The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 11, 1948 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 11, 1948
Page 5
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' fclft and Mr*. L. C, tfansen had < B§ guests Sunday the latter's dfilighlbr and son-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Mortenseft, Hampton, - Mfi and Mrs. Lea Immerfall <Went ; ttrSt. Benedict, Sunday, to . Spend ihc day with Mr. Immerfall's mother, Mrs, Frances 1m- • merfajl. \ , , " Mr, and -Mrs. Vernon Jensen Were dinner guests Sunday of . Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Dourte, parents of Mrs. Jehscn, Swea City. ,M*. attd Mrs. Waller Jensen went to Sioux City, Monday, to Visit Mrs. Jensen's mother, Mrs. C. C. Fowler. Mr, and Mrs. M. Ji McCall had • as guests Mother's day their • daughter and son-in-la'w, Mr. and Mrs, James Griffith and little son John, Des Moines. Mr, and Mrs. William Ringgen- bergr accompanied by Mrs. Esther Helbcrg, drove to Ventura last week Sunday to visit rela- Toes, -Wed., May 11-12 ''CALIFORNIA FIREBRAND" { - Co-Hit "WRECK OF I: THE HESPERUS" v fhurs. - Fri. - Sat., May 13-14-15 lives and fHerftSf.' ''*j'jl * Mf. and M«, C. 1, Mctfa^l fe- dcnlly 'returned ff'6rH"a two weeks Visit ftt SI6W Fall's with Mr. Mcfiahel's sistk^&hd brother-in-law, Mr. arm''Mrs,' E. E. Thomas.' *»;{ MifVslla McfcdtfSi .fcflftte frem Omaha, Neb., Friday -to spend Mother's day wltfiMifer ftarehts, i Mr. and Mrs. Arehte!; McDanel. LaDonna, another*'!;; 'daughter, came from Ames foi^lne weekend. --..I, Mr. and Mrs. Elmet Langtrtaek and sons Frcdei'icKvj&ntl Peter spent Sunday at •• ISbringfield, Minn., With the formers' mother, Mrs. Henry Lananraek 1 ., Mr. and Mrs. Walls* Friesner and family were-• at Sac-City Sunday to spend Mother's day with Mr. and Mrs. "W, i L. F.ries- ner, parents of Walter, i'- •. Mrs, Eliid Angle-left Friday for Boise, la tl where; she will spend a couple of 'vWfi'eks with her brother, Everett" Robinson, and family. . ,,t. ir Mr. and Mrs. Perry Collins spent' last weekend. •, at Menlo with Mrs. Edith Fri.tx.! mother bf Mrs. Collins, and other relatives. Mrs. J. L. Bailey'' 6i clear Lake, accompanied 1 ' by her sister Bess Hopkins Went tn Rn^ City last week SilTTdaJ to attend funeral services for jMrs. Orrta Cox, cousin of Mrs. Laura Hopkins, mother of the w>nien. Mrs. Owen Hurl an 1 her falh- er, Lee Johnson,, attended funerals at Spencer last we :k Monday and Tuesday for James Doyle and Mr. and Mrs. Warren Doyle respectively, who wtre. in an auto accident* James succumbed to a 'heart attack anc : Mr. and Mrs. Doyle were kill id in the ^^mmmtm^ ~-jM TH. \ ; ' wllli ilchord Trovli , MM.' .' Ann. Oilllt ,•••'.' Vine, lorntll ; .1.. Sowytrt' lln-lh. thrilling JHOTOWNicr.en [lirltliboitd on {Mi. forrioui n progroml V. . DaKalai llack Charlti Afrit/ Directed by William C. Thomat co-Hit; Alf^STJOHM , Added Serial~"SEA HOUNP" Sun/- Mon. - Tues< - Wed. May J6-17-18-1 $ , ,DQNALD5QN . LITB.I 1 ANN "-MQNA ,. . Ce-Hit "ADV1NTUR1S ! WflLVIIIADO wf'ctfk. ' f Wallet 'Kompiay Jfr. came ff<sm Iowa City Friday to spend the wee'kend with his parents, He is a student tit the State university, Mrs. Katharine McEvby left last Thursday 'evening for Cassville, Mo., to visit her daughter, M.ary, She was then going to St. Louis, Mo., to visit hcr-son, John. She spent the first Mother's clay in a number'of years with Mary/ Mrs. McEvoy 'expects to be gone until abot'rt June IV' L. E. Linnan artd Dr. John Kenefick left last Wednesday evening for Detroit, Mich., to obtain