The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 27, 1948 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, April 27, 1948
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fies MoIn©0, Iowa By jftuss Waller jfpunky", the purebred beagle |ed by the Eugene Murtaghs, I taken to Iowa State college, Pweek, where efforts were be- "hiade to repair damage done he animal by someone who ! a .?2 calibre bullet into the ' jaw . >•. "Spunky" had not ... acting right, and the Mur- hs took the dog to a local vet- irian who discovered that a had penetrated his face, of the jaw, shattered part of iaw bone and injured the tonguer It is the second the dog has been injured by lies, even of small calibre, dangerous in the hands of too young to fully, under- 1. their use ... it is not' the incident . . '. stray shots shattered windows in Al- I,' and train crews have rc- i being.; fired on a.s, their passed through Algona . , , ^youngsters are not entirely flult . . . responsibility comes aer up in the family. |Had a telephone call from rch Pease, publisher of the v ttoka .Union, Anoka, Minn, wanted to line up a foot- Mi game between Anoka nd Algona high, an inter- ne contest, to be played Ire, either Sept. 17 or Oct. fWe didn't even call Coach erlz—he's booked for both fetes . . . it's an idea, though, " 8r the future. group of oirls frcm the local phone . oCfice ; were really , recently . . .' they were Sts of a heavy user of long *ance at the Minneapolis Ice lies. • ] : : • • . v , ;', . '. J£AX NbTfc: ' Renewal of a loan has been a Mused by a loan company, pn a farm not too far away ',. . the reason—the tax bill tins about $7 per acre on the arm. |ltalians seem to have a strange Ychology' During the s war. .... pe AL60NA, IOW& TUESDAY, APRIL 27, 1948 %rnand ._,___.__ ...,,_. side. Now they are ap ntly ready to try the other » for a'While. We're glad they but let's not kid ourselves thinking it's because they "us ... we were the high ler. . ;:- .''.•• • • Harig caught us 'off ;the other morning ... let blast from the horn of a i car as we were walking . our hat hasn't come down |. . Bob Nealy has'had a put- Tdeal set up on his living rug all winter, which he aght we didn't know about, snow he. wants to place a sea- ibet on his golf game, hole- Bole . . . just to show, put- Son of his winter practice, pok the bet. x tin Dreesman walked into it |lf the other morning . 'itered the restaurant to- r, and he offered to set 'em . . the only. thing was, we i going in for a full breakfast, - cup of coffee, as was his g, . . John grabbed the check ^wouldn't give it up, so he bin Alt, program director of |,new Des Moiries radio sta- IKIOA, is the husband of the Isabel Greenberg,' and a it visitor hej-e, iks as though efforts to util- Shick Army Hospital at are doomed to failure . , , ot's plans for a veterans 1 at Iowa City have been ted, and work is slated to i tye new 13 acre, }2 f looting in 1949. It will be nice, t will take several years to and millions of dollars, only a few miles away is a Jete hospital erected only a -ears ago, lying idle,' jan Waldera said he had a tip that a washing machine j/ w?s coming to Algona ,. . |,ext day announcement'was ,a washing machine is to be located in " ry ti in the ex'hemp plant there ;he "tip" was only $ miles fonder if they are having tnore success in gelling $98 b«Ui over Iherp *bs» * ' '[>' --,--. ,_„._- ,'-,'-• - • i * ww ^ WH v » Suit VprHiH-Fnr ? Cl vll\. V A Ul TWO SECTIONS-16 PAGES Airport Bids Let; To Start Work In May Contracts Total »,U90nCity Municipal Port Clearing, Grading/ Fencing To Get / Underway Soon Bids for clearing, grading, drainage and fencing of Algona's new municipal airport have- been let. Work is expected ip get _, underway by the middle df May,' according to the successful bidders. The clearing and grading bid of $37,603.42 from the Atlantic Construction Co. of Des Moihes and Quealy Wrecking and Excavating Co. of Fort Dodge was accepted. It was the low bid. , One