The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 18, 1948 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 18, 1948
Page 4
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4-AI0ano Upper (ta Molrtei 18, 1948 Re*, and Mrs, Silberi ,,,„ entertained Rev. and Mrs. O. W. -Brand and Rev. arid Mrs. J. P. ' Clyde following Baccalaureate services Sunday evening. Rev. Emil Benson ana Mrs, Benson were unable to be with the groiip because of illness. Always in the Fire Vol. :l, No. 59 Tuesday, May 18, 1948 Some Interesting facts On Fish Now ihat the fishing season is really gelling into full swing, we'd like lo pass on to you some interesting things we learned during our winler's reading of fishermen's books: r , '•HrThe real reason a fish biles is because il's eilher hungry * or rrtad (mad at whal?) —The Walleye lies in water 10 lo 20 feel deep just outside Ihe weeds during the day, moving inlo shallow water at nighl. -^When a fish has. ealen about 1/10 of ils weight in food, it is full and slops ealing during the following 24 hours. —Large fish are sometimes slill hungry by eyening and will strike after dark. —Bass oflen prefer lures thai make a big splash. A live frog on a weedless hook cast in shallow water is hard lo beat in early summer. —Most fish do not go deeper than 30 feet except the lake Iroul, found in far northern lakes. Good Time To Let Us Install Your Water Heater Funny Ihing, but from early March up lo about now is our heaviest season for installing hot water healers. Don'l exactly know He Hit The Nail On The Head Another odd incident the other day (we are always having interesting happenings out here at Irons). Anyway, in comes this gentleman from out in the county an^ pulls a copy of my Plumbing and Healing News oul of his pocket. Said he had kepi reading about -what I was saying on furnace repair and check-up, knew his furnace needed some, but kept pulling it oif. So nexl time he came lo town he lore oul this column and ..tucked il in'his pocket lo remember us by. Like lying a siring on your finger. Good idea at 1hal. (P.S.—We are checking the man's furnace next •week). More Tubs And Lavatories Our connections with manufacturers of high class' •bathroom .equipment are proving out. We are gelling in a nice supply of bathtubs and lavaloVies, the most mo- why, but maybe it's because folks are slill irked over not having plenly of hoi water during the winter months. We have some good ones coming in, gas and electric, ar.-i can install lo your line in a jiffy. dern kinds. We also have more of those 'matched sets' —in other words, tub, lavatory and stool lo match to- gelher. Mf»-es a mighty fine installation, I can tell you. ITS UNANIMOUS Since we started gelling in those smart cabinet type, kilchen sinks over a year 330, they have been one of our best "friend-making" items. Cost less lhan lots of cabinet sinks, ve*,, can be buili right in lo look like the best. Have all the gadgets. Makes a swell installation for the kilchen. Here's something interesting and new. We are working on some new healing installations, which call for the baseboard type of radiation. In other words, no ugly radiators. Some of you new home-builders might be interested in learning more about Ihis. "THESE MAPS ARE SO CONFUSING COULDN'T YOU KIND OF SHOW ME WHERE IT IS PERSONALLY? HEATING j PLUMBING Society Notes Pianist in Reclial- . . s basftbt was veted the , > r. .i.