The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 24, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 24, 1940
Page 6
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PAGE SIX COURIER NEWS Where Major League Baseball Armies Arc Enoamped l>Jl$flgj[j!:.!(*Jiirtlr'.MlliiM J.Jillt., H...I 1 ..L. i.i ii !• i,.,, i ___ __ I Commissioner l.anclis Approves Ball Gajnc For Finnish Relief Fund By fiKOKCi; l>ll(KSi;i r . Unilcl 1'ross Slat! .CuriMjiomlcui BKLLEAIK, via.. Feb. l>4 —A pate of $25,000 was forecast (ofUy 'lot [lie Finnish relief fuml all-Mar fiime between ilio National and American Leagues in Tnrnna dh U ™H°eTl,i Krt rM M - U " 1 ; y«tmiay »mm.v:d Meeting v.-iih reprc.scmalivcs from totli te.'igues and newspapermen '/I ' I BEOY/NS I [Son .AnlonioJ V yesterday, Hindi* the gtmii: i.ijM'it |.|(.ves me lighter. Tin-re Is less paddiiiR overt Die knuckles uml iniy blmv landed! lo lie more effective. In' .... - li'iiii., ... h.""n iv «n- iNuie CmCClVt «'U1 !re confined lo players Iralniii,; | Arinstrons's case lljjhl nlovcs in doubly In "n the n major league clubs Florida. lie rctiised lo allow players lo fly lo Tiuiipa from the four clubs (ruining i,, California and the »ne in Texas. 'Hie scale of licket prices was set its follows: 10,000 bleacher .scats nt r.O rvnls. 3.IM uncovered stnnd at $! 2,419 reserved sc:iis nl (2. 860 box seats a I $5. The lolnl receipts for [he game under this price scale, will come to Slg,'2i)8, but Joe Williams, sports columnist of the New York World- Teleeram received 1-nndis' approval to set thc box seats at higher prices WllJIains said he believed some box seals would sell for $00. C;abc Patii Cincinnati secretary, will handle' Ihe ticket sale. Radio rights, concession privileges and program sales are expected lo add to the $25,000 goal 1JL . • Laudis approved Ihe choice of I MIC fight Joe McCarthy. Yankee manager nnd Bill McKeclmie, Reds' lender who were opposing malingers lithe 1930 World Series, as riva pilots. The National League club will b the home tcnm, winning ||, c hono on the toss of a coin by Limlk 'Each team will have a squad o 20, with n minimum of three of each club training |,, Florida Tin squad will be divided into si) pitchers, three catchers, six in' fielders and five outfielders. Baseball writers covi'i-in» sprfn" training camps will meet in Tampa March i t c se lcct thc two squads No pitcher will be permitted to work over three innings, n rule which prevails in Ihe summer all- star game. The two managers wil name Uieir own coaclies and butt In? practice pitchers. The clubs will dcfrav Uie expcnsi of player transportation. An effort to hold them orer until March in in case of rain will be mnde Ilarridge will poll the America! League owners for their approval' and McKechuie the National Wank Winchcil of Tampa wns approved as Florida chairman and ie will provide press accommodates. There will be no coinnlimcn- """• tickets, even ncwsmnorm,,, an Hlpflll. i' lli.'.l |ila<.v>, Unify d( |M'ild> on tin- effect of hundred.-:) ol |:unch(-.s to wear down his op- ;.onnil. This i.s very lirinjj on him, this ivlndiiilll (ii n pace [hat calls for him lo Mini swinging with the bell and »ol slop until the round ends. Having lo carry one l(xs ounce In cncli fist will be definitely lo his .