The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 11, 1948 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 11, 1948
Page 2
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~' * r X ' * *" - ' •" * ' In (oiwjy^p ifti df DJrVctOfi of trie :y Softball League nict- „ WV...,.-M»/ night, May 5, in' a fm'fll •rjfeetihg before league play Bete UhUefWay. A jamboree will be held Wednesday night, May IS, with all teams participating. Each t^arrt will play. 3 innings. Actual league competition starts Monday, May 24, at 7:30 p. m., with Weidenhoff plaving Sargents. , The league will operate on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of eaCn week throughout the season,»two games Being played each night. , ., Bill ! Thomas, tt sartctioned American- Softball! association umpire, Hds" been secured for the coming season. .No admissjon will be charged for an'y game. However, the hat will' be passed at eacH game and the proceeds will be used to defray expenses such as lights, backstop, etc. • The first game of the year will be May 18 (Tuesday) with Sar- gerlts meeting Rolfe and International meeting Eagle' Grove.,This should 'be the' outstanding game of the 'year as Bob Savage will be throwing foi< Eagle Grove. Savage" pitched Boyt- Harness of Des Mpihes-into'the State Softball finals last year. He will undoubtedly be the best pitcher to be iri Algona during: the' season. All teams in the league have new uniforms -and will present a colorful appearance. May 24 . 7:30 p. m. Weidenhoff vs. Sar gent. 9:00 p. m. Nat'l Guard vs. Lions. May 26? 7:30'p. m.- VT F. W. vs. Percival. 9iOO p...'m. International vs. Kirk. p. m. Jaycees vs, Interna tional. 9:00 p. m. Weidenhbff VS. Nat' Guard. June 9' 7.-SO p. m. Nat'l' Guard Farm" Bureau. 9:00 p. m. V. P". W. vs. Inter flatio'flal. June 11 7:30 p. m. June 14 7:30 p. m, 9:00 p. m. June 16 7:30 p. m. 9:00 i*. m. June 18 7:30 p vs Kirk vs. Jay(Jees. Weidenhoff vs. Lions "Sargent Vs. Percival Percival' vs. JayCces Lions vsi Kirk. m. June 21' 7:30 p. m. I n for ri atibnal Farm Bureau. vs . Sargent vs., Nat 1 ! Guard. 9:00 p. m. Weidenhoff" vs. V. F W. June 23 7:30 p. m. Farm Bureau vsi Kirk. 9:00 p. m - Nat'l Guard vs. Jay- Cees. May 28 7:30 p.^m. i June 2 7:30 p. im, 9:00-p.:rrt. June 4 Farm Bureau vs. JayCees. Sargent vs. Lions. V. F, W. vs. Farm Bureau. June 25 7:30 p. m. June 28 7:30 p. m, 9:00 p. rtt. June 30 7:30 p. m. July 2 7:30 p. m. July 7 7:30 p. m. 9:00 p. m. July 9 7:30 p. m. July 12 7:30 p. m. 9:00 p. m. July 14 7:30 p. m. 9:00 p. m. July 16 7:30 p. m. July 19 7:30 p. m. Weidenhoff vs, Percival.- V. F. W. vs. Lions. Weidenhoff Vs. International. Nat-'l' 1 Quart! Vs, V; F. w: Sargent VS; Kirk. Percival vs. Farm Bureau. JayCees vs. Lions. Lions vs. tional. Interna- Nat'l Guard vs.-Percival. Sargent vs. Farm Bureau. V. F. W. vs. JayCees. Weidenhoff vs. Kirk. Sargent vs. JayCees. Weidenhoff vs. the Motorcycle Races May 16 Motorcycle races will be held • at the Kossulh fair- grouAds next: Sunday, May 18..starting at 2 o'clock. Riders will be here from Mitchell, S,- D., Omaha, and Minrieiota. as well as Iowa. Aroujid 30 of the entries belong to the Good Luck Cycle club/a local group. Elmer thompson> Wesley, ja pijosident of the group; Hanford Bartleson, Forest City, is vice president; Ranney Leek, Algona, is secretary and treasurer. Directors are Bob Reynolds of Titonka and Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Kiekel of Forest City. The Sunday show will include a full program of three hours, the club members said. . •'-'•- Farm Bureau. 