The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 4, 1948 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 4, 1948
Page 5
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V' \ f New Canaries >4rhV£ /National Guard Wffli, Aiwti AftdtaK «» *,.**n .!*,,» MMJ ,. ...*i :..,< i'*WllvllUI VUUIU Unit Here Up To 35 Members Methodist Church Gets New Roof -:-:- 9f the improvements planned in the Methodist church $60,000 project is at last, under way. Recently a contract.was let to an Albert Lea contractor for a re- 'built roof. The slate roofing has been stripped off and a temporary felt roofing Jaid against rain while the roof is entirely rebuilt. Such,of the slate 'shingles' are still in top condition will be re- laid, but the rebuilt roof will all ,be new -,for practical purposes .when thevjob is completed. , The total cost is expected to be some $11,000,, and the work is to 'be finished by July 1, _'••... VV 4-H Camp Leaders To Attend School A pre-camp training school for ,4-H club camp leaders will be itield next week, May 4-5 at Dolli- vcr state.park. .Special emphasis ',and .instruction will be given on outdoor cookery, music, recreation and craft Work. Those from Kossuth county who plan to attend the school are Forrest Ives,youth leader, Alma Schultz, home, economist, Mrs. Clifford Benschoter and Herman Sludcr. ' Seniors View Workings Of Phone Off ice The, Northwester.}! Bell Telephone company Here Was host Tuesday night to girls in this year's graduating classes of the local high school and St. Cecelia's academy. Gloria Crawford, Katherinc Richardson and Emma Lou Simp- un n,. oiinmicu, suc< son, seniors worklftg aftqr school j Lewis K. Ferguson at the switchboard, met the cor, guests. The girls were,shown through the office, the loc&'and toll board was explained totfthem, also the duties of "information".- They watched calls coming in from long distance andftTcketed at other offices. ; A buffet lunch'fyas served in the front office, and girls not on , duty mingled wi Decoration were the '; guests. pastel colors and the table heldllowls of snapdragons and sweetfpeas.i ' Each guest waspresented with a rose and a soMenir address book, . . jpl Mrs. Doris McEnroe was chairman for party arra^SfeemeniK. Special guests were.'S&. W. Glover, Mary Mogster, an©eanette Ericson all in the management office at Sioux City. Algona National Guard unit now has n total of 35 personnel, including four officers. Enlistments have been continu-* ing, but there is ample room for more men, and any eligible person interested is cordially invited to contact any member of the guard. At Sheldon, because of a deficiency in membership, the guard unit was placed on.a 90-day probationary period duuing which time enlistments must be brought up to strength or the unit will be deactivated. The LeMars unit has also been placed on probation. Men in the National Guard are not subject, to draft. Present personnel is as follows: Waller L. Friesner and Walter E. Dennis, first lieutenants; Gordon K...SghmkU, sucond lieutenant; warrant offi- Jcss Reynolds, first sgt.; Leigh- ion Misbach, tech. sgt.; Wm.'Batt Jr., staff sgt.; John V. Hardgrovc The Only Mower From the local staff we're Fred Timm, manager, Mareta Besten- lehner, chief operator, and Tillie Ruhnke, evening chief operator. Purebred Bull For LuVerne Farm Gail Wolf, LuV&rrc, has recently purchased ; a ^registered Brown Swiss bull' from , Wilmer Theiss, near, Fort Dodge, according to a report from Fred S. Idtse, secretary of the^Brown Swiss Cattlp RrppHm'c* ri£cnrMn< inn Tin Cattle Breeders loit, Wis. association, Be- An *nto-type differential — on- ?u? ke ? P 0 ?