Drainage Bid. Only bid on the' drainage portion of the contract was entered by Robert Anderson Co< of Des Moines for $20,663.40. It was accepted. An Algona man, Fred E. Beerman, received the contract for iencing, for $4,852.98. This leaves only the turfing contract to be let. There were no bids entered for turfing, except from W. T. and J. T. McGuire, and their bid stipulated that unless they received the clearing and grading job, the turfing bid as a separate bid did not apply. The McGuire bfd on clearing and grading was $39,379.25. Paul Roberts, representing the civil aeronautics authority, was present for the opening of bids, as was Mr. Moudenaut of the Brown j Engineering- .Co.;'{. .Qqs Monies,, which firm prepared the specifications. < , " "i Second Call Saves Money " This was the second call for bids. All bids were rejected the first time, several weeks ago. Specifications were then altered somewhat, and the bids accepted at the letting here last Wednesday evening were $4,914 less than' the .bids received the first time, but rejected. The three bids let represent 'a total expenditure of $63,119.80. Under the Algona Airport setup, half of the cost is to be paid by the city through the airport commission and a municipal bond issue, and the federal government matches the fund provided by the city. There will be a total of approximately $80,000 to be spent. The .difference between total bids accepted last week, and the $80,000 will provide funds for turfing and erection of pn airport building. The Algona Airport Commission consists of Wm. Dau, chairman, G. D. Shumway and Leighton Misbach. All of them were present at the letting, as well as J. D. Lowe, city attorney, and Mayor Frank Kohlhaas, Completion of the work under terms of the contract must be accomplished by Sept, ,1, 1948, No Fuss or Feathers The letting was accomplished m a simple manner, and without fanfare. In fact there were no citizens present except officials and bidders, .But the lettjng was somewhat momentous in Algona history. , It marked the conclusion of ef- orts to bring'about a municipal airport here which began in 1936, at which time a bpnd issue to finance the project .was defeated. Acquisition qf the old prisoner- of-war site, just west of Algona on Highway 18/by tee city, made it possible to obtin land for nothing from the fefieral government, however, and! op the second vote the bond ifcue carried. Algona jg slated to have one of the finest -small city airports in the northwest,, with two main landing strjps and »n auxiliary strip and a f jrsHlass $eld in all respects, . Poll, „.... tlie Wj^congin and -.^ , primaries, shews that en h«f the approval '"!* §r§ next"-p; -' fsejt js giving Ja a rough ' . W, Haggard III, Confined To Home, J. W. «P|gwd, editor and publisher; pf Th> Algonft. Upper Pes Mqines, was. .stricken, with serious illness, s^turd^y ---•• but by-Monday npon his tion was reported 9f improve^ Mr. Haggard worked ft? u,sui . !>9tur4ay, leaving tbe o#iqe about 4 p, m- t Hf hj|~ weji fer seyerftl days, hj4 said nothing about j$j0tu ge w§s " " both 9 4p£tp? — • yesterday, _ , 5 of Ju§ swft inM^j8^ Country Club Soon To Seek Bids For A New Clubhouse x -The "go" sign was given at a meeting last week of the Country Club directors, building and finance committees, to plans for construction of a new clubhouse here. After some discussion, it was voted to instruct the;, architects to complete plans nnd specifications from a rough draft present, so that a call for bids might be issued in the hear 'future. A ceiling of $40,OOQ was set on cost of the new structure. More Floor Space In the rough draft Accepted, the new clubhouse would be a structure containing a full basement, a full first story, and a gable roof which would allow for an. apartment within the space. ' Total floor space would be greater than that of the old country club structure, destroyed .by fire last fall, and in addition there would be less waste spaed. In directing the architect to