The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 4, 1948 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 4, 1948
Page 11
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lJWita tHppet: ilk a tt !*<» M con Bm-a s pestd- ee. at Algona, Iowa, under Adt of Congress of 3, 1879. Issued Weekly By fcE9 MSitfBS ftllLISkiffG _ ; . • ' J, W, HAGGAttfy ftdftor .".., ft, B. WAtLEft, Managing Editor ' C, S. EKLANbEft, Advertising Manager -< •' . . = D. fi. DMWEL, BusihfesS Manager MITOftlAL, QCIATIN ADVERTISING REPRESENT ATJVB National Advertising Service 188, W. Randftltth St., Chicao, 111. : BATES IN Kbfifi CO. Year, in advance— ..*.... »^^-....— .$3.00 iUjSpeVDes Momes and Kossuth County Advance in combination, per year_4.._$5.00 Copies ..... .„„._.. ..... ^...L..10c 3tfS8GWPTlON RATES OUf SIDfi KOSSUTH prie-Year, in advance ____ _. ...... .. ____ .,-$4.00 tfpper; Des Moines and Kossuth County C •'• Advance in combination, one year._*_$6.00 • tyb ^u'bgcription less than" 0 months, i j "/'.' .,';. ADVERTISING BATES 'Display Advertising, per inch—,..— —____5Gc ''-*-— —-^| - - ----- ^ ----- |- r - ---- -' • -• -.-r i_lf_i- •• • r_ . .L.'_ L ____ _____ - ------ - IbPFIc'lAL CITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER * STASSEN STARTLES BOSSES ;.;.'•'• The old line eastern republicans who have for many years dominated the party when* it came- to nominating a candidate for president, have been jarred up considerably lately by the great showing made by Harold Stassen, former popular governor of•' Minnesota. This young man from the West'has lately carried the states of Wisconsin and Nebraska by flattering majorities in the face of Strong" campaigns by Geni MacArthur, favorite son In Wisconsin, now in Japan, Gov. Dewey of .New York and Sen. Robt. Taft of Ohio. It is now thought by some'of the.leaders that Gov. Dewey, notwithstanding the 90 votes he is assured of in New York, will not be able to win and the fight W,ill be made by Stassen against Sen. Taft. Taft is:supposed to be the conservative candidate and Stassen the liberal. •. In case that this is true, it would seem to this writer • that Stassen would be pretty sure of the nomination unless the other candidates were able . to-combine to oppose him, which is considered unlikely. of a deadlock after a few votes, if sfomeone should get up and yell "Ike" in a strong vojcft th.ei'e would be a rush of delegates and Gen. Eisenhower would be nominated unanimously. It is'•'thought b'y many that the people are getting tired?pf-being pushed around by political "bosses" dhd'"'"leaders" and are ready to take the reins in their 'own' hands. However, it is considered that wjthput exception all of the republican candidates areiable ! and honest men. The oldest tj •iVandenberg, is perhaps . Gp< i egpev.v i .aim i j should he be t'o say; that the lereui u lew given '-.the ^' republ,v If next 'president. We 1 , , " has honestly tried . ;•• ' -i *s \» l.f such 'a terrible the .democrats, yenry Wallar has! heretdf ' liable to>, ., ...-•, / H kV , ,«~i ot-. „. M. Mrs. ,&use and fid^? 1 ' . •ing ; with 'I**' -., Quinh ');<*'" ••• ;••* turned-' >'th e ;Mf ,Uman st , ef * Meriting a ,ars,' but T* ' , ..imd with /vote which /.' Truman is .S —J.W.H. '/ r I ur th /Resident sees "npthing , _,.,iysician "taking a flyer" .,.1 the administration or close ,,.1. inside advance knowledge .of j buying program, it is indeed ret l.hember back when President Hoov- .',;•- 1 .fan resign a routine job with one of the airifi^{|^because of public criticism that ho mem- ier S 6f; the president's family should be connected With'Jah industry that receives y a federal subsidy. And ai§9,',if we remember right,- President Hoover r^us>d,to, t$lte his yearly $75,000 salary and re- urneMthe ,whple<1§um to the United States treas- fyftwfth.tHe idea that the