The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 4, 1948 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 4, 1948
Page 9
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ossuth League Season Opens Sunday I* ^£ - i •• H^^ ^^^ ^^^^^ ^^™ ^^^T'M^» wyw; Rasters ——-———^^^ * ; • ,t«"f7'J| '' : ' : ;:3p«ro MAY 4, .tftV-f ^•Sjt Ready For Eight Team Circuit •iy" B*-*° its Official KICK. Kds.uth county, next Sun.. When the Kossuth League seasoh opens. There ara eight teams in .the circuit again this season. The schedule will-be found elsewhere on this page today. \ Rosters of players for the season Were*turncd In last week, and are as follows, with the exception of Whittemore, whic.i Was forwarded to Eric Seege- " &t \? «?A Lkhd . Rock and was not available at this time. Algona K. C, Hosier ~~ mnaa Don Winkel, Gordon Winkel, Bob Winkel, Ed Long, Don Meyers, Ray Schillmoeller, Walter Bradley, Gene Zender and Lewis Nitchak -t,?, < _ b Winter, Tony Winter, Tom White, Wendell Ringsdorf, Les 9umn, Bob McMurray, Don Ka- jjcwski, Duanc Reynolds. Francis Froehlich, coach, and Pat Cul- leji, manager. Si, Benedict Roster Joe Johnson, Maurice Eischen, Martin Eischen, Don' Lichtcig, Robert Arndorfer, Henry Arn- dorfcr, Francis Dorr, Joe Elbert, George Hobscheidt, Darrcll Neil son, Donald Miller. John Dumkreiger, Omar Kunkel, Ed Weig, Ed Johnson, Clarence Huff, Dan Froehlich, and Father Ahmann, manager Burl Roster .Paul Hasse, Jack McMullin, D. Hammerstronv Axel Anderson, Caude Whitehall, W. Vogel, D Elmers, Bill Batt. * SI 11 Bpettcher, Gene Geilenfeldt, Milton Salisbury, Howard Batt, Carol Eimers, W. Woltz H Bristow, B. Kickbush, Robert Batt and L. Stenzel. George Hawcott, manager. Fenlon Rosier Herbert Krause, /Edward Schulte, Eldon Duncan, Layton Behne, Harlan Eimers, Arnold Kuecker, Forrest Hanifan, Darrel Dreyer. franklin Mueller. Maurice Weisbrod, Fred Greinert, Kenneth Johnson, Robert Anderson, Donald Kuecker, Ray Priebe, manager. . . .. . v*._*!.J| Lone Rock Roster Tom Long, Joe Long, Roger Long, Ray Bierle/ Jack Marlow, Donald Bierstedt, Lawrence Walsh, Ed-Walsh, Paul Bernard. - Willard Ohm, Sanford Reed, Joe Kollasch, Kenneth Flaig, Alfred Schultz, Ddri%IancHa>d, Le- roy.Larson, Merton La'rson, Bernard Jensen, andsjA. A*, Kruegec,.' manager. • •-*? *& 'St. Joe Roster Dean Urbes, Norbert Thil'ges, Delmar Reding, D6hald Reding, Maurice Reding, Bernard Miller, R. Salz, R. Gales, Henry Thilgcs. Lowell Johngon, J$rry Boardwell, William Palmer, Arthur Plathe, Gordon Jensen," and Wm. Palmer, manager. Lolls Creek Rosier Ed >Wichtencjahl, Ed Luedtke, •Wilmcr Wichtehdahl, Herb Hackbarth, Victor Dreyer, Fred Meyer, James Buss, Verne Mueller, Don Meyer. - • Willis Kuecker,. Harold Winkel, Julius Barfs, Bolj' Gade, Harold Gross; Richard Gross, Sanford. Mitchell, Robert Leininger, Leo Sabin, and Nick Gcngier, manager. ' * — - f - Walderd Cracks 232 Game Roman Waldera, wit score, topped bowlers in (2 --- o->i« "••» fiat we scores: Decker, (223), ), Davis (203), ism (200) and tandin Class 232 al- el sm t (205), ftutchinson League standings: Class V 'A" Team Burt _____ _. 76 Old Style _ _64 Swifts _______ ____SO --otts Creek _________,...32 K. of C. ____ _______4fl American Legion __i_^42 Studer Stock -_-__41 V.F.W. ......„_ .I 1. , Class "B" sportsmen Tavern —.___67 Rock Bank ^61 John Deere ____54 Blanchard Lbr. 49 Algona Barber __ 45 S. & L. —_.______4i lyan Hatchery. _..___ J _40 Council Oak -/-_.