prepare specifications preliminary to getting bids, several alternates were suggested in general construction. One was a tile strut*, lure, and the second was for con* crete block. Would Take 5 Months In the meantime, the Country Club will continue to use the rent-, eel property that was formerly tha Officers Club at the old prisoner* of-War site. Assuming that specifications meet acceptance, and a suitable bid is received, it was still stated that it would be at least five months before the club would be anywhere near ready for occupancy. However, the new structure will be so constructed that it can be maintained in the winter. This was a plan well underway last y«ar when the fire struck. It had been planned to winterize at least' a part of the club. John Haggard is president of the club this year, and Wen French is chairman of the building committee. New Owner At Algona Hardware John Schwartz of Rockford, 111., is the new owner of the Al- pona Hardware here. He purchased the store and took over management from O. F. Peterson, former owneiy last Friday. Mr. Peterson was remaining, in the store this-week, however. Mr. Schwartz is Carried and has one child. The 'family also purchased the -Peterson home hero, into which ••„., they ^already moved,'. Mr., and 'Mcsv^Peterson have -stored, their, furniture and taken living quarter 1 ? - elsewhere. Their plans for the fu'ture are indefinite, i V Mr. Peterson camS here five years ago, and has Been !held in high esteem in' the business community. Mr. Schwartz is a veteran in retail business ^ Summer Closing Hours Announced Summer closing hours, were announced this week for Algona by the closing uniformity committee of the Algona Chamber of Commerce. Ladies' ready - /to - wear stores will close at 9 p. m. on Saturday evening, and other stores will remain open until 9:30 p. m. effective at once. licenses Seii Fast ''*'"<•* Coanty Recorder Clara Walker reports a .rushing fishing and hunting license business. Counting office sales and returns from 32 'depositories' around the county, receipts to Monday had reached $1350 for fishing licenses, and $1700 for combination Want A House? Act Now! If you arc interested, at all, pr to any extent, the housing committee of the Algona .Chamber of Commerce asks that you fill in the blank printed below, and mail it to them at once. . The general idea;is to find out who might build, and if so what they would expect for-the sum they think they can spend or finance By collecting this information, the housing committee intends to do all in its power to make building possible for interested parties There is-no obligation, and their names will not be divulged to anyone until adequate information is obtained and prospective builders interviewed and given ;such information as their problem seems to require. • :> . By .working in a group, it is certain that construction costs can be considerably parcel, perhaps 10 percent or more, at a minimum. It IS; all qependent, however, on finding out who wants what! Fill and mail the coupon. You can't lose. You're not obligated. But you might find you can build and for less than you thought., We Might Build A House If we could construct one of__ ^_ - ' . ' . * ' "' rooms for not over $____:._ _ _, Wo unUCTStftiid this in no wuy obligates us, and is only intended I'or survey purposes.- 501) - OtVX A "W1V , *WW AW (OWX . KENT), - AS A «, U (YJS» • SO), Infoi'iuuUou or t'ommoii't; Ssnjmjtt*? BRMisVsf v -\ <2h«m$t? ei CPP ^ Thieves Nearly Burn Store In Robbery Here Marshall Wells Entered Friday; 1 Fire Was Set Thieves who entered the Marshall Wells store here at about ll':30 p. m. last Friday night only collected about $35 in cash, and an amount of merchandise as yet undetermined. : But they nearly burned .down the building. Only a "miracle prevented one of the . most serious fires in recent Algona 'history. Cardboard boxes in the basement, filled . with wasie paper, were set afire. The charred ashes of ' the boxes were found Saturday morning. The fire had "reeched the ceiling of the basement and scorched the basement and scorched the ^wooden support and joists ^holding up ihe first.floor, but the fire had gone out. Kelly Johnson, store manager, smfelled smoke upon entering the building early Saturday. He discovered the ashes in the basement immediately, then found that'the store's cash register had beeji chiseled open. Set Robbery Time , „-..