The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 26, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, February 26, 1940
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VOLUAJK XXXVF—NO. 290. Hlylhcvllle Dully News Tilylhcvillc Courier JTHE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MJSSOU1H Mississippi Valley Lender Hlythtvllle Herald Finns Finally Admit Capture Of Koivisto Fortress By Russians HKLSINKI, Pel). 26. (UP)—A war commimiiiue today announced that Kiimisli forces )i;ul ;i)>;mdonetl Hie ininori- it nl fortified island of Knivistn. fortified island ol' Koivisto. Tlie Koivisto farts—on several*— islands of ihe sroup hi ihe Gulf of Finland—were the right wing anchor of the Mnimcrhelin line. A Moscow communique had claim cd enpture of ihe fort, Saturday after heavy fighting but Finns continued to insist ns late as this morning the fortress pirns still v.'ere firing. Reports Irom Ihe front said UK; Russians silll were sulYerlng heavy losses In thrusts through a new .snow storm against the Manner- helm'line but the main'center of lighting appeared to have shifted eastward toward the shores ol l.akc Ladoga as the Red army .sought lo consolidate its gains in the Koivisto area. The communique fnilsil to explain the fate of Ihe Finnish defenders of Koivisto Island who had borne the briml of Red army's :il- lacks almost since the war started. For days Ihe fortress had been Isolated but held out as a constant menace to the Russian /lank into which ils big guns fired with devastating effect. The wording of Ihe communique, however, was taken lo mean that the defenders escaped over lhc ice of the Gulf of Finland. Finnish artillery and infantry lire smashed new Russian attacks j on the western half of the Karelian | isthmus Sunday. I Five Russian planes and perhaps seven were shot down, the communique said. Tlie Russians, altering their attack, were reported now .to be advancing behind massed tanks fro:'i three to six lines deep which acted both as screens and snow plows. Finnish butteries In Ajitiso and other islands in Viipuri Bay raked the Russian lines and were reported hampering eflorU by the Russians lo send reenforce'menls to their front near the. gulf coaU. Russian troops poured am onto the thick ice along tlie gulf shore. - ,, said that (lie ;:i,,| e deiml-i Carl Sharp. 13-yeni-oUl neighbor, ment is proceeding on ihe llieorv' e Youth's Arrow Destroys Eye Of Girl, 17 HLYTUBVILLK, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, KKIWUARY 2(1, 1010 ^=^^_—^--, Dynumilc Blast Gives Jillciy Time On Sunday Nigh I. SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Testifies Before S c n a I e Group; Extension Is Regarded As Certain WASHINGTON, Fob. 2G. (UPi- t'ccrelary Cordell Hull ickl 11,0 .senate niimiice commit- Ice today reciprocal KTUTl'GAHT. ivb. 2D.-A terrific , il,f furnace boiler at (lie h1 K li school explosion whHi shook SWItrort Hu.,1 „,,>!,„„,! ;u, ( .l,«,,„,, and niysllfldl residents for mure •,,, ; , , ll(1 ,, ( , ,,, l ' an hour proved u, have teen Sllil , uraiinil n short distance Uie city. Telephone calls started noni'lng Into (lie office a minute afterward nnd 2,000 calls ivivc rworded ill nn hour and 15 minutes. Telephone thai extension of Miei company employes .said lh« rush trade treaty program' wns cllc (jreatest In 10 years. Culls Miss Lena Mae Berry, n-yr-ar- Dld daughter of Mr. and Mrs. p. C. Berry of near Hieele. was accidentally shot through" the eye with an arrow Irom a bow wielded by will help to cushion the , vv shock Hint may te expected ICO.COO.OGO persons now I" «'ir work Ihrouijhout (he woTlii He were received from us.fur invay Almyra. 