The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 4, 1948 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 4, 1948
Page 8
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i«*Af§6tttt Upper , Mtry 4, WANT ADS BftlttaS FOR SALE This is your chance to do something about Housing— General Hospital Bldg. at 308 S. Harlan offered with Dec. 1st possession, hot water heat with stoker, large garage, nearly 2 lots, price $15,000, See Joel M. Herbsl. LEGION BALLROOM FRIDAY, MAY 7 MICKEY BRIDE The Little Man With A Big Band.—Regular adm. TUESDAY, MAY 11 EARL HUNT HO ME WAY QUALITY HOUSING 1111 ^^^^^^™^^^^^^™»«»i«™«a«^BW^Bi»^>»»m Own Your Own Home Nciv Lev/ Cost . . . KsgEi Value ^' cs — it's good r looking, quality constructed — but it's in a surprisingly low prirc range. Provides a spacious, comfortable house you'll be proud to own. Low price made possible by mass production and standard design. Fully insulated, tvarm in winter, cool in summer. Easily and quickly erected of precision-built sections. Quality materials —strong, long-lasting and neat-appearing. Available now. ' 20 1 32 or 20 x 40 feet sizes; plans to meet your needs; 1 . 2 or 3 bedrooms; with or without basement. Come in — gjt details. Mr. John Van Gerpen BELMOND HATCHERY Belmond, la. Next Sunday A Electric ELECTRIC IRONS $8.36 up General Electric COFFEE MAKERS with Stove $6.95 up General Electric HEATING PADS $5.40 up General Electric POP-UP TOASTERS $19.95 TABLE RADIOS $19.95 up General Electric VACUUM CLEANERS $53.25 up ¥ Kossuth County Implement Store LOCALS Mr. and Mrs. William, Finn arid Mr. and Mrs. Norman Crawford spent Sunday at the Okobojis. Mrs. A. E. Brings spent ih« weekend at Minneapolis, Minn., with Mr. and Mrs. Herman Gies. The women are sisters. Boyd Granzow, a student at Buena Vista college, Storm Lake, spent the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Granzow. products inspection conference at Des Moines. During their .absence the children were cared for by Mrs. Gingerich's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Dreyer of Lotts "reck. A. L. Fisher, Hubert SchoEy and Ira Button went to Sioux City Sunday on a business mission. Having concluded a six weeks visit with her son and daughter- in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Fitch, Mrs. Flora Fitch returned Friday to her home at Bedford. Howard Genrich, a student at Drake university, Des Moines, spent the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Genrich. Mr. and Mrs. George Bruellman of Oltoscn and Mrs. Irwin Gerbcr spent Friday at the parental John Gerbcr home. They came to assist in some interior work the Gerbers are having done. % Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Gilbert took their son John to Dolliver, Friclav. to spend the weekend with his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Johnson, brother and sister-in-law of Mrs. Gilbert. The Gilberts spent the weekend at Jackson, Minn., with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gilbert, Raymond's parents. His father is in very poor health. Guest of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Gilbert from Thursdav till Saturday last week was Mrs. Elizabeth dine. moth?r of Mrs Gilbert of Auburn. Mrs. feilbcrt accompanied her to Dolliver at the conclusion of her visit here, where they visited Mr. and Mrs. Purl Partello, another daughter and son-in-law of Mrs. Cliiie. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Gingerich recently visited relatives of the former at Rockwell City. Last week they attended a state dairy Grelchen Meyer accompanied Kathleen Mullarky to Marian, where they spent the weekend with the latter's parents. Both are teachers here. Margaret Ann Beardsley spent the weekend at Iowa City with friends. Mr. and Mrs. David Gouge spent last weekend at Wadena with Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Jennings. Mrs. Jennings and Mrs. Gouge are sisters. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Granzow ittended the state butter scoring contest at the Garner creamery, Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Green and the former's mother, Mrs. Almira Green are on a trip to points in South Dakota and the Llpvcl Grppns wi'I make a mors extensive trip. They expc-ct to be gone i couple of weeks. Mrs. George Yager of Fenton 'is remaining at the Green apartment during their absence. Mr. and Mrs. Mel Griffin have had as guest the former's sister, Irene Griffin, who came last week Sunday from Washington. D. C., where she is with the F. H. A. Wednesday, Mr. and Mrs. Griffin and daughter Kathleen, and Irene Griffin went to Huron, S. D., to attend funeral services for Francis W. McMahon, brother-in-law of Mrs. Griffin. Irene remained to visit relatives and friends at various South Dakota points, and will return here .