•idvanlngc. Jf Ari)i- fticng were Just throwing one punch, the ounce of weight would n't mnke so much diflerence. Hut cvrr if)i rcimds—hundreds of pun dies—the ounce adds up Into something really Inrpoitanl. The snme trouble over gloves came up in I0.'i3 when .linimy Mc- Lnniln fought Young corbeti III for ihe welterweight title. Weigh. Ing under I4S, MeLnrnlii insisted wearing ft ounce gloves. Cor- hiiiidlcrs pointed out Hint wns for u 147-pound li- tle nnd thnt tlie bigger gloves should be used. The boys finally li-'s Really Not A Fishy Picture THE PAYOFF HtH OTES m m IE FIIE. Job As Transport Pilot Is Keeps Hot'Pace, tsj<y?" !r * 7 "'* $MW'*-' 1 Young tlOJl 'ro's Ambi- rnoio goll- Cltibs Lose Slar Players And Govcrmnenl Limils Crowds Today's rt Parade LOS ANGELES, Fob 14 IUP)- Eomcone whose taste in iiternlurc Is bad, or whose library is worse was reading the book on California sta c boxing rules the oilier day and came across this informative nnd superbly written paragraph"Each contestant .shall wear during such contest, gloves \vcMi-' ing not less than 5 minces if such contestant weighs, in ring allire. 1« pounds or less; e ounce gloves if contestant weighs more than 145 pounds." One can just picture this lillcra- leiir seated in his old 'Morris chair before an open fire, )lls lllcel ._ scliaum drawing well. i,IA right hi"'! rPa ' U " g . llls Iav °rite dog and loved. \veH-thimibcd volume ^Vhen lie was able to for R ct Ihe poetry of Ihe paragraph, and compiomlscd and went nt it with S(i ounce gloves. The commission may be. called on lo seUlc Ihc question Ihls lime. Because as little ns an ounce scDnds to most of us who He about Ihc pounds we arc overweight, it can be. nn important fnctor In a llfilil. LONDON (Ul>)-I<'oolbaH is having a hard struggle lo keep going In wartime. It may not' sec another season after (his one. us long as the-conflict goes on. Its difficulties arc many. Although the English Footlull Association is reputed to bo one of the wealthiest sports or;>«nl»itio».s In Uie world, sonic of the smaller clubs nrc so lacking in funds that they arc contemplating closing down altogether for the duration of the war. Six league teams already have Baltic Royal Mai Show Is Slated Monclav A wrestle royal will enlerlnln mat fails here Monday night with nve of the biggest, toughest performers available litre scheduled lo I'a'hglc in Ihc free-for-all exhibition at (he Legion arena. Those who will try (heir luck nt gang wrestling wilt "be Del Rallies, powerful New Yorker, Charles Sinkey, (he Mississippi terror. Gene Ulakely, Texas deadlock specialist, Meyers, rough-houser frojn California, and "Dynamite" Joe Uillirmn, Ihc durable Greek. The first Hvo wrestlers clminalcd nnd the third and Jourth to leave Ihe rim; will pnlr o!f In individual Hatches 'of one fall, 30 minute .inic limit, following the wrestle roynl. The winner of the wrestle oyal will bo excused from further i:irllci|)nlion on the curd. its full meaning him. he handed became clear to pipe to the - —..v.vvj ML:, [jijie co uic nog to hold and made for the lei- — ...l.vtt 1\JI tl ephone to call Eddie Mead man- Bg ^ °! Henr5 ' At mstrong. Mead was delighted and since then has presented this man of letters with a combination and-dog rack to hold bom and dog in any future cmer" s "?. h .f this - Th ' cause of Mead's delight concerning the Information about the five ounw gloves is obvious. Armstrong fights Ccf- .'B'ladtwaier To Play Burdelle; Keiser vs. Doll suspcnded, partly because of lack of funds and partly because of n lack of players. The dearth of players has hit all teams, for about <jo per cent are In the fl«ht- g forces. Crowds hnve dwindled to a quiuicr ot their peacetime, size. This is partly due lo the ban on large assemblies. In addilion. by far Ihe larger p.irt. of the followers of (lie gainc, like Die players, arc engaged in wnr work of some kind, hence are not free on Saturday afternoons. Jtegluiia] Hun Fails However, Ihc worst blow of all lias been the compirntive failure of "regional" foolball, the association's sclieinc to substitute for the regular league matches. When wnr wns declared on Sept. 3. 