^jim^M ' J ' Afdfiifi* Annif6fWfy- Leaves on ft Vi»»«* Mrs. Lowell Sfrtlth is leaving Wednesday lot 'a tsn-tiay visit with her Parents, Mf,' and MM. Henry Bell at Ohlcfttfo, 111. She will be joined We're by her bus-' bahd. Mr. and Mrs. W, A. Mall, and Mr. and Mrs. Sidtiey Cobttfn at the erid of that time and all will attend the Memorial day auto races at IndiahapoHl, Ind. Arlcnc Spillcs, pictured here, senior ITIUMC pupil, will appear in her graduate recital Thursday evening, May 20, in the Academy auditorium. The pro- era in-of the evening is as follows: Rhapsody G Minor, Op. 79._ -. . Brahms To a Water Lily, Op. 51 ----__. __ MacDowell . Rachmaninoff Prelude C-Sharp Minor Mary k. Glasor at 2nd piano Jcsu Joy of Man's Desiring.Bach T!io Robin in the Rain .1 Noble Cain Double Sextette Hungarian Rhapsody No. 11__ Liszt Without a Song (vocal).Youmans Valse Brilhinto Manna Zucea Mary K. Glascr at 2nd piano Concerto A Minor — First Movement Grieg Relatives and friends of Miss Spilles will be .welcome to attend Final Legion Parly— . Final American Legion party :>f the spring will take place on Wednesday evening. May 19. at the Legion hall here. It' will be j "Couples Party", and each member may bring a non-mem- bor as his guest, as well as his wife or girl friend. Rumor has ft that this final so- .ial event of the season will have all the trimmings, including a selection of ham or turkey at the 'Umax. / Academy Senior Outing— Members of the senior class of he Academy went to Lake Okoboji Wednesday for a "senior ay" outing and picnic at Gull's Point. ' Ta,makc the clay more enjoyable, some of the amusements and concessions had been opened especially for them. They Tues. - Wed., May 18-19 "% Dog Rusty" Co-Hit "Adventures of Silverado" Thurs. - Fri. - Sat., May 20-21-22 ~ SHARP-SHOOTINV SON of a SIX-GUN! Co-Hit Lief Erickson in "Blonde Savage" Added Serial-"Sea Hound" Sun. - Mon. - Tues. * Wed. May 23*24-25-26 Y HOW GREEN ~ .WAS M¥ VALLEY A JOlh CENTURV-FOX ENCORE TRIUMPH! Co-Hit Smiley Burnette in "Six Gun Law" Scuih Cresco Club The South Cresco Mothers and Daughters club met Wednesday, May 12, at the Community hail. Mesdames M, L. and Qan'ol Potter were hostesses. There was" an * Rural Sch6«l No. 2, gave a talk on ritr&l schbol day pro|rarh arid plfins. , J *A^?» r l^ 6Me 'pertaihiftg to M-O-T-H-E-R was played and numcrbus prices 'were given for skill in word-making,. Mesdames Wm. Tjaden and J. ' Eisenbafth had charge of the above games. Mrs. Ella Pottor, Sioux City. the club mother,, was sent a card signed by those at the meeting. Honored on Blfihday— Mrs. Joe Wlllger, who with her family 'moved here from Lu Mgrfta Gerald fitted rfohfi .»§' St.» AI bert aeltftoVEdw&rd Htitt Sett KflrftUS, tartly Will, 'Watte* Muhley,, a B, thomas, —^*- Thohipsdw; John Hobsejteldt, Vern Hdethler, Kenndth ftoeth- !«-, ImriftJtfttmcif, NdfWum Me lor and ,Af Hdbffer, The horiorees were presented with gifts', and the afternoon Was ^•slhaufif 0! Df&ville-, e«llf,, wlli be interested in knowing tfie^ obs.ef^ed thelf S5lh .wedding aft* rtivefsary oft April 23," aHd &mt«\t the guests were Ut. ftftd Mrs. Af* thai* d&lHns&r), bWthef aftd SlS- iar-in-laty ef Mrs, Felh&uSf, former AlgofllaftSi •' Mrs. J*elhaiter waS the forrtier AHftfl ColHflsort and Mr. Feld- hauor was born in West Bbhd. where they \tere married April 23, 1892. They spent 42 years in, Canada, where they farmed^ Twenty-eight of thos6 years weta spent in British Columbia, and tniif, home, Both are *?f 6ld «nd are ( <|uite aetive. iSfh, Pelh«uef tavia sister Jot MM, I*. A, VIpdHtti - ' The B!g Marshall-Wells Store. Ad art Pages 4 and 5 of * . Ike Second Section ' JL Final eek - Ends Saturday i ..'