The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 24, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 24, 1940
Page 3
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SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 2<I,..1!HO _BLYTITEVTLLE (ARK.)' COURIRR NEWS Brings Tlonic The Baron To Chamberlain 111 Success of Plan Largely Due To General Support WASHINGTON. <L'P)-Adminis- tration officials are studying a\>- ciatioii of the food stamp plan as iin outstanding example of successful businrss-govei-nmciK, cooperation in df-aling with a mnjui national probh-jn. H Is Ihe large-scale busi- H'ss anil government, coopr-raiive iforO in tlie mprchimdisliie field since collajKp of die NliA. The hullabaloo Dial, accompanied that ill-fated adventure has been purposely "avoided. The basis for cooperation in (lie food stamp plan is fundamentally tllll'ereiiL from that in the h'KA. 'Hie stamp plan provide;; a minimum of isovmiment regulation and a maximum of freedom for 'IP.S.S in (lie establishment of prices. Plan Is Vear Ohl H was a year ago this month that Secretary of Agriculture lien ry A. Wnllace amiomiced tentative plaas for a two-price system by which relief clients would be sold siuplus foods at a lower price than charged others. The announcement came as • no surprise lo food merchants. For PAGE THREE. Petitions Ask Plebiscite !o Italic Question In Halifax HALIFAX. ~ When Govcrnor- ticiifial ami ij,,|j, Twi'fdsiniilr In- sprctul hostels for service men in Htdifax. Un-y f 0 i m d ,. V ery comfort'iu what some men missed— Wii i-iinti'<>:)s, AUlKiuuli t|,,.|r pxeellriicli-s .-nvi- no Imimmion they Wt >r.> uwr.rr of (Mi! ipiiils.sion. (I,,, abi-ence of wet tiilUmis has brcome the cause (if a bltlrr because It HOLD EVERYTHING By Clydo Lowis oil movcmem lurs _ llnllfiix. "SlroiiB drhik Is the greatest ally Cirnnaiiy lia.s In (),i s comity Uxlay " ih,. Hey. M o ,, r j m , m rtl .-. elaml [,„,„ Central lnuitist Cliuivh pulint. Mramvlilli-, „ petition belli,; dr- fuliih-d ijy sponsors ol beer pin- lots In.sthrned with more (ban 10,000 slunaliirc.s., .•»|i|ira| Jlaite To ^11 a|j|ieul to u II motncrs to oppose Die plebiscite was imide In Britain's Prime Minister Chamberlain had the surprise to loou merchants. For • •.,....,^, ^utiuiuL-iiuni miu inu unuun 01 u r ii! weeks'lie had been discussing the s l>«cla<:iilar fashion by (he young woman in the photo -abov iika with ihi-m and working with 1 j»sl as she iiurled a milk borne containing a piece C f ban curtailment. A. E. F. Veterans RecalL .s contributed to the forming of Die; jilan and approved U before Wai-' lace announced it, publicly. Active, practical business men Itnve been consulted and have agreed to every major development in the plan during Ihe past year. They have carried Ihe greater ;>aii of ths burden in ils admin-[ . istratioii in the towns where itj SARANAP, Cal. <UP) _ Carroll i stuck out our feel and trioned him has been put into operation. Bo.wetl, assistant city engineer, h up- He was nan nct'o we , e e The Fedora Surplus Commodl-| slad that he is an American cili- trussed up )>i, "r,,'s n, d t ,ra« ties Corporation, set, up a? the zen and is buck in the United " ' liovcTimrent's representative in ad- Stales instead of bem<> back in •-time jatioiilii" bioiiuht liome lo him in -e. Police closed in and UK, camera snapped :on and an egK wrapped In n message ill Wo. lo Chamberlain protested wur-tiitie food Arrest of Hiilcr In 1920 ministri-ing ihc plan, has clashed what was known as (he' "occupied only once in a major issue with; territory" of Germany after tiie ausiness. That was when Roches- World War. (er. !