government needed he rnQney worse than he did. It will be remembered 1 that'Hoover was defeated for re-election by the New Dealers and Harry Hopkins made the re- marlt that the^ new administration was going to ''bqrjfow and :spend"and spend and lend and lend" which ihas; been going on ever since. Men like Hooye'r and Jack Garner have long been shifted to the background and cheap mpney now flows like- 'water. Times have indeed changed. —J.W.H, ! CAN WE UY THIS TO ROOSEVELT? In these days when we are constantly being solicited for contributions to many charities, com- Tnunity chests whereby we include sixteen or eighteen gifts to various suppossidly worthy 'char- itiesj many, or at least some, of which we have neve} 1 heard of and care nothing shout, we cannot be bjame'd if occasionally someone voices his be- wildfrmenV and lack of enthusiasm for the. con* inf call on' him for more and more funds for so ajiy projects, many of which we may regard ^ »Uly. The .story is ,going the rowdi of a men wbolajreftdy indent wss geing solicited by 8om,e tie chronic "dQ'gooders" with someone elsea , addressed, the following reply lo the lady i • * %• solicitor! " ~T—•**••** "Oe^Mada.mi.i must respectfully da- ctine lomigh up ffve dollars toward a fund tb build«a home for orphan dogs, tats, pig" oonsijIfsflibftS) and what-n6ts. My shattered financial .condition is shattered bfedausi of federal'laws; state laws, county laws, corporation laws, liquor laws, molher-m^laws, brother*ln-ltiw,8, sister-In-laws, and outlaws. , "Through these laws, I am compelled to t pay a sewer Wx» amusement tax, head tax, ' ' School,tax,.fo«d ta'X, gas tax, light tax, water tax, income tax, and excise .tax; eVen my brain !s 4 taxed, I am required tb get a busi- •ness license, car license, truck license, liquor license, cigarette license, a marriage license, and a dog license, , "1 am. also requited to contribute to every society and organisation Which the genius of Man, is capable Of bHnging to life, to women's relief, unemployment relief; and the gold diggers' -relief; also to every hospital arict £harit(ible ipstlttitiofv in the city, including the Red Cross and the Blue Cross 1 , Purple Cross arid double cross. For my .own safety, I am required to ' cariiJl life insurance, property insurance, liability^, insurance, burglar insurance, accident insurince, old age insurance; business insur- nnc^^rnado insurance, fire insurance. M'yfhome is governed so that it is no easy matter for me to find out who owns it. I arrt? inspected, expected, suspected) disrespected, ^rejected, examihed, informed, required, summoned, dejected, fined, compelled, until 1 provide an inexhaustible supply of money for every'human/ne^d,'.• Sesire, .or hope of the humian race.,'Sirripiy' be,ijause I refuse to donate'to sofrlethingjdr-othfei 1 , I'am ' boycotted, talked about, lied'about,' held dowii and robbed." ' . ' • ' The- man evidently forgot to : mention that he was obliged,'by reason of heavy ex- ' penditures, to cash some War Savings Bonds the interest he received at less than THIIEE per .cent .from the federal government he had to include in his income for the yeaf upon which he paid a tax of approximately TWENTY per cent. —J.W.H. * * *'"'..; LABOR BOSSING PROFITABLE We understand that some'one inquired. the other day whp was president, John; L. Lewis or Harry Truman. As a matter, of .fact it is a question that many of us are asking these'days. When a .labor brigand attains. such p6wer that he can'jstop by a wave of his hand.the;whole in* dustry '6f^the:>country, factories, railways, etc., he is in theisarrie position of JosliuaV'in bible days, when he commanded the sun to stand still,- At the moment we forget whether the sun:fcomplied with old Josh's orders, but we do ^knqw that when John L. Lewis, the union labor,boss .issues his orders the whole of the United States it &ee"rris can be forced to stand still. Iii addition .jt'o thiS',enormous power it, was stated in Drew P^ars6n ! f);qbiumn recently that the Lewis family draXvs over $150,000 a year. John L. himself. draws $25,OQO !! frpin the Union as .president, plus expenses! v,-: 1 ,--.''" Denny Lewis, brother, head of tJnitecl Construction Workers Organizing committee ( .