The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 22, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 22, 1949
Page 7
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TUESDAY, MARCH 22, 1949 Bl.VTHEVIU.E 'AKTU COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN Gathings Fights New US Controls Congressman Tells 6f Opposition to Federalizing Medicine In a letter to G. W. Bnrliai. Blythevillc nttomey. Rep, E. C ^Oaihlnus, represent a ting Arkansas First District in Congress, has gon on vccorcl opposing fcdcralizntton o medicine and housing ami indicat cd (hut he would support measure calling for federal aid for school only if freedom of schools to onerat under local controls is assured. The statement was made in re sponsc to a message from Mr. Bra ham lo U, S, Senators J. W. Ful bright and John L. McCleltan am t o Representative Gathings i which the Blytheville attorney e: pressed opposition to hilts to place medicine, housing and schools under federal controls. / In reply Mr, Gainings said that "apparently for a. number of years out nation has been gradually KO- Ing In the direction of increased crti- IraH^ation nf powers in an already strong national government at the expense of stale, county and local governments." Mr. Gabbing!: said that lie wcl- of state, county and local govern- corrted expressions from constituents concerning their attitude toward legislation pending in Congress in order to better base hfs decisions as A legislature on the will of the citizens in the First Congressional District. Maybe Orville and Wilbur Just Improved on It / .... •WT.MM* >* ^ •• ^ •' ••* '""" ' .•• 1 4 li i* li ;,s*s# i t j nfcJS : * • ?oya// Warns Senators War Is Possible' WASHINGTON, Miu-i-h 22. Wl — North American Protestants Meet In Evanston, III. KVANBTON, 111,, tf«rc\\ 22. lA'i- Nmth American iirotr.stiiiit.s las*. _ _. ... , nlRlH licKan mi attack on tho pn>l>. en-clary ol the Army Royall told i lpm «' "why clnirche.f have (alli-ct iiiitor.s' ye.sloidny (hat while war '" "" imhii;!ilal society and whal /iol "immini'nl" It is "at Iriwi n lllp >' \wlbiltty." Kay nil le.stldcil bcion- (hi- Senate nnwl Services Coinnn'ttfp ii/Mip- This,'according to the official Soviet picture agon <-y, is "Mo7h;iisky's plane, on tlic runway made <i[ boards, before the takcofl for Ilic world's lirsl flight in a henvier-lhan-air mnchinc." Unable to (ur- nish actual photographs, the Russians supplied this painting to prove Iheir claim that Russian inventor Alexander Mozhaisky produced this steam -powered flyinc mnchlne, with three four-blmlcd propellers, and successfully (lew it July 20, 1882. Twenty Four Newspapers To Receive Gold Medals NEW YORK. March 22. <JP>— Twenty-four dally newspapers have been nominated for the gold medals awarded annually by the national board of fire underwriters for outstanding public service in fire prevention. The awards were established in 1941 to honor newspapers and radio stations which "contributed mos to the betterment of their own communities through efforts on behal of fire safety. Dally newspapers nominated inelude: Missouri — Popular Bluff Dally American Republic. Resources-Development Committee Calls Meeting LITTLE ROCK, March 22. W)— A meeting of the Arkansas Resources and Development Commission, the first under the administration ef Governor McMath, has been called for March 30. Among subjects scheduled for consideration is the future of the . commission's Washington office, headed by H. K. Thatcher. McMath said yesterday he would make no recommendation regarding the office. He added that Arkansas Congressional delegation favors retention oC the office. R. and D. Executive Director "j Wayne Fletcher Raid the commission's various committees will jueet at the capitol March 20. President Sends Peace Message To People of Iran WASHINGTON, March -22. UPi — President, Truman siud yesterday the American people want a peaceful world "free of the fears of war. free of oppression, and free of want." Both the American people and the government, he said In a special message to Iran, desire "a prosperous world in which peoples of every creed, color and nationality can live together as good neighbors in friendship and fellowship." Mr, Truman's message was react in the Persian language at the opening of the new series of broadcasts to Iran by the State Department's "Voice of America" radio, The broadcasts will be beamed daily to the Middle Eastern country, which has been a recent target of Soviet Russian propaganda. One announced purpose is to correct "Soviet distortions" about the United States. On the opening broadcast, Vice President Barkley said that "ouv admiration goes