The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 27, 1948 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 27, 1948
Page 9
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ALSQNA, i6WA, fuesBAY, ANIL w, 1948 SECTION TWO Titonka Doctor Writes of Trip If 11 w *•' '' V-a* Arizona, Texas, Florida Stops On Hamstreet Trip t)r. and Mrs. W. F. Hamstreet ,of Titonka and their daughter Twyliah left in early March for , Arizona where they spent several Weeks. A recent letter from the doctor tells abotit their trip. Be* cause of its, interest, and the large circle of friends the family has we are passing it on to oUr readers. Mrs. Hamstreet has been sick for some time and the vacation was planned to aid in l\er recuperation. The letter was dated April 5., at Jacksonville, Fla. * * * The early days of April found Us, after our trip hovering- over the edge of the gulf and into the state of, Florida, at the home of Mrs. Hamstreet's sister. At home we arc surrounded by palm trees with their spread fan-like tops and by large and taiier pine trees that look like gold to anyone interested m lumber. This house, though large and rambling, seems like a drop in the bucket when compared with the height of the surrounding growth.. , .When we,left Arizona the desert had just started to fuzz put; it looked as if the one predom- nating cacti, 'colloquially termed the teddy-bear," was getting ready for Easter. When one views this early desert scene with this one cacti standing up as a distinct downy object, surrounded by thousands of similar ones, his thoughts go back to Xmas days'and he won ders for a moment if, perhaps, i is not the holidays and all th . grandchildren in the world at- home playing with their teddy bears. Then we add the taller cact with their limbs stretching to ward the sfcy and picture- them a adults doing their part to add a blessing to this throng. Thus we complete the picture of the wil derness dressed up for our de parture. Down 'To El Paso We drove many miles, the firs day for we were thinking of an old Iowa settler who is spending his winter in"El Paso,, Texas.^we found Willianf feeling the best as he was in his chosen occupa ' tion '—' repairing a building. His daughter's house. neede*d . some pillars on the porch .and Mr. tai' ,., sen with the : help; ( of- i some-.iOar, penters,. were •'""-* x '- J "'-• •vrart,^iv.±. Gold&n Anniversary Paul Schenck Is A College Editor Cedar Falls, — Paul Schei Algona, has been named mtffj ing editor of The College ' student newspaper at Iowa,S Teachers college, for the HH school year. Appointment Wfis made by the board of student publications at the college/ "'" As managing editor, Paul will have charge of personnel and news assignments, in addition to supervising the work of copy and proofreading staffs. Paul has served in several capacities on the College Ey6 staff during the past year and a half. He worked for some months as, a news 'reporter and has recently been serving as assistant copy editor. He has also worked a'S'a "rewrite" reporter. Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Thompson, 6. nvles northwest of Swea City, are pictured above. The couple observed their golden wedding anniversary Saturday, April 17, by. holding open house at their home. Mr. and .Mrs. Thompson were married in West Virginia/ April I"), 1898, and came to Iowa in 1910. They settled northwest of Swea City in 1913. tjley have two sons, Dettmer , and Lionel, and two grandsons, John and Gene. (Cut courtesy Swea City Herald.) : ,-; ,, * work. (Mr; Larjrorijiis spending*.the ^ k»! Our next day'si stop ,w,Ss at the Carlsbad Caverns. -Here Mrs Hamstreet rested in the car and Twyliah and I descended into the heart of the earth to the depth of over 800 feet to view some of the wonders of nature. Only a small amount of moisture finds its way through the rocks to this depth. As the -water settles down it takes with it salts that are deposited as icicles hanging from the roof of the cave. The icicle from above may. unite with one from below and then a pillar is itirm* ed. Again the watery.deposit may cling to the edge of the ca'vern and form mosaics' on the wall. Years of'formation ha ve^ presented rooms full of lacy trimmings that glisten in the light. In places one has to stoop low to get under this room full of beauty. At first the bending reminded me of the days when Mother had just finished washing and we had to stoop low to get under a line of dripping white clothes. Then my .mind wandered back to the'days of Marie Antoinette with her fineries; could those walls be a reproduction of the