The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 11, 1948 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 11, 1948
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>Fr S'"'>' ."i- '' ',' 6W Mbthw Nature is certain, ly-afflne old lady,' but whert ybu have] to buy fuel oil on the loth Of-' wonder if sne's"maa at 'stimethjrtg, i | | ,-*,*>* ; Th* Junior (Jhamber of Com" fun, schedule calls for a one of these days'. .", the --, ~^s explain 1 K tausi' "a wa- goh or neV mown hay/ a full mdon, and" the 1 girl of your choice." The JayCees paint some very] pretty word pictures, don' they?i, ' ' * <* * .MOtHER'S DAY, 1948: .Jljimbw One ' down with • chiekenpox/ number*; two and ihre* engagW^in free, f tealbl slatting' af 7 a. m., jfcfliia ready io »'*y *he brood for 1 any low bid, and papa willing to accepi liie oifcr. Bui by 9 p. m., when' all is peaceful, all bids ar,s rejected. ' . f', * * * WJ V. Kempley was elected moderator. of the Fort Dodge Eresbytery; ' last week. This rt»ak<is f him -even with his wife. Mf's.'jKempley is.president of the ForttDodge Presbyterial. Not of- ten'do two members of the same family hold such high offices. i i * * * • After ihe high school senior class'play, someone was compli- mentjng Marine Rcimors on the way she played her pa.rt . . . she was! accused pf murder. Maxine. in all seriousness, replied: "1 was. scared to death they'd tind m guilty." . , *, * * If.Del Cloplon starts standing guard down in his 'yard with a shotgun, we wouldn't blame him ... .someone went into the yard w.nile tne Cipptons were absent Jrom! home and dug up one 01 their excellent rose busnes, departing with" 'same. " i ' » • v.':- a . Iowa highway patrolmen traveled '1,814,425 miles during tne first three months,ofvj.948.. . . wonder what our own-patrolmen, TonvElliptt and Dick> >> l Meehan, will- dd- on-'.tneir vacations' .' . . ^w.4>lajbp'°se 'the^'bc^SS'wflf^taJie ij ImOtorarip somewnere. a' , •• f ; " * 4. ,• r We' talked io a farbj ,wile in» pthcr| day, while she w'ns renewing 1 her subscription'^ 'and she Saia the time she needed the papei tne most was during the busy seasbri'. . . couldn't get to town as 6ften, and out and arfaund, v and as a result needed; the pjjpei; more than\ever to keep in touch with things going on. • '>. » * * £d Inlay, Lakota editor, * wig in the office a few days ago,'telling us .about his'hew son ... Ed is just like all oth- or*, fathers «with new sons; you get all the statistics in the case. * *, * ^ ' i Maxine Shipley, daughter ot the Jim Shipiere, is solving the problem of now not to get her clothes mixed up with those ot hor.sister Shirley . . , she~is getting a rubber stamp' with ner name on it, and all of Maxine's clothes will be stampccj.witn hci name in the future; ^ . *, V • if Bill Thomas, who heads the state 1 , employment' office here, served on the USS Potomac part of the time during the war , , the vessel was the private yacht of the late President Roosevelt . , . Bill said in confidence that he had smoked a pjgare,tto or ,twc of'the wartime president, but didn't use the holder. » » * Seems ihe builder of A home recently constructed had so man} offers to buy the npuse at his fixed price of $16,500 that he didn't know how to sell it and'to whom so he decided to hold $ drawing he had all the, biders 'present thpir names in a hat, jind had porneone draw out one' name , , . •Ytat-.'fellow got the house ,- , . lien he sat down and, wrote-ou 1 che,ck for the fuU/§mpunt . , |the contractor sato}; H fainted J didn't fall down." ' * » » . Ai husband is simply * l°v« « with a two-day 7 * growth : of bear.4, his collw off, his " 1J clothes on, and » bald ESTABLISHED 1865 A, IOWA, tUKBAY, MAY 11, 1948 . Hospital TWO SECTIONS-16 PAGES 8 Page tabloid Mural Gravuro VOL* 83-NO. 19 .