103C. nil league football immediately ceased. From the paint of view of st.imling in Ihe various divisional tables, llils did not matter very much, for the season wns barely three weeks old. For thc next month or .so. clubs played friendly matches and "scratch" games solely to keep the players fit. Al first the government forbade crowds of any size, and tlie mutches were phyed behind Icckc:! gntc.s. Then there came n concession ami crowds of n maximum of 8.0CO were permitted. In Ihe case of thc crnck thib.;. such ns Arsenal, with capacities I for CO.OOO or more, Ihe maximum 1 wns sc?I «t 15.000. | During this lime Die foolbnll association has been trylni lo dc- i vise some system of' organized B .,, ul , m , ulvm o v , llc j lootball. Early In October the plan on the previous niA-.l Mai n a o ir s (was revealed and "regional" foot- „„„ woll the cha mp oml n M tor I tan e ol under way on O=l. 21. The their sex bv defeating rSJ" sclieinc was Ingenious. Its in.iin — - • 1 KV JKKKV liKO.VDFIlCI.I) XEA SiTvln: Sjiurls Writer ; CHICAGO. Feb. 24— If they can :kei-p from working themselves into an minianagralile Intlitr over Ihe point In (jiip.stlon, thc nation's- bas, kclball coaclies may clear up the |.sport's biggest bone of contention I it I Ibe iinniiiil cnncheK meeting in city Jali- in March. The problem which is certain lo come up for consideration nnd probable revision is the pick-off rule. Nearly every iijslnielor in collegi- f , } , ale ranks ndmlis Ihe need for a || [standard interpretation but getting •" ihc-iii all to agree so far hns been n lough job. Uy the way of preliminary e.v- pliinalioii. (he pick-off is to basketball what the block Is in foot- jball. It's interference without bodily contact, except of course where a man lets his enthusiasm get away with him, or misses his limlm;. Using himself as a screen, a t player allows his teammate to ,shoot or break for Ihc bnsket by getting in the path of the shooter's defensive opponent. EASTIillN COACHES SKT AtiAlNST USE OF SCKEKN The mnuciiver Is perfectly legnl if not carried to extreme or if it doesn't, result in contact. It's the degree lo which it i.s employed tliat hns given rise to the various sectional interpretation by officials. It is seldom called in'the mid- west where the gnme probably Diver at Foil A'jntisline. F!a Marine Studios hol'dt lirs: por- pnise ever horn in captivity. Despite scientists' ellorts, liab'y died shortly after birth. Perhaps riivi.r'« null" scared i' |i> dcalh Leachville j Is County Champion The Leachville boys won Ihe Mississippi County basketball championship for "A" schools by defeating Manila, in n game lust night at Manila. Score: .'12-18. " In a gamn played at Ulyihcvillc PHOBNIX. Mi;.. (Ul>) - ntllla, one of the J piofe.xsioiials in doin, would rather be a Iran-won Pilot than Ihe -best golfer in the l)tismr>s.s." At least, that's what the youthful ^-yenr-oid, p , 0 OTi<l as ,, e uaHS(;(1 n session on a prartici" green during the $3,000 1'hocniv open to overhead 1 " '"^ l ™' Sf>r)l1 " lll "« Bulla, n Chicago pro by the way i of Highpolnt, N, C.. look second in Uie Brltisli Open last year on,| missed a lie for the United state- open ero'.vii (, y 3 .strokes. Hilled one ol the most brilliant but erratic, golfers among the nation's louring professional bris-nde Jlnlla said he would "(mil golf in n minute" if he co.ild get .a job ns pilol on one of the airlines. To liny Plane And some day he may <>el Ills wish. He already has flown more than 45 hours and expects to purchase life own plane this summer Next season he. hopes to combine biuuiess with pleasure and fly the winter loinnameiit circuit from