The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 4, 1948 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 4, 1948
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'••/».*> 'l By Russ Waller , * * * / , Aftita R&se Kohlhaas, daughter of Mr", and Mrs. Phil JKohlhaas r made a quick trip by plane'to Algona fronrj Minneapolis last Saturday ; . . she flew in with a friend at 5:10 p. m. and they had id take off for Minneapolis at 6 £ i m. But 60 minutes in Algona i better than nothing. ~ • • > • • * * «* STORY OF TtiE WEEKs ,' Doc'Shierk, .who at one. time Was himself state J. C. president, ^vas aroused in the wee hours a ffew nights'ago, by a call from Burlington, where the state J. C. C. convention was held . . . after ab^ut an hour's conversation 6yer long distance with various delegates, all old pals, including a couple of Algona represent^ tlves. Doc asked who. was paying the ph6nc bill . . . there was a he«ltatl6n, then laughter, «1nd this reply: "Well, we're'calling from Irank .Nyo's rpom .(state president), but he isn't hete." * ,* * Spring brings put a .lot of things in man and beast . . . in man It has brought out a yen to garden, and on a couple, of vacant lots on East North St., owned by Joel Herbst, there ; is quite an array of twilight- gardening •underway '. . /noted in passing, putting in their "crops", were .Mrs, Dan Frdehlich, Theo Herbst, Merle Pratt, Murray Mowers, Frank Moulton, Pudge Miller, Beecher Lane, and. a few others ..'••;• Y, one Would never suspect it of some of them!. '.'..• ' *•''•* * '"' ' . ' ''' • THE 1948 election year may be a pretty vital one in this nation's history—so jf you're not unter- ested yet, you should be.- r * + * Bill has the lightness of touch of a safe cracker when it comes to extracting that one dollar bill for a membership in the Conservation League . . . he'll be seeing you, if he' hasn't already. ^ • * * . Down at Elmhurst,* I|L, 'there ""* fiv . e . f a mili £s who. either .are There is a - third' ttfade class in Aftistdrdam*, ttenand!, ' that's 1ft for a .fyfcsasaht gut* prise, in a few" momnS. And it Will all hafcffiea because a class oF third gfad* ers in the Bfyant setieol, here, and their .teacher, Miss Jean Lucus,, had a fine idea • and wefd not afraid to, vw»rk, . the class is goiftg t,o send a Treasure Chest oi books to Holland as a gift from America, .aftd last Friday after- nodtt a "work perldd" was allowed during, which time the third H graders weflt out on various assigned jobs td finish earning the $40 fiedessary to supply the Treasure Chest with books, But doing work such as cleaning basements, shoveling walks, doing dishes, etc., was not the only way clafis earned money. A ci sale netted $7.71'' and * |bj|* '• Des Moinsa, Iowa Graders Earn funds For Book Chest To Holla . corn sale sponsored by Earl Sprague's third class .hejped out to the of $11.80. Then a show brought in $6.79 .And Donald Moore, son is in the class, construct* ed the chest for the grade. Before last Friday^ day" the class had enough money for 18 of the 30 books selected. Serapbobks rtiade by the class will also be included in the Treasure Chest, The project has proved es* pecially interesting for the class in more than one way* It has provided a better understanding of geography, as a map of Holland has been drawn on the-blackboard, That isn't all the class is doing. They have elected officers 6f a town called "Happy Valley", have jjosted ' laws of the town, and elect a "best citizen" each week. At the present time, Judy Cowan is president, Roger Hanson is Vice president, •Darlene Skdgstrum is treasurer, Jimmie Cowan, Patty Dunn, Wayne Samp and Kathy Demand are congressmen and congresswom* eh who run the class. They Were elected. Other class members follow: Harry Bradley, Larry Bowman, Edward, Carney, Dick Cosgrove,, Jerry Downey, Lois Friesner,,Lee Haase, Robert Hardy, Shirley John* son, Kay Kern, Sara Laivell. David MacUmber and Donald omunj juarry.oift'upj Thompson, Sandfa Y< and JuHith Towhfe. *-'«; wiiri» tribltr fiasifttitf reading iri the'-ptiokB, sent. » HUT, to b« ESTABLISHED 1865 AlOONA, IOWA, TUESDAY, MAY 4, 1948 i" «>~i?~"7^^^*J5^rfj(«Tt»™rr ....Qvf folks here,, ff rohcrthere's a fellow named Dan*McGrew "(not THE* Dan McGr'ejV £of Alaskan fames however), ^an old fbUddy, who 'gets the paper . ! . he says the paper makes the rounds of all the five families during the week., Hi, Dan! « PHILOSOPHY: -Dwight Morrow ojice wrote to his' : son: "The world is divided into-people who do things,and people who get the credit. Try, if-you can, to ^belong to the first class.