** on *" turn*—«ends ibis sleek beauty anywhere » hand mower will n! ', '^, 4VST2" • SUPER-SAFE (o operate! • "OH*' WEIGjMfsl£L| • INSTANT on-ofr control! • RELIABLE friction drive! • fULI, ONE H.P. engine! POWER MOWER Crilly Appliance Phone 399 Harlan and 'State Father of Algona Woman Dies Mrs. W. G. Curtis recently returned from Chariton where she had been called by the sickness 01 of her father Alvin Anderson who passed away a few days jitter she had gone there. Mr. Curtis, Ray and Calvin. 1 - joined her. ithere to /attend the final: rites. While there —,,'i'Wete gtie^ts of Mr. and Mrs.f •Bernard Parkeir, brotheri and, sister-in-law of-Mrs. Curtis. Brown Swiss bold ' Beloit, Wis.—The Broitoi Swiss Cattle Breeders association here reports that 'Bud' Nelson, Lone Rock, la., has sold bulls to Bradley Bros., Algona, la., and L. G. Egemo, Cylinder,-la., also that Robert Meyer, Ahama, has purchased a bull frojRi Clyde Monson & Son, Gowi ' ~ KI., siun H_gi.; ,ionn v. riarugrove, Leo McBridc, Francis McVay and Warren Nelson,, sergeants. » Jerome .Hardgrove. Ruiscll Hardgrovc arid .Wallace Mossefin, corporals. . Kay Holding, Jim Holmes, Tom Merryman, Jim Pentecost, Kenneth Richards, Marion C. Robinson, Clifford Shore, Richaivfl Winter and Harold 1 Reimers, .private first class. " Fred L. Hutxcll, Wilford St. John, Lyman K. Bates, Maynard Gudcrian, Leo F. LalJier, Gus A. Lundh, Merlin G. McDanel, Phillip. Merriam, Duane L. Reynolds, Robert Reynolds, Duarie L. Richardson and Charles W. Sparks, privates. The Service Battery, 194th 'Field Artillery Battalion, of Algona, is also rushing plans in preparation, for summer camp activities in August of this year. IA pleasant surprise was received the past week when announce^ ment was made that encampment would not be at Fort Riley, Kans., but in all probability would be held in Camp Ripley, LOCALS Merlyh. Webb left Saturday on a busines strip to Grove Springs, Mo. MiyWebb does trucking and this trjp'took a load of corn to dispose of, and was to bring ce- -'ir dosts on the .return.. Gifeslo,Sunday 'and Monday of Mi- and Mrs. Paul Dettman were the laiter]s sister and brother-in- law, Mr. and 'Mrs. C. O. Riddle of Hayfield, Minn., who were accompanied by their 'son Barrel, who lives,in Illinois. They alsp visited relatives at Armstrong while in the vicinity and were to conclude i tlbeir vacation with a visit at Lira Park with Mr. and Ms. ClintMCDfldds, a daughter and son-iri-.l|iwi'..i. , Mrs. Arlys Nurre, R. N., who who has been v Dp: John Schutter's office nurse since he started practice in Algona', has resignec and is' now at the home of her parents at Lakota. She concluded her work here last- week Miss,'Ruth Ellen Gorman started working in Doctor Schutter's office Monday. She had previous- KostUih He»pi!al April 26—Floyd fxrfnef, Algona, surgery, <• April 27—Mrs. Mayflard Wio- gand, Burt, girl 7 Ibs. 21/4 ofcs. April 28—Mrs. Carl LdJig, Gor- with, medical. May 1—Alfred Scherer, Algona, surgery. May 2—Mrs. Dick Mayland, Titbnka, girl 7 Ibs. 2 ozs.; Mrs. Craig Smith, Algona, boy 1 Ibs. /a ozs. May 3—Dick Furst, Algona, surgery. Kossufh Girl Meets Member Pole Embassy but latejhat evening, as the car was passing a Steel foundry whose tall chimney belched