California,' through Arizona and Texas nnd finally lo Florida. As he walked off the par 21 country club course after shootlno n brilliant (S3 lo win thc pro-amaW best ball matches. Bulla wasn't worrying about his sometimes recalcitrant putter or the possibility of muling n. slice or hook in his booming s&O-yard long tee .shots Mainly, he wns worrying about what type of plane he will buy As ii pilot Bulla .still mi»lit be classed as a tyro-although he holds a limited pilot's license and spends his spare time rending books on flying-but as a golfer he is rated by his fellow professionals as a proficient young man, Has Powerful Wrisls Bulla packs 220 pounds on a 0 foot i inch frame which enables ! I liim to hit some of tlie longest rougher than in any other part of j " " 1L - iu "i^ ui me longest the country. Practically all mid- tllivcs '" u « business. Despite Ihe western offenses are built around r"' 1 hc llses nl > abnormally short thc screen play -and there is a lot backsw)l 'Sf. ''is drives average close of contact in its use. Uecause of to lhe 300-i'ard mark. His powerful il.s .wide-spread popularity uow _ | wrists enable 1'im lo hit ion., iron ever, oflicials don't award foul shais - Sensation at New Orleans is 18-year-old Waller Taylor, former Houston newsboy and champion apprentice ot 1930. At thc end of 70 days of Ihe meeting Taylor had booted in 78 winners, more than twice its many as his nearest competitor. He leads the national field for thc season, ;is well. - shots. Other teams are forcvci t»B to the Uig Ten as the league where you have to draw blood in order to get a free throw. The cast, is mllitantly against the b'.ULk. This sector stresses the short passing. Inst ball-handing style and nine times out of it, the olficlals will call n foul on an attempt at a pickoll. Naturally, (his seriously handi- eaps 11 team from another sector which goes cast, to play. Deprived | of the screen means playing without its most effective oficnse '•('•ItOUN'n HULKS" IN AT hit long iron I As for putting, Bulla drops long point-1 ones wlth regularity in practice— ' but admits he has a tendency to "blow" a 3-foot putt in tourna- .JneiH play. He urimlls (he main fault with his game is his temper. Last vcar Bulla ntteincd a doubtful reputation ns one of ths "clnb-throwiug- esl" professionals amon? tlie totir- Tlie Canithersville Steelo boys won ' Ihe championship of Pcmiscot Comuy by defeating the Warden girls and Bragg City boys in two fast games "ere last night. Tlie scores: "iris game, 20-lti; boys, .ls-26 Appropriate trophies were pre--„ ..-. D ..n vitoyivt: Uie jaci s ented by Harold y. Jones comitv Dis father was a. Methodist minis-1 superintendent, who said that the ter in North Carolina. Bulla said I tournament was the most sncces,s- iie still swears when he misses a '»»_ever held'both from thc point bounds - ing brigade. And despite the fact slices a drive oi)L of Canuhersvillc Girls, Stcelo Boys Winners CARUTHEriSVIU.E. Mo.. Feb 24 girls .-in-i basketball >ac mailer became most serious """>"' » iiuo since I Madison Square Garden double-1 clllTent winter swing •nt —,.,..- t uui k j 1.1.1 UWIIUJC^ headers which usually featuri- [wo eastern quints against two outsiders. u.sDiil procedure is for conches jaiul officials lo go inlo a huddle 'and attempt to establish some son oi "ground rules." ! Tlmfs whnt Hie conches want ;to do away with. Fans have been 'clamoring for standardiMtion for The Keiser girls won the third ! victory in the bnsketbnll lournn- ment of Mississippi county "B" schools at Joiner this morning by defeating Liixoni, 37-13. and will i play Dell tonight in thc finals. "This year it's a different siory though," Biilln grinned. "I