12 miles southensl, anu CcWllt, 2li miles away. Tlie fire department received a report that "•aid mnny people slopped him on Hie- street trying to learn the ciuise nl the explosion. Komfl esprossi'd "•lief that a meteor had fnlli'ii. The oil men explained lhal Uu: .lynuinlle WHS HSIM In ihe inlih.iK oiTnnlom. nnd ihiu a tpmnllty of 'I was left and h.ul lo be Welles Confers With TjMussolini, Will Go o Berlin On Tuesday Rules County ot He Actopl School Warrant HOMK, ].cl>. 20. {Ul')-Simmer Welles, President C'lnimi R,' 1^ ' I T T l ' V - ' s <S|)<!ll| , al om ' <ly '" li; >"'«l'«, conferred at Venice Uuinol he 1'oi'ccd lo,r»taw lor nnu hour will. I'mmer Renilo Mussolini late Sillurday al Die Sharp residence. Brought to myllievillc llospllal, ihe right eye was removed. Condition of the undent today is very good. , The accident occurred when Miss Berry opened the front door of lhc Sharp residence lo enter. The lad. who had pinned a target lo the door, was shooting tiie arrow as the door opened lo cause lhc dart lo strike Miss Berry In the eye ball. Miss Berry is a student at New Survey school near eie.-.'le. UJIH after Ihe end of (he wars lhal are plaguing every confluent except. Ihe Americas, either com-1 plcle "diclatorshln or sanity" will .dlclale trade policies, day urged continuation of his reciprocal trade program as an important instrument for rebuilding international relationships and promoting world peace after the war. lie warned Hint abandonment SEEK nut i Issue Over Cavuthersvillc's Enlargement B c f o i e Census Increases CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo., Feb. 25.—Petitions are being circulated here among voters asking the city council to reconsider the proiwst- tlon of extending the cily limits, and if enough electors sign, the petitions, one from each of ihe of Ihe program would Jeopardize exports under Record At Cook's Request LITTLE ROCK. Feb. 20 tUP) — The stale supreme court loclny refused to order expunged from (he Finnish dispatches reported that Russian attack had shown to the council nt its regtdai inj night,' Monday, March -and:tnat even 'ihe long range gim- bombarrAmeiil of Viipuri had losl intensity if only for a finis. • It was reported here that tlie Russians, in their thrust for Viipuri, had intended to make the city the "capital" of Otto Kimsir.en, Finnish emigre Communist, whom the Russians set up at the start of the war as head of a "people's government of Finland." . Dispatches disclosed that tlie Russians had renewed attacks northeast 'of Lake Ladoga with fresli troops, but as in the Manner- helm Line It was reported that they hod made no progress. From tlie Arctic front it was reported that 10 Finnish sharpshooters had beaten off 180 Russian ski troops who Hied lo outflank the Finnish line. The sharpshoolers cent years. At (he February council meeting, tbe councllmen voted 6-2 against a special eleclion for voting 0:1 the proposition, after Mayor D. D. Pinion had presented the proposal to liie council. AlclerniEin John Nelson from Ward Thiee is in charge of soliciting signers on l!ie petitions. He and Humphrey Joh.'