to the Iranian people for their past resistance to anti- Democratic forces." Assistant Secretary of Slate George V. Allen, former ambassador to Iran, and Hussein Alia, Iranian ambassador to the U.S., also spoke. Tile program coincided with Iran's new year holiday. Innocent Plea Is Entered by Judith Cop/on Congress May Get Rent Bill by End of the Week of a bill lo fix the uctlvc the iirmy nl Kai.OOO of- can do about II." The occasion WHS n mooting ot I he Amork'iin .section of tho Wovltt Council of Churches. H Is tho MiM session since last -which produced summer's cimlni- . Iccrs nncl men. plus 760.000 In tin 1 j versliil dcmmchitltm "' "l.ul> British Pastor, Who Spent/ Lift's Savings to Prefect Seeing-fye Dogs, 'Dies IPSWICir, Km!., Mnrcli '22. (!P>— Tlio Hov. Hemy Muyne-yoimg. 79, i rik'd SiilurctRy. Rlmasl |>cnnUc.sfi be' nuise with his .slender snvhiKS he | hnd'bauiilit 200 days of life for l\vo 1 tloy.s. The doiiK, Hrnce niui Monty, nl- JRiillJin iind diiliiuiUnn, nro sreinK- r.s for MIC roetor'ft TG-yoar-old wi- i\v, who Is nlniosl blind. A rrmrt nondcinni^l tlioni to dentil Ix months IIKO because they killed hlckens and tore a mall mnn'.s lothes. lly a twist In l^nyllsh Inw. allonnl B««rd. Calling for mi "ntlcquutc" Army. ioyall told the committee thtit United Stales mllUnry plans OUR!«I o be made for a .span o[ year.s "and , from crisis lo crisis." 'Otic e.stlmtilc of (he world situation does not Indicate that war .miiilnenl." Koy.ill said lu suiemenl rend to Ihe committee. 'However, war Is at least n po.ssl- utllly. And there ni)|)C;us HI lie liklllKJoti tlmt fflr n nuinbcr of yp-irs lo come \ve will be [roc of an In- IrrnatloiiHl .situation franfihl will ilnnxc!' nnrt Mibjec.l to marked line UiaUons." Nearly 53,000,000 customers <yere sen-ed by gas utilities in the United States at the end of 1948. WASHINGTON. March 21 Ol'i— Judith Coplon. 21-year-old former go\'crnment girl pleaded Innocent ye.slcrd.ay to a charge that she took secret security Information from Justice Department flics. She made her plea before U. S. District Judge Richmond B. Kecch after travelling here from New York to s^urrcnder on a District of Columbia grand jury Indictment allcg- liiK such removal. Miss Coplon Is also under Indictment in New York on an espionage conspiracy charge. The New York indiclmenl charges she conspired to pass secret information to Valentin A, Gublt- chev, Russian engineer at United Nations headquarters. She was released in New York under 520,000 bond, After receiving Miss Coplon's pica Judge Keecli fixed additional bond for her at 510,000. Miss Coplon was temporarily tak en Into custody of U. S. Marshal again for fingerprinting while he attorney arranged for the bond. Judge Keech set her trial dat here for April 25. Miss Coplon and Gubltchev ar scheduled to go to trial on the con spiracy charge in New York April 1. The Russian also Is accuse of an espionage conspiracy. He in custody In New York. DALLAS, Tex., March 21— (ypj— ighe Woods, national housing ox- edlter, said here yesterday "Con- ess might pet a rent control bill ! the end of the week." A modified extension of federal cnt controls is in the Senate. The resent law fixing maximum rcu(,s or several million homes and apart- ents expires March 31. Woods told a reporter that .ic is i Dallas "to find out why the outhwest Is leading the rest of the nlion In the number of'rent ron- ol complaints by landlords and hy. on the other hand, the region s far behind other sections In tiling ictitions for rent Increases." Dallas is the headquarters of the outhwest region of the Office of iousing Expediter and administers cnt controls in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, New .loxico, Loulsana and Colorado. Woods met here with rent control directors from the eight slates. Gypsy Marriage Links Royalty with Wealth SHREVKPORT, La.. March yi. M'i--A girl of royal Gjrpsy Uncage and Ihc son o( one of tho wealthiest Bvpsy families In (he United Slates were married hero Sunday, two hours after they mel, Tho bride Is in-ycar-olrt Kalhe- rlno Adams, daughter of Ous Adams, first cinisin of George Adams of Los Angeles, said lo bo cine of Ihe wealthiest gypsies In the world. The bridegroom is Pcloi' Johnson, 21. of Boston, Mass. Dancing, s banquet, and a lengthy plume call to tho bride's grandfather In Los Angeles, preceded (he marriage ceremony. The parents of tho couple are old friends, but the nnwlyweds linn not met before. Gypsies still follow tlirlr old custom or marriage conlrncls when their children nre to be married. The nnlr lo be married have no say hi Hie matter. i>( tho full council In Amsin- n in. A spokesman said that (he ul- lack