?qmm(f«lon Republican Candidate For County Attorney ' ' ™ Kossuth County, Iowa, and American Bar Associations UB Drake University Veteran of nearly Five Years Service in World War II Seeking Publif Office for the First Time CALL US Day or Night for Fast Removal of ALL DEAD STOCK PHONE US COLLECT WEST BEND—138 LONE ROCK—500 WESLEY—1500 LEDYARD—75 BURT—178 BANCROFT—4441 LUVERNE—2061 LIVERMORE—2514 WHITTEMORE—1500 or Schumacher's DX Sia lion—2331 Or ALGONA—7 WE PAY ALL PHONE CALLS Makers of I'd like to demonstrate this tractor on your farm ALGONA RENDERING CO. Ptrmit Np. 33 I'll bring a Ford Tractor out to your place, without any obligation. I'll bring along one or two of those good Dearborn Implements, specially made for the Ford Tractor. I'll put this Ford Tractor through its paces, then let you take the wheel. You'll find out how easily Ford Hydraulic Touch Control lifts and lowers implements and controls their depth. I'll run the plow into an obstruction and prove there's no damage. You can hold your watch while I demonstrate Triple-Quick Attaching of implements. I'll show you why new Ford steering and brakes arc the best. Then you'll know why Ford production is up to 400 tractors a day^ Lqave it to Ford! Whatever tractor you own, you owe yourself (his.Ford Tractor demonstration. When can I make it? h: •"»' 'I AM ber ol Munger Implement Co. en For Sole Residence 113 North Phillips St., / • Modern brick duplex, insulated apartments, oil burner, forced air conditioning, good income residence. Write Mrs. M. B. Long, Box 102 RIVER BANK, CALIFORNIA SCOUTS PAUSE FOR ICE-COLD COKE So. Phillip; Qn 169 B00 MUNGER , t HUMisiOT, IOWA ,4

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