-„ one of the drawers in the tzash register was locked, the one in which the cash was located. City police and the sheriff's office were notified immediately. Tjjhnson said he believed the fcfs&were^At work Sometime 'CteWTlftO p.'"ffi; arftlTZ!17 *af .,-. Wiring! from the basement, which supplied, juice to the electric clock in the store and appliances on the first floor, was burned out at 12:17 a. m. Saturday, as that is the time the clock stopped. Police Spotted Car ;City police said they noticed a car at the rear of the store in making their rounds, Saturday night. They stopped and investigated the car, found nobody in it, and as there was-no indication of anything out of the way, they proceeded on their rounds. Entrance was- gained into the store through a small. window, some 12 feet above the alleyway, not noticeable to a passerby, as the entire window had been oushcd inside the store. When the thieves left they ,went out through tho rear doors, which they carefully . closed. What merchandise was taken was carried through the door, JoHnson believes, but it is difficult to say how much might have been taken, . The store* manager said that =5 bout 5 p. m. Friday, Mrs. Leo Best, a.clerk, called his attention to two young men in their twenties, who seemed to be loitering around the store without buying. He observed them, and they left in a few minutes. Their, descriptions have been given to officers. An effort was made to open the large store safe, also, but was unsuccessful. There was about $200 in the safe. THIEF GETS $15-$20 AT TITONKA CAFE Sheriff A. J. Cogley was called io Bancroft to investigate a break'in there at Schutter cafe •iometime the night of April 20. Between $15 and $20 was believed stolen from the till. Over 17 Million On Deposit In Kossuth County Banks In seven years, bank deposits in Kossuth county have grown by.over $13,000,000. This tact came lo light in a recent survey made by the slate director of the U. S, Savings Bonds Division, Des Moines. January 1, 1941, Kossuth county banks had on deposit a total of $4,604,000. On December 31, 1947, there was on deposit in thetfe same banks a total of $17,919,702. ' At ihe same time, the survey revealed that in the current security loan drive, Kossuth county's quota is $1,204,637. Of that total, bond purchases totaling $164,218 had been made as of the first report, or 13,63 per cent'of the quota. in Liquor Basis Of Majority Fines On Week End A host of cases were heard minor courts here this week. Three Burt men were hailed bofore Justice J. B. Johnston, Monday morning, on complaint of W. H. Steward, Burt marshal. Steward was called by a motorist who saw a car driven by Raymond J. Eimers go into the ditch north of Burt. Eimers was charged with operating a motor vehicle in a reckless manner and was fined $100 and costs on a plea of guilty. •Ben Binns, Burt, riding with him, was fined $25 and costs on a charge of drunkenness, and half of the fine was suspended. Wayne Ollum,. another passenger, charged with drunkenness •. on the highway, was given a sentende of 15 days in the county, jail. Erwin E. Olson Jr., Algona, charged with,speeding,^was fined Ac-- •***• jj^tj.»..iji ' t^_i .i"Vt>L. j iJ£. JilrIfc 1 "— *Iji ,',**y! violation, was^also fined $5, both by Justice Johnston. Before Maydr Frank Kohlhaas, Adrian Ver Maas, erjnployed on a rajlroad construction crew here, was charged, with . operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. Hq was bound over to district court, bond Was set at $750, and his liquor permit was suspended. It was expected, he .would enter liis plea in'district court todays In other cases .before the mayor, Edward Km'ck, vagrant, was fined $5 and costs, 'Everett Knud- scn and John- Helmers were charged with '.