on Ihc problem "of Mhy •limchrs Imvc fulled In an Imlus- rlsl society and what, they cnn itn ibciul H." "This dt.siirdrr," he contluurd 'was responsible for the Commim- Ism-L'iiplinUsm report nt AmMcr- dinn. Tho disorder Is sllll wiih us, i\ud probably emi bo expressed «s 'how can modern man find a mean- lim tor his existence?' "Ho has lost lhat meaning. The lovlvnl o[ the cods of fiuo anil chance, of Hamming, r nd usii'uliiiiy iintl superslitullon are the evldi'iit'e of this." Methodist Bishop O. I Oxnam of New York, will Ihc keynote address loulgh Newspaper Advertising Drops During February NBW YOflK, March 22. Newspajicr advertising In' 52 citlet lolallcd )63,378,921 lines-In February down -t.1 percenl from February, 1948, Media Records rejwrted yesterday. - '' The trade publication said the total for the first two months of this year, however, wa< 32T.3.W.252 lines, n gain of 3,583,216 lines.or 1.2 percent over the llrst tw» months of 1948. 'i«ln> Ca pi till Ism" and Communism • lhc pnst'ir was ulile lo buy a day- to-day reprlc'vc—at tho rate of one pound <W u day. and court costs of moru than -100 pounds '(1600) wiped out Ills savings. "I :un penniless and now J .suppose Ihe dojjs will have to bo iloMioyed." satil (ho wldin . JliilRr Tlrs anil Unllrs SYRAOUSE. N. Y. IU.1W--.Itlsl Ice rrniik .1. Crc;-t, official irfoioe who has mari i lc<l only one ciMi|)lr li all his years on the bench, hu-i Ju granlrd the same couple a divorce W. B. Horsworthy Named Arkansas County Judge LITTLE ROCK, March 22. lin- Oovernor McMath yesterday appointed W. B. Norsworthy as Arkansas County Judge. The new judge, who has been serving as deputy county collector, succeeds his uncle, Judge W. H. Norsworthy, who died two wcefc: Read Courl News Wunt Adi BABY CHICKS Hcallhy, Sturdy • Hnv the lies! • Master Mix Feed None Mncr Lewis Poultry .119 Kiist Mnin Ptione * \Yashlhc Machine (im-.s I'ar EL UMNO. Okla. UJ.IM—A super e luxe washing machine Is cles- ned for u lor.g Journey. An oil idler bought 11 hm> (o lake with fm to Saudi Arabia, He nald he 'ants his wife to hnvc the comforts f home, For Expert PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Gall 4C01 NICHOLS DRUG STRAIGHT HOURBON ^HlS.m • THIS WHISKEY 15 14 rROOF • BElMOrU DISTHUNO CO., IAW«IKCE«U»O, .IND. OLB Check These SENSATIONAL PRICES NOW, IT'S HERE IN BLYTHEVILLE! Mrs. Caroiine Uric, 75-year-old nuaker widow, from Yellow Spring, ! O., deducted 32.3 per cent of the fii-M installment of her income tax because she said "war and prepara- ! tion for war in the atomic era is a j crime acainst nature." The percen \ tage deducted--the amount she us- j timaled would go for military pur poses--will be donated to three nonprofit agencies working for peace ; and abolition of war, .she said | (AP Wircpholo) PHILLIPS MOTOR CO 4% HOME LOANS ELliert S. Johnson The Equitahlc Life Assurance Sucioty E'hone 6228 Kycmngs Ever since the war w.hen top quality paints were not available, we have not heen able to offer you Ihil'onl Prints. But now it's back again finer than ever before. In our new redecorated store you'll find not only a complete stock of excellent Dvil'onl Paints but also fine Imperial Wallpapers in the choicest of modern colors and patterns. We • invite you to come in and talk with Mr. t). C. Freeman about, your own problems in painting and wallpapering your home. CARS USED Thi» coupon Valid only on pur of DUCO. •ouponjo a family. JOHN MILES MILLER CO. DuPont Paint S«rvle« D. C. FREEMAN, Manager & Confractnr I'll one 2007 No. ,-ifl.t—[(l.'JS I'lymouth C«Kch, has new (ires, good motor . . . $376.29 N«. ;«)3_ 1^3.1 Chevrolet Couth (H runs . . . .?U>3 No. ;!02—191fi Chevrolet <l-(loor, has new niolor . . . ?1175 No. '.'(Ol—1!M8 Jeeii Pickup with .(-wheel drive . . . $12515 No. ;i(10—11)37 Ford Co:ich (<i() hoi'scpower) . . . SI50 No. 29K—1016,Chevrolet Cluli Coupe ... a honey . . . ?1308 No. 21)2—1911 Chevrolet I'/j-Tcm Trock . . . $.(!)n No. 291—1934 I'lynionlh Sedan, good Iransportnlion . . . $200 No. 2S!I—19 Hi N i( sh "(i(10" Scrtan, green, a slick car ... $1195 No. 2S5—HMIi Nash "find" Sedan, blue, fine condition . . . SI19. r ) No. 2Stl—1946 Nash Ambassador Sedan, light blue color . . . $1205 No. 278—1937 Ford V-8 Coupe ... $195 [y'n. 277—1935 Chevrolet Standard 2-door, new paint . . . $195 No. 259—191(9 Koid P/i-Ton Stake Truck, 2-suecd axle . . . ?J«3.77 We will not misrepresent a used car in order to sell it ... and all these cars carry a guarantee. These cars ab'solurcly must go. So, for the best buys in Blytheville, come down soon to your Nash dealer. SHELTON MOTOR CO. 215 S. 2nd. Phone 4438

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