.so!), \V«rd Four aldermen, were the only tv;o who sidecl with Mayor pinion In favoi of the special election. The six al- dormen li'lio vote;! against It were Wyman Dillman and Gordon Wright. Waul Two; Obye CcUc-r and Ben Rojers. \7ard One; J. R. I-CT'ls. Ward Four; and j. W. Tipton. .Ward Three. Those favoring the city limits extension claim ii v.'ill be an added 1 advertisement and favorable pub- terial losses up 476 airplanes, Actions. M ly or Pinion primed out, fissoited carts and oilier vehicles and 1,550 horses. The horses were •captured alive. It wns said, and ii.uoi u! ihe mitt-rial hus been put into use by the Finns. "Thos ; gainst the proposition Stock Prices A. T. & T Am. Tobacco Anaconda Copper .. Belli. Steel Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola Gcn'l Elect. Gen'I Motors \ Int. Harvester Montgomery Ward . N. Y. Central North Am. Aviation Packard . . Phillips '.";" Radio Republic Slecl Socony Vacuum state II will be nbsolulcly Impossible for the cily lo provide good streets, sewage a::d water facilities for tiie sections, due to tho financial status ] of the city, and that these .;cctiorii will only be assessed city la:;es wilhout realizing r.ny immediate ! benefits. 172 1-4 ! u w >" te necessary la call f. 90 1-4 ' special eleclion before April 1st. H. 29 5-8 i orrtor to havc t!le population In the 75 1--I • "deled sections included In the 83 3-8 I 19 ' 10 census. If Uie council reconsiders its first 0-2 vote against calling a special eleclion nt lhc March -1 meeting, the election mini 4 1-2 120 1-2 38 53 1-4 54 53 3-4 Studcbakcr U 3-4 Texas Corp .'.'.'.' 43 3 . 8 U. S. Steel 51 3 _8 be advertised four consecutive weeks prior to the election ditc. Mayor Pinion staled tlibs could he done. 1G 1-4 i allt * - s ^'^ have the election sonv:- 25 1-4 I "me between March 27 to 30, ia- 3-8 1 elusive. A two-thirds majority would be necessary for the proposal to carry in the voting. While Eome club; and organizations have gore on 33 1-8 5 5-8 20 1-4 11 1-2 record as favoring the extension of the city limits. ;\ number of leading firms and business houses havc New York Col ton j expressed themselves i the proposition. as against striciions nnd return the country to Hawley-smoot "liirlll policies, wlilcli he contends were a major cause of Ihe depression. Hull's testimony was given b 1 .fore (he senate nuance committee ,•(..' Pulaski ccunlv circuit court record considering a to extciid the the report of a Brand jurv which criticized ihe (HobI Cook 1935 to 103B. conduct countv of R. A. Judge Mn Cook, an unsuccessful candtdale for Hie governorship in 1030 unrt 1038, imcl tried In (lie lower coin I lo have the criticism of !i!s aclinli!- Islralion of the county judtjeshl)) .slricken from ihe record. The high irllnmnl In denying his plea said that "the innklii which tcday beQan house approved bill trade program three years beyond the June 12 expiration date. Even Republicans conceded privately thai they could not defeat the ad- mlnislralion on (his Issue after the house overwhelmingly approved tt\s program as proposed by Hull. Although administrative officials were confident the senate also would approve extension of Ihc- tiade agreements Hull's defense of his program was no less vigorous than when he parried Republican criticism of it before the house ' ways and means committee last,] ~ ™.°»i". ...... • i'lrs Destroys Button's If we were to abandon the pro-; Hram," he paid, "we would reduce i lo praclically nothing (he efficiency of the cxistini; trade agreements ns a means of safcyuarrlirig cur experts from tlie inroads of war lime restriction";. The need for keeping alive tlie principles ivhich imdcrly the trade agreements prp^ram is crucial now. during the war emcrRcncy. and will be of even more decisive importance after the war. "The policy which ive have pursued f~r the past six years, if we only have the wisdom to continue it. will enable us to place Of Discrimination Is In Sigh I TORT WUDEIiDAbE, Pin., Pob 28. iU!'>—Walter MncDohnlil of AlUr.ln (old Uie Soiilheastcrn Governors Conference today that progress was being made in the somh's fight lor frcluiu rate parity nnd I!