••'. * Greatest a SES i; SHORT SLEEVED POtd'SHIRT. Regular 69c Striped. Sizes 1-3. _!._ CHAMBRAY PLAY SUITS, regular 1.39. Sizes 1-4 1.17 Sanforized and well made ------------------- III • NYLON HOSE, would U 1.25, if first quality, 45 gauge, 30 denier. Slight irregularities ------- Pr. RAYON PANTIES AND BRIEFS Regular 59c _LT SHEER COTTON MARQUISETTE FLOCKED PANELS Washable. 43x78 Ea. .2 for i. FLOUR SACKS, regularly 33c-large 100-lb. $-| size. Beached 4 for I CHENILLE SPREADS in white or colors. Regular fi ft 7.95. Rich and luxurious. %»• I I • YARD GOODS, regular 59c-36 inches wide, . wide assortment of patterns and color BATH SIZE TERRY TOWELS, regular 59c-made by Af * Dundee and Cannon . . . 20x40 inch size *f I C BED PILLOWS, regular 2.98-21x271 Goose filled pillows. .2 for *5 INDIAN BLANKET, regular 2.69-64x76. A «-f Many colors . . . ideal for summer outings /Lmtif I PILLOWCASES, regular 1.98-stamped and ready | "j"j to embroider. Linen-like finish tubing. ••II TOO DOUBLE EDGE RAZOR BLADES Regularly 65c „ 37c FACIAL TISSUES, 25c value-Fine and soft texture. 300 sheets „!_____.;_ Box GIRLS COTTON DRESS1S in age sizes 7-12. Wide selection of cute styles and patterns..., Regular $2 qnd $2.49 WOMEN'S BLOUSES Crisp summer pastfh and whites in breathr taking variety. '$1.77 Regular $2.98 GiRlS' DRESSES Percqjs jn print* or plains with dainty trims. $2,57 so/ -me season ••I'-Rayon Lined, Ail-ytfool Made to Sell for $24.50 cind/$29.SO! ' ' 13 100% wool with'all the dashing accents of much more expensive coats. Suedes, coverts, gay plaids or plain colors. Sizes for juniors and misses. Save on FOOTWEAR CHILDREN'S SHOES-$3.50 Vctfije 4 *""' Children's Economy Special. Assorted ' " - ^^ styles in sizes BVi to 12 and 12V* to 3. *9 A IK Wide variety of colors. ^0* ^y ^F CHILDREN'S KOOKIE SANDALS An overwhelming favorite with the young set! Shiney patent or tan. . • % Sizes 4 to 8_ $1.79 Sizes 8 I/a to 12 _il_$1.98 ,.' Sizes 12V2 to 3_ $2.69 QUALITY PLAY SHOES Made to sell for $5.00 White elk playshoe perfecll ycasual in design. An S&L Days feature. Sizes lo 10. QUALITY PLAY SHOES made to sell for $3.00 Sandals, sling back, lo-heelers, wedgies . . . shoes in a gay array of coolr. MENS' MOX-TOE LOAFER QRlQXFORDS Regular 6.95 Hand rubbed iinish uppers. Goodyear welt construction.,Sizes 6'/2 io 12. 'i .3.99 1.99 Dresses ' BEMBERGS LINENS WASHABLES FOR MEN AND BOYS T SHIRTS-Regular 59c white yarn. SerowU, Pays value, •_ •' MENS' WORK SOX-Reguiqr 23c pr. Rockford Jype in blue ov'brewi^ ' . MENS 1 SWEAT SHIRTS-Regular -.. •-..-,•• ' ^ :••'•or a good weight in gray. . tong SI DRESS jSHIRTS-Regglar in white or paJierns. Slsnd Uup, ^Sanforised, Sizes 14 »p $1 BOYS; WORK Long sleeved, »anfo;ised, S}*ef,' HANDKERCHIEFS, reg. MENS'BANDANA r*4 or blv»». BQY'S JIMMYAU5 ( regj Sift* 3^0» Assortment''«! --.ji colors. i . '•, - -( MEN'S SATEEN JACKETS Un»d. Si«ei 3§ Jp 44 ' - t • > *ii i * i t * Just the dress for your vacation » fun . ; . • lovely/ summer dresses priced low for S&L Pays. Junior t regular and half-sizes. DRESSES i t ' ms. Usually, Sold at 2.98 2.66 • > •» 4 ••• • fresh prints in line quality 80 ^ gcjwajre pe«al«8,.bro9dplotiis 4 an,4 1

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