The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 4, 1948 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 4, 1948
Page 7
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V.' V* . V _ j KJfll^Hj —— ^.^^ A*.V*_*JJJ A, — ufi v A.U" i- • son motorcycle, 4 speed trans- l» jmlssion, Al. . Stanley Riedel, ;EOR •„ J / SOV»U|[J 4.AWV\ U, ;4-F3i; ; Algona. BROOD phone ^^———•——•—-^— »°- - T^ |^ r| ^ FOR SALB-iBROODER HOUSE, •*-" t - ffc floor, practicall * tot water hei ,3$, Algotta, phone' ulBa* coupe with radio, heater. 2 spot lights, seat covers; very 'deart mechanically. ~1939 Buick sedan. 1947 Chrysler .sedan. Kirk Auto Co., Jones and State. ulfla29 FOR SALE- 1937 FORD SEDAN with new motor; studio couch; breakfast table and' chairs: smalt oil heater. Phone 1004-J, Algona. ul8a* FOR SALE—1937 FORD TUDOR, excellent condition. A. G, Dittmer, Burt. u!8a* %pltai ; and disability offered. Apply Joseph Wcicteft- h6ff, Algona, Iowa, 8:00 a. m. t» 4!30 p. m. Monday throilgh Sat ' • FOft SALE-^2 BUILDING LOf g, "- ' sewer arid .water. See. tfoeL M~' --' Real .Estate & Ins. ~-vw wjniflfii—-oncjr-n^njj Jr'UFS; . 4 .gObd'«;cattle' parents, Ern'est E **««V.Btet/. phone 8 on .95. ^_../.. : ;.. X ul8<i9-20a* 'FOR S^LE—EARLY' MANCtttf ,^ beang, recleaned, no cracks. j SS £H ed ', Sagged and weigh::; ed. $4.50 'bushel. E. R. G. R\edel, 'V Burt. \ ul8..19i-20a* •J FEEDING OATS' FOtt SALfl ^Andrew Godfredsohj phone 1 i--l*-"2-F23. ; ,> ; .:• ... ulSa? FOR -SALE'. .- /HAMPSHIRE brood sows: to farrow middle , f of May; also sow' With litter. Jos. Skow.JVesley/. Ul8al7 t USED "APPLi^NCES^FOR'SALE —Maytag, Automatic and' D6x- ter washing machines. fli ; Hv D / ' outboafd motor, late model, Mon-* arch electric range. 2 Maytagj'gaa u 1% h. p >( Briggs & Stilt- ton engine and Ohe '/4 h.'p. elec- tne motor. Crilly Appliances, ' phone 399. .. u!8a36 ;brot)d' „, & . -Johrf Bode: M •f.-^m I Ul8a* FOR?SAliE - 6 ^ .ttedVPolafld crossed sows to far- i*WJWy;l$Mo August 5. Bred to'Pf BkSpotted.Poland botr'^l§6 for sale. Louis Simpson, 1st place 1 on 226) Wesley. FOR SALE — BROWN-SWISS bull,*.2 years old in May; with Papers^ Fred C. Kluss, phone ^4-15, Fenton, Iowa. ul8-19al9 FOR SALE-=-FERTlLIZER AT- tachment for 999 planter^ 1 year. Ed Arend, Algona, 3 miles south) 3-4 west Sexton. u!8a* BffeED NUtRENA - IT /PAYS /Cloverleaf Hatchery, Milj«au- Hee Dcgotlftaza. \ ul7-18a9 SALE — COMPLETELY furnished--.': 18 ft., trailer house. ' RayHoppuSj phone 24, '' _...alA;, wuhix.iMU4iv , WCIOI1' DLUVt;, Jfl good conditlbri. Wilfi' sell very reasonable.". Call at-10'80%. Slaie Stf,. 2nd .house east Sargerfht Feed 06:, Algona. "'• a —_ii_ L : _ e> USED CARS FOR SALE— 1946 Chevrolet, 4-dbor 1939 Chevrolet, 2-door 1935 Fbrd, 2idbor 1931 Chevfolet, 2-dbor . & MOTOR ' co ' FOR SALE —• 1947 SUPER -DE- luxe Ford sedan coupe. Radio, heater; spot light, sun visor, side skirts. Everett Sparks, Rt. 1, Algona, Phone 6'F3i a!7u* WANTED — F12 TRACTOR ON steel, with cultivator. Charles Quinn, phone 5601, Bancroft. al7ul2 WANTED — SALESMAN WITH cat" to travel' Algona and surrounding territory with full line paper products, housewares, toys. and. drug sundries. Well esta'b' lished territory, a very good 6p* portunity. Contact Fort Dodge Paper Co., 808 1st Ave. So., Fort Dodge, Iowa. a!7u39 .WANTED — ASSISTANT 'IN Call Theater Confection Shop. Phone 35. . u!7a9tf f g% " • • • • . t. line with the program advocated »y l 1 ^.Department of Agricul tare. Must have car. Permanen Work, good pay for man who' has «•? IS™ 6 fam experience. Write Box 400^8, c-o this newspaper. Ul8a53 Lost & Found LOST -MY DOG TIPPY, SHEP- herd, brown and white, dark tip on tail. About a year old Disappeared Monday from our farm 11/2 miles northwest Algona. Pleaso let me knowMf you have Seen him. Reward for his return. Donnie Lou Moore, phone 2* a!7u43 WANTED — TO CHANGE storm windows and screens. Phone 704-W, Algona. a!7u* BtJV and SELE ttSEt) CABS ulatf Farms For Sale WANTED—LADY OR MIDDLE aged couple to live with elderly lady in modern home. Rent fr<^e. Adlalts only. Call 215-J or 739 W. al7u* WANTED—MALE OR FEMALEf help at once. Full or part time wo k. The Algona Laundry & Dry Cleaners. u!8a!8 FOR SALE—40 ACRES tFNlM- proved land on pavement, 5 miles north Algona. About 20 icres plow land, balance pasture-, Price $4000: C. W. Nicoulin, Al; lona, Iowa. u!8a26 FOR SALE — A GOOD DESIR- able farm, extra well located ,o Algona, a good faffiily sized farm for any one who has his own help Edw., Capesius, Real Estate & Farm Loans, a!7u* WILL TRADE COPPER CLAD cook stove, 3 years old for small oil burner. Inquire at Algona Newspapers. u!8a* WANTED TO RENT BY JULY 1 —4 bedroom house. Will pay year. s : rent in advance. Write Box 400, Algona. al'7u* CASE BEER — PQr ; / : We Beliver W ;t . BAHRY'S^-Pho. 34!}; ulatf FOR. SAL'E^USED' CAR RADIO. ',, See - Adrian Kossuth Motor Co 1 . ' • u!8a* FOR SALE — -MANCHU SOY beans, 95%' germination, re- ft cleaned. $4:2ff bushel. Eryin Ger- -ber, 4 miles we&.'S'sbuthVAlgona. : •';'•. ' >r. > ulfialS ^SALE - POLLED - A'ND .Horned.Hereford bulls,, serviceable age, P. M. Christenson, Lone Rock, la, - . u4atf FOR. -*. . probj Hupp insulation, '"Blown .n." Expert- inspection; estimat- •ng service; Cowan Bldg; Supply Co... Phanfr276i Algona; ulatf FOR SALE — 1 5 H. P. OtJt- |v board motor, 1 2 h. p. outboard | motor. . See at H. Furst Barber / Shop. U l 8a » FOR SALE—YEARLING SPOT, ted Poland boar. E. R. G. Ried- I el, phone Burt 17-93. ul?-19a* L TWO MALE COCKER PUPPIES! I black and white, liver and' I white. $15 with papers." Robert I* F. Leland, Swea' City, Iowa. • _ _ »• ul8-19a!7 FOR SAL'S —"NEARL Westinghouse ' electric riilk cooler, 'ap^^flofa' cEnroe, phone. 33-]^ ; 'ulna* •* - -^"v** 4*-can BESTS- ;,M|AIN'- - ST.REET-: : *«LOT— . fine^pjbpcorn busihegs.Wnclud- mg stdhd. and full eqtffpment. Money : maker. Price 1 ; $l,QO'o; Mrs. P.,Sj: Lund r Box 216,v,phoiie 4391, nuyerhfe;-:lowa. " u<6a25tf FOR SALE - LINSON AND . Manchu soy beans, high germination. $4.50 per busheLt Bring sacks.. George Bruellmari, Otto- sen - , , aJ6-17u* FOR SALE _ HY-BRID SEED . C.OHJI. Iowa 4316... Northern Iota's ;jop yielder. 1946 crop. £y.?r 9«"ninaiion. Lawrence O. ,^' Lu Verne. ul6-18a!8* FOR SALE — FEEDING OATS ^hfetles.' Michael W. Loss! '••' al4ulltf S 6EPD CORN; Iowa 4397, IJbest for northern Iowa. ,«.»Nfi(--Earlyana and Lin- BMien'Seed Farm, Bode, V*v"'t u!3atf [ r-'DUROC Us from IL_^_ .__iihg herd boar. 0 •; Algona. a l7u* ACREAGE FOR SALE—5 9-10 acres. Located between Ringsted and Fenton and 2 miles from Seneca school, bus right by place. Electricity and telephone; good 6-room house with closets, back plastered and partly insulated; hot and cold water; nearly new chicken house, 20x40 insulated- new double garage, 24x20 with 3 feed bins; crib and sheep shed, combined. Barn 16x24 with lean and hay mow. Good- well and' cistern, one half mile from church. Telephone No. 36-12 Fenton, Iowa. al7u* .WANTED - MAN WITH SOME knowledge of spray painting to :Work in our Paint Dept. Comfortable working conditions; Life^ Hospital and Disability Insurance; •Apply Joseph Weidenhoff, Inc., Algona, Iowa..8:00 a. m.