^._____37 Steals Home For Lone Rock Win Lone liock — The Lone Rock high school baseball team defeated Armstrong Tuesday afternoon by a score of 3 to 2. The game was tied up on the seventh inning when Kenneth Flaig stole home to win the game for-Lone Rock. L 20 35 46 47 53 57 55 71 32 38 45 50 54 58 59 62 WANT ADS BRING!? RESULTS BOWUNG WEDNiSDAY NITES All Six AUoyi For Qptn Bowling THURSDAY NITES All Alley* |pr Op?n „ - t ' " Thrw Friday Open i p,m, to Midnight SATU^PAY- SMNDAY m A m •• •'••t • J ' ^^ -> % _ •" _. T, <M* 2 Algona Mat Men Tryout For Olympics A good delegation of AH aona folks drove to Iowa Slate college al Ames/Thursday evening, to view the Olympic wre'slling learn try- ouls. • - •> , Ray Beamish, D. S. Hutchinson. Dr. F. C. Scanlan, Kyle Keith and Marvin Clement were in one parly, and Mr. an'cTMrs. Leon Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Geigel and the Loyal' Youngs were in another. Over 200 wrestlers *competed. Keith^ Young, freshman al Iowa Slate Teachers college, and a former " sludent of Ccach Martip, cmnpeied in ihe 147 Ib. division. He won his first Iv/o maiehes by fall.. Bob Geigel, University ^of-Iowa'wrestler in Ihe 191 Ib. division, t was another contestant. He losl by a decision in his first match bill won his second match by a decision. Britt, LuVerne Hand Bulldogs Baseball lasses Algona high school's baseball team fared poorly at the hands ?/ BHt ^. Tues day,''and of Lu Verne, Thursday. The Bulldogs dropped both games, losing to Britt,-there, 5 to 4, and also dropping a one run decision to LuVerrjo, 6 to 5 at Lu- Verne, , LuVoi-no won Us contest in the last hnlf of the ninth. « Against Britt Algorta collected ten hits while Kern and Snyder held the victors to five hits. But the. Bulldogs still lost. Pentecost and Waldron, with , two bingle each, led Algona hitting. ^ ( Algona also outhit LuVerne, 8 hits to five, but still failed to hook the bingles up with runs. .Box score of 4he Algona, "Lu Verne contest. Algona (5) A.B. R. H. , E. Skogstrum.-c ____ ! 4" 0 10 Pentecost, 3b __._5 ; 0 2 1 Waldron, cf ______ ;s 1 0 0 Crapser, Ib 4 1 0 1 Sigler, ss __-i5 1 3 1 Snyder, rf ______„-.2 100 Meyer, If ___'4 i 2 0 I-auritzen, 2b „___ 5," 0 0 0 Kern, p _________ 4 . o 0 0 38 5 8 3 LuVerne (6) A,3. R. H. E. Wiegert, 3b ______ 2 2 1 1 Phillips,' 2b ,___.._ 3 1* 0 1 Dorr, p _^________ 3 100 Nielson, c _______ 5 1 2 0 Wickett, 3b ______ 4.01 0 Ramus, ss ._ 4 0 0 2 Hanson, If. _ 4010 Thompson, cf 2 0 i -1 Gronbach, rf _• 4 1 0 0 ^ , 31 ,,6 6 5 LuVerne is.-presenting < one ol the • strongest teams^in i this area this season, having also downed titonka. ' . „„</•.,-,,. , > 1 Against ^LuYgrfle, Kerri who started'on the/ -mdurid jfOr Al. gona; gave up five/bases on balls and hit five batters, which had something to do*with the final outcome, Wednesday, May 5, Algona meets Corwith here, and Friday -itonka comes here for a return game. Saturday the sectional tournament opens. Bauer Bowlers, Cafe Team Win Brandt Leagues • The Bauer Impleemnt bowling team of Wesley, and the George's Laic team, wound up the bowling season in two Brandt Lanes leagues, this week, with championships tucked away in their pockets. ..•-,-., The Bauer team won the American ^league title, and George's won the National circuit championship. The Classic league; has two weeks of bowling to "go. League standings: ;American League Team , W Bauer Implement.—. — wv "-* •*j**j</j.^;iiit;iifc ,«.___»„„, 69 Underwriters 60 Cowan Bldg. _"____..I_"58 Pnebe's Grocers 55 Percival Motor __ " 54 Titonka _' 53 West End BilhWIII.Isi LuVerne 49 Hobarton Elev. ___ 49 Thompson Dist.'III 44 Bancroft Oil I"""l35 Lions Club ^ 11.19 National League George's Cafe 56 Studer Stock 62 American Legion __62 Whittemore 57 Kent Motor ___IIl57 Clement Service ___ 50 Consumers 49 Harold's Food ____i__"~46 V.F.W -_.