The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 11, 1948 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 11, 1948
Page 8
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« Tfv Upper fias M6ln«i ~ Tuesday, May 11,1948 ., ... , s . - Pcrrac/e Opened 2-Day Auta Show Here A parade of new cars and trucks opened a Iwo-day auto and truck show in Algona last Wednesday. The cars nnd trucks, some 40 in number, were parked on Gteto street for inspection both Wednesday and Thursday. The event was not intended as a sales proposition, but rather to give the general public a chance to inspect nearly ell of the new models and styles in transportation. At Rist Rites Among those from out of town who cum!.: to attend the funeral services for H. E. Rist lust Wednesday were the following: Mr. and Mrs. James Reid Sr., and Mr. and Mrs. John Reid of Oregon, 111.: Mr. and Mrs. James Reid Jr., and family of Buffalo Lake, Minn., and Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Powell and family of Sheffield; Mrs. Myrtle Hayno of Webster City. Mrs. James Reid Sr., and Mrs. Hayne are sisters, daughters of the late Charley Rist, a brother of H. E. 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Schobee, local agent, says, In the Work of tearing out the old, rotted foundations of the depot, putting in new foundations, and preparing to raise iho depot and .put new asbestos shingles on the roof and siding on the walls, old time tables and pictures of early days have been uncovered. , • ... One of them was a sort of "what not , containing the picture of a child of about" two years of age. The "what not" had a place for pipes and pins, needles and a few other thirtgs, so perhaps "what not" is the correct name. } ; , At any rate, Mr. Scobee. would like to know who the Child is, so if there are a few Old timers around, vintage of 1880 or 1890, they might stop by the depot and take .a look. An old time.table, 1887, Was also uncovered. At that time, there were two passenger and four freight trains a day, each way. Today there are only two freights and one passenger * train each way. . Old ticket stubs, 1893, also proved interesting. Scobee found in comparing prices that passenger fares were practically the same back in 1893 as they are today, with today's tax added. X-Rays Uncover Three T.B. Cases Chest x-rays revealed healthy lungs for 21 persons in Kossuth county according to reports sent recently to family physicians on the county-wide tuberculosis conference which was held January 22 at Algona. Three cases of tuberculosis vt:yc reported, two of which were .1 the beginning stages. One casr 'f n irnary imVction also was revealed. On2 case o; -^rcachlcetasis, fc. .viii... iw.iuitr iituUy was i e^um nundcd was invlud^d in tni ;. A oi' 28 x-. ay. iirst phase of the prog: ar. •ta t-d on i\(;v.mbor i!i vjhu. uutn Van Alslinu. publij heaiti. niirss, bjgan a (.anvas of person! ot-iieved 10 have been exposed tt: .-.:b.r .-uics's. She took 38 cast ..i .tcrics, calling in iv, aomes. Upo.i adviuu. i!l perso.w \ Uitei., their laiviily doctors for the tu- oc:xuLn test. Five skin tests were positive, indicating a need for an A-I ay examination of . the luhys. i;i negative. Eleven pe. sons were x-raycd "cr the iirst timi 1 at the confer•nee. while 17- x-rays were taken of persons who had been CAam neu previously and for whom an.ither film had bsc.n rccom- irrnded. • This was the seventh annual •ase-iindins program, sponsorec !jy the Kossuth County Medical Society, KissiUth County Tuber- ,.ul<;sii Association, County Pub- Play At Whittemore The Whittemore-Algona K.C. baseball game this coming Sunday will be played at Whittemore. Season's openers last Sunday of the Kossuth League were rained out. A Miss As Good As A MSlo Here ; Luck just didn't happen, to be with Mrs. Andrew Godf.redson and Mrs. Paul Wille last .vyeek. If only the ''Lady" had smiled on .:iom, thay woiud no doubt ; be on Jieir way to California now to -injby all th.-' re wards incident to ;olving that my&ter.ous Raleigh i-.ddle. ' ..... •'» women wero co-ppe;|^kln ' Month Of April tUrned both he? & broken . o.Ti the- project aad wovkeii. 'idili- ^enlly on till the tides. .'.Thej agreed to siir.r:: the rsv/ardo i. ihoy should have the right, name und happen to be callesl by phone. Accordin.a <o tli"ir theory two cities fitted all the stipulations. ', Une was Cas Cuy, Indiana, the other Cairo, Egypt! Tlfett friends are wismng the telephone had .