The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 18, 1948 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 18, 1948
Page 7
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Classified Ads CLASSIFIED RAt.eS-.dn6 ehar^ tot iwa Inaeriioni. Minimum charge, SOe, 12 sfofdi at less, cash 1« advance. Eaeh additional wotd, 4 cent*, cash la" advance* when charged* Be per word, JBltad ads 5Se extra* fcaeh classified sd will fui once in boih the Tuesday and Thursday paper, for 6nly, one eharSe. ' y " For Sale FOR SALE—OYSTER SHELLS, Pilot brand. 79 cents, CLOVERLEAF HATCHERY & PEED! 'FOR SALE-TWO ICE CREAM cabinets 'with' compressdj, six and eight hole. Could be Used fog deep freeze. Also small sodl fountain. Alex Dermand. Phon§ "54. u20a25 ,.FOR SALE — 3-31 FARM ALL cultivator, good as new. John Ufkes, Tltonka. u20a» RESTAURANT BUSINESS FOR .lease or sale immediately. Well equipped, reasonable terms. Call 31 or write Box.2(14, Algona. ' ulOutf JO* SALE—-EAQLtf WATER- foroof home Insulation, '"blotth .n/' ' Expert i/ispecfton, estiniat* m sefViee. Cd.wan Bldg. Supply Co., Phohe 275 Algona 1 . ulatf FOR SALE—Lafrge old-time cabinet Victrola with/fecdrdsy alfco small basement wash stoVe; in good condition. Will sell very reasonable'. Call at 1Q20 : E. State Str t 2nd Hdiise east Sargeant Feed Co., Algona. ' rt SEEDS HYBRID SEEETCORN, Ibwa 4397, 22£>°C, t . h l ! , 1b .£ st for northern Iowa, SOY BEANS-Earlyana'and Ljn- fcoln. Sorlien Seed Farm, Bode, '• FOR SALE — BABY BUGGY* practically new; also rat terrier pups. Phone 308-LW, Algona. 213, ~S, Thorington. .. u20a* FOR SALE -~ MANCHU SOY• beans, clean and sacked, 98% germination. Clarence Osborrt. Fenton. , •-'•• ;«" u20a* FOR -SALE-OYSTER SHELLS. Pilot brand. 79 bents." CLOVERLEAF HATCHERY & FEED. ' A u20a!2 FOR SALE — SPRING FRIES. ' Joe G. Miller, phone 506, or 4 miles north, 3-4 east of Lone Rock. , ••„;.. : u20a* FOR SALE — BEADS', GOOD germination, if.4 bushel. ,Wrri. Decker, 2 miles south Lotts Creels village,, % mile west.^'i u2Qa* FOR SALE — BEADS', GOOD variety. $4 bushel, "ff. S. CrOr Well, Algona. U FOR SALE— EARLY beans, recleaned, Intt cracks. Ames tested. Bagged afttt weighed. $4.50 bushel. "E. R. Surt. _ FOR SALE— FERTILIZE ' lid ton.' Phone 2JS-H ' ' al9u9 CARLOAD OF ASPHALT SHIN- gles just received. We put 'em on. Ask for free estimates. Gambles - alButf BOX CANDY Large Assortment BARRY'S RECREATION _• , u6atf. FOR SALE ~ McCORMICK Deering 10 ft. tractor disc, A-l shape;" also Wisconsin VE four motor, Used 'very little. Milton Marl6W, Lone Rock, Burt phone. al9u« FOR SALE — OLIVER STAND- ard tractor and cultivator, recently overhauled and in good shape. Albih Kayser, Sexton. ; " a!9u<' FOR SA.LE—NEW FERTILIZER attachment for John Deere planter 999. Phone 838-W, Algona. a!9u* FOR SALE — 3-14 INCH HIGH speed 'flat-bottom International plow". Lpuis Price, Lakota. f ; ' ' ulatf F0R~ "*SALEV^ POLLED "AND Horned Hereford bulls, serviceable age. P. M. Christenson, Lone Rock; la. n4ati ot brartd, fffferfi^ CWV| :AF HATCH! f OR SALg-«MEPHfiRD' PtJPS, good cattle parents;'Ernest E. Meyer, Burt, phone 8 on 195. ' FOR SALE - THREfJ CASE model L. A. power 1 units 60 horse power rating. One International Model U. 9 poWer Uh'it 50 horse pow^r rating, 'pioneer. Hi'- brid Corp Co., Aigona, lo'iya. • '"• ' a 'l9u26 FOR SALE - PORTABLE greasing equipment, with'nety '/4 electric motor: one good used >A motor.Phon'e 1 29.