The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 20, 1948 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 20, 1948
Page 12
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4~AI0dna Upper Des Mofnei Tuesday, April 20, LuVerne School Threatened By Fire In Rags LuVernc — A fire that might have cost LuVerne its public school Wednesday evening was found before any damage resulted. Florence Tlinx found the building full of smoke as she entered it about I! p. in. Miss Hinz was one of the hostesses for the Band Mothers club which was meeting that evening. After discovering the smoke she called her father Fred Hinz, school janitor, and Supt. Hjollc. They went to the basement and the smoke seemed to lie coming from the manual arts room next to furnace room. Supt. H.jelle immediately called the lire department which was on the scene at once. But in the mean time Mr. Ilinz found on a table a closed carton box containing smoldering grease soaked rags the boys in the manual art class had stuffed into the box, hence the fire. The table was standing on a concrete floor. Everyone feels grateful not more serious damage resulted. Women's Association Meets The Presbylerian Women's Association met at the town hall Wednesday afternoon. April 14 with a very good attendance. Emma Krause. president, presided at the business meeting. The ladies then enjoyed two numbers rendered by the high school mixed chorus. They were the selections they gave at pre- st,- •• contest at Graettinger recently and rating a first. Mrs. !•'. I. Chapman, hostess, served dainty lunch. Hagists Leaving LuVerne Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. Hagist this week sold their home to Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Baker. The home is on tin- site where the lovely big home of the late Mr. and Mrs. George W. Hanna stood. Mr. and Mrs. Hagist will go to Rochester. Minn., to visit relatives and then into Chicago their former home where their.son Arbm lives. They then plan to spend the winter months either in California or Florida. Mr. and Mrs. Baker will move to their new home Junel. Merlin is assisting with ins .•uuier in buying livestoi k. Comrade Class ivlee:s The meeting of the Comrade class of the Evangelical United Brethren church met in the church rooms Monday evening, April 12. with a good 'attendance and Mr. and Mrs. John Miller as guests. The short business meeting was followed by the devotions and lesson hour in charge of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Lowenstein. A social hour was then enjoyed and refreshments were served' by the hosts Mr. and Mrs. Henry Miller. Celebrates Sixth Birthday Kay. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Bunk, celebrated her 6th birthday Tuesday evening with a birthday dinner. Her grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Percy Brink of Burt and Mr. and Mrs. Van Hansen and Patty of LuVerne were guests. Frantz Birthday Observed Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Cleveland of Corwith. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Johnson and family of Bode. Mr. and Mrs. Hollis Wilson and son of Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hemkel and family of LuVerne helped their father Phone Two-Two-Nine For the Best of Coals From Any Mine, • For Your Best Kinds of Lumber Two-Two-Nine Is the Number George Frantz celebrate his birthday Friday evening. Granddaughter For Millers Mr. and Mrs. George Miller received word of the birth of a daughter, Linda Diana, born Saturday, -April 10 in Lincoln, Neb., to their son-in-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Richard Beers. Mrs. Beers was the former Janet Miller and this is their first child. Fireman's Ball Big Success The fireman's ball held at the LuVerne school auditorium Fri- dftv evening, April 9, was a decided success. The Band Mothers served lunch and received a nice profit. Henry Clarkin of Corwith received the $50 bond 