The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 24, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 24, 1940
Page 5
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SATURDAY, raURUAKV 24, 10-10 BLYTIIBVILLB (ARK.) COUJtIER NBW8 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate jicr line for consccu- live iiuieriions: !me lime per line ioc V»'o times per line per day we Ihree limes per line per any...l>tjc fcix times per line per day l)5c Uontn rate per line 60o turds of 'nianks oOc & 15e Minimum charge 5t)c Ads ordered for inree or six times anil siojipcd beiore enpira- uon will be cliitiged lor tnc number of limes tlic tuttl appeared unii kdjustmeni 01 wll mane. nil uiiissnica Advei using cop> vubmiuea by persons residing oui- aue at uie ciiy must, ue uccoiti- lianicu Uy casn. waits may oe eas- ny compuittt iroiu uuuvc Uiuiu. AUVerusiiiB oiui-icu ior irregular jist'ruous i;<Kes tue une tune >xo mpoirMOJlity ivin ix luisen iur mure uiian ouc mconecl U uun 01 tiny clHSsmeu au, Business Op'limi ties i I'arly to im'CJil about 51000 ill lo- cai business enterprise, tnal snouid pay eiinal returns each jear. investment practically eiuniimeai. May take active part in inanai.- mmt il desired. State age. )>it-s-j -33 KOK1) COUPE cm oceiipaiion and other nnor-1 Dnrk „,.„„ flnis ,, Motor com| , )e |e- matiou auont sell. For interview j lv . reconditioned. New Kent covers, address Box "too" c/o courier JxCVVS - Busiest Used Cm- Lot In Town WHY? JUST LOOK! '37 C1IEV. SI'OKT SliUAN Ueaiitifitl miircon finish. Complete new set Firestone ilri-s. Kijupped with radio and healer. it 0/1A Special today t9«J*lU "M KOK1) nULUXK TlU)0!t Looks like new car. Color black. Low mileage. Motor in excellent condition. A truly clean car from lop to bottom.. He C ,° n , i Lon 99 ht Wife '3(1 FOKI) UKLUXK TUDOK Original gray finish like new. Equipped with custom radio, good tires, new seat covers. Low mileage. A car that will suit you 'X 1'LVMOUTl] 1>EI,UXK '2-door .sedan. Beautiful beige finish. Heater equipped. Motor In excellent condition. Very low mileage. Interior ol c; like- new .. $250 Ciir ..'... $435 For Sale 10 highly bred Jersey heifers with young calves. Bought from H«>r- scheil Smart herd, inquire Gamct Market. 8-ck-3-a Good, wood and coal, A. P. Burks Chickasawba and 11. R. 1'iione OD7. 31-ck-^-ia Welding EXPERT WELDING ELECTRIC & ACETYLENE Charles Long, tcrmerly welder for Blytheville Machine Shop DRAGLINE and HEAVY WliLU- | ING OUK Si'KClAt/rV $195 equipped. A car that will give you many miles of carefree driving. Monthly payments as low as $13.37 ... '31 FOS1) "GO" TUDOK Black finish. New .witi covers. Motor and tires in A-l condition. Exceedingly low mileage. See As drive this car today... l!i TON TKliCKS. COMMIUICIAI.S S I'ANKLS '38 INT. STAUt; I'ICK-Ul 1 . Ne\v paint. Tires and motor excel It-nt condition '37 CHKV. SEIUN DEI.'Y Color black. Tlrfs and motor in excellent cou- dlilon. Onlv ° ad GOP ir > Chicago Race "I'll find her in GO clays", Ivan Poderjay, former Yugoslav army captain, was sayin/j when this photo was snapped. He referred to his wife, Agnes Tufverspn, successful New York corporation lawyer, missing since lie married her in 1933, and thought murdered. He served 5 years for the bigamous marriage, anil is pictured al Ellis Island, N.Y., awail- inn deportation lo Yugoslavia. $299| For Rent wheels, red . D.W. GARAGE Deli, Ark. Welding BXI'ERT ELECTRIC AiNU r.CKTYl.KNB Drag line and heavy welding WELDING g line and heavy weh siiccially. Barksdale Mfg. Co. I'hone 1U or lies. 11)19 Farm Loans Large or Small At Low Interest Rates. We are equipped lo handle large or small loans on any sized tract of farm land, at low cost, and at a low interest rate. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 213 Walnut. St. Blytheville, Ark Trees For Sale . $275 "M Ford 11" Ton truck. Dual rear $235 Oilier.-;, all Makes, in Excellent UomVition lo Oboosc From PH5LLBPS MOTOR CO. 1 room furnished apartment. Private bach, l^ectnc retriyeraior. Janice un W. Ash. Call 2'J1. 24-ck-lf I'llitlliiB l)»lr To lie Slai-ki'd l.lKl' (Ul'l—'t'iie fiOOth nunl- vrrsary of |) 1( . invenllmi of prlnl- IIH; wild movable (yp ( . will he ct'le- iimicd in l.elp/lK In March. The "iiHlvciMivy coincides with Ihe l.»H:ii'<l scA-stoii of (lie help/In Kalr. Our Service IS YOUR Assurance A fi'iituiv of Itie lUlulversary will lie tin- demonstration of (lie liitest methods of printing The .sinnllesl, known star Is aljoiit the sUe of the New modern ; rent. Vacant Cucil Lowe. room March house for first. C'nil •2 modern furnished rooms. 1315 W. Main. 24-ck-lt "The UeinncriiLs are coining!". is Ihe cry in Chicago ;md He- publican 'candiitnlcs run for their iinnor. William (•'. Gallim:, ivmtlidnlc for :i ii'iird post, says he's wearing coal ot mail in loop eampniKH hccausc he hoard il would be "iinsiile" for him lo run for (lie oflice. !_ Nice bedroom convenient 10 Slcam heal. Phone 'JBO. 5lh &- Walnut i'hone 811) •10 acres of land, about 30 acres in cultivation, 2 mites Norlliwesl of Hall Moon, Mo. J. 1C. Lunsloid, 1601 W. Mam. ' aa-i Room, close Walnut St. in, Mrs. Molen, ail) 22-ck-ll Safe Driving! Pad- motoring Is the nlm ol every (t.-h-cr. 'men, why not as- smv yourself tif Mils safely us far i\s your automobile Is concerned. urlvc In and lei our im'ehanlfs put your car in shape (or driving. The cost lp mid the work EXPERT MECHANICS MODERN EQUIPMENT ALL WORK GUARANTEED PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5lli & vvalnut tortli. voiut GASOI.IM: ( wisui-v SAVE •'<(' In U' I'cr Gtillon ON (iAHOLINK Valuable Coupons tt'HIl Mich riirelnis« (iASOI.INIi-MorOll Oil, KliltOSKNH Wlmlcsnlr ,t lU'tull THADi: WITH JOYNER OIL CO. hiih'lit'iuli'iil Dealer TANK (iAIt TO YOUlt (JAIt lll«li«-iiy (il, North. Illydicvlllc Wn Ilcllvcr I'hcmi- Ifi3 Now l,or;itcil In (Jloncoe lloiel IHily. ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU »ON l-;i)\VAUI)S, I'ruprldor All Jiiilics iif Kcbiillt 'I'.vpcurlters, Adding Machines and Calculators—Itqialrmg—rails—Ribbons ROYAL HEIR FOR SALE! OIK 1 used KOCH IteiilifCiiilm- White Metal Meat disc with Friufdalre Compressor. Display itonl with excess .storage mid cold drink spiicc, Like new. Ordinal cost, $1151. Cash price for (illicit fall' $395. 'Terms nv- rmiKtcl to responsible piirtlps. One tium puprr tiipe machlm 1 , counter equipment, nnd candy cnsi 1 . Triced for quick side. One Falilianks-Moisc Water I'imip ivIUumt motor. '1'rucc- Cbulns. H few nood mule enl- Int's, cotton hoes, so bushels Cu- rcsun trenlccl DI'L.-ll-A Coltou ' R.E.WRIGHT I!. \V. (II, One iUlle Ko. I'lllllll! '1KI-.1 JlOIUXOiNTAti ' Hiinitiitlnn crown 'prince, 7 Printed Lniln 12 Dave's cry. 13 To furnish, inicvv wllli men. 15 liussiun .villiilW. l(i Inborn: 17 Cilnss marble. 18 To iircpuro tor publication. 20 ricnoiilti. 22 Work of rje.nus. i3 Alliaceous plant. Answer to I'rcvlous I'uzilti II Still'. iO Ugly old woman. 0 Those that iiiirac. 32 Data. 33 Norlh Africa. 3-1 Untruth. 35 Old wagon Illicit. 3D Second lesl, 38 Wntllc tree. 3V Furtive watcher. •12 Preposition. •13 Moulhlllw opening, •IB Three. •II) To strike. SI Invnrlnbly. 02 Musical uolc. B3 Kxlurlor. fi'l New Ehglaiul, 55 His Innd Is in ihc ot Europe. 56 He was king under VERTICAL 2 I'orlrnit statue. 10 Spiders' nesls; 11 Port of eye, M Fertilizer. 10 Capital ot Ills land. 10 Formed as a mosaic. 2lRifihl. 23 Supplies • with nlr. 25 One that limes. 27 God o£ sky.- 28 Pistol. 30 Priest. 31 Tnpcrtne 30 Worthless person, 37 Crystalline 38 Enticement. 