-.^-.m..... ...y,.;. Passes $150,006 Meet Your HEW NEIGHBORS Jgona isn't Jhq only »l«» is a goal in obtaining hospital - . v. v 'about 4 . to ,«wh - 22 File For Elective [ C&unty Offices Here Two Candidates On G.O.P. Ticket File For Sheriff , Andrew Reding WitKdrdws In' Supervisor Race '•'*»•• _ •" . . Eleven = dcmoctats and eleven' cpublicahs liicd for election tf CossHth county offices,' with" the .ounty auditor here; by the dead- ine, Saturday at midnight. . For Leo Immerfall, auditor, it was really, a deadline. He remained in his offic» SSal- urday evening, iheri went home to bed. He bad one candidate file ai 9 p. m., then •' had another get him out of bed at 11:45 p. m. to file, just 15 minutes before thei-dead- line. Bi2 surprise was the filing of .wo candidates lor sherilf on tht epubiiean ticket at the 'last ninute, and withdrawal of An- Irew Reding, incumbent supprvi- ;or of the iirst clistri.t,. li,pnj, the ace.. -.;••:.•• Republican litn,eup • After the filing deadUne, the official lineup of candidates for the primary ballot in June is as follows: . • ' f . Auditor—none. Treasurer—non<.. Cl,e. ; k ol Distdct Cpvurtr^nprie. Sfterill—utmy H. ujlcycr, Lu- Veino; and i^ugh L. McEmoc, Algona. ' -f Itecordcr—none. County Attorney—H. ^ Miller, Algona; L. \V. Ni^chajs.. A1-- gona. ' Supervisor, third district — LoUis Bartlctt, litonka; \V. A. 3ehram, Titbnka. SupeVvisor, fifth district—My•on L. Johnson, Swea City; G. V, Selling, Lakota; L,. A. Nitz, Lakota. . . ...... . • Demo«alic Long's Slddio Photo. _ i * -,rf-i ' ijung s OIUQ10 t-noio. '? -\f f '° ally Ann -* w ftJ? z ^'Y e K?l? ld ' *? Pictured here with her Auditor— Leo Immcr,fall, Algona. . Treasurer— Rosella Vpigt, Wbit- temore. • • ^ Clerk 'of District OoU;r.t— Mrs. Alma Pearson, Algbn.a.; Wm. Becker. Algona. • '. Sheriff— Ralph, Algona; K S. AiJuke) Kinsey, Algona. " • V;.' - '; .---•, . Recorder— Mrs. Clara . W.alker. County Attorney— H^roJd .McNertney. v '',''' • Supervisor, first districtWHcn- • ry Schcppmann, Irvingtpn- ' , Supervisor, third district— W. S. Cosgrove, Titonka, / Supervisor, fifth district — A M. Kollasch, Grant tow^ahip- ihere were no ranctyctatps for the office of county coroner on cither ticket. ' For State Offices On the' dcimocratip tickpt, tasey Loss liled tor rc-eiectioji ^9 the jtatc legislature as r^pjesenta- tive. On th.e republica.n ticjtet, Jharlcs W. Patpfrson i§ ^he only ,-andidato. Both aie ft'om, A,lgpna. D. E. Dowel, Algona, is a. c»n- clidate for re-election to, th.o state lenate. on the republican ticket. Locally, there are two r,epu.bli- .*an candidates for ^us^iw of the peace, They arb J. B. Johnston and Delia Welter, Q, H. Ost- winkle* is a democratic candidate. Other \ republican candidates for townsnip offices are W. J. Devjson'of Hurt as justice in Bun ,wp., and Art Lester, Lakota, for lustlce in Ledyard two. P. A. 'fewyille and f!rns't thiel are andidates for re-ejection as ton- tables in Algopa, and; W*-H. >teward of Bui't is a candidate 'or -the same post, there. , ; J.W. Haggard Still Confined At Home JV W Haggard, co.pufetishs* p| The Algona Upper Peg Moines, ' Testing at horn*,' this f repqverjn^ nicely frojn, a illness which has kept him Jrom the office for the past sey T jra.1 weeks. Mrs,. Frank Decker, -R, If., is itill a special night nurse at the 'iaggariihjime, mth'Ajya«ce, was also ujwjf Hhe" yeather a little the fprepar| o| •JUS wsek, at ^ dJear * * * •a| e - .^^2^^. MfiMH l««0vtri ept* •^c , »- t" 1 fTTVJ' •J-~ T TT 7*Sf!*j&' T f' I 'fffiv* 3'- r •3-wiv ' ' • The famny caffle fo Aigoaa .two weeks a"o. Mr. Swartz ' bought the AlgonaaHardware from p. F. Peterson and took possession last week. He also bpughl the Pelerson residence ' on E.' Nebraska streel.' Mr! Swarlz is pot new in the merchandising business. Just before coming to Algona he managed a retail store ai" Rockford. Prior to that he travqjed for a wholesale firm, Mr. Swarlz graduated from Ihe high school at Freeport, Illinois, and following graduation attended the University of . .Wisconsin for 2 Vi years.' ; : .. 