*f. Y., bankers proposed a scr- The reason is that Hoswell and for handling food lii.3 one-time buddy in tlie A.E.p. had oceiifiion once to nrrest Atlolf vice charge stamps. Bankers Go Along That difference was adjusted by Hitler. Bosweil withdrawal of the proposed charge Frame with Comp.iny F of the ay bankers. The FSCC persuaded 50th Infantry. He was wounded :hem lo continue the free hand- and gassed bill after his recovery 1"VJ11 ITJ I UIILJJJUI." UJC 11 t-'t: ilttlHl- •>",, &1I.J.31 H 1JIJI (Utfl ((1.^ |'| Ing of stamps as a public service, sefved ni'.otlicr yei\r an'.l : Some more direct method of re- with the American army cl half deeming (he stamps is expected to palion in ''the Rhinelaml. It was at ;t> worked out. ! ASaj'en, in Oct.. IIL'O. tlul he and Wholesale food dealers nnd re-' Corporal Jcflrics of t!ic s,in>e com- inil grocers have been virtually 1-any arrested Hitler when the imanimoiLsly cntimsiastii; in favor. latter was an unknown agitutnr. of the plan, according lo FSCC I '"Ihe American army of otcupa- fficial.'i. Tliey said only "a very 'lion nl Alayen," Bos'.vell said, "ivas ofricia few" instances of "chiseling" had at one time-left alon^ to police the been • discovered. j entire city, whL-h hns 50.000 in- The p'.an is in operation now in habitants, while other. Aliiid con- npproximntely -10 cities, incliidins 'iiigciils went o simulate war nearly l.OCO.OOO relief clients, mniieuvcr.? near the 'Polish front. More than three-fourths of those but which in reality was intended eligible to participate in the cilies c s an etfort to halt the Russians where the plan is in operalioii arc wl '° Were then threatening to move •ccciviiiK food stamps offlcini (is-''" "woiigh Poland oil an armyles'. >IK .show. i Ocnuany. Except lor the inclusion of low-1 Guarded .MtinHimi:-. Slniv; Income privately employed families! "We hud a bis job oiv our hands, Pottawalomic county, Okla.. ; because i:i addition to policing the food stamps have been offered ci( y ".' .Keiieral, wo wsre chained only to (host- on public relief mils. 1 *'' 11 ' tllc protection of'the bridge- By July I it is expected to be ex- : '""ads and the ammunition stores. ended to 100 more cities. T..~ - »• lihu over O the prcvosl officer. "Before llie military police ho gave his name a.s 'Adolf Hitler' and at once iaimc-hed long tirade. "The next day Hitler was tunic:! over lo the German civilian police and they kept, him moving from city lo city, wherever he provoked a riot, while all the mililarr poli-p were notified lo pick him up at any To Hold Singing Wardell The Pcinlscol County Singing convention will be held al Wardell, Afo., Sunday, bcginiiiivi at tcii o'clock. H. E. L. Sinllh, president, toilny issusd an invitation tti all slngurs , pnse uic- pie j an opun u-tler lo newspapers by Mrs. Charles Thurlow. piesldenl of (he Nova Bi-ollu Womon's Tern- iwrniii-e Union. Tlie soldiers and sailors sbould ilrlnk "i'iui( Juices" wrote Mrs. Thurlow. mid young !>«>plc should be prolectcd ' from (he "scoi:rt;e of liquor." GovcrmueiH olllcints already have moved 10 mnke It easier to set liquor supplied by changlni! Ihe closing limi; of city KOVCIII- nlcnl. liinior stores from' 0 o'clock lo 7:.'