The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 4, 1948 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 4, 1948
Page 20
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tt-TO *;-;" V;M ;,' V '• si . J' ... Hille daughter of Mf. 4rs, W. ft Steele, wasiaketi * -'"•• hospital at MMpft |fng "trealmcht "'f6r ah" ill" fculte like pneumonia. She .covering but Mrs. Steele 'is Sning at Mason City during Bcknessv ' - ' Harold Ellis, the forme* ..3- Gupdef. , spent ,Moftday bart off TBe's'dUy'; .hefe tyilh Piaster Mfs. 'Ildlja'ScXweJg'.di.hd ' ^ig beldngings for het 1 'apd'ft- , She'has accepted, a ftosi-. as cashier in^frtcaffritnerfe.) Mis is & student a"t fie? j&$a' ffcollege. ,. ; .' . '"^ '*•"'*• v -» i and Mrs; Strrh Haag had as Ir guests ."April''26 the lat' [mother and brother"/ 1 Mrs/ Ward artd Chan-Of .Ql^ar Afternoon callers were- Don w,ard ahd Parhelia' 'ahd Ha Hydccker of ReTiwick. | Ward is k' sister-in-law of "I"! cl El £t ' * s " f ¥"*" * * t w* fssis of'- Mr>.jttd* Mrs.' Albet* , last T'uesday-i'weraMf. and f Ben DodH^ Marjfmhn '"arfd f'Louise 6'f. HiimbMdC- iffh'e In are sisters.' ( I fs.,Flris Miner JMason ' ApHl '23 to 'bVIni h6me ! 'KeT and frorrAthe Park hdspJtal, '6 he hfid'ffeen a;siir 1 ii?al'pa'-; agp y he Ififfered a- broker! Jwhile Jstaijtlrigif'a' • plahe,• /and fgh it was'l'sel a Second Jiiffle •* -the lfljli^^a£ncJiti'|l^aMig; rly, it|wdS^MaJ;y ; aelegsiaW: 1 /e some bbrf^'frafufig'dd'riev; dealers' meeting at the flanfoi-d . Mason ' .City last week. tbFdgrarh was SlJeak Vb or [UfS'.and Waf ,tfitts»ib^l for -'' 1 K° ____ .. len and Irene Fraser.. James es and OljJfqcd ^Shoiffe,- f6>- ...anied ';.the>:R6v/, ": Puriitgton. ( stfervillc, • to Def , Moines%Jiere. : attended ' art', -: : Epis'cdpal th conference from April 9 ie 11. .'* and Mi's. D. A. Teeter and son Clifford left Thursday airfield to attend .the furl-' of D. A. Teeter's; mother, She 98 years bid ana. the widow Civil war veteran. *• and ..Mrs. rretjKLassahn of -rbecame the^areW'-bf -a sna- ;., 12 ounce baby girl, their | child/; born April 20. Mrs. iahn is the forme'r June ' :<J au $l- t< r r •<>*' Mr.' and • Gale StOcWell."' "THe.n'eW ival has been named. Carol e. , . ••.••:•.•;•••• v -" : iene Mtiriagh went to Chicago esday to attend a'rrieetirig of ,he]Alliance of Insurance brripanies.; He will return Sat|-day. .v Mr. and< Mrs. John Kohlhaas, fie 'former's sister .Deha Kohl- Mas and Mr. ana Mrs. Fred Gei-' |el and Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Conk- \jn were among those from Al- |ona who; attended a hardware KGLO. Weekend guests of Mrs. Mary Miller Were her son-in-law and daughte>r'Mf, • attd Mrs.' L,, &. Crawford, of Minneapolis, Minn. •Mr. and" Mrs. W. A. &uHerl spent JHd.we'eenbT at Lake'F^k Mth their- ftiee,es MM thplr/flim. Hies, Mrs, C. P. Walker and-'MPi, M.. J. Karnis The women art 1 adughte-rs • of-|Mi late Mr. ,'< arid Mrs. Rfltss^ll .Bamfey, fdrme< \VelI Ritbwrf'/llioniBtw. Mfs. BlMfey was a sister of Mr. Button. -: L Sgt. Bugene Karnis, a sArilof ,Mr.- and ^13. Mi J, KarniS, tfe- c«\,Uy"a'rri'yed i &*o ( m ,J A apan Where 20 rrf6'rtt"hs-. ! < t Otfiei 1 guests Sunday were Mr. .and .Mrs. F. jS. Mill^ and family of Mankato, Minn. Mrs. Miller is a niece of , Mn Dtttton.'' 1 --Ati. Mr. and Mrs. 