><• elimination of trade barriers Mucumuild. head of tlui Clcorula Public Service Commission, told six- Dixie governor? allendlng Ihe sc.s- sto;:s lure dial the problem wns brius nt tucked commodity by com- inortlly nnd predicted It would not be long before freljhl rales would hud liability in Cook's conduct ... the office but criticized him.on iul- nnnlstrnlivc mutters. Club, Near Osceola OSCEGLA. Ark.. Feb. 20. — Fire, belic'/etl (o have been caused from' defective wiring near ihe roof or in Ihe celling walls, destroyed thi- Sulton Country club, north of Os-c ola. about 7:30 o'clock Saturday night. The builclliv housin ig, 30 by no feel, g a large dance hall, cafe. Arauca which was chased inlo Port ICverjIades by n nrlilsh cruiser last December. licsletcs Bailey Kovcriior.% here for the sessions were E. D. Rivers of Georgia, chairman of Iho conference, Frank M. Dixon of Alnbann, Burnct R. Maybunk of South Carolina. prcnOcrf, •'•fco'()nor. of TCTOICSSC.U' 'and i->cd p. Coiie of I'lbildn Is uctliij; ns host. ii'llB Funeral Rites Held For Doyle Lee Hooper CAnUTlIEnSVLLLE, Ma., l''cb. 20.—Funeial services for Doyle Lee Hooper, -u, were held here Sunday a »• ..»£,>-^ ULIU, tint! • I n in r ,i and kitchen was built bv Mr SuU 30 f ™" llle '""'"V resideii !„.. ,. _ * iA ' -* UV 1 I hft Dm, HI I Xt....^.. I , ,.-.! ton tv;.o yeur.s ago. It I the Rev. W. I,. Meyer, local Mctlio- stnlcted of asbcslns composition roof si artillcial gas foi slillnii wllh I dlsl lnllllslcr . conducllng ihe serv- I tees. He died Thursday nlBhl about o'clo;-!; from nil li:lern;il heni- 'f «i:<l equipped with J ,,; nnd heat- i '....,' • • ----- — • ---- '" "- •'• t"'-"~ -------- o— •• •"• -^iiuikiJig IILUJ IUJlll- .,,,\ fi , the whols \vflghl (,-f our country's ins. Only Mr. Siilton hh son-ln I OI "' C 8' ; after having been b,-;lfjisl ' influence behind n determined el-! law. •.'oil . . . lo rebuild internalional I took relations In such n way thnl our nation and all nations can prosper and be at peace," Willlum Norwuoii ail t!n> , Ior ilho " t tcl "' >ICI "' S - llls sudden fs'Irs, Tavlor's Sister Dies At Fort Smith -- - ..-.- present 'when the r ire ! <lcal V K ns n shock to rellltlvcs ociurrcd. The fire had made sirh alld fl ' !cll(l3 . slllcc l« ''ad been In hMdway the ceiling was practically , co J ;m ' c "U>' sowl .spirits all thai day. ready lo fall In before It wns dis- ' Hconer w " s n World War covered bv Mr. SnUon Being oul- ' vclera "- Hc w "s horn January 21. . | side the city limits no water s'ip- 180!; ' " l 1J >' crsl >in'g, Tonn.. Ihe son ply was available lor canvoatln • cie of pr " ll!t a " <1 CJcorg\n Hooper, lie Mrs. J. R. of Fort Smith, titter of Mrs. W. M. Taylor, died ' Is survived by Ills mother. He ula/e. . , The loss Is estimated nt nroiintl tcllt ' Kl lhc loc; " scho °'s h «'e. Until $10,000 with only about M percent became confined to his ronm covered by insurance. Mr. ,ju:t:.i stated. The Sutton residence and eight tourist cabins located on the live- acre tract were not damaged. in that city Saturday after n brief illness of pneumonia which fol- Itivetl Influenza. She was 78. The 'wife cf the late J. R. Bell, widely known Methodist minister j , v j in the Memphis conference, M fs 'i ion's"place-"aii ^nlosion'"! Bell hadhved in Port Smith since, of , h ' c ^ ™™ r her husfand retired from the min-j bllr ,, C( , a m(u , am[ ' islry after having been pastor o. | re5um ., g ln l)ldl . (| , f ^ numerous churches In the Mem- ,, 0 , 1rs Mer ,„ a Ml , m „,,. , it ,, pbls section. Me died several years ' • sgo. Mrs. Bell, who hnd visited In the 'fnylor home several limes, hud no nenr relalives except Mro. Taylor and a fraud daughter, Mrs. C. B. Hecbee of Ccntralia. 