haven't thrown a club since I started the „ - well, not many anyway. Everytime I start to •blow- up' I think'of Hie money I'll lose. N'eeds Prize Money "And if i lose immev I can't buy n Diane," he added. Bulla has been playing golf ever since he was old enough lo knmv a brnssie and a puller. When he wns 15 he turned pro ni-d during Thc !31«ckwater defeated j of interest and finances. Both of the winning teams were pre-toiirnament fa.vo rites with commendable records for (he entire season. Eight girls learns and nine boys teams participated in the tourney which stinted Tuesday night finals life morning and so won Hit 1 ifeht to meet Uurdctte tonight for the hoys' finals. fn another gnme tonight, the Mississippi Comity school boys team will play Shawnce t;f Joiner for third place honors. The Kciscr girls nve scored a total of 127 points (o 23 for their opponents. 'Pie guarding sectinn of Woocinrd, Boucher and Montgomery, held Luxora lo two field gr.nls for Ihe entire game. McCorm-.cfc English league accepted plan. These (« the Mississippi County school at -- „ Eton-nil, 51-31, in (he boys' semi- C 'S |U Broujis-, the Inrgesl coi'sistins Crews and Watson, forwards. m n di points respectively lot I lionors in this morni . i H-12-11 Individua game. In thc boys' scml-fiiifll. oui.slaud- iri B players were i>. Scott of Black- of 12 tcmns and the smallest „. irrcspcclivc of what division in the league they played before. Points are awarded on the league basis, namely 2 for a win. i each for n draw, and none for n loss. But there arc no trophies, prlr.cs or rewards of any sort. The insl two provisions are the chief reasons for tlie lack of success of the plan. Mixing first division nnd third division teams In the same group hr.s nndc it all too easy for the giants. Pans grumble that thc matches lack interest, as Ihe result usually is a foregone ing's i conclusion. At first the lack of any prizj appeared to be a goo;l thing for tho .standard of the 'game. Players, - —.-• with n bonus for winning league } Leigh, biixora, is still the rank- i mntchei. played more carefully pipe- '"* Payers were p. Scott of Black- liipcj'* alcr il " il Blt >y'°ck for Mississippi ninc' ncies Comity. for individual ""nois ainons! thc girls. scoring l toc * fe «'cr risks. rng gts Cel-. ermo Garcia for the middleweight ! Man! 3 foneshni-r, championship here next Fridav! " lld ' J°«eSDoro nnri n-: Wr.«»T /sn..-. __. ... _ _- Tr ----- n^ enri,' can't possibly ° re tha " - 140 lle " and as able aren't even padding in , — i" •«•>- »i,iih 6lu»v OUIK' probably seems loo trivial even to win Independents'" bother about. If you Ihink this! Ramsey 1 0 " Teams Play Tonight boys that) 'one o'uiice'o'i a prize fight glove In preliminary gamp. ,-.-.-..,,.,<!, _, £«||l|>. Hi*± Cs ^?...?L r i'..T m >"»>' '"c Ma- In regional football, with no bonus nnd no need lo save themselves for Ihe hard games at (lie close of Ihe season, there was n return to the robust, sparkling football of the old days before tlie game became specialized and streamlined. Hut the spirit gradually hns dropped out ol Ihc gnme as players have become dishcart- casinrss or the difficulty of thc match, the tlircc-quartcr's empty stRnrts, and Ihe moderate quality of thc teams. To Hold Field Trials • Nesr Jonesboro Soon JONESBORO. Ark.—Twenty-live cr 30 dog.s are exjwcted to "enter Ihc firsi nek! trial sponsored by Uie Northeast Arkansas Field Tria'l Association en Sunday near here. ever in sections have come from there. There arc few eastern coaches who learned their game elsewhere than alonj; the seaboard. The south, which probably is Icnsl advanced in basketball be- icause of inadequate plaving space .land the accent on football, is dl- - • Mounting scores indicated tile Meet Monday Nirht fiT ev is Tr 0 " lins becn fnstcr '"!