* There's far less competition."'- i * * * .Hank Hook) over KGLO, runs a summary of the editorial opinions 'of the North Iowa press each Sunday afternoon . „ . while we've listened to. Hank read some •, of ' the -choice bits of' wisdom that he culls, we have won- dered'how he would x do on his 99th reading of The Three Bears, or Peter Rabbit. *• * * Best- plug we've heard in a long time came from a republican candidate for a county office, who said that in Leo Immerfall and Art • Cogley, Kossuth county had two of the beet public officer's over elected. - -• ' - */ * * Harold Clark, Bancroft editor, paused a, minute while climbing a chimney to get -over Art Priebe's roof at Lone Rock, Saturday afternoon, .to take a -picture of the 4-H baby beef parade from- up high, and remarked: "What a guy won't do to earn a living." ' * * * /-- ; Don Smith Sr,, and Don ' Smith Jr, returned home with 13 bullheads which they proudly ,gave Jp Mama Smith to prepare for supper ,, , her ver|ten-~ 19 fiih$Ki " ,. ^ . . . the, | Veterans/ hos'pftal,* "Des Mouies, writei/that he was on a KIQA veterans')sports quis pro' i - gram'the o$er evening, won $3 and a-cartoji of cigarettes .., he said fte should hayt won $9 but was, ^\li^tle too dHJTib, V, , he ejt^ plams, ,|t by. saying you don't "NftJt "NA^bwSaftut ff you had Julie Chrjschilfes gSgswie, you. might have n&b* J.$36 ,,, he also ran into Bob —f*'«x-AJ|PBa'printer, vtf l taking p.plio,~trg8tmfn ~h, prate. r ^IWPJf»Ui^ Dozen Replies In Drive For New tees Survey Shows A 8 Now Building, 7 Completed,, A, dpzen AlKona families woflld consider building-'new homes, i -hey could get the job done with >n stipulated costs. By* Monday, 20 or more re• plies had been received indicating a desire to build here, if factors involved in price and size could be satisfactory. '.•..' Efforts are also underway here to assemble information and plans for a medium size, bungalow style home, which C»n be constructed at'a considerable saving. Local people whose names have been received will be contacted when definite information is available as to cost, size, etc. The. .desian.'.would .••be such that additions could be made later,, if desired. .The housing committee of the Algona Chamber of Commerce re- cived that many replies, this week, from blank loims carried in he local papeis m the last two ssues Moi e replies are expected , The names of the persons sending in the forms will not be divulged $3,500 to $10,000 Strangely enough, several stat- pcl infw were wuimg to spend un to $10,000 on the homes, The lowest-priced home sought was iw»und w $3,500 but ,thei person i-Wpa^oply expected three* rooms, for it/jat jsum. 7 -The next step, after it .is believed all replies have»been received that are coming in, wilrbe to screen the replies as to approximate cost and size, and ilace them in individual groups./Then contact will be made with-Shc individuals to ascertain more detailed,- information, whereup if the families so grouped ^an agree on,a common or similar type of home, efforts will be/made'from' that point to line up * contractor for construction. By/joining forces in the project it/is hoped that a real saving can ty§ accomplished in construction, and that a contractor can bo interested in the project. • t Survey'Is Made In the meantime, Murray Mowers, one of $ne members of the housing cpmmittee, made a survey of new,nome construction recently completed and now underway in Algona. He found that there were eight homes pow in some process of construction in the city, «nd that permits for eight moro had been granted since Jan. 1 but that work on them had not started. Seven homes have <'boon''Com- pleted. This summary does not include l)omcs where apartments have been constructed that did not formerly exist. -The local housing situation is still bad, but facts show that there ip some now construction underway, even* if not enough to keep pace with the demand. Local real estate men have stated "that fhey believe the city could find usejor 100 new homes, THREE SECTIONS-22 PAGES VOL $3-NO; 1« /Wee/ Your NEW NEIGHBORS .-».,,. . i ; hoto by Long's Studio. Among -.fAlgona's newest neighbors are Mr. .and Mrs. Me ibove a ^ ,5.