flame into the sky, Miss Biiinska murmured, "That ess like the crematoriums the Nazis made enn my cawntry—• only these has not the awful stench." No one spoke for a moment— there seemed nothing one could say. Then the little Polish woman burst out passionately, "And eat wcel happen again! There are letting eet happen again! Just as eet was allowed to happen again after the awther war—World War The two American women, Mrs. Arnold and Miss Smith, thought of the peace and prosperity of their native Iowa, and each prayed silently that Miss Bilinska's prophecy might never come true. i — Lunching- and dining with a member of the Polish embassy at Washington, D. C was one of the highjights of ii week at a music educators' national conference / at Detroit Mich says Esther Charlotte of Mr. and Mrs. ly worked "at the Koss'uth pital .for, a short time. hos- CALL THEATRE, Sun.-Mon.-May-9-lO SEES » 6000 Movie 70 w l r. an Walter G. Smith, Swea City. .Miss Smith, vocal music supervisor at Charles City, was a member of two national commit tees of the conference. She spoke before the senior high school curriculum committee as national consultant for Iowa, also prepared a report for the special projects committee on statewide- music. Over 5000 teachers, supervisors and dealers in music merchandise were registered, with all states and many foreign countries on the roster. The National Catholic Music Educators group field Its conference in conjunction, and nuns from at least 15 different orders attended, many from Canadian parishes. Meets Miss Biiinska Miss Helena Biiinska, social and cultural attache of the Polish embassy, was one of the speakers on the international relations session, and was being taKen about to Detroit points of inter°A St b L Mrs> Berni ce Bramhall- Arnold, former Des Moines woman now teaching at Detroit. Mrs. Arnold met Miss , Smith through the latter's having appeared on the program, and hastened to extend hospitality to fellow lowan. The three had planned to lunch in Windsor, Ontario, just across the Detroit river, but ,Miss Bilinska's visa did not permit her to cross the international boundary line. Ride About The Cily However, lunch, dinner and an afternoon drive to Detroit points of interest were enjoyed by the trio. Mis Biiinska was much interested in the Polish-American colony in Detroit, also in what Miss Smith' could tell her- o'fi fi Polish settlement near Fairmont, •fane -was intensely ; human and sympathetic, but betrayed unddng standable bitterness toward the Nazis, whose cruelties she witnessed in her native Poland' -Q • Much interested in children f flowers animals, and farm life," Miss Biiinska was also anxious to know how Polish-descenaea Americans were fitting into cortv.-, whether they were good citizens, how they got along with other nationality groups et cetrea, Fears Of War III Miss Smith and Mrs. Arnold were careful not to quiz Miss isilmska on wartime experiences, LOCALS Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brenton wild their daughter Barbara of Union City, Ind., came Monday for a short visit at the home of Mrs. Brentori's .mother Mrs. R. W. Caldwell. Doctors and Mesdames Karl Hoffman, J. P. Herrig, and R. C. Dowel have been attending the< annual state dental convention at DCVS . Moines since Sunday. Doctor and Mrs. Eason and Doctor McCorklo will " go down Wednesday, the last day. Mag " " ~"." " T"" r* Orville Richman of Storm Lake took an expensive