40 Pair. 3 Heavy siring. -HTO scrcnm. •1 Sharpens ti 0 Ago. C Lawful. 7 Wlclierwotk. II United. 0 Reforms oneself. 'MKiln. .45 Form of "I." 47 Lurgc ox. • 48 Male offspring. •lOGeinis of rodents, . 50 Detore. We S]irciali7,c in SWEEPING COMPOUND Shouse-Henry Hdw. Co. I'll one 35 For Sale or Trade 1 Store building. Huffman. Couple preferred. 1'. K. Kisscll, llullman. 2a-ps-2'j 0 room house anil balh. Unlnrnisli- ed. 025 Walmu. Phone M5. 21-pk-io MOLES Will trade for Mules, Cows, IkiRb, Callle, Corn, Hay and Lumber. Delta Implements, Inc. See Floyd Simpson 8-ck-u 'I room furnished apartment with bath. Phone 863 or G50. 2l-ck-U One bedroom adjoining bath. 10UU W. Ash. Call 445-W, Mrs. M. G. Goodwin. l Unfurnished apartment in Shane Apartment Building on West Main Street. Call 571 or 107. 1-ck-If Poultry Plant early bearing Pecan and Fruit Trees now. Catalog: free, liass Prcau Company. Lmnbciton, sissippi. Mis- Baby Chicks Custom Hatching Marilyn Hatchery lilylheville Hiii-y. (11 North Room and Board Rooms or apartment. chickasawDa near School. Plione 116. SOpkl!-28 Repairing i Expert gun repairing. Sec E. M, j i Damon at the Blythevillc Arm• ory on Wednesdays and Thursdays.! Personal „. Liver, irork on" j the bile to rla yourself of const!Room and board. Slca mhcat. 803 j ration, gas pains, and that _sour, W. Ash. Phone 993. Found , v , i T, ; \\aiitecl lo iiu-y Ladies wedding ring. Owner mayi _" ! have same by identifying. J. D.|\Vanl to buy. Rood used typewrit-1 ACTIVE «,IVEH PILLS 25c al aU Kirby stores have been round in some Smith, phone 862. WASH TUBliS 22-cfc-26 cr. Call 305. J. !•'. F.ilis. 20-ck-27 Egyptian tombs. FOC THE 6RWWS OF TWS OUTFIT.'LIJA, you DOW'T TAVCE NO BVUE RI630US, THOU6HT VCD WERE TOU6M!..FWEOr VOU, S'OU COULDN'T WHIP OM6 1.0HE MAW I EXTPA !! All. ABOUT THE BIG o\\. ROY (.'RANI MB TO COMi3RATUl.r.i E X IF W6 CWT MAH. W BRIW6N6 1HW6'E« KR THESE SCOUUOREL'S TO JUSTICE,/ MURDER, VOJ VOU\IE PERFOSMED A 6REAT PUBLIC CAW BETCH.4, UFE V'E'U-GET 'ES\ FOa OS1HS ' WELL, MATTIE, i RECKOV: IT'S 'SAFE TO W6 UP VOUR aR^^Dt-WTHER'S OlVSTOCy;. IT OU6HTA BE WOBTrl W IEAST A VWoil- 5AWD TIMES NWCc THAW T"E' ' N>=RE c-Q'HC, TO PAY VOU FISTULA A Fistula is a fulse diiiinagc canal which usually starts Irom mi iilcenitlon Unit peiietrati's (lie reclal wall and works Us \viiy dnwnu'nrd and ontivnnl. In the mini region where II npprins as a Ijoil or alisccss. Flstnlu k n ireaclicroiir. dangerous condition that tiiadunlly and surely wastes one's vitality mid Imilth hy the absorption ol pus and Uixlns from It, Into the blood slrciim. A cure is accompllslied without hoEpltall/ntlan or loss of lime from work by our nnibulnnl office methods. Wauled to Ren I Luxorn, Ark, aa-pk-3-z DRS. JNIES IllyUiovlllo, In -Spencer. t;i., il is against Iho law to mate nicie commcnl-'; about » pn.ssorby in the slreel. Why So Myslurions, llcd'j liY FUKP HARM AN HAKE Vf EA'SX.SOSS. U£D W06R-1P DOR. RSe& ARE VJVteMVJEGBT OUR V6,^ HOS5E57 )U MUST BE CRATY TWO fJu^jTLc.R.5 oust BRWG -rfZA.vis AW' WHERE YOU BEEN? The End of ihc Ti-iil Oi- COURSE I REALIZE WE VW5M T KWOVV BY TAKJNG THE TKAIL JHK1J THE PASS,"THEM FOU-OWIMG THE RIVER, you SHOUUP OFTME ciry IN A FEW SOU CAM'T RETURW 71L YOU FIND OUT WHERE WE ARE WOW REACH THE SIT6 THERE'S MO DOUBT OF IT. OOffUiYsSES TAWPOCOLA, HOOTS AND HRR IUII)[)IKS I'JJKCKLES / -------/ MBRRILL HI-OSSEK » MEVER MIND RbAo^io THE SECOND AMD ^A^^RDS / WELL, X GUESS OUP. PIOURE is .;, FINJSWEO 6Y ORDER 01= THE PCX ice- DEOlRTMEWr / TVIAr f,'f:.VM ( W1LC KECP JUNE A«5UMO ' I-IEY-, FELIAS (A/MV CANT WE FINISH THE P1CTORE; IM • KINGSTON ? ALL we WEED is AEOOr A MUMDRED (/ORE Ktr.TO RMISH WEICOMES YOU/ TMOUSHf, OF WHY SllOOr THE L4.&V TWO SEQUENCES, AMD

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