The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 11, 1948 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 11, 1948
Page 3
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, . ,' 'l 1 -.' "" V" «"-,>,• rt W*^ • • f -/•' •' \ 'it-Pi tot To Fenton Bank fcSfvUlt far J. W. Srtttiff ii-'."-.-k'*?'' s ** < ^'After ydu've had 1,SOO hburs of ylflg tirrte in the Navy during ie last war, it might seem that .tiling* down to the banking usirtess would be difficult. But J» Wallace Smith, manager the First Trust & Savings ink, Eenton, has made the jange ih stride. And one,.of. the'reasons might > found-in his own words. "Fch- v In is hom^ 'for me—there are ' o"Strangers;;here, you deal with Succeeded Father j. Smith, 32, is a son, of the late 1 J. A. G. Smith. When his father died, March 7, he came home, 'for ( the', services, and never returned o his position with a bahk . at 'la, Cal. He succeeded his alher as manager of the Fenton >ank. "Fenton has a nice group of 'young business men, most of jhem 40 or under", Smith said. And the general idea, seemed to be that the young men are going .fb carry oh, and keep Fenton on [he i map. L Mrs. Smith is the former Gladys Stoeber, Fenton, and the %ouple are now situated in an ttymrtment there. Like all communities,: finding a place to live Fenton wasl a major problem. ,. Seaman lo Lieut. i. The Fenton man entered • the Nayy in February, 1942,,as a seaman.. In a short time he,became fn -aviation cadet, training first t 'Anacostia, Washington,, D. C., i going to Pensacdla-and;Cor- ns .Christi, Tex. Hj} was assigned to ;flying duty protecting convoy routes in the " " Atlantic, -and had -nearly •e6 years of piloting a Mariner iatrol bomber, which carried a :rew of 12.' Natal and Bahia were wo'of the bases from which the rows operated: in covering con- *oys. During the first two and in,e-half years of the war, con- WS inrtfyot, area wgre in con- i.tant 4angor,. and-, to a,, lesser de- )45 r withVthe rank of lieutenant ' Had. Experience Wallace was assistant to his »ther ; in. the Fenton bank until [941, when he went to Des |oinos^and:'Was associated iyvith \<i Central National, bank,, there, rprn Des Moines he went: to . Washington,' D. C., and was employed by the Hamilton .National bhnk '• when war came. The Fenton bank is a branch of- the First Trust & Savings of Armstrong. ijMrs. Kathryn Alderson is as- j sislant in: the Fenton bank. Yfearly Display, '" t .-, -IT..-. • -'•:•'• 11 , party, 5th Grade/ Pupils jf Katherine ,_„„, the 5th grade at the "Bryant schdo. held ah assembly Tuesday at 2!3f) p.m. at which their mothers W0/£ special guests. This is an annual' event. . . ' . W A dlass refjresenttaiye was ?,fit the entrance door of the builflifi'g to-direct visitors to the room'; As they arrived guests were'preSehV ed with individualized progrfcrfts 1 , the covers being designed ^and decorated especially for therft, . ; Work done by pupils during'the year was on display and drawing and .special;: Work .was mounted on the room/walls. The program was divided into four parts: music, talks and demonstrations, first aid bandaging, and a verse speaking choir. .•,>, \~: Program is Given -' The first number was group singing by the room. Accompanist was Mrs. Shirley Morck. Fupiafe; having solos on the piano, clarinet, or cornet were Adel, Kay Brayton, Jane Reid, If.eter. Langmack, Phil .Anderson, ana*] Arleen Sc'hreiber. Charles ' jay.