-4:30 p, m. Mon. through Sat. u!8a32 WANTED TO BUY — USED electric refrigerator. See Mrs. Maxwell after 4-.M, phone 321-J. u!8a!3 For Rent WANTED TO BUY — 4 BED- room house, in good location. Possession June 1. Write Box 400-A, Algona. a !7u TWO GOOD IMPROVED FARMS . near Lu Verne <fc!r sale. 1948 leases will be assigned. Farms priced to sell, J.M. Nelson,: Lu- Verne. u!7-18a21 WANTED — SINGLE GIRL middle-aged woman for general housework for family of two adults on farm, private room and all modern conveniences provided. Call Burt 193 or write T. E. 'Lagerstrom, Burt, Iowa. u!8a33 FOR SALE—320 ACRES ABOUT 4 miles from Bancroft. Good stock and grain farm. Complete set of well kept buildings. John A. Drees, Qarroll, Iowa. u!7-18a24 FOR SALE—DAIRY FARMS IN central Wisconsin. 40-200 acre equipped or bare farms priced to sell. O.wn a Clark* County farm in the. land of clover, corn, grain and pasture. ODIN E. WANG REALTY, Neillsville, Wisconsin. u!5-24a* Wanted WAITRESS WANTED—APPLY Algona Hotel. a!6utf FALL ! WANT TO BUY—THREE DAY- old calves or older. John Schnakenberg, phone 15-F11, Algona. • a!7u* ,^» SA^Bi-RESIDENCE LOT ^"i^^ x J° n ' jt ' sew * P aj d. price- $f$00! See'Joel M/Herbst ^ , l ai.7u.l5 , CANDY H , Large- Assortment BARBY'SvRECREATION u6atf. GRAIN BALANCER FOR POUiTRY Try this'Cafeteria'Plan Give your hew Vitamins, MinernUi- Pfoteins to balance home-grown' grains—and get more cggi. Juit put Swtcnt Ornlni B»l«n««r tm «ne acU-fceder; »nd your gri|ln.,ta< w^L other.<*«<»«;,. fcrt the, h«n» b«1«nc« FOR^-SAEE^-MEDIUM CLOVER ;$24j,a^£{llfa seed? $11.40; Hybrid seed; t c<jrp>$5{ allsper bushel. Also •Other" bargains. Postal card us to- 'day,fOr'oa^ilog.1and samples. Hall Hoberte' J 'S^i; Postville, Iowa. ' ' ' '" ui5-18a31 Homes For Sale • ! '--.•- ^ . _, •S"^Ei-J?ARTLY MODERN ttl yrtoUse and '2 >: 'acres .'m^feitton. C, W. Nicoulin, (! ]To\tfa< ,ul8a!7 No ' mUtniJ T fun, no bsHier.' * S«r««nt' Orrtt Bulmccr fi vet- yam flock 23; Vitwnin, Miner*] nnd. Protclq »l«- ment» in Qnc~b*tf. gt jooeJew.sBiK Stop in. Q«t • trial b>« on pur > money.b»cli' (pufrv •rooms intful base mgrit AtE'-- NEW MODERN ? ,882 East Elm street ,6 'fe.rJd'-b'atli, 3 bedrooms, fully ^ oil, burner, unit, full t; garage, occupied 6 s;r$l?.500, See D. D, Mon- f »?< ul8a* OM HOUSE t 4 , rooms?up, one gg, single garage, al7u WANTED—MAN WITH SOME knowledge of spray painting, to work in our paint dept., comfortable working 'conditions, life, T HAVE TO HIRE A MAN TO ; help-our District Manager Handle our increasing business in this community. .This work is in Order Your May artd June Chicks Now Swea City Quality Chicks U. Si Approved—U. S. Pullor- um Controlled See us for BARGAINS in STARTED CHICKS — Males, mixed and females. April day old chicks, available. Poultry meat and eggs will be good properly this fall. Turkey Poults White Pekin Ducklings PJaone or mail your order now ior see our representative. Buy Swea City Hatchery \ Sweat City, Iowa Phone 35 we GET-ACQUAINTED OFFERHf Lcwt , Saturday Nite . 20c OFF GOOO, BUY — FINE HOME;. rooms and bath at 666 N. Minn, well built and up to date.jijsulat edf- ou ; .fufnacer garage, J posses- 8ipJ*- soon-a^iQWoer 5 moving, priced, now to SELL at $11,5001^ See Jcfci-M. Hfrbst, a!7u36 house, 4 roon;j3 aftc .