The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 18, 1948 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 18, 1948
Page 5
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Patrons Pick At Library Librarian Find* .Decided Trend ' To Nd l t f the £ e °*!? n at 12ils F *i- hope," she feaid, "fo give better service lo ritual pueils who must make their 4!tO sehool bus, *nd ihis will not lake them out of the study halls." — maybe the Russian !— lifts made adult Algona .library /patrons moil sober ih choice of bdoks in tha last year." •• •"' t ^ ^ ! , At any rate" LibraHfiri 'Beth An» s's annual report frrthe library board last Friday shov^efl jarr increase of 246 in afluff rt6¥i-fietion, and a decrease of 760 iri "ddiilt fiction circulation. > • • ; But the children ~to'cfc really busy.patrons, and thgy piled up a circulation increase of J284. thc.v rolled up a fiction circulation of 9,834 books, a non-fieti6ft' circulation of 1,135, and a magazine circulation of 434, a grah'd' total of 11|403, •'';•'• Circulation Nearly '29,000, Nor was the adult flciibn circulation such a letdown, for it ran up to 11,277 books,'which'is about two books during the; year for every man, woman, a«d ; child in Algona. The non-fiction adult circulation was 3,167, and th" magazine circulation ,3,036. This fizijres up to a grand total of 17,480. The super-grant! loM of all circulation hit 28,883, wftich seems to prove that ther.flibiPRty is a heavily patronizcdAilocjp' institution, This was attylftcr&fee of 714 over the previous^y>ajcptohieh is Quality Gifts of Silver Silver Travs, Bowls, Coffee Services, Crsani and Sugars, Salt and Peppers, Candlestick Holders Hammered Aluminum Trays * ' ' \ $3.00 up Silverware Chests of eight and twelve place settings, Four beautiful patterns. $34.50 GIFTS-WATCHES-WATCH REPAIR . . *' digger tirfs j^t more rubber, srta'm^re j?prd.s jp a new\ type of body construction, make these new tires the safest, longest wearing iiyHood/s history, 85% Sfronger trf 9i •* this 0,0 (he roijd to long? r, Eftprf f vpn w i'liL Meet Your NEW NEIGHBORS Mr. and Mrs. LeMar Climpson, and their daughter, Shar- ' on, age 2, pictured above, are comparatively new residents of Algona, but not strangers to the community. Mrs. Climpson is the former Gene Morey of West Bend. Mr. Climpson was raised at Plover, and is now employed in the sheet metal department at the Jos. Weidenhoff Co., plant here. The family came here from West Bend. . Mr Climpson is an ex-service man. He served 3 Vi years in the army air corps. ; ; They are living in a trailer house on North Jones St. :THe trailer has a name, "Alma." They purchased the trailer last, December ih SiouJi City. Il has a built-in-sink, stove and refrigerator, and is 27 feel long. They connect with Mike's D-X station for light and power. There are eight trailers in the colony on the lot at the pres- sent lime. (Algona Newspapers' Flashfoio). : . perhaps also proof that Algona is growing and thus acquiring new library patrons. Miss Annis figures that the total number of patrons, was approximately 22,286. Of course this includes repeaters. In Book Week 821 teachers and pupils visited the library.