$12,000, plus expenses. . . •. "•" . :. --• • • Kathryn" Lewis, daughter, secretary-treasurer of District 50; $10,000, plus expenses..'. ,, • R. O.'Miller, brother-in-law, ihanaget ol.U-M. Building^ rft Springfieldi'JU.l $lbj<X)QtHe\*t VMH <» Ann .Miller, daughter of R.;6 : ,'Miller, 'U.M.W. stenogFaph'er;"$3,000. ' •>.' : - ; .^,'vi->'. r 'V.-",-' ; ^-' •• William Thomas, cousin,.manager(p,f U,ii.W. building in Washington, D. .C.,,$lp,000. ; ".v v - ' J. R.^Bell, brother-in-law,4controllef]'of District so, $ib;doo. . • .' •'.'• "••/:••' : 5 ;.'^ ; '".'' Ray Lewis, brother,^sec-treaS-! District 1 17 at Charleston, W. Va., $10,000. ' " -, .i•'' ^ Herbert Bell, brother-in-laW,' -Drstijict 50, $8,- Margaret Lindig, sister-in-law, of: Dentty Lewis, U.M.W- stenographer, $6,000. : . : ( V 'S' ''.. •/.' Plannah Carr Lewis, sister-in-law,': bookkeeper District 12, Springneld; ; $6,bopv ' ,;< -,'•!';' : Floyd Bell, brother-ih'-law, ;esti'rnated- income over $40,0100 a year. , •,'. ,7. »•; •••'..'V;; ' : (i ",.'»' Floyd 1 Bell derives his $ v £QjOQO ffrorft ; the^ National Surety Corporation, whifcli reorganized from -the" 1 v * V1 --" JJ when the latter tion bonds all officers; i the . Thus,; thgrtake' of tiie]^is^|pp|ddsi:,up to the grand to'talof around-$\ min' '*- •' : ' '- PASSING STRANGE H .Mason City Globe-Gazette; Socialism is now pretty general over Eurppe. Ours is almost the last of the medium and larger, natiorts to stick to free enterprise. " : .''-V ; '' . : '"'.'."-.V' p ;,i',. -> '•'-:.•,...' It must strike the doctrinaire'socialists, as at least peculiar that the socialist nations are all begging for, help from the only free* enterprise' nation left—and'whereas their people 'are all on short rations ours are currently enjoying, the. _hif(hest wages and living conditions qf any U\ hjst<pry. . Could it be that Karl Marx got, off .'on the wrong foot away pack'theye? ~ * * * ' i . U. S, Department of Statistic^ show.thal Iowa is the "JSTo. One agricultural stftt^ k tn jjie.. nation," Income, per fftrm Ja«t y$ar avtspag§4 $11,500. The estimated 8,009 f«rm,ers with 4riepme$ of more who ma'de v that much in 1044. The state has about 206,000 farmers. Qf course during the past few years th^ji^yernment $93 fyirante«d the farmers ejree^WgbfeWgb pric^ for nwff e| tt» necessities of lift) W«(w*d W? th^m. f Ml caonQt always last. : t w§§ g visit 0 ? 1 id the ^{ist.wl ter.QulBfi'^f the t that tt»e ujuai',truj Syipsrs and th^ir ^ mat ?o.\» r j&y WH8W.,- ^now whst C5IM iwip ancj they 40 ft 1QQ p|T< tort - ' v J too. saw «ai tt tht mtittfni Btll' Pf -^V,T"Sf!^-wm •"?»; _ « ftSCOUBt I'wM ft weft WyjJMi- they hardlv ewer saw me. ^ & dance be given on the drag and the proceeds be used to Banquet the Reeses, and R. E\ PeYry thought maybe the Drakfe band could be hired and ticket* sold for a buck and with whifift tb furnish pie for th,e. party. Jinl Allen was in favor of just giving' the Reeses a cup of coffee arid Jess Hill was in favor of that because on account of the Reese* didn't use cream and sugar and the party wouldn't cost so much. Bill Dau said he was willing to 1 kick in a buck. because on account of it would be nice not having to hear the rattle bang of the Reese jaloppe passing 'his place early morning and all hours of the night, so to speak. Mr. Wendell suggested that maybe a charge could be, trumped Up against me and I could be hailed into Judge Johnston's court and a fine could be hitched to