'Chick" ;.tiof\g left on ^Friday for Phbfeiilji, Ariz., where -they plan to sm'tfke their permanent home. Recently Mr. Lbng s61d the Chic studld,- Jjf.hic'h' he ow^ed here, to thS.flijS^ "sell stiidios at Mason Cit^^ln ArJ7.ona-Mr,-Long is planning-to have an open-air--studio and^'ti&iA-' fine his work exclusively to''dblor photographic .work. $&£> : Mr7 arid'Mrs. .John E. and t their'^daughter Cleo feahy;'* prey'are expected • TCIiey will visit 1\ son's parents, Mr..and I ^/ilsoti-artd the sisters, l r _. en'ce'-'lPeterson and Mrs":''"? K. Rising. 'It .will be time that Cleo has. grandparents. Mrs.' Wilson's?, ents live '-at'Forest City and some time will be spent with them/ The. Wilsons..had a cafe business at' Titonka for 17 years. ;They went to Oregon in 1943. . ;"' Mrs. Anton Anderson was hbst- te'ss to her sewing cliib members .Monday ..afternoon of last week. ;'"i ; 1?He 'M. A. Y. members of 'the Methodist church took' the M.Y.F. member's to Emmetsburg.,Tuesday evening for a roller skating =party at a rink there. ' . ' . ' ,' ' V'iMrs. Celia Deal spent .ffrom Tuesday .till .T^ursda$ ;f at,Qriet- tinger ''with .her'". j m*qther; JWrs. Elizabeth Morlan, ^rid her-:®s*ter and brother-in-lawV'Mr: an(^Mrs; Bob Simonson. •' ' f?Vfc^ i Mr. and , Mrs. Robert DeBoH and family of Forest' City visited the former's • parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lester DeBolt, Thursday. Guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lester DeB6lt one day ; last ,week were Mrvand Mrs.'W.' J. McKinney of Arnolds , Park. The McKinney; s Sdfl Stanley is fl son-in-law of the peBolts. They reft-ntly returned JWm Clearwater, .Fla., whtre they spent the winters attd sum* mers.~ They have a tourist cabin Ckrrtp at Lake Okoboji. ' Mr, attd M*«. fioy Bjuftltdffl went t6 Minneapolis', Min'n., -lor the weekend and brought home Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Bjustrpm, who had been vis/ting their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. ahd Mrs. Clifford Bjustrom. Mr. and Mrs. Verhon Mohn of Rihgs£6d were guests Sunday 6f Mr. and Mrs, George Wesley. I Bob Buiis and his roommate, Carl Anderson of DCS Moitte's, ipeht last weekend with Bob's Barents, .Mr. and Mrs. Frank futts. Tlie men are students at he loWa State college, Ames. ; Mf. and Mrs. Russell dfapser >f 'Estheryille and Evelyn~CVap- ser, who is in nurse's training at pubuque, spent the weekend at the parental Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy prapser home. Mr. and .Mrs. Charles Ulfers had as dinner guests Sunday the letter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. .Ernil Stoffel, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Long and Walburga and .Ida Naber of Bancroft/They had also come to attend the first communion of'the-Ulfers son, Bill. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Wheeloek and Mr. and Mrs. Russell Co'ok spent a recent weekend with Mrs. Mary Meador at Red Rock near .Knoxville. The three women are sisters. Arlene Malhson and her friend Carol Skpttobo, Forest City, spent the weekend at the Oliver Mathson honie at West Bend. Mrs. Ray McCormick returned Tuesday from. Fort Dodge where she had been a surgical-patient ."at the Lutheran hospital. Curing her conValescnce she is Witti her parents Mr. and Mrs. Jerome HaWRihs. Fifances Livingston went io OMafia,' Jfeb., 'Tuesday to bring Htirne his'wife and infant daughter, Mancy Belle, bdrrt recently at a hospital there. They hAve' another child, Linda, two and a half ye'ars old. ' Mrs. C. 3. Sill has not been well the past few day* artd is under a Doctor's care. Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Claesaddld sptlfit M6nday at Ames '6ri business for the firm. Charles Berringer, Herman Plathe, and • Henry Kohlhdas spent a day at Spirit Lake fishing. ' The Rev. Gilbert Kuyper 4*ov« to-.Foft Dcflge 1 recently io visft fHends .hospitalized there. He was accompanied by Mrs. Hugh Colwell and Mrs. L. E. Fairbartgs who Weht to visit Mrs. ColWelPs mother Mrs. Mary Hill. Mrs. Wade Sullivan accompanied her sister-in-law Mrs. Thomas Kelley and a friend Mrs. Leo Jon: 9y,q}d, of Emmetsburg, to. Fort 'Dodge, •& week ago to . spend 'spend tho clay w'th friends. ' ' ,M*> and Mrs. .W. L. Baker ac- com;^nnicd their daughter and' son-j 'i-law Mr. a,nd Mrs. Harold 1 Pres 'ins to Minneapolis, Minn., for.lh.3 weekend and attended the "Ice Follies," William Baker, Sr., was ftken home from'the Kqssuth "hospital last week following several days there for medical treatment fbl- lowing' a stroke. \His .condition remains' 1 about 'the' same, r Harry, 1 s"o.n of the-Bakers, came last week Thursday by plane' 'from San Francisco, Calif., and Will remain indefinitely, his sojourn depend- Sweep secqnd hand, water- resistant, guaranteed keeper, .A-).--l.--^,..r. .1. ,,„,. ..VJv t Just an ordinary .truck load brings over ' r '^"" ; ' ft ' ; ''' r '^ v •"'" •*•*•• Even thowgh you raised the .corn you are feeding, it still represents so much "' ' '' PROTEIN SUPPLEMENTS are high priced, ' too— but when compared to Corn, they are as "cheap as dirt." And supplements have not advanced in price like corn. It Paid to Feed. Balanced Rations ; i , • •-•?..":\. -•••••••* ••••"tt^!**-- '••:.«, ••• : ^>-:.'V'- :/ . Last Year . . . Unless You Balance Your Rations This Year Your Feeding Operations Are Very Likely To Show a Loss Don't try to balance your GOtpEN CORN with jijst ordinary suRpI.ements— SAVE CORN SAVE MONEY -ACCEPT THIS- NO RISK TRIAL OFFER ^ i<» _, t^i u See whnt .Sarg^nJ .MinraJ Jfao( does with your corn and feeding cost! We invite yovj to try Minral Meal on a guarantee that it will not tSgst you 9 ptpny vp* lea's it dots everything you expect of it, Here is our ofta;? Gel a osg <?f Meal, -Feed it; Notjpe th^ re?«Us, -If. after you have fed 100 Ibs., , satisfied, return the empty bag and we will ing on tlio progress his fdther fhakesi ' Vliifors ai Wad* Suili?aft's evening," last'"' we'ek C. W, Levy and John Por- airmont, Minh. «'«ftd Mrs. Leon MfltiiH spefli rf^ at Sac City with Mf. and Mrs. Robert Birttell, the former df whttm is instfumental ihstfuc- J6r in tho schools there. yit, and Mrs. Edward thaves returned recently from a visit of a' Week with relatives at Chica- feo.'ill. Mr. and Mrs. Jattfes MeKeatt have niovod to Whittemore where Mr. McKt-im will be associated With relatives in a cafe. Mr. and Mrs. Henry 2weifel have as guests this' week Mr. and Mi's. Julius Knopf, of'L'uVerne, Barents of Mrs; Zweifel'; ' ' . M«y Anderson, a student ai the Iowa State Tedehers college, Cedar Falls, spent last Weekend With