(o. Now if ti| C plebiscite were lo use lax money to jmy for 11 plebiscite "in u lulu , w ) lell „„ f ]m ji s were needed for Ihe war effort Joiner News iave Hencfil I'arly A bcnelit bridge parly, sponsored by (he Garden dub was given at vl(lc<1 for the community club house Monday ™ l ' L c!lnlc the Hev. O. S. Vincent said from his piiljiil In the West End liap- llsl Church Dial he would be lemintd lo refuse to pay his luxes. •The licv. Vincent rebelled that some war veterans favored llie. plebiscite but. declared that all' veterans were not. in fnvor of Die proposal. The movement, for a plebiscite followed failure of hostels pro afternoon. Proceeds went into the time and turn him o,vcr lo His local ! Finnish rellff fiuu .German authorities. "Two months nftorv.-arih i \vis rcturncti lo the United Slate:,- niul to iny h.omc al'O.ikiand, ami I for .service men eens such as to Install Die Novit M'. M. s. Mi-cK- Mrs. Polly Uowde:) entertained the Joiner Missionary society at lo my home al O.ikiand, ami never J™ner Missionary society at heard of Adolf Hitler again until I ' lcr llomc 'lllcs'Jtiy afternoon. Cher- lils namo began to nppeur in thei' 5 " " ic to l'l )c d wilh winp|»il cream ncivs ill, 102(i." was servwl. United States (lags Uoswell said iviiile Hitler! was making his Mays;] speech he! talked th the accent of his native Austria, lie had his "loolh- inustaclie at thai time. too. were wilh duv. iven as favors in keeping George Washington's birth- Mrs, Melvln nnd „ Anna Ruth Speck attended the Ti'.e result was that any a«iutq. ^ (hat showed \i;i' usually got slioii relief are given 53i-' i '' r ' i 'of blue stamps for Under the plan lelief clients receiving cash .wch SI worth of oranse staniiB °" r ''ound of duties through the purchased. The blue stamps are| cll y lll at evening when wo passd 'xchiuiged lor surplus foods and , tlw Hbfbrau. cue of the city's 'hoi he orange for any food, including I "I* 0 !"-'. Hi-pluses. j "ft wa.s iisiially soir.g full bbsl i till I or a in the mornhi'. but Ill's j evening, aithough it was 8:30. all Central School - P.T.A. Capi iii'cs Sliint "J-ioiioi-s" Good old fashioned fing'i pump organ and guitar piinlst won for Die -Central'- : I Cick Powell show ill Ihe Orpheum , I theater in Memphis Sunday. Miss Wamla U:illey spent the week end in niythoville' 'with her aunt and uncle, the Rev. and Mrs. J. Li. Ncwsom. ; ML»,s Terry Mitchell, of Mcmplils. spent (he week end here with her W illi |.mother. Mrs, W.' T. Mitchell,, Mrs. Melvln Speck attended Ihe Scolin yovcrninenl Indlcutc:! would be desirable. '['liri-i- (Irfaulv.atlims Say No The hostels lire operated by the Y.M.C.A. nnd the Salvation Army nnd iivlllier would . permit alcoholic bi'vorages to be dispensed. Neither would the ned Cross, which donated $'.'5,000 lo (he hos- irls. This settled llie moral Issue for (lie organizjdions concerned bill it did llltlc to comfort visiting sailors who had been used lo beer nil their lives. Efforts to provide wet canteens for them were blocked ag(iln when both the Knights of is and the Cntmdlnn l,c- arenl Henry P,iiste performance at- Ih: .-. — ..„.. ,.,, IJ1V v>ciii,ui • I'mL-III. 'ivi»> lin.^tL- pellurmance at- 1112 Teachers association first prize i" Crphcum theater in Memphis Weil- the .cobimunily stum night pro-, ncsilay. «he accompanied her par- Brnm sponsored by the senior class! ents, Mr. and Mrs, Quilin of T.1 (11(1 r*it\T 1\<I.I, f-n\tnr,^ 1-... - ., . r\.nnnl . «lon, operalhiK reciTaUon ,,^. ^ f .IT™,," 1 ", 0 , llnl " ' declined'lo operate wet ciuitecns! - " Rll!! - v :l(!l! ' i "l> lo. The effect ii]ion sailors aijd soldiers who wanted liquor, however, .thai nllei "You don'l need lo lenvo so soon, Mini Jkiiir— |',,n., lurnetl tlie flock iilictul an lioui'!" • BRUCECATTON IN WASHINGTON m^'^r^^aV^ ''""»' «" U1W " ">' "« m ""* °' the uvlnllon industry Is producing Its Ktmrr of hcndadies. Cleared up suddenly to produce Ifi.OQl) milltiny iitrpinnrs in (he next 18 months, us well us »-.u,l>- slandnl iion-mtlllmy production. llie Industry worries about, thltius 1. Till! [uhultilsluillmi lins Id out public hints of n bud "bottle.