___„_ 42 i Lions Club .33 Pratt Appliance 20 Classic League Woodmen, Titonka ____67 George's Cafe 67 . Old Style Lager 56 Hub Clothiers _JL 43 MorckBrew -_ 41 L '30 39 43 44 45 46 48 50 50 45 64 80 40 37 37 42 42 4,9 50 53 57 I , 29 ,29 40 53 55 Bloich Service ^25 71 ' A city handicap championship is being planned for May 3 and 4, and any league bowler is eligible to enter. Border League pto Start May 16 Baseball in ihe Border League will gfet und«W*y Sunday, May 16, • Teams in ihe league this year are the . Algona V, F, W., Buffalo Cente*, Forest City, Rake, Armstrong and Swea Cily. Pete Ellerman of Buffalo Center has been named president of the league, Mel Krumm is managing ihe Swea City Cardinal*. Beauty Shop Bowlers/ Champs The Modernistic Beauty Shop T'!^' bowling team won the J 947-48 league .title on the Barry alleys, last Wednesday evening, as the season closed. High game for the evening was a 233 by K. Kelley. She bowled a line with seven strikes. Other ,op scores: Colberg (151-185), M. Bustenlehner (186), A. Kelley (J6I), and Carney (189-157). Final standings: Team iff Modernistic __ . 51' >uggist Muutal _:__~~~48 Newspapers ... 41 VIodcrn Cleaners ___ 40 TIMEOUT! FRIESNER'S CENTER "That's swell, Tiger—| 8U re appreciate your saving me a *«n buck visit IP my chiropraior." '« for a Come I't, t *• I *M 19 W ... bait $bit atn't i msit sthtw» , .«.you Iwher feUerj'ljee on WWr m ife»H*. Ml fll m-M: m BILL SEZ: Sum of Ihese so-called writers around town-—Ray - Irons, Tee Posl and Chris Reese- been giving me a bad lime in Iheir columns. They been kinda hinting I can't spell so good, bul all I got lo say to them writers is lhal hunnerds and hunnerds of lisher fellers been a-lellin' me how much Ihey DON'T like my column. I bel those three fellers ain't had that happen lo 'em. I jest wanla say I ihink there's about Ihres kinds of guys thai wrile columns. One is Ihe feller thai knows what he's writin' about. I pul Posl and Irons in this class.. The second ,is the writin' guy that thinks he knows Vhat he's writin' about. I'd pul Chris Reese in this class. The third kind of writin' guy is lite feller lhal doesn't know one danged Ihing about what he's wrilin' about. I pul myself in that-class. And another thing, Post and Irons and myself, we gotta pay for getiin' our writing in the paper, This feller; Chris Reese gels his in for jfreel A tfsher guy from up near Birch Lake was in and lold me Ihe calchin' was good up there. Been getting sum nice sweet Ijsh tip Jhe?e in Birch. Now don't you fellers all go crowd- in' m on that lake, and go to searm' them nice fish. I bear, 109, ,lhat the bullheads up at Five. Jgttnd -J,9ke are k»nd pf sne«m<* (whatever ihsi i*-1 n'i eytn spell it), We been getting in sum yeal eJMtehw 7 *e$}8 lalely, We got 'em, »»;p«j|y near ^ p^ Bpwjilgw w $5 and 9lss?lw one* a?e»nd kw4 if l9i the real Loud Noises At ivermore Are Not Another War Livermore — This is jUst to alleviate the fears of those who are wondering if the 'war has broken .out all over again. It's Gale Berryhill and his son Don blowing rock again. Gale cJaims they used three tons of dynamite in blowing rock and stumps last year. They recently V6 ff V- 011 ° f fr™™* to off this season. He used 40 sticks on one rock on the El- sue Terwiliiger SO,south of Livermore the other day. Gale says that this is about the biggest rock he has ever blown. May* Thl* for Recotd? Hb*s Cifcrk, who farms «oulh of Lltetmor*, believe* he hi* *om* kind of record. H» tared 21 sow* for spring f Arrowing, they came . through with OYef 200 pig*. On« hundred ninety are still alive and debit nicely. Rec. ord Or hot th«f*" a lot of squeal. Clark recently had hi* ba*n straightened and resided and one of hi* sheds enlarged. One Rock Let* 'Ernest Haak, who farms southwest of town, broke a plow lay while