The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 27, 1948 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 27, 1948
Page 5
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ar- FHesner Named To Head Conservation Unit Waifet Ffiesnet i^as ed head of the Aigena unit 6f the Keasuih eoftS6r*a«oh at ihe annual m«eil and . elec "<3tt held last night *t ihe Hotel Al> BILL SEZ: Hold onto yer hats, you fish- er _9«ys, here we go agin I First off, this time, I wants make a few cracks about what Dick Post sed aBoul me and my column. Dick come up with a new word last week—'gar- ganluous'—so I went and looked it up in a dictionary. Well, fellers, that's a word that sure 1 applies to me, and I hope it applies to all the fish you catch. Fishing ain't slartin' out quite like that, seems like. Had a fisher feller in t'other day and he said a whole boatload of fisher guys caught 16 fish in a morning. Total weight of all fish was 4 Ibs. Wonder what it would cost to buy that much fish at a fish counter. \ Say, fishers, we got in them swell Langley Reels—that's the name it sez on 'em. They're real lite-weight just like the tish you guys been catching. Tell me the champ caster used this Langley reel at the JDes Moines sports show, and 'we sure are proud' to have 'em. We been, sellin' this fishing stuff like crazy. It looks like the way We been passin' fishing tackle out, that I can get caught on a hook just as good here in Barry's as out in sum 'ol leaky, boat. And. speakin' of crazy, you oughlia see sum of the crazy names on these plugs. There's one called "Lazy Ike"— it's .as crazy-lpokin' as this column. Costs - $1.25, comes from Kauizky's in Fort Dodge. Jest had an offer from a group of fishers to go fishin' with 'em up north. But, heck, .there's always sum guy along who wants to-fish/' •' Come in and see how dum I am on this fishin' bizness. It's worth it,for a laff. • BILL BARRY, JR. * BARRY'S,. RECREATION Tues..- Wed., April 27-28 A Thousand Wild Mustangs Stampede—To The Thunder of Rustler Guns! Tim Holt in Zone Grey's "WILD HORSE . MESA" Co-Hit Sylvia 'Sidney in "Love From a Stranger" Thurs. - Fri. - Sat., April 29-30-May 1 In gona. |fr sue P661. t»on Hetnniitti named vice .. p* Frank Muxiable „ tary and treasure* 96«a unit. Among project! are first ef all a " drive, it is also move the Iraps present location airttofl site 16 a lecied. It was mAfigameflis _„. to install the trail of the Chrome, .. site is available „„ to install lights, also, so that night shoots may be held. A new trap is also to be purchased. ' Plans are League Play In 3 Loops Ready To Open Shortly Algona will have two teams in leagues in this area" xvften the baseball season officially opens in league play here next!week. The Algona K. C. tea ! m : is entered in the Kossuth AL&agup O f | lgh A toam s. and the Algona V. v. W. post has entered' a team in the Border League. The schedules of both leagues'" arc' made. The Kossuth League schedule will be found on this page today, and the Botder: ^League schedule is about eofttbleted Ti Wrestling This is an. army official photograph of Sgi. Philip A, Halsrud, son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Halsrud, Algona farmers. As stated lest week Philip, a former A. M. S. boy who is an army parachutist serving in Japan, recently won the 136-lb. class championship in an all-Japan wrestling tournament. ,„ UUUMb \.v/i»i,^Jtc;fct;n. Al* tonka, Swea City ana/Armstrong are. among teams iff the-Border league, it was statc'd. Bancroft, always the baseball lot spot, has a teamrjn? :ihe new North Iowa loop, which-'• should bring some exceptionally fast semi-pro ball to this ajjga. An eligibility meeting Of the Kossuth League was slated 1 to be held Monday evening*; at Zender's store, at which time lists of team players were tg> ; be, handed in. |£ •:' ;A» •'• West Benders Jlow To Ottosen , Ollosen—The highs'school nine here has won its third victory so far this season by trouncing West Bend 30-.4 >iv... Paul Meyer was starting pitcher for the locals, and this was his 2drd consecutive game ^without defeat, the last defeat ?, having been in a game fdr^thi West Bend Junior Legion " against Bancroft last July 4. Richard Loos, Ottosen,' took over the mound after Meyers had retired the first nine West Bend batters, seven by strikeouts. Loos also hari i . r a.,«-rfect day, including two hohqrvuns, one on,,a 450-ft drive into .left field.^ fe. • •'. Up to date Ottoseifehasfjoutscor- ed opponents .54-jf$*jtfU ; three lames. '•.• .'•'-.*' W^?