'Mrs. the former Zaida Carse of Rockford. She '.graduated from high-sch'ool'there.-Except for one and one-half years ai Independence, Iowa the couple have lived most of their married life in/Rockfordi -V • Sally /Ann is their orilv child. •. Church'prefer.srige, is Congregational and Presbyterian. "!^ •• LuVerne—Waller L>' Hefii, Harold Sorenson and 'John A. "Nelson went lo Fort • Dodge Wednesday evening where 'they attended a ( ''m2eling. T^hey aro execut'vfs \, of the LuVerne Building, Company. They aro trying v'to set plans for the orectiofi of a building on Ihe iq'ti they purchased .between the, LuVerne Pharmacy and post office buildings. The byilding Ihey hope to buJld will be used for office rooms. • ' 5 Minor Court Cases Handled Five minor court- cases were handled in Algona, over the week'end', ' ,' ' Before Delia Welter in justice court,' two fines of $2 "each for truck overloads were •. assessed. Fined were Milton F, |3ebo, Wesley, and Geo. A. Ama.'S Wesley. Each raised' his trupjf license, also, •',*''',E. Lewis,!-* Gol'dfield, was fined $5 and costs,, ^y Justice J. B. Johnston on a 'ehat'ge of illegal operation of d a load e ,„ on the truck, Mayor Frjm,k ., Wizard Qregg, tra pended sentence J charge, pf vagranpy, escorted Gregg tP " its. Frmk King, a resist #t the county home, e«$;|e|j \ with " " a sus, in the to Al- truck. pended sentence county sons h the Honor Mrs. He , AH^r^t^li.* Ulish Gives City '47 Safety A ward . The City of Algona officially received its award as the safest city in Iowa, for its population class, in 1947, at a special program held Monday noon in conjunction with the ^Rotary luncheon. Frank B. Ulish, Fort Dodge, field representative of the Iowa Dept. of Public; Safety, made the presentation. It was received by Mayor F/ank Kohlhaas. Special guests at the luncheon program included the city and county police officials, city and county attorney, highway patrolmen and city officials, as well as heads "of local civic organizations. In presenting the plaque Mr. Ulish commended the, city especially for its widening project, in which additional parking was provided by using boulevards adjacent to the business district. He also praised the city parking lot, and 'the local enforcement program, American Legion safety prrwjranv and-the local press. . He recommended bike parking racks, reorganization 6f the local safety council, and special attention tonhe problem of youthful driving and bike* riding, Rotary President Joe Lynch introduced the 'specia.1 guests at the Country club. 25 Phy Ed Qirls At A Play Day Kathleen-Mullaley physical education director pf the high school here ac.compa.nie4 35 girls to Clar- wn Saturday to partlpipate in a district play day. The trip.was made by school busT After lunch the participating schpgjp, l&ele Qrov§, Hymboldt, AJgonaj and Clwion, each pvesent- e<J a.skij. .Them wer r i|5, gi r } s at Data On Small Homes Will Be Issued Shortly 25 Send Replies, Ask Help In Housing Situation A total of 25"persons are prepared lo build,new homes in Algona, the recent' Chamber of Commerce housing committee survey has'revealed. And homes .may be built for reasonable! figures, even , today, the committee has al, so found,. depending on per. sonal factors and desires of ' potential home builders. _ A complete summary "of~the sui-Vey, plus basic -information as to construction costs, is'being pre- pared'and will be distributed in the near, future,to all Chamber of Comfnerce members and to those Wjho have answered