The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 27, 1948 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 27, 1948
Page 12
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4-Alflona Uppir 6ii Mdtftil ful-day, April 27, 1948 Oliver S. Reiley To State Post Oliver S. Reiley, 49, of Red Oak,'former secretary of the Algeria Chamber of Commerce, has been appointed to a temporary assignment in the department of public safety by Commissioner Alfred W. Kahl. He will publicize the state's new drivers' license birthday renewal bill and drivers' improvement program. Kahl said Reiley will also as- _sist in preparations for the fire prevention conference called by Governor Robert D. Blue. The Conference Will be held in Des Moines on May 28 and 29. Reiley will assist Dan Stcele, field director in the safety education division of the department, and Clarence Shirer. director of the drivers' license division. Reiley will 'spread information throughout the state concerning the new bill by radio, newspapers and personal appearances at meetings. Kahl said that organ- isations interested^, in having Reiley appear and explain the bill should contact the safety division of the department of "public safety. An inspector in the motor vehicle department in 1931 and 1032. Reiley was also state safety director during these years. Ho traveled the state publicizing Iowa's original drivers' license law at that time. Reiley is vice president and secretary of the Red Oak radio corporation which is waiting for •;i federal communications permit to operate a daytime station in Red Oak. He had previously served as secretary of the chamber of commerce in Burlington 1'or 7 years. Arm Caught In Wringer Lone flock—Little Tommy Geittenauer had ihe misfortune of getting his arm in a washing machine wringer Friday, April 16. Me was taken immediately io a doctor who x-rayed !1 to see if it was broken. Me received a very badly bruised arm with ihe skin broken in two places. A splint was put on io protect the skin. 3 Algonians Rate I.S.T.C. Honors Cedar Falls—Three students of Algona and vicinity were named to the honor roll at the Iowa State Teachers college for the winter quarter, Dr. M. J. Nelson, dean of faculty, announced today. They are Lee Struthers, Wesley, Mary Anderson and Clarence Devine, Algona. A total of 207 students—105 men and 102 women—out of an enrollment of 2700 were named to the honor roll for the winter quarter of the year. '..'To be .eligible, students must carry 14 or more hours and maintain a grade point average of '3.33. Under the Teachers college grade system, an "A" is four points, a "B" three points, and a ' C" two points. Jonquils Get A Good Start Here Probably the gayest spot in color in town is a bed of jonquils ••in full bloom at the D. L. Schoen- ,[eld residence on So. Moore street. Other flowers will be in bloom ^before long. Bluebells in sheltered spots arc showing color and out at the I. 'state park Custodian Lathrop says there are quite a few blossoms. They are mostly some variety of woods violets. He hasn't seen any Dutchman's breeches or Sweet Williams so far this spring, but it won't be long now. Senior Play At LuVerne Offered LuVerne—"Melody Madhouse" is the title of the class play presented by the members of the senior class of the LuVerne high school, Tuesday evening, 8 p. m., April 27 in the school auditorium. The characters were John Stanley, a successful businessman, Donald Thompson; Mary Stanley, a successful wife and mother, Marcia Downs; John Junior, a musically inclined son, James Phillips; Gladys, a romantically inclined daughter, Barbara Meyer; Grandma Stanley, a positive minded old lady, Delores Lund; Mrs. Austin, an anxious mother, Doris Schipull: Mr. Austin, a business executive, Kenneth Grein; Stevens, a dignified butler, Lawrence Grandge- net; Dottie and Dollie Austin, twins of the social minded Austins, Mildred Len-; and Beverly Thomas; the radio man, a radio electrician, Wesley Brayton. Members of' the " "Stanley Svvingsters" orchestra are Earl Gronbach, Robert Carstenson. Geraldinc Henderson, Merlyn Swanson, "Robert Pergande and Darrell Nielson. Vern Walkers . Getting Settled Four Corners — Mr. and Mrs. Vern Walker are busy getting settled in their home on the Mrs. Violet Walker farm. Mrs. Walker is at present with the Orville Holden family and Din-wood is with Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Walker. Plowing Underway Seeding being finished, plowing is in full swing, early and late. The pasture and hay prospects are very poor, due to the light snows and severe cold the past winter. Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Elbert and Vincent Wilson of Whittemore and John Kollasch of Meadcville, Mp., visited the Edward Riches Friday evening. Mr. Kollasch is a brother of Mrs. Elbert and uncle to Mrs. Rich. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Witham of Mason City were Friday dinner guests at the Everett ' Witham home. Saturday a son-in-law Ben Sloter. arrived from Illinois to spend a few days with the Withams. A "New Look" In Htit, Too Mts. Valeria Btiggs attended ih« delegate eiittien 6. the National Iowa Hair B*e««* and €esft6i6fegif!|. Aia'ft ai Des Moines, Saturday, The regular coftV6h»ien wai held Sunday and Monday. Also attending the cfiftVCftfittfl from here were Atlene Kajewski, Ldftatne Johnion and Cot- rinne Olto. Marian Pecoy. daughieif of Mi's. Btlggs, f Ai«f«d at a model in the parade of elites. One of ihe main speakers of ihe convention was Charles Budas of Chicago, lamed stylist and make-up arlisl. Mr. Budas stated thai hair history was repeating itself. To harmonise with the "new look" the hair is shorter and forward over the ears, qulie as mother was as a flapper in flowing skirts, Me also said that the shingle bob may return and can be stunnltta with dramatic hairline and young flush face. Mr. Budas also said that the hats are all being made to fit short hair and styled with a flat crown and bangs or a • forward wave. Fuzzy curls have given way io waves, The pompadore is definitely Out. At last hair Styling has become practical according to Mr. Budas. Another comment made was that facial makeup has turned to the kink color and lighter face. Mrs* Melvin Ukena Rites Wednesday Held At Lakqta Lakoia—Funeral services were held Thursday afternoon at the home and the Presbyterian church for Mrs. Melvin Ukena, who passed away April 18 at a Fairmont, Minn., hospital following a long illness. Service was in charge of the Rev. Calvin Ukena of Ithaca, Mich. Melvin's brother and the Rev. E. H. Buschrrtan. The male quartet sang and pallbearers were: Glen Wilson, Ray Hertzke, George Wcringa, Emory Smith, Cliff Buckels, and Sigurd Tjnagel, Berneiee tyarie Carstonscn, daughter of Hans and Marie Carstensen, daughter of Hans and Marie Carstensen, was born August 24, 1920, at Seneca, la., and was 27 years old at the time of passing. She graduated Report of Condition of EXCHANGE STATE BANK of Wesley, Kossuth County in Ihe State of Iowa at the close of business on April 12, 1048, to the SUPERINTENDENT OF BANKING, 1 STATE OF IOWA. ASSETS 1. Cash, balances with other banks, including reserve balances, and cash items in process of collection ___ $ 139,393.72 2. United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed ______________________________________ 635,199.09 3. Obligations of States and political subdivisions _____ 726.79 6. Loans and discounts (including SI, 024. 99 overdrafts). 216,861.94 7. Bank premises owned $3,000.00, furniture and fixtures none ________________________________________ Other assets ________________________________ ..... TOTAL ASSETS _______________ .......... ______ $1,004,236.91 LIABILITIES Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations _____________________________________ S 726,227.64 14. Time deposits of individuals, partnerships, and cor-, S Di-ations. __________________________________________ eposits of United States Government (including postal savings)--,. ________________________________ _.Deposits of States and political subdivisions ________ TOTAL DEPOSITS ... ... ________ $939,264.96- OTHER LIABILITIES— Dividends ______________ TOTAL LIABILITIES (not including subordinated obligations shown below) ____ ______ _ $ CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Capital* ____________________________________________ $ Surplus ______________________ . ____________________ Undivided profits ____________ ____ ... _ _ _ TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS... ._ '-.. _____ TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS _____________________________________ -.$ 1,004,236.91 "This bank's capital consists of: Common stock with total par value of $30,000.00 We, Guy M. Butts. President and John Hutchison, Cashier, of.the above named bank do solemnly swear and affirm that : the above statement is true, and that this report fully and correctly represents the true state of the several matters herein contained and set forth, to the best of our knowledge and belief. GUY M. BUTTS. President JOHN HUTCHISON, Cashier Correct-Altest — Olaf Funnemark, L. H. Kleinpcter, Andrew Gallner, J. D. Lowe, Directors. ' State of Iowa, County of Kossuth. ss. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 20 day of April 1948«J, i ;A. Hauptrmyi, Nota|^,P,ubl|c. 'j_4y Commis^on^expirejs July ' (o£5^\I^i) ' 11. 12. 13. 3,000.00 9.055.37 51,133.75 85.743.66 76,159.91 20.00 939,284.96' 30,000.00 15,000.00 19,951.95 64,951.95 - Completes Basic r Course Bode—Walter Brnckaway is .