'which was given away. The American Legion post will sponsor a dance at the school auditorium Friday evening, April 23. Jerry Schnetzer Is Five Mrs. George Schnetzer entertained six children Sunday afternoon in honor of the fifth birthday of her son Jerry. Attending were Rac Ann and Kay Brink. Margaret. Mary and Ronnie Williams. Timmy Blumer and Jerry's grandmother Mrs. H. T. Blumer. Ice cream and a birthday cake was enjoyed by the little folks. Jerry received gifts. form of a discussion by Miss Genora Roland and Mrs. Ray Stone, on Children, Their Sex, Prdblems, Religion and Training. Refreshments , were served, Linda Ray Agafd, small daughter of Mr., afid Mrs..'.Ray Agafd, spent several .days the past week visiting her grandparents M¥.'and Mrs. Cyril Woddsen"• iri . Eagle Grove. Mrs. Max Meyer went, to Nora Springs to spend some time with her sister Mrs. ,,'Emma Ristau. Mrs/ Meyer and Mi-Si Ristau went to Clinton to visit Mrs. Ristau's son-in-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. John Swanson. CITY BILLS Courtesy For Mrs. Pergande A family dinner was held at the home of Mrs. Julia Pergande in honor of her birthday. Attending were Mrs. Perg'ande's mother Mrs. Margaret Schwab, her sons the Edward and Fred Schwab families of Blue Earth, • Minn.. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Englby of Delavan. Minn., «nd Mr. and Mrs. Jake Schlenger and daughters of Weslev. Soft Pedal The Chairs ' The Brotherhood meeting of the Methodist church was held Thursday evening *$/ith 17 men in attendance. The men put rubber feet on the folding chairs. Games were enjoyed the remainder of the evening. After lunch was served a business meeting was held and they discussed serving the mother and daughter banquet, the date Friday. May 7. Discuss Children's Problems The Progressive Women's club met Monday 'evening in the home of Mrs. Merlin Cody with 17 members present. There were two new members Mrs. Edward Lindebak and Mrs. Raymond Legler. Mrs. Harold H. Phillips presided at the tv.eeting in the absence of the present, Mrs.'•Robert Lux. The lesson was given in the March 25, 1948 Algona, Iowa The City Council met in regular session with Mayor Kohlhaas and all members present. The minutes were read and approved. Dr. Kenefick's resignation as Health Physician was accepted. Dr. Schutter was appointed Health Physician. Building permits were approved for A. Buss and D. Winkel. An application for a cigarette permit was granted to I. Etherington. A quit claim deed was executed to Stillman and Cowan for certain tract of "land. A resolution was passed authorizing and directing the participation of the City of Algona, Iowa in application for east-west airline service in this vicinity. The City employees salaries were fixed as follows: C. U. Pollard, $450.00: A. uarlson. $265.00; L. Mitchell. $225.00; H. Passmore, $200.00; F. Dailey, $300.00; I. Kohl, $250.00; H. Barton, $250.00; L. Bellock, $250.00; E. Graham, $250.00; W. Ludwig. $250.00; P. Newsome, $225.00; J. Reynolds, $225.00; J. Hardgrove, $225.00; H. Mathes,'' $225.00: H. Stephenson, $200.00; C. Webb, $235.00; J. Dunn, $255.00; F. Ostrum, $240.00; E. Gerber, $220.00; A. Hill, $195.00; R. Barton. $130.00; C. Wright, $130.00; C. McGinnis, $255.00; A. Bpekelman, $240.00; A. Weishaar,. $225.00; M. Hinders, S 150.00: J. Lashbrook. $260.00; E. Skilling, $190.00; P. Helmers, $190.00: V. Kellner. $180.00; J. Bahr, $175.00; D. Skilling, $175.00; E. Blanchard, $90.00: M. Jones, $70.00: E. Thiel, SKOO per hour. ; The following bills were al-' lowed: t ELECTRIC FUND L. Bellock, salary $ 99.97 F. Dailey, salary 120.42 C. Wright, salary 61.15 W. Ludwig, salary 107.87 E. Graham, salary 108.90. P. Newsome, salary 89.60 J. .Reynolds, salary 93.60 J. Hardgrove, salary 85.40 H. Mashes, salary _..._,..'* 85.10 ,A. Mill, salary _._:.-_..»_. t9.B2 H. .Stephenson, salary 88.80 C.