9:00 p. m. V. F. W. vs. Kirk. July 31 1-30 p. m. Natl Guard vs. International. 9:00 p. m. Lions VA, Percival. July 23 7:30 p. m. Lions .Vs. Farm Bu, reau. July 28 7:30 15. m. Sargent vs. V. F. W. 9:00 p. m. Percival vs. Interha- ti6nal. July 28 7:30 p. m. Weidenhoff vs. Jay- Cees. 9:00 p. m. Nat'l Guard vs. Kirk. July 30, Atigust 2, 4 and 6 will be used for all nla'ke-Up .games, Gordon Schmidt, league secretary, states. Managers of teams will meet with umpire before game to determine home and visiting team. Titonka Loses, 9-1 one* In Friday Game In'a return game played'here Friday, Algona high gained revenge for a defeat earlier this season at Titonka. The locals downed the Indians by a score of 9 to 1 in a seven-inning game. The Indians garnered six hits, but Heesh was the only man to cross the plate. Skogstrom and Waldron led Algona at the plate, and each scored two runs; Box-score: Alijorla (9> AB> H- Hf E Skogsti-um, c 4-220 Pentecost, 3b 311 0 Waldron, cf 322 0 Sigler, ss 31-11 VIeyer, Ib 2100 -.auritzen. 2b-p _. 3 0 1 0 Snyder, If 3000 Kelley, rf-2b 3 1 1 0 Cern, p 2110 Briggs, rf ... 1 0 0 0 Bulldogs Edge Academy Nine In Section 27 9 9 Titonka (1) AB R H Jeesch, cf 412 Downs, ss 4 0 Jruns, p 4 o C. Young, Ib 3 0 Cuchenreuther, c 2 0 Vorland, 2b 3 0 "•. Young, If 2 0 Wesselman, rf ... 3 0 0 0 Heifhel, 3b 2000 27 1 6 0 1 E 0 •2 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Mr. and Mrs. D. N. Hoffman of ..eMars returned to their home oday (Tuesday) after visiting ince Saturday at the home of heir son, Dr. Karl Hoffman, and amily. ,- . • • Algona hiRh setioor,s. team entered the semi-finals - of- thc state sectional baseball tourney at Whittemore. Matfday.. Algona defeated .St.- e.e.cBli&'s, emy, also of Algonaf'2' urday rnoi'nir!£,' to%kl the semi-finals against Livermore. Each team had but one hit. The soct'onal finals at. -both Whittemore and Titbrtka Will be plnvod Wednesday, weather permitting. • Other tournament' results, not counting Monday of'this week; WhiHemore^-Cylinder S, St. Joe 4; Livermore 3, LuVerne 2; Whitfemore Presentation 12, Whittemore public 2; Livermore 7. Cylinder 4; Rodman 7, West Bend 5. ;;>,-; ; . Tilonka—Fentoni ; 7, Lakota 0; Titonka 7, Woden'0; Lone Rock 8, Rake 0; Fenton 5,;Burt 0; Bancroft St. John's 12; 'Buffalo Center 0. .. Tallied in Fkst Against St. Cecelia's, Skog- striim scored a run in the first inning for the victors. He walked, stole second, and came in on Waldron's hit. •'" '.••.'• In the third inning, Briggs walked, went to second on • a fielder's choice, and came home on a wild pitch. The Academy tallied' in -the seventh when Wbodcock walked, stole second, and came home on a hit by Elbert. Snyder on the mound for the high school, was effective. He collected 12 strikeouts. Elbert and White shared the Academy hurling duty, with Elbert setting three batters down with strikeouts while White had four. The Game Summary •... ; Box score: Algona High (2) AB R H E Skogstrum, c 1100 ^entecost, 3b 3001 WaJdron, cf 3010 Sigler, ss _._ 2000 VIeyer, Ib 2000 Snyder, p 3000 lLauritzen, 2b 3000 Kelley, If ____ 2 0 0' 0 Briggs, rf 1100 • . Academy (1)V ! Wilhelmi, .If '.-••••il- white; ^-p;r;s Wiriter,.-c ri.'