•img for tham Friday. Anyway the ladles say they had a lot of interesting fun solving the enigma. In Rossuth county • during the last month, 45 births and 11 deaths have been recorded by Mrs. Alma Pearson, clerk of vital statistics. After Mrs. Pearson has made the records for her office as county derk, the files are sent tb Oes Moines to the State Bureau of Vital Statistics. Included in the deaths w,ere three still births. The averse age of adults who died was 78 years. There were seven men •and. four, women in that group. ' On the birth side of the ledger there were 45 babies, among them being 19 boys and 26 girls. Twelve of the babies have Algona postoffice addresses. The deaths recorded were those of: Henry Stacker, -80, Bancroft; Larry Ellis Chamberlain, infant, Algona; Mrs. Goorgianna French, 82,. AlgOna; Theodore Goeders, 88, Algona; \Vm. Edward Kollasch, four months, Algona• Herbert Eugene Miner, 79, Algona; Mary LeOna Murphy, 72, Fentoh; Paul Frederick Nemit?:, 69, Fenton; -Niels Bedersen, 88, Algona; Gloria* Ann Schneider, infant, Algona.. Birth',certificates' were recorded for: Thomas Loc Arndorfcr, Corwith; Myron Elliott Barker, Fenton; Joel Thomas Bode, Algona; Kenneth Alfred Grouse, Swea City; Margery Elizabeth Dogotch, Whi'ttemore; Donald Montague Ecel. Lu Verne; Thomas Leonard Fuchscn, Whittemore. ' Richard Lee Fishr'-, Britt; Fnn- ald Nicholas Frideres, West "Bend; Robert Ernest Gage, Corwith; Marcia Lynn Grandgcnett, Algona; Daryl Delbert Hanna, Lone Rock; August Hennings III, Algona; Madonna Jean Heinen, Algona. Steven Francis Lickteig, St. Benedict; Carol Jane Lassahn, Algona; Michael Eugene Marti, Mallard; Lelah Lorraine Meyer, Woden; Shirle_y Marie Marlow, Lone Rock; Victoria Ann McGurie, West Bend; Lee Newbrough, Wesley. Victor Thomas Ray Nickell, Algona; Janice Marie Nail, Corwith; Jill Marie Phillips, Woden; Mary Colleen Rooney, Whittemore; Theresa Suzanne Ricke, .Wesle 1 "; Pf"T>sla Ann Risvo'd. Corwith; Helen Marie Skow, Wesley. Edward Michael Stiles III, Algona; Gloria Ann Schneider. Algona; Patricia Mary-Schiltz, Wes•sy: .Elaine Kathleen Schnakenberg, Lu Verne; Rnvalee Ann Sankey,' Algona; Glen Wesley Tschetter, Algona; Janis Leo Trueison, Algona; Keith Wavnc Uhde. OUosen; John Earl Wallace, • Cylinder? Sandra Kav Wymer, Burt; Ellen Elaine Williams, Lu Verne; Michael Leonard ?itt- citsch, Algona. •' Acc.'doni? At Ea ly, .'Mclv'm Boomer fcud UKJ ampaiauon ui 1113 aim n:ar tne shuu.dur ioilo,w an auto-truck accident. In T; county, young Donald Gcb Liinci^n, irKinuia' a ho' made o,'.m.j. Alter lailinj to ex . piodo it, lie was in thu a-;t oil Im.wirr,' the'con;; uption away \v!v.n ic went, oil in his hand _ ., wins away part of tnc lie Health Nursing Service, Iowa 1'he hard was saved. Tuberculosis Assoeiation and Iowa State Department of Health. Local Christmas .seal fund/ helped finance the cost. The sponsoring organizations point out that the program wa- •ondueted to find tuberculosis in 'he early, symptomlcss stage 1 while chances for complete recpv- •ry arc best. Prompt di.seover\ and treatr.Tv'nt of tuberculosis '•rises also halt the spread of the disease to others in the community- ' Norton's has the Cement. The Sand and Gravel. Too— For Any Job You May Wish to Do. Durant Sisters Speak, Waterloo Carrie and Margaret Duranl spent Saturday at Waterloo, where they attended a meeting of the Waterloo branch of the League of American Pen Women. On the afternoon program, Margaret Durant reviewed the hook. "Harps in the Wind", by Carol Brink, a Minnesota Pen woman. They also attended a meeting of chapparal poets, of which organization Margaret, is the Iowa regent, as well as president of the Waterloo branch. Call For Bids The local postoffice is calling for bids to carry mail to and from the postoffice from the stations, including a direct transfer between the stations if necessary- Proposals must be by sealed bids. They must be in the postmaster's office by May 21. Full information can be obtained at the postoffice. Fractures A Knee Effie Swanspn,. 71, patient at the county home fell Friday and fractured her left leg above the knee. She had been walking in the yard and when she came into the hall she slipped and fell. She was brought to the Kossuth hospital and Saturday was transferred to the University hospital at Iowa City. WAN? ADS BRINGS RESULTS Power Scythe Cut Tnli Grass, Weeds Faster and Easier Cuts 4 to 5 acres in 8 hrs, Easy to handle on rough ground or steep slopes. Cuts 1H in. from ground. Rugged, Economical and Dependable. ,, Sales & Service Weisbrod Implement Co* Fenton lowct over wahjr entire ,w*fi iven. At the'.flhal' humfie'r MisS itockton was Slten -five- eiMaift. calls, a tribute to her'skill .arid artistry, _ ' •".''',,,*. thfe locsl coiYimittce In cHarge' of the two coftcfetts ln6ltided''Jbr. C. C. Shleifk,' Mildred.Bdwft/tfc , FrlSfeat, pi S. Kuftir'O,'. B. ,aing,r W. K, Laivell,: fiiigenfe »IUrtagh, jV. K, -Rfslni,- Cation Tayldr, Kfathefitte '.VanNes^- arid Arlo woods.' • • ' ' ' - . . Mrs. V, K. Rising Is president- of the PTA.and,Mrs.'Lloyd RoUie secretary-treasUref. ' , / Arranging for the two concerts entailed, mu<5h work in ticket selling and advertising. 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