^tjist place ki£West 5ffs«^^ e ^-»; on., south. *side, la.'SOO: See-Joel" M, Herbi r ;9u Q 9M, HOUSE, 4 w.ltb, full-TwW,"4 wrflj half bath,, Jjard- Oil hegt, doub JMw, Household Goods .., tJMtyOttvw&fWSSttfe/ XOO years of service! We of the North Western are proud of this record; pleased'to point'to our growth from a few miles of strap-rail line with a single locomotive* to a 9,600- mile rail network serving nine states, ' But we know well that tfat ml credit for our progress must go to you t the traveled the shipper, the farmer,,, to the generations in your family and community who had faitb M this rjilrosd, who-stood with «* through hitd timw and-'good to tbf •• wMfottioii that community d§« velopment and good transportation go hand In band, So in marking eMrieetteWi?rirt»y»,e»rthinkl art to you— whose vision a«d assignee have made $fa §V e 0 t possible CHICAGO and-NORTH WESTERN WILL HAVE 2 ROOM APART- ment for rent May 1. Myron Alderson, 402 S. Moore; Algona. a!7u!5 OFFICE FOR RENT—SEE J. W. Haggard, at Algona Newspapers Office. . g ; Cards of Thanks GARD OF THANKS I wish to thank all my neighbors, relatives, and friends for the lovely cards, gifts, and help given me during my recent illness. Mrs. Nina Bierstedt, Lone Rock. a!7u29 CAft66£ THANKS." I wish to extend my sincere an preciation to my friends for the flowers, cards, letters, and : gifts 1 received while I was at the Lutheran hospital; Fort Dodge and after my return home. Mrs Hans Presthus. al7u Miscellaneous FARMERS WITH TRACTOKS— You can find nothing better in cost or coverage, than our blanket farm and tractor policy. The cost I is the lowest in these parts, the coverage the broadest. Be sure to get this coverage if you use a tractor on the highway. Stop in or call 103. L. S. BoHan- non, over S & L Department Store. al?u* REMEMBER —''YOU CAN RE- DUCK EGGS Custom Hatched Nealy Hatchery Burt, Iowa May 4, 1948 order ffom ftegatf^s oft file taken by thfe Ghic Studifl, Rus- sfell's Stidiq Algo al7ul6 RESTAURANT BUSINESS • FOR lease immediately, Well' equipped, reasonable terms. Call 31 or write* Box 264i FLOOR SANDING ANEf fshlflg. ttfeav»' ct equipment. Poftftblft, blant. Cowan Bldg. Suppl Algona, phone 275. FUNERAL HOME "WHERE REVERENCE AND DIGNITY ENSHRINE A SACRED MEMORY" Ambulance Service Day orNight 1*" AlgonA. Iowa N Sturdy, Long-Wearing At a Special Saving To You You 11 be needing Spring work clothes .-..We ore making a special offering now of items that will be in demand . . . Here is* your chance to profit! And the items listed here are but a few of the outstanaMgi selections. Buy now and save! i j OVERALLS Soniorbed Blue Chambroy work shirte.. lull-cut for comfort ... 2 handy pockets... ,,^ r, non-ahrinldng .. . long toil that stays tucke<T • Im Sizes 14-17. <> $1.38 ea. NEW IMPROVED BH3 POGKEfS Jftf WITH *^ COMPARTMENTS GRADUATEDRlSE FIRST QUALITY /WORK SOX --.^ Here's the work sock you need ... of select yams for extra wear ... with reinforced h«elv and toe. Sizes 10-12. ; ' .21 pr. , !* .V -^ '. f .*" , ^ Jts '. % V~' «»t ' ' •^m^'^M^^isS^^isf^.::;. . .\. ' - -. , ' Blue Denirn Overalls . . ..with lf > correct fit'for' any'sJze : . . . doub 1 e stitched -seanuf for longer wear. Sizes 30-50. , s - LARGE BANDANAS Mea's bandana handkerchiefs in large con- sizecr,. . . red and blue. .18 ea. LEATHER WORK CLOVES $2.58 ea. Men's tdl leather work gloves with tape fastener... of long lasting construction. ALL LEATHER WORK SHOES Only .88 pr. COTTON WORK GLOVES , t v\ to Stan* beaj wear ,,, on<j less back,,, ,,,. b •', _».'.-•** ;« -^ -V.sJ'

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