-'There were 285 new registrations, 170 ? i-c-registrations, and 126 wilhclrawals^of people leaving town or for other reasons'. "Lookers Up" Duty Miss Annis and her deputy Miss Coate .qualify as 'lookers- up' for a lot- of people who don't know the answers. During the year they responded to 406 in- qairies and used approximately a thousand books and magazines in Search f or thp information. The library takes the two Algona papers; also the Des Moines daily and Sunday Register. These are for the use o£- ; patrons. Friends gave the Library 36 adult fiction books during the year and 32 books of-non-fiction, also 6 books of children's^ fiction and four books of children's non-fiction. New Encyclopedia Britannica Misses Annis and Coate are proud of the .outstanding book purchase of the year, which was a new set of the Encyclopedia Britannica,-24 volumes and the yearbook for 1947. During the year the library bought 373 adult books and 295 children's books, a total of 668. The library receives 100 magazines, of which 20 are gifts. '. •- Last bCit- far from the least in Mips. Ann'is"''personal opinion was purchase ,of a brand new type: writer, ^apparently •:• the first the library ever owned. ' '/. Union townsliip folks, who pa*y $100 a .year for associate library membership—that is,, their progressive township trustees do*- oorrowed .269 bopks and magazines during the 'year', not c'ounf- borrowing by Union pupils who attend the Algona schools. Financial Statement ; The .library's financial statement for the year follows: Receipts City appropriation .....$6,951.23 Union Township '• 100.00. Cowles endowment '_• 100.00 Gifts— ; ... Mrs. Cowles . 100.00 Legion Auxiliary 10.00 .Petty cash (fines, etc.).._ 184.50 Rentals : 57.90 Other sources 11.62 Total' —J_ $7,515.25 Expenditures Salaries— - . Library StalT . ;--$2,567.71 Building Staff 613.27 ^Withholding taxes 294.77 Books •_,__ 1,268.76 Periodicals 200.30 Binding •_, 110.59 Supplies & printing 178.89 Heat, light, water, tele- phone . Insurance _.. Other expense Balance ._ Total ,. . ''66.6.37 . 455.80 . ,525.65 '. ,613.14 .$7j615,2o ' •':.••( - BRINGS CITY , COMfORT TO HOMES ^•""•••^•iW«Bi«B«lM*«M«» . J BEYOND THE GAS MAINS LOCALS Mr. ahd Mrs. P. L, Tfumbull went to Ackley last week Sunday lo visit the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Trumbull. Mr. and Mrs. Charley Johnson, accompanied by Mrs. Hattie Vin- cont, returned Saturday from San Antonio, Tex., where they were called because of Mrs. Vincent's sickness. It is , probable Mrs. Vincent will now make her home with the Johnsons, unless she becomes strong enough to maintain her own home again in Uie south. Mr. and Mrs. Willard Zeigler went to LuVerne Thursday even- ing to attend Ih6 graduation of Delbrcs Lund, sister of Mrs. Zeigler, Delores pla'jte the French horn ahd Was at Boone, Saturday, taking part in the state music contest. Visitors at the Henry Zweifels from Wednesday till .Saturday were Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Khopf, Mason City, brother and sister- in-law of Mrs. Zweifel. Friday, the visitors, accompanied by the Henry Zweifels, went to Ventura to visit another brother and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. George Knopf. Mrs. T."F. O'Haire and Mrs. Alice O'Rourke and son Dennis left Thursday for Des Moines, where Mrs. O'Rourke • and Dennis will spend two weeks with tueiday, May 18, 1941 the O'Maires. Mrs. O'Haire was called here earlier-In the mbnth hy the illness and death of the father, H. E. Rist. Old timers Return Mrs. F. A. 8miiey of Spring* field, Mo., her son Dr. Kafpfi Smiley and his family of Mason City spent most of Sunday afternoon at the home of Mrs. L. E. Fairbanks. Mrs. Smiley lived in Algona from 1910 until 1917, during which time her late husband .was pastor of 'the Presbyterian church. Mrs. Smiley is visiting her son, v/ho is. on the staff at Park hospital in Mason City. Sunday former neighBor, _.