- neck" In cnislm; production. 1'ro- rliiravi sny Uiure'ij no such thins. They wonder Ir the iulniliiislrntlon isn't just working up support, (or n bill Ilki! one Senator Lister Hill (if Aliibimm fiitrodiirmi lust spring, (or a- plnnt to provide a ynntstlck of production cost In )>Mico-lln>e, and capable i>f vns|. expansion In war-time.. 'I. Today's vnst expansion might lenvo the Industry fu«-lo-[acc with n Imd collnpsi! when the war ends. Thin huppi'iuxl niter the World War. It. will lie necessary lo hold export markets developed in III countries, mid )„ || l( , ,„<.[„>, lime the Dritlsh, tliouijh buying planes from us, have not stopped exiiordng (liclr own. They, too, evidently IHIK- in, <,j, e „„ (i Mlt ,,f tei ._ the-wnr murlECI. PEACE OHOUr SKEl'TICAI, or \vi:t.i,r;.s" TOUK 'I'lin peace foelt'llfx ure rescrv- I"R comment on President Hoosc- v ell's peace move until (hey see . yoi-criiineiil stores ln „„,, ii" "',' '" closed, they were driven lo ll,, tlo r "„, "'' ' l! . ™'' if Ihcy wanted to drink. Um „,„';"" , l ... K "' 1 Over a month aiso, some of them lot word Hint ho WHS .seriously coirsldcrlii|> an offer of meillullon When Sccretiirv 01 the city high school last night •at tlie high school auditorium. , 1 .. ---a-* .......vui 11MUILUI null. "Corporal Jpffne.s nnd J were on Because nf ii s orimunlitv Ihe .ir round of dutii-s ihrnroi, iv,, ..„,„„,,„.. „ i ""sinniilj. the icceplloii Ji received from the au- and its presentation. Dell V. M. S. Meets "Soul Winning" was the subject the windows were slmttcreil the door was locked. "We pecked in ihroii'h a trck;ti | stunt. "The Banner." was judged society of the Dell Baptist church londay afternoon at Ihe home of Irs. M. VV. Lewis. The meeting wns opened with n ong followed by the devotional rom the 12th chapter of Daniel vlilch was given Talc. Mrs. Harbin esson. The next meeting of trie grouu "• ' : at the time (ho (he- best of the nine skits presented. Second place winner was the Ko- lary club ••incllcrdrainiiier" and third prize went lo the Dramatic, club of Hit- high school which presented the "Two in One" skit. .._ , ._,. ... — „,, j.. „ u. v,-.,,ii ; One of the crowds ever shutter slid sow a slim, youthful j to allrml an amateur production appearing man on (he platform i in this city was present lust niglil ' '"" to witnes-s the "show-ofi" performance of local citizens. The "Standing Room Only" sign went out for His first, lime in years. Fan-, general manager of bv Mrs Olto ,™ U " biiciaeiily, n one-armed man. major in llie German army, picked "P a wins bottle and threw it al the speaker, knocking hljii oif the platform. A riot started at once. "Wo knew Die place and its .siir- the group, Cooksey Doilson. taught the Maycn for a year. an:l when we he week of prayer scries will be iven. After Mrs. D. G. Gill dismissed he group with prayer, the hostess erved refreshments with favors of linialmc cherry trees in which were buried red hatchets. The house •as decorated with boughs of cherry rccs arid United States flags. saw tlie speaker dive for UH I rear door, which v.c knew opened on a narrow alley', we dashed for it, .sla- rst, program in j (ioninj ourselves one on