plowing the other day. He put in an emergency call for Gale Berryhill and son. They answered the call promptly and soon had the offending rock taken care of as Well as a number of others that haH been breaking up some of his machinery. Since then Erncy has been busy hauling off rock. He says its a back breaking job but well worth it when compared with the costly "Pair bills they t cause. Incidentally Mrs. Haalrhas been laid Up this spring with arthritis. She has- been taking treatments with a chiropractor in Fort Dodge and reports that she ls ; 'much improved at this 'time< Has New Windbreak • Bert Schvvendemann, Who works 240 acres ior his uncle, Doctor Schwendemann of Fort Dodge, is busy planting a new ,. ' 4]!.,^,. ' windbreak on the place. 1?hi_ consists of CO e-yergfeens ahd more than 200 honeysuckle. They will replace the old willour t rove which has been cut down, ert recently received word,from his brother Grant in Pennsylvania that he IS the £roud father of a baby boy, hi_ first. Grant worked for Bert for a year be- fore going tts . _ marrying a year Pays Non-Stop fine Raymond f>a_ken, S&de 3*« Was before Justice Johflston the 2nd on a chftfge of fftillife observe a stop sigii J&lght Ifil sguth of Algonaj A fine of $2. and costs was imposedi INVESTMENT BARGAIN Apartment at S. E. corner of Minn, and Stale. 4 separate apis. Oak flclors, automatic oil furnace,/ grounds 132x132 ft., owner's' change in plans call for selling, location itself will grow in value as Algona expands, price $16,000. See: Joel M. Herbst V. F. W. BENEFIT STAG For V. F. W, Baseball Team WEDNESDAY, MAY 5 V. F. W. Hall, Algona 8P.M. X 6A* GAOf ROM & HV i SAID: uiiu? 1 -OO YOU MUM< /6EUEVE IN CLUBS FOR , WOMEN."? OUST WHEN THEY GET TOO DOCi-iONg OVERBEARING. MF THEY BELIE.VE. IN PLEASIM6 •ItXJ AIL TMJ; TIME (HAMPLIII SERVICE • PHONE 1086 • 302 ESTATE • Kossuth .» ** (Schedule) Slay 9— Algrona K. C. at Lono Boik Lotts Creek at lVliltt«mofo ' Burt at Fenton St. Joe at St. Benedict- May 16— Whittembre at Aigonft K. C. Jvone Ilock at Lotts (Jreek Venton at St. Joe St. Benedict lit Hurt > May 2JJ— Lotts Creek at St. Benedict Algona K.C. at Fenton Bnrt at Lone Itock - " St. Joe.tit Whlttemoro May 30— ' Louo Itock at $\. Jop t lVliltt«inore at Burt Fenton at Lotts Creek St. Benedict at Algona K. C, ' June 6— / - Burt at St. Joe - AJgona K; C. at Lotjs Creek St. Benedict at Fon|o.n Lone Ilock at Wliltteinore June 18— Fenton at Lone Itock • lVhitte,moro at St. Benedict •» Lotts Creek at Burt St. Joe at Algoiin K. C, i - , ' . June 80—" . . tj 27 ~ Fenton at Bnrt Si. Benedict at St. Joe Lone Rock at Algona K. C. IVhitteraore at Lotts Creek July 11— , Lotts Creek at Lone Rock Algona K. C. at IVhlttemoro' Burt at St. Benedict St. Joe at Fenton July 18— Lone Rock at Bnrt St. Benedict, at Lolls Creek Fenton at Algona K. C. / IVhitteinore at St» Joe July 25—, Hurt at WliiUoinoro St. Joe at Lone Rock. . Algona K. C. at St. Bencdfct J<otts Creek at Fenton , August 1— i Lotts Creek at Algona K. C. Whittcniorc at Lone Rock St. Joe at Burt Fontou at St. Benedict August 8-7- f \ ffi^t^. t Fejjton Tvone -Rock «t St. Wtonedlct K, C. at Hurt Joe at Lott« Creok Hock at Fenton St, Benedict at Wnitteiiioro Algona K, C, at St. Joe Burt. at Lotts Creek 15— St. Benedict tit Lone Rock Fenton at WliUtomwro •Itnrtf at Ateoiia K. C. ^ Lotts Qreok ftt St, Joo ; (Jwly 4, Open Date) ALL QAMES Men, 50« ? PROMPTLY "AT 2;3Q O'CLOCK and High Schpol children, 3S§, T t* • ' MX ,i*' >,"'• ^t- 6 , , t * This S«hedwle Prtsentid Thre«ab Ceyttiiyaf i \ - A. ' . j ~ ' ', ^>r *' ,THE AL ; < "' • '•''•-.•::••:'•$ , •* .,*SI ^TS .'"^-'"j.~" r T^'^',"-^^;~"1,

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