111., who wns with her v;hen she passed Passengers Say Boulder Saved Train In Canyon four y»nr.s ago, lie was engajccl In | the restaurant business nr,d was : well known over ihls seclloii. Surviving nre |-,Ls Another. Mrs. Gefirgin !(.'•) i of this city; tbret- rlii' Sl5l< -' ls - Mrs - ii:> y F'CstDr, I'ort Ar• llt ! t"ur, Texas; Mrs. Eva Ilemietl, one Brl!lt:lc y. Ark.; Mrs. Fred Watklm. Topckn, Xans. Oilier rear-rela- livejj surviving arc- Miss E;imn Hooper a:xl Mrs. R. H. Thntrli. belli of St. Louis. Mo., and Miss Stella t Hooper, Memphis, Term. I'.illbenrcrs were: Marvin Tliorns- 1 berry. Harry Malloure, Eht-rlff John Hosier. John Ganctl. Walter Acors As tl.'C wife of a minister. Mrs. t Cell also became widely known.| yo ' I 'i"b' Q1lBta[ "I' 1 bavins spcnl of her life in ] « c n, crs o j B. C. lUI'l— f how a hu^e byulder derailed train truiii feet to a ro:ky can- was told here by pas- t!ie tral.i who were ere lo be lie Id at Ihe Methodist church in Van Buren this afternoon with burial in Fort Smith. Mrs. Taylor, who has been 111 of influenza, \vas unable to attend. When the tr.iln wa s traveling ihe White Pass and Yukon raulc railway, a passenger and IWL'.'nge car wns derailed in lhc 3l:u 5 w.iy river canyon, seven miles :roni and Lowell Morrow. rc a surer , l-'eb. 211. (UP) — rkson eouuly ... eull eoiirl In ifiusinv; (o foiw th< county iivii.siii,.)- | 0 ', U 'cfpt dlstrlc si'lioul wnrrniiu in ti'hool luxes wicj u|ihefd 'todny by iho Aikan.siis .supreme court. Thi' itpiiiji), bmm ; lu by Shrrlfl Mi'Call, Kouiihl In fore'.' i'i' Joe Aimslroni; lo accept s that luul been Issued lln> district, upholding Dm j, w ,.r court'.-; In action tin. tribiinul Mild "accept - of .scliuol (axes would (jive (hem pi efcu'nl l;il ilidit of ivdc'inption mid piiyuu'nl to which llielr order of tenlsltiitlon would not entitle them." The com I rovcr.wd a Oimchlln county elrenii coin-l decision In which T. 11. Quick ol North Litlli- Rock was tiivcn a Sl.OUO judgment for daumw.v siilfcred in a lalsc nircst. Quiet:, Jailed In Norlli l.ltlle Hock for four days In December. 10811. had sued fur dam- UKfilnsl Missouri Pacific nill- i of I ho charges Nicholns Doinjin Final l.t!c(iii'ci' Of Rotary Sponsored Speakers of ID M ,,.|,, s of rmll . flT| ln.sUtuic „( (nlcr- way cciniinny aftrr company did not press Hi him. reversing and nrdevtnu (he case ill.sml.ssed the hl[;)> cunrl held that 11, c railroad wus not rettpon- -slhk' tor authorly.ed nets of em- ployes It the person detained t'ave Ihe employe n rriisunnble cnime for licllcvluu Hint he had or was about lo commit n felony. Quick was taken Into cusUnly as ,nM,.u, ( m by the Illythevllle notary club will be Klven •[•Imrsiluy iil«ht svhen nr Mehola.s i(, Domini „, jjudiipest. lluiiltnry. will npimk ut t] )t , iij^n .'.oliool andlloriuin. "Centval Uuroiwan 'I'cnsloiis" will lie Hie subject of Ihe mltosa by this widely liitveled llitntmrlun, ' Kilitcutwl both ubroad mid nl the University of Colorado, where Earlier, after a conference with Italian Foreign Minister Count C1 J ano, ho hud decided to thorlen his liojiip visit iind ptocfca dlreetlyiv Berlin nt mlunlglit. Tue.sday. - : ' 'Hie talk with ciano lliis mwn- , when Welles was iiccompanlea United States Ambassador William Phillips, lasted for 91) m'lii- lule.s and It was described officially s as "iilee.saut and cordlul." « V It muI'M the stn'rt of Wellc'-i' clellcnlr- Job of investt^atlon the slate of (he war and the outlook for pence. Myron