-Web'b, salary -— ' 9?.85 L.. Dunn, salary 80.86 H, Hedrick, salary 82,44 C. Pollard, salary '134.45 I.. Kohl, salary ._._ 69 05 A. 1 Carlson, salary 105.90 H. Fassinore, salary 7962 Iowa State. Bunk, tax ..II 148.90 Social Security, tax 1941 Diesel Service Co,, fuel.. 2,89'&56 Milwaukee Ry., freight.. 537115 Sebastian Diesel Co., mdse. 19 50 la'. Elec. Supply Co., mdse. 276.75 Woodward Governor Co., mdse. ! 1 936 Gen. Elec.. Supply Corp~,".~ mdse. 184.01 Crescent Elect Co., mdse. 210 12 Northland Elect Co., mdse. 508 89 J. A. Clark Elect Co., mdse. 31 79 Pratt Elect, mdse. ... ~~ .Algpna Electric, mdse. Pratt Elec. Appliances, mdse. --_._._ Bots'fprd Lumber Co., mdse. Taylor, Imp], Co., mdse~.II Kohlhaas Hdwe, mdse RUSS&, Kay's Service, gas' _'__ •Kossuth OH Co., gas "II ,Water Dept., mdse. '_ Postmaster, expense ; Ry. Express Agency, 1 , expr. „_____._'__ Algbna Ins. Agcy., P. L. . .ins. • Advance Publ. Co., mdse"." W. Bell.Tele. Co., service ..._ . .WATER DEPARTMENT Barton, salary 111.37 IF IVioving or Storing your household goods conlnet Brady Transfer* and Storage .Company Fort nodi?*', Iowa Agents, Alli< i d Van Lines, inc., in your locality Excellent equipment, compeieni ,and courteous service. Phone or write for estimate on any moving problem. atf . 9.49 H',61 — - 131.76 78.20 3.00 14.88 43.63 9.65 57.54 ' 4.00 84.04 26.78 -- 25.90 H. F. Ostrum, salary 96.02 E. Gerber, salary 91.82 .R. Barton, salary ... ..61.15 'C. Pollard, salary .___' 40,00 I. Kohl, salary _.._ 30.00 P, Morgan, saiary *._.....1 >,25,00 L. Mitchell, salary-.v^.,* 88.70 R. Helmers, wage* - 4.95 J. W. Helmers; wages 4.5)8 Social SeeuMty, 'fa's 4.94 Iowa State Bank, tax...*. 31.80 Neptune Meter Co.', mdse. 11.24 Republic Flow Meters, mdse. L 13.75 Wallace & Tierman, mdse. 33.02 Kent Motor Co,, repairs-. 3.97 Dau Garage, repair's • .... 28.10 Russ & Kay's Service, gas ,15.25 Botsford Lmbf. Co., mdse. 16.04 Algona. Machine. Shop, rprs. ._ _ 10.05 Algona Creamery, gas . 9.61 Burroughs .Adding .Machine Co., mdse. __^__ 4.48 Matt Parrott, & .Sorts Co., mdse ~i._.i..__,.. 43.23 Kohlhaas Hdwe., ffidsq,_ ,2,90 Algona Ins. Agcy., P: L. ins. , 84,04 Addressograph Agcy, \ mdse. \ _i_._„.._• 3.58 Thuente Pharmacy, mdse. 2.80 CONSOLIDATED FUND Cecil McGinnis, salary .-. 106,05 Al Boekelman, salary , 96.02 A. Weishaar, salary 93.60 M. Hinders, salary . ''73.25 E. Weishaar, salary .1 .79,97 NW. Be.ll.Tele, [Co., service 9.13 Kent Motor Co., rprs. _"!__ 24",79 Clements Station, gas 44.93 Harris Station, gas „ ll60 Treasurer of State, sales tax 32.46 J. Lashbrook, salary • 106,05 E. Skilling,' salary ' .79.37 Pete: Helmers, salary ____ ,75,37 D. Skilling, salary • 65.35 V. Kellner, salary ........ 74.25. J. Bahr, salary .1... , 74.25 C. Lashbrook, salary 61.10 Gibbs-Cook Co.,: mdse. ._ ,,2.46 feo'tsfor'd Lumber Co., mdse. __.-_ '_ 16,58 M. Wellendorf, mdse. 1.00 F.-S. .Norton.& Son, mdse. ,80.68 •M. J, Cbwaft, mdse. ...... J,'LafS6«, service ....... Lairtff & Mucke-y, l-prs. .. richihe Wks., Attention Farmers! Much Red Clover an<d Alfalfa Planted Last Year Appears to Be Frozen Out I Have to take care of those acres 1'iioxi; aiaw S0« East Call St. Algona 2.25 J. Greenbefg, 'fprsTIIlIII 1^26 Algona Impl. Co., rprs..., 2.23 JtarWs Station, fprs." 6'12 C6n6co Oil Co., gas 99.50 Kbssuth Oil Co., ids '18.01 Social Security, tax 13.42 J&Wa" Slat* Bank, tax .... 83~,90 Kent Motor Co., i-pi's. 4§.28 Dutch's Super Service, gas ...» : ,34.11 Kohlhaas Hdwe., mdse. __ 61.62 Paul Mprgfm, salary 35.16 M. Jones, salary - 64.35 Dr, Sawyer, rent ._. ,35.00 E. Blanchard, .salary 84.15 Buss &,.Kay's.-Statibn, gas 9.50 H.'B. Allen, rndsel ..._.^_ ,32.58 Fre'd Foss Co., prihts 5.B& Matt, Parrott & Sons, ,mdse. .-..:...... 16.38 Advance Publ. Co., print' ing ..... ..„.. 312.53 Algona, U. D., M., printing 280.22 Algpna'Ins.,Agcy., P., L. ' •ins.' .._.'. 108.07 Frank ,Kohlhaas, salary _. 500,00 H. Gilmore, salary . 40.00 Dr. .Kenefick, 'salary , SO'.OO- J..Herbst, salary , '35.00 H. tta'i'i'is, salary 'SftOO Rex "Taylor, salary .. ',3iOO L.,Br6\yri, salary 34.00 E. Hutdhins, salary _. 