nap" recently. He was dHVing his cat at the time and the vehicle Struck a farm driveway and was virtually demolished. Mr. Richman was taken to the hospital with a dislocated shoulder. <-f'"yy ,.;' 5 1 ;fff,fsi to«tday, May 4, 1948 A fall from the back porch steps cost the life of Mrs. Mary Jane Innes, 84, of the Amity community near Reinbeck recently. As *. u-4.10 w «£) JV1&J.CU. WliCJl J truck arid thfe tarpaulfft, v « the truck blew 1 bWf titif car, obscurihg''tne-af'Wet'l ; He lost control a'fitf, 'w'Sfit ditch. His injuries pfoVefl.f •"' " ' * ' L. Glorified in STERLING cpme in and lef show you us it u/u'rd ^Dimension Jdeauh ^ Beauty in Front, Profile and Back iound only in .fium CONVENIENT'PAYMENT PLAN S H A R P'S JEWELRY TIME TO REMEMBER BEAUTIFUL NEW CAFE SELLING AT AUCTION Monday, May (0< 1948 Salt will be held on t h« premises at 2;00 P,M, Uwrttd 1% rnilw south sf AlKon'fl, Iowa On Pavement No- 169 / [THf BUILDING; Built new in 1947, Size 24x50, Finished in knotty pine with tile floors, / Vtry Ifl e«t tvp 9 light no effecti, Fyll b W menf tfh finished elyfe room, ForceJI air > »»n«flwg f p«nt, P^wng i*.me«jtrn in tvery WM«I smH most desirably arranged, FIXTURES, BuiiVnH ™ R l«t» lint'9^1* fixturti. 7 booths 10 tubiw, wmpM? kit^hfn st«v«, ^Hjf^tri, ttfijgfrotflri, -'•-' " ' flrittf . ihi? proptrty effer 5 tht b^yer m«ny en er , Owner Maion City, lewo 'Rtmemh.r your own "He thrill of! \ • ---. j —, -* -r-rmm w **•* ff%*£rm MtltUllK 7W* (fiftf w«« a Cruen.PrccJiion, Watcli. You ^Ciw »«*te tki« thrjll for » »on, Jau^Kter er » <{*«r mtnd, Cfincn |i the perfect way ,t« CPmm«morate impQrt»»| irtUe«tone» in life,. CUdVfX CAMPUS , lelliqn $49.75 m9Vim«n», jink f, »! ^i^o w\rt\ WHITI6 JTATU AND CANADA) torfe [)HK REGISTERED JEWELERS' CODE OF ETHICS IS OBLIGATORY, RxcuttXB) JEWELERS MUST METICULOUSLY OBSERVE THE BUREAU o? STANDARDS' DWwmoKi, THE FKDEHAL TRADE CommaoN's RULINGS, AND tag NUMMbul' ADccnoHAL RULINGS OF THE AMERICAN GEM SOCTBTY ITSELF-OR ronnat tj THEIR RECUTRATIOK. NO OTHER JEWELERS ARE BOUND BY THESE REGULATIONS. di&»5irrt»KD JEWELERS MUST FIRST or ALL POSSESS A REQUIRED AMOUNT W «RACTICAL EXPEROXNCE AND AN ESTABLISHED REPUTATION FOR STRICT BUSJV1ESS INTECftTTV .^^ONCBOraTinmCXWTOMIMANDTimHITttMWJKWELERS. ' VKtLUt ALSO MUST FASS THE INTERNATIONALLY ESTABLISHED •CXAVOMAnOKS ON THE FACTOM OF VALUE OF CEMS, PRECIOUS METALS, JEWELSY AND ,' 1 * n *** BWAWI: ' AMD W THE ACTUAL GRADING OF DIAMONDS. THEY MUST THEM PASS YEARLY EXAMINATIONS WHICH E I KNOWLEDGE UP TO DATE. to • JEWELERS SERVE THE BUYING PUBLIC BY THUS VOLUNTARILY SUB- MrrnNc THEIR ETHICAL AND EDUCATIONAL STANDARDS TO EXAMINATION BY AN INTER- NATioNAL SocDsnr. THE PURCHASER is SAFEGUARDED BY BOTH THE REcisrEnno JEWELEE i AND . THE AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY AGAINST INTENTIONAL ivasnKraEsnNTATioN AND .UNFAIR PRACTICES, AND ALSO AGAINST UNINTENTIONAL MlSREPRraENTATION DUE TO INADEQUATE KNOWLEDGE. THIS CONSTITUTES A CUSTOMER SOTVICS V/HICH ALL JEV/ELEHS, •: DO NOT OFFER AND ONE WHICH EVERY PURCHASER HAS A RIGHT TO EXPECT. WL- JEW£LRY .R« American Gem Society?. i.l ! lf^^. ? '&. ; i. * 5 J Then you II be, off to'the right, start, for Towle is.preciou? solid • silver, fashioned by skilled artists in the craft traditions of centuries. Yet, for all its beauty, Towle is not expensive.' Let us shovv ypy how easy it is tp collect a service wilh . the

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