- intoxication, and Albert Bormanh, charged with reckless driving, was fined $5 and costs. Edward W. Pilcher, charged with illegal operation of a motor vehicle, * wag fined the same amount. W. M. Knopf, charged with false making and uttering of a check, was sentenced to 30 days in the county jail. Tickets On Sale . For P.T.A. Concert Tickets are now .on sale in three Algona business places for the appearance here Thursday, May 6, of Doris Stockton, "first lady of the marimba". Her appearance is being sppn- sorecj bv the Algona P. T. A, stnd she will appear in the school auditarlum in concert at 8 p. m, Tickets may be purchased at the Thuente Drug, Hub Clothiers or Drug, and are $1.50 per ,., Stockton has, Appeared wjth, many symphony orchestras as a soloist and she is sajd to be the mflst talented fnusicien to NprtiWgSjern, IJniyersity Conger* vatory pf nmgfc; same gop$ type of „„, es provided in the ., .„ Itt piano program ' >ng t^Wta^?. Wd which Rites April 21st For Paul Nemitz Fenlon—Last 'rites were held Wednesday for Paul Nemitz, long time citizen of the Fenton community. Paul 'Friedrich Gustay, son of Carl Nemitz and his wife Augusta, nee Brandt, was born on February 15, 1879, at Datzon, Germany. He was baptized and confirmed in the Lutheran church. At the age of 14 he came to Algona. His life in America was spent near Burt end Fenton. October 7, 1003, he was united in holy wedlock with Miss Bertha Mueller. •' This union was blessed with five daughters, (Helena, Ella, Emma, Mathilda and Malinda, The 'deceased and his family lived on their farm southeast of Fenton for 33 years. Because qf heart trouble he quit farming 13 years ago but continued to live on his place. He held; various offices in St. John's m<her§n church in Fenton, as treasurer and trustee, He was efflicted with heart trouble which caused his death early Sunday morning, April 18, at 8 o'clock at the age of 69 years, 2 months, and three days. His death is mourned by his sorrowing -widpw, his children, Helena, Mrs.-Arthur Jentz, Fen* ten; ,Ella, Mrs. ..Ernest Meyer, Burtj Emma, Mrs, A, Bierstedt, -,-.-. Ma^ij^ MrSi E(J Mitch . 1( Mrs. Hugo grandchil- Ganby, Springs, _,_ Bnunets- rgjatives and wepe held «n sj; the house Plant Trees/ Goose Lake Swea & Eagle—A large number of men met at Goose Lake lasl Friday afternoon lo help plant 1U9 trees. The trees were blue and white spruce sent here •from Ihe slate forestry of Ames in Ihe interest of conservation. Goose'lake-is in the north part of Eagle township and furnishes some fishing and game hunting for local sportsmen. The trees will serve as windbreak and add to the beauty of one of Iowa's northern lakes. Committees Of Year Named By Algona Jaycees > Stamping committees for tbf coming year have been named by new Commerce, as foJlowsi House — Gerry Allen, Harry O-f>onbore. Frank ton and Dick Post. Social — Bill Thomas, Gordon Schmidt, Lloyd chm. Moul- chm., Bohann on, Bud Morck, Floyd Holt and Bernard Dahlhauser. Athletic — Murray Mowers, chm., Tom Sawyer, "BobWilliams, Craif Smith. Jar-k Chrischilles and John Haggard. Publicity — Hob Dewel, chm., Doctor Lee, Chuck Paxson. Bulletin — Al Buchanan and John Mitchell. Program and Attendance — Don Hemmingsen. chm., Don Akre, Ed Ostrum, Art Odgaard, Lowell Smith, Don Engstrom, Lloyd Rouze and Bill Steele. Christmas Activities — Jim Merryman, ch., Lewis Ferguson. Wayside Park — Glen Jones, chm., 'Roger Palmer and Mitch. Taylor. Key Man Award — John Ferguson, chm., Gerry Allen and Jim Merryman. Flowers — Howard Stillman, chm., Bob Williams. Legal — Louis Mitchals. Auditing — H. J, McNertney. Projector — Bill Steele, chm., Lloyd Pratt, Chuck Hamilton. Moody Hucnhold, C. C. Shierk, Dick Sorenson and Dick Norton. Membership— Bob McCullough, chm. Am'ericanzation— Pat McEnroe, chm