queen's washing?,! did not try to name those different formations in the cavern for their guttural sounds spoiled the beauty of the formations for me. f- This brings us To our'short stay in New Orleans where the Mississippi finds its way into the gulf. The entire city seems to be .covered with history, but I will mention only two items, The St. L,ouis Cathedral has so many as. spciations that I will first mention it. It dates back to the year 1718 when the first rude hut was constructed that marked the, location of the great empire of Louisiana. It, barring repair and rebuilding, was the first church 'erected on what is now a part of the good U. S. Secondly, Ij must mention that we peeked j into the window of the housje where Uncle Tom's Cabin was penned, v From th-is historieaKold city, we passed along the Gulf lined with beautiful homes?; they were pf various designs, mammoth in size, we}l fcept and the Jeast one can say about them is tftat they spoke of money in thf pocket or laid UP frori) past times. Leaving the Gulf, 'we passed through the 6apkhe^4 TwnneJls at J^obile end headed toward Florida. We found, this state getting its spring bath. -In'fact it was more than g b§th, it was § Drubbing, it »n«; no ftm b flagged h». v f t0 ' thirty safely. Priving- good djal ' Muff; dense undergrowth fence a driver from the surrounding country." One will see a sign that says 'Cattle at Large". The cattle are small, in fact they, are about three-quarters the size of Iowa cattle. From this size you would think they would be agile, but this is not the case. Also I would term them "free-thinkers" for they just stand and think—or at least present that idea. (If you ever drive this road bring some giant fire-crackers.) Now and then a grease spot appears on the pavement. Yes, they have pigs running at large, and according to our count, each pig has six little ones avidly learning mother's game of "how to stop traffic". I wonder about those grease spots though, for I doubt if the thin hogs have any grease in them. To make a loijg story' short, we reached Jacksonville after one JTor us and within ten "Tninutes I had my black bag in hand and was making a call on a fellow traveler. week's travel and arp now with* Mrs. Hamstreet's . sister. Her home is situated on the St.-John's river.;'" From .-thV:'- front ~ of the house, ,weT can look toward the city and" see, a^arietyi of vessels anchored in me river. This house is made' of marble ,and is rambling in size; the citrus trees in the back are-interesting for us lowans. Yesterday we went to a boat show. This was similar to our cattle shows, but I think Florida leaves th'e cattle for the lowans. All types and sizes were shown— and all inviting—they gave one the itchy feeling that comes when we lowans converse about Minnesota. I must get along as we have only one more day here and then on to Pittsburgh, Pa. Sincerely, H, F. Hamstreet. P. S. I never sign the register as an M. D., but Twyliah signed SINCE LONG SKIRTS CAME IN I'M GETTING AQMIRINQ GLANCES ATTMg EARNINGS W J - wini'^tiww a I 90Y6HT FROM 7 <u$by&Giossi King Size In a recent hail storm, Red Oak was pelted with stones bigger than .eggs and' a number of cars received badly dented tops and fenders. At Villisca, stones as big as baseballs were reported. USE THE :WANT ADS Salute To Algona On Radio Show Des Moines — The City of' Algona will be saluted on the radio "Highway Harmony", to ,be broadcast by KENT, Des Moines (1350), Thursday evening, Juiie 3, 6:30 to 6:45 o'clock, it was announced today by Program Director Charles Miller. The program is essentially a musical show, but each wet'k during the broadcast some city in Iowa is saluted. Major facts about and outstanding features of the town are mentioned. The radio station has solicited . the cooperation of the Algona Newspapers in gathering material for the broadcast, Lotts Creek 4-H At Kuecker Home The Lotts Creek 4-H club held its monthly meeting Monday, April 19, at the home of Bill" and Dick Kuecker. . Members'*, made halters under the instruction- of James Bierstedt. ' | Bill Kuecker gave a talk on feed tag analysis. The next meeting will be held at the home oT James Bierstedt. In Choral Concert Cedar Falls — Don Porter of Algona is 'one of 150 students who'Will appear in the choral concert at the Iowa State Teachers college, Thursday, May 6, at 8 p. m. in the auditorium. The World Book Encyclopedia . The Best by Each and Every Test ARE .YOU IN THE "KNOW"? It Always Pays A "must" for your children—they need it—love it—show it. 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