The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 18, 1948 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 18, 1948
Page 6
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Upp«f Oes Motrm fu«day, May IS, 1948 fhe new drivers license re- i newal law, called the "Birthday Renewal Bill" becomes effective on July 5, 1948. All 1946-1948 licenses with numbers over 500,000 will expire on applicant's next birfhday t i||6f .JtilV 5, 1948, and must «& renewed during the 30 day-'Reriod immediately ptecedirtft this birthday. All 194^1948 licenses with numbers .Urtder 500,000 will expire off' applicant's next birthday iS'Her July S, 1949 n and must be renewed during, the 30-day period imme- diajely preceding this birthday. Licenses may be renewed only on presentation and surrender of 1946-1948 license. In the event of loss of license (except by legal procedure) before renewal, applicant must apply for duplicate license, and the receipt given at this time will be valid for driving until complete renewal is effected. Drivers license- examination will not be required for duplicates. New licenses will be issued by the examiner "on the spot" if everything pertaining to the'law is satisfactory. All applicants must apply at their own court house at the time the examiner is stationed there, except that certain applicants such as college students may apply at any examining station in the state, if it is inconvenient to spply at their own court house during their 30-day renewal period. There will bc> 25 examining teams, including one examiner, one chief clerk and at least one typist working under highway patrol sergeants and one examin- ining team will be in each courthouse at least once weekly. Licenses cannot be renewed by mail. Complete examinations will be given all applicants failing to renew licenses prior to their own expiration date. Every'applicant must take the vision test which is the approval for driving, unrestricted, and is now the accepted general standard of 20/40. 20/40 vision means that the applicant "can"-read a letter which: 'Is approximately 3/4 of an inch ut.,20 feet, while 20 20 vision mean's he could read a letter reduced to approximately 3/8 of an inch .in. «ixe at 20 feet.' Vis- ioh test failures .must furnish eye correction'/with adequate glasses. 'The now -'licenses (operators, school and chauffeur) will be distinguished by colors. Records on all applications, especially rejections, will be periodically reviewed. AJ1 drivers licenses renew- on after 'July 5,, 1948, shall expire each 2 years from the licensee's birthday. The-vision-test was given 3,160 Driver License Renewal Law Starts July 5 Hospital Staff Wh ich Held Tea MM, , , &.A. I. Nv WStkiW fia- GttibfaiUt. LoM l«ndtiM — AUMissal Photo The nursing staff and manager of the Kossuth hospital are pictured here. They are, reading from left to right, nurse aids Marilyn Blanchard. Minnie Peterson, Lulu Hartshorn, Ruth Masse. R. N., Ellen Carlson. R. N., Mrs. Florence VanderWilt manager, Joyce Hayden, R. N., Helen Chamberlain, R. N., u..^. Gladys Taylor, Lavonne Griese and Agnes Watnem all nurse aids. A public tea was held Thursday, May ISj'at the hospital. Miss Carlson and Miss Antoinette Bonnstetter, Aljjona school nurse, presided at the tea table. lowanis show ! in Des passed, by 74 i recently at the sports " Moines and was Gets! Church Contract The! electrical wiring contract for the new Trinity Lutheran church, Belmond, was recently awarded to .the Pratt Electric Construction Co., of Algona. i Win School Honors Whitiemore.— Announce m e n t was niade Monday afternoon that Dorothy Ostwald had been named as valedictorian of the public high school .graduates, and that Deloris Rochleau is class salutu- torian. At Implement Session Robert Munger of Munger Implement Co. r'ord tractor and Dearborn implement dealer in Algona, la., attending n meeting of Dijarbovjir, dealers from the mid-west region at Des Moines, la., oi> Monday, May 17. The first two aircraft ever ordered by the, U. S. navy were Curtiss Triads". The planes, one a landplane and one a hydroplane,- were ordered by the navy- on May fi, 1911. Breakdown Of S'aie Tax Fund Back To County Tabulations showing in detail the estimated amounts of revenue paid by citizens of each county ol the state in special state taxes including all important forms ol. revenues collected, have been issued by the State Tax Commission. "Many taxpayers will be surprised to learn that seven dollars ($7.00) out of every ten dollars ($10.00) collected by the State in .