-' lor and Alvin Christiansen play, L ed a clarinet-trombone duet, h •}; Gary (Pentecost told, about,.the, work of a patrol boy; learning geography was demonstrated by Gary Tigges and Alvin Christiansen; Kay Brayton and Jackie Laing ,told how arithmetic ?is. taught, x Donna,Powers and Karen Downey demonstrated the speU- ing. routine and Arleen Schreiber and Adel Herbst fully^ explained-' the room's reading program, thep room 'library' and passed t,Ql|t supjjlementa'ry readers •-for !"•''' spection. sl Demonstrations by Pupils Kathryn' Hutohiris. and. Sch/eiber' announced-. the<!first aii li was en» nighf iMi Week ihat t noticed* a lot of flashlights,-be' ing blihkedi on lawns and in pafltihgs and 1 couldn't figure out; how come so L drove hither- arid ybn dvet the-'towrt ahd coy-- ered a lot of- blocks and counted 72 rnen,, women, and boys diligently searching for something; and I thought It funny that folks inould have lost money and 'gharige; • and t then I' rah' across. Ralph Tice arid: Tasked him how dome the -people w,ere doing so much ettityllng around and he said they, were hunting, foi- night crawlers, Ahd to. hxlht fof hight Cf,aWlers a' guy has got to be a 'night crawlaj-) tod, but the hu-. fHan rlighf, craW'lei 1 cfaWlitlg for night, crawlers ha's 'got the' adr ^Vantage because o'rY account of he's got sight arid a flash light) so Prf Murphy tells 1 md. And I found out- that night crawlers are ''good'- bait fpr fishing and so it Was that bait a-plenty, was being 'hunted' ih Algona tnftt'mght, and fishing a-plenty' 1 W^S ;$jr'obably taken care- of"over,'(the *wfeek6nd t Just anothei 1 angle"f4'proVe ndw dumb I'am aoput nSpirl^I aU ways thought yott-h^'d-to-dlg fish worms 'Wdatcfy jfiph.,;' ,/-' ' Henry ' Scheppmanh of Irvington, gulped with" me in the News'" papers shop the other! May and he knows-.his coffee -guTping and I was'to how come he has s6 many silent letters in his name so I suggested that he eliminate a "c", a "p" and an "n", spell it Shepman, but, he- said he'd gotten used to ', writing the {extra letters' and he'^yaSn't stingy |about pencil or-inkV'-/'But jUst aftd t'd g6 tieleSs th*^ year around if the Mrs. wotifd- ! M me. f find the only disadvantage at having no tie is this: That ymis have to wash your heck 6ft§fl6¥ when the shirt is open, Andt tfto; muoh washing gets me down,, so; 10.speak. But the above mention-, ed gents arc going to hdldia r meeting next week at 8 bells and, set Up a. "No Neck Tie GluU-." The law says that on Laboi^ Day) you start wearing 'em againi • Walther Loegua, LuVeme, Elects Talking about coffee gulping, I now have proof, that there were"; plenty Gulpers in Algona .yea*rs ago because on account of Whehi D. J, "Jack" Zerbe, now editor. and publisher of the Winfield; lowai Beacon, applied for 20 Win*field' memberships in the Qulpers he wrote about Algona GulpeM, as follows: "I became a coffee gulper ih 1928 at the State's Cafe in Aigona t Ere long 1 was gulping from a bowl as I took on tne duties of; seuond cook lor Frank MathesJ Out front, as a waiter, I served such gulpers as Bob James, L. B. Linnun, Duane E. Dewel, Dr. Harry McCorkle, Hank Pletch (who used black coffee and Wa* ter), Fred > Anderson, Charlie. Steil, Harold Neville, the boys from the Smoke Shop, Bill Barry, •the Zender boys, Chet Williams, Jerry Turner, Dr. Janse, Leon 1 Merritt, Fred Kent, Russ Waller (after 1 he came to town), Wade Sullivan, Jerry