the housing questionnaires carried in the local papers, recently. .Seek $6-8,000 Homes Most pf those replying said ,tWey wanted fpttr or five, rooms with bath, and'they : indicated they were prepared to spend from $4,000:to $8,000-for the home, not including the cost of a lot. There.,. we're, others who 'said they wanted five or six rooms and could 'spend from $6,000 to $10,000 ^01 such a home. A few also indicated they wanted cheaper jhomes, falling in the $3,000 to '$4,000 bracket. iWith this basic information at •jiand, the ^committee then made *c^M:tsa^ x)bt^in--home- design^ ol returned questionnaires. With these designs, an Estimated construction cost for each of the various size homes was obtained, and it is this information that is to be issued within a'few days. Bantam Budget Homes ' After going into the matter for the past two weeks, the committee said that it felt small-type homes can be constructed -at a reasonable cost, and that the element of fear is keeping many from going into the matter—chiefly fear as .to c.osts,. • , A Bantam Budget style of homo, a one-bedroom unit, containing a living room and dining room combined, kitchen, and , bath,•... was found that can be constructed for from f-3,000 to $4,500, not counting cost of a lot. Final cost would depend on the design selected by the builder. . .'..,' Two FHA-approvcd plans have also been estimated. One is a one- bed-room house and -the' other a twosbedroom home. Whether or not the prelimin- ary'vwork brings any results will depend on th'e interested people themselves. But the housing committee does feel it has ob* lained some basic information ps to design and costs which will be of assistance to those interested in building, at 'a reasonable cost. New Owners For Several Farms Mr, and Mrs. <Lou Robinson have purchased the farm south of A'Jgona, across from Call State park,,. The farm was formerly occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Harpld Mosfier, Mrs. Louis Soltow, mother of Mr. Robinson, will make her home with her son and daughter- in-law. She has rented her home to W[r, and Mrs, L. M. Romey who come from Kansas City, Mo. Mr. Romey is with the Jos. Wei- denhoff Co., here. There are two children in the family. Mr., and Mrs. Mosher have purchased the Fay Harmon farm, in Union •twp., and the Harmons hove moveft to LuVerne where theyf purchased a pool hall and residence. The Jawn, place formerly occu* pied, ny the Robinsons has been sold to |f, B. Best of Algona, who plans" to live,,"there. This is the former MPN"$t acreage, northwest q"" T ..-..^.JH t«e Algofl* group were Lpjs larnajdj qiorja, Crawford, Ejjim.8 .Lott'&mpon, f Igie Eller, PpjlBa Mfifhfip, geyerly £ail». Pe- lores. Lan§, Mifdg§ ifeGwre, Bev- jgj Piug^y, M4 ^Uiiwt: Ben- eeAihy Hgi,^ Ff , jqwJHi Rich- ardsop, Irene Fi'^er* Wte Adams, M® te • Jiw^Off, gftmi New Editors Of 'Ripples' L.J'2'' j*,«V The 1348-1949 editors of "The Ripples", student paper published by St. Cecelia's Academy of Algona, are pictured above as they inspected the advertising room in the Algona News- papers'plant, recently. Standing are Tom White, Patricia Lickteig and Paul Thilges, who will b6 associate editors, and seated is Joan Hoffman, 'who will,be editor of the Ripples. 'Sister Teresita is faculty supervisor. (Algona Newspapers' flashfolo). Railroad Strike Off j Trains Arrive when eyejypne was W wqyjd happen pftey underway, 9 w§§ csljed Off, \ '•&% Milwaukee and •here, re, .... -. .....,...- ,_ Seed New P«rk Qfl Baptist Church Group '""..'