•jomcwhat later for a further visit. CALL US Day or Night for Fast Removal of ALL DEAD STOCK PHONE US COLLECT WEST BEND—138 LONE ROCK—500 WESLEY—1500 LEDYARD—75 BURT—178 BANCROFT—4441 LUVERNE—2061 LIVERMORE—2514 WHITTEMORE—1500 or Schumacher's DX Sta lion—2331 Or ALGONA—7 WE PAY ALL PHONE CALLS Makers of ALGONA RENDERING CO. Permit Np. 33 Heleft ffft*e»,, daushfef 6! Mr. and Mrs.. Clarence Ffaser, spent Saturday at Humboldt with Mrs. Melvin Johhson, ' the formed Irene KinsetH. > Mr, and Mts* John Qtotie had as guests, Wednesday, their sdtt and daiighter-in-law Mr. and Mrs, Gordon Grotte, Dick and DaVid of Webster City. M*. and M*s. V» L. Gundftt have returned from Chadron, Neb., where they have been the past 11 weeks, during which time Mr. Gunder has been conducting a school in connection with the Weidehhoff plant. They will remain here till Mr. Gunder is given a new assignment. MM. Paul Penman had as visitor Friday her sister Mrs. E. R. Wolt2, Burt. >M* t and MM, Wayne Christensen of North Richland, Wash., are parents of twins, a boy and girl, born April 22. Mrs. Christensen is the former Katherine Palmer, daughter of Mr. and' Mrs. E. J. Palmer. The infants have been named James Forrest and Janet Ann and upon their arrival .he father bought a new Liberty trailer house, for additional SP 8 , 00 - Wayne is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Christcnsen, tormer Algonians, now'living at Cedar Falls. Mrs. Gerald Ferris, Mrs. Ray Beamish, end Mr. and Mrs. Kyle \eith attended the final rites for %i'' s ^, D< F> M y e l -s - motlier of Mrs. ' ' ?' Clements, at Jefferson last week. Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Fosnaugh and family spent Sunday at Spirit Lake; with Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Giddings, brother and sister-in- law of Mrs. FosnaUgh. Visitors at the Joe Fosnaughs last week were Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wolfe, Richard and Bill of LuVcrne, and Mr. and Mrs. William Giddings and Roger of Burt, who were here last week Tuesday and Friday respectively. Mrs. Wolfe is a niece ot Mrs Fosnaugh and Mr. Giddings is a brother. ivir. and Mrs. Claude Sampson -c leaving this ween to spj.u the summer at Mcnahs-a, Minn wnere thny havb a cottage on Iwm Lakes. Uoreen Fraser is assisting Tracy Holtzbauer for a few days during a busy season at the Buchanan abstract office. '•"X??^ eeirte a *^' v> spent the weekend A« w „ TOB home of MY. arid MM, tJuCR, Ad* ams. ' ' . ., Jack, Charles BeWrt|iii« 4 ' Henry Kohlhaas speht Simdav at Clear Lake, fishing. - • M*, and MH, R«? Jdtifiidfi a'*« starting hoiiiefnaking fh a Maxwell apartment on E. Call street, Mr. Johnson, a carpenter here, was married Sunday v «r a . Miss Norma Hanselman of-LuV^fhe. Howa*d 6i9h»-yeat»6ll ifih of r. and Mrs. Ray -PuftlPfiSl"had chicken pox. He returned tb school at Third ward,'Mondajn. . Mr /. ^ nd Mjl *- «&yftioftd Cial« braith had as guests a Couple- of days recently Mr. aftd Mrs; William Jamison of. Chicago, 111. Raymond and Mr. 'JamiSon formerly were employed by' Swift & Co., Chicago, where they became Adah Carlson, city clerk, and her sister Ellen, R. N., are mov- mg soon into an apartment in the Russell Cook building which was formerly occupied by Mrs, Edith Hagen. Mrs. Hagen was employed at the A. A. A, office and has returned to Titonka. Trie Rev. and Mrs. John Jordon, sister and borther-in-law of the Misses Carlson with whom they had lived, are leaving for Curlew where the Rev. Jordon has a pastorate. Shirley Ann Bowman arrived home Saturday from Mason City for two weeks vacation with her mother, Mrs. Henrietta Bowman. Shirley Ann is a senior 'nursing student at Mercy hospital and will return there, to be graduated May 30. Following her graduation she will have 'two months of further training at Dubt'ique at | evening, dtt " l6 * Ed|af HobfenSMfgel, -The libfts aft-WealeS In the Df,»L. Tohaveit««« When yow won* '*••• ORDER NOWi CHARIS