>" l illinn ever before. And the racehorse style of play has only served to call attention to the screen even Appropriate trophies, which have not yet arrived, will be presented the Leachville boys and Manila girls, In n preliminary game last u |,,iu the Manila junior boys «•«.] ! Leachville. Ecore 3I-H. Chickasav/ A. C, To l y All members or thc Cliij'snsaw Athletic Club were urged to present nt a mcctfi:<r of the nt Hotel Noble Alond.iv " be uroup at the wiiich time various phiscs"of club's activities will | K , ( ^ lum upon.. The meeting wns called by Marcus Errant, president of tlie organisation. more strongly. The poiveis-that-ue ngree tiint standard interpretation Is a vital necessity but they'll have n merry time of it at thc Battle of Kansas The decision as to how a lesal screen differs from an Illegal block Icrlnj a better program 0 ; athletics in the local schools, and MII time has cooperated wuh authorities in various niniU" (aining to thc <levelopiiii>ni \i\ tcnr sports. thnt pcr- Green dcnolcs respi-ciaii-'w the plant world, and it im-iioi worn by p.irnJilcs siirli as i';',,. pine.-.ap. that depend ,>n:i,,'ii- other plants for food. In be re.1 on They still Stay Down on Farm MANHATTAN. Kas. «JP>— De- spl.'c all the talk about modern youth deserting the farm, the acri- culluial popidallon of the Unilcd Slates on Jan. 1. 1939, was only 18.000 short of tile record high set 29 years earlier. \V. E. Grimes, Kansas stnlc College economist and sociologist, dicloscs. Head C:urler News ads. itry.' Snend grew up about 100 miles from Hulla's homo town, Highpoint. The iwo soil-spoken Southerners have traveled together ever sir.ce Bulla started playing Uie winter circuit four years ago. Tempera mental. Lhilln appears five' years younger than his accredited 25 years. He Is married and has a son named Robert about a year old. Askecl if he was going lo make a golf professional of Bob, Bulla replied: "I hope lie never gets a golf club in his hnruis. 1 waul v him lo be somebody when he grows up— maybe even a transport pilot." Antler's Ashes Cast In Tool NAVARKO. Cal. (UP)—'Hie late Don Trcgo loved fishing. His son -•arried out his father's dying wish by casting his ashes into Ihe Nn- vnrro river at a point where he had caught his first stcelh;ad. Lightweight Cham pi, Looks Good Against 1 Heavier Opponent »y JACK CUTUDY U/nled Cross .sutf Correspondent NKW YORK, Feb. 24-u»l ^ eight champion Lou Ambers ° ^'nnr ri " g & °''' J a "" a cl " >c * ' S15.000, was ready today lo deft* IK crown in May against the on •landing challenger. He step,, out of his class last night to tough e uy At Davis with his fh deieul. Matchmaker Johnny Aitell "e 201), Century club says Ai w' Ihc i ew"" 1 ag(l1 "^ tile VV " m •clmllengers' brav/r ilt^Madlsd ..fjuare Oarden on March But Al wr>i)l, i), e c .,,, lim)Ioi manage.!', says. "We're , lol so SII •lUmil that. There are several olhlj contenders to lie considered, besidif Jenkins and Larkin. \ve want i meet the very best challenger Hi US-pound division can produce "\ Judging |, v Ambers' magnmcW performance last night at the Ga* den before a sell-out crowd j 20,586 fans, the May challenger wt nave to be a super-fighter even i give thc "JtekinicT irurricanc" workout. Despite the champion marriage in October and his con pnrntive Inactivity since regaluli: tlie litle from Henry Armstroii Augiust. he was more impresslv' than at any time during his eWir' year career. °, ',.