-vear-old son, Joseph. The family is pictured *u Mr< £? h< ^ st C0mes * rom Humboldt and is the new manager oi he CoasVto-Coast store. He said last week that he had been with •he Coast-to-Cotrst organization for 10 years. He started out with them in his father's store at Denison He,has also worked in their stoies at Boone, Ames and Humboldt Mr. Kohorst was born at Templeton and was graduated from Sacrefl Heart school after which he had one year in business at relgmon University in Omaha. /Mrs. KohorsUs the former Virginia McHone of Ames. She graduated; from the high school there. The couple weie married in 1941 / Mr. and Mrs. Kohorst have rented a house in Algona but possession cannot be given for six weeks. Meantime Mrs. Kohorst and Joseph are staying at-jHumboldt. Joseph is a kmdcrgartner. (..-JJia-ifamLlv, are marnhpua fl| ^the^Catholic church. • 2 Drunk Driving Cases In Court; Are Fined , M<W2r jJpnae the *,«,«,„, a.prty, and ftn§»y; moved, cuS? to her. v- •- Safety Plaque Award May 10 The City of/ Algona will be ormally presented withna p4aque lor winning first place in the state in 1947 for- 'cities -, in the 4,000 to 5,000 population-bracket, in. a ceremony Jo take pl8.ce.$on- day noan, May 10, at the Algona Country club, jTte mee^rtg.,will'be, held in cenjunctwo with the noon-lunch' eon of the Rotary club, Frank Ulish, district'=lield representative pf the state depart' mtnt of DubUc-safety.jwW make tne* presentation. Mayor Frank Kohlhaas' 'will • accept on behalf of the city, . Wests, ,wilij l ioc,ludj ChdnceTo-L. Maybe this will be* 1 an answer, in part at least, to some housewives' prayers. Some of the Girl Scouts and Brownie Scouts want 'to earn the money to buy their scouting uniforms. ' They have set up' a work patrol which,is operated as art amateur employment agency . under direction of Mrs. Raymond Qalbfaith. Her phone is 974J. . '. . (The Scouts anyl2rl4 years old, the Brownies-10-12 years. The older girls •, will, do baby sitting on Saturdays and early evening, any kind of light h'ous'c •work) pjaln'jronjng etc. The younger girls arc willing to take a try a.t anything but errands or b'uby' wheeling will probably be, their best bet. '• Mrs. Galbraith, when called, will send girls to places where they seem best to fit- the job to be dgne, Petition Objects To Trailer Camp A petition objecting to location of trailer hpuses in a lot adjacent to an Algona filling station was presented to the city council at its regular meeting last Thursday 'evening. The-council took no action on the matter. The objection 'is based on the fact that seven or eight trailers ire parked adjacent to Mike's 0-X/, station at the corner of North Jones and North £t. There were 11 signatures pn< the • peti- ;ion asking that tye council prohibit the trailer camp. " l At the same meeting,! permits oiv construction' ,p,f trtfee new iqmes, and a new w'areh.ouse were granted, as well as'some, permits 'or minor repairs, A • ' Post's Transfer, wag given a permit to^onstruo| a,'.4QxiQQ ft. auonset type warehouse, on (3. & N, ,W, trackages ju.§t south of the Cowan Bldg. Supply quonset warehouse, New home permit^ were ap 30 Girls Nursing Tv/ n, at Ed, Risl, 85, Local Pioneer, Passes Monday Ed'Rist, one of the pioneer.rqs- idcnta of Algona, died Monday night in the General hospital, here, as the result of a heart attack suffered Saturday about 10 p. m..' ., ( Mr. Rist was 85 years old last Jan.. 1. His.two daughters, Mrs. Alice ORourke of Algona, and Mrs. Jean O'Haire of Des Moines.were with him. v Funeral services will be held Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 from the Congregational church with, the Rev. John P. Clyde in charge. A .complete obituary account will be published in the Thursday paper. The Algona pioneer Had not boon feeling so good for the past £ix months, but nevertheless had been able to walk downtown al- nost daily. . He also found an interest in his own garden this spring, at which he occasionally Judge Stillman Imposes Sentence Here Monday , Judje G. W. Stillman, in Kossuth district court, sentenced two men, after pleas of guilty, to Sharges: of operating motor ve- licles while intoxicated, in hear- mgs held here Monday morning. 