cadi side. Hitler N'ol Armed "Then as the man dashed bv we president of the class, estimated (hilt (he senior class cleared approximately $180 from tlie show. Proceeds from the lilfntr will go into the fund created annually by members of Hie senior class to buy a gift for the school whni they graduate. , . Osceoln. Mr. and . Mrs. Pat Speck and Mrs. Wntkins, of Helena, are spending " fe-w dnys with Mrs. Speck's sister, Mrs. E. IJ. Belle Jr. Even when they purchased beer al (,'ovcrtniient stores (here were no places lo drink, so (he- service men iti some cases just opened the bol- I tie on the sidewalks. Sponsors of the proposed plebiscite , say beer parlors are necessary. Opponents say they would be a curse. Al any rate, a bitter con,J*>-«, 1,IIC, u.. It. JJLIll; tl] . ••" ""J "*\\., n I/IIAC! V.UII- Mr. and Mrs. I'aul Driver Miss " oms y hns developed which it Is Vcru Dallas and Mrs. Julius Ralph I rioubtri11 even a plebiscite will set- saw "Gone with (he Win:!" Tucs- i ll( -'' groups day in Memphis. Mrs. Polly Uowden spent the 1 week end In Memphis. ] Rufus Branch, of Pecan Point, hns returned from Wnsliiniclo.i. D. a. where lie attended lo business. MUs Betty Branch is convalescing nt the Peabody Hotel from a I recent appendectomy at the Mem-! phis Mcthodht hospital. ! Mrs. E. B. Chiles of Pecan Point is vIsiliiiB her daughter at UifilU- La. ..... ---• .-.,. j-^.in. ci'licved this was » jjoorl .start. Then cnine Simmer Welles' (rip abioad for talks with the belligerents. This made the peace people a bil .ski-pllenl. Some fear Unit this could turn out ID be an iil- tempt lo t<'l a "llrlllsh peace." ItEI'ORT NKiv NA'ft WAU 01' NKUVKS Latest reports from Inside Ger- Gernmn freedom, anll-Na/1 croup with headquarters In New York, say I hat Hitler Is trying to scare Ihi- western powers into nitiklnu pence by llm'ulonhii; n "second revolution" In Germany. reports, sny the, luivii ostcnlallously uonc radical durlin! Ihe last couple of months. 1'jirty i ixht- winders have been purKed, new emphasis hn.s boon pul on Nazi "siii'hillsl" plunks, and cerliiln war-time reslrlellons on workers luive been lifted, results of thn OUT't'IN(i C'OS'IS Justice neimrtuicnt's drive nynlasl hluh bulldlnif costs are be|<lnnlni! lo show up In slallstlcs. Ptgnres compiled by Ihe Federal Home Loan Itonk Hoard show a drop in bHlldlni; rnsl.H In s\x out of len cliles invosllnated, The price of hiilldhii! iv slitndard six- room house, compnrhii; lasl-miiir- ler ilgui-e.s for l!);)0 with the siimu period HHUICS for 10311, fell Jl.'J In ChleiiKO. J23I1 in Delroll, $IGD hi Los Angeles, $11 In Pittsburgh, 5(18 In San i'Vaiiclsco and SI IS In the Dlslita of Columbia. These flamus aren't conclusive —especially since the price went up In Ihe other four cities. Jus- lice odlclal.s say they .should be read In connection with (a) (he lact that, (lie U. S. nveiviffi price went- up sllnhlly hi that year, an (hi the fact Hint construction act ivity Increased. WOKK CALL lUD Aiipnlntmcnl Margaret's BEAUTY SHOP Swedish Massage, Vap. Mrs. illilh f.aivhnu Policy Deadline Today; 16 Million Acres Likely Covered WASHINGTON (Ul')-'l'lie Pcd- enil Croj) Insurance Coriwalion closed Its Looks loday on 1540 wheat, crop insurance, more than double us many policy holders as lasl year. This Is the dual dale for the receipt of completed and paid-up application.