-F2, 'Algona. '" """ al9u* FOR'SALE^BAY WOfttf MA8E. Milton 'MaTl6w,"'L'6ne 'Ttock. Burt phone/ ' " l "' HOUSE FpRhEMC-8 3; miles west of Burt. wm. Madsen. " al"9u* Homes For Sale : '/•> •'' ; -. .. -; -<<> \ • -.< -i.> 7 r ..-, TWO ALGONA HOUSES FOR sale. See Attorney H. W. MilU er, Algona. ; ' a!9u'l 1 FOR SALE—MODERN DUPLEX home,' 113 N. 'Phillips.' Inquire at 109 'No. Phillips, Algontf.'ltfWa. Or write Minnie Long, Box 102, Rivqrbank., Calif.-n-, „ til{Jfl23tf farms FprSale ' Tues. - Wed. - Thurs., May 18-19-20 , • Qne t of the Great HiSjnan Prpma'fp^ l...GRIPPING... FARMS" FOR.'SALIM i ." < • MITCHELL COUNTY FARMS 276 A. On paved highway. Elec. Good all around set of buildines. Only 1^' IdfeS'^f ppUre" witFl few'scattered'BUrr Oalt'tr^es 'thai can'f be" plowed on this farm. Owner has bought a large hotel and moved away. All black Car- nngton soil. If sold soon. m'ighl give crop. Low taxes. Price S125 per acre. 240 A. All tillable. Elec. Good road. One mile from good town with Catholic church :and school; good house, barn, 2 cribs, block silo, machine shed, hog house, garage, new woven wire fences; Low taxes. Price $130 per acre. 160 A. Has a good set of buildings but barn is poor. Elec. Some tile and practically all tillable. Black Carrington soil, a lot of lime and fertilizer Has Been applied, and Ipgumes grown" in recent years. 'Good road. Low taxes. Price $125 per acre. 153 A. On paved highway. Elec. Black Carrington soil, about 20 acres permanent pasture but has a good outlet for tile. Pleasant house just insulated, barn, double crib, hog house,'poultry house, garage, machine shed dnd : nfe'w hollow tile milk house just completed. 80 rods to country school also school bus. Price $125 pel- acre. ' ';•••' 127 A. One mile from good town with Catholic Church .and school. New barn, 'new- silo, gbpd pleasant house, lots of other-good buildings.* Elec. Some creek. pasture. Low taxes. Price-$125 per acre. Irvin J. Olsen, Realtor. Osagq, Iowa. '. : u20a* FOR SALE—DAIRY FARMS IN central Wisconsin. 40-200 acre equipped or bare farms priced to sell. Own a Clark County''farm in the land of clover, corn, gram and pasture. ODIN E. WANG REALTY, Neillsville, Wisconsin. u!5-24a* Used Cars FOR SALE—COMMAND'© JEEP; Dodge. 703 North East St., Algona. Joe Thilges. r u20a» f0f engine rebuilding , ftJ/d crankshaft gNnding. Pretera-pls dfte- farililiar with precision,eqt*f$ ; ftteftt;-" Apply'in person £ (& Swairt Auto- Parts, Spencer, rov^fc ' " HORaES WANTED-Horses of all kinds'. Will buy or trade for anytniftg that cin be lead or loaded. FOfl SALE—TWo sels of ext'ra' go6d harness. WM. DURANT u20fl* MAN WITH CAR .Wanted 'to call on farmefsl in Kossuth County. Wonderful op- porturtity. $16 to $20 in a day. No experience or capital required. Pefhiaficnf. Write today.-'-••-•Mo. NESS 1 OOMPANY. Dept, A ( Frte- port, 111. u20-21a* D — CUSTOM BALING. . Have hew MM sell-tying wire baler, 16x18 bale head sifce, 14 gauge wire. Robert Hamilton, iJiai 5861, Bancroft. al9H21tf - FARMER Uhd<*f 60 f6r'woi;k around ,A1- johu or surrounding terr'ito'jryi Good p'ay.'"lipttle nights. Write ^io\ -iuji^iigoaa. al9tl* .'.AiyTJiiJUl TO BUY — ANY amount pi ensilage; also hay. 1.. E. UaaJk, Humboldt, Iowa. - .i.