_-r •G: NNOUNCING A New, Better Service for Car-Owners "Grizzly" Saftibond Process BRAKE LINING BONDING They said it couldn't be done ... but here it is ... the safe, fast, simple and ECONOMICAL way to bond brake linings to shoes. It is the amazing Saftibond Process, developed by the Grizzly Manufacturing Co., for bonding brake linings on passenger cars and light trucks. Safti- bond is distributed in this area by Thompson Distributing Co. Winkle, 3b (Beiser, cf iSchmitt, Ib J. Buseher, rf Elberl, p-rf Woodcock, 2b 2i)' 2 AB R •'.£;.• 0 A o 3?'37 0 o 0 n 0 0 0 1.. 2 3 2 2 3 0 23 n 0 1 Pledges Sorority Ames, May 8-^Joan Pletch, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ft. W. Pletch. 628 N. Thprington, was pigged by Gamma Pi Chapter of.,Kappa Alpha Theta social fra* ternity at Iowa State college this week. Joan is a freshman in the division of science at the college. EGG PRODUCTION 5URE CLIMBS WHEN WE GET POULTRATE R-30 Ask Your Garage Man or Auto Dealer 4 Saftibond eliminates all the old riveting process, thereby giving you more braking surface., Even before the lining is bonded to the shoe, the process Insures a true, clean shoe surface for lining application. All types of brakes can be refined by the Saftibond Process. It insures the car-owner a maximum of braking efficiency. It is the same brake lining method you will be finding on mdst of the new mode) cars! * Distributed by DISTRIBUTING CO, AND TRACTOR FORT ALOONA 1VJ AKB higher poultry profits with P-30 self feeder. This high protein concentrate furnishes the vitamins, minerals, and balanced proteins hens need for fust growth and high epecd egg production. A small amount of Poultrate P-30 will balance an abundance of your home grain* at a rock, bottom price. A little goes a long way because this money, making supplement contains no grains or fiUenC^ry it. H. R. Zufliach &S Get, lent Whittemore gnd Surrounding Territory Wettstotie Named Olympic Coach Mr. and Mrs. Roy Keerf, Algona, were particularly interested in an item of srj6ft news published last week, for it concerned their son-in-laW, Eugene" Wett« stdne, husban^ of the former Eleanor Keen. Wettstone is to coach the U. S. Olympic gymnastic team this year, and he is to-go to London next month, Me was a member of the Iowa physical education To have it • • • When you want it.** OLIVER HOW I Act today— so you cnn have more fun during tho summer and week-ends too. You will enjoy using the outboard motor that has set n new standard of performance. OUTBOARD MOTORS Kossuth Co. Implement Store 1 '," *v« 'iV^^^;^T99»iw^y' *& • W 1 ''^ • ii- iff)-i™' i I IK "OK Jtete^ti^i 'A *A'j! ; s* .i - ,i' - , v;\- ^ * "^ r $ -, 3iy*£ttft FourCorhers Club To Meet F6u* dot ners Mothers and OgUghtefs club will meet 'Ms. weM - T May* 13, with Mra.'Attna , Mrs. Ltfefil'e Rich assisting, Opening song will be M-O-T-HE-KC Roll call Flower EafcHange, , A program will be given by Ruth Rich. It's easy to put convenience in your farm kitchen! 'Builf-in cupbpards and work counters cdn bring modern convenience and stepsaving efficiency into your farm kit- :chen! With our quality lumber, jcut to fit your needs, plus ^the ideas from the May issue-of Successful Farming, your* 'present kitchen will almost remodel itself I ", '..,', ' , s \Better plans,,better., materials foiv i better farm homes! Rhone 256 Jim Pool i*S?« •::*», Handy-Andy $2 95 Creek Coat $795 • Tackle. Jacket $495 everything for fishermen i —^MB$lpp»^""» . -^^™" T . ... ^VtjPf * Which are you? Fly fisherman? Bait-cqs4r? 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