-pedal taxes is returned to local communities," . said George E. Gin, chairman'of the State Tax Commission, in releasing .the,, reports. This money comes back in the form of old age assistance, road building, aid to schools, homestead credit, aid to dependent children, aid to the blind and assistance to cities and towns. None of the tax paid on property comes to the state government. The table for each county shows, in addition to the amounts of revenue contributed by the county through income tax. sales tax, use tax, insurance premium tax, cigarette tax, gasoline motor- vehicle license tax, beer tax, liquor store profits and other miscellaneous forms ol revenue, the amounts returned to local communities in the form of state aids and pVimary road expenditures. Here is the record for Kossuth county. Allocations or expenditures for county, farm to market roads and primary roads totaled £517.080. Homestead credits paid amount ed to :? 147,262. Old age assistance, aid to cle- "98 6tob . "W" %tb of (He fflni Lu* therih church will have a plchfe Wednesday evening at the Call State b*4 Mrs. fimll Setato* and 'Mrs, VernjJh Jensfcn will be the hostesses. Mrs, Paxsoft Mpsiess— Mrs. Mabel iWsoh entertained ft few gUests at luncheon Friday for Mrs. Mafcsa Keith Ba'itey.whp is here visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.-w. Keith. Mrs.' Hp^ard French pi Ti* tonka, gave a luncheo.n Tuesday for M/s. R. % Bailey, 'other guests.bjslprMtsV.Emily StehcS; Mrs. W. E, Freneh, Mrs. eydhey Laird, Mrs. D. D. Paxson and Helen Dirtgley. state funds returned to Kossuth county totaled $800,080, not including an estimated $163,523 of federal. aid funds which would not have been available without matching by the state from special tax receipts. "The total estimated collections of special tax funds from the county is estimated at $1,159,840." sai-cl Mr. Gill in further clarifying the tax situation in the state. | News of Our I Neighbors This column consists of brief rewrites from n e i K h b o r In g : newspapers. < The Emmet County State bank at Estherville had footings of $8,- 175,6pO, when its April 12 statement was published. It had more than a million cash on' hand, and more than 5 1 -; milions in government and other bonds. The new Surf dance building at Clear Lake to replace one which was burned down a year is now in course of construction, and July 4 has been set for the opening dance. The big new building is located in the old Surf's parking lots. On the library lawn at Belmond there is an 85-ft. flagpole, and recently it was repainted by a professional flagpole painter. A picture in the Belmond Independent showed him half way up the pole, on the upward trip, with his paint pail suspended several feet away in a strong wind. He completed the painting in 20 minutes and received $20 for the job. Izaak Walton league members at Estherville are fishing for bullheads for a big 'fry' soon. They need at least 200, but the fishing had been rather poor and ad only 75 at last report. they v^»Vl «£,*- (.lv>Jl,->LUUV.C , CUU III UtJ- « •! TN* T_T i pendent children and other wcl- Famllsr Dlnner Hosts — fare aggregated #140,789. Paid to treasurers of cities and ' entertained towns from liquor profits and Sunday in gasoline tax $28,8i)5. Payment of taxes to off-set military exemptions S13.01H. Aid to schools amounts to U Hi.563. The total aids from Mr. and Mrs. Albert Weishaar various at a family dinner celebration of the birthday of their son-in-law, John Rudisill, Woden. Other guests were Mrs. Rudisill and family, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Peter and David, and Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Weishaar. Birthday Surprise Party— • Mrs. Henry Aman was given a surprise birthday dinner a week ago Sunday at which the guests were Mrs. Dorothy Bonette, of Amboy, Minn., Marvin Griffith Mr. and and Mrs. family of Sherburn. Minn., and Max Kalen. A week ago Monday afternoon Mrs. C. H. Clement and Mrs. C. M. Whitehill surprised' her by dropping in for the' afternoon, bearing refreshments and birthday gifts. Has 87th Birthday- Mr, and Mrs. Newton Hieter and the latter's mother Mrs. Cora Raney have as guests Norman Foxwell and his sister,'Mrs.