•"'-,.' ' • B Court Injunction Legal Action Develops In Plan To Switch Local Church Affiliatipn . , Vl * •* "• The First "Baptist church of Algona was involved in a. legal jic- •tiprt between opposing forces -in the congregation, this week. c*Jjplain,tiffs- r fronv th , fondant group from anleridm^ the existing articles of incorporation of the church Unttl'.further order Tax Collections Far Ahead Of A Over $65,000 more in taxes was collected from ."kp'jssuth county taxpayers in the,' first three months of this year than was .the case in 1946, according to figures compiled by County Treasurer Rosella Voigt. Total amount, of taxes collected to April 1, 1948, from the first of the year, was $915,990.80. A year ago the total county tax collection was .$84i,788.69, including all special taxes, ! Thus far this year only 64.8 percent of the total tax had been collected, Miss'Voigt said. A breakdown. ;was also provided as to the distribution of tax funds, The mpney was divided as follows, for 1947 taxes due in 1948: ' County general, : $53,203,C4. Road construction, $17,667.11. Road maintenance, $182,660.64. Towns; $57,849,33. General schools,' including all in county, rural, consolidated and independent, $430,618.55. 12 Fenton Senior Class Graduates Fenton — Fenton high school's senior class activities get into full swing, this' week, with the senior class play set for Friday evening, May 14, • "Just Ducky" is the play's title. , / In the cast ,Qf pharacters are Eugene Mansager, Doris Bolling- ep, Lorna Kressjn, Maxine Dona- Ijue, Vincent Votteler, Franklin Mueller, Betty Voigt, James Hiatt, Dean Lufkln, Rpnald Chris- chilles, Phyllis Bierstedt an d Lois Bollinger, •* , , Baccalaureate services. will be held pext Swn^sy in the Metho- djst church, with Rev, Flowers gjvipg the sern,T.Qn, Commencemezit Will be held ay 18, in the school gymnas- m. Part T, v Feehaver, Fprt EJodge gupt, o|-§cho,61s, wll be ;fte eommeRcenient §P**ker. •, "lie- senior cjass ])st is identii to thejenjor^ tfking part to of the district court, and lo prc- <the Chja^ch affiliation from Ueihg switched Within the Baptist framework as to adherence to a specific. seejioni.j3,£.the church. .• "The restraimnw order was" signed by Judge G. W. Sffllhian, Friday. Plaintiffs, Defendants Plaintiffs in the 'action were L. W; Keith, Eve Presnell, W. T. Presnell, John B. Wheelock, G. R. Gooke, Mrs. G. R. Cooke, Dr. R. A. Evans, J. A. Freeh, C. E. Pricbe, Wm. Combs, Sr., Mrs. Delia Reaper, Wi H. Lacey and Ralph Tice. Named as defendants in the action were the First Baptist church, a corporation, of Algona Rev. Robt. F. Kittrell, pastor of the church, tne Iowa Secretary ol State, G. H. Ogg, Roy Richardson Leroy Smith, L. E. Stephens, Mrs. Wm. Geering, Betty Steph- hes, Jerry Lewis, Irving Urch and Robert Black. The court action goes back to a recent vote in the congregation and the results 'as -set forth in the plaintiff's*petition. A ballot wa. c held bv the congregation. May 3 at which time a vote of 75 to 6P went on record as favoring e change., in thq articles^ of incor- Doraiion so that the church might "hantje its affiliation within the Baptist overall structure. Do Not Want Change In the plaintiff's petition it h alleged that thjey represent the older people of the church who have been long affiliated, that through the years the church has been associated with the Northern Baptist convention and the Iowa Baptist convention. They say that in the past yeai 3r two a breaking away or schism has developed, and that the defendant group seeks to affiliate the church with the Conservative Baptist Fellowship, which has a difference in religious beliefs in comparison with the Northern Baptist and Iowa Baptist conventions. They also allege that the move by the defendants in bringing the notice of intent to amend the church articles of incorporation and the ballot held in the churcl), did not fully enable all members >o express their viewa on each individual point, buj that never? theless the church ' was nearly avenly divided. Each side is' being