Stillman, H. W. Miller, Joe Lowe, Joe Bloom, Harry Greenberg, Floyd Newville, Madson and Hanson, Al* Bor> chard t, Bud Merrifield, the SchiltE Bros., Alf, KreSensky, "Soup" Briggs, T.. H, Chrischiiles, Char^l lie Clement and, many other Alci gona Gulpers of the past." , \ There you have it. Algona has ' always, been a coffee gulping city and especially now is it becoming renowned because of the Gulper membership coming in, from all over the state and nation. . the head, wer* ;, Gary, lligges^and; Gary Pentecost; finger, Ardis Beitz and, Joan Gink; eye, Jean Dellinger t an4 Marilyn Kearney; tourniquet) Adelr Herbs't and Karen Downeyf broken arm, Charles Taylor'aM' Kirk McCorkle; elbow, Bill Cha%? pidn. and- Alyin Christiansen; hand Jackie Laing and Kay-Bray* .ton; foot, Jane Reid and Bett$ Hlemers; ankle, Phil Andersph| ; and Peter Langmack; wrist, If^ya- Mitchell and Ger'aldine 'Withanij head, Donna Powers and Cle'one., Crawford. • . .. ~'. : v Announcer for'the verse sp^gak- ing choir was Peter Langmack.* •-think of the amount of'lead-and •ink he'd saVe in-a, year'^'time if . signed his name''Shephian. It was Sunday' night, that Mr, : and Mrs. Frank Capesiuis ihVited ithe Mrs. and ; me out; to 'thqir 1 f arm ; for a. waffle supper and I' like 'waffled an^-. they Wire pwell and ^for.a while I'|U^S8.FraAkj thought jl was g^oirig to] e^t hith' out of ihouse ahd home..:But;i^WoUld be k 1 if. ' lyMohaon the thai 'Bud, Ani- Walt Fri- . .can I *pers ( that's waffles, so to '" » ' "' 1 A! -the Llou other dav t notir-e dtetsori, Mickey 'esner, Rex . iee.d <Je*le^s%d l t ed the seaso^i^ a/liftlepbit w^are (goihg ^tOfoba^Vflftbfjrio-tie. laws; The law sets^Mfty: ^Sth brt Which a. man 'heeds / ho longer 'choke h'irftself; with* a tie • except when he goes to Church. It's a 'chore for me to tie my neck up with a four- J. W. Hagfa'rB, R. B. Waller and C.'S. Erlander • Entered as Second CJafis Matter att the- PoStoffise ate AJ^orfaj' loWa, under, act of Congress pf-March, 2 1879. I$sued We ' i-»" i Here Fee4 that will hdp yojw; produce fast growing suckt M»*5lff"?Sf chance- for UvibiU^, Archoiv Quality; Pig Starter ob"t only promotes faster, more cco«omicftlS|ilgfg»iiw> but cuts weight loss of the sow as rauch as 30%, Feed from hefow; weaning to 7$ pown^.for profitable hog prQduQ(l9flt;,%ljit<ili!> and ordefvyour supply OQw t ., ^ ™ •'* r .-3-1 . ' - j. . -•-,/ i " -'i' Jfrne—I'he Walther ffld a regular m&etint and 1 lgft of officers in the church if'Thursday evening,- Kltfy-8. rfieetihg wag held after-the fellgl6us Ascension Day services SIJme'church that evening; officers elected' were -fig- Lewellyfti Hippen was president; Mary-Ann igpnde, vice president; i£ally Shirk, secretary and Betty Schulz, f ejected treasurer ,Natalie Tin- aalfi;t>l. Corwith; was,elected sec- relafy of Christian knowledge and Herman Koester elected see* retary of Christi&n alife findale and gande were elected M to attend the waltHef Uealguc convention to be held at- theli* feamp at tfake Okob6jl Mfey. 28, 29 and 30. A social tifne was then.enjoyed aftef which refreshments' weife served' by the hostess Betty. At Harnbtirg, Ben Sfiodtief Was arrested last week and admitted setting fire to the Austin schoolhouse and a tenant house on a farm near Hamburg. Mr. Spoon* er was taken before the insane commission and committed to the government hospital at Ville. In Bill Barry's "Ravings" lasl week he classified me as "The writih' guy that thinks he knows what he's writin 1 a'oout" and Bill is all w* e t about that because on account' of I don't even think when-'I'm writing my column. If I did do some thinking there wouldn't be so much bunk in "Ravings". But while my column is bunky Bill's column is mostly : i'ishy, so to speak. Yep, I know Bill, ain't afraid of me but I ain't afraid of him either. Recent additions to the Algona Pipe Puffers and Ring Blowers ;Association are Bob McCullough, Ernst G. Thiel, Lawrence Wiley and W. S. Watts, the latter two of Weidenhoff's, George. Gunder, Jr., August Bollinger, Dr.. J. B, Winkel, Allen Buchanan, and Melvin Faber, of Bancroft. In the meantime my private investigator and hunter is keeping his eye op_en for other pipe Puffers and Ring Blowers and he expects to have a list of new members with,in a short time. Plan, Salvage Of P-O-W Cam ' During war days when "the ipris'- oner-ot-war camp was still active here, garden clubs in surrounding areas, flowers growers over the county -&nd^ local flower club members'" contributed plants, shrubs'and seeds toward beautifying; the grounds. The camp site is. now]; to be used as the Algona municipal airport and contracts have been left for preparing the grounds for its new use Maybe you- ehj&y slow farming . . . but there's no money in it; If I can show you /aster farming . ... With no more'work, you'll be interested, won't you? All right, just take one feature of the Forfl Tractor, the 4-speed transmission. Qn.lhe road I'll give you up to 12%. miles tier hour. In third speed (top field working speed), 111:give you 6 miles per hour. And so on down . . . each speed, even the reverse, is faster. Saves lots of hours in a year. : Won't you let me demonstrate this Ford Tractor (and its Dearborn Implements) on your farm? I have something special in parts and service, too. BOB MUNGER Sb. Phillips On 169 Phone 1025W Algona, Iowa aduationDay CORONADO t , s.vsj-- PERSONAL PORTABLES rrac/e/n You'll be proud of this Personal Portable Radtei. It's delightfully small and'compost, yet It hat, the power of a giant.- It's just right for plcnfeff, the lake, or your pereona/. radio:qt-home or, the office. Liberal allowance on your old set toward the purchase of this NEW Coronadoj BIGGEST UULE RADIO ONTHIMARKI^ij;, CORONADO "Caprice" Either of These Radios WHI Be a Perfect Gift For The Graduate f hunt fftltr In P«r Htttwy ,, ^ • 5moe)ti lv«ry Plotll« C«bln«( ARIADNE Rogers' graceful Grecian gown in.Satin-Glo rayon jersey. In a galaxy of fresh new colors; mauve, titron, aqua, ke^blue or v/hite. Elasticized waist. Small (32 to 34), medium (36:38), targe (40-42): $2.98 Hfjjp.'l «* «* *», I I ^:i ^ -^fs - , \ j *** BEAU-CATCHING BEAU-KNGT-PRINTS V !'( You're more ferninine tKan'eVe^Sn 1 ' this dear Beau-catching Bedb-Knot; orint. Full swirling skirt with impressed pleats. . . Charming, picture frame collar , „. . T ._ lovely lines.of-thg ( f»rfWCe*i/iotlwt. : , 'SpOfidiftg - rhlneston* • BWten*;^ ^flmow; Pisek-A^fiootfl 1*- an A :ool rayon /fabric fbaf'* resiitant; Ih blue/ pink, a Sjtej 10 to J8; Specially rrie be styled by- Jufefte. C ll'ta jutt below the gold strip In theie sheer, clear, delightfully f«minln» nylon stockings by GOTHAM GOLD - *',';'-^.-v^vVf : V?«* , ''-..- '.>,, . ,, .; ly^M^K.v>^&Ar?lSiiS^>..^ , I , r... . ^--'-v? '-;;•:- -C AriiMS 1 .^. 1 .V.2 1 . •'-•'€>€

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