^IJi'iidina a trn day leave at Leon- aul liolden's. He finished basic trammy at at San Antonio. Tex.. and al present time is located at C'haiuitc Field in Illinois, where he expects to be in training scv- tral months. Walter is a 1947 graduate of the Bode high school. AUNT HET BY ROBERT QUILLEN "I know ii's silly, but I don't want a woman doctor if she's the best in the world. I learned to lean on men, and I want one around in the time o' trouble." One of the most complete stocks of auto parts and accessories in this vicinity is found at the KOSSUTH MOTOR CO. For such items as seat covers, batteries, spot lites, etc. try us! KOSSUTH MOTOR CO. TITONKA MARKET DAY SALE! Sale Starts at 1 P.M. FOR BENEFIT METHODIST CHURCH BUILDING FUND 2 New Automobiles, Chevrolet and Frazer 3 Used Cars New Machinery New Electrical Household Appliances Hay Balers Milk Cows v Market Livestock Hogs Used Machinery Grain *, Used Household Goods Paints Office Safe Corn Honey 3 Purebred Bulls-Serviceable Age LOOK IN THURSDAY PAPER FOR COMPLETE LIST OF AUCTION ARTICLES \. fMtthigh Schbol nl Li&Jb iff IMS. She tfafc marHeS to-Mel* r viti of \UkoiS. March 14,' 1942, at Blue ftarth, Mihfi. • She leaves tier husband and dne daughter Judith . Ann, age 5 yfears, her mother and stepfather, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Anderson; two sisters (Ruth) Mrs. Verne Sco-Ibn, (Alice) Mrs. Lloyd Snow of Lake Park and one half sister, Jeanette Anderson of La* kotS) two brothers, Clarence of Troy, Ohio, and Harold, Richmond, Calif.; stepbrother, Oliver Anderson of Long Siding, Minil.i her grandmother Mrs. Gena Thomson of Ringsted; and niany other relatives and friends. Her father and, one brother preceded her in death. She was a member of the Legion Auxiliary. The Auxiliary held services at the grave in Maple Hill cemetery. They served dinner for the family at noon and lunch after the services' for relatives and friends at the town hall. , t,' * '"', >>';•' ^••lK^ ( • f "'; >.' '? ( *f X< t iy thtstmaaf the last wed« Uth County,' ss. COURT - Woman's Club At Burl In Session AtRi Burl 1 —The Woman's club met Monday evening at the home of Mrs. L. E. Riebhoff with Mrs. Don Mitchell as assisting hostess. The program included piano solos by Betty Lou Mitchell 'and Joyce Ryerson, and a discussion of "The Conditions of World Peace Progress", led by Mrs. G. . nei»l l .aM fifi&t the tiub ywi- will Be . attd t daughte« plehlc at call pftrtfc 6n May 3. Tuesday quite, a 'group of the members attended the county Federation meeting at fitonki, In the group were Mrs. W. B; Officer, county presidefttj Mrs. 0. H. MeMullen, local club president' Mrs. w. J. Lockwood, Mrs. H. 6. Buell, Mrs. .J. L. Miller, Mrs. F. L. Pratt, Mrs. L. £. Rleb< hoff, Mrs. Jim dhristenseh, Mrs. LEGION BALLROOM BANCROFT DANCE FRIDAY, APRIL 30 LYNN KERNS TUESDAY, MAY 4 MALEK'S ACCORDION ' FRIDAY, MAY 7 MICKEY BRIDE .. . j Whom It May Concern: ...YOU Are Hereby Notified, That an instrument of writing purport- ifig to be the last Will and Testament of Georgianna French, 'Deceased, dated Oct. ll f 1944 and Codicil attached thereto dated Jati. 2d, 1946 having been this day filed, opened and reSd, M6n-> 'day' the 10th day of May, 1948, sw- . why said instrument should not be probated -and allowed efts a for the*last Will ana Testament said deceased', • ' . 4 Dated at Algbrta, Iowa, April Clerk 'of District Court. tinnan & Lynch. Attorneys, I Algona, Iowa tin V. F. W, STAG Wednesday, April 28 •'• ' * . Members and Guests Don't Miss It-V.F.W, Hall :T Tuesday, April 27, 1948 ' COWAN BUILDING SUPPLY CO. Algona, lowtt do you want in LINOLEUM? COME AND CHOOSE FROM ONE OF THE OF LINOLEUM AND - -LINOLEUM RUGS . IOWA? Now at Cowan Building Supply —you will find the most complete stock of linoleum and lino- ' leum rug floor coverings it has ever been our pleasure to show you. Famous makes—installation —measuring—color and pattern advice—are some of the EXTRA •floor covering services you get at Cowan's. ONE COAT WORKS WONDERS Brush it on any wall surface to a thickness of'/:uto'/!»of an inch ... for durable smooth, stippled or 2-tone finish. SILA' TEX actually seals cracks or wallboarti joints as you paint —saves extra decorating. Easy to apply. Get S1LA*TEX Tex.. ture Wall Paint now for economical decorating, ' Only 95 per 5 Ib, The Newest in AWN INGS! PROTECT AGAINST SUN-RAIN-HAIL FULL CIRCULATION Peerless ALL-ALUMINUM AWNINGS Smart,, ,-end smart protection, too! Peerless AJI'Alwminwm Awnings fully pro* tejf windows end deerweys^yet are comparable in cost to tailor-made cloth models. Available wi% fjide panels in a variety of colorful shades. Come In and see this outstanding (few item in our store nowl ASK ABOUT OUR CONVINIiNT PAY PUNS lyitDiNe SUPPLY co, Ph*ne Algmui,

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