c. Taylor, tltc president's special envoy to lhc Vatican, at the linino lime visited Cardinal Magnone, papal secretary of state, preparatory to presenting his credentials to the pope tomorrow, Welles saw Clano at the Cili^i Palace, the foielun olllce. Ho had driven lo Kini; Vlclor RmmimiKl's QWrlnal I'nluce to ilsn the rovdt 3' book. •• '•, .. lie was u emmnuc student, Dr. through the nillroad iil»ht, At Dint llur.' he widketl yards one persons unknown Imd bcim rcmov-l (jcman Ims been on the Hoard of hiij valuablo nrlleles from Ihcj Kdilors of company's cars. nonifin vlslled nmst O f (| K , i,,i u _ cllles of ICurope many Iliui-s prior to Ills return lo ihe Unllccl Blalre last minima- to partlclpulu In Hie eoiifi'cenec nn Cential l-.'uvopciin alfalrs al Unlveir.ll.v of Ccloi-Btlo. lie received his dueler's dejjn'e from Uie Unlvrr.slly of IMulapcs' mid his mnsier's degree from Uie University of Colorado after luiv- Ins also Kliullcil ill tlie Unlveisl- tles of Oxford. London. Purls, Milan nnd Ihe Institute of Intcrna- lloniil Studies of Geneva. (lie post few years, Dr. Former Local Woman Dies At Cleveland Fmicrnl scrvlpes were held Jonetuoro yesterday lor Mrs. Uob- Centrul Hmojic's llrsl I'unkiuy review of Internnllonnl affairs, the Knlugyl Ki:emle, published ill Hiidaptst. Ho was secretary of the Uiuuibe Lcaum.', 1111 insll- lullon seekln? the solution of the many problems of Centrnl Europe.. A ;t'«[tient contributor lo Euro- al j pcmi periodicals,. he has several liubllcnUuns In the field of Inler- natlunttl rol«tlons.( When he returned Insl ttnninsr to participate In (lie conference on Coil'iil European Attnifa 'id lh University of • Colorado simimvr tchocl, six tliousiind slialents and crt Tnytor,.--.f»rmerly of . nml lute »f cievelniul; Ohio, wiio died In Cleveland last Tuesday. Death tame la the. 25-year-old mother after an of pneumonia. Mr. and Mrs. John I'nyne and } citizen's of Houldcr, Co!o.r'eiVroilc(r o Svi*,!"' '' nh " T '' yU " " llcnt1 ' 111 1 I"-* discussion of tbe central Ku- jopcan countrlc.% and lliu situations they face tcilny Is exjreclH to l;n equally ns Inlereslini! as lh" three preceding lectures and for- unu ivlilch luivo been cnthiisl.isll- Mrs. Taylor, who wns llvj former Miss Edna Ruvelle. made her home here for n number of years with her grandparents, and wns marih',1 In this city eight, years iijo. Sha movcil lo Cleveland In 193G from Filytlicvllle. Uesldes her husband, slu Is survived by one son, Douglas C:iJv)n; her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jo'nn Hevellc of Joncsburo. anJ «n;l sisters. Son of h'uey Long Casts First Vote cully received. 11. Cmilleld Conk, of London and ClilcuKo. .'.poke on "Ihe Influence r.f Aviation In Internalionul Kcln- llons" foV Die first address Jan. "The Ktritinle For Haw rlalr," end Eric Elllngivorlli Grim wade of Stokc-on-Ticnt, Scinid Wandn? . , - olllt'Inl French source said today ' .hat "no meditation or peace of- " tensive, whatever Us patrontigo, ioulil fcc made with any chance of V'liCNi." The slaleinent made no reference lo the United States but it '. • as regarded as nn indirect vmrii- 'i« to the U. S. It also was con- tidcred a wnvnlug lo Die foreign ministers of the Scandinavian nates, who conferred In Copsn- Iwt'on diirhis Hie wgek end lo dls- L-KS the prublpms of a war : in which they nre neutrals and to examine prospects for the InunC- .llitli! future. • . Would Support U. S. >Y COPENHAGEN, Denmark,' -Fob; 10 lUI'j — Denmark, Norway and Sweden ere prepared lo support my peace move which may appear .practicable as the result of Bum- .ler Welles' visit .to Europe or hrougli any otlier agency. It was scllovcd Mcduy, as ; the 'rt'svlt of a conference) ;u la: , .Scnndinnvlon , " foreign nilnlslers here, 'H ivns understood also Ml Den- mnrk and Sweden' 1 IhieireM to make represenlntlons lo- Great nrlhiin nnd Germany williln i Mar. May July Oct. , Dec. Jan. open high . 