0 Adrian Ver Maas, who had previously been bound over to district court. from the mayor's court, was fined $300 and costs, us liquor book suspended, arid his driver's license remanded! He did not have the money at the moment and .was returnd to the county jail pending payment of ;ne fine or else serving out the time in jail. He has beer, employed on a railroad, construction crew here. Minor Court Cases John Edward Hammer was the other defendant. He entered a ;plea of guitly and was fined $300 ^nd costs,, and his license .was .uspended Hammer was ai rested May 1, and had a piehmmary hcaung befoie Mayor Frank Kohlhaas ' Milton Hmdeis, city patrolman, was. the plaintiff in both cases. In other cases before the mayor in mmoi court, Lyle Johnson, Algona, was fined $10 and costs on a charge of drunkenness. Pat McEnroe, Algona, charged With operating a motor vehicle in T less jnanner, wa . tlTeck Case Pending Before Justice'J. B.'Johhsion, Wm L. Welp, Bancroft, charged with improper passing, was fined ?5 and costs. Another case pending before Jonhston involved the writing of a check accepted and cashed by the American Legion here. The check did not prove of any value. At Wesley, it was reported that windows were broken in the lumber yard, sometime: Saturday night, but nothing seemed "to have been stolen. The county sheriff's office investigated the matter. worked. Titonka Sale Has Net Over $1,000 Proceeds from the public auction held on Mam street at Titonka Saturday had not all been totaled and netted, Monday evening, but it appeared that a substantial sum will be added to the building fund for the proposed new Methodist church. One thousand dollars net was County Demos Pick 44For State Meeting Forty-four delegates with one- half vote each were named to the democratic state convention, to be held in Des Moines, May 15, Selection of the delegates was nade last Friday morning at the annual county convention held in the, courthouse in Algeria, The convention took up no other special business, and no resolutions were adopted. Mike McEnroe, county chairman, presided. There were about 40 in attendance, , ' State convention delegates fol- Open '. For Hospital Funds; Algeria's Bid For Federal Aid Due 11th A "roundup drive" for a pledge jf donations fort the new Algona hospital was to get underway lere today. : , • Deadline for filing the formal, application for a federal aid grant is next Tuesday, May H. At that time, the local .hospital committee has to have in Dps Moines the rough specifications for the new hospital and an architect's drawing, and a financial statement of funds available. The- amount; the federal grant, assuming • specifications are satisfactory, 'will depend on ;he sum total-raised and pledged .ocally. Algona was given a top priority in obtaining federal funds, earlier this year. At a meeting Monday evening of the county cpmmitlee and other interested workers, A. H Borchardt, treasurer of the vol Hunters Bag Prairie Wolf There's one prairie wolf less in Kossuth county. He went to his doom Sunday, when a force of about 20 Algona unit Conservation League.members, four members from Lorte Rock, and some 20 farmers of Plum C.reek staged a big wolf hunf. A plane piloted by Bauer of Swea City, with Wendell Siiri- onson, slate conservation officer as a passenger, assisted in.tha hunt and spotted the animal fpr the hunters. * ? The kill was made by Coach Reed of Lone Rock: . - ' farmers in the Plum Creek township area have been ios« jng sheentio wolves. Claude Seeley lost one Saturday morning, and other previous losses had also been renorted. The hunt started from the Sesley farm. Walt Friesner led the Algona delegation. No more than-the one-wolf was spotted, but there was evidence of a good many of them in that area. • V*l Marimba Soloist Coming For Concert Here May 6 ' *• ^'A',» low: L, E, Linnan, Algona; John jy; .and 'tlftrS^iHIFIam^^tBtl o£,-slightly ovor % $104,000 had ^ ready beeri/pajd in artd^was on , _ -- v 4 ^^ *4t tUJM^, WO.p \Jl hand. The total of the cash on hand, pledges j outstanding anc the money to be provided by the Sisters of Mercy, hospital operating group, is the fund that determines the federal appropriation. The latter is to be one-half of the total locally available. Will Give $150,000 The Sisters • of • Mercy have committed themselves up >to a sum of $150,000--for the Algona hospital. Thus' the local sum is not quite equal to the amount the Sisters are;willing to furnish. Persons who have-not been contacted during the past months as funds were being raised, have npf intentionally been overlooked. Anyone wishing to donate can do so at either of Algona banks, or county banks, or at the offices pf Ljnnan. & Lynch. Alcrona, where temporary , office space for the volunteer hospital committee is being provided. ',! ' As outlined in tho set of plans shown foi- inspection Monday, evening, the new- hospital, here would have three floors. 