- Rain Cancels Ball Games Last Friday Friday's high school and Academy baseball games were rained out. Nrxl game of the high school is this afternoon, Tuesday, at Britt. Next Friday Eagle Grove will play here, Coach Gene Hertz said. Last Friday's game between Corwith and the Academy has been postponed, according . to Father W. B. Bauer. The remainder of the schedule of games now booked is as follows for the Academy team: April 28—Emmetsburg Catholic, there. May May May May with eleven,. .~..r~ r » r the audience, bttt this V^HStiet was "not aunty", aftd ml, 'fartly did Mr. V7oOds fail ift-hist e!6dUence, but he was so, delf-consCteUS oft the strige aftd in the jffrV room durinii the IhtcrWiSsioft thai the mildest manfieffed jur6f in the bdx was able to shbiil Him aowft. Audiences generally le&ve the theatre aftet - pei-forttuJhceS of "Night of Jahuary. 16th" debating the correctness of the verdict. The play is built in such a way that the evidence of the defendant's guilt or ihnodence is' evenly balanced and the decision will have to be based bh the jufof's own feelings toward the case, upon the juror's .own characteristics. The two parties opposed ,m the trial are as radically antagonistic as will be members of the audience and men and women who Will serve oh the jury Either decision will .bring the protest of the opposite side; the case will be a challenge bound to arouse arguments and discussion for its underlying conflict is the eternal conflict of two definite types of humanity. It is thus really the audience that Is put on trial. / Algona Jeweler Now Registered Announcement was made last week by the American Gem society that W. H. Sharp of Sharp's Jewelry here has been awarded the title of registered jeweler. A jeweler's use of the title Registered Jeweler American Gem society indicaies he has passed the diamond, grading and .other ex-' animations established by the society. • . Mr. Sharp has spent months of special study of gcmstones and substitutes. , as well as precious stones and' metals. The .American Gem -Society :is -an international professional organization: 3-rEmmetsburg Hi, here. 8—Tournament. 1'4—Titonka, there. 18—Bancroft, here. 28, Women To End" Bowling Season Wednesday night,,. April <. u , will be the last game of the season for the women. It has been announced by Mrs. J3ob Sperry secretary, that the city tournament will begin May 5. All regular members and alternates may enter. «i, s ,, ^ y ' ¥ 'aons Ted infiVapolis T. H. Chrischilles and Jack were in the last of the week ^lile" the latter two attended a on.e-4ay apparel ^merchandising conference, sponsored by the Minnesota Ap- Dcirt?! T»^»-iiio+«i*-«rt'' * *"N Audience Is Jury in Senior Play Did Karen Andre commit a murder, or not? That is the question that must be answered by the jury at the high school Friday night. The curtain rises at 8:00 sharp; the question will be answered at about 10:00 p. m. the same evening. No one knows the answer yet. Prospects are that the house will be filled, as only a few seats remain to be sold today, for the senior class play Bets on the verdict, although never encouraged,^ are regular .features of $vett%mimcka~ i-\'.-ot, .;N}ght, of. January'M6th". Doris Noland who played the defendant Jn.the -professional' production; had a standing wager with Ed<- mund Breese. the'prosecuting at- u 01 ' 1 ! 6 ^ 113 , 1 hin ged on her abil'f ity to "fix" one of the jurors. At each performance she selected one juror in the box and concen, trated on him for the duration of the performance. She caught his eye at the beginning and held it for long periods or time. Her bet with Brecsc was to the effect that this particular juror would vote "not guilty". She. lost no bets. On one occasion Al Woods, producer of the play, decided to take" the law into his own hands and see once and for all whether he could swing a jury to a "guilty" verdict. Convinced in his own mind, that Karen Andre was guilty, the large preponderance of "not guilty" verdicts amazed and discouraged^ him- He served BOWLING WEDNESDAY NITES / All Si* Alleys For Open Bowling THURSDAY NITES All Alleys for' Open Bowling After S:30 P.M, Monday Thru Friday ' SATURDAY -SUNDAY All Alleys ; lor . Open- Bowling 1 P.M. Jo 12 Midnight «;>! -*w. ATRE SUNDAY - MON DAY, MAY2-3 Special Announcement— We qre proud to present the finest Family Entertainment in Many Months.-lt's a story of Scotland-The Green Valleys of the Sheep Country and the Wonderful Dogs. ; L. Co-Hit—The Comedy Sensation •**..