^nu JJi-ij collect. a!9ul6 WXiv'TE'D'TQ REN.T—PASTURE for 20 or 'more cattle. H.'IS. Ha'iick7 Humboldt, Iowa. Phone 2F13 collect. a!9ul6 '•' •" ' HELP WANTED Permanent positions lor men and women in shop" depis. Good '?iohailf6rts,' ^66d hours, ' ' : ' ' •" Apply at plant. ' KENT WHEELER MFG. CO, * Diagonal *• WANTED-Tb REiNT A HOUSE, 4 bedrooms. Will pay a year's rent :in . advance. Phone 1000, . ': ul9-20a!7 WAITRESS WANTED—APPLY Algona HoteL alButf WANTED — ASSISTANT IN "Grill Theater Confection Shop. Phone 35. u!7a9tf Household Goods FOR SALE — PRACTICALLY new two-piece living room suite; also bedroom suite. Only usfed' abput eight months. 801 *E. State St. • . • • u20a* F.OR SALE—8%xlO FT. AXMIN- • ster rug ,good condition. Phone 7 on 24. St. Benedict. u20a* FOR SALE — TWO COOLERA- tors. 402 S. Moore, Algona, phone 814-LJ. Myron Alderson. u2Qa* FOR SALE—2 BURNER ELEC- tric hot'plate, like new, used davenport, combination writing desk and book case. Mrs. Wm. Hauptly, Wesley,, phone 2226. u20a* FORfjSALE — LIVING-ROOM suite, 14 h.'p. electric motor, 6 quart glass churn, roller skates. Martin Kruse, 519 W. State St. u20a* FOR SALE — NEW STUDIO • couch. See at Apt. 1 above Potter Lockers or phone 1042-J, Eleanor Rahm. - . u20a* USED APPLIANCES FOR SALE —Two good Maytag washers with balloon wringers,-also Dexter and Speed Queen washers. 6 h. p. Mercury outboard motor, like new. Monarch electric range, like new. Crilly Appliances. Phone 399. 'u20a31 FOR SALE—1941 CHEVROLET 5-passenger coupe, cljsan. $1150. Raymond^achman, Brit'i, u20a* FOR SALE—1936 CHEVROLET Master Deluxe, A-l condition, recently overhauled. Phone 4433 or see Mrs. Jos. Vaske, Bancrpft, Iowa. " '•"•'"'aI9u* Wanted WANTED TO RENT OPTtEASE —3 -or 4 room house qr apartment, unfurnished. Adults. A-l references. Write Box 400. Algona. „ u20a20 SANDWICH LADY WANTED from 7 p. m. to 3 a. m, Room and board or transportation. Six (day week. George's Drive-In, WAITRESSES WANTED—PQOM and board or 'transportation'. Six day week.-George's Cafe and Drive-In, u20a!7 f OR SALE — SECOND HAND V white Monarch range, priced to sgll. Newel Hind, Fenton. - • ''•"•" u20a* FOR SALE—USED VARNISHED 'Herrick ice box, 50 lb. capacity. Mrs. Henry Kueck, Lone Rock. ••'•;'••' : u20a* WE REPAIR innkps of w,ft$Jibi£ urn- refrigeratory, s fgr all nia- Wrlngpr makes of , chines. f Oft SALE-ALL radios. Used electric refrigera tors. All recdhditjoned arid sold With full guarahtee. ALOONA HBFRlOERATioN, West 'Stkte Street. ' " u20a2l FOR SALE — EXCELLENT ES- tate gas range, Used. Four burners, oven and utility compartments. KOSSUTH COUNTY IMPLEMENT STORE. u20ai? Ft)R SALE-WHITE MAJESTIC range. Phone 614-LW, '' FOR SALE—1947 SERVEL OE'- Luxe 7 ft, gas i efrigerator, A-l condition. Orville Koppen, Lakota, Iowa. a!9ii* * A - -- S|E THE ELECTRDLUX VA.."- 6uum cleaned. Only $09.76, complete. Don H. HUtchihs, phone 1081, Algona. ui5al4tf Miscellaneous 1 HAVE NEW BADGER DITCH machine. Can handle all kinds of tiling. If you have ahj> tiling to be done, get in touch .With me right away. Chas. Wagher, 132 Putnam St., Algona. u20a* IF YOU WANT THE BEST DEAL •'for tractor insurance while using them on the highway. Stop in or call 103. L. S. Bbhannon, over S & L Dept. Store. a!9u* CESSPOOLS, .SEPTIC TANKS, ,;,, cisterns cleaned any where. Write O. Owen, Gen. D<*1., Algona, Iowa. al8-21u!4* GRANULATED ZdNOLITE IN' sulation, Rock Wool Batts and granulated wool are available for your home. You too can insulate your own home. See usl . F. S. NORTON fe S6tt phone 299 aSutf INLAID LINOLEUM — LINO- wall tile laid by experts. Custom work. Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., Algona. ulatf SEE ME FOR REAL BARGAINS in farm's, loans, drainage surveying and estimates on trie. Phil J. Kohlhdds, phone 22, Algona. titati FLOOR SANDING AND REFIN- ishing. Heavy Commercial equipment. Portable power plant. Cowan Bldg. Supply Co. Algona, phone 275. ulatf COAL Complete stock on'hand. Be Safe Call 234 Raesly Lbr. Co. Mel B. Griiliri, Mgr. ulatf For All Types Concrete Work READY-MIX CONCRETE Delivered 'to your 'job Phone" 166 HEADY-MIX CONCRETE & SUPPLY CO. ' Algona. u4atf The Big Marstiall-Wells Store Ad on Pages 4 and 5 of the Second Section •I" DANCES LEGION BALLROOM FRi;, MAY 21 DON SHAW and his Trombonaires TUES., MAY 25 THE JOLLY DUTCHMAN WED., MAY 26 RUTH COLMAN WEDNESDAY, May 26 Regular Admission Ladies' and Men's WATCHES Before you buy, see our very fine collection of high grade watches. Ask us about the neyy Wakmqnn watches, which in addition to being beaujiful, are UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED. We have them. See our line of watch bands of all kinds. Watch and Clock Repairing PROMPT>§ERVICE ( "" f W ^ ft 'Pil •& Tuiia'ay, May 18, 1$4fl Does Your Flat Roof Repairing? If so, come to our yard Tuesday Morning, May i Watch us put a riew type of roof on one of our own buildings. Come and see how economically it can be done by, this entirely new method. • Botsf ord Lumber Co. Phone 256 Jim Pool ' V, 1 fe € YOU'RE NOT SO SCARE ME ONE TRUTHS PARADE I '5, ELEPHANTS CAN THE BLUFF OF MICE ! CLAIM THAT ,EL'E- PHANTS BEING AFRAID OF MICE IS UNTRUE. A MOOSE '—~ &f»*S TO CLIMB 0£ ELEPHANTS TRUNK .... w ~~L£;fyTH6REAT,FOflCi, PROMPTLY BE BLOWN OUT^ Beginning this week, this store will give to our customers"!with the purchase of $1.00, one trading stamp. These stamps will have a cash value of Vz cent at the end of 14' weeks. The children in ihis community may save" th"ele"^ } stamps, 1 picking them up either from their patents'-'ox^'",j friends. 1000 stamps will give you $5.00 cash. W 1 aJcb,,jiiis^ •-,,., space each week for announcements on this contest' and' 1 also some of the best values in merchandise possible to Each week we will list in our ad the items on which the stamps will be given for that week. No stamps will be j-s • . . < '..'* . itJ,-',jl*^J Uil-.» given after Saturday night on items advertised earlier in ^ the week. Different items will be run each week. I' Stamps will be given as follows this week on merchandise oJ M listed below: , f .;/ is-;;- Frigidaire Sink Cabinet 500 Maytag 6-ft. Home Freezer JOOO Frigidaire Water Heater, 52 gal. 500 Frigidaire Electric Range RJ 200_500 Grand Gas Range or Maytag D.utch Oven Range 1000 Majestic Comb. 8-Tube Radio. Jl 000 20 in. Lawnpmatic Power Mower_500 Hand Lawn Mower 200 Action Fishing Rod and Sheld9n Reel 500 Tricycles Irish Mails (4-wheeler) Seneca Flyers (Awheel bikes) _,.i50j6 CRILLY APPLIANCES stamps ;' stainps s A •>; -,-<-* -«., I r » i U * • 15* i * 5 > t ... stamps'',, stamps stamps statrtps; /., t . . i s ^f s ".: "c.' ° '•W " 'Av K »a Br l i . (ti^-t *-3 • fr*$ WANTED—OLD ARMY RIFLE, any model. Phone'104, Algpria. "" ' WANTED — COOK. KOSSUTtt Hospital, U 20al Wiltgen Jewelry APPLIANCES Phone 309 Hftrlim and* State WANT V TO RENT-APARTMENT for man and wife, both travel, No children, no pets, Call IOOQ. Newspapers. H20?* Abovi Iowa Staff lank • STEAM <-f -A- -I

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