-.'Florence Whisenant of Olympia, Ore., who flew to Chicago, 111., thence by train to West Union, where they were brought here by Mr. and Mrs. Harry Raney, uncle and aunt of the visitors. They are grandchildren of Mrs. Cora Ransy, their parents being Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Foxwell, and Mrs. Foxwell is thp former Mabel Raney. Mrs. Cora Raney reached her 87th birthday Sunday and the visitors came to help her celebrate. Beverly Vinson, Two— Mrs. Craig Vinson gave a party Monday afternoon in celebration of the second birthday of her daughter. Beverly. Guests were Bob and John Pratt, Kay and Sue'Moulton, Mike Lichter, Tom Sawyer and their respective mothers. Mrs. Merle Pratt, Mrs. Frank Moulton, Mrs. Al Lichter, Mrs. Thomas Sawyer, and the honoree's grandmother, Mrs. Milton Dahl, her great-grandmother Mrs. Agnes Laidley and her brother Tommie. Games were played by the little folk and the adults spent the time socially, the afternoon closing with the serving of lunch. Mother's Day Tea— The children in Cresco rural school district I, and their teacher, Mrs. Helen Kirker, entertained at a Mother's Day tea May 7. The children presented an es- ANOTHER NORTON HOG FEEDER ON THE WAY! Built in Our Own Yards by Skilled Carpenters-and Delivered to Your Site HOG HOUSES-HOG FEEDERS POULTRY t BROODER HOUSES Call, Write or See Us Now! F. S. NORTON & SON PHONE 229 AIQQNAJOWA Portable Farm Building are designed from , ir's point of view. They are built to yield profits to the farmer. , iT,l\ese buildings are constructed according to the patent (Mr. E. C. Lee himself is a Feed man who J sound, constructive feeding ideas into his designs), bujldings are laid on creosoted skids, so that IT be moved to clean ground at will. They of sound lumber, by skilled carpenters. Gen^ buildings have 2-inch plank floors and of 2x4's. Sidewalls are of drop siding, are wood shingled. A door is placed in each t e a grainbin door is built into the roof, if Tnf buildings are pair»te4 red or white, desjred. Suitable windows are installed, of e $oynd. solid buildings. They are design"• te g»ve years of service oh the farm— SERVICE. pecial program, following which / games were was served. played and The guests lunch were Mrs. Keith- Stephens. Mrs. D. D. Sparks, Mrs. Virgil Jennings, Mrs. Mil ford Bilyeu, Mrs. Clara Sankey, Mrs. Joe Ulrich and Mrs. Claude Dearchs. 100 at Hospital Tea- One hundred persons attended '.he public tea at. the Kossuth hospital last Thursday. Mrs. Geo. Boswcll, who for many -years owned and managed the hospital, had charge of registration. Antoinette Bonnstetter, school nurse, and Ellen Carlson, R. N.» on the hospital staff, presided at the tea table. The. medical assp- ci£\tipn and Mrs. Ed Ostrum, fpr- mer superintendent of ' nurses, sent- baskets of flo\ygrs, . ' At Girl Scout Session- Impetus, to the Girl Scouting program here was giveri Wednesday when seven Algona Ipaders and seven prospective leaders attended an all-day meeting at Garner, Wednesday. Prospective leadprs from Algona at the meeting were Mesdames Robert La- Yours for Slamour Legs.,, our MOJUD stockings You're right on the target for leg-allure in eye- luring Mojud stockings. They're so sheer, so sleek, so smooth- f-fitfing. We. have them in e smart- new shades. ';. $ - $ 2 .25 at Rethe Ma films trip „— Mesd&mes C> Ji> 0, D. Pax'sen, Mf&. M Mrs.- Gydney Laird tfvahs, arid Lucia' TyL- fteshfrtehfs werfe served close of the evening. Meihodfsi Ciwles-*. Circles"of 'the MethbdiSt W, & G. S. will'nlcet Thursday Afternoon, * May 20, as follows! I— Mrs. Johrt Kirk; 2—Mrs. C. R. Schoby; 8—Mrs. William Ring- genbergj- 4—Mrs. James Walker; 6—Mrs. Lawrence Baylor; (U- Myrtle Turnbaughj 7—'Robert Donovan; 8-^Mrs. W. A. Poster; 9—Mrs. Lylc Steele; 10—Mrs. R. R. HutzelL Presbyterian Council— x , The Woman's Council of the Presbyterian church will meet for a one o'clock luncheon Thursday afternoon, May 20. This is Guest day and the women of the Circles of ihg Woman's associ- of the! papist, church will Thursday aftonoort, May '20. as follows^ I-J-Mfs. H. B. }Whe*lock, assisted by Mrs. Har- Vey ColemM,*deyotibns by Mrs. L. W, KeittfJ ^—Mrs. Jess Lashbrook, assisted fey' Mr|. Bernard Bode, devotions by Mr,«. Henry Furst; 3—Mrs. PaUl Richardson, assisted by Mrs. Jack Craig, devotions by Mrs. William Combs: 4—Mrs. Walter Steven, assisted by Mrs. Merle Cooper, devotions by Mrs. G. R. Cook. The Roman's circles of the Congregational Church, wil ImOet Thursday afternoon at the following homes."' 1—Mrs. H. D. Hutching, assisted by Mrs. .Don HUtch iris and Mrs. Harold Lampright. ,2—Mrs. Don Smith, assisted by Mrs, Laura Chubb and Mrs. Ralph Meidke. 3 *-> Will meet May 27. 4—Mrs. Luella Baker, assisted by Mrs. , August Slagle.and Mrs. Ralph Mprgfin. 0 SALE REGULAR $49.95 PORTABLE RADIO SJ9.95 LESS BATTERIES SAVE $30.00 3-way portable. Operates on either AC-DC or batteries, Low current tubes. Beautiful simulated leather covering, 6-TUBE REGULAR $49.95 BABY GRAND RADIO $19,95 SAVE $30.00 Beautiful combination wood and RlasUe cabinet. Five tone control. AC-PC, • CHUCK KQHQBST JOE Ij BLOOM Ladies! Conducted By MISS GWEN DAVIS Westinghouse Home Economics Director Wednesday Only! Com& With a Friend! Phone 1075 , APPUANCW Behind ivtry Sole 11 ens, !

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