Home . Corsetery For all ages, figures and style preferences. From the smail light weight girdles to the large figures needing more support and control. . Also Bras. Money bacic if not sofsfior*. Telephone an oxperisncod Chan's Corsetiere for ap- poinlment. Tobitha M. Wilson Phone 4B-J 603 S. Dodge home at —jwirig her e«l days. MM, Aftdnw daughter Sh'eila, Mrs. Letnkee and Martene' «, speht Saturday at-MasSn with friends. M*t and Mti, wayne uooaen had as guests Sunday afternoon and for dinner Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Tom, Frankl oi Burt, sister and bfother-in-law' of Mfs. Goddett. '• ^ Mr. and Mr* W, J. Fuller have as guest their daughter, Mrs. James Shroyer and Carolyn Ann, Vincennes, Ind., who will be here a fortnight. Mrs. Shroyer is the former Marilyn'Fuller, Bay Bftamifth, Bf, r, C, Scan- Ian, M, E. Clements, Kyle Keith, and D. S. Hutchinson attended the Olympics at Ames Thursday, as did the' Fred Geigels. M*, and MM. D, Dfpaxsdn Had as weekend guests Mr. and Mrs. Frank Barker of Des Moines, former Algonlans, when Mr. ^Barker was county agent here. He is now with the, dairy,, commission. They were joined at dinner Sunday by Mrs. Helen Paxson in ah informal birthday celebration for Mr. Paxson. Wendell Simonson, conservation officer for Kossuth county, said there had been no game violations ih his territory" last month. In the state there were but 40 violations and in those Instances fines totaling $1.325 were assessed. ill, Oam ton of Kfr. «hd -- - W ttoutt; Wffife.jStihaay San Diegb, Calif,, where he gated with/the navy, aftfl <&». here dn .a six-day furlough, M« |nlisted last ^fall and this is his first trip hame, Mf,-«ndMifsi an §' s&nu^tfffiK plhgtons. Mr. and Mre. ytK&l&lIt went to Chicagd, in this week, end td buy a 4 trailer house! Rich 5 - ard is a student at Buetia Vista college at Storm Lake. - ' BAKESALE SAT,, 'MAY 8 Beginning at 9 A.M. SORENSEN GROCERY Sponsored By Soroptimist Club. Act todav— F! you caii have more fun dti'ring the sum mm- jind week-ends too. 1['au. will'ttnioy rising dhe oul'board riitofcr that lius KOI. a new standard of performance. -•..- '.-,.,,,. : - ' Store Two to one! That's nation-wide farmers' preference for the B. F. Goodrich type . tread ... by .actual,* impartial poll! • Get B.F. Goodrich HI-CLEATS for your tractor. You'll s*« why 2 out of 3 farmers prefer the B.F. Goodrich type tread for traction! / You'll find the big double bars in the B.F.Goodrich HI-CLEAT tread give ejjtra bite for that extra traction. And you'll find the open center allows dirt and trash to drop out as the wheels revolve. Your work will go faster, You'll save tractor fuell OK RUBBER WELDERS Phone 308 LESTER DaBOLT 118 ty. Thprington PLENTY OF TRACTOR AHDIMpLEMINf TlR E S A R E N 0W AVAIL ABLE B. F Go o drieh FIRST IN The Lion's Share This store has always taken the "Lion's Share" of the retail Dry Goods and Ladies Ready-to-Weqr business because it has steadfastly maintained the largest stocks of merchandise in Algona. Even when goods were critt* cal, during the war-years, the CHRISCHILLES ^TORE had v more than anyone else. The policy cf having the biggest stock will be continued now that goods are more plentiful. When you shop her* you will find great assortments to mako your selections easier. Year in and year out/we find it pays to show th& greatest amount of goods and get the "LipnVShart" of the business. TTIHIB& rise till •» * * es We Have A Complete Stock of , Those Better Paints- DuPont Paints - Enaritels Varnishes Both Interior and Exterior! '-! I »* . ' ' ' I Botsford Lumber Co. Phone 256 Jim Popl Sw«et (urttmAr \ sectioning of loveliest Butcher linen. A •figure-flqltering two-, plocCr with a Byconic lie to add new Jnterejt to thr twallow tail jacket. Judy Barr? v designed to make you-th look your very, very best} 'Junior diet 9 to 15j] $12.95 *i ii rischilles )" THE GLORIOUSLY-GROAj||ED PRINT Distinguished for its sirnplf tjflowinaljpcs, .„. * for its unli TO»W d veWiJity, this , . KJ»fter & Sobei original in air-Jight, tircwe-cool ^Peek-a-boocle," N C ,W open dtaped riecWJoe with 1 butterfly bows, newjofrehcd ?howJdeis, arid* r ' the gtaadiy graceful |0fcd skkt. Rwliy! •' fin^h, too maivclous ta be called a standby^ that's just whar it is ,•'!, ypu'jj wew ^ e! Unworthy pastels wafted vltf', - --»4tf i i i

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