-; for spring wheat In- siiiniue In county AAA offices. Winter wh«U Insura-nrc wuv closed up nl phntlng time last fall. AUIioitjili a complele check of ixilkies issued will not be available lor si.wiil days, preliminary re. !»uts iiKlieiite that approximately •HAOUM farmers will In; protected by Bi.vminicm "all - risk" wheat insurant!; this yenr. I.IMS Ji.vccnK Intake Last year the corporation Issued lilii.KOO polities and paid Indemnifies on -M.-ia) of them. Farmers pttld U.7G9.I20 limhcls of wheat for 1331' insiirnnce mid received Mtil,- 7:10 bushels from the corporation lu payment of loss claims. hi the Ifrxt year of Its operitlon Ihe corporation had a net deficit of $l,.i:io,00i). I/BSOS were- heaviest In Nebraska. Kansas, Oklahoma, Toxtiii and South Uukola. where the 19X0" yield aver.iyeil 13.5 per coil telow nveraije a-i a result of ihoiilli. Only shxht changes were made In preparing lil-ll) policies.' Rates were increased in some, sections mul loH-ercd In others, but tlia averase Is aboiil Ills s.ime. Both lireniliiins and Indemnities arc paid In wheat," or the cash equivalent. Wheat farmers have paid In np- lirosiiii'iieiy bushels of wheat for 1910 Insurance. This wheat Is held by the corporation in eliiviitors scattered ihroujjhoul the. wheat bell,, it will be held in reserve for (lie payment of indemnities Hits fall. , Quarter of Acreage Comet! . Last year tin; cor|iorallo'ii Issued policies covering 7,()ll,-l08 acres. It linld Indemnities for losses -on I,7!):t,7li8 acres. Insurance on thb year's crop U expected to cover idiout KMOO.OUO acres, or 25 |icr cent of the total acreage. The. corporation Issued 302,000 policies to winter wheat growers who paid in la.OCO.OQO bushelr, In premiums. A month ano 18,0110,000 sprlnu wheat growers had taken' out 10-10 Insurance. Heavy , insur- imci! In February is expected .10 brlni; the total spring wheat policies lei around (10,000. Sign the New Register attheRitz SATURDAY At The Hospitals Walls Hospital Born to Mr. and Mrs. L.. Q. Tyrone, elly, „ daughter this morning. Hern lo Mr. and Mrs. II. (j. | Hlankenship, city, a daughter this Tornadoes last only about one niiiiulc in one place, while cyclones affect the weather for three days; yet tornadoes usually cause the' greatest, destruction. j H APPY HOUR GRO.& FRKK DEUVEBT »*» W. Main St, fhone 15 Mail street is the shortest street n New York Oily. H has only one I ndldiirg on it and one .sidewalk. et is one of the most important Ireeis in (be city. Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM SEE" Over Joe Isaacs' Store Phone 5-10 Buy Your AMERICAN EXPRESS MONEY ORDERS at ROBINSON'S Drug Store NOTICE! fat, co/rforlable Super Coaches every ^y o" convenient schedules Go GREYHOUND ta Blytheville police. Signed—Ch / YOUR LAUNDRY DOLLARS GO FURTHER Tiic modern laundry is NOT a luxury! It's -ait cflificnl .service which, adds an 'economical iiolc to your household wiisliiujf [irohlcni. So tonven- icnl loo! Merely step to Ihe phone and one <)t our drivers will immediately pick up votir clothes. Your complete salisfadion is our assurance <>1 your steady business. Our .service i.s guaranteed. For Belter Lauiulry and Dry Cleaning STEAM Cnrloon * Serial SUN. & MON. "RAFFLES" with David Nlven & Olivia l)c Itavilaml. raramoinit News J6 C'omeily Couiinj; Tucstluy, Miirch 2(ilh I'or a Week's Kun ' WI'I'II THK WIND" Y LAST TIMES TODAY C.irloon Jt serial "kit Carson" SUN. & MON. "MONEY TO BURN" wlllt James & f.ucillc Gleasou News & Comedy Saturday - Sunday Addition to Regular Program Was Godoy Robbed? >fa(Ince A Nljhl Admission lOc & ZKc LISTEN TO KLCN 11:00 a.m. —12:45 p.m. — l:3t p.m. Phone Kill 2Z4 Phone Roiy 333

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