me and then Wayne Riddle and John' Wheelock and J. P. Smith could So my bonds and so the South Dodgers would be under no oblU gations to. give the Reeses a so- long party. • But Deputy Lindhorst and Chief of Police Cecil McGIhnis were opposed to this and they said I hadn't stolen any horses'or chickens while I lived on South Dodge so they couldn't pinch me, hence a so-long feed would be in line. And so it is that the South Dodgers, my neighbors for six months, are going to pull a big so-long party for me at 8 bells next week. And ot course a feed like that will cut down on, my grocery bill for the week. In the meantime I'm now residing nearer the north pole and Santa Claus and the summer temp will be nice as was the winter temp oh South Dodge. Have a new tele- phopp and the number is 142-J and'Fred Timm says the J was put on to show t:nat I was a Jerk' and that I wrote Junk and gulped Java. Out at Good Hope the other night 1 lugged my fiddle and presented the Union Township Farm Bureau with a bunch of headaches and Jens Sorensen asked me to come out and make a fool of myself and which I did and Bill Dodds Jr., said had he known I was going to be there he'd have brought his ear muffs and several of the members had to resort to anaoins while I fiddled but the ladies were nice to fn6 and gave me pie a la mode and coffee and Glenn Jenkinson is secretary and he's going tb " e me the members' names and I'll get even and sign the bureau tt| in the Gulpersv Bui tt that I liK6 that bunch in Uniftn t6wn- ship. And it was Milo Ahrens who came out here and put a tele- phono in the apartment ahd it's ofle of those which don't hang on the wall and it Would majte a good weapon' when the Mrs. gets mad at me but it's so handy because on account of you don't have to hug a wall to do the talking and Milo did a swell job and he^s" now a member of the Gulpers as is also his Wife: Yep, we have a telephone but if you want to/give me a piece of your mind you. mustn't swear because on account of it's against the law to swear over the phohe. • * NOTICE TO BIDDERS Notice is hereby given that sealed bids will be received by Adah Carlson, City Clerk of the City City of Algona, Iowa, up to the houi; of 8 o'clock P.M., of the 14th day of May, 1948, for the construction or installation of improvements to the heating systems of certain municipal buildings, all in compliance with plans and -specifications, proposal forms and contract documents now on file in the '.office of the City Clerk. The City Council will meet in the'-Council Chamber of the City Hall at said time to conduct hearing upon said contract documents and to publicly open, read and act upon sealed written proposals. Bids received after closing time will be returned Unopened. • Proposals, must be made upon prbposal forms, which may be se•cured from the Clerk, and sealed, ;addressed and delivered to the City Clerk. Right is reserved by .the Council to reject any or all 'bids and to determine which is the lowest bid. ' '.Published on order of the City Council. V ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk •'-."." a!7u . OFFICIAL NOTICE PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that the City Council of the City of Algona, Iowa, proposes to enter into a contract or contracts for-the purchase of necessary material and employment of necessary labor and services for the construction and installation of. certain heating systems in municipal biiildiflgs of the City of Algona, and that there is now on file in the office of the City Clerk of the City of Algpha, Iowa, proposed plans and specifications, proposal forms and contract documents which are how made a part of this notice by reference, and that pursuant to the laws of the State of Iowa, the City Council has fixed public hearing upon said proposed plans and specifications and proposal forms and contract documents for bidders to take place before said Council, at a Regular meeting thereof, to be held in the Council Chambers of the City Hall in the City of Algona, Iowa, on, the 13th day of May, 1948. at 7:30 o'clock P. M., and that ail persons interested are hereby notified of their right to appear at said time and place and make objection, if any there is, to said proposed plans and specifications, proposal forms and contract documents. Dated this 27th day of April, 1948. ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk a!7u Special 'FARM SPRAYING Meetings A K M S T R ONO — Armstrong Sale Barn, Friday, May 7th, 8 p. in. ELM.ORE — Arend's Sale Hani, Thursday, May Gtli, 8 p. in. Get the latest information on farm crop spraying, c h e in i c a 4 s — Modern spraying equipment. MULLINS HYBRID SERVICE CO. BRITT, IOWA Tuesday, Mffy 4, 1948 JVC W• AMAZINGLY BEAM WALL COLORS THAT x^j^xt?^ WITH DRAPERIlfe 1 fWmtfy RUGS, WALLPAPf ,» T' HW.BJrTl^P H Jmm DECORATORS i Here are the most bsautiful wdll [ colors ever erected I An amazing ! new discovery in color harmony! These new, reedy-mixed* oil-bdsV pain's harmonize perfectly with draperies, rug:', v/allpapdrs ,* j .' without tediou; mixing. 84 lovely new shades . . . acclaimed by leading inlsrior'decordtors!' • 'HOW TO PAINT IT" BOOKLETS NOW ON DISPLAY AT 606 DIAGONAL SOWA CO. PHONE 628 WANT ADS BRINGS RESULTS IF IT'S NEWS, WE WANT. IT! Whlt.lldcwilUtrtl,. u Mluitratril, available lit r.xtr> colt. iis is the one, of course, that you spot at a glance. This is the one that sends a string of facts racing through your mind — if you know automobiles — the instant you see the name ROAD- MASTER spelled out on its fender. U, 'p to one hundred and Fireball horsepower. Eighteen , feet big — and spring-colt lively,, Gorgeously finished. Coil-spring cradled on all four wheels. Shod with oversize tires,that take extra low pressures for added comfort. Convenient too — with pushbutton controls not only for-the top, but f pr door windows and the front^seat adjustment as well. This, too, is the only passenger car in this country where the power plant does what gears used to do. Here's the one place you'll find Dynaflow Drive,* in which liquid replaces not only the clutch and manually operated low, second and high, but mechanical gear* '' changers as well. 'V in'short — here's liquid ease and smoothness in delightful new degree, through a sort of "magic muscle" that lets you forget about gear* changing practically entirely. Looked up to for impressive appearance — looked up to for superlative ability. x Looked up to for what's newest in engineering advances. \ If your standards call for a real performen— and for quality a cut above the ordinarily good — specify ROADMASTER when you see your dealer (with or without a oar to trade) about getting an order in. ,- > /• " !</*,</, ^S^'W ... ' - -"^'^ •>«s£\ s^l^^^^lf BUICK atone has all these features T«n« M HENRY J, TAYLOR. Muloql Ntlwqrk, HEIP-AMERICA PRODUCE FOR PfAQE * DYNAflOW DRIVE. (op,i.«i. «.«(»«<«• s«*.) it TAPER-THRU SWUNG («•<•«•• «»* *>«'«•«<•') * VIBRA-SHIEIDED RIDE * SAfETY-RlDE RIMS * H/.PO/SEO flREBALL POWER * 80AD-R/TE BALANCE * RIGID TORQUE-TUBS *Q(IADRUfieX COIl SPRINGING * SOUNO-SQRBER TOP LINING (*•»•' "^ Ko^m^ur ) * DUOMATIC SPARK ADVANCE * fLEX-flT OIL RIH9S it TEN SMART MODELS * BODY BY f/JHER •TURN IN YOUR SCRAP IRON AND STEEL wonder, then, this car is looked up to. Wfaff better automobiles are built BUICK will build them Jones and State KIRK AUTO CO. Algona/ lowt Bring Your Car to Kirk Auto Co. LUBRICATION e» ^WASHING MOTOR TUNE-UP ANTI'FRBEZE BATTERY SERVICE MOTOR OVERHAUL WHEEL BALANCING Complete Line of U. S, ROYAL TIRES Ride the "Air*ffide" IfT US SHOW YOU WHY U, S, ROYAU J °NES & • STATE - tS^3^T^

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