Among activities being planned is an early summer picnic, a mixed masked party. bridge tournament, a ball, and a children's Inch And Half Of Rain Fell Here Over an inch and a half of rain fell the past week, breaking the spring dry spell, and bringing joy to the countryside, whei-e oats seeding had been well completed Date April 20 April 21 April 22 April 23 April 24 April 25 April 29 Bain High Low .66 43 71 40 f.48R)._ 62 48 (.53R) 69 51 — .77 59 (.62R) 70 57 65 48 Benton Estate Sum Largest In Court's History Eight Women And Four Men Bring Decision Friday A verdict for $35,520.10 Was re* turned last Friday night by tho jury in Kossuth' district court hi a damage suit brought'by Mrs. Margaret Benton, administratrix, against the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Hy, Co. It was the largest turn ever awarded by a jury in iho hi*« lory of this judicial district, in a . damage case. Judge Harry Narey of Spirit Lake, who presided at the trial, staled. After approximately four days of testimony and summing up of evidence, the jury retired after the judge's instruct.-ons, at 3 p. m. Friday. The jury returned with the verdict at 8:30 p. m.Jhat ev- •ening. Out Five Hours Eight women and four men omposed the jury that"heard the ase. They were Mabel Hutzell, Lucille Brown, Trella Patterson, irene Griffin and Harry Green- serg, all of Algona ; Bertha C. \nderson, Swea City; Lyle •New- si, Fenton; Harriet Baker, Lu- Verne; Frank Fisher, Titonka; Harriett Schutter, Titonka, and Bernice Larson, Wesley. ' The case grew .out of a fatal accident, Jan. 26, 1947, in which Delbert M. Benton of Wesley, husband of the plaintiff, 'was killed. Two others also died -in the crash, which ocdurred- when the car was struck by a Rock Is- landHrain at a crossing in Waterloo. , '• : ' ^ '' ' Suits are pending from estates of the other deceased. Tw,o New'Cases;-Filed r , ;;•;***?• Two new aistrict;'c.c>Virt> aciipnsv* 'cte ,^_. Lakota ys. f,,\jrt .vti-uy, a. partner-^', iship doing., business, at Es'theH'. ville, Iowa, and Henry' Johnson. ,: ; The case is a'sequel to Gray'ys. Lars C. and Wm. Larson and R. D'. 'Johnson in which Gray was held to be the rightful lessee of a certain Lakota lot owned by the town. The lease was for a year and expired March 31, '1948, but defendants have continued in possession and have refused to vacate in spite of notice t9 quit, according to the petition."' The petition 1 ,' asked, an order fixing a day •fqr' a -"hearinfe, also asks a warrant of ouster, - and next Tuesday has been fixed for' the hearing. • " John E. and M. .H. .McEnroe, Algona, have brought 'Suit in district court for Quster,.af, Pat-Murphy, who, the petition alleges, was a share cropper in 1947 on the plaintiffs' 200-acre farm south of Algona and has refused since expiration of his lease to yield possession_pf the'premises. County Demos To Meet Friday Kossuth county uJerVwicrats' will hold their county convention Friday morning, April.30* at 10 a. m. in the here- Chief purpose of "the meeting is to select a list of 22 delegates to the state convention in Des Moines. Caucuses -w.ere he/lcj last week, ' ;', :> "- --'V *• To date the party' 'ticket.' for county offices is filled wi.tfy the exception .of supervisor .^aces in two districts, 'appears likely that the battle will be between republican candidates. All democrats are invited to attend the meeting Friday. Set Fee On Roads The bpard. 'of 'supervisors re* cently fixed the -fate of payment for acre. ft. additional .Tight-of.way on Such rpad§'' < -> r f4 u ,fre *a SO- comparison, > with onlv 66 ieet;,|or ordinary roads. is needed .fey? feet is required^ on making 2' " ' %r,{gh><W3y' dffi?, wrt.W ,; each 'Bide, Aid Stricken Neighbor Friendship el 9994 neighbors has ftgito ,„« hospital for g Kossuth men. On AgriJ }£„ Qeprge Boeder, whc ley, entered the hospital At Rechesttt* .,„ had en owaiwra an hi; jew, whteb raj** «*»T.&*f-&»j>wj|,,„ 15 . *a.

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