'Tho first-.floor/would consist mainly of offices, laboratory, quarters for nurses and similar rooms. The second floor would consist chiefly of rooms for patients. The third floor would — • —»i *_•<*.•»•***•! 4**tBW41« ( M VJIltl Bormann, Bode; Robert M. Loss, Algona; Frank Clark, Titonka; M. H. McEnroe, Algona; H. E. Rachut, Burt; C. I. Chapman, Lu- Verne; James E. McEnroe, Algona; R, B. Waller, Algona; Mrs. jtect two or tW",iT TmT ™tV, "V "**"*" Agnes Reding,. Algona; Frank S£* ^' °L fe"l°^hs o com- consist of a few rooms for patients, and the'balance of the space taken up with two operating rooms, and a complete suite of rooms for obstetrical use, including a special nursery. There, are <of course, other looms for storage and other hospital purposes. It was emphasized that if Algona s present rough draft is accepted, it will still take the arch- ' T ^™,--r, — —, T , eMV »* w ^, ^4^ «MVtl^/- ment and some machinery was sold on a percentage basis. jNot all items offered were sold. Lunches served amounted to between $80 and $100, On the the sale , committee promoting were R. L. Krantz, . . , george Schutjer, .Carl Callies, Herman Boeekholt, and the" Rev. Donald James. ; Fifty thgujand dollars is being solicited fo? th§ new church, Rer ntty the congregation voted in WF qf the present parsonage «te as the best location, for the new church. . -•• Seeking A Home . f he an -^.f V&FT f T^^F^WT^ * Pi*' fes-Tingr have .... ,-can rent !r f they can .el .fipdjag ttw isgtpf •— if one SttSJ «, m. ^ ™^ Tf> gSi^ffftS V3 V Every Day Count? Now , 1 W a /_ ! i n ^ g»S« was erect D: , Lesley; Mrs. Kath- lc M^inroe, Algona; Herman Titonka; Mrs. Paul . Juttemore; Mrs. VkUie , AJgona; Wm, A. Barry, 'w^y? fc. 8 ^ t ,° e ' , A , r ^* , Wm/J, Frimml, Wesley; -P^eridan,. Bancroft; " B^ st-,' *^9^ pjKM; Sshjoir WhittmoVe;' «: na; Francis Bradley, [rs. Nick Arndorfer, C, B Murtagb, Ai- ejie M. Keppeni La- Bdorf, Bju-t; tfBiffifa lo§, Alfsni; 5pna; Nick C . Doris Stockton, above, will be the soloist at a concert to be presented In Algona, in the high schppl auditorium, next Thursday evening, May 6, at 8 o'clock. Miss JJipckton is cpnsidered the "first lady o{ the ma/ .rimba", which instrument she has been playing in concert , and radio since her graduation from Northwestern Uni- ?versity Conservatory pf Music. She has been called the mc;5t talented graduate in 20 years, \* . Tickets are now on sale at $1.50 each'at' the"James Drug, Thuenie D?ug and Hub Clothiers. The'Algona P. T, A. is sponsoring Miss Stockton's appearance. " ~ " ~ Algoncs Wrestler Olympic Surprise Keith' Young, son of the Loval Youngs of Algona, was probably the biggest surprise in the Olym^ pic wrestling tryouts" at Ames, this past week, He is a freshman at Iowa State Teachers college, and wrestles in the -147 Ib. class. He won his first four matches, then lost a close decision to just* be edged out of a place on the Olympic team. ,, Bob Geigel. son of Mr. and Mrs, Fred Geigel of Algona, was another competitor in the meet, grappling in the 191 }h, field. He, also, was finally eliminated after edatthesiWYthanewhorniipi atso «.was unauy eumjnatea wer at the^ soutiT^rf^^f ^i« ospltal 'imakmg a gpod showing in con- hghwafie? e 'if st L£ lg0 ? a th2 tests between the- top 8 amateur t.*W" W *?* _-*9?J - JU§V eaSt Of the Wl-PstWs in the, natir>n i , i _ i >«hway lep.Just east of the Kossuth fairgrounds- Both the architects and the Sisters wh.q hw-visited Algona f re ,? nthus ?f?.tW ,*n their praise for the location," tmthm Pf more sized at tiie the most w the pledging was empha- ' §t th,>s time. " f^ tola ledyqrd Couple Wed 40 Yeqn .^.-..a.nd Mr?, Jerry [jvsm entertained ^t. g a dinner -OB, Sunday ev«a- ' »nd Mrs. John Features in Rural Gravure Coming '•.Next week The Al2 --*-^ DGS **" : —*n r iT s omes waijrne/wont- ' ly issue of Bural Gravure, Readers will fjpd tKe»jeJb|iigi qf special interest, , T, * I, Sws«n Lowe's Recipe KU • offerf d in .qwk'i^ q<?rnfi« , . . 2, packet mformallpn, dressejfto your 3. Hejen Loo Cref},., lent here; ports right ... Slrtf. _-T$ M fy"f" ,"j*P **${ + ,**!<*•**, May | „,&" Msy 3 4

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