• The largest Garden crowd i\ Mike Jacobs' promotional reeini! shook tlie girders with their chcci' ns Little LOU "moidcred" weltci' 1 weight Davis, who had been urf bcitcn in 37 ring engagements ant who was known ns (he "toughe'' kid m Brooklyn" because of h? street and poolroom brawls : i Ambers, spotting his onponerJ .seven and a half pounds, out-boxec : out-fought and out-gamed the bis ger lad, whom many of thc expcrtl had figured would hand Ihe cham3 pion his first knockout. Ambers o' Ihe granite chin and armor-plate) body, wenlhercil youn<> Al's smash! mg (eft hooks to solar-plexus an. lead in the early going; mid Cough' back with such wildcat ferocity ilia Davis was through after thc fiftl round. With blood streaming from nosr nnd mouth, and wilh both eves nta most closed, Davis was so "grogge and bewildered thai he" barely wri'i able to lust out the ninth and 10I/;'J rounds. That Ihe champion wiVl a unanimous 10-round decision wn'l a minor matter. But the brand ncv'l dynamite in hi s blows thnt hue, blond, blood-smeared Davis stage gering about thc ring at times i,.( every one of the last five heats, a storm signal of which Lou's It lure opponents must ben-are. Tough guy Davis was never tin: s.ime after a lightning.' straight right smashed him on his bleeding beezer in tlie sixth round. Aftei'' thnt. Davis wns no longer the con-/ (idem Brooklyn lou»h who hopec, lo jackknife tlie champion with lib tleadiy left hook. After thnt, clutched and held. Irying to lasi Davi' . Hie route, as savage Ambers Jabbeo> and hooked and ripped his gory face with Inside upper cuts. ? Davis, a converted southpaw, was so flustered he reverted the southpaw stance in the sevcntl round—putting his right foot for-* ward and cocking his left fist Tills was a grave error, beeausP , Ambers' flashing right almost beat Secretary Willis fSvans said today! Ills brains out." Al" soon reUiriieTf Cogs are expected to be entered"° a more orthodox stance ' ' ni the hunting slake fro:ti BIvthe-1 Davis won only the second amf 11 "" Moncltc. Batcsville. Para- fourth' rounds on Ihe Unileii Press' score sheet. Ambers look ail Ihc> starting wilh the urst session, which; HcCei-ec Billy Cavnhagh awarded: him on a foul te;aii5C of low* blows. Lou had won it anyway. V Davis, who scaled HS'.i poimds.V lost a shot at Henry Armstrong':^ welter crown in 'June by defeat r Ambers- clinched a shot at Arm-- Miong's 147-pound diadem, should?, lie care to give up his own 135-5, pound bonnet lo take the chance.P 13ul thc champion, who weighed* 139 pounds, prefers lo defend his' own title first. The gross gate was $60.7-10, ex-- gciild. Walnut Ridije and Jonts- bsro. The hunt will start on the fnrin owned by A. It. Alternnlli)- Jr., about two miles from joncs- boro on Highway 63. toward Bono. Walter Moore Injured In Elkhart, Ind. Race Walter Moore, automobile racing enthusiast who acted as Hainan n) the midget, races held here !asl HHiniier, was seriously injured In a lace in Elkhart, Ind.. Thursday fiKZ£^^«^<Z£*?_ . «c Stickler^received yesterday. Western North Carolina has sct{ Rmri ,- , " si " e n lro " t stream for women?' Kenci <x;imer News want ads. nnjlers. J. L. GUARD OntometrJst Only Graduate Optometrist In Blylhcvdlle. Glasses Fitted Correctly |,=-i^S=i!HiHS€T that one ounce makes one heck nila team * tlle Ma ' of a difference. Which explains! The Manila hrw* , •» , «*y Oarcla-s board *_ control Is \ CarXSe wt ^ * play TERM I NIX -TERMINATES BRUCE-MEMPHIS KEYSTONK ALFALFA SEEDS ALI, KINDS FIELD SEEDS UAISY CHICKS L. K. Asheraft Co PURINA FEEDS ' I'honc 151 WRESTLE ROYAL i * Del Raines, Charles Sinkey, Gene Blakely, j Lee Meyers, and Joe Dillman American T.cglou Arena Monday 8 p. m. SERTRY COA tVIRY ROOM TIIC SAME UNIFORM TEMPERATURE $7 GAY & BILLINGS, Inc. Y Phone 76 ;

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