represented by attorneys. Plan Membership Drive For C, of C. With a prospect list, of spnje 104 ^businesses' and bus'iriess pr prpfessippai men who are,- not members, a membership drive will start in the near future fpr grater f jjrojjment 4*» Ithe ^pibfif 'of 9oijw 4 <thj?reu$l ehf-e bership, f 'WUTMRlttee ' ol Application Of Algona Went To D.M. Today Workers Need Only $8,060 To Reach Goal Application for a grant of federal funds to partially .finance construction of a new hospital in Al* gona was before the hospital committee of the state department' of health, today, in Des Moines. As of Monday morning, a total of $150,375 in cash was on hand in donations locally. This represents a collection of about $11,000 in money previously pledged, and some over $33,000 in new donations in the past week. Dr. John Kencfick and L. E. Linnan flew to .Detroit last week, where they obtained signatures on application papers from the Sisters of Mercy, who will operate the new hospital here. The Sisters have agreed to provide $150,000 in funds as their share of the project. „ , Need $8,000 More On the basis of cash on hand and money pledged, plus the money to be provided by the Sisters, the hospital committee hei;e said that a federal grant of about $163,000 should be forthcoming, ' This is assuming that the hospital plans as presented, plus the financial statements regarding local funds will meet all federal requirments today. However, a total of $176,000 is needed locally in funds to insure construction of the hospital as now the • architect's drawings. Joe ,Bradley, one of the hospital; committee members, said thai - > about $8,000 more was needed to meet this total, as of Monr day. There are still some '•> " ,~ funds pledged, but not'asv ' "' ••! ""i Ardis Kra^sM^J Ooing Tl^iSlf *'** . ,. ^- *i'».W. «"/Wt * light the received. ' ' ''OY/f . , , One came from .Richard Sher-' man, noted author 1 and now a resident of Hollywood. He contributed $1,000. Mr; Sherman was 'contacted by letter, and his don- 1 ation was received by return mail in a communication to T. H." Chrischilles. \\ , Chris Reese and his Coffee Gulped turned in a total of $153 in cash. Every member of.the Gulpers was contacted, and donations ranged from $1 to $25. Church Donates $3,800 , \ At St. ,Cecelia''sjchurch, Sunday, an appeal was made fojffunds'and .donations during the three masses; totaled $3,800. ,• " y There have also been several' new donations of sums-of $500. Goal set by the committee was $41,000 in new donations, and it appears that with a little more push in the next few ' davs that total will be achieved, As outlined in, the architect's plans, the acquiring, of-this-total will provide funds for not onltf'a three story hospital building, but 5 a special public health center unit. As set up by the federal and state health agencies,-.* this public health, unit would "serve / five counties^ and personnel to staff it would be supplied outside '> of the Sisters' organization, from federal sources. ', > > • The final hurdle in obtaining federal aid" is being tackled today, Joe Bradley and .L. E. Linnan • were representing the local' hospital group in PO B S M.oineS?; ' ' Polio Victim Is Making Recovery Peter Erfeldjnjplarmer north-'' west of Algpnajwlw is 'suffering from polip, is/showing eonsider-j * able improvement" Qvef s, -"week ago. He is taiing'toared for 'at home while awaiting notification ' of a vacancy at a Kenny polio cottage in Oes Mpiries, • '• There are eight'children Jin the I „• Erpelding family, an4 the-eldest-' boys; Marvin and Maurice^'havef taken ovep. the- *"' their fa - • ' are St. but , w when the family veloped. , ' * ,1 HI $ H ^ s% i stc %. C •£ 1 t^m. „•' *j£, "i^.\7 T-j^u3 4r . t f,

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