32,00 E. Sprague, salary . 37.00 PlRE MAINTENANCE FUND I...Kohl; salary -L .... 15,00 Algona. Fire Co., service.. 32,00 T'eiepnone Co., service ._ 6.12 Globe Machinery'Co., service 'V_'-1.'_..J':.'_._'_.._ 4.44 dwe., mdse. .. rpn , - • mdse. AmGIl f^f bilt\l*>, {(Cia •.*M«.MOW«,M Kossiith JDil do., mdse. .. ,,ii \Jll AlFG H lA'^IX •.«_«._«_«,«« Botsfoi'd 'Lu'rtiber, on con- '' tract ...: 3,' 5.4 'Algona, ins. Agency., Ins. \ on fire" truck otsfoi'd 'Lu'rtiber, on contract .„: _, SEWER FUND / . Pollard;"s'alary ._ 26.t)0 •• •••'•> ''.-•'•- ' * —* • ?,„&_„„...., HoWard ft. <areeh Co.; ' engineering 1.* — AlWPOftf FUND "! i Algdna. U, p. m.a print. ...,, 12.85 Pratt Elec-tric, repairs , 4r,,02 " DBPOSIT FUND Transfers/ ... Meeting adjourned. / AD'Att CARLSt Aivtrllifrtitht Hornet Does Some Sewm§!" Homer Rentiers missus was working on her view sewing nin- cl|iiic, wh^n Homer comes in, draws .up a_ chair,, and Start* talking: "J)on't you think yoju're riinninl trib fast?" he Sam f Slow down I Watch out!! Be careful 1" •'•••* i '• •• '•• •• '.' • ;, When the missus ' finally turns with "murder in her ;eyes, : Homer says goodnaturedly: "I thought friendly glass of beer. .The miasu*. agrees to give up back-neat (jrfvjffll and nagging Homer about ash'es.ort ' the -rug. Homer agrees to qUlt eft* ticizlni Sarah's taste for flowery"', Jiats and parsley salad. ' ''<" From where I sit, the key to^t-; ' ting on together is meeting every issue 'half way — and overlooking any petty differences in you might like a little help, denr— whether these tastes apply to'faeeV likfl VAli lipm tvlrt rll^itTA fVlo nnv " «" /1«-*.««.. 1..1/i u ^. r.i.'_ * •"," '.-. . . like ydi^help md drive the car. ;Tlie missus can't help but, burst .out laughing— nnd they settle what inlgli'i. have- been a Quarrel .'over o ..•.'•• \ " ' ' ' . - ..• or flowery-looking. lint's t /*.' Ji. ' Cqpyriglit.'ms. United Sillies Bfcwm fytin'dali .••>'• :'#: ANOTHER NORTON HOG FEEDER ON THE Built in Our Own Yards by Skilled Carpenters—and Delivered to Your Site HOG HOUSES-HOG FEEDERS POULTRY & BROODER HOUSES Norion Portable Farm Building are designed from Jhe farmer's point of view. They are built lo yield MORE profits to the farmer. These buildings are constructed according lo the Lee patent (Mr. E, C. Lee himself is a Feed man who designed sound, constructive feeding ideas into his building designs). All buildings are laid on creospted skids, so that they may be moved lo clean ground at will. They are built of sound lumber, by skilled carpenters. Generally, these buildings have 2-inch pjank floors and framework of 2x4's. Sidewalls are of drqp siding, and roofs are wood shingled. A dpbr is placed, in each end, and a grainbin door is built into jHe, roof, if desired. The buildings are painted red or white, again as desired. Suitable windows are installed, of course. These are sound, solid buildings. They are designed and built to give years of service on Jhe farm- years of PROFITABLE 5EHYICE. Call, Write or $ee Us F. S. NORTOH & PHONE 229 ALGONA, IPWA I* One long, ppe short .bat, pairea bite. Double bite am extra grip.. .steady pull in hardesv goiag.-Positive traction. No mud-catching pockets to. hold jnud, dirt and;trash 1 'that slow you do^vn Giyes as-it rolls — mud^dirt drop, Makes work go faster and easier. ... To prevent sideslip and give full traction in soft soil. Firm grip from shoulder to shoulder. Helps give the "best traction on earthl" Makes these big, husky $res good for lots of long service... saves you , money at every turn! ; $££ OS! RUBBER WELDERS •isBTOr..' • ^ H. ' • - • 1 >.-••'•' Lester DeBolt Phone 308 llSN.ThoringtQn UtttS^SiM ^HP^k ^^ .F.Ciooclneh IN IUBR1CATIQN , CAR WASHING • ••STEAM CLEANING . POLISHING .PAINTING ,-BATTERY CHARGi , TIRE REPAIR • MOTOR fUNE-WP • BODY REPAIR •iMOTOR OVERHAUt Diagonal and Elm • UNDEiSEA TOP DRYING .1

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