__ ahd asked her tot- the Fairbanks could be sfeertt , arrangement, rt&fle it persons wild'could wise have of lack of time. visili Has Sljghf Strsluf Whlttemor«; — Mrs Bffrgman'suflcrcd a si early Sunday morning home of her son a'ttd fldtf It's fun cookirfei, with LP-Ga?? 4 It's clean, quick, convenient. It's the modern fuel beyond LP-Gas gives miiina you hot water :"t aplenty... any- V time ... for any r need . » . at the turn of a tap. Let us explain how little it costs. .. -—-.«>• A R M S All-Gas Co. Phone 16—Algona Need More IDNEER HVBRID SEED CORN ? If you need extra t seed corn to finish your planting, I.still have a few bushels of'high yielding PIONEER on hand. Ucil ffoffgfr Jtepr«i«nNt/Vf * ! , ' ^' Vi " ROSCOE MAWDSLEY Burt JOHNBORMANN....... "Our Lower Overhead Means a Saving to You SAVE PRECIOUS CORN GET BETTER HOGS FASTER AND SPEED THEM TO MARKET FASTER « J -•-.»'-..(' •*'•" ••!••• H ^^ ••"•• *im*>*^*++*&t*&b&&i*&i-'<' '• : "" Feed Sargent It's all Ihere in one bag, ready to feed . . . not just ONE protein, but a BLEND of animal, vegetable and marine proteins for belter results. Not just a few vitamins, but all that are needed to do the job. This is just ONE of the secrets of Minral Meal's amazing savings in [hog lots all over the midwest. That Itried and proven blend . . . . which •seems to go with corn JUST RIGHT, •to make high priced corn go further, and help speed hogs to market faster. and Now- ''Sargettes^ Sargent Minral Meal in convenient bite—sized form—produced by our new California pellet mill, Easier to, handle. Easier to feed, And the pigs sure like 'em. Ask youj- dealer to show yog a sample. No Risk Money-Back Trial Offer—Ask Us! . . . >. ' * "v l ^ '* "FEED, Sargent & Co,, Algpna, |g, IAR6INT FilBS ON SAli AT? Frtdtrisk Horringa Fifd S»»re-.~~B«ffaJQ. Ui¥«tw te-^^ in-law, Mr. and M ... iBargman, with whom she is 'ing. daufehtttft ',- ^ ¥ i.' • v r -, "* ' ' *• I •* *'* "'^ y-- v v " , „^^M<it^& l ''"iA,'.&^.i&^.3.,i -. > v v '^'^fI ; M The Marshall-WellSj Store Ad on Pages 4 and 5 of ; the Secdnd Section * ,..•••)<% < >„, "I B U SINESS ,LINNAN)&: LYNCH. Au.orneys-<jt-Ljw ' \] •Office'(iver-'Kbssulli Mut. Ins. - . '. B^dg. i . 4 Vlgona; Ibwa" ; Phone 261' IL W. MILLER ^ Law Offices! County Attorney y ' Phone, Office 427; residence 700 '«' '5 d Algona, Iowa' .• LOWE' ' ' i y-at-Law * >l ',e 287 | HAROLD McNERTNEY LAWYER j ^Officer in Hdt^hison Bldg. ' Phone 354 "'' " AlgOna, low*' Plfices! E. J. Varf-Ness!*^- Defla Welter Office in new Heise block . . .. -Algona, lowai G. D. Shumyay,M, n Ei D. Kelly : ,',,lt'.,F. ;; -Eristedtt SHUMWAY, KELLY ;fc PRlSTEDT , •"• ••< Attorrieys^at-Laiv * '"• Htltchii6rl 0 b6ildihg Phone;S« ;"-'~ ^ Alg>na, low* LAURENCE A. WINKEL ' v Atlorney-at-LaW ' HutcM'id^-Buildihg ' Phone •18S'- ! -' t ; ^ flgona A. .HUTCt-tiiOW (ueciase*) DONALD .' C. 'HUTCHISON > / 4'i Hutchison Bldg. Phone 12 ° -i -.-. <• J^-Jfj , M. D. ?. Office over James DrAg Store 'f?)$ Mtice 'pHopfi' j}ptl t Residence 328 <c ' "•-I.'.H. CHSyaMEYER) M. D. v i .Surtedri'^Wa"!Phys{cian *-, Office Jdhn', Galbraittt block ' Phone 44i" v U;it Algana, Iowa Phones: Of flee- ; 310, home 444 MELVIN G. BOURNE Physician and Surgeon A Phones: T Office, 187; residenclB. 194 DR., ROBERT W. ^_^ Physician & Surgeon .jfi'/Sawyer Bldg.l 127 Residence 'il -r« 'i • f, '•;•< JOHK Mif^SCHUTTEft, M. D.i^,;, Physician & Surgeon T* "* 114 North MoorelSt. I , Office'pn..)IU5I Res'j ph. 1029 ->* PR, R, PENTIST Council. Phones' nai * i il. Oak- Builhing ! ffce.jpao; fies... 833Ji . Office oVf-r'James Dr Phoiw Store DH, S. P. Pentist. ?i5 Rooms 13 and IS r' 1 Haggard St Peterson 'Bldg, Office Phono J9; Resiflence 5591 Algana. Iowa 'Peniist Office }n nS t w Hei§ ;-Office, 44; .

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