1113 1113 mo 1052 991 082 972 1095 1057 335 9S4 931 prev. low close clos* 1112 1036 1050 933 976 970 1116 10D1 1055 939 978 914 1080 1050 934 976 9!i3 Appendicitis Fatal To 13-Year-Old Girl rnnernl services were held yes- j tcrday for Mildred Ljwson 13" cf I adopted at a meeting of gi c cle. who died at Walls Hospit il the Ma.ssachiisetls state hairdrew-: Fri(f ay night. ' ' t'kagway, Alaska. The rock. lyirg { was in charge. Del! In.'ant Dies At Aga Of Month William Soul hern Jr.. onc- montli-okl son of Mr. and Mrs. W. ! E. Southern cf Dell, died Salur- j day nl lhc family home. Death > followed a week's illness of pncii-; „, monia. t I). Funeral services were held yesterday with burinl In Sandy Rri.lsc Cemetciy. Hunna Funeral Home BOSTON (UP.i--Hairdressers are no longer hairdressers. They are cosmclologlsts. according to a re?- , beside the tracks, ! held the entile train on iho uf the cliff. The baby was an only child. c.igc ] Livestock cis association. The new nan.e comes from lhc Greek, meaning "\\cll-ordeicd." EAST ST. LOUTS, III., Fe;. 26. The Hcv. Mr. Va'u Bibber, of ' (UP)—Hogs: 10,500—n,OM on saie! FuneraJ Rites Held j For Carson Lake Infant New Orleans Cotton] Wheat open high ] mv c | ose open high low close close i Mar. . 1125 1123 1123 1127 1124 May . 1101 1102 1093 1101 1100 July . 1054 105-J 1030 1053 1060 Oct. . 991 9Di 990 990 991 Dec. . 933 9M 018 978 976 Jan. . 9GS 974 9G8 914 OG6 . July May July Blytheville, conducted rites at Assembly of God Church at Den- i ton. ] Ei.-ickcn III Monday nijht after' I she Inid attended school that day. -—.. .„„ „„„ '-'" wfts rcmov e«l to lhc hospital 1033-4 1041-1 1023-8 1021-2 llcrc ljtc luesd!1 i' when her con-i 1013-4 1023-3 1001-4 1003-8 dilio " became apparently serious — end n!) opcratbii revealed a nip-J /"i;,;„„,,„ /-. lured appendix. I IsfllCagO OOr/l j The, child made her home with 'her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs open high i aw c [(, si , j. p. Weaver. 533-4 57 531-2 581-2 German Undertaking Top. 5.45 lilj-230 Ita.. 5.25-5.40 14j-lG() Ibs., 3.25-4.65 Rnik sows. 3.85-4.40 Cattle: 4,530 Steers, 7.50-9.0D . Slaughter steers, 6.50-11.50 Mixed yearlings, heifers. 7.50-9.15 Slaughter heifers. B.50-10.50 Beef cows, 5,25-6.25 Cutters and low cuuers, 3.7o-4.15 CSCEOLA. Ark.. Feb. 2G,—Fu- neral (icvvlics for H:nold Fred Alexander, sixteen day-old son of Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Alexander, who Idicd at their home on Die Carson j Lake Road Saturday w?rc held at I Rassctt Cemcleiy Sunday aller- J 'iccn. Services v.-ere (onductc;! by I ihe Rev. Paul Caltoaay. pastor of ihe Osceola Methodist Church. I The Infiinl, born February Rth. seemed to bo doing nicely ami showed no signs of Illness but 571-4 571-4 563-8 563-3 was In charge. Great antiseptic urn""'""' ""Company contained In the tears shed by the human eye. next few days backing Norway in its altitude on Die -Altmark c-nsc and Insisting Hist tlie nqutrnllly of Scandinavian lerriloilul U'titt-r'a oc respected In future. H wns Indicated that the. mcet- Ini; ol' foreign ministers resulted above all In ncrcement that tho neutral status of the Scaiidianvliin. s was so precarious 'that n Unilcil front must be pre.senled In • all possible Instances lo mainluiii ill vlil-h was followed at iwo ,!'"''r. rlE ' lts " ntl kec|) lhcm