necessary certification letters from the Sisters of Mercy hospital organization, for presentation With the local'request for federal funds" for hospital construction. Dsrlone Soenian, daughter oi Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Seeman of San Diego,'Calif.) recently hdd a new version of "fceter and the Wolf", published in her school paper, The Cardinal. The story is woven around the titles of some 50 songs or musical numbers. The Seemans left Algona about five years ago. Irvin, who was formerly employed at the Algona creamery, is now with the Arden Dairy and creamery. He and his family Will move 1 the middle ot next month into a new home thev are building in LaMasie. Calif. , Mr. and Mrs. John H. Seaman returned last week from Winfield, where they .spent two weeks with their daughter, Mrs. Jack Zerbe and family. Mr. Zerbe, a fnrm"r Aleona man, is edit- or'of the Winfield paper. Fred.Byson is now located in San Diego, Calif., where he has t a a job with an fliM».j. t -, Mo has been wltfi tfw&fi m Mrs!' Will F, W&lfc8* *Wtt*ned home recently aftet 5 gpfnaing some time in the south tfftdt with her daughter, Mrs.' A. ft. M^sscn- gcr, Cedar Rapids. Mrs. MeDsen- gor returned with 'her mother for a short visit. Mrs. Grace Johnson U t Hew clerk at the Chrisohilles store. She began her new duties last week. ' Mrs. 3. W. Signers and son Calvin of Jonesboro, Ark., arc- spending a month with the former's parents, Mr, and Mrs. G. D. Brundage. The Biggefs are in process of moving front Jonesboro to Little Rock as soon as.a home fcan be found. Mf, Biggers is traveling for a hardwafe c|pm- pany. Mr. and Mr*. D. A. Barnard spent the weekend in Minneapolis visiting friends and attending the Ice Follies. Helen McMahon spent Sunday with her sister and family, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Romer of Armstrong. Next week Mrs. Alfred Schenck will entertain three quests with whom she made a trip to Mexico ten years ago. They will be Mrs. Gordon Johnson of Great Falls, Mont,, Mrs. Walter Stieler'of Albert Lea, and Mrs. Edwin Kelm of Sleepy Eye, Minn. The four left Mexipb City on May 19, 1938, and are planning to get together May 19 for a few days to celebrate'the-ten- year anniversary of their trip,. ( Since going to Mexico the' four . have written a round robin letter. .'-.-' Thtf'ftiiih Circle of the fresh* • lerian' church will meet at the home of Mrs, Donald Weaver. Mrs. Leori Martin will have charge of the program which is to bey a stewardship play, Majors and Minors. • Mrs. Lyle Tucker and her (laughter Toni Teresa arrived April 28 from Long Beach, Calif., .to spend a vacating at the home 'of her oarents, Mr. and Mrs. I Mike Pfeffer and other relatives. I Mrs, Tucker is the formo.T. Henriotta Pfeffer and she has made her home in Long Beach the past seven years. Dick Furs! was dismissed Friday from the Kossuth hospital, where he had an operation for appendicitis on the»Monday previous. Wade Sullivan want lo Das Moinc's, : Monday afternoon, to attend the' funeral of a distant relative today. -> Mr. and Mrs. Frsd\ Kessick of Marshalltown spent the weekend in Algona with the letter's parents, Mr,' and Mrs. Albert V/itt- kopf. Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Weaver re- turned last Friday from ,Sf. JPbt.