her parents Mr, and Mrs. Homer Anderson. Mr. and Mrs. Earle Armstrong recently visited the former's father , Charles Armstrong, at Iowa. City, where he was a patient at .the University hospital. ' He was brought to his home at Jytonday following six wfteks Ir'eatment at the hospital. :He IS ebnsidei-ably improved and able to be around a little. Mrs. Esther Helberg, Don Gu- denan, Bernard Morrall, Lorna |luhnke, and Mrs. W. J. Gorman went to Iowa City and Knoxville April 25 to visit relatives and friends. Mrs. M. E. Clements has been at Jefferson most of the past fo'rt- night caring for her mother Mrs. D. F. Myer during her late sickness. Funeral services were held April'26 at Jefferson, Mr. Clements joining his wife there a few days previously. A sister of Mrs. Clements, Mrs. R. D. Schultz', of Ihglewood, Calif., and a brother and his wife, Mr. arid Mrs. L. L. Myer,'of Grand Junction, and the father D. F. Myer, are • at the Clement home for awhile. Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Riler spent a "day at Ames with Mr." and Mrs. W. W. Nanninga, the former of whom is a nephew of Mrs. Riter. Mrs. Hattie Burlingame and her sister Ada Merriam accbm- panied their sister and brother- fuei'dfiy/May 4, Algona Upper Dfli Mo>n«^ll ih-law .Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Cole ajnd dauightef Mary, of, West-Bend, to Garner, recently, Where they were dinner guests df .Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Merriam. Mr. Merriam is a brother of the women. John Buscher has .begun work for John McGuire on the road construction Work. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Crilly -went to Des Moines Apr, 26 and were joined by Vernon Voyles, son'of Mrs. Crilly, who is a student at Grinnell college, to attend the play "Private Lives" starring fal- lulah Bankhead and showing at the KRNT Mr. and Mrs. George Conklin left Sunday : for. Clinton 1 {o visit their sons and daughters-in- law Mr. and Mrs. Merle Conklin and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Conklin. They were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Leffert who will go oh to Elm Hill, a suburb of Chicago, 111., to visit their son-in- law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Harold Parsley. Mrs. Leffert will remain for a more extended visit but .Mr. Leffert will return after Patricia' and 'Gr'e'gor'y •Thursday for Cedat" . where Mrs. JQenttis will'. her father Joseph Blih and o relatives and Mr. Dennis will tend a Boy Scouts Wofksnb Camp Hitaga. They were join* ed at Fort Dodge by Jack Rnla who is also an executive and 101 attend the workshop. SEED . . - •-. >. .. f "B" Size EARLY AND 1.50 per bag Also table stock .HTOKHKJt POTATO STORAGE FENTON, IOWA .eft Always in the Fire Vol. l,No. 57 Tuesday, May 4, 1948 TAKE THE TIME TO LOOK INTO THIS -BECAUSE YOU CAN'T TURN BACK .T.HE CLOCK NEXT WINTER rr NOW IS WE: Hour r To Look Into . a ;'" v '^Winkler Stoker Install- - ation! .'I si -i, (•r ,1* i ; .1 ', i // We're lucky We Own a WINKLER!" Irons Can Give You An V V. . •• . •-. '• '' ' v Immediate WINKLER STOKER Installation Cares ond Worries When Cold Wea The country over, thousands of delighted families have made that statement with a sigh of relief. 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