•• • lONMfCALLlSTER ytol Mult'FfYtr KM Of *SCUPDA-HOO,SCUOOA-HAY *"» THUNDER tAueet Red Cross Pund Over $10,000 Here With receipt of $319.25 for "the Red Cross, from Portland twp., County Chairman L. A. Nitchals announces that the total receipts in the county drive now stand at $10,295. The county quota was $8,966. Portland's drive was in charge of H. A. Nelson, assisted by Herb Nelson, H. A. Smith, Glen Black, F. E. Teeter, E. L. Dickmeyer, fcarl Miller, and Mrs. Martin Becker. OVEft 4,000 CIRCULATION fitonka To Hold Market Day Sale A Market Day Auction Sale, with pi'oceeds to be used as a benefit 16 the Methodist church building fund at Titonka, is planned for Saturday, May 1, on the Main street in Titonka. A committee consisting of Ray Krantz, George Schutjer, Pete Callies, Herman Boeckholt, and Rev. James has been named to handle the auction and arrangements. The sale is to start at 1 p. rn; , April ¥!, 194S and a listing of merchandise offered will be found elsewhere in the paper today. Automobiles, machinery and smaller items will be offered. • \ TIMEOUT! FRIESNER'S SPORTS CENTER GYMNASIUM" DAY Andrew Monlux In Phi Kappa Phi Ames—Andrew Monlux, son of Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Monlux, of Algona, is one of 29 graduate students and 101 undergraduates •who has been initiated into the Iowa State college chapter of Phi Kappa Phi, national scholastic ." "€ f'i fraternity. •,*"»•-••-<•-*-> Membership „,....,„ «« based on sdhoIafshiMfli actor. The iippfe* 'sfsetefh. gradu'aiing clans' '&•'•,& memJ^Pship annually A o graduate, maddrirtg in" ., ary hygiene at the college. The initiation tookn place at* banquet in South Ball fOO Memorial Union, at WHich K, Plock, Burlington, member bf state board of education, following the initiation.. - .UK ALGONA 61VE CHEATER "Now please try to be light on your feet, girls/the bowling alley downstairs always kicks about the noise on Ladies Day. We are unpacking new shipments of fishing tackle daily here at Friesner's. And here you will find the / newest and the best to go after the "big ones". Come in and browse through our stock—if it's new, we have it! FRIESNER'S SPORTS CENTER \ 16 Cubic Feet White Ming Home Freezer 395.00 • Triple-ualtd, air-locked doors • Cork and rock wool insulation • Hermetically sealed freezing unit 8 Cu. ft. White King Home Freezer . ...2U5.OO Food Packaging Kit ". ,. 4.95 135.65 Down 5.00 'Per Weefc If You Detire Keep fruit sparkling fresh. Have tasty broilers any day of the year. Enjoy your own fresh - flavored game. Triple Sealed, 8 Cu. Ft. "White Home Freezer 97,«$Pown, 3.75 Ptf Week Enjoy eutmner fresh foods, nil year round, Save money on foods with a White Kin^ Freezer, Protection fop 5 full years up to $200 on any foo4 loss due to ower cut-ol{ op mechanical • Trf»i« *MM, l9fk*<Me»'i . H«n.Hi*ii» i~u j * H Peskeginj Kit.,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,, ,V*t4* OK RUBBER WELPERS • liSTIR DeBQIT • ' F. Ieli FIRST IN RUBBER Plumbing and Heating Irons' "Irons" Are Always in the \,Fire Vol. 1, No. 56 Tuesdav, April27, 1948 LATEST FISH BULLETIN 5 After that no-hit, rib-r,utffish- ing expedition we .made io Spirit Lake' a CoupleV;weeks aero, wo got a-mess of Ah Lauritzen's supsr delude .^nite crawlers, went; up to Lpsl Island IBKB, ini'ew away; our hpots v rented us. a -boat,' and proceeded to catch '17 of the niftiest, nicest, yellow-bellied quality bullheads you ever saw. So v/e are back in tha running. THESE ARE REAL BEAUTIES *-"V-$v* ' i Late arr'va's -out hera^^rofefefaais^ b.'g, 'handsome 6-foot long double drai^oaf^'neii>iineft'%inks. Yessir, they are beauts. The kind-ol Duality 'sink"you can put in your kitchen and forget about sinks for'ihe rest of your ^ife. All decked out'with chrome and all ihe fixtures. By the way, we have been busy lately, -a "number of out-of- town jobs, top, but we are neveratoo busy'to show you all the features of these swell new sinks. COMPLETE BATHROOM ENSEMBLES! Just in, folks! Bathtub, lavatory and water closet— all matching, all made to go together, and ihe whole unit from one of our very best manufacturers of bathroom fixtures. If you want something %hai is out of this world in the way of a bathroom, this will do ill Incidentally, we got in a shipment of Orangeburg sewer pipe, root-proof. WANT TO GET INTO HOT WATER? Electric water heaters in both 52 and 80 gallon sizes are also new arrivals out here at Icons'. Quickly installed, and you.jiave all the hot water you'll ever need.. TOOT! TOOT! Dropped in d.pwn at Algona Electric-'the other morning and did I see but Si Roth and Frank Hux- iable down on iheir knees running an electric train, That train gang w*'ve got hew Is ly going to |own, "SI 1 'I t A . 4 THE WISE ,6lD OWL says that wise folks are checking into the heating situation now for next year, If your heating system is not all you could ask far, now is )he time to let us ch.eck into it with y?u. Costs you ti ,.* Wt hflvt one shsllsw «tt it as, spon m

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