- ersburg, F"la., where they spent the winter. Mrs. Haitie Vlneefli of San Antonio, formerly from Algona, is seriously sick. , Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Johnson have gone to Texas to be with her! Mrs. Johnson is a niece. Mrs. John Wannamaker 6f Des Moines was an overnight guest of Mrs. Vaughn Rising Thursday. She was the accompanist from the Drake university music department for Doris Stockton, marimba player, who put on a concert here that evening. When Mr. and Mrs. Rising took their guest to meet the early bus for Des Moines Friday they learned the bus had been taken off and the first one out would be at 10 o'clock. Mrs. Wannamaker had to .be in Des Moines at 1 o'clock to play at a state convention of federated music clubs. ' There was just one way for her to meet her Des Moines appointment, so the Risings invited her back into their car and the three made a hurried drive to Fort Dodge and made another bus schedule. rmMy, Mely It, 1$48 " ''•"'** ?fl? kf|int , Carol Jean Bisrstedt of Fenton is puzzled. She celebrated her 13th birthday last week and on YOU THAT WftNtfO BUY A or tin Investment at a Bargain Come to Bancroft ths gest Little Town in Iowa. I have Such a Home for Sate., J.H. SHERIDAN BANCROFT, IOWA To celebrate my appointment as manager of Joe Bloom's Coast-to- Coast Stores 3 am Advertising these Hot" Specials! Mr* and] Mrs. Chuck Kohorst and Son Joe Congratulations To Our New Manager We have been employed in-«.' ' JOE BLOOM'S COAST-TO- COAST STORES for several \ years and are pleased to ' welcome, Chuck Kohorst to, ,;j our st<Was the NEW MAN- • AGER. •v/'- ' " < ,\ f> ~ ' Dora Dremmel Margaret Knutson Flash Lite BATTERIES Reg'. Size 3c Round ' DISH PANS Special V. 98c BICYCLES For Boys and Girls 26 in. Balloon $33.88 Save about $6.00 CANE FISH POLE^ lOc J All Copper WashBoile $7J95 BED LAMPS $1.49; ! ' Safe Flex TJ R E.S $9,95 Fsd.'Tox VEG. BOWli \ /. Me ^ BRUSHES White HOTSHOt? i-JSP FREE To. Boys and Girls 1 can of Oil for your Bicycle, Wagon Roller Skates, Etc. Lawn BROOMS RAKES Spring Steel 98c BARN PAINT SOper Tex—Our Best Quality—In 5 gal. Lots $1.29 Per Gal, 6 Inch FILTER DISCS 49c Roller Skates Beginners 98cpr. CHICK PEEPERS 48 Ui. Long en , stand 6 VoJt t ELEC, FENCE $9,95 Cross Rim WRENCHES 69c RADIOS 4 Tube Model $10.95 ; REELS South Bend Pleuger Langley Branson Ocean City TACKLE BOX With Tray $1.98 Rose Colored ' LIVING ROOM SUITE Special $149.95 15 Plate BATTERY 18 Mo. Guarantee $9.95 ex. Mach, Bolts All Sizes, .; r Dssprated , TUMBLERS Cold Pack ' CANNERS TOO on Hand While they last $1.49 FISHING TACKLE One of the largest and best assortments, in. town Galvanized WASH TUBS No. 3 large size $1.79 ea. Bicycle Tires 26 Inch $1.49 Large Size WASTE BASKET i Portable RADIOS Sale Special $19,95 Pigs Batteries MANURE FORKS 4^ ft, handle $1,39 IAWN MOWERS Solid Rubber Tires ' Garden Hose THEATRE TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY, MAY n-l2 JOAN CRAWFORD, DANA ANDREWS and HENRY FONDA DAISY t s »+ CARTOON NEWS THURSDAY - FRIDAY SATURDAY, MAY 13-14-16 .Added Paramount News Covering the Olympic Wrestling Meet Just Completed at Ames with the Cameraman on Hand. SUNDAY -.MONDAY, MAY 16-17 a TUES. - >/VEDNES. - THURS., MAY 18-19-&0 They found a leg on the Anzio beach head and the strange part about* >j it was )hat the doctors couldn't figure whelhsr it belonged to] a Catholic, a Jew or a Protestant. •' . ., ... .' ', t -r MADAM-VOUA FROZEN FRIENDS WILL LITTLE ELPEe.lMTHE MOST POPULAR DF OUR. CLUB NOWTHATVN6FOUOWS YOUR SU60KTICIM AND ARE ENJOYIN THAT MARVELOUS LP6AS SPACE HEATEIU' NEVER-CONSIDER. YOU A SOCIAL SUCCESS • I OF OUR. CLUB (JNU6SS YOU 00 SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR^ VOUR SU60ESTICN ANO ARE 6NJOYIN6 HEATING! 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