oul ° r £:to hUer™h by aTlk Iry D° ^ r , """*«" ™ d R^-PInntah Allen u. Albert of Paris, 111, en ,„'„ commlllllq , lc issucd Bt ,^ end of ihclr l\vo ci.iy confcrenc! night the foreign ministers' ,1,0 spoke on "nrllaln's Slake In serloufa^'profounrde^o^t|i' Cfiscs. northern people, that the Russo"~ " Ccrnuin conllict may at the eatli- cst possible dale bo brought to -a P'jiicet'ul solution which preseives the lull Independence of Finland." Sriiis!! Viscount Ssrves hs Baitnan for Padre LO.NDON (Ul>)— Wlicn a cerlnln radrc of the Royil Kir<lne=r; rln?s for I'.h hiitmiti. the bell Is KII- s;vere:l by a peer of li-.e rci T m, d?- scendurl of one of lhc oldenl families In Wales. lie Is Viscount ,71. Oivl Is, 2!. And he h u.eful In mare ways th;m one. When tiie i::t - irc v,"|-.!n:l Ihut lie. had :i mobile ofni'nvi frii Ihe Hoops In Isolated spots, t'.ic batman boujht Hie v.-;ioic affair. St. IJavlda wns nude a balnnn by Iho rc^Imciilnl .-ieri.M.'it iiiiij:)'.' J bec-iiire lie liappe:e:l to be t 1 !" j only man in a squacl who could (drive a car when U,e psdrc was In lhc need of as>isl.^:ic;'. .Wynne Cafe OpcTafor ' h AccusEcl Oi fviii WYNNE, Art:.. Feb. 2G. (UP) — Ted Grant, cafe o;>:]:alor, was clisrqc.-l wllli mmrlfr l-Klry follow- j In^ Hie deatli of ids wile, Esther, j In a Memphis i Grant, who had be?n freed un;der Sl.CCO bond sliu-c H'.e shooting j February 13. loVI police his gun RCrldtnlally dischargcil. Mrn. Grant died c;irly loiiay. Baker Hospital Closed; '-*\ Reorganization Planne.d EUREKA SPRINGS, Ark., Feb. 10.— Officials cf tlie Baker hospital here, whose founder, Worma.V Paktr, nnd two assocLites were ccinktcd'in federal ccurt at Little Keek last month of using the mulls lo defraud in connection wllli advertisement of an asserted cancer cure, announced ton'ay tlie Institution was "clcslnj for ia- declining to permit 115? of tlislr iittines, these spokesmen would not ampiily the p.r.nonncenient. , Dr. O. L. Beatty. former 'chiif cf sl.ifl~ nt the institution, who wns acquitted of the charge en which Bnkrr and the two others were convicted, announced he and three member,? of the Baker hospital stuff hnd opened their own r.os- ptlnl hers. February Chancery Comi Term Opens Chancellor J. p. Gautney of Jouescoro presided over the first t day of the February term of chancery court v.'hfrh opened here tori.iy. Firemen Make Two 'Runs', Damage Slight Two fire alarms since Saturday proved " false alarms" ac- Itusscll Long. soT~of"~flic~ialc 'Cording to firemen. Iluey Long, pictured casling his ' A call Saturday night proved to Prsl vol'j in Baton Rouge. La., be a chimney being burned out Louisiana Slale University, which caused a passerby lo • I » . , . " , . , - " -" ".-..—. .-..^ t ,, inni viiviAvi4 *i uiidairi u\ \\> uu- died suddenly Saturday morning. where he is a law stiidenl. His Hove there was a fire and an alarm The Alexanders have two other vote \.asn't much help lo rein- this morning to 220 Wes' Coleridpe 'ons, Wayne and Donald, and a rants of father's political ma- revelled thp nro was (-vthiBiikhrri te"*"^.™ FUn " 91 : Chi " C - W S,/±" n " «*" "?V^VZe C nvri, C ie Home was In charge. snowed WEATHER • duck Rrrlved. Arkansas —Cloudy ami warmer, rain in northwest portion tonislil. Tuesday rain, colder in northwest portion, slightly wanner in extreme cast portion. Memphis end vicinity —Cloudy mid warmer tonight, lowest temperature